Monday, March 24, 2008

Fear and Loathing in the NHL

This week is big.
Islanders, Devils, Islanders, Rangers, Rangers by next Monday night.


:: Sid may be in the lineup tonight against the Islanders. [ PG ]
Take your time dude.

:: This one hurts.
Gary Roberts has a setback. [PG]

Roberts, who hasn't played since breaking his leg and getting a high ankle sprain when Buffalo center Tim Connolly fell on him Dec. 29, aggravated his ankle problem when he stumbled while skating at Madison Square Garden in New York Tuesday.

He has stopped skating and is not expected to get back on the ice until at least mid-week.

:: John Buccigross had some dandies in his recent column on [ ]

He discusses the decisions facing Ray Shero this offseason in relation to Malkin.
Bucci also reminds us that there are 387 Armstrong and 587 Christensens out there.

:: The Pens are scary good. [ ESPN Fantasy ]



We found this at [ Fire & Ice ] via [ Kukla's ]

“You’re tied 1-1 in a hockey game and you give up a terrible shorthanded goal from a 3-on-1 break from the hash marks in their zone,” coach Brent Sutter said.

“I really thought that changed the complexion of the game and from that point on we made a lot of mental mistakes.
We had a lot of breakdowns.
We weren’t very strong between the ears for the rest of the game.”



No offense to the person who spent 10 minutes coming up with the "Steel City Line," but that has got to go.
The reasoning behind this name is that Malkin and Sykora played in Magnitogorsk.
Magnitogorsk is a "steel" city or something in Russia.
Malone is from Pittsburgh.
And yeah Pittsburgh is "steeltown."

There are way too many issues with this nickname.
The most glaring would be Sykora played one year in Magnitogorsk.

He is from the Czech Republic.
So that means nothing.

Another reason, it is more forced than a Ben Roethlisberger pass in the playoffs.
If they all were from Pittsburgh, it would be fine.

Line nicknames are one of the best things about hockey.

A good line name can transcend time:

  • "The French Connection" — Buffalo Sabres (1972-1979) — Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert; made up of three French-Canadian players

Maybe the best line name ever.

  • "The Legion of Doom" — Philadelphia Flyers (1994-97) — Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Mikael Renberg

  • "The Triple Crown Line" — Los Angeles Kings (1970s-80s) — Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer and Marcel Dionne; a reference to the Kings' logo, which features a crown; this was the first line in NHL history where each player scored 100 points or more in the same season (1980-81 NHL season).

  • "The Production line" — Detroit Red Wings (1947-52) — Sid Abel, Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, later with Alex Delvecchio

If you played on a line called the "Production Line," you most likely were a big deal.

  • "The Oreo Line,"-- Mighty Ducks-- Jesse Hall, Terry Hall, and Adam Banks. This was the line that featured Banks, who is white, playing with the Hall brothers, who are African American, on his wings

Only thing this proved was that Gordan Bombay was a racist.
How did that get past Walt Disney?

Other line names that never quite took off:
  • "The Brothers Line" — Vancouver Canucks (2000s) — Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Anson Carter; the Sedins are the only twins picked one right after the other (Daniel went second and Henrik third in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft), and Carter is of Bajan descent and is known as "Soul Brother".

  • "The 'OMG' Line" — Phoenix Coyotes — Oleg Saprykin, Mike Zigomanis, and Georges Laraque

  • "The Power of the Pens" line — Pittsburgh Penguins — Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis

The Penguins did have the "Century line" in the '70s.
Syl Apps Jr.
, Lowell MacDonald, and Jean Pronovost scored 100 goals and 200 points for 4 straight seasons

Thankfully [Wiki] has a page dedicated to this.


Chris Kelly is out indefinitely with a fractured leg. [ TSN ]
Basically, that's like the Pens losing a Max Talbot for the playoffs.

The East-leading Habs got dealt a huge blow. [ TSN ]

Stud d-man Mike Komisarek is out for three weeks with an injury shrouded in secrecy...
maybe because you can't say "balls" in a newspaper.

"Mike has a lower body injury, that's all I can tell you,
and he's going to out a minimum of three weeks," head coach Guy Carbonneau told reporters.

If the secrecy is intended to detract opposing players from going after an injury in the playoffs,
Sidney Crosby is in trouble.

8-1-1 in their last 10.
If they didn't blow those two-goal third-period leads back in February,
they'd be in the playoffs right now.

You can say something like that for every team, so that's a huge whatev.


Hart Blog

:: As [ Tom Benjamin ] found...
[ Damien Cox ] thinks Niklas Lidstrom should win the Hart Trophy.

Everyone agrees that Damien Cox should stop writing about hockey.

:: Ross McKeon over at [ Yahoo ] says give it to Jarome Iginla in Calgary.

He says Iginla is "clutch" and has grit, determination, testicles, etc.
He also tugs on your heartstrings, reminding you Iginla has twice come in second in Hart voting during his career.

Continuing our bashing of a guy who is just doing his job:

We gave your wife the Hart last night.


We know the NHL media hates Russians.
And it hurts to acknowledge it as Pens fans, but Alex Ovechkin deserves the MVP.

If the Caps don't make the playoffs, then maybe there is more of a discussion.
All Pens fans want is to see Evgeni Malkin's name up there in the running.

If Crosby had been hurt all season and the Pens remained where they are now,
it would be Malkin's all the way.



:: Brian Costello at [ The Hockey News ] reveals strategies he would employ if he was an NHL coach.

Patrick Roy's son is insane. [ Going Five Hole ]

Like father like son. [ Roy vs. Osgood Fight ]
Seth at [ Empty Netters ] has the story as well

[ Waiting For Stanley ] found this clip of some joke fan taunting a player in the AHL: - Watch more free videos



At this point, as we're sure all the other divisions feel, everyone is sick of each other.

The Islanders are the only team out of it.
The Flyers are hanging around the 7th-8th seed.
The Rangers, Pens, and Devils could all win the division.

Spotlight games this week:

Monday -- Pens clinch playoff spot with win

Plus, any games anyone plays is big.


Everyone talked about how solid the Atlantic division was all year,
but how sick is the Northeast.

Montreal is first in the conference.
Ottawa is middle of the pack.

Boston is clinging to the last playoff spot,
while Toronto and Buffalo are within striking distance.

Spotlight games:

A huge home-and-home series Tuesday and Thursday.
Basically by next weekend someone can start planning their summer vacation.

Ottawa has been Montreal's Achilles' Heel this season.


Carolina looks to have the division wrapped up.
But stranger things have happened.

Tampa Basement and Atlanta are done.
The real story has to be the late-season pushes by the Capitals and Panthers.

Everyone left them for dead two weeks ago.
The Panthers do this every year, but this year, it looks legit

Spotlight games:

Saturday night.
Who wants it more?



Detroit clinched this division eons ago.
Chicago and Nashville are more than alive in the race for the 8th seed.
St. Louis and Columbus are done.

Spotlight game:
The Detroit Red Wings practice on Tuesday.


Vancouver and Colorado are clinging to 7 and 8 right now,
with the aforementioned Nashville and, surprisingly, Edmonton nipping at their heels.



San Jose won like 13 straight recently, pushing them past Anaheim for the division lead.
Dallas will be getting in, too, with Phoenix and LA making out with each other.

Friday night

Have to steal this picture from the [Battle of California] because Earl Sleek is a genius.



Do it


Nicholas said...

How in the WORLD could the "Wizard of Ov" line not be mentioned????

Larionov - Federov - Kozlov; Followed up with Fetisov and Konstantinov at defense. EPIC name!!!

j.s.22 said...

I would not trust the PG when it comes to Gary Roberts news. One day you have Ron Cook having an article about Roberts out for the season/career possibly then the Trib is saying Roberts and Crosby are skating together.

tnigs21 said...

I thought the Lemieux-Francis-Jagr line was called "The Scorelords" I had a poster back in the day..also I dunno if anyone already came up with this, but new nickname for Hossa-The Hossassin some sick photoshops could come from that.

Huge game tonight, even though all are now. It'd be awesome to clinch a playoff spot tonight.


BlacknGold66 said...

This would never stick but it's been my personal nickname for the Malkin line as of late:

The Big Three

What about "The Quiet Men" since they get no media attention outside of Pittsburgh and that Malkin and Syko barely talk.

Or better yet, utilizing the word "Syk" since they've held the team together while everyone was injured/sick?

BlacknGold66 said...

One more thing...

Did anyone at the game Saturday night notice in the 3rd that the "Swirling Jersey" light that shines on the ice before the games came on during the game?

It was Gary Roberts' jersey. Omenblog?

KJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KJ said...

the r(yan)p(etr)m(alkin) line, the M&MS line. too bad its not hossa, malone, and malkin, the line that makes you go hmm....yeah, i think its time for bed

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

When Gretzky played for the Blues for about 15 seconds, some douchebag I used to know had a poster with him and Hull on it that said "The Blues Brothers".

Ok, so that's one person short of a line, and Gretz was only in St. Louis long enough for his dog to drop a deuce on Mark McGwire's yard...

But it was still gay and that kid was still an assbag.

Fred Jones said...

"Steel city line" is awful. But I'm sure we'll hear it 40 times on VS tonight.

stokes said...

This will NEVER stick but how bout the "Banged Your Mom" line? it usually results in those three banging the opposing goalie's mom while they are skating a shift. the BYM line.

seriously, the RPM line may be an upgrade over the SCL.

The Big K said...

The Third Coming of the Sid...

PittHockey said...

I'm still holding out for a malk mvp.

So the caps better not make the playoffs.

Steve MacD said...


The Blues also had the "Hull & Oates" line.

Truly teh ghey.

bombinhoes said...

Nicknameblog: The "Malkin Syk-Lone." Watch everyone get caught up in the winds of scoring, haha.

That's about as creativity gets around here...well, this early in the day at least.

Let's Go Pens.

Flyer Hater said...

Usually, if you have to think too hard abot coming up with a nickname for someone or something, it's not going to be good. It should come naturally.

Stoosh said...

Gotta love that "Dawson crying" of the best things the Al Gore has ever delivered.


Thanks to one and all for exposing the unabashed lameness that is the name "The Steel City Line". As Coffeytalk said a few posts back, that's incredibly weak and we can do better.

First of all, as the Staff pointed out, "Steel City Line" is incredibly forced.

Second, this really hasn't been the "Steel City" for about 20-25 years now, eh?

Third, when someone asks why they're called the "Steel City Line" and you have to launch into a 90-second dissertation on Malone hailing from Pittsburgh, Malkin hailing from Magnitogorsk, Sykora being of Czech descent but playing for a year in Magnitogorsk with Malkin and then mention how Pittsburgh and Magnitogorsk were/are considered to be hubs of the steel industry in their respective countries, hence the "Steel City Line",...(pause for breath)...well, it just takes too damned long to explain it. I could've ordered a beer, drank it and ordered another beer in the time it took me to type all that.

Rule of thumb...If you risk losing the person halfway through your explanation of a nickname, it's time to rethink the nickname.

That said, since we're always talking about keeping Sid and Malkin on their own lines when Sid comes back, how about something nice and simple...

The Malkin Line.
The Sid Line.

That's usually how I find myself referring to them when I'm watching the games. For instance...

"We need another goal. Time to get the Malkin line out there."

"The Malkin line just exposed Derian Hatcher for the dumbass that he is."

"The Malkin line is more dominant right now than the KLS Line was."

"I needed to get the oil changed in my car. I was going to take it to Valvoline, but the Malkin line does a much better job."

M. Vanderlasser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Vanderlasser said...

How about the "America's Most Livable City - Be Sure To Join Us To Celebrate Pittsburgh's 250th Anniversary Line"?

Or the "S&M Line".

If Sick ever gets a hat trick and I'm at the game and I have a chinchilla with me, I'm throwing it on the ice.

P.S. Where can I get a chinchilla?

Flyer Hater said...

S&M line=winner

DeCeV said...

I've always been ok with the M&MS line. I'll never call it the Steel City Line.

I'm about tired of the Devils overachieving this year. With the loss to the islanders at home and then the destruction Saturday at Mellon, maybe they are going to finally fade back a little. I'd expect Pittsburgh to keep the lead in the Atlantic for the rest of the season, with the Rangers possibly in that second spot by the end. We may end up with the first seed depending on what MTL does.

JYo said...

I like the RPM line. The three letter names are usually good ones and easy to remember and explain if someone doesn't make the connection. Its even better when it has a positive connotation like RPM does. It will certainly lead to some bad puns (i.e. its time for the RPM line to rev it up, etc.), but thats not a totally bad thing in my mind, especially for this site. Anyway, there have been a few food based examples in recent memory. A few years ago Colorado had the JAM line with Joe Sakic, Alex Tanguay, and Milan Hejduk. The Debs had the EGG line one year with Elias, Gionta, and Gomez.

Korn said...

How do you not mention The Option Line? John Cullen centering Kevin Stevens and Mark Recchi while Mario was out during the regular season in the run up to the first Cup?

Huge omission.

And FlyerHater has it right, no forced nicknames are ever good, let it happen naturally.

luvnmypens said...

This guy makes a great case IMO for Malkin over Ovechkin for MVP.

Just some highlights from the piece... (at the time of the posting)

Alexander Ovechkin

Games – 73
Goals – 57
Points – 99
Shooting Percentage – 14.4%
Shots – 395
Team Wins – 35
Team Losses – 30
Team Overtime Losses – 8


Evgeni Malkin

Games – 72
Goals – 41
Points – 97
Shooting Percentage – 16.6%
Shots – 247
Team Wins – 41
Team Losses – 25
Team Overtime Losses – 7

If we look at Malkin, we have to realize, for parts of the season he has played as a winger and not at his natural position as a center. He was also not getting the playing time because he was the second center behind last season’s Hart Memorial Trophy winner, Sidney Crosby. With Crosby injured many people were expecting the Penguins to fall out of the playoff race. Instead, Malkin has stepped in and the Penguins have not only continued in the playoff race, but they are now competing for the top of the eastern conference. In the 23 games without Crosby, Malkin has amassed 42 points and the team has won 13 games and only lost 6.

Something else I think people should consider is how the two players spend their time on the ice. Ovechkin has played a little over 1267 even strength minutes this season, with almost 404 minutes being on the powerplay and only 12 minutes shorthanded. Malkin has played 1122 even strength minutes, only 353 minutes on the powerplay and 56 minutes have been a man down. Ovechkin is not only playing more minutes per game, but he is getting many more minutes with an extra man to compile his points. Malkin is being asked to spend a lot of energy killing penalties with much more regularity than his counterpart.

It's a good read for sure. Malkin for MVP!!

Stoosh said...

RPM Line - Solid.


1. That stupid "Axe Stinky Poetry" commercial they play on ESPN Radio.

2. Driving to work on a Monday morning, only about 3/4 awake, wondering what the hell happened to your long weekend.

3. I was reading the bang-up Western Conference recap in today's post, and I realized that Gary Bettman's assclownery has made the Western Conference into a completely separate league, and I don't think this is a good thing. We see those teams so infrequently, games against Western Conference teams now feel like glorified exhibition games at best; maybe you get a little extra juice for games against Phoenix because of Gretzky or whatever, but that's about it.

I used to follow the Western Conference all the time, and maybe part of that was because I used to follow the Canucks. I'd just love to have more of an opportunity to see the Pens establish a bit of history against guys like Pat Kane, Jonathan Toews, Dion Phaneuf, Jarome Iginla and Joe Thornton. A couple fewer games against the Devils, Islanders, Rangers and Flyers, and a few more against the West. Make it happen, Bettman.

Steve In Denver said...

Another great name for a line not mentioned was from early this season in Montreal - The "Kovy Grabs Tits" line. Kovalev, Grabovski, Kostitsyn.

Christina said...

It's posts like this that remind me why thepensblog is the best hockey blog on Gore. Excellent work gentlemen.

And Stoosh, I agree about the Western Conference teams. While reading the post, I realized I had no idea what those teams were doing, who was in, who was done, the last-minute battles, none of it. However I could practically write a dissertation on the East. I'd love to see more games against West teams throughout the regular season - I love seeing new rivalries develop.

Brett said...

I just managed to snag the VERY LAST ticket left in the upper deck for the Jersey game on Tuesday.

My buddy and I were trying to find a way to get seats close to each other for the game this morning by simultaneously searching for 1 ticket each. we kept getting the same two seats, one on either end of the arena. Then on one attempt, I got a seat, and he was told there were no seats left. Fortunately, i wanted to go much more than he did, so I got the last ticket and he'll watch from home.

For anyone who might be there, i'm in section 229 row 6 seat 19. I'll be donning my Christensen Pens Tee (RIP).

Stoosh said...

CHRISTINA - I think the scheduling has something to do with it. I'm not so sure an extra game or two per year against Calgary or Edmonton will make me follow the Western Conf. as much as I follow the East, but it'd be a start.

I also think we're at the point where hockey just isn't on TV as much as it used to be, unless you have 1) Center Ice and 2) time to watch these teams play later at night. 10 or 12 years ago, ESPN and ESPN2 were doing hockey games pretty much five nights a week this time of year, including doubleheaders twice a week (usually Thursday and Sunday nights). That second game was almost always a Western Conf. game.

I'll's better than it was the last couple of years thanks to the NHL Network. I got to watch Vancouver and Minnesota Friday night thanks to the NHL Network, and I realized that's really the first time I've seen a Canucks broadcast in a while...I'm sure there have been others here and there that I've missed this year, but that wouldn't have been the case a year or two ago when Versus was only doing national broadcasts once or twice a week.

This disaster of a scheduling system has to go. Can you imagine being a Tampa fan that has to watch the Caps, Panthers, Thrashers and Canes 32 times a year?

danielleia said...

"OMG line"- I'm sure hockey players would love it.

Late, but weird mascot footage is always entertaining.

blackngold66 said...

Sid's out

Dupuis is out

Conks is in

Jonny V said...

I can't believe the Steel City line nickname went over my head like that. Horrendous.

I remember before games were even played with the new schedule, I hated it. Bettman wanted to create more rivalries, but didn't realize that, like line nicknames, these things can't be forced. I can't wait till next season (the new schedule does start next year, right?) and we can see every team in the NHL. No more of this 8 games against everyone in your division B.S.

Wear some golf shoes, otherwise we'll never get out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all.

I love that book.

Nathan said...

Prior to World War II was Boston's Kraut Line of Bobby Bauer, Milt Schmidt, and Woody Dumart. The line got named in Providence, and the name held together when the three players came up to the Bruins. This Wikipedia page has a bunch of line names.

Brando said...

Dupuis is in ATL for his wife giving birth, but at least Scuds will be back tonight.

Nathan said...

Well, now we'll find out who's odd man out on defense when Dupuis gets back from Atlanta. Depending on Dupuis' travel schedule, tonight and tomorrow might well be Whit's last chance to prove to Lord Therrien why he should be in the top six when the playoffs arrive.

WWGRD? Clinch a playoff spot tonight. Go Pens.

Flyer Hater said...

Good decision to start Conklin tonight and save MAFer for the huge game tomorrow.

We roll over the fishsticks tonight

5-1 Pens, HOOOOOOOOO gets 2

Raybin said...

Now that I've seen The Incredible Malk photoshop, I can die a happy man.

I figured Conks would be in goal tonight. It lets Fleury rest for the huge game tomorrow, plus Conklin totally owned the Islanders last time out.

Not that we can afford to lose any more games, but if you gotta drop one or two, the Isles would be the least damaging.

Malkin for MVP.

Best wishes and congratulations to the Dupuis family!

Welcome back Scuds.

Full speed ahead on the USS Hal Gill tonight. Fingers crossed he ends Richard Park's life.

And, as always....Hossa.

sfc72388 said...

"The Mattress line" — Vancouver Canucks — Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, and Jason King; the Sedins are twin brothers, so together the line was two twins and a king.

haha how corny is that?

Johnny Wrath said...

Jonathan Roy brought a tear to my eye. When I saw those events unfold on HNIC, I was waiting to see what PJ Stock was going to say… basically a tongue-in-cheek “Huh, well, I mean, nobody wants to see that…”.

Let’s discuss very sad lines, who’s fans unfortunately celebrated mediocrity by coming up with pseudo-creative acronyms and further insulting the recently visited notion of Divine Inspiration.

The Mattress Line- 2 Sedin Twins and a King (Jason). Poor bastards. They’ve had to endure line mates such as Trent Klatt, Brad Isbister, and Trevor Linden, who can’t seem to take a hint and retire.

The ABC Line- Tyler Arnason, Mark Bell, Kyle Calder. Chicago and its’ signings every year were just screaming “please stop paying attention”. “OK, fans, here they are, your new big stars, Martin Lapointe and
Adrian Aucoin! … And they’ll join great ‘Hawks players like Calder.. And Bell… and… Calder…”.

The Bay Street Bullies. Domi, Tucker, Corson. Somehow it just isn’t as fearsome, most notably for the absence of one Mr. Gary Roberts.

The “Ash” Line. Kvasha, Yashin, and Asham. What a bunch of bums.

The HoMO Line – Hollweg, Moore, Ortmeyer.

Finally, Montreal’s “Smurf” line. Koivu, Valeri Bure, and Oleg Petrov. Honestly, somebody try and come up with a softer line combo. It’s shocking that they lasted long enough to acquire a nickname. Was Therrien responsible for that?

My contribution for Malkin’s line, which may as well include Gonch back there with Stay-At-Home-Defender-X, is “ The One-Touchables”.

I’m not in agreement that we start Conklin. He rides the stool in the runway from here on out. Elite goalies start 60-70 games a season. MAF has started 27 games. I really don’t think he’s going to burn out. Look at the Vezina candidates right now, and look at games, minutes, etc. Nabokov, my pick, started 71 games.

Fleury and the D-men especially need to develop solid communication and chemistry. They need to get themselves nice and tight for the Playoffs, and that starts with a winning streak right now. Winning the Division and the Conference is going to mean points in every game, and that creates a sense of urgency that I think sometimes is lost when you start resting people. He’s on a 4 game win streak, and his numbers – get this – GAA is 1.50, S% is .945. Fuck a rest, fuck a hot hand. We have a Stanley Cup™ to win.

BlacknGold66 said...

Nothing personal Johnny Wrath, but the idea of starting MAF against the Brigeport Sound Tigers tonight would be tragic. It wouldn't keep a guy hot to face those AHLer's tonight, then the Devils tomorrow night.

I'm not saying tonight's gonna be an easy task against a bunch of youngsters trying to prove their worth, but on back to back nights you have to give this one to Conk's (who only a month ago had everyone swinging from his nuts... where's the love?). Let MAF take care of the Devils tomorrow and the Isles again on Thursday.

PittHockey said...

I agree with starting Conk and MAF tomorrow.

Hopefully he shows up more than in hi last few games.

And I want to see geno have a 4 point night.

JYo said...

I agree BNG66, Conk is the right call tonight. I see what you are trying to say about momentum Johnny, but you can also overwork a goalie too. It happened to one of those "elite" goalies you are talking about not so many years ago. I can't remember exactly which year, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but one year when the Debs were going for some sort of single season wins or points record, they overplayed Brodeur while trying to accomplish something in the regular season. In the post season, his burn-out was very apparent and they made an early exit. You point out that MAF doesn't have many games, but you aren't adjusting that comparison to take in to account the large number of games he missed due to injury. He would be much closer to that 60 game number if he hadn't been out for an extended period. He definitely doesn't need to play every single game to be ready for the playoffs.

jtc27 said...

GreatTitleBlog. There will be much "Fear and Loathing" these next two weeks. R.I.P HST

Pensgirl said...

To add to JYO's statements, also bear in mind that the nature of Fleury's injury is such that it won't be completely healed for several more months and can be worsened by overuse. It's one thing to risk that during the playoffs, but for right now it's better not to make him play on back-to-back nights. March on the bench for April in the trench.

Furthermore, as Therrien has said, you want both goalies sharp. And for that, Conklin needs to be given a chance to rebound from last week. It's for the benefit of the entire team.

sr77s said...

what about Shero's Heroes?? come on

coffeytalk said...

I vaguely remember using the RPM line for a line we had last year. I know Petrovicky was involved. I guess Ruutu was the R. I think Dominic Moore was the M.

"Q" said...

Sykora = Quick
Malone = Powerful
Malkin = Deadly

The Laser Line.

original hockey ho said...

"Only thing this proved was that Gordan Bombay was a racist. How did that get past Walt Disney?"

didn't you know Disney was a racist AND an anti-semite? it's alleged, but I believe it. at the same time, though, what's NOT funny about calling that line the "oreo" line? disclaimerblog - I'm not a racist or an anti-semite. I'm an equal-opportunity hater.

As for the snippet: "Bucci also reminds us that there are 387 Armstrong and 587 Christensens out there." fuckin' ouch... I remember these posts very vividly after the Army/Christensen trade:

"What kind of Penguin fan are you?
When you heard of the trade, did you immediately think about Hossa?
Or did sadness strike for a moment when you saw Colby Armstrong's name?
We must say farewell to a guy (i.e. Army) who will forever have a place in our soul."

You know, as well as I and every other Pens fan out there, that there is and will always be only one Colby Armstrong. There's a lot more to a player than how he performs on the ice. The personal relationships players forge with both their teammates and and their fans is just as important - especially in Pittsburgh. That's why so many players, regardless of how long they play for us, come here when they retire or fight to stay. we mean the world to them and they have our love and support in return. (until, of course, that love starts dying alive...)

other than that, solid post, as usual. respect.


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