Saturday, March 8, 2008

[Thanks to Seeker in C-blog]

What a mistake.


wilsmith said...

This is the FIRST time I've ever seen this rule come into effect.

Jonny V said...

fake bob errey is so hilarious!!

and fake steigerwald HaHa LOL LOL!!


Pensblog Staff said...

welcome to up all night with Pensblog.

New post coming in 10 minutes

Johnny V how you been?

jackson9p said...

i love up all night with the pensblog

annie said...

woah. and i mean that in the joey lawrence kinda way.

jackson9p said...

but i thought you didnt like to be called "pensblog"

its cool..we'll let it slide

FijiH2O said...

The puck striking official rule sucks. If a puck can deflect off of an opposing team member, it should be allowed if it deflects off of an official - so long as the official doesn't make a "distinct kicking motion", in which case he could show partiality to a particular team - which, we all know, on on-ice official would never, ever do:)))


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