Sunday, March 30, 2008

GameDay (79) -- Rangers @ Pens



One of the few reasons we wake up before our usual 2:00 in the afternoon.

:: Hossa is all systems go. [ Trib ]

[Rob S.]

Curiously enough, this home-and-home series with the Rangers
didn't look like a big deal when the schedule came out this past summer.

For the duration of this season, it's been Devils, Devils, Devils.

Out of nowhere in the past month, the Rangers have stopped crapping on themselves and starting fulfilling expectations all the talking heads gave them in the preseason.

These next two games will go a long way in determining if we can cross off the Rangers on that list you're making of teams you don't want to play in the playoffs.

Come to think of it, we wouldn't even want to play Tampa in the playoffs,
so whatev.

If you're going to the game today,
you might want to make a last-minute sign.

Client 16?

Remember that hooker thing with the New York Governor last month?
Well, Sean Avery remembers. [Deadspin] via [700 Level] via [Dailynews]

"Avery, 27, a trash-talking enforcer who has dated a string of models and actresses, is listed as a $500 client of brothel Maison de L'Amour."

There is justice in the world.



The biggest question of the week.
Does Malkin have pants on in this photo?

The smile on his face says no.
No one else being in his vicinity says no.

100 bucks that Tim Benz is the only other person in the room.


The bigger story today is the Penguins' opportunity to sit alone
atop the Eastern Conference in first place.

Those beautiful Maple Leafs, out of the playoffs, jobbed the Habs [ 4-2 on Saturday night. ]
The Pens and Habs will have both played 79 games by Sunday night.

Even better, captain Saku Koviu is done for 4 weeks. [All Habs]


And if you want to talk about insanity,
look at the race for, yes, the Southeast Division.

With both teams having three games remaining,
Carolina has 90 points and Washington has 88.

All eyes will be on Washington Tuesday night.
Carolina's coming to town.

Carolina will hold the head-to-head tiebreaker, no matter what.

Nicklas Backstrom = Stunned


The West playoff race is out of its mind.

Three teams are now tied for the final spot, after the Oilers continued their magical mystery tour with a win over the Flames on Saturday night.

Nashville would be in if the season ended today.
The Oilers have two games left, the Canucks and Preds have four.


Someone brought it up in CBlog that this could be JJ's last game in Mellon Arena.

Some people boo. Some people don't.
Some people put him in photoshops.
Some people thank him for those two Cups.

Mario Lemieux

Regular Season:
950 Games Played
690 Goals
1,033 Assists
1,723 Points

107 Games Played
76 Goals
96 Assists
172 Points

Jaromir Jagr

Regular Season:
1,268 Games Played
641 Goals
1,591 Points

159 Games Played
72 Goals
94 Assists
166 Points

Jagr has about 300 games on Lemieux,
but it will still be a sad day if Jagr eclipses Lemieux's totals.

By the way, we don't know what the statute of limitations is,
but Lemieux still has a [ Yahoo player page ]


Everyone was running wild on Saturday,
frantically trying to figure out why that Avalanche/Pens game on January 23, 1997 was a big deal.

Was it the game Joe Mullen scored his 500th career goal?
Was it the last meeting of Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy?
No and no.

We found [ this article ] written by some clown at The Virginia Pilot on the day of the game.
It was a Thursday night.

The Avs came in with the best record in the NHL.
And they were the defending Cup champs.

There were also reports from e-mailers that Paul Devorski jobbed the Pens in overtime.

[ USA Today ] confirms the outcome:
Valeri Kamensky scored at 3:55 of overtime, giving the Colorado
Avalanche a 4-3 victory and ending the 14-game unbeaten streak
of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who played without injured superstar
Mario Lemieux.


:: Voting for the Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes is up and running
at [ Going Five Hole]

Our horse is
"Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley Bring Me The Brandy."


:: The [Faceoff Factor] group set the facts straight on MAF.

[Scott A]


Someone asked for this:


We aren't into ourselves, but we are grasping at the chance
that someone out there downloads pics we put up top.

If you have done it, does anyone have the SHEROES photoshop
of all the Pens as the cast of Heroes?
If so, please send it in.

Our computers reach a certain level of gay-cruise pics before it starts deleting other ones.


Go Pens


PittHockey said...

Completely Offtopic:

Was at the NCAA Regionals in Worcester, MA.

Bucci and Melrose were doing the ESPN-U telecast.

I read Bucci's book that he cowrote with Keith Jones and loved it, so my goal for the day was to get it signed.

I wait for the Air Force - Miami Ohio game to finish the third period, and ask the espn guy in charge if it was ok to talk to Bucci. He taps Barry on the shouler who turns around to see what's up.

ME: "Oh, sorry, Barry, I wanted to talk to John. Hey, John, I loved your book, could you please sign it?"

Barry Melrose = Stunned

letsgopsu said...

I like Barry Melrose, but John Buccigross is the best hockey guy on this planet. I read his column every week and it is great. ESPN should be broadcasting NHL games if only because of John Buccigross.

Mike Georger said...

bucci suggested we think about trading geno this summer, huge chink in the armor.

i have beef with jags because of when he had his caps unveiling presser he said he wanted to show that the pens made a mistake trading him. what other chance did they have? maybe they made a mistake in getting dick in return, but dont act like you didnt force their hand.

Mike Georger said...

*other choice

damn you straub!

disturbtheworld said...

Wow, I didn't realize it until you posted that game recap, but that Pens-Avs game in 1997 was the first game I ever saw at the Civic Arena. We had just moved here from Arizona and my parents bought me the tix for Christmas. It was a great game and Jagr played out of his mind. I seem to remember that Kasparaitis scored a goal in that game, but I can't really remember. I've hated Kamensky with a passion ever since that game. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!!


disturbtheworld said...

Yeah, I remember now. Kasparaitis had a chance in close on Roy at the end of the 3rd or the beginning of overtime and Roy robbed him. That's why I remembered Kaspar doing something offensive in that game. Good memories.

onesizedrummer said...

Retire Jagr's number!!!!

nuff said

jt said...

That might be lemieuxs page, but here is Miroslav SATANS page

hahahhaha I think its pretty obv why his page is numbered that way


Mike Costa said...

Wrestlemania And The Pens In The Same Day. It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This :-D

geezer said...

Avery, takes one to knoww one. Whore! Too funny. Maybe it is to compensate for the ratio in size of his mouth to his penis. Big mouth/ small dick. Hope someone, please hit this clown in front of our net. I will be in B-32 with old n sslow jersy calling Avery his new nick name, little dick whore. OK, thats a long nickname how about Call Girl Avery? And you can say that one in front of the family!!!! Crush the Rangers!!!!

blackngold66 said...

I doubt Avery really had relations with that hooker ring, but he deserves all of the jobbing he can get.

He may have taken over Darien Hatcher's spot as NHL'er I'd most like to punch in the throat.

What a toolbox.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Fleury29 said...

I used to hate Double J, I could never really figure out why. I didn't like him much when he actually played for the Pens but I appreciated his effort.

Watching the 10 Best Games DVDs, though, I think I've come to appreciate him on a whole new level.

Jagr was a beast, his name is on The Cup as a Penguin, twice so I think we should show him some respect.

Last game in the Mellon for Jagr? That's pretty sad.

That said, I still want him to lose, obviously.

The game is being shown in Kansas so I'm freakin ecstatic.


Flyer Hater said...

Anyone who boos Double J knows nothing about the history of this franchise. He singularly carried the Pens to the playoffs some years in the 90s, kept the franchise relevant, and had a huge hand in keeping the team in town. Other than Lemieux, noone gave more heart and soul to this team. Remember when he played Game 6 of the 99 QF against the Devils with basically a detached groin and still scored the game tying goal? A large part of me hope he signs with us in the offseason for like a 2 year/7.5 million dollar contract to finish his career as a Pen.

Go Pens.

Flyer Hater said...

This is totallyofftopicblog but I was watching the Isles/Cryers game last night and the chili goal for the Islanders is 3. Compare that to what ours used to be at 7.


sonofatruckload said...

posting in case people missed it yesterday: a friend of mine got 2 tickets to home game 1 so i will be selling my single ticket.

it's in B6

interested parties should email me at

i am not asking anything ridiculous for it but it will go to the highest bidder. just shoot me an email if you're interested and i'll let you know what that offer currently stands at.

blufftalk said...


stokes said...

Love that pic of Geno, and its not because he's not wearing pants. its because he looks so freakin' happy! not a trace to Malkinface to be found.


Boo Jags once, just for old times sake.

Flyer Hater said...


Brad Watson is doing the game today.

FakeDannyStag said...

hey yinzers! do you think you can get to the igloo on time today and actually sit in your seats?!?! i don't want pittsburgh to look like a dud on national television. the last NBC game proved that the pens ticket exchange is failing.

i'd be there but i'm holed up in my log cabin in downtown LA writing some rippers.

Ashley said...

I don't know what makes me laugh harder: Avery needing a hooker to satisfy his needs, the PS of Avery with Charlie, or Avery being called an 'enforcer'

Staff: I hope it was Charlie that pointed out that Geno may not be wearing pants in that photo, and that you guys aren't looking to see whether he is wearing anything or not. :)

Go Pens Woooooo!

blackngold66 said...

Chris E?

Dr. Turkleton said...


Pens fans are filing in like LA Dodgers fans [you should recognize that since your rippin' out in LaLa land] with all the Hollywood big wigs in town recently [Dennis Millers Brother], sushi should be arriving at the Mellon shortly [puke].

Pensgirl said...

No matter what happens in this game, the sight I will enjoy most is Ruutu up in Avery's face, smilin' and yammerin'. For once, we'll all know what he's saying. That story couldn't have hit anyone more deserving.

blackngold66 said...


Jonny V said...

Valeri Kamensky had one mean bowl cut.

Keith Jones speaks the truth about Jagr.

They say there is nothing definite in life. But i think it's safe to say Jagr will never sign a contract with us again.

RobbieBrown44 said...

Gotta love Milbury...

and I quote after mentioning the Avery situation

"Never a shortage of...uh...TITalating stories as we should say about the New York Rangers"


Also, what does Edzo have against Roberts? He mentioned all the high ankle sprains from the Pens...except for the Great Gary.

Flyer Hater said...

A Ranger steps on Malkin's face like 17 times and doesn't get a fucking penalty.

michelle said...

I would love to use the "Pens ticket exchange' to get tickets but when people start putting section E, F at over $300 a piece, i get a little cranky, lol
this is the first year since the lockout and years before that that i haven't gone to a single game

Anyways fck it, GO PENS
God I love our team and its about time for the cup to come home

Flyer Hater said...

God do I hate the Rangers.

Malkin's gonna be OK, facial laceration, lucky his head wasn't cut off.

Fleury is outstanding.

Stoosh said...

Second intermission thoughts, dudes...

1. Laraque or the next best available Pens player needs to arrange a meeting between his fists and Douche-insky's face. I don't care if Douche-insky was digging for the continue to step on a guy when he's laying prone on the ice.

2. When the Pens have been on the powerplay and they are attempting to gain the zone, the Rangers have been countering with one forechecker who meets the Pens puckcarrier at the redline. The other three Rangers players are stacking at their own blueline and clogging the ice. The Pens need to do the old Murphy dump when they hit the red line, get some speed from their wingers and chase it down. Either that, or they need Sid to circle back and let him try to skate it up the middle. We're having a hard time gaining that zone on the powerplay.

3. Rangers are doing a good job getting in some of the shooting lanes on our power plays as well. A little more movement up top should help free that up.

4. Refs = Brutal as usual. Should've expected as much with Elemetary Watson out there. The missed icing call was horseshit. The hook on Hossa was horseshit. Then again, Sid's gotten away with a few today...although he could just be giving back what's going uncalled.

5. Doc Emrick and Edzo - surprisingly good today. Normally, I'm down on Emrick but he's been solid on the broadcast. Even Lucky Pierre and Milbury have been fun, too (then again, I've always been a Maguire fan).

6. PENSGIRL - I just realized what that photo is on your profile. I just spent a few minutes laughing out loud at that.

7. ASHLEY - Given that I know how much you just LOOOOOVE Avery, I really hope someone has taken it upon themselves to bring some appropriate signage at the Arena that takes advantage of this little rumor. Whether it's true or not, it gives opposing fans fodder with which to heckle him, and that couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Hoooooooo, boy, it's going to be a fun 3rd period...who's going to be the hero?

10 stitches in Geno's face!

Hopefully, a safe will fall out of a window on Dubinsky and crush Avery, too...

Stoosh said...


I said...

"I don't care if Douche-insky was digging for the continue to step on a guy when he's laying prone on the ice."

Because I did not ace Professor Pronger's "How To Play Dirty Yet Still Convince the League Your Not a Dirty Player 101" class, I MEANT to say " DON'T continue to step on a guy when he's laying prone on the ice."

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, I've taken a handful of pictures I'm really proud of, but that one is most definitely #1. It had to be my profile shot!

You're totally right about Dubinsky too. And I'm pissed at Edzo for being so outraged about Jordan shoving Gomez but not at Dubinsky waving his blade at Geno's face. "Oh, it was an accident." Bullshit. Lessee...a guy is laying face-up on the ice. You're looking towards his legs, which means, by definition, his head is on your other side. You lift your foot up and wave it around over there anyway? Seriously? And this year of all years, when we've seen two actual skate incidents and an unusually high number of near-incidents? Pardon the lawyerspeak, but that shit is wanton and willfull recklessness. If Malkin himself wasn't so aware of everything around him on the ice, that's twice now he could have been lost to a nasty skate injury.

On mom really wants him to get a hooking call, just to hear the arena's reaction to the announcement. That would be priceless.

Joshua said...

pens win.

good news: they actually had an edge over rangers in faceoffs won 30-25.

bad news: 1-8 on the powerplay.

stokes said...

Aside from the "power play," that was a solid game by the Pens.

MAF continues his dominance of the crease.

Do you think the ice was bad again or what? looked like a lot of stick handling, pass receiving, etc. mishaps out there.

go pens.

Flyer Hater said...

If Conklin starts tomorrow, I'm rioting.

Flyer Hater said...


Pens have clinched home ice in the first round and can clinch the Atlantic division with a win tomorrow in MSG.


stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

I can top the Isles' chili goal, Flyer Hater. Bridgeport's (the Isles' AHL affiliate) chili goal is 2. That's some faith in your offense right there.

And the fans in Bridgeport absolutely hate Steve Regier. The Isles must've been scraping the bottom of the barrel if they had to bring him up, because Reiger isn't good enough to be playing full-time in the AHL. He's too good for the ECHL, though, so he'd probably be best suited to go play in a second-rate league in Europe.

Dr. Turkleton said...


yeah, but there's enough chili in Bridgeport to float the USS Hal Gill: they have to give it away somehow,someway.


gonna have to disagree with you on the dubinsky dis
dubinskys not going to flamingo there while theres a loose puck around...if he was concentrating on Genos face instead of the puck, then shame on him...I believe he was just trying to establish footing & Genos mug just happened to be in the way, not knowing that Genos face was below his skate....


ConkBlock in net in NYC [for at least the warmups]

The Seeker said...

Malkin said "No hard feelings - it was an accident" when Dubinski apologized to him.

Case closed.

Even if the Pens lost the next 3 games, they can fall no further down than finishing 4th.

That won't happen of course but just sayin'

homesprout said...

I hate watching games against the Rangers & Devils. It seems like all they want to do is prevent goals from happening instead of trying to score them. I'm sure if there was a way to win a game 0-0, they would do it.

3 more games to get the power play working before the playoffs....

Maybe it was Tim Benz or perhaps Rich Walsh!? haha

Stoosh said...

After further review, I think the Dubinsky incident was overblown on my part. And if Dubinsky apologized for it, than Seeker closed.

I don't think he was trying to injure the guy (it didn't look as bad as what Pronger was doing to Kesler), but he did seem to take his time and that's what initially irritated me about it. Maybe I'm a bit hypersensitive about it because of the way this season's gone so far.

I like the fact that the Pens seem to be taking an "ask questions later" approach to SOME of this stuff. But they've become pretty good at picking their spots in which to respond, which is the smart thing to do. This incident, all told, probably didn't call for any immediate retaliation upon further review (I don't want us to turn into the Flyers, where the retribution-type crap begins to outweigh actual hockey).

I did see Ruutu come damn close to wiping Dubinsky out at center ice in the third.

Stoosh said...

Continuing topic from last Rangers game...Sean Avery hanging out in the tanning salon. Client #16 was looking awfully orange again today, especially when contrasted against that white Rangers jersey.

For some reason, Avery reminds me of Roger Dorn.

Dr. Turkleton said...

stoosh said:
I'm a bit hypersensitive about it because of the way this season's gone so far.

it's like, 'who's going to get injured THIS game'

hope the boys can go into the playoffs with everyone as close to 100% healthy as [just got done playing an 82-game schedule] possible.


Flyer Hater said...

Hey, Hossa and Crosby played a whole game together without either getting hurt!

I'm sure the space time continum is splitting as we speak.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Seems like tons of hockey on tonight for a Sunday:

Go Bruins! [v. Slugs, sorry Dani]
a Slug loss will enable them to start scheduling tee times.

Go Davidson! [you Bracket Buster S.O.B.'s]

It's crazy to believe that positions 3 thru 8 are still up for grabs with 8 teams involved for those 6 spots.

I know it might be early for this type of talk, but: what team is the best 'matchup' for the Pens in the 1st round?...I think it's Boston. Their goal scoring borders on the NYR & NJD ineptitude level...their special teams aren't that special, either. Their D [besides Chara] could be had if the Pens have their top 2 lines clicking.

letsgopsu said...

@ stoosh

The main difference between Dorn and Avery is that at least in Major League they implied that Dorn was at least good at some point in his career. As for Avery, if he had never dated Elisha Cuthbert, I'm pretty sure he would just be considered another Ruutu type player instead of a key piece of the Rangers.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr., I agree with you about Boston. People seem to overblow how well they played against us the last two games.

When they beat us 2-1, we didn't have Crosby. When they beat us the last time, they won 5-1 but it was the first game with Hossa and everyone was just trying to get adjusted.

Tim Thomas in a seven game series will bring back fond memories of Andy Moog.

stokes said...

if i could chime in the Malkin shaving incident:

If dubinsky apologized, that's cool. that's very nice of him. That being said, he's got to realize where his skate is in relation to Malkin's head/face. while i also realize you can't just quit on the play, is it possible he could be a bit more careful, especially with two or three skate-blade injuries occurring within the past two months?

DeCeV said...

Suck it Rangers. We are clinched over them, and a Devils loss or a Pens win will finish up the Atlantic. New and improved CONFERENCE magic number = 5.

Side note: remember last year how it seemed for the last two weeks of the season that we were doomed to a collision course with the Senators? It's not as bad this year but check out the Devils in the standings. They don't stand a chance in hell against the Sens and look who they're probably going to play first round. The Debs can suck it as well.

DeCeV said...

About Doucheinsky....

I noticed that after the incident he at least noticed that Malkin was down and kinda sorta checked to see if he was ok. That made me slightly less enraged when I saw in on the replay.

Matty said...

I honestly do NOT understand the media's insistence that Pittsburgh fans' hatred of Jagr is TOTALLY unjustified.

Both sides of the "Boo Jagr" debate have solid points but every article that I read by Molinari, Buccigross etc. claims that the author cannot possibly comprehend why we aren't on our knees thanking Jagr for all he did for our team.

I feel that someone like Colby Armstrong, or even some joke like Ian Moran - readily forgettable on the ice, but a solid community presence in the city - has more right to be 'thanked' for what he did.

Jaromir Jagr played out of his mind when he was here and more often than most super-stars, single-handedly won a lot of games for our team. However, if the stories of gambling and less-than-role-model-esque behavior off the ice aren't enough to reduce him to, at most, tolerable (on a specifically PERSONAL level), then the circumstances surrounding his departure should be.

I will ALWAYS frown upon players publicly demanding a trade. It's a management issue, and there's no way that comments like that won't affect the chemistry/attitudes in a locker room. But Jagr didn't hint at it, or make one comment to one newspaper; for several months he publicly expressed his displeasure with the Pittsburgh Penguins - and that is when he became a villain to me.

Jaromir Jagr is an amazing hockey player and when he's on top of his game he is untouchable. But aspects of his personality that are happily overlooked when he's playing for my team, become well appreciated reasons to boo him when he's in town for another team.

Pensgirl said...

Look, that's good that Dubinsky apologized to Geno, but still what he did was completely reckless. Even a trained monkey could tell you that waving your skate around a guy who's fallen like that comes with a very high risk of cutting him on the head or neck. That's to say nothing of the potential for losing balance himself, and I don't even want to think about that. The simple fact is what happened was completely foreseeable. The only reason Malkin wasn't hurt badly is because he was aware of what was going on and did his damnedest to protect himself. In all my years of watching hockey from squirt-level to the NHL, I've never seen a guy be so boneheaded in that situation. I really hope his apology was borne out of a realization of just how stupid he was. He should be shocked at himself.

That doesn't mean someone has to take his head off tomorrow, but damn it's perfectly reasonable to get pissed about it.

Flyer Hater said...

The FSN sound crew should be fired. Everytime we play on either Versus or NBC at home, the crowd sounds like it's going nuts on every single play. On FSN it sounds like a cemetary.

Nathan said...

Dubinsky really should be suspended for a game. There wasn't an intent to injure on the play, but it was still reckless behavior with the skates.

I'd love to see the Pens clinch the division tomorrow night, so we can start gunning for Montreal without any distractions lower in the standings.

And I'm sure Vancouver and Edmonton are loving Detroit right now. The vaunted Red Wings have completed a scoreless tie in regulation against Nashville, allowing the Predators to move out of the three-way tie for 8th in the West. There's no way Detroit's getting out of the second round this season, if they get to the second round at all. So suck it, Milbury.

Laraquey Balboa said...

Big win at the Mellon today! The Talbot line was completely insane today, and The Hossassin with a nasty snipe, I've been at both games where Hossa has scored...on a goaltender that is. Pops to Dr. Turk for selling my roommate and I tickets!


Pensgirl said...

Nathan, believe it or not if Nashville wins that game, they tie the season series against Detroit. Who'd have thought that?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

the sidlanta line looked awesome today. I am VERY excited to see things clicking in the playoffs. Dupuis is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He reminds me of straka and moore.

dubinski's skate to the face only looked so bad because of super slo-mo. If you watch it in real speed it looks un-intentional.

Another bright spot of the game was the rutuu-talbot-laraque line keeping the play in the NY zone for about 2 min. That really fired me up.. that and Malkin's one timer KABOOOOOOM.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@laraquey balboa

Glad you guys enjoyed the game & kept your NBC streak going!!!

I agree with you that Ruutu-Talbot-Laraque put on cycling clinics at times [probably the best trio in the NHL right now at playing keep-away]...if they could just generate a few more scoring chances as well...[man, I'm greedy]

Christina said...

@ flyer hater

totally agree about the sound thing. today it was amazing to hear the Mellon...FSN is a joke when it comes to crowd noise. they better take care of that with the new arena, if not sooner. (i'm no techie - but is that due to using old/outdated mics? or is it an adjustment issue that the crew has direct control over in the truck?)

@ nick saia(usa)

The Sidlanta Line - i like it. that may be a keeper.

wicked game today, for sure. it was great to see the pens take the body as much as they did - that will definitely be needed in the playoffs

j.s.22 said...

Ruutu Talbot Laraque line today was crazy.

coffeytalk said...


An Ian Moran mention!? I loved that guy. Really, I did.

@ nick saia:

Sidlanta is where it's at. Good work on that one.

letsgopsu said...

Did anybody realize that HCMT broke up the LeGame USS Hal Gill pairing, and while watching the game Gill didn't look as solid in his own end playing with Scuderi. Get those two back together!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Ahh, we mentioned Kaspar today! :) It brings warmness to my heart to remember his belly flop now that he is in Russia hip-checking the hell out of them. Apparently he is in the best shape of his life right now! He owns Dominik Hasek.

Okay what did Edzo say about Roberts? I was too busy flipping out and sending my hatred to Dub telepathetically. Don't stomp on his face!! We need him. I was extremely glad to see him come back in the third and Dub apologizing, but I still wanted to see Dub get beat up.

What's with the whole Staal deal? He did nothing wrong to Gomez ... actually I have liked him more this year because he has gotten more physical.

Milbury is still annoying ... wasn't as bad today. I wanted to kill him when he talked about banning fighting in all levels of hockey, idiot, like that's actually possible.

@Flyer Hater: You shouldn't go rioting if Flower doesn't start. He is playing awesome, but just in case you should give Conks some playing time. Besides where would we be without Conks and Malkin?

These last games are going to be extremely annoying. I hate the Flyers and we see them twice and one more round with the Hookers up in NY. At least we won't see them as much next year.

@Stokes: "Love that pic of Geno, and its not because he's not wearing pants." That made my day.

Doc Steel said...

Nickname Time:

Ruutu-Talbot-Laraque line - Destroyer of Worlds Line

Hossa - The Slovak Sniper

J.S. said...

Jagr is actually quoted as saying that he laughs when he hears the boos. I'm without the Gore for the next few days, but I'll see if I can find the article while at work. I believe the article was in the PPG last season.

Have I booed him? Yeah, but I'll boo any player on the opposing team (with very few exceptions).

Lady Jaye said...

mike costa > were you the usher in F4 today?

The Big K said...

First place tastes nice

KJ said...

if malkin keeps playing the way he has, i don't care if he ever wears pants

Matty said...

In case anyone's curious, Dave Molinari's response to my previous post (which I emailed to the Q&A):

You're entitled to your opinion. Me, too. Great
country, isn't it?
(Just FYI, though, I didn't write a word saying that
Jagr should be thanked, applauded or anything of the
sort for anything he did here. Just appreciated. But
if that idea is too sophisticated or classy for a
segment of the Penguins' fan base, well, that's those
people's problem, not mine.)

Goes along with what I'm saying. People are entitled to their opinions, but whether booing Jagr is right or wrong, I don't feel like anyone can back the argument that it's unsophisticated or classless.

Fleury29 said...

What a game.

First place feels great but whatever happens, I hope we get the Flyers in the first round. It would be a phenomenal feeling to eliminate them.

j.s.22, is that Mr. Tastee at ground zero? Excellent Pete & Pete reference. That's my favorite show of all time.

Stoosh said...

NICK SAIA - The Sidlanta Line.

I'll echo Coffeytalk's sentiments here...that's awesome!

Again...memo to radio personnel and broadcasters trying to be cute or witty...leave the witticisms and cleverness to the fans. We're much better.

Stoosh said...

And by radio personnel, I mean people like Ken Laird & Chris Mack, who spent an entire Friday afternoon radio program trying to come up with an alternative to the "Steel City Line".

Stoosh said...

COFFEYTALK - I was always torn a bit on Ian Moran. One of my friends absolutely couldn't stand him - probably in part because Moran was one of those fan favorites despite obvious shortcomings in the natural talent department.

I wasn't a fan, but I can't say he was a favorite.

I do know two things...

1. there wasn't anyone better at clearing the puck all the way down to the other end of the ice, even if it resulted in an icing call 50% of the time, and
2. he sure could sing the National Anthem.

And he was, I believe, the first assist on what we all thought was Mario's last goal in Pittsburgh in the 1997 playoffs. Based on that alone, I could never hate him.

Then again, we all have players like Moran among our favorites. I used to be a HUGE Bob Boughner fan. Same with JJ Daigneault and Janne Laukkanen. In fact, we acquired Boughner and Laukkanen within a day of each other back in the 1999-00 season...I think I blacked out that day.

stokes said...

I just took my WWGRD t shirt off. i pretty much wore it all weekend. Its incredible and has powered both of my roller hockey teams into the championships.

on that note:

I'm going to keep it until i have kids. one night, said Kid will say "i'm afraid of the dark." i'll throw him the t-shirt and say "wear this; even monsters are scared of Gary Roberts, and he hasn't played in years." And then The Kid will go to sleep, and i will bang his mom.

actingido said...

Lady jaye!! The usher in F4 was kinda interesting today wasn't he......Ummm where did our little girl go that looked sooo sweet and innocent????

Go F4!!! Row C and D is where its AT!


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