Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank You Nicklas. PENS WIN.

4 - 2


Some people say the first sign of Spring is turning your clocks ahead.
But for us, demoralizing the Washington Capitals might be the first sign that Winter is over.

The mistake Nicklas Backstrom made will not be soon forgotten.

Besides the Winter Classic , this season hasn't had that one major "holy shit" moment.

That all changed.
Wins like this change things.





[TJ Miller]


What a scene.



We got as many anthem pictures as we do for Penguin home games.
Washington should be humiliated.

*New all-time record for Anthem pics.

[Durbano] -------------- [Dustin]

[Double R]-----------------------[Alison]

[Phil] ----------------------- [Pensgirl]

[Tristan B.]

[Chad H]

[Ben S]--------------------[zlancia]

[Jon S]----------------------[Sarah K]

[ J.Hite/C-Nice/Doran]

[Michael J]------------------------[TJ Miller]




Before the game, we got blasted in the face with "11 on Ice" on NBC.
Bill Phillips and John Fedko almost make you not even want to watch the game.

And who is the weather guy WPXI is sweating? Mike LaPointe?
He is the most hyped-up weatherman in the world.

After nine commercials, 12:30PM rolls around, Mike Emrick's voice hits your ear, and you were pumped again.

We get a quick visit from Jimmy Roberts of NBC, who is at some golf thing. Fitting because Cap fans should start getting tips now.

The Caps crowd maintained a playoff din early on, but it died down after a stupid offsides.

NBC was too busy making out with Bruce Bouwhatever and we almost miss a goal.

Sidney Crosby and Dupuis continued their insanity with a little fart pass, but Kolzig didn't start for the Caps, so it was still scoreless.

We got our first indication of the Pens fans in attendance when the Pens were clearing the zone during an early penalty to Max Talbot.

Later on the power play, Ovechkin gets ready to elbow Malkin, but Malkin ducks.

[Jschiff, Esq.]

Letang gives AO a shove.

Alexander Semin doesn't know his team's on a power play and defends his boyfriend and tries to explode on Letang's face.
It sends him to the box.

The eventual Pens power play was mud.

NBC directs us to while the Caps head to the box.
The Pens had another power play out of nowhere.

The story of that power play was Gonchar passing up a great chance in the slot by passing it to Malkin, who might as well have stuffed it down his pants.

A.Hole comes flying down the ice.
Tries to use Whitney as a screen.

MAF says no.

In the homestretch of the first period, the Pens started laying the body, and it all started with Crosby laying out a Capital while he was carrying it down the boards.

After another minute or two, Ruutu comes flying into the Caps zone at Mach 14 and lays out Mat Cooke.
"Rooooooo" resonates in the Crap Center.

Cook comes back to hit Ruutu. Ruutu smiles as he turns to see who did it.
Ruutu heads to the bench and puts a bounty on Ovechkin's head.

The Caps get the last laugh when Ruutu comes in and jobs Erskine from behind.

Big PK on the way.

On the first go-around on the PP, the Caps move the puck around like it's a 5-on-3, but forget to get a shot off.

Apparently, Victor Kozlov is allowed to board people, but Ruutu isn't.
Whitney was slow to get up.

Nothing for the Caps, and the period ends.

Brook Orpik was a machine in the first period.

[Jschiff, esq.]



It wasn't pretty early in the second.
The Caps were buzzing, and Fleury looked perplexed.

We don't know what this is

The momentum was gonna stay with the Caps, getting a 5-on-3 with Sykora going to the box and Brooks Oprik going halfway through the Syko penalty.

MAF was keeping the Pens alive, making the saves a goalie has to make when down two men.

You could feel Malkin was about to be sprung on a breakaway. You could just feel it.
But Semin explodes, gets the puck into the slot, it gets deflected.


No big deal. That's what happens when you get 3 minutes of PP time.

Just as you thought the Pens were gonna get swept in the first round, the illustrious Jeff Taffe leads an odd-man rush.
He gets it to Sykora...

Chemistry class.


After a little while, the Pens were given a power play.
The power play continued its horrible ways.

The second period was quickly disappearing.

Sergei Fedorov makes his first appearance of the 21st century by taking a penalty, putting the Pens on the power play.

Sadly, the Penguins goal about to be scored wasn't gonna be a power-play goal.
A shot from the point. Loose puck in front.

The best overall player in the National Hockey League puts it home.


[Jon S]

And then the jobbing starts.

Niklas Backstrom is a good hockey player.
But a even better diver.

First he takes a dive after the USS Hal Gill clears him out of the front of net.

The Caps head onto the power play.
Then Backstrom wins the best-supporting-actress award for flicking his head back after Orpik hits him.

It opened the door for a momentum-crushing PP goal by The Ejaculator. 2-2.

[Jon S]

A Craps powerplay was still looming to start off the third.



The Pens, thankfully, were able to kill the rest of Orpik's penalty.

AO made his first appearance of the day, trying to put in a three-pointer.
MAF was up to the task.

The next few minutes consisted for the Pens repeatedley turning the puck over in their own zone.

The story of the first half of the third was the HUGE save that Cristobal Huet made on Jordan Staal.

A bush-leaguer for the Caps tries to knee Malkin.
How about hitting the guy straight up? What a wuss.

Big power play was on the way.
The power play comes up empty again.

Oddly enough, the Pens got their best chances after the power play.
Posts were hit, and shots from the point fluttered to the net. No dice.

Just as the action picked up on both ends, an old friend comes to visit.

Too Many Men

If it was a crime to be homosexual, this guy would be on death row

"I am back bitches"


It was gut-check time.

Mike Milbury becomes our favorite sportscaster of all time by saying the Pens "got jobbed" on the too-many-men penalty.

The Pens kill it.
How the Capitals don't score there with their season basically on the line is beyond us.


And then...

What happened next is what has the ability to kill people.

The Caps assumed the game was gonna go to a shootout and forgot to play in the last minute.
Crosby & Co. took advantage.

After some craziness, Bing gets it to the front.
No one knows what's going on.

[Ann V. with the most important still photos since JFK]

All of a sudden, you see the Pens' sticks go up in the air.
You look to the ref to see if he's pointing or washing it out. Goal. 3-2.

You think Dupuis was the one who banged it home.

Nicklas Backstrom, on the near post, doesn't know what's going on.
It looks like he was gonna try to tie up Dupuis' stick.
Instead, the puck hits his stick and goes in.




Washington fans = Stunned

[703]--------------[TJ Miller]

[Hip]---------------------------[Ann V]



[Jon S]

Thanks to NBC's On-Ice Audio, we found out Crosby was already aware of what had happened and was laughing his balls off.

Ovechkin = Stunned.

[Stanley P]

We're ready to give an award to Stanley P.,
since a picture of Ovechkin in the fetal position has not sprouted up anywhere else.

What a time to be a Penguins fan in Verizon Center during the ensuing Caps timeout.

The timeout means nothing, 'cause Malkin steals the puck from A-Hole and gets it to Staal, who lays it up.

We like to think the last thing that went through Ted Leonis's head, other than that puck,
is how the in the hell Pens fans got the best of him.



Enjoy the offseason boys.

Now taking tee-times for Caps fans.

  • Malkin: 3A
  • Bing: 2G
  • AO: 2A ( Admit it. He's a beast. )
  • MAF: 36 saves

  • After the game, Backstrom was seen giving CIA secrets to Al Qaeda.
  • Thanks to everyone who sent pictures in, sick.
  • One of the biggest wins of season.
  • USS Hal Gil = Solid
  • Letang is a beast.
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan is 2-0
  • Props to FlyerHater for the YouTube.



We headed over to [ A Capitals Message Board ].

After hacking our way through the irrational Crosby bashing, we tried to find some gems.

Image of Ovechkin stunned after the goal:
"I know it's emotion and it sucks knowing what just happened but once Pens fans get a hold of that image, it's never going to end."

"When they showed the footage of Crosby laughing at Backstrom, all I wanted to do was knock his rabbit teeth through his effin head."

"I went out of my way to incite Pens fans today. I wish someone had tried to fight me, because I would have probably hurt tham quite a bit before I got killed."

"I was at the game and had to stand up and use all 250 pounds to glare down a bunch of ignorant drunk Pens fans that were taunting my 5 year old daughter for wearing a Caps jersey, IN OUR ARENA!"



Around the Blogs
( As of 5:00 AM Monday morning )

[ Japers' Rink ] refuses to talk about the game.

-- Japers' Rink --
That's a good one.

[ Caps Nut ] -- Complete with Crosby bashing and Fan bashing.

[ On Frozen Blog ] -- Stunned.








Try to keep it clean in the comments
when the Caps fans come to drown us with tears.

Not. Blast 'em.


PittHockey said...

It's always great to beat the Caps.

I wish I was there with the rest of the Penguin faithful in DC.


j.s.22 said...

Pens lose?

PittHockey said...

Backstrom had the gamewinner.

Pensblog Staff said...

HAHHAAHHA what a mistake.

Thanks J.S

BlacknGold66 said...

@Staff - Thanks for the heart attack "PENS LOSE" haha!

I'm writing this from the grave now!

Hands down the best post to date if simply for the photos. Fucking unreal Pens fans!!!!!!

This team, these fans... are both officially starting to give me a big rubbery one. (back off Charlie!)

How am I supposed to sleep now?

Fucking amazing... the fans... look at the fucking fans!!

Me = Stunned

Jebus the XIV said...

WWGRD? In Backstrom's case not put it in his own fucking net. Wow. If that doesn't erase his hopes for a Calder Trophy, then the voting is a joke.

All in all, I'm just glad I got to watch this game due to starting my new job this week. Been a long, cold week not being able to watch the Pens, and seeing the Caps thoroughly embarrass themselves... priceless. Truly priceless.

dappie99 said...

I've been psyched to read todays game recap and now that i've had my fix i can finally go to sleep. Another great write up!

went to the caps msg board and had a great laugh reading their crapblog....babies

what a great day to be a pens fan.

playoffs around the corner = sweetblog

j.s.22 said...

Anyone else notice how funny Ovugly looked when the Craps scored the first goal? He jumped up and down and then looked up to the heavens for no reason. The second wasn't as funny though.

Also, has Steigy and Bob ever mentioned anything about MAF and his rebound control? The guys on NBC made it a point to mention MAFs rebounds.

nu said...

I don't know if you're trying to do the poor kid a favor or whatnot by deliberately getting his name wrong, but you know you're jobbing the Minnesota Wild's goaltender, right?

Our new best friend in DC is Nicklas. With a C. As in "ouCh".

Somebody, please, give the kid Conkblock's phone number.

(Oh, and by way of LGP the newest Caps conspiracy theory should be coming up any second now: Bettman paid Nicky to score into his own net. Of course he did. On the other hand, someone was actually apparently asked by an observer with no stake in either side, "Why does God hate your team?")

pensblog jeff said...

*deep breath*


nu said...

Yeah, this was fun. And cruel.

Let's do the same thing to the Flyers next week-blog?

Pensblog Staff said...

NU -- Thanks man.

We're too lazy to fix the pic up top

sfc72388 said...

absolutely solid win. not much else to say besides hossa.

go pens!

oh and malkin > ovechkin.

pinkphloid54 said...

The only thing more beautiful than seeing Ovechkin crumpled on the ground like a recently-struck toddler was having Malkin poke check his shit 2 seconds after the ensuing faceoff.


Flyer Hater said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's really all that can be said after this win.

Who knew that Backstrom would be our best deadline acquisition?

onesizedrummer said...

one sure fact that will go on and on is how bad Craps fans get OWNED in their own building. I don't know who started the trips to DC for a hockey game, but that guy is my hero.

They have tried to shut us off buying tickets with the old put your zip code trick, and it ment NOTHING.

Get some better fans and a better team, and then come talk to us.


(can we get a Ric Flair pic for a game)


nu said...

No prob. Much like when I got called a dick in my non-registered days, I think you're still assuming I'm male. ;) But hey, it brought Charlie around, so I guess I'm always happy to help you out.

Peerless Prognosticator also has yet to weigh in.

But while you're waiting to pass the time you can read his stunning log of futility and shortcomings. Really impressive. (so should anybody feel the need, please, be an AO in a different post.) I mean, if I were them, I'd hate us too. How could you NOT?

sh0ez said...

I laughed when I was reading that Caps fans were blaming the loss on Daylights Savings Time. The endless excuses are amazing.

Caps=stunned. Simple as that.


Ashley said...

solid post.

great pics from everyone at the game. it still amazes me that we can go into their building and basically take up half of the place. pens fans are the best :)

Hip said...

j.s.22 - Ovie celebrates every goal he's out for by honoring his deceased brother. Come on, don't job that.

Funniest Pen's fan comment: "Hey Sergei - didn't you use to date Malkin's grandmother?"
Bwahaahha. I chuckled.

We'll take it. Go Pens.

SeeBubblesWeb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Costa said...

For At Least One Day, Nicklas Backstrom Was My Hero. I Think Hossa's Exspendable Now That We Have Him On Our Side :-D

Sean said...

Great game! From sitting in Section 430, when I thought Dupuis scored, I told my friends that the Dupuis and Hossa for Armstrong and Christensen trade was the greatest deal in Penguins history.

(I might have exaggerated a little bit.)

Blk&Gld said...

Felt like I was back in the Burgh... thanks to Nicklass for the game winner, and thanks to section 409 for providing post game entertainment

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

What a game to have the day off for! You shoulda come over steigy, we made nachos! Maybe I'll bring some to the booth on weds!


Iceburgh said...

Can you imagine the conspiracy theories craps fans will have if Malkin wins the scoring title?

Kristen PB said...

Anybody else catch the biggest slip-up Edzo made? It seems that TUOMO Ruutu was on the Pens' team yesterday.

Pens Lose. Hah. Funny. Especially since during every other news break on the radio station 104.7 this morning,
they alternate between reporting that the Pens lost to Florida yesterday, 5-2, and that they beat the Caps, 4-2.

When I heard them report the Florida score, I almost drove off the road. Thought I was in a parallel universe or something.

The Seeker said...

Don Cherry isn't ALWAYS a complete tool....

He said what happened to Washington was just the right karma a team deserves for pissing-off the hockey gods by deliberately running up the score on Boston.

Ashley said...

kristen - i thought i was hearing things when i heard 'tuomo ruutu'...but i guess i wasn't!

ahhh what a good day it is!

dying alive said...

The guy with the "Penguin Scum" blog makes me laugh every time we play them. It's so boring to hear them constantly complain about the Pens fans (Sabres fans, Flyers fans, etc.) taking over their building. You'd think they'd have figured out the solution to that by now.

Keep hating us, Caps fans, and our team will keep owning yours for the next 30 years. I'm actually looking forward to next year when their team might actually be halfway decent. It's not much of a "rivalry" when one team continually embarrasses the other for years on end.

But until then, enjoy golfing and rooting against us in the playoffs.

Tyler said...

What a game!! Felt like being in the Igloo with all the Pens fans there.

Ashley said...

I just got this bit from TSN's Ice Chips:

"Steve Downie was a healthy scratch" this an indication that Philly's coaching staff is not over the moon when it comes to Downie?

PensKitty said...

"Jaspers Rink refuses to talk abbout the game"...

Nice. But whats even better, is that it goes on to say "If you're at a point where you can have a sense of humor about yesterday, the pensblog has a wickedly funny recap of the game..."

Hell Yeah TPB Staff!
Good to see Charlie back. Great Post as always!

Lady Jaye said...

Oh come on. I'm sure no other team has had a player laugh at the Pens when one of our players scored in our net. They act like it's never happened before to anybody. And honestly, I'm glad it finally happened to one of our opponents!

kristen > I caught that, too. I had to laugh. I was wondering when we picked up Tuomo.

In general > I do hope the story of pens fans taunting a small girl isn't really true. I know there are jagoffs out there who will do that. But I just think it's uncool and makes said offender as low as a Flyers or Sabres fan who we know have done the same things. Maybe that's just the parent in me. I'd be really upset if my 4 year old got jobbed for wearing a jersey she loves.

chris e said...

Awesome win by the Pens!

I just wanted to drop a note and say it was very nice to meet both Hip and Nathan from CBlog. I only got to talk to Hip for a couple minutes but ended up seeing Nathan at the bar after the game and had dinner with he and his wife. Small world I guess. Anyway, it was very cool to meet you both in person.

chris e said...

Oh yea...funny story from the game. At one point they showed a Pens fan on the scoreboard only to have him turn around and have "Jagoff" as the name on his jersey...too I love Pittsburgh fans.

Brett said...

Rob Rossi over at the Trib must be a Pensblog reader. Not only has he talked about Gary Roberts and made references to WWGRD, but in his Q&A, he mentions Jim Duggan.

Sanjeev said...

Great recap as always. One note: I think it was "Tampa Bay North" McGuire who said "jobbed" on air. i hate to give the d-bag credit, but, that was definitely a life-changing moment.

dying alive said...

lady jaye, I agree totally. I'm all for tormenting adult Caps fans, but making fun of a little kid is way over the line. I hope that didn't actually happen.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Interesting tidbit on the Philly Golden Child. If Stevens scratched him, that makes me wonder if maybe Stevens had a near-death experience...something that has opened his eyes to the fact that the Flyers need to actually play real hockey to stay in the race...


Nathan said...

There is precious little that Penguins fans and Capitals fans can agree on; the Flyers suck, and we all hate Jagr for how he dicked our respective teams around. EVERYONE at the game cheered when the guy turned around to show the "Jagoff" jersey.

And it was great to get to meet Chris and Hip yesterday and have dinner with Chris and his fiancee. For anyone who's going to make the trip to Washington in the future, I'd recommend going to Fado before or after the game. It's a couple blocks north of Verizon on 7th Street, and yesterday it turned into a Penguins bar after the game. I saw a guy wearing an autographed Joe Dziedzic jersey in there... I don't think Dziedzic's family bought his jersey when he played for us.

So much fun yesterday, and I do believe my wife is a Pens fan for life now.

And I'm glad Hip was able to find another Caps fan in her section for the stunned picture, otherwise she would've had to take a picture of herself.

Stoosh said...

I sometimes wonder if these stories about fan behavior are true. There's really no way to validate any of them, and these posts seem to pop up on their website every time the Pens win in DC.

It makes me wonder because I seldom ever see this type of behavior in our own arena (where you'd think some of these fans would be even more brazen).

I've been to several games at home against some of our more heated rivals - Rangers, Flyers, Leafs, Sabres, Caps. I've seen some isolated incidents - most notably some in-the-stands fights that broke out during a couple of Leafs games last year, mostly between fans that had clearly had too much to drink. But even these are few and far between, and quite honestly, most fans who get harassed bring it on themselves.

I've especially NEVER seen an unprovoked Pens fan at the arena seriously harass a little kid who is there cheering for the opposing team. I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but I've never seen it. And I'd like to think there are enough decent Pens fans in the stands who would shout down any clown who attemtped to do it.

snoopyjode said...

WOW - stunning shots, ann v. you have excellent timing. :) and that photoshop addition of nelson muntz on the pic of ovie changed my life, stanley p! hahahaha, great stuff!

chris e said...

I actually saw a little scuffle at the game on ended with a Caps fan being escorted out of the arena and getting high fives on the way out....figures.

racheleyos said...

from the caps board:


lol. um wat?

dying alive said...

Stoosh, agreed. I rarely see fights break out at the Igloo. Even last year during the playoffs, most of the stuff I saw directed towards Sens fans was fairly good-natured (partially because they owned us, I'm sure).

The only time I have EVER seen a Pens fan pick a fight with a visiting fan was at the Habs game we lost in the shootout earlier this season. Some drunk yinzer started getting in the face of a guy in a Habs jersey for no reason that I could see, and other Pens fans stepped in to break it up and told the guy to quit acting like an asshole. Crisis averted.

Not saying that these Caps fans are lying...maybe just embellishing. Kind of like their boy Nicklas after that hit by Orpik.

wilsmith said...

We should start ridiculous theories about the caps and see how far they get.

as far as I'm concerned, Backstrom is the biggest diver int he league!

spidermonkey44102 said...

How to make the game better? Fire Milbury!

NBC = Kurt Cobain?

NBC = Goalie gear too big? Have Milbury get in the net and face a Chara shot. Broken bones.

Backstrom = All-Star

Pens = Happy!

Milbury = Douche Bag

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Hey folks!

Bobby, sorry to hear I missed out on the Nachos...maybe you can take them between the benches with you on Wednesday, we all know Sid loves Nachos.

According to Dan Potash, Giles Meloche was actually controlling Marc-Andre Fleury via a high-tech remote control from the press box yesterday. What an accomplishment!

Also, it was reported that Nicklas Backstrom's older brother Kristoffer, who has been stuck in the second tier of the Swedish league playing for Hammarby IF, apparently flew to the states and donned Nicklas' jersey for the game on Sunday afternoon. In his younger days, Kristoffer was repramanded by the Swedish police for conspiracy and accepting bribes. Kristoffer was a baseball player growing up, and commented that his role model had always been the Great Pete Rose. Great to see the family working together.

Well my brother John and I are having brunch with John Fedko on the Southside this afternoon, so I have to run, see you all on Wednesday night. Let's Go Penguins.

Signing off,

odmE. said...

I was a bit concerned at the initial reading of the thing with the kid, but upon further reflection, I'd bet it was embellishment. Pens fans are pretty level headed and I think for someone to job a kid would be pretty fucked up.

I had to double check with someone about the Tuomo thing. I wasn't sure I heard correctly.

Great win. We sure did get jobbed on the penalties though. I laughed out loud when they showed Ovie crumpled on the ice. Boo hoo. You lost. Cry about it (which they all are, of course).

"Big" citites have no class.

Go Pens.

homesprout said...

How many people are there in the DC metro area!? 5-6 million!? Out of all those peeps, they can't even get 18,000 to show up to watch AO and the Caps fight for a playoff spot!?

Just my educated guess.....

indoor sporting event=fuck

They use the word "folder" quite often too....I think that means "shit" lol

sarah said...

if anyone missed last night's game its being replayed right now on the NHL network.

Jonny V said...

Great recap staff, up there with the best of this season. I'm talking restaurant quality.

And it looks like Yankee Stadium is going to be hosting next year's Winter Classic, pitting the Rangers against an Original Six team. It seems to be in the preliminary stages, but with how successful this year's game was, there's no doubt it'll happen.

Fred Jones said...

That was a regular season game, but it felt like a playoff game. I lost a year off of my life watching it. I'll need therapy and chemicals to get through the real playoffs. Great win, even if the game winner was an own goal.



Fred Jones said...

Check out this story by Brooks at SportsbyBrooks

odmE. said...

Question -

I'm having a hard time figuring out what the deal with Caps fans' animosity towards Crosby is. I went to a caps board during a slow spot at really seems like they have a lot of personal hatred toward him...why?

I mean, Pens fans job of the perks of being a fan, I thought, was mutual jobbing. But Pens fans also always credit Ovie for his skill. He's a solid player, no way around it.

So what gives? Is it really just because they're complete jagoffs?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny v

it that does come to fruition, then as they said on Hockey Night In Canada Saturday: Is that what the Yankees want to remember the last thing played in the House That Ruth Built? A HOCKEY GAME?

I know you said Rags v. an Original Six team [I'm putting my vote towards the Leafs]...but if they played the Islanders: they could probably save at least 50% in demolition costs after the game...& wouldn't the world be a better place with a few less Rags & Isles fans if they happen to kill off some of each other?

I got banidated from the Craps boards as of this morning...I thought I was playing nice, but I guess not in their eyes....

[Hossa 03.12.08?]

Fred Jones said...


I don't really get why fans in other arenas boo Sid. It's not like he used to play for any other team and left for more money. It must be pure jealousy.

Dr. Turkleton said...


has to stem from 50% jealousy & the other 50% the medias slurp fest towards Crosby, (not Sid's fault) when they have arguably the 2nd best player in the world on their team with, up until recently, very little acknowledgment from the mostly Canadian based media. [Remember: It's THEIR game...jokeblog]

[Hossa 03.12.08?]

chris e said...

I'm not exactly sure how to post URL's but here goes. A couple interviews after yesterdays game.

odmE. said...

I suppose jealousy really must be the answer.

How pleasantly amusing that the entire Caps fan base acts like 14 year old girls (and just so no one takes offense, I have girl parts)...their logic delights me endlessly.

Whatever, dudes.

Ashley said...

"There's always a lot of fans here cheering for us, it's a great atmosphere." - Sid in an interview on Caps TV (chris e's link)

Even the players know that the crowd is mostly Pens fans.

Those who make the trip to D.C. to see the Pens play should pat yourselves on the back because you make the guys feel right at home in Washington.

wilsmith said...

Brunch? This afternoon? c'mon, Steigy!

Flyer Hater said...

People hate Crosby around the league because of the blowjob he gets from almost every member of the hockey media and jealousy.

Dani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Thank you NBC, without your knowledge... I would be clueless.
1. 7x7=49
2. Crosby was out?

Doug said...

I was talking to a Caps fan at a bar after the game who thinks Crosby is a great hockey player but a shitty person. Why? Because he still lives with Mario. He went on to say that that's actually the reason he was named captain. Not because he's the best player in the world, because he lives with the owner. What a douche.

Also, props to the person who drew the number 8 on the back of a t-shirt with 'Sid Owns Me' above it. Awesome.

Ashley said...

Wow, Sid's a shitty person because, at 20 years old, he chooses to live in Mario's basement?

He has had to deal with so much stuff at such a young age that I don't blame him at all for wanting the stability of living with a family and not having to worry about anything but his job. Anyone that jobs him for that is a douche.

Pensgirl said...

Doug, that's funny. Yeah, Sid can shove all that "charity" and "being a nice guy" and "working hard for his team to win" shit right up his ass, because he has the gall to live with the only person around who can relate to his life experience. What a have we not traded him by now?

To answer someone's question...Caps fans mostly hate Sid because he's a Pen. They got all cocky that they won the Ovechkin lottery and we came in second. It was bad enough for them that Malkin was the consolation prize (excuse me while I wipe my we-lost-Ovechkin tears), but then we went and won The Next Canadian Hockey God.

And we have the one star player who people say is better than theirs. They'd probably have Sid Issues no matter where he played because of the media hype...but he just happened to go to the team they loathed the most anyway. It drives them INSANE.

We all know why they hate the Pens...but what's the worst for them is that the feeling isn't mutual. When someone hates you with their very soul, the thing they want most is for you to hate them back. We either ignore their existence or just laugh, and that fuels the vitriol even more.

And in that spirit, this made me laugh:

During the pregame, the jumbotron text messages started scrolling. Most of it was "go caps" standard crap, and then I see this scroll across:

ovie < crosby

It's the way the names are written that struck me. Pens fans aren't likely to use "Crosby" instead of "Sid" (or "Bing"), and we definitely don't refer to "Ovie." I suspect that message was from a Caps fan intending to say Ovechkin was better than Sid. D'oh!

Texter = screwup. Chip off the ol' team.

Lady Jaye said...

pensgirl, that's funny about the txt message thing. The person on the board obviously missed it too. I doubt they'd put up something defaming their team? Or I'd hope not. Heheh. Would be kind of funny if the jumbo-tron guy was a pens fan too.

FYOU said...
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PittHockey said...

I bet the text scroll was on purpose. haha

Ashley said...

pensgirl - if you think about it too, you would tend to put the better player first, as in:

ovie > crosby


crosby < ovie

to me, it's just instinct to put your own player first because that player is bigger and better, so it just shows me that the texter definitely screwed up their signs.

and everyone knows that it's

sid >>>>>> alex

anyways! haha (though i wouldn't exactly complain if i had Alex on my team)

Stoosh said...

The reason opposing fans hate Crosby is the same reason that...

1. most fans of 31 of the 32 teams in the NFL hate Tom Brady.

2. most fans of the 29 other Major League Baseball teams hate guys like A-Rod and Derek Jeter.

3. most non-Duke-loving college hoops fans hate Duke.

Those are the best three examples I can think of.

Non-Pats fans hate Brady because he's good, he says all the right things, and he comes off as a little too perfect. Non-Yankee fans hate A-Rod and Jeter for the same reasons. Fans hate Duke and Coach K for the same reasons.

They're ultimately successful. They always seem to say and do things the right way (which is ironically why so many love them, but also why so many criticize them for being too cliched), and they're all highly-visible figures/programs that polarize fan bases and help drive ratings.

Jason Dittle said...

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I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pensblog Staff said...

hold onto your genitalia.
insane post coming in at 430

Ashley said...

jason dittle is a joke

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ pensgirl: I usually write Ovie because I am too lazy to write out his name, or I make a joke out of his name.

Wow, who would of thought Backstrom would have more goals than Beech for us this season? (sorry everyone I didn't mean to bring back the horror that we still have Beech)

Great game, very fun to watch. As soon as Ovie hit Malkin, I was ready to kill him. No one touches Malkin! Ovie was lucky Malone wasn't on the ice or his face would look uglier than usual! I was happy Letang drew a penalty during that, though!

Everyone boos Sid because everyone says he's the Next Great One and they are jealous. Hell, I'd be jealous too if he didn't get drafted by us. And the whole deal with living in Mario's house, I want to live in Mario's house so some of his awesomeness would rub off on me. But seriously, do they watch the Pens games with their eyes closed? Sid deserved the "C." With the whole Sid and Alex thing, I actually think The Caveman is talented, even though I don't like him. That's how things are, so man up and deal with it. This whole "competition" was made up by Caps fans who are mentally unstable. (A Pens fan's conspiracy theory)

When I heard Tuomo Ruutu, I checked to see if Staal and Talbot were still in the game. NBC=Losers. I love Ruutu ... he jobs anyone he feels like and just laughs about it. But now I have to name one of my children after him because I swore to GOD that if he scored this one goal, I would do so. Well, he scored and apparently I have to marry a guy with a last name that sounds good with Jarkko ... I am so lame.

In Malkin I Still(And Will Always) Trust!

jackedlobster said...

Let's not forget Mario stayed with a family when he first moved to the US to play for the pens..he's returning the favor to Sid...

stokes said...

Staff, do not tease us like that.

i actually like what Don Cherry said. Does that mean that hell has frozen over?

Screw them all!


racheleyos said...

"The Penguins are set for a marquee matchup when they host the Philadelphia Flyers, Sunday at noon. All fans in attendance will receive an American Eagle scarf, courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters."

hahaha I work at american eagle and we have had those damn scarves since Christmas how generous that we finally give them away!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I think that sadly, some examples are true and some are exaggerated.

I went to a road game in Tampa once (in 03 when we sucked and they were good, so the Lightning fans actually weren't outnumbered by Pens fans in Tampa for once) and some drunk asshole in a Hawaiian shirt (typical 'bolts fan, got tickets for free from work and can't even wear his team's gear) wouldn't lay off my sister.

She's 5'0" and he called her a bitch. Two guys separated me and the prick while two old ladies behind us had him booted from the arena.

So sadly, some of this shit is true, and some's embellished to make other fans look worse.

Incidentally, some guy at that game made it a point to tell me his wife was from Monroeville, but switched over to being a Lightning fan when they got good and we went in the tank.

I hope that whore got hit by the Penguins team bus on its way out of Tampa Tuesday night!

BlacknGold66 said...

Stoosh- I had just left this big comment but blogger effed me so I have to do it again.

Quick version:

Disagree about one thing. A-Rod is hated because he's a money-grubbing, conflict starting, attention whore. Always has been. Always will be. If you are going to take a high-profile job either A)shut up and play or B)Show some tact by handling yourself like an adult (see: Sidney Crosby)
On personal hatred:

Jeter: I'm a Tribe fan. Eff the Yanks!!

Brady: He's giving it to Giselle. That's enough for me to hate him. :-)

Ovie: He's a Cap. He's gonna be an attention-loving whore in good time. (more than he is today) But damnit that kid is good.


J.S. said...

I'm gonna put off moving for a half hour so I can wait for the insane post.

and staff, why were you thanking me earlier? Did I miss something?

M. Vanderlasser said...

UNBELIEVABLE atmosphere in DC yesterday...we ate at Fuddruckers before the game with many, many Pens fans - I thought, "oh, this must be where Pens fans meet before games vs the Caps" - but it was like that everywhere in a 2 block radius of the V. Center!

I didn't see any Pens fans harassing 5-year olds.

I did see Tanger level Donald B., though. That was sweet.

Pensgirl said...

Ashley - spot-on. I attempted to include that point but wasn't able to put it nearly as succinctly as you did, so I gave up. So thanks!

Kaspar - if you want an even lazier way of referring to him that doesn't sound endearing, most people here go with "AO." Although I like the "Unfrozen Caveman Millionaire" tag best.

I find it baffling why people put so much of their energy into hating other teams' stars. Personally, I'm into sports as a reason to cheer for something. How anyone can enjoy having that level of bitterness and anger is beyond me, but it seems that people today take more pleasure out of seeing the other guy lose than they do out of seeing their guy win. What a waste of energy...I don't see why people want to give the opposition that much power over them. Where's the fun in that?

Ashley said...

pensgirl: "wasn't able to put it nearly as succinctly as you did"
lol I'm glad you think so. I read it over after I posted it and thought to myself, "WTF did I just write?"

Like you, I'm also into sports more to cheer than to put down. I recognize that other teams have great players, and I admire the greatness of those players. I actually like to watch Brodeur, Ovechkin, Luongo, and so on. There are players that really, really bug the hell out of me (see Avery, Sean), but other than that it's all good.

Now, it's another story when those teams play the Penguins. Those are the times when I wouldn't mind seeing Ovechkin stoned on 20 shots on goal (wait..that would mean a shitty Pens defence...), or Brodeur having an off-day.

Sure, I job some non-Pens players and teams (see McCabe, Bryan..and the rest of the Maple Leafs), but it's really not the "I hate you" kind of jobbing, and more or less the kind of good-natured teasing between siblings.

Ashley said...

That being said, I can get pretty nasty when fans of other teams start to job us and our team.

pittpanthers818 said...

what a game yesterday...does anyone else have any pics from the traditional rally on the smithsonian steps after the game? i was the kid that made the "Sid Owns Me" shirt with the 8 on the back...i was too busy participating in the mayhem and didnt get any pics...anyways if anyone has any pictures from there...or the game in general and would like to sahre them my email address is a lot and lets go pens

bluzdude said...

That was a life-affirming game. No question that the Hockey Gods hate the Caps. Which is quite appropriate.

I think a lot of the fans take their cues after owner Ted Leonsis. In dealing with past complaints sent his way about the lack of security for opposing (meaning Pens) fans, he was glad to hear about our unease. (We were getting pelted with food, basically, just for being there.) His suggestion for us was to stop coming to the games. In later email exchanges, he took shots at the attractiveness of our lady Pens fans. My brother, who was the one sparring with him, said that the best looking females we saw in Washington were hooked up to the Budweiser Wagon outside the arena.

I think Caps fans' jealousy is palpable. They envy our history. They envy our record. They envy our Stanley Cups, and fistful of division championships. They bark and bark and bark, because they know that's all they can do. They know that there are more of us than there are of them. We're the real deal, and they're the wanna-be's and bandwagoners. And we smack them down on a regular basis. They want to be us.

Unfortunately, you can't fake "class."

Fred Jones said...

@ stoosh
spot on as always

sarah said...
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sarah said...

I drove to DC from Pittsburgh to see this game and it was so worth it. I was walking around the arena before the game and saw 1 Caps jersey to every 10 Pens fans. It was unreal to see all the Pens fans giving high fives to each other. It seemed like a home game at some points because there were so many Pens fans and we were so loud! It was so much fun to be in another arena and be able to taunt the home team. Thanks for traveling, guys! I'm sure the Penguins appreciate it!


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