Thursday, March 20, 2008

GameDay (74) -- Lightning @ Pens



We all know what happened last time the Lightning visited Mellon Arena.

The last time these two teams played, it was the return of Sidney Crosby, too.
It was scoreless for about 57 minutes until Max Talbot put in the game-winner.


Pitt was able to beat Gary Roberts in the NCAA Tourney today.

It could be moot, because some people may be wiping their butt with their bracket sheet.

Our impromptu Yahoo tournament ended up getting upwards of 120 participants.
That's unrealistically solid given the 8-hour notice we gave everyone.

A WWGRD wristband is on the line.
Don't ask how we scrounged up a couple, 'cause we don't even know.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to gather the funds necessary
to do a second round of WWGRD wristbands this year.

There will be a campaign for Roberts to come back for one more season,
so we'll see where that takes us.

In a perfect world, CafePress would offer to sell wristbands, but no dice.



Flyer Hater said...

No Hacksaw Jim Duggan=automatic loss

stokes said...

Agreed Flyer Hater.

Also, a lesson in procrastination: Order your WWGRD bracelets the first time they go on sale, or you won't get any. Do not be a slacker like myself.

Hip said...

Out partying with the class tonight but the cousin is on txtblog duty.

chatpeeps - hossa.

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

STOKES - I should be on my way relatively soon...what should I look for to recognize you?

I'm basically Drew Carey with a goatee and a white Crosby jersey.

Brett said...

Saving Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the games that REALLY matter = clutch

BlacknGold66 said...

Stokes and Stoosh-

My buddy just got out of the Army (he's a Pens fan thank Gary). He came home with 9 cases of Yuengling since they don't sell it in Ohio.

We will be hosting Souperbowl North in Cleveland tonight. So a toast to you boys in the burgh is in order


coffeytalk said...


Gary Roberts birthday is coming up in May. I say we find a place in Pittsburgh and host a birthday party in his honor. I am serious. VERY serious. Maybe we can even raise money for more bracelets. I have mine but I know plenty more people that are dying for one. Lets do it!


coffeytalk said...

May 23rd, to be exact.

coffeytalk said...

Also, (i must show-off for a moment)


narcolept said...

@ blackngold66

No Yuengling in Ohio? That's sad.. They have it in California, you'd think they'd at least be able to drop off a few cases on their way cross country.

DeCeV said...

I'd imaging that Hacksaw is saving himself up for the NJ game, cuz that game is huge.

Christina said...

@ coffeytalk

LOVE those shoes!! where did you find them??

also, have to say that your name is one of the best on Gore...every time i see it i picture #77 on the SNL couch with the "ladies" from the Coffee Talk skit. amazing.


JYo said...

@ hip: Congrats again to you and your friends. Hopefully they are all as happy as you with their match.

@ BNG66: Lucky you! I haven't been able to get Yeungling on a regular basis in years. I lived in Boston for over 5 years and now in Indiana for almost 2 years (the state, not the town, which I only have to clarify to people from PA, but I digress...) I often stock up on trips back to PA. It is a shame that it is not more widespread.

@ staff: Couldn't you take a WWGRD bracelet order and collect money up front to pay for at least the vast majority of the order? Just a thought.

Lets Go Pens!

KJ said...

man, how come they don't sell those shoes near me? i just see ones that look like someone threw up on their shoes

as for the wristbands, i too am a noted slacker. luckily i have a black wristband and yellow nail polish!

Pensblog Staff said...

chris e.............

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

chris e said...

Come on now....this late in the season do you think I am going to miss a game?

AdamG said...

@ coffeytalk

I'm totally down with a GR bday bash. I also have a bunch of friends that, a) worship the Gary, and b) like to drink, so I think celebrating on May 23rd is a great idea

JYo said...

I didn't expect you to miss anything chris e, but I must admit, having your post immediately after the set up is very nice.

I certainly can't make it from here, but I think the GR brithday bash is a great idea. That seems like the kind of fan support that could get a guy like Singularity to sign here for another year.

Flyer Hater said...

chris e=money

Flyer Hater said...

Steiggy: "Lecavailer has done nothing in his 3 games against the Penguins thus far. He's really not been a factor"

Guaranteed hat trick for Vinny tonight.

narcolept said...

jyo: I'm shocked -- West coast, Florida, Texas -- All have Yuengling. you near-midwesterners should definitely write some letters.

JYo said...

more offtopicblog: Yuengling's website indicates that most of their expansion has been to the southeast from PA. It looks like it covers almost the whole east coast from NY to FL with the exception of GA. They don't claim to have distributors in TX or the west coast, so those could have been lucky hits for you. Anyway, I'll load up on my next trip back and not worry about it until I run out again.

RobbieBrown44 said...

Classic Moment in Penguins History

Bob Errey smacks Lord Therrien in the face with the microphone.


Get ready...goal in the 2nd will be from...



narcolept said...

Not just in the face. Square in the mouth, and then a little extra push for good measure, like he didn't realize the microphone was inside his esophagus already.

Jon said...

Bob Errey = Nostalgiablog

RobbieBrown44 said...

Full of Bob Errey Moments tonight.

He finally hit puberty when he called the shot from Syko.

He's like your girlfriends little much as you can't stand love him.

wilsmith said...

Anyone see Kovy's goals tonight?
Awesome moves to set them up, but the goal, on the first one at least, was kind of anti-climactic.

I love when Malkin celebrates like he's pissed off.

Coffeytalk, sweet kicks.

I have to miss the 3rd because I'm going to play. *tearblog

Nick Saia (usa) said...

scratch my back with a hacksaw?!? is mike lange a pensblog reader? what happened to his rusty razor?

BlacknGold66 said...


Ruutu pulls a Pele.


Flyer Hater said...

I'll say it, Sykora was the best free agent pick-up in the offseason.


Mike Smith is a beast, we could have won by double digits. The Malone-Malkin-Sykora line is just an unstoppable force.

Eric K said...

how many people were screaming SHOOOOOOOOT when Hossa had the clear path to the empty net?.......

another solid game for Harold Gill Jr. and Dupuis.

Ruutu is one of the most entertaining people i've ever watched on tv. he's always up to something, such as running soccerpuckblog. granted, he does take some stupid penalties, but it's great to have him on our team.

Devils->Dipietro-less Islanders->Devils-> RETURN OF ROBERTS??

johnny said...

Another glorious victory for the Pens as well as Pitt hoops.

No Lager in Ohio is weak, though Great Lakes Brewing Co. is solid. We even have Yeungling in Tallahassee. They opened up a freakin' brewery in Tampa to help hook all these rubes. It gets ordered more frequently than most of the national beers at most bars here.

otrotirknarf said...

who the hell is the guy with the yellow finger? they showed him dancing toward the end of the game. every game i've been to this year i've seen him and he always get the wave started. what a great guy, although i must admit im not a huge fan of the wave

letsgopsu said...

@ eric k

You are right. I love having Ruutu on the team. He brings so much to the club. Before last year, who would've known how good he was at penalty shots. And the way he can get under other players skin is great. Lets hope the Islanders win tomorrow so we can take over the top spot by ourselves on Saturday.

Flyer Hater said...


It's time to switch out Conklin and put Fleury in flashbarblog.

The Big K said...

WE WANT CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!
And a national title for Pitt please.
Both teams can do it.

Now 8 in a row versus the Atlantic.
Time to get even gentlemen.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Yuengling Blog:

They took out an old Strohs (ahhh Strohs! Your degenerate, alcoholic, gambling-addict, uncle's beer!) brewery and replaced it with a Yuengling brewery here in Tampa.

It's right by Busch Gardens, presumably so it could drown out the stench typically created by Budweiser products.

Pens should've won by at least 4 tonight, but Smith was great. My how the mighty 'bolts have fallen.

BTW, I was watching TV late last night when one of those Time-Life Christian gospel CD commercials came on. I mention this because they mistakenly put a song called "Awesome God" on the commercial. That is actually not a Christian song at all, it's actually about Gary Roberts. Anyone else seen that commercial?

And finally, props to the Pitt Panthers for a dominating win. Oral Roberts is obviously not even remotely related to Gary Roberts!

The Big K said...

Oh yeah forgot this..........
Hossa, Dupuis, Staal line...........
They are pimps. All of them.
We have to legit scoring lines,
did I mention Sid will be back in full force next week, and he WILL be healthy this time for the playoffs.

Don't worry. Sid will be a beast again as well.
He is still the best in the world.
And he was fine when he played with it sore for 3 games anyway. Caution is best.

Dr. Turkleton said...


welcome back to a 'real' hockey city [sorry, had to take the Caps jab]

On the jumbo tonight:

Gary Roberts built Rome in a day


someone should tell TB that NHL games are now 60 MINUTES as they must be sending out stunt doubles for the final 20...


could see 4 or 5 in the front row in time, I'm taking the zoom lens camera

didnt see any ruutu jerseys in D23, just read about your new kicks & if you would've worn them on your hands, I might have picked you out of the crowd

Mikey & Big Bob > chalk on a chalkboard

Where's Vinnie? [105.9 the X, not Lecavligay]

Time to finish watching my Mountaineers kick some Zona butt...

[Hossa: quoted "Your not the man, your not Big Poppa Pump, your not the Big Bad Booty Daddy, Your not Freakzilla"]

FijiH2O said...

May 23 falls on a Friday - perfect party night for GR:)

Good idea to pay up front for the bracelets!

if you have 4 bracelets and one goes to the bb bracket winner, what happens to the other 3? I'd be willing to make a sizable donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation:)))

You gotta love Ruutu! Did anyone else catch Errey saying "Ruutu is not a beaver" when he took a stick to the mouth...classic Errey!

I'm glad we got the 2 pts. tonight and glad Geno got a couple. Not anything to complain about. Looking forward to Saturday.

When I was at the game on Sunday, people around me were saying that this Saturday fans were supposed to start tailgating at 7:30 am while they tried to bring down the hospital. Anyone know anything about that???

stokes said...

The Malkin-Malone-Sykora line controlled the puck for whole shifts at a time. Literally. You have to give it to Smith for a hell of a game.

The cut that Ruutu absorbed is really kind of nasty. I bet he won't be able to shave for a week and a half. Yuck.

Stoosh: sorry to have missed you at the Souper Bowl. I had left before you posted that last comment, so i didnt know what/who to look for and vice versa.

A win against the Bolts is really nothing to write home about. A team as good as the Pens should kick the shit out of them. BUT a win is a win and two points puts us just ahead of Jersey, so i'm not complaining.

No real complaints about the Whit-Sydor unit tonight.

Fleury looks practically unbeatable.

stokes said...

uh, badmathblog.

j.s.22 said...

"Nick Saia (usa) said...
scratch my back with a hacksaw"

That has always been a Lange-ism.

"Well, shave my face with a rusty razor!"

That too is another Lange-ism.
March 27th

coffeytalk said...

Thanks all. The shoes were actually bought from Delias of all places. They are Keds so you might be able to find them through there since Delias no longer has them.

I usually sit in D23 row j seats 14 and 15 but tonight i was in row c seat 17.

Note: this was game #37 on the tickets. can I say RUUUUUUUUUUUUtastic!

His jersey was my birthday present last year and is one of my favorite Pens items. 37 has been my favorite number forevs and when he first stepped onto the ice as a penguin, I knew he'd be my man.

great game. can't wait for the recap.

coffeytalk said...

p.s. we are doing gary roberts' birthday and we are doing it hard.

lets start planning.

Hip said...

In addition to score updates from my cousin, I got these gems throughout the night:

Weak. HAHAHAHAHHA BOB ERREY JUST HIT THERRIAN WITH THE MIC. Hahah it was seriously so funny.

Wow, bob errey thinks he soooo cool/funny.

bob errey = TOOL

I was wetting myself I was laughing so hard. Please someone find some video linkage of Micgateblog 2008.


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