Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Effect On Man

Post-Gazette does photoshops now.
And it's solid.

Ed Yozwick -- PG

The Power Play Woes [ PG ]


Everybody's injured. [ PG ]

Talbot is out
Sykora is out
Hossa is still out

You probably know all that by now anyway


Ron Hextall = Maniac


Flyer Hater said...

Top two lines for the Buffalo game:


Top two lines for the Flyers game:


What a difference a game will make.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I saw a video of a Hextall interview in the NHL Closer on Deadspin where Hextall's pubes were clearly displayed on national TV.

And yes, I hope every one of you currently Googling "Hextall pubes interview" gets walked in on.

stokes said...

Hey Staff, Thanks for not posting anything overnight. i made it to work on time today.

Do all these injuries during the regular season mean that the Pens will be healthy and completely unbeatable in the playoffs?

BlacknGold66 said...

So driving home from work just now my g/f and I drove past a pretty nasty car wreck.

This is what transpired:

Me-"Wow, I hope nobody was hurt!"

Her-"If any Pens were involved you know there's a gauranteed high ankle sprain in there somewhere.......... shit."

Not BigRickPSU said...

Anyone else notice how small Roy's pads are? Pads today are ridiculous and anyone who says the goalies need them is full of it.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I know Talbot re-reinjured himself, but I heard Sykora might actually play depending on how he feels on game day. We finally got someone healthy (Sid) and now we are down again. I'm so glad Stone and James are amazing or I would be worried.

Eric P. said...

Ryan Stone and Connor James called up. Beasts.

Pensgirl said...

Yup, the Rubik's Cube is solid work.

Whenever people in Pittsburgh would talk about how nutso Barrasso was, I'd just point dahn the turnpike. There's psycho, and then there's Ron Hextall.

jackson9p said...

you gotta remember hextall chasing robby brown after he scored on him

brendan said...

Apparently Max has a dvd of the A&L motors commercial complete with outtakes. Somebody needs to get him to post that on youtube.

Stoosh said...

Phil Bourque was on with Mark Madden today, and he was asked for his opinions on the power play issues. He said he's got a very simple solution - shoot the puck more. Bourque seemed to think the players are trying to get too cute and look for these perfect plays, yet two of the goals in the Washington game were simple results of getting the puck toward the net and playing rebounds off the goaltender/boards.

coffeytalk said...

Sad Talbot & Sykora may be out. Glad the Dunder Mifflin boys are back up.

I love when those kids get in the game. They play their faces off. I hope James gets his second goal tomorrow.


Steve In Denver said...

I hated Hextall, but not as much as Chelios. Chelios has no soul. I hope Hextall teabagged him when he was on top of him.

Maybe Phil Bourque and our buddy Bibs could sign a one week contract and suit up?? Nachos on the bench??

Fake Bob, what's your take on that? Do you still have game?

Flyer Hater said...

Along with shooting the puck more, the PP needs to be split up into two units.


That way you have a great, playmaking center on each unit, a sniper, and someone who can create havoc in front of the net.

Also Letang needs to be moved up to the 1st unit ASAP.

Joshua said...

Whoa while out at ross park mall i heard the pensblog mentioned on 105.9 the X

Cripplr44 said...


Flyer Hater said...

I don't mind Conklin getting the start against Buffalo since he's basically stonewalled them this season. However, Therrien better go directly back to Fleury against the Filthy Flyers on Sunday. Fleury's the number 1 and needs to play the majority of games heading into the postseason.

Am I the only one looking forward more to Gary Roberts's return than Marian Hossa's? He's going to be an absolute beast in the playoffs, once again.

Did anyone watch the Montreal game tonight against the Debbies? Carey Price is the real deal. Could you fathom, Dryden, Roy, and now Price all winning cups in their rookie years. Stunned.

The Big K said...

Don't worry we're fine.

We might have heard this before?

Nathan said...

Good Gary almighty, what a finish to regulation in Toronto tonight. Somehow the Leafs found a way to come back from a 3-0 deficit against the Flyers, they're about to start overtime there.

The Leafs had a powerplay at the end of regulation and brought Toskala to the bench for the extra attacker, and the Leafs came so close to scoring, but couldn't get the winner in regulation.

Toskala's back in net for the OT.

Nathan said...

And the Leafs win in overtime. Somehow. Some way. Biron made over 50 saves, but he still gets tagged with the loss.

And the Devils lost tonight. If Malkin, Crosby, and the Baby Pens can win tomorrow, the Pens are back into 1st place. Cheers.

Flyer Hater said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Flyers blow a 3 goal lead to the Maple Laughs!

Steve In Denver said...

Best non-hockey news of the day - Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was arrested driving erratically with some ganja in the car.

What a woman.

I bet she was smoking out of a hollowed out coconut bong.

Jonny V said...

I'm watching the KDKA nightly sports call, and boy does Bob Smizik have an ugly neck. It looks like he has a small plastic ladder stuck down his throat.

That's all. Nothing Pens related.

Cripplr44 said...

I saw Mary Ann at a Curve game 2 years ago, for an 80 year old she still looked kinda hot.

FakeDannyStag said...

hey bro, just saw legace get run over. reminds me of the time i fell of the stage in germany. you call ma today? see you later bro.

Eric K said...

@ flyer hater

i agree with you on the Return of Roberts outweighing the arrival of Hossa. there's just way too much hype about a guy who has yet to prove that he will help this team. sure he is a great player, everyone knows that, but what will he do for us?
We all know what Roberts brings to the table, especially in the postseason.

your girlfriend definitley had the quote of the week right there.

Eric K said...

"To play my game, I can’t go out there at 80 percent and think I am going to be effective. I am just going to hurt the team if I go out there and am anything less than 100 percent. Especially with an injury like this, it’s one where you tend to avoid contact. And that’s something I am not going to be able to do.” - GARY ROBERTS

stokes said...

While i dont mind Conk starting against Buffalo tomorrow (and probably should have started against Florida last week, simply because he's played well against Florida), i think that Cripplr's obsession with how bad Fleury plays is probably borderline insanity.

BTW, nice comment about Mary Ann. you actually made me laugh with humor instead of blind ignorance.

PittHockey said...

Best part of the week: caps fans are still in denial.

OvechKam + Lindy Ruff Praise = Ovugly is the best?

If Lindy Ruff knew a good player when he saw one, the sabres wouldn't be a joke this season.

karri said...

So....you guys are now #1 ...

I finally got to finish reading your last post on 1990 And Beyond: The Penguin Goaltender along with all of the comments. Wow...awesome work.

...and what will the Pens be able to do when everyone is healthy?!


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