Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Flower is Blossoming. PENS WIN.

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Sometime in the near future, games like the one against the Islanders won't happen anymore.
Games like that are mere reminders of the growing pains of a young team.

Games like this one are suggestions of the possible dominance that could develop in future years.

This season, the Pens have shown they can win back-and-forth shootouts,
4-3 jobber games, 1-0 trap games with an empty-netter for insurance.

Last year, the thought of catching the Devils was a pipe dream that everyone had fun with.
This year it has become a real.

The Pens proved in this game that they can play the Devils system.
In that system, both teams wait for their chances.
The team with the higher-skilled players will win.

MAF stared Marty Brodeur right in the eyes, and made a huge statement.

All we could ask for is a shot at the playoffs.
And now we're in.

After the dark ages, we'll never take that for granted again.
It's good to be back.





[Pat S]

[Jack G]



Nice of Devils fans to show up for this one.
[Josh Y]

The early moments were gonna dictate what kind of game this was gonna be.
And what happens? Malone gets a breakaway.

If he scores there, it would have been so demoralizing for the Devils.
But it ended up happening a couple minutes later anyway.

The Pens went on the PP, and Malone found a soft spot in the high slot.
Ryan Whitney got it to him. One-timer.


The comparisons to Kevin Stevens have been raining down on Malone this season.
Stemming from that huge shortie he scored in Calgary, Ryan Malone has scored some big momentum-changing and pace-setting goals this season.
That's bound to happen when you knock home 25-some pucks.

A lot of nothingness followed that goal.
We don't have footage to confirm, but the black kid from Ghostwriter may have played a shift on the Pens fourth line.

What a TV show

As the period winded down, stuff started happening.
Staal blocked a shot with his life, and things were getting chippy.

Letang led a rush to the Devils zone and caused chaos when he simply got it on net.
Talbot gets pwned trying to bang in the rebound.
Apparently, you can do the British Bulldog's finishing move on someone if they're trying to score.

Back in the Pens end, it looks like Jamie Langenjoker can charge Jordan Staal when he doesn't even have the puck.
But, look out, Talbot messes up a Devil's lipstick and goes to the box for high-sticking.

A solid PK to cap off a solid period, all the way around.
Orpik and Zubrus were jobbing at the end and headed to the box.



The second period started with 4-on-4 action, which is always a good time.
Nobody got anything going, though.

Errey and Steiggy noticed that the Pens were losing pucks in the air because it blended in with the dark-colored seats at The Rock.
They suggested painting the seats yellow.
Pensblog suggests the Devils try to get people to actually come to games.

If you had been complaining about penalties against the Pens, all that went out the window when Letang lost his stick.

He pushes a Devils jobber into Fleury. Fleury flops around, and the Devils score.
The referee was immediately washing it out.

Some people say it is a horrible goal, some people say it's a good goal.
You always watch the player without a stick try to interfere and push people since that's his only way to get stuff done.

The Devils fans and Brent Sutter take over Zamboni duties and resurface the ice with their tears.

The look on that dude's face is why the Devils are annoying.

How soon they all forget how badly the referees jobbed the Pens in that game early in the season.

Frustration was mounting for the Devils, which is definitely the definition of karma.
It just feels so good to see it.
FSN went to a commercial break, but it looked like at one point, John Madden was complaining to the refs he got held.

John Madden complaining about holding is like Joey Fatone complaining about making out with men.


The Devils continue the crap as Kelly Clarkson sticks the butt-end of his stick into Marian Hossa's brain.
Clarkson is a boobjob.
The refs didn't see it.

The bigger joke was the even-up call from that goalie-interference play.
Speaking of, wait a minute. Why didn't the Devils get a penalty for that?

Anyway, Malone went to the box on what had to be one of the worst calls of the season.
But it happened right in front on the Devils bench.
The Pens had to weather the storm, which you could name Hurricane Homo.

And the second period ended with the Pens still up 1-0.



At the beginning of the third, there were some things that still needed answering.
-- When would Jay Pandolfo score?
-- Would the Pens clinch a playoff berth?
-- If a tree fell in Prudential Arena, would anyone hear it?

Another meaningless Devils power play went to the wayside after BGL jobbed someone.

Their best chance came right after the penalty expired.
The USS Hal Hill changed its heading to thwart a centering pass.
The puck got over him to Langenjoke, who Flower stopped easily.
Malone came in and launched Langenjoke about 100 feet into the boards.

Right off the next whistle, Gionta gets a golden chance, but MAF stones him.
The USS Hal Gill clears up the water in front of MAF.

And then a little after that, an old friend comes to town when the Devils get caught with too many men.

Give it up for the linesman who caught it.
Ruutu loved it.

That Pens powerplay was mud, mainly because they weren't ready for the Devils' PK unit to lay on the pressure.

As the third period reached the homestretch, it was simply Fleury Time.
And if you felt really comfortable watching him set up for shots, you were not alone.

all brought to you by Ford, obviously.

Therrien sensed the Devils were tired, and he throws Connor James out there while the Pens were heavily petting a 1-0 lead.
He was fast as balls on that shift, which is why he was out there.

It was all Devils for the last 10 minutes of this game.
The Devils are a solid team. You can come to expect that, at least.

Father time strolls in.

A couple heart-stoppages later, the Devils were pulling Marty for the extra attacker.
Off the faceoff, the Devils just run over Fleury. No call, as the puck finds it way to Hossa.
Hossa played one of the best defensive games you'll want to see from a forward.
He goes top shelf on the empty net.


It must be demoralizing to be a member of the home team, still playing, while all your fans turn their backs on you to leave you wallowing in your sorrows.

Thanks to Isaac Newton's laws of gravity, we know we can't be hit by your tears from up here in first place.


  • MAF: 30 Saves
  • Malone: 1G
  • Hossa: 1G


  • Playoooooooooffffffffffssssssss..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • To get a sense of the atmosphere in The Rock, fans freely walk up and down the aisles during action. At the Mellon, you are shot for that.
  • These little jabs at officiating will mean nothing in two weeks.
  • 4 points up on the Devils with five games to play.
  • Scuds is as solid as it gets.
  • Ryan Whitney did play on the fourth line. Let's just move on.
  • Are the Devils going to sellout their playoff games?


Do you Believe----Eric M
John Madden----Ed$
USS Hal Gill and Stevie Wonder-- Eric H
Devils kid crying--- CoffeyTalk


This is D-Copp, signing off.


PittHockey said...

best. stunned. ever.

and that uss hal gill is unreal.

and the high ankle sprain has improved maf somehow.

and playoooooooooooooooofffffs!

PittHockey said...

also for photos:

the penguins specific page is only getting presswire, which sucks.

any getty image, change _lower to _1024x768


PittHockey said...

and here's some material for rangers photoshops

Dave said...

damn game was a war of attrition. god, do i hate the devils. they're a soulless buncha goons with a robot goaltender (think zoidberg from futurama when reading the word "robot" there), and i hope they get bounced like a k-mart playball in the first round.

you nailed it, though - the flower is in fine shape, just in time for the playoffs. dude's been great.

also, magic drunken french caveman > brent sutter.

letsgopsu said...

@ dave

i could totally see marty as zoiberg. that is actually hilarious.

and i really do hate the devils. they are such a boring team to watch (which is probably why nobody watches them....)

diabeticsRcooler said...

Good Times

thats all i gotta say

and These USS Hal Gill Photoshops are fantastic

nu said...

After deliberately blacking out the Tampa and Saturday games, I cautiously opted to tune into the third period against the Islanders.

To try and counterbalance that, I went down to the HHOF today, in the spirit of appealing to the hockey gods at the crucial hour.

Things you see when you walk in:
-Badger Bob's Stanley Cup Ring
-Mario's display case
-and there was even a Mario-centric video playing at the time

I saw that MAF is listed as having played in the AHL this season (cute) and I found MT's name on the Memorial Cup.

The NHL trophy room is awe-inspiring, and that's without seeing Mario and Geno and even Tom Barrasso on the Calder, Sid and Mario and Jags on the Hart, or the back to back Penguins entries on the Wales Trophy.

Needless to say, I was ignoring tonight until it was over.

But I touched the Penguins engravings on the Stanley Cup today.

And my hand is still tingling.

Mr. Plank said...

Stevie Wonder photoshop was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Glad to see the Pens in the playoffs, they're looking dangerous.

stokes said...

Laughblog start to finish. A Ghostwriter reference?! are you serious?!?

After watching the no-goal involving Letang, he barely touched him and definitely didnt push him into MAF. i thought it was a good call, for sure.

Lights-Out Fleury. wow.

What else can you say? Oh yeah.

PLAYOFFS! When i think playoffs, i think GOOD TIMES

The Big K said...

Excellent fan support in NJ.
How did they ever have a conference lead?
Don' you need to score and have talent for that?

Nathan said...

By the end of the game, Whit was taking shifts with the second line. Gonchar is the only other defenseman on this team who could pull that off.

Playoffs, baby. And once again, the current first-round matchup is with the Flyers.

Christina said...

Let's not even get into how much Ghostwriter changed my life. I lived for that tv show.

Amber Alert: Evgeni Malkin?

Ryan Malone made my life when he launched Langenbrunner into the boards. It seemed like the entire team attended the USS Hal Gill's School for Crease-Clearing Defense Strategies.


David said...

I switched over to the Devils feed early in the first period; FSP had dropped momentarily and MSG had the game in HD.

Right after Talbot got the Jake the Snake Roberts DDT in front of the Devils goal, whoever the toolbag is that calls the game with Doc Emerick made the comment 'I love how the referees are calling this game.'


I hope he loves second place.

Just wanted to point that out.

Jonny V said...

You're thinking of Bender, Zoidberg is the crustacean looking fellow.

The Islanders game was Growing Pains indeed, a true Boner.

The return of the Fleury Matrix photoshop

Kind of hoping that Errey and Steigerwald were jobbing the Devils by hinting it would be more feasible to paint the seats rather than ask people to actually come and watch this boring team play.

To win a game like this when one of the officials is Stevie Wonder? Brass ones.

Heavy petting.

The stunned photoshop has to be up there with best of this site.


Playoff beard starts in T - 12 days.

Fleury29 said...

Wow... a Ghostwriter reference. That's insane. I wonder whatever happened to Gabby?

Playoff time... Let's Go Pens!

Loser Chris said...

So is MAF going to get a re-trial before the playoffs start? Or maybe an unofficial recount on the MAF vs. Conk vote?

Hooks Orpik said...

"The Devils fans and Brent Sutter take over Zamboni duties and resurface the ice with their tears."

That's why the Pensblog is a big deal.

Playoffs, wooo!

Also, the Pens finally hold a tiebraker on NJ, so a 1st/2nd seed really is Pittsburgh's to lose.

RobbieBrown44 said...

OK, you know your looking forward to reading PensBlog in the morning when you forget to open your work email first.

Oops.'s playoff time bitches!

Antonette said...

The Ghostwriter reference is why this blog owns the universe.



Lady Jaye said...

Wow, I thought I was the only person in the universe that watched Ghostwriter. I frickin loved that show.

"How soon they all forget how badly the referees jobbed the Pens in that game early in the season."

Exactly! Thank you for putting my thoughts into words pensblog. No Devils fan was shedding any tears for the Pens after they were totally jobbed that game. I'm not shedding any tears for that no-goal call in this game.

And wow, I didn't expect to win the season series with the Devils this year. Go Pens!!

Now... if the Habs can stop winning... and the planets align...

Korn said...

Big win last night. Couple that with a Caps OT win and you've still got an outside chance for a Pens-Caps first round matchup. I'd love to see that, especially since I'm exiled in DC.

Also, what the hell is Ghostwriter? Did I miss that growing up or am I too old?

malkinian said...

A Ghostwriter reference...

"Thanks to Isaac Newton's laws of gravity, we know we can't be hit by your tears from up here in first place." - YES!!

According to espn's recap devils filled 92% for this game, which seemed ridiculously generous. How can you possibly not wanna be at this game???

And no need for an Amber alert on Malkin. Nobody played well against the Isles and he did have a 3pter 2 games ago against this same team. No worries.

Maybe have a division magic number??

PittHockey said...


mid/early 90s show...

bunch of kids played detective. Kind of like a live-action scooby doo, only instead of a dog, there was a ghost that could rearrange letters.

and the purple slime monster was the cause of many nightmares.

BlacknGold66 said...

That no-goal call was right.

According to the rules you can interfere with a goalie without it being a penalty as long as it wasn't clearly intentional. No way did Letang push that guy. He actually barely touched him.

I had the MSG feed as well and am still stunned that the a-hole calling the game said "I like how the refs are calling this" after Talbot got blatantly taken down by his head.

Also, in regards to a few things said on the Gameday post...trying to call people out for wanting Conklin as our starter a month ago is weak. I can't speak for everyone on here, but it's called loyalty. He had the hot hand and was deserving a shot at the starting role. He didn't fair so well so Fluery it is.

Whatev though... we won!!

Stoosh said...

More thoughts, dudes...

1. Lots of Devils hate in the recap this morning. Love it!

2. Congrads, New Jersey, on not just taking over the title of "Most Apathetic Fan Base in Pro Sports", but hopping in the Bonneville, making the 12-hour drive to Georgia, ripping the title out of the hands of the collective Atlanta fanbase and beating them severely about the head and neck with it, Tony Soprano-style. Way to take what you've so clearly earned. It'll look great next to those Stanley Cup banners you snoozed your way into, as well as the medal you got for singlehandedly sucking the life out of the game in the mid-1990s.

3. Since the league switched to this stupid five-team division in 1998-99, the Devils have clutched, grabbed and trapped their way to the Atlantic Division title five times in eight years, including three of the last four. If the Pens end up winning it this year, these last two wins over New Jersey could serve as a very symbolic changing of the guard. In one win, we chased Brodeur in a 7-1 blowout. In another, we played their game and shut them out.

4. Gotta love the look on Langenbrunner's face as he was getting up after being propelled into the boards by Malone.

Dickie Dunn said...

The Ghostwriter reference is as out of left field as you can get. Totally money though.

Fleury29, after a little research it appears that Gabby (who was my favorite) appeared topless on Taxi Cab Confessions a couple years ago. Ghostwriter and TCC, what a career.

Sean said...

From Wikipedia: "Jamal's interests include karate and science; he dreams to one day be "a scientist that performs experiments in outer space."

wonder how that worked out for him

Dr. Turkleton said...

Steiggy mentions Sudden Death when talking bout those cardboard cutouts used in the movie, how they could be used at the Rock. Was then waiting for a FakePaulSteigerwald on the Pensblog shout-out since got one on Saturday.

wilsmith said...

wow, I brought up Ghostwriter in conversation a couple days ago and people thought I was nuts.

I feel better about the team after this game than I did when they blew them out 7-1. The Devils kept coming and coming, and the Pens kept turning them away and playing a nice version of their own trap.

And I guess last night someone decided to tell the team how to clear the crease. The Pens never have been a team that just pounds people in the crease, it was nice to see that one sequence where an entire Devils line got tossed out by Gill, Tanger and Kennedy. It was hilarious to see Gill mandhandle one guy, Letang throw one out, and Kennedy drag another away by the collar of his jersey.

osheak234 said...

Langenbrunner got hit 50 feet into the boards, but of course I'm exaggerating.

Nathan said...

I've always enjoyed Doc Emrick's work on PBP, but him working with Chico Resch is like Jim Ross getting stuck with Michael Cole. It's amazing how an incompetent color guy can completely destroy a broadcast -- for those of you who are in the Washington market like me, see Laughlin, Craig. Joe Beninati is halfway decent when he's working with a decent color guy (he's always better on Versus), but when he's working his regular gig with the Caps, I want to puncture my eardrums. I'd almost rather see guys like Doc Emrick go the Vin Scully route and work games without a color guy; Chuck Kaiton (Carolina's radio announcer) is one of the best in the business and he does games alone, and adding a second person in that broadcast booth would just detract from the quality of the broadcast.

One of the many Hurricanes games I've been to was Chuck Kaiton Night (it was also Ron Francis' last game as a member of the Hurricanes -- he got traded to Toronto a couple days later), and throughout the night they showed tributes to Kaiton from other broadcasters. Mike Lange's was one of the best, a story about them going to dinner in Pittsburgh after a game and somebody coming up to them and asking if Kaiton was Tony Soprano.

JYo said...

@ BNG66 re: "trying to call people out for wanting Conklin as our starter a month ago is weak. I can't speak for everyone on here, but it's called loyalty."

While I agree with the general sentiment that Conk was deserving of a shot at the job, you can't use the loyalty argument here. If that is the case, where is the loyalty to MAF? He lost his job because of injury, so if you want to be loyal, he deserves to have it back until he loses it on the ice. Not a big deal, since, as you pointed out, Fleury has won the job on the ice, but again, if you want loyalty, be loyal to both of them. Just sayin...

norojo said...

That team doesn't deserve their new arena, possibly the worst fans in the NHL. Let's win that division boys

Stoosh said...

A thousand kudos and plaudets to the Pensblog Staff for this...

"All we could ask for is a shot at the playoffs.
And now we're in.

After the dark ages, we'll never take that for granted again.
It's good to be back."

This is why I love Pens fans.

We're not like those Steelers fans you all know who act like their favorite team is entitled to a playoff appearance/win simply because they're the Steelers.

Playoffs are earned.

Pookie said...

Long time, first time (heh; I always wanted to say that). I'm a Devils fan (and dedicated Pensblog reader) who wants nothing more than to spend my money stupidly on hockey. With no financial obligations other than my mortgage, I'm the target audience for wickedly and ridonkulously expensive hockey tickets. And yet, the tickets at the Rock? Are too expensive even for someone like me. The issue isn't that Devils fans didn't want to go to that game, the issue is that Devils fans can't afford to go to that game. That is not the fault of the fans.

Great work with the blog, Pensblog staff! And CoffeyTalk, that photoshop of the Devils fan crying was so pitch-perfect! Sigh.

BlacknGold66 said...


I knew someone would point that out. :-)

I agree: be loyal to both of them.

canaanregulatesblog said...

was coffeytalk's ps from the pic where superman is behind the kid crying? incredible.

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Can i get a little love on the air? Geeze. I mean, I am the greatest commentator in Pittsburgh Sports history, c'mon people. Bobby's blog gets mentioned on the air, but what about all the hard work I put in off of the ice. The job of an announcer is anything but a cake-walk.

On to tomorrow night, the Penguins will face Wade Dubie Dubielewicz yet again. He is a phenomenal goaltender, and should be signed long term as the Isles backup after his performances this season.

Sidney Crosby was eating an English muffin with grape jelly before practice this morning, great sign for him. Gary Roberts originally hinted that he wanted to return by tomorrow's game, however, there are rumors of a terrorist attack on the Island tomorrow, so Mr. Roberts has been relegated to "lone unarmed sniper atop the Statue of Liberty."

Hey Pascal, where's my baby cigar? Potash got two....

Signing off,

seth said...

it's prudential center, not arena

DeCeV said...

Division Magic Number = 9 out of 10. We still have a ways to go, although I think that number will jump down by 2 or 3 instead of 1 or 2 the next time the Debs lose due to tie breaking reasons. Lets go pens.

JYo said...

Bucci has a couple of good points about the Pens in his article. To reiterate the point of Sid and Geno making players around them better, here is one of his answers for those too lazy to go find his article (like I usually am):

All the hype for the Pens was with Hossa at the deadline, but what about Pascal Dupuis? Just wanted to know what you think of this guy and the impact he's had so far for the Pens.

Bucci's reply:
He's an average player, and there are hundreds of guys like him. Players like Dupuis are why the Penguins will probably be able to sign Malkin. Put average players like Dupuis and Malone with Malkin or Crosby and you have $2 million players with $4-million-a-year stats.

Eric K said...

Crosby's looking to be back tomorrow:

"lone unarmed sniper atop the S.O.L" wow.

Go Pens

Raybin said...

The bitter Ty Conklin fan in me says "Where the hell was this kind of defensive support against the Rangers and Islanders?!"

Then the Penguins fan in me says to STFU. Fleury is out of his mind right now.

The USS Hal Gill and Gonchar had unbelievable games. How many times did Steiggy or Errey say "Shot blocked by Gill" or "Shot was blocked by Gonchar" Lots, that's how much.

Langenbrunner got hit 50 feet into the boards, but of course I'm exaggerating.

By far the line of the night. God bless Bob Errey.

Looks likes the Leafs and maybe the Panthers shot themselves in the ass last night.

Nice to see Gerber coming back down to earth just in time for a possible Sens/Pens playoff series.

Here's hoping Dublejoke gets a taste of what this team is really like on Thursday.

JYo said...

Another Bucci gem from later in the article:

Penguins fans should not fear the Senators. Senators fans should fear the Penguins.

Preach on brotha man!

Raybin said...

More thoughts:

Steigerwald's cardboard cutout dig was solid gold, Jerry, gold!

As was the photoshop of the crying Devils fan. That will keep me warm at night for months.

How can the Devils be perennial conetenders but have such a lameass fanbase? New Jersey sucks.

Brilliant Devils hate, all in all. Bravo to the players and pensblog staff!

Raybin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brett said...

The entire East conference is idle tonight?


blades09 said...

Agree, NJ fan base sucks.

But how about this...last Thursday I happened to be in Tampa when we played the lightning in Pgh. We went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and not one of the 157 giant TVs was tuned into the game. NOT ONE! Remind me again...why do we have an NHL presence in Florida?

Dr. Turkleton said...


14 credited blocked shots last night: 14 !!!!

•4- USS Hal Gill
•3- Gonch
•2- Syd-orr & Big Poppa Pump
•1- Scuds, Staal, LeGame

Is it me, or does the 95 points earned by the Pens so far, seem like a mightier feat than the 105 points they earned all of last year?....maybe it's cause 16 of those 105 came against the lowly Flyers, who played slightly better than an over 40 Beer-league team. 105 points is nothing to sneeze at, but it just feels like these current 95 points were 'harder' to get compared to last year.

I just noticed that too....

Eastern Conference = Snow Day

still a couple good Western games to watch with playoff implications, though:

Raybin said...

Doc Turkleton with the Insta-statsblog!

7 to Gill and Gonch. Unreal.

Over the summer, once I am assured the USS Hal Gill will not be sent into drydock, I'm getting myself a jersey from No two ways about it.

BlackAndGold said...

Can we get a "Magic Number" going to win the Atlantic Division? I really hope we grab that 1 or 2 seed, so we can stay out of the 4-5 game and won't have to play Ottawa/Montreal first round...

Raybin said...

but it just feels like these current 95 points were 'harder' to get compared to last year.

I feel you on this one.

The one point we got against San Jose for instance was more "earned" than the 16 against Philly last year. Plus we had some epic slugfests with the Habs this year, among others.

The West Coast tour was brutal too.

Basically that's a long-winded way of saying: Yep.

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeCeV said...

@BNG & Dr. Turk

The Devils and the Rangers both have 6 games to play, we have five. The magic number is technically 9.

We could finish 3-0-2 (8pts) and end up at 103. The Devils could finish 6-0-0 and end up also at 103, and they would have the games won tiebreaker.

A more optimistic way of looking at the Devils is this: if we win 3 of our last 5, NJ has to go at least 5-0-1 or else they don't beat us, period.

We go 3-2-0 and end up at 101. NJ goes 5-0-1 and also end up at 101. We win the tiebreaker.

We might as well be more worried about the rags because we play them twice.

DeCeV said...

In my second example I meant NJ goes 5-1-0 but you get my point. NJ would have quite the time passing us if we are able to win most of our remaining games. The Rangers situation all depends on how we do against them. If we manage to win both games, count us as a lock for the 1 or 2 seed.

Dr. Turkleton said...


heres my crude figuring to win the division:

NJ has 91 points with 6 games left: Can max out at 103 points.

Pens would need 104 to win 'outright' [not figuring on tying NJ for the moment]

@decev...yes, 'deleted' post only had NJ with 5 games left [wishful thinking]
So the Pens magic # would be: 9 points

If the Pens & NJ tie for the division lead in Wins & Points, the Pens hold the tiebreaker by winning the series with 9 points [4-3-1] while NJ had 8 points [4-4-0]

the Magic # figuring could change if NJ starts tanking & the NYR[even Philly, too] jump up to 2nd in the division....we can figure that out later if/when that happens....

nu said...

Something needs to be done with this.

I don't know what, but something. (Another Cup shadow photoshopped in there?)

Neil said...

I <3 the Stevie Wonder photoshop

Lady Jaye said...

dr. turkelton > I can't put my finger on it, but this years' season has been more exciting to me than last year. I think it might be somewhat because of the overcoming of so many injuries or maybe its because of last year that has made it so much more exciting? Either way, I'm totally enjoying the ride.

BlacknGold66 said...

An imposter!

Aw man. I was really getting used to being the guy referred to as "BNG" on here.


Jeff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jkraus67 said...

I believe this is the greatest team the Penguins have assembled since the 1992-93 season.

The talent level across the squad is incredibly high and it seems like there is always somebody willing to step up and be the hero on any given night (A three-game scoring streak for Ruutu, are you kidding me?!)

Go Pens!

Nick Saia (usa) said...

brett's photo was great!
mainly because there was no photoshop needed.
it captured emotion beautifully.

Nick Saia (usa) said...


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hahahahahaha!! (This is me laughing in the face of everyone who told me Bugsy was going to get traded and was worthless. Pigs!)

So, Sid and Dupuis are returning Thursday's game? Interesting. Is he actually returning,or does he like to make me look foolish?

So, with their return, who is the d-man who is gonna be scratched? (Whit, please. Sorry, I love Orpik, and he deserves time to play.) And I'm guessing poor Connor James, who gets thanklessly slammed into the boards every game he plays, will be sitting.

Great photoshops guys! I loved them all! Awesome.

By the way does anyone else think Sutter looks like an elf? I was laughing at the entire Devils bench when he started slamming a stick. I was hoping when the dude got a pass, his stick would break because his coach is a joke.

Why does FSN still not know how to use cameras? There was fighting going on in front of the crease and they zoom in on some Devils joke who skated away,and the Hossa goal was missed by watching Flower stretch.

I'm hoping the Caps don't make it to the play-offs, I hope Buffalo pulls a miracle and kicks out Philly, Malkin has a 7 pt. game, Montreal starts losing, and Roberts comes back!

In Malkin (and Malone) I Trust!

JYo said...

I think a big part of the difference between the way many of us view the team this year relative to the team last year is a combination of how the season has played out and a somewhat heightened level of expectations. Last year we kind of felt like we were putting things together faster than anyone expected and maybe even overachieving a little bit. I don't think anyone expected a long playoff run. It was great to get the experience for the young guys and to have that experience as a team (at least in regards to what the core of the team should be for years to come). This year, we know what the team can do, and what they have done in the face of all of the injuries perhaps even elevates our expectations a little more. The fact that they put it together for a second year in a row and aren't really taking anyone by surprise this year, like they may have last year, suggests that it wasn't a one year spike in production followed by a crash back to earth and more development. The team has risen to be one of the best, if not the best, team in the conference. The trade deadline deals confirm that the team and their management are thinking along the same lines and the expectations creep a little higher. Many people now recognize that even though the team has a very bright future, there is no reason that they can't start making a real push for the title right now. Thus, people are becoming cautiously optimistic with regards to just how far this team can go. That optimism is a reflection of just how far this team has come in a year and the route they have taken to get there this season plays a large part into that line of thinking.

Flyer Hater said...

Ghostwriters was what the mid-90s were all about.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Funny Wallpapers on Pens

I happened to be on the Pens site (by happened, I mean I am always on the site)And my curiousity led me to this.

In Malkin (and Malone) I Trust!

RobbieBrown44 said...

Sid is back...the let the flood gates open on Dubelwobblewitz tomorrow.

Pascal Dupuis + Sidney Crosby + Marian Hossa = Tsunami of Talent.

Go ahead, stop them, Syko MaMa will be the Winnie Cooper to your Kevin Arnold.

I think I'm going to sleep from now til gametime tomorrow...where's the NyQuil?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@RobbieBrown44: You better watch out for that stuff! Denis Leary doesn't lie about NyQuil, or the big Q.

BlacknGold66 said...

Awesome! A Syko MaMa reference.

My girlfriend will be happy.

I can't wait for tomorrow night's game either!! I HATE waiting for games. It's worse than work.

Stoosh said...

NU - If you're at all familiar with the urban legend on the Georgetown campus circa the early 1990s, that Malkin photoshop would simply be...

"Who wants to sex Malkin?!?!?"

Dr. Turkleton said...

isn't it about the time of year that Lou Lamoriello fires his coach & takes over the team to 'properly prepare' them for the playoffs....or is it too early, yet?

Stoosh said...

The urban legend on the Georgetown campus involved Dikembe Mutombo, by the way.

Google away.

Stoosh said...

I HAVE KASPARAITIS - But what would Tracheotomy Man think?

M. Vanderlasser said...

"Syko Mama"...kudos to Ms. BNG66!

I owe that woman a beer.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

He'd be thinking I have one less cigarette to smoke in a pack, or he's gonna have to get another tracheotomy.

The Big K said...

And I'm going to the game.
I can't contain my excitement.

Eric K said...

Finally we get to see the Hossa-Sid combo.

the only thing that could possibly be better is if we knew The Gary was coming back for this one too.

BlacknGold66 said...

Finally someone else that knows the "Who wants to sex the Dekembe?!" story.

That has to be the second best pickup line ever.

The best you ask?

"Hey, I just farted... why don't you come back to my table where it doesn't stink?"

Love it!

Brigid said...

Syko MaMa!


Flyer Hater said...

I was listening to Madden's show today and instead of talking about the great win and getting a chokehold on the Atlantic, everyone is instead bitching that Whitney played LW like it's permanent.

I don't know what's worse, people who bash Whitney non-stop or people who say he'll be a Norris Trophy candidate.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Flyer Hater: I don't listen to the Madden Show because he annoys me. Who are these people calling in? MT has put a defensemen as a winger (i.e. Orpik), and it isn't that important. I agree with you about the whole Whit deal. Sure, I get mad at him for screwing up, but I don't get so crazy saying he's the worst d-man I have ever laid eyes on. He gets my compliments when he plays well ... and he didn't play too bad yesterday.

"Q" said...


Sorry WhitDog, that was too easy.
Hopefully he gets his game back on track.

P.S. - Listening to Mark Madden is known to be a colossal waste of time.

Flyer Hater said...

Yeah, it probably is a waste of time but he's the only personality that consistently talks about hockey in this town.

I just find it comical that he comes out and flatly says that playing Whitney at LW for one game makes Therrien a bad coach, period.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

He said that? Didn't we win? MT isn't a bad coach, in fact, I think he is one of the better coaches the Pens have had and is one of the best in the league. When he came aboard, we got results because he knows what he's doing. Madden = joke. (Applies with Mark Madden and both John Maddens)

coffeytalk said...

Yay, my photoshop made the blog!

Seriously I giggled the whole time I cut and pasted that thing.

Thanks all for enjoying it and thanks Staff for posting it!

Dr. Turkleton said...
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Dr. Turkleton said...

can't go to this Sundays game v. the Rags at 1230p...

thought I'd offer them up to fellow cBloggers 1st before heading over to craigslist:

2 seats: E18..row J [Pens shoot twice]

email me thru my profile if you're interested....

Pensgirl said...

Stokes, BNG66, thanks for backing me up on the no-goal (even if you didn't know you were!). I said the same thing in last night's post - Letang had nothing to do with Asham running into Fleur.

Nathan, to back up your comments on Chico...he was shocked, shocked I tell you, that Whitney was playing the third period. He remarked on it as though it was new that period.

JYO, you're absolutely right. Malkin's and Staal's incredible rookie seasons, the points streak/second half surge, getting back into the playoffs earlier than expected, the long-awaited end to the arena saga - one great surprise after another. Because of all that, I'd say I found last season more fun overall. I really fed off the team's exuberance as they figured each other out and learned what they could do together. They were having a ball learning what they were capable of, and we were having a ball watching.

This year hasn't necessarily been as fun, but it's been more rewarding. I - and probably a lot of people here - didn't have the lofty pre-season expectations that the media had, but who thought the early going would be as rough as it was? Then what they've done in the face of all these injuries, the way guys have stepped up exactly when they were's downright inspiring. Last year, we (and they) saw their talent - this year, we (and they) are seeing their mettle. It's cliche, but they control their destiny...when's the last time we could say that?

P.S. We not only own the Devils series, we also own the Habs series (2-1-1).

daismog said...

I don't understand the hate for putting Whitney on the wing. The Pens have been digging deep into their AHL team to get enough forwards to dress, people are complaining that Whitney isn't doing his job defensively, but they don't want to bench him because they want him on the power play.

Seems like the perfect solution to me.

PittHockey said...

Gary Roberts as Punisher

wow, awesome.

J.S. said...

This is seriously gonna suck for the next week or so. Verizon decided to delay the "Welcome Al Gore" party (aka DSL install) until the 4th of April. No photoshops (unless I fuck off at work and use MSPaint, ugh), no gamedaychats, and no sopcasting of games for the next 10 days. Right now, I'm at a bar where they (thank Gary) have a wifi connection and quite the micro/import selection. More or less, my options are limited for the next week or so and I'm gonna be miserable until then.

Verizon gets the gas face for this mess.

Phil said...

there is a movie being filmed on thursday at the pens game.

"If you're attending Thursday night's Penguins game and you see security swarm an unruly spectator, don’t be alarmed. Most likely it will be a scene from a new Hollywood movie being filmed inside Mellon Arena.

The Pens, who officially clinched a playoff spot on Tuesday with a win against the New Jersey Devils, will take on the New York Islanders Thursday.

According to Pens officials, this filming will be for "She's Out of My League," a romantic comedy about an average Joe who meets the perfect woman but his lack of confidence begins to pick away at the relationship.
Click here to find out more!

The film will feature Jay Baruchel, who starred in "Knocked Up," Krysten Ritter, from "27 Dresses" and Alice Eve from "Starter for Ten."

The last time a movie was shot at the Mellon Arena was in 1995. "Sudden Death" starred Jean-Claude Van Damme.

TheEnforcer98 said...

Thanks for all the comments on my Stevie Wonder and USS Hal Gill pt. 2 photoshops.

I actually intended to send Stevie Wonder in for the iles game on Syko's goal, but it was 11:30 and I forgot to add the attachment :)

geezer said...

I want to thank all the folks at Pensblog from the bottom of my Penguin heart. The laughs, the tears(that can't go up, thanks gravity) and mostly the great photoshops that you and everyone send in are a great source of joy. I promise I'll be my usual sacastic and snarky self next time. But for today I'm just on a joy overload. PLAYOFFS!! Lookin good!!! Shut em down D!!!

Flyer Hater said...

On the NHLN, they just had on "Frozen In Time: Pittsburgh Penguins, 1992-93"

What a year.

Stoosh said...

BNG66 - The first time I heard the "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" story, I think I laughed for twenty minutes, nonstop. The mental image of an early 1990's Dikembe Mutombo strolling into a party or a bar and yelling that just cracks me up.

FLYER HATER - I heard Madden's show today, too, and that was a little much. Madden certainly has a bone to pick with Therrien.

Whitney was clearly bothered by the move, but kudos to the kid for admitting more than once that he's not playing to his expectations. He went on Madden's show and owned up to the bad pass he threw in that Rangers game, and he said after the game last night that he was disappointed to have been told he was on the wing and that was a result of his play being down.

Whitney seems to know what he needs to do to become a more complete player...he just needs to start doing it. He can be frustrating at times, but I think too often Pens fans forget how frustrating Zubov was when he was here. Whit's overall value to the team in the offensive end can't be discounted. He's an integral piece of the powerplay. He just needs to round out his game, read the ice a little better and make some smarter decisions with the puck.

What I don't agree with is Madden referring to Scuderi as a curtain jerker. Scuderi doesn't have Whitney's offensive abilities; that doesn't make Scuderi a bad overall defenseman - especially when it could be said that Whitney certainly doesn't have Scuderi's awareness in the def. zone. Scuderi's value to the team is much tougher to quantify; even using the plus/minus rating can be misleading because too many coincidental variables can affect it.

Stoosh said...

GEEZER - Awesome stuff!

racheleyos said...

lol @ NU for that malkin photograph...i have lots of pictures of him in that stretching position....

nu said...

stoosh - you know, I just happened to read about Dikembe a little while ago - though it actually wasn't the first thing that came to mind!

I just really like the space and the angles and especially the shadow.

Now the Briere mascot doll, that was funny.

stokes said...

According to Prisuta, Whit will continue to play on the wing.


I don't care one way or another. But what i will care about is whether Whitney is just paying lip service to the media, or if he really is going to work harder at being more consistent. I, for one, am discouraged by Whitney. I think he's played badly this year, for whatever reason. i've read where he said he was trying to improve his defensive game and that, as a whole, his game may suffer a bit from that. But after 77 games, you'd think he might have a better handle on the defensive aspects of his job. or atleast show some progress. as has been debated here once or twice, he has made a regression. I still think he can do things better and when he does, he's going to be good.

homesprout said...

So if Bing comes back tomorrow, no more of the legendary Whitney-Staal-Hossa line!? That's just tragic!! haha

Go Pens!!

tnigs21 said...

Thanks Dr. Turk for hookin us up with those tickets for sunday..we are pumped!


PittHockey said...

They're filming Sudden Death II?

Gary isn't injured, he's the hero.


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