Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One B-a-a-a-a-a-ad MAFer. PENS WIN.

2 - 0


The Pens offense was neutralized,
but Tampa Basement has been doing that to the Pens for the last 5 years or some crap.

It would have been an empty feeling if Lecavalier or St. Louis could've jobbed one home,
but there was a goalie in net who's reminding people he's a big deal.

MAF steals the show in the return of Bing.
The engery surrounding this game was incredible.

It is only going to get better.

He's coming



-- Ed Spags --

-- Anon 1 --

-- Anon2 --



Therrien gives the Malkin line the starting nod, maybe as a sign to Malkin that he's no slouch now that Crosby's back.

After a minute or so, it finally came.
The iso camera pans to the Penguins bench.

Sidney Crosby (almost forgot how to spell it) takes to the ice, being shoewered with cheers from Penguins faithful and probably some disillusioned Tampa Bay fans.

--Eddy Spaghetti--

Not even 10 seconds into his shift, he chases a puck down into the corner.
You can't help but think of his high ankle as he comes to a screeching halt at the boards.

You know what's coming next.
Talbot and Crosby fly into the zone after regrouping and Sid misses a chance on the doorstep.

66 buries it.

For the second time in a week, Pens Nation felt like they were sleepwalking, watching Crosby on the ice again, maybe a little faster than he used to be, considering what his legs have been through for the past month.

During one of Crosby's next shifts, he and Dupuis show some uncanny chemistry.
They were two subtle passes, and Crosby was the one not expecting the pass.

Malkin takes on the world later in the period, swooping in a hawk, but Tampa goalie Mike Smith is like 8 feet tall and makes the save.

Brooks Orpik was headed to the box for jobbing.
Fleury gets his first tests of the night, stopping a couple solid shots.

The penalty is killed, and out of nowhere, it was Sidblog on a breakaway.
No dice as Mike Smith's juice boxes deny him.

-- Dan Getkin --

Chris Minard sees the ice late in the first period.
The collective tears of people who wanted him to play on Sunday have more volume than the sweat produced on Minard's shift.

The Pens found themselves weathering a Tampy Bay flurry at the end of the period.
St. Louis hits the pipe, and Michel Ouellet was up to his old Waste Management ways.
But no dice.

--Ryan Musial--



Early in the second, we get word that a Jordan Staal injury from the first period has knocked him out of the game. ( Bruised Ribs. Any word on him yet? )
What a revolving door.

After finally recovering from his suicide attempt after the Hossa injury,
LGP message board poster "Elmo6687" is stunned in his Shadyside home as he hears the news.

The You-Me-And-Dupuis line almost put one home amidst some insanity, with Crosby making more passes than the dude who hits on your girlfriend at work but doesn't realize to give up before humiliating himself. wooo

As the game neared the halfway mark, in the back of your mind, you're still wondering what the Penguins power play will be like if they ever get one.

And then Vinny jobs Kris Letang.
Sid had just cured AIDS on his previous shift and wasn't ready for the top unit.
Bing sees time on the power play with 8 seconds left.

Lecavalier came out of the box and was able to get a shot off, but MAF comes up big.
Later, out of nowhere, the teams started hitting each other.

The USS Hal Gill springs Sykora on a breakaway. He gets tripped up viciously, and hits the boards hard, holding his shoulder/wrist as he gets up.

Penalty Shot Time.

Somewhere in a parallel universe, Alexsey Morozov hops over the bench to take the penalty shot for the injured Sykora.

Mike Smith stands tall and stops Syko on the PS.

It could have gotten ugly after that PS, because the Lightning finally woke up.
Some joke misses a wide wide wide open net.

After some offsides controversy, the Pens get another penalty when Jarkko Ruutu gets jobbed.
A fresh PP unit comes onto the ice.

The Lightning give the rest of the NHL a blueprint on how to neutralize it:
attack...and pray Sid or Malkin don't make some sick pass, case in point Ryan Whitney's slapper.

A scoreless tie has never been so enthralling.



If the first and second were scoreless, it was gonna take a miracle for someone to score in the third.

A couple of minutes in, Jarkko Ruutu dons the apron and gets in that O'Brien dude's kitchen.

O'Brien drops the gloves, and somehow there's no penalty.

As the game drifted slowly to overtime, the Pens almost took the lead when Malkin makes an unrealistic pass to Sid, but Mike Smith and his stilts make the big stop.

Tampa fans celebrate the big save.
(When Charlie's away, the mice will play)

The Pens got their pending power play from that Ruutu fiasco when Dupuis takes one to the kisser.
Huge PP, but the Lightning end up getting the best chance on a rush.
MAF was there.

MAF had to be there again soon after, when Lecavlajoke gets behind the Pens D.
He tries to psych out MAF with a sneaky backhand, but the pillows were closed.

Herrrreeeeeeeee's Sidney!

You talk gamebreakers, you talk Sidney Crosby.
With Father Time doing himself, Bing came down the right wing and shimmied a puck to the net.

It goes through more traffic than the Parkway West and hits a skate.
You stand in jubilation before Talbot can even get his stick on the loose puck.


The TV side was nuts, but the presence of Pens fans in Tampa was prevalent as balls on the radio side.

"Where's Max Talbot? Dicks."
We get it.


[<span class=
-- Ed Spags with the pic --

Stupid statement:
How pumped was Dupuis on that goal celebration?
Of course he's gonna be, but good to see he's part of the family.

Eventually, Tampa had to pull Mike Smith.
After a timeout, it was a Royal Rumble.
Jeff Halpern gets maimed in front of MAF. Whatev.

The stickless Max Talbot takes the heat out of a hot kitchen, when he smartly knocks the puck forward to Malkin with his glove, but keeps it in the defensive zone so there wasn't gonna be hand pass.

Malkin skates the rest of the way with the swagger of Razor Ramon.
The whole time down the ice, you could picture him unbuckling his belt, grabbing his underwear and pants, sliding them down, and finally unleashing the Cosbys on Tampa Bay.


  • Bing: 1 A -- Trails Malkin by 25 points
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Talbot: 1 G, 1 A
  • MAF: 35 Saves
  • MAFblog. Keep that bench warm, Conks, for now, we guess. Nobody knows.
  • Didn't notice Hal Gill tonight...which is good.
  • Mike Smith is solid as it gets.
  • Tons of Pens fans at the game.
  • MAF on the Vincent Lecavalier breakaway moment in the third:
"I was like, 'Oh, [expletive],' " Fleury said. "He's got such a good shot, good hands.
I just tried to wait as much as I could."

Go Pens



Here's Sid--[Will Smith]





Steve said...

All I know is that I am pretty fuckin excited about the next couple of weeks. Its a damn good day to be a Pens fan.

Go Pens
Ovechkin has herpies

sh0ez said...

Another solid post and game. Unfortunately there were two other shut-outs in the league tonight and they both had more saves than MAF. Anderson from Florida had another 40 after stopping 53 the other night. Boston = stunned. He's gonna be a beast on Thursday. Kiprusoff had 1 short of Anderson and with Erat's hat trick, MAF couldn't pull out a Three Stars of the Night. Solid game for him, though.

Everything looks so promising. Wait for it . . . wait for it . . .

. . . Hossa.

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Just a quick comment on the discussion from the other post about the "up by a touchdown" reference in the B's-Caps game...

You weren't the only one who cringed when you heard it. To be honest, though, whenever I hear Beninati calling a game, I cringe.

Things like that are the reasons why Versus' hockey coverage just flat out sucks. ESPN's coverage towards the end of their run prior to the lockout wasn't great, but it seldom ever stooped to crap like that. Two years ago - heck, even last year - Versus at least gave a solid effort. I don't know what the hell they're doing now.

sfc72388 said...

great stats Sh0ez. what is happening to Boston? actually, who cares. that's one less team to worry about in the playoff race.

any official word on Hossa's return? sunday maybe? or maybe he will make people touch themselves much like Crosby did yesterday.

did anyone else watching on FSN notice how obsessive Errey was about Crosby? In the first 5 minutes I was like woooooo Crosby! but after that it got extremely annoying, I thought he was going to pull a Charlie and make a pass at him.


stokes said...

Andre the Giant lives, as he took the net last night for the Lightning.

Great post, Staff. Some quality lines in there.

Some ESPN Radio1250 promos are playing the old NHL Playoffs on ESPN song. You know which one it is and its the most solid TV theme ever.

Go Pens.

onesizedrummer said...

probably glad i missed the first two periods and kinda wondered why my wife wasn't sending goal recap text messages.

it was funny listing to WPXI this morning and them (not Fedko) calling Talbot.... Maxim.
(photoshop idea)

my question is who was scratched for Sid?


Nathan said...

I do believe Connor James got scratched to make room for Sid last night. Minard got a couple of shifts after Staal got hurt, but I don't recall seeing James get crushed at any point last night.

Chelsea said...

getkin photoshop = $$$$$$$

go pens

Ashley said...

revolving door -- no kidding

stoosh - Glad to see I'm not alone in the "what the hell are they saying?" department. Hockey games should be reserved for hockey talk. It's not rocket science.

And for anyone who's interested, Don Cherry was just on the radio and he said that Sid is the best player to come out of the Maritimes, that he played exceedingly well last night (he expected Crosby to be a little more cautious when going after the puck and stuff due to the injury), AND that Sid plays a style that is reminiscent of Bobby Orr.

Considering that Cherry has often jobbed Sid, and he considers Orr to be the best player in history, that comparison had me stunned.

fakeBobErrey said...

Hey guys Bob Errey here.

Great game last night, Staigy and me were pumped to see Sid hit the ice again. You can't complain about a shut out too much, but I would have liked to see some secondary scoring out there.

Well me and Potash are going to hit up the ihop for some waffles, maybe get some subway for later on the way back.


Jonny V said...

Juicebox pads

Ryan said...

are you guys really upset that you heard a football reference when the caps were up 7 on monday?

That reference can be used in any walk of life.



Ashley said...

ryan - it wasn't just that they used 'a' football reference. It was the whole game. It just seemed really weird and stupid.

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

I make the occasional football reference during the games. I don't see anything wrong with it.

I keep trying to work a solid badmitten reference in there, I know my kids would get a kick out of it, but Steigy says no.


Fred Jones said...

sfc72388-the Real Errey is a douche.
I lost respect for him ever since he was upset with Malkin for getting an empty netter back just before Sid got hurt, instead of passing it to a covered Crosby so Sid could keep his scoring streak alive.

Fake Bob Errey--too funny

Pensblog Staff said...

First person to say Gonch "quarterbacks" the power play gets 100 bucks. Woo

A sizzle

sh0ez said...

nathan - I don't really see why we keep letting Minard play. Am I missing something? Is he doing something on ice that I can't see? You could say before that James wasn't getting points, but at least he has one. I see him as disruptive. He's fast and care-free. Minard is...I'm not really sure. He was center on his own line, too. Meh. Give me the AHL line back. Seriously. They may not put up points, but they mess with the other team and allow other lines to be more productive. The games where they left that line intact, we won. Taffe-James-Smith-Kennedy. Some variation of that.

C Gally said...

That Talbot, he's a superstar.

Korn said...

Fake Bob Errey is killing me. F'n hilarious. Please continue...

IceCold... said...

everyone seems to be pretty happy with how last night went. i don't know why exactly, but i'm just not thrilled. i mean MAF was GREAT. and seeing Bing back on the ice was AWESOME. but i kinda felt like it was a lack-lustre performance in general. maybe its just cause smith had such a good game which is frustrating when we had some good looks. one or two of those go in and i'd probably be singing a differnt tune. or b/c tampa's record sucks. but talbot gave the bolts some props when talking to potash after the game saying that he doesn't think their team's record is a good indication of their ability.

also i will personally take responsibility for staalsy getting hurt cause about half a second after i commented that steigy and errey pointed out how ... (i will not say his name) and staal are the only two who have played in every game this season he got injured. i suck at life :(

please forgive me gary

wilsmith said...

Steigy was really pushing jinxblog last night. How many times did he mention how few points vinny and marty have against the pens this year?

and mentioning how staal has played every game right before he gets hurt, it just had to happen like that.

he looked like he was in a lot of pain, hope he's alright.

j.s.22 said...

Agreed Will, Steigy was pushing the jinx last night.

I really think he has no idea what the word is.

Sammy Akkoush said...

How about giving Brooks Orpik a little love. He's been very solid most of the year, espically playing with Gonchar now and getting increased minutes. He took Vinny to the boards a few times yesterday, and I have been impressed with his physical play, outlet passes, and speed when bringing the puck out of the zone.

While it seems like coach doesn't like him, I'm hoping he gets resigned this offseason. He's a physical presence on our blue line that we need.

Nathan said...

Minard's a stopgap, what do you want? It's not like he'll be out there once Hossa comes back, and he damn sure won't be seeing any ice time in the playoffs. The Penguins obviously believe he's one of their top prospects, however, so they probably want to ease him into NHL action for future seasons.

It's still the regular season, and the Pens are comfortably in a playoff position. There's really no harm in rotating some of these guys from Wilkes-Barre through and giving them 5-7 minutes a night until the regulars come back.

PittHockey said...

best MAF quote ever.

Stoosh said...

RYAN - I agree with wasn't so much the reference itself - I've heard Greg Brown from the Pirates use the same reference, and I'm sure I've used it before.

It's more the way it was delivered and you really had to hear it in the context; it sounded like Beninati was pandering.

Maybe it's just my disenchantment with Versus' announcers in general this year. They seem to be going out of their way to be as over-the-top as possible. Even Emrick - who's voice I can't stand but is at least solid as a play-by-play guy - has been a caricature of himself this year. Beninati is ten times worse.

Beninati calls the game like he's doing a voiceover from some corner used car lot in Erie, PA or something. It just sounds way too forced and it ends up increasing the cheese quotient by like 100.

Some announcers can pull off the over-the-top stuff - Gus Johnson, for instance, could make a shuffleboard match sound exciting. It's over the top, but there's something different about his delivery. Like I said, Beninati's references just came off sounding like the guy who bombs on open mike night at the Improv.

But yes, Gonchar does QUARTERBACK the powerplay.

Stoosh said...

I think Junker & Crow just pimped Pensblog Storeblog.

I'm pretty sure I heard Guy Junker mention the "Rock Out with Your Conk Out" T-shirts.

anonBILL said...

During the game i kept randomly thinking of the WWF b/c of this site. saying shit like "powerbomb" and "ddt"

i would love to see a Tatanka Photoshop when the Pens play the Isles

Go Pens.

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

Please don't get on my partner guys, he can't help it.

Its the Stiegerwald curse, he told me about it once when he was drunk. His father did not beleive in birthcontroll. Or at least he didn't untill 9 months before he was born. His father said "no impregnations on the last 50 tries for Stiegerwald."

Well the rest folks is history, thus started the Stiegerwald curse.

Peace out,
The Bibster

Matt Gajtka said...

The biggest piece of the puzzle has clicked back into place.

Anyone hear anything about Hossa's return? I've seen reports pointing towards Sunday in AO's house, but I'm holding out hope for tomorrow.

Also, it was scary when Sid missed on that early point-blank redirection chance and I said to myself "66 buries that." Somehow I knew I'd see that same sentiment this morning in the tPB recap.

Keep it up, boys!

demondg1 said...

The site was just mentioned on Junker and Crowe. Although they butchered the site name. They love the Rock Out With Your Conk Out shirts, But bagged on WWGRD. They said it should be "What Would Sid Do?" or "What Would Ben Do?".


Pensgirl said...

over the past few years I've definitely noticed increasing use of one sport's terminology by announcers calling another sport. The scoring terms seem to be used most ("home run" is all over the place in football), but it's definitely not just limited to that. And I do find it stupid and annoying.

Ashley, did you drop acid last night before listening to Don Cherry? Or maybe he did (if so, he should do it more).

Stoosh, you nailed what I can't stand about Beninati. The sad part is he's actually fairly decent in terms of objectivity (at least on the Caps' local broadcasts), but ya can't stand to hear him talk for more than about 5 seconds.

sonofatruckload said...

lol what would ben do?

they have to be joking

Steimes said...

I took the WWBD at dinner last Sunday, I passed my dad the gravy when my mom asked for it.

Thank goodness my sister knew the Heimlich maneuver, as I chocked on my dessert.

Stoosh said...

Junker & Crow bagging on the WWGRD is typical of Crow, at least.

I'll try to articulate this as best I can.

No offense to Sid or Roethlisberger, but WWSCD or WWBRD is too friggin' easy, too obvious.

WWGRD is a deeper concept. It's speaks of an appreciation for what Roberts does and the manner in which he does it. It's an appreciation that flies under the radar of most casual fans.

Sinops said...

put his team in a bind for the next 8 years because he takes up half of the salary cap. what a dick.

wilsmith said...

Believe it or not, there's also "home run" play in hockey.

Joe B is the worst commentator ever. Go back a couple of months to some previous recaps comments and you'll see Hip and I complaining about it somewhere.

Dave said...

I was just thinking about this. Say Buffalo wins the rest of their games, meaning they go 15-0 putting them at 103. Pittsburgh goes 8-2-4, also putting them at 103. Buffalo wins that tie breaker, because they would have more wins (47 to our 46). Assuming that the rest of the East is mathematically able to stay above 103 (I have no kind of time to figure all of that out) the Pens are out. The magic number is 21.

Dani said...

Nice picture of Vincent's "willful caboose." What's up with Tampa fans? If Vinny was on my team, I would be at every game. I don't know if it's just Buffalo enthusiasm but we tend to overtake Tampa when we play there. Especially their bars. Poor bartender. She had no chance.

Dani said...

Dave... do you think we can pull off a patriots and go 15-0 just to knock off you pens? We are acting all streaky this season. Boo.

Dave said...

No I don't think that you can go 15-0, but in the spirit of journalistic integrity I thought I should speak up. I just hope you win enough games to take over the Flyers.

Eric K said...

sad that the "Let's Go Pens" chants could be heard on TV over the Tampa Bay "crowd"

You really realize that sid is indeed a kid when he scores, or he sets someone up, he shows so much emotion, not the gay "im gonna do 15 double pumps and stick my leg in the air" emotion that AO shows, but just sheer excitement. great stuff.

anyone else catch Ruutu stick his tongue out at OBrien the 2nd time he tried to egg him on? unreal.

Do they still make Ecto Cooler? If not, why the hell not?

sonofatruckload said...

eric: the ecto cooler flavor lived on in shoutin orange tangerine, but is now discontinued as far as i can tell

Brando said...

It looks like that youtube video is from Andreychuks, accross the street from the arena. It was absolutely packed with pens fans last night. The LETS GO PENS chant started about every 5 minutes or whenever a group of pens fans walked by. Definately been a lot more fun to hang out there after the games now that we can actually beat Tampa. Good to see that kind of turnout. Florida can be a pretty lonely place for pens fans. It was nice to be with my people.

As far as the game was concerned, I didnt wanna get all Steigey on anyone, but I could tell early, even in warmups that MAF was in for a good night. So I kept my mouth shut and didnt speak of a shutout. He looked more settled and relaxed in net, similar to Conks when he was on his streak. The best part of the night was not having to hear the gary-damn lightning goal horn. I hate that F-ing thing. Especially up in the nosebleeds. (See my anon 2 anthem pic)

The Bing-Max-PD line looks like it has a lot of potential. They had a few timing issues at the beginning, but give them another game or so, and it could get nasty.

Sid AND Hossa. Sick.

Eric K said...

shoutin orange tangerine... that just sounds gay.

Headline from homepage:

The Malkin-g of Pittsburgh

The 2007 Calder Trophy winner is a year older, a year wiser and a year more comfortable. That means Evgeni Malkin now is a perfect fit in Pittsburgh and a threat to win the Art Ross Trophy, if not the Hart. ...more

Malkin-g. Pavlovian whatever or Grand Theft Pensblog??

Pensblog Staff said...

So wait.

Just to set the story straight.

Junker and Crowe said we should WWGRD is a joke?

Not BigRickPSU said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the Staff for posting Tampa Bay fan pictures celebrating the big save -- even if Charlie is away. Sometimes in life you just have to soldier on and kudos to them for biting the bullet. I'm sure it must have been tough on them...

/hoping Charlie stays away until after Florida...

Jonny V said...

I think the flashbar left to go find Charlie.

wilsmith, you talking about joe buck? I remember a link from a sportsguy mailbag that shows how he would announce different historic moments.

It came up because of his lameness in announcing Tyree's incredible catch in the super bowl. He made it sound like a run-of-the-mill play.

Mike Georger said...

anyone catch the interview with johnny damon by danny after the game? he was audibly and visibly hammered. classic.

Matt Gajtka said...

Don't know about you guys, but one thing that has been driving me INSANE lately during Pens TV broadcasts is Bob Errey saying "uh-oh," "oh, no," etc. everytime a Penguin goes down or looks the least bit gimpy.

After the last three months, I cannot take any more injuries and having the color man overreact to every little bump and/or bruise isn't helping. Isn't Bibs there to put everything in perspective, not inflate concern?

Maybe the only thing more annoying than this is Steigy wanting/expecting a penalty every time someone is checked or knocked down. He makes it seem like we're back to the pre-lockout days, when if you compare current games to the classic Pens DVD, you wonder how you ever enjoyed watching hockey from 94-04.

Broadcasting rant over!

Johnny Wrath said...

Beninati is to sport calling what John Tesh is to metalheads.

I don't really see any parallels between the NFL QB position and an offensive blueliner, so that reference always puzzled me.

I didn't see the Versus telecast, but I noticed their 'casters occasionally going out of their way to draw comparisons to football. You know what? I think football is stupid. I'm tired of the insistence that it's really important, and I really need these guys to STFU about Favre already.

Then again, since we've seen the casual fan Bettman so desperately wants take up poker, billiards, and whatever else happens to be on ESPN2 these days, it won't be long before our top-6 forwards are "a full house", wink wink, or how our Hossa "buy in" makes us "pot-committed".

Anyway, by all means please never stop connecting the dots between Florida Hockey fans and Matlock. The St. Pete looks and sounds like an aircraft hangar. Jeff Halpern sucks. Go Pens.

FijiH2O said...

WWBRD???? Big joke! Like Stoosh says, some people just don't get it - and it can't be explained to those who don't get it. You would think that 2 sports guys like Junker & Crowe would get it, though.

Love fakeboberrey - LMAO!

Did anyone else listen to the radio postgame show after the game on Sunday? At least 2 calls came in slamming Steigy and wanting to know if Mike Lange was coming back to TV. Grover said that they like Mike right where he is on the radio and they aren't giving him up.

I heard that the Rookie Dinner is going to be after the Panthers game. I was wondering if that was why GR made the trip or maybe he will be making an appearance on the ice soon:-D


Albert said...

I was at the game, and it was awesome. I gotta hand it to Smith, though. I have no idea how he made a few of those saves.

Dave said...

Staal is ok!

That's a relief. He's going to play tomorrow.

Dave said...

Well apparently I can't make hyperlinks correctly but its on the front page of

Sinops said...

according to staal expects to play tomorrow.

The Seeker said...

@ Dani,

Pittsburgh's Terrible Towel thing is for the Steelers.

You normally wouldn't see one at a Penguins game except:

1) Sid waved one once to recognize the Steelers before their playoff game.

2) Myron Cope, the broadcaster that "invented" the idea died last week and Pens fans were waving them to honor him.

j.s.22 said...

I respect the fact of waving the towel on Sunday. Cope was a Pittsburgh legend and deserved the respect.

I do not respect people wearing Stillers gear to Penguin games. C'mon.

Also, I think you should keep Max on Crosbys line. Even though he is a center, lastnight proves he can play a wing with Sid and crash the net as Sid passes it to the crease.

But the again, Lord Therrien keeping the lines together for one period is like LGP not fighting with somebody for a day...

wilsmith said...

nah, jonny v. joe beninati from versus fame. hate that guy.

but i hate joe buck too, so good link. I passed it alone to my fellow joe buck haters.

Johnny Wrath said...

"The Malkin-g of Pittsburgh" on's main flash. Interesting.

They also photoshopped OV into a picture of Sid and the powder-blue throwback on Jan 1. for their big match-up on National TV.

This of course was followed by "Caps say Hip Hip Huet".

If they really want to garner attention, present Staal as Godzilla towering over poor, defenceless Tom Poti. Go Pens.

Actually, if they had any marketing abilities whatsoever, this would make a great Russian vs Russian vs Russian atmosphere, in addition to the world's best player, and the biggest deadline addition since the lockout.

Pensgirl said...

See it's been mentioned already, but I grabbed the Malkin-g screenshot for posterity. reads The Pensblog

Johnny Wrath said...

Apparently Johnny Damon got Sid to sign a stick for him outside of the locker room after the game in Tampa, as per TSN.

Did he go on to explain how great it is betraying Boston and playing for their arch-rival, namely after beating them and winning a championship? If any Penguins read this blog, keep that asshole away from Sid.

And if you're a Penguin reading this thread, I bet you're Orps or Whitney. Nice hit on #4 either way.

homesprout said...

Nice to read that Staal should be ready to play tomorrow against the Panthers....

Quite frankly, with all the injury problems this team has had, it wouldn't have surprised me if Sykora had broken his wrist when he slammed into the boards before the penalty shot....

Go Pens!!

Flyer Hater said...

Junker and Crow will never get out of Madden's shadow on that station.

PensKitty said...

Staff, I think they (junker and crow)just dont get it. They were all about the Rock out with your Conk out. As awesome as it is, its not nearly as complex as WWGRD.

JunkerAndCrow = simple

Excellent post as always.

Stoosh said...

Post-Gazette said Big Poppa Pump is looking to make a return Sunday against the Craps.

Short of Sid, Hossa and Malkin leading a 12-0 blowout in Philly and making Biron cry, there's nothing else I'd love to see more than these guys break the Caps in their own building. Again. And again. And again.

If nothing else, he'd almost definitely be back for the Buffalo game a week from today.

Flyer Hater said...

If anyone wants a good laugh, go after to the Craps board. There's a thread about Crosby's return and most of the people responding were happy because they "wanted to beat our ass fully healthy". Will they ever learn.

Friendly reminders:

Caps Suck

Caps Really Suck

Caps are still sucking

Pensblog Staff said...


Did they get the site's name wrong?

stokes said...

Junker and Crowe are a joke.

well junker is at least a sports Guy, so i'll give him that. its that lug he's got to carry around him, the hack that was fired from DVE that brings the show down. Stink.

Flyer Hater: they will never get out of Madden's shadow because:
a) its freakin' huge.
2) their show sucks.

Fake Bob Errey is probably the best Cblogger of all time, with regards to some of the HOFer's on here. Its like Evil David Letterman on Stern. Classic.

Eric K said...

wow, had to pass this along.
was going through some of my old pens stuff, found an autographed picture of Chris Wells #12. i forgot he even existed, but then again, he probably did too.

had to change up the pic for the stretch run. Go Pens.

Sean said...

what program do yo guys use to make your photoshops?

ddr5007 said...

conk would have posted shutouts in the last 2 games.

BlacknGold66 said...


I use Photoshop CS which is by far the best program out there IMO. But it's ridiculously expensive (I ganked my copy from the Navy when I was active duty... YOINK!) so unless you can get a pirated copy I've heard people on here recommend this site. It's looks solid.

Lady Jaye said...

sean > Photoshop CS3 here. I get an education discount so I was able to buy it pretty reasonable. Definitely use the gimp (as linked above) if you're short on funds.

Heh, I swear I'm always on the opposite totem here. I like listening to Junker and Crowe (more Junker than Crowe) for the most part. I also don't mind Tim Benz in the morning (didn't like him so much on 970). lady jaye = minority

Dani said...


I HOPE WE CRUSH THE FLYERS TOO! I'm so sorry marty mar... you were the best backup fighting emery agitating trash talking goalie in the history of hockey. Yeah... sorry
Carolina Staal.

I saw this Flyers-Penguins game once and I thought there was going to be some Crosby-Biron fighting. That would be delicious. Better yet, the Sabres played the Flyers and Miller went all punchy catty on the Flyers! YESSS! And Tallinder got hurt. NOOOOO!


Sorry about your broadcaster. If Rick Jeanneret ever dies, which he wont, I don't know what we would do. If they could have let him do the play by play instead of NBC for the Winter Classic... it would have been 100% better for both sides. Come on... MARK Gaustad?!

J.S. said...

I'm representin' with photoshop 6. I have a copy of CS, but I can't seem to find the license number for it.

Raybin said...

The "Hoses" photoshop makes life worth living again for another week at least.

Did anyone else watching the FSN Pittsburgh feed hear the two fans trying to get a "Let's go Lightning"! chant going? Lameguini covered with lamesauce.

How about the game getting jobbed to the Emergency Weather Alert in the second? I know it's necessary. Doesn't make it any less annoying.

Little concerned about the lack of seriously physiciality though the past several games. Halpern getting mugged in front of the net was solid and Orpik was messin' people up, but still...

Why was Paul Ranger allowed to leave that game with a recognizable face?

Why has Laraque stopped dropping the gloves? Thierren's orders? Or something else?

I love Hal Gill as much as one man can love another and not be named "Charlie" but I want to see some carnage in the other team's ranks when they try to crash the net!

Stoosh said...

Pensblog Staff --

You said...


Did they get the site's name wrong?"

Do you mean Junker and Crow? If so, I'm not sure...I had the radio turned down because I was wrapping up a phone call, but I definitely heard Junker reference the "Rock Out..." shirt...even mentioned it was available in ladies' sizes and cuts.

I did hear them reference the "CafePress" part of the site as well, and then Crow kind of slagged on the WWGRD thing.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Staal expected to play Thursday!!! I don't know if anyone wrote that but I just looked on their site and decided to post.

Hossa's day-to-day! Yeah!! I can't help but imagine how our PP is gonna look with Hossa.

I hate how we play against Tampa. We looked flat. But hey we won!

Ranger is an ass. I swear he wanted to hurt Sid. I still kinda blame him for taking out Sid.

I don't think Therrien is telling Laraque that at all. I actually think MT would tell him Georges to fight anyone who even looks at Malkin or Sid. (Or if I was MT I would, but whatev.)

Malone almost killed a few guys. Now he was definitely making sure Geno was safe. Halpern had a death wish.

Complete bull on the dropping gloves. I guess the refs have meetings about Ruutu and say he can only draw a certain amount of penalties in a year.

Wait a minute!! I have been calling Malkin Malkin-g!!!! I'm suing the NHL! How dare they steal that ... I hate them so much! (But I love Malkin-g so much more.)

In Malkin I Still Trust.

bluzdude said...

Here's Johnny photoshop = inspired.

Beninatti is the worst hockey announcer ever. Everything he says sounds trite. I wish he'd take his "markers" and shove'em.

Here's to another butt whipping in the Verizon Center on Sunday...

Sid always > Ovie

bluzdude said...

Also, I think BGL isn't fighting much because nobody in the East wants any part of it. Each team's designated goon tries him once so they can say that they did it, but after tempting fate once, they're done.

Flyer Hater said...

Laraque is worthless

Johnny Wrath said...

There are maybe 3 guys in the East who could hang with BGL, and one of them almost got knocked out twice; Zdeno. Remember those haymakers? There would have been a bench-clearer.

Also, as much as we hate him so, so much because he's been a Flyer and now a Cap, Brashear. 6'3" 239 lbs, mean - although made to look silly recently. Go Pens.

I hate Mike Rupp. He's from Cleveland, and he plays for New Jersey. I mean, if there were ever 2 reasons to hate another human being, those are 2 Pittsburghers can live with. Although he had 3 points and a Stanley Cup winning goal in a Game 7, he's still a scrub bastard who appeared on "The 700 Club™". Unforgiveable.

Right. Hossa, First Place, Gonch. Letang may win a Norris well before Whitney, which is an outstanding scenario.

Lastly, the lack of physical play should subside now that Capn' Siddey is back. I noticed after he pushed that D-man 12 feet into the boards there was a distinct rise in checking. I forgot Chris Drury was in our division. What is Atreyu doing on I respect Chad Kilger for "failing to report" to the Florida Panthers.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Laraque isn't worthless ... he just isn't used to adapting his role from big fighter to big scorer. Everyone has told him to use his size to push people around who push his teammates around. It is true that he does look worthless right now and since we have had others stepping up (or into the ring) while he isn't when he is suppose to. It's hard to become such a rounded player when you are being pushed your entire career into being the enforcer. Let's cut him slack for a little while. If he doesn't start playing better in a couple weeks, I won't mind the talk.

BTW: What is going on with d in front of the net? Protect the goalie, guys! Orrpik was trying and I saw Letang do his fair share. I have seen more of our offensive players in front of the net then our d. Just because our goalies have been playing well (knock on wood) doesn't mean they don't need help.

Brigid said...

Hey now! Not all of us Clevelanders are douchebags!!

Sean said...;_ylt=AlI4lTlUgPJ0A_6dyjJof7UOm414?slug=ys-nhlonversus&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

just found this, yahoo plays lives NHL games from time to time. tonight happens to be the thrashers v. hurricanes. not much notice i know, but if you need your colby fix...

Johnny Wrath said...

As soon as the most prominent thing Cleveland is known for isn't "fat people doing lots of drugs", let me know.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows" - Keller

PittHockey said...

oooh, Pensblog mentioned on deadspin.

JYo said...

Pensblog has been on deadspin plenty of times. In fact, that is how I found this site in the first place.

Hip said...

fakeboberrey- I am peeing myself. Mostly just because you say "Bob Errey here."

You guys don't have to like Beninati, but dude's a legit hockey fan - he's not trying to job the game by making football references.

eric k - Ovie kisses and points to the sky after every goal to honor his deceased brother, who took him to hockey practice consistently as a kid because he saw his talent. Show some respect.

karri said...

Thanks also Fakeboberrey...ahahaha.

And thanks to see Carolina's Bayda score with Recchi on the ice...sweet! Is he a -11 currently?? Wow!

Glad to hear about Staal.

Need Hossa and Roberts next.


Brigid said...

I get the whole C-town vs. P-burgh rivalry, but that last slam was unwarrented.

Don't be a troll.

karri said...

Chrusher just scored...I really miss him as a Penguin.

Stoosh said...

Can't really hate Cleveland because I'm from Erie...we were kind of stuck between Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. I don't care for the Browns, if that counts for anything with native Pittsburghers, although I do think the NFL is a better league when the Browns are good.

If I root for one American League team, it's the Indians, thanks to my grandfather. He was an Indians fan and easily one of the three coolest people to ever walk the earth. Imagine a cross between Robert Deniro and John Wayne, and then make him Slavic = my grandfather.

Mike Rupp played junior hockey for my Erie Otters AND he went to school with one of my fraternity brothers. Can't hate on Mike Rupp, even though I could probably outskate him.

Plus Cleveland is less than an hour away from one of my favorite places ever - Cedar Point, longtime vacation spot of the Stoosh family.

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

I love Cedar Point, but that doesn't justify the fact that I dislike Cleveland. Actually because I felt like acting out my petty anger, I wore a Hines Ward jersey when I was in Cleveland. I was hoping for a reaction, anything really. I wanted to get into a fight. (I was in the mood to just throw 'em down with anyone all throughout the summer. I'm not sure why ... maybe because I was suffering from Penguins withdrawal and not being able to talk about how Malone was gonna kill.) Anyways people talked to me about how great the Steelers were. I was confused ... what happened to the rivalry? Was it all the years of the Browns being crap or was I just encountering strange people? Then I tried to talk about hockey, and they turned their backs to me. They can keep their NBA, I want my pro-hockey.

BlacknGold66 said...

Yeah, Cleveland is a cool town once you get past the Browns. I'm a Steeler fan by blood (father is from Johnstown), but I'm glad the Browns are back. It was depressionblog around here without them... even for Steeler fans.

Sure Cleveland has it's downsides, but doesn't every city?

With the Rock Hall, Art District, Theater District, Gateway District (Q Arena, Progressive Field), State of the Art Football Stadium, Marina's on Lake Erie, Whiskey Island, Warehouse District... just to name a few, it's a fun town to hang out in.

I've travelled to Pittsburgh at least once a month during the past Penguins season and a half. But I never had a chance to actually experience the city as an adult (used to make trips as a kid) until early February.

The similarities are uncanny, which of course, is why the rivalry is so deep.

But I like the city of Pittsburgh for the most part. I was stunned with how cordial everyone was even after finding out that my girlfriend and I were from Cleveland.

Just ask Stokes... we met before a game a few weeks back and it was just a couple of Pens fans enjoying hockey talk. Nothing more.

So I agree with Brigid. I get the rivalry...

But let's try and keep it to sports here folks.

Peace and

Let's Go Pens!!!

Johnny Wrath said...

George Parros just tried to kill ben eager.

Sorry for the malice.


stokes said...

Its true.

Jonny V said...

Johnny Wrath, you're comments are probably as close to Hunter S. Thompson's writing that anyone will ever be. Go Pens.

Blackngold, nice to see a (former?) Navy man on here. HM3 Vitullo, pleased to meet u.

George Parros, a sincere and hearty THANK YOU, from your commentor friends here at thePensBlog. We need to get this man a hooker. One of those good, Charlie Sheen 10,000 dollar an hour ones.

Flyer Hater said...

FYI, the Winter Classic is on iTunes right now for only $1.99. Definite way to kill time while on a long trip.

Chris M said...

Magic # down to 18 with Buffalo's loss. 19 to not tie.

Dani said...

Can someone explain to me why a ref will call off something we don't even know is a goal then Toronto will call US and say... you may have something here... then take a commercial break and about 5 minutes to look it over while we review it on the jumbotron 7 million times, decide it's a goal [and it came before the whistle!] then, Toronto decide maybe it's not a goal because we just wanna see the sabre fans suffer because there was "no conclusive evidence?!" ::sigh:: Mr. negative Harry Neale saw it twice and said it was good. Ahhh well, what up Carolina?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Sharks - nil
Sens - nil

after 1 period....

c'mon Sharks, help an East Coast brotha out

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ dani....

better than the Hull 'In The Crease' Goal, eh?

Johnny Wrath said...

It is my sincere belief than any and all hockey persons in Toronto are at the proverbial bottom of a bottle, hence they couldn't actually see any evidence that one of the pucks crossed the line.

Sounds like what could be a very challenging photoshop opportunity?

wilsmith said...

eager and parros?

anyone got the sauce on that? c'mooon

Eric K said...

@ hip

i have no problem with any player, or any person for that matter, honoring a deceased family member/friend/etc. it's just the way AO overexaggerates his celebrations, it makes him look ridiculous. you wanna kiss, point, pump, slide on 1 knee ala Jagr, whatever. fine. but leave it at that. no one needs to see a 10 second display separate from your teammates after you score.

Mancini's Bread said...

I just have a few comments:

1. The real Bob Errey just pisses me off. I understand you don't want to be a homer, but my lord man, you complain about the Pens not shooting enough, or the CONSTANT complaining about whatever Malkin is doing at the moment, or just being a douche in general with every breath you take. He seems to have a genuine dislike for Geno.

2. The fake Bob Errey is beyond awesomeness.

3. I'm waiting for Geno to just flip out and maul somebody. I can't wait for it.

4. This place is fabulous. I hope to pitch in occasionally with insightful musings. Well, actually, mostly I'm pretty sure it'll be just retarded ramblings.

Let's Go Pens!


Steve Haber said...

malkin love empty net.

Dani said...

@ stoosh... (stoosh? lol)

[in small voice b/c we're in PENS territory, whispers]
Go Bills!

@ Dr. Turk

1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHHHYYYYY??????? Really, that goal would have changed EVERYTHING!
2. OvenChicken (Alex O) and our Russian Rookie exchanged an unusual giggle @ our bench... in Russian. Wonder what he said? "I hope you don't get 60 goals expletive expletive." Sekera was chopping away at him the whole night. Good rookie!
3. Go Sharks (and by Sharks I mean Brian Campbell)!

@ Eric K

Or you can do what Ryan Miller did when his cousin passed away and get a SHUTfreakin'OUT!


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