Friday, March 14, 2008

Dial H For Hossa

Not much going on in Penguin land.
It's on days like these that you wish the Eliminator from American Gladiators was in your basement.

( We're switching all the logos to this circular design.
This is the kind of stuff we get excited about. )

:: Solid article by Mike Prisuta about the Pens locker room. [Trib]

Still no update on Hossa. But we're saying he's playing.
We also said your girlfriend wasn't cheating on you, and we were wrong about that, so whatev.

:: The Pens will be playing an exhibition game next season in Finland. [ PG ]
The best part about it is that they'll be playing in a town (or team) called Jokerit.

Solid logo.

And we found this Jokerit video on YouTube.
Look at the comment section with all the Finnish jobbing going on.

Who sings that song?

:: Hooks Orpik over at [ The Sweater Ted ]
examines the personal milestones some Pens are approaching.

:: [ James Mirtle M.D. ] estimates the Pens have lost 155 man-games this season.
Join us as we say, is that all????

The Bill Masterton Trophy.
Named after a player who died from injuries sustained in an NHL game back in 1968.

"It is awarded to the NHL player who best exemplifies qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey."

Each team gets a person nominated.
Local hockey writers take part in the process.

Your 2007-08 Penguins nominee: Ty Conklin.
[ Trib ]

Your 1995-96 Winner:


Have you honestly watched a Pens game since February 26th
and thought, "Man, where's Christensen and Army?"

You simply just don't have the energy to think about it during a playoff run.

Army: 7 Games
2 Goals, 3 Assists, -1

Crusher: 7 Games
2 Goals, 1 Assist, -3

Esposito: Touching himself



Buffalo's Nathan Paetsch may be done for the year
after getting a concussion from the Laraque elbow. [ Yahoo ]

:: BGL gets suspended 3 games for the People's Elbow. [ ]

That will make him available for the Tampa Bay game next Thursday,
which is actually the only remaining non-Atlantic game on the Pens schedule.


Speaking of suspensions, Chris Pronger is getting NOTHING for his stomp. [ TSN ]

Thanks to Canaan for this better vid.

Flyers stunned that the Leafs swept the home-and-home. [ Toronto Sun ]

Surprise. Havlat gets season-ending surgery. [ Chicago Tribune ]

Kris Draper tore his groin. [ TSN ]
Now the Wings have an excuse when they get bounced.

:: GDubs at [Deadspin] found this.

It warrants repeating:
:: Who has the hottest ice girls? [PuckThatHit]

The Pens Patrol has a solid showing in the top 5.
The leaders right now are the Blackhawks:




Some recent additions:

A new WWGRD shirt.
We, like some others, brought the WWGRD shirts and are fine with them.
Some people said the lettering was almost green:

Another addition:

Brass Of A Riverboat Gambler

Coming this weekend:

Commit to the Stoosh

As always, suggestions are welcome.


::[Barry Melrose Rocks ] found this videoblog that some Leaf fan does:

A real sad look at what Maple Leafs fans are up to.
Kind of funny though.

:: National Hockey League Fans Association? It exists. [ Hockey News ]

:: Eric Duhatschek loves the rumored outdoor game at Yankee Stadium. [ Globe and Mail ]
Solid read at [ Fanhouse ] too.

There are worse things than hockey being the last sporting event in Yankee Stadium.

Just imagine the outrage if a 60-year-old celebrity was allowed
to put on a Yankees uniform for a baseball game.

Oh wait.

People born after 1990, thoughts?

"Billy Who?"

These ballplayers work 24/7/365 to beat the near-impossible odds of making it to the Big Leagues.
Wouldn't you be offended if Billy Crystal strolled up to the plate and you were pitching?

Pirates should have bean his ass.



Go Pens


Eric K said...

commit to the stoosh = unreal shirt

if you have the 10 greatest games DVD, check out the game when Mario returns from retirement against the Leafs. #7 in the Toronto Blue and White....Gary Roberts. But I'm sure everyone knew that already.


j.s.22 said...

Honestly, does anyone really miss Armstrong and EC?

It's not a bash towards them, but has anyone been caught up saying "Man, I wish we had Armstrong or EC on that line."

canaanregulatesblog said...

that jokerit team in that video had some decent nhl talent: metropolit, Filippula.

that song is from status quo.

canaanregulatesblog said...

oh, and here's a better vid of the pronger hit.

caliplayr21 said...

the papers have mentioned upwards of 225 man games lost. just the buffalo game added some 6 games I think. Sid, Roberts, Talbot, Eaton, Scuderi, Hall. I wonder if we lead the league.

At least we never lost a player as good as Coburn and went to the shitters a la Philly. We just lost the best player in the world for a couple months. We had it good. *rolls eyes*

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

When I first saw that Ice Girl poll last week, the Penguins were in first place by A LOT!

But now Chicago's beating us by like 800 votes? SOMEONE RIGGED THAT SHIT!!!

Oh, I'll put up with a lot, but I will not put up with the our ice girls losing that poll damnit!

GwinTheEskimo said...

actually set up eliminator/assault in friend's basement during the mid-90's: multiple pillows/couch cusions, tennis balls, and lots and lots of Nerf.

Hip said...

Guess who's gonna be watching Sunday's game live?? That's right bitches. No more me asking what the fuck happened every 1.7 seconds in GDC.


Nathan said...

With Billy Crystal getting a spring training at-bat, whatev. It's spring training, he batted leadoff, then immediately left the game. It's not like he's taking chances away from some rookie. Spring training's the time to do stupid shit like that, because it doesn't matter, and anyone who cares about spring training games needs professional help. It's like football training camp and preseason games in that respect.

If I was a Minnesota Wild fan, I'd have killed myself years ago. If anyone ever invents a time machine and wants to save the hockey world, take it back to 1992 or so and kill Jacques Lemaire with a shovel. Somebody needs to explain to Brian Rolston that a slap shot never beats a competent goalie in a shootout. It took a lot of self-restraint not to beat up my cats after the shootout in the Minnesota-New Jersey game last night.

The day's going to come when Marian Gaborik snaps and kills Lemaire and half that team, because he's too talented a player to be stuck with that team.

Ryan said...

How does the "genius" Mirtle ESTIMATE only 155 games missed? There's really very little estimation involved.

And the number is about 100 games higher than that.

onesizedrummer said...

and then beaned the next 4 guys as well...

what a joke


Kristen PB said...

Finally watched the 2nd and 3rd periods of the Sabre game last night.(God bless TiVO!)

What a show! The only sour note was that BGL hit.

I was really disappointed by it, probably because I like to think that my team would never do anything deliberately to hurt another player, they play for love of the game, blah blah.

In the past, I've been able to justify some of BGL's hits (getting the team into the game, retribution, warning, whatever...)

But man, a suspension is exactly what should happen to him for that head shot. He had Paetsch lined up 'til Tuesday, now the guy has a concussion, and I don't see any justification for it.

I used to look at BGL as a tough player, a crash-and-smash kind of guy, but one that was just doing his job. But I can't see that hit as anything but dirty.

onesizedrummer said...

anyone see the Sid Crosby League of Clutch commercial???


can't find it yet on you tube or gaterade's web site yet.


Mumm-Ra The Ever Living said...

What are the chances Gary Roberts used that Masterton Trophy to impale someone's soul shortly after that picture was taken? I'm saying 98-2.

Hopefully it was Sergei Berezin.

Flyer Hater said...

Unfortunately it seems like way too many people are constantly thinking about Armstrong and Christensen, even weeks after the trade. I swear, I wonder what these same people did when we traded Craig Simpson, Zarley Zalapski, John Cullen, Paul Coffey, Mark Recchi, etc.

Stoosh said...

JS22 -

Tuesday night, I was watching the highlights of the Thrashers-Avs game on NHL Network. Atlanta lost like 5-2 or something.

The highlights were showing a Colorado goal and I noticed Armstrong on the ice for the goal against. The camera caught him a few seconds afterwards looking up towards the scoreboard and he has this "I can't believe I'm in f'ing Atlanta" look on his face. I always wondered how guys who were traded from contenders to teams fighting for lottery picks really felt about the deal, and the expression on Armstrong's face may have spoken volumes. To that end, I do feel bad because Armstrong really seemed to enjoy being on this team and in this city.

But honestly...

1. I think Dupuis has been better since he got here.

2. I still wouldn't re-do that deal. I'm an Armstrong fan, but I'm a bigger Penguins fan and I want a Stanley Cup. We can always invite Army and EC to the party if we win...Lord knows they aren't going to be busy with the Thrashers.

3. I still maintain that the Hossa deal would've been much more universally accepted had it been anyone else other than Army going in that deal (and by anyone, I mean anyone other than Sid or Geno). I sometimes think that Shero could've dealt Staal and it wouldn't have garnered as much criticism.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, frigteningly enough I think many Penguin fans would have been more accepting if we would have trading freaking Jordan Staal and Christensen for Hossa. I know it's insane, but some would have preferred that.

Stoosh said...


I'll bite on this because the only teams I follow more than the Pirates are the Pens and Pitt "footbaw".

I'm lukewarm on the whole thing.

Do the Pens have like a celebrity fan or something? If the Pens had some well-known celebrity hockey fans - say Denis Leary or Kurt Russell - and either of them asked to skate one or two shifts during a preseason game with Sid and Malkin, would I be upset? I don't think I would.

Of course, Leary and Russell are infinitely cooler people than Billy Crystal. Don't get me wrong, I like Billy Crystal. But Leary gave us "No Cure For Cancer". And with Russell, we're talking about Herb Brooks, Stuntman Mike, Captain Ron, Snake Plissken, Bull McCaffrey, Gabe Cash and a portrayal of Wyatt Earp that was so friggin' awesome, they should've just called the movie "Gary Roberts in a Western" instead of "Tombstone".

So maybe Jeff Goldblum would've been a better choice. At the very least, he could yell "Must go faster! Must go faster!" when skating with Sid and Geno.


I loved the irony that the Pirates were used as a necessary part of this gimmick. The front office has done nothing but prioritize gimmicks over baseball for years's marketed like a minor-league team. Consider that on the same day the Pens were making a deal to set themselves up for a championship run, the Pirates were announcing their newest gimmick to draw fans to the park - an all-you-can-eat section for Sunday and weekday games. Anything to avoid the elephant in the room that is the actual baseball team.

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - I know that's right because I heard some fans say the very same thing.

legal_peach said...

I'm a Thrashers fan down here in Atlanta and all I can say is THANK YOU Shero for sending us Crusher and Army. We LOVE them. They're on a line with Perrin now and the chemistry is great. Of course, we also love and miss Hossa, so - GO PENS!!!!

Nathan said...

And wanting to trade Staal before Army is precisely why those people would never be the GM of a professional sports team. Well, that, and a total lack of connections necessary to get them into the business in the first place.

Trading Staal is a deal that the Pirates' GM would make, but Shero seems like he has a bit more sense than the last few clowns who've been making personnel decisions with the Pirates. I mean, imagine if the Pens had used the draft picks that brought Malkin and Crosby to Pittsburgh on career third-liners they'd never have to pay more than $3 million/year or traded Crosby and Malkin before their rookie contracts expired, but still threw huge amounts of money at guys like Glen Wesley every offseason, and you'd have the Pirates management. And people wonder why I can't watch those idiots anymore.

And nothing personal against Glen Wesley, he was just the first washed-up old guy who came to mind while I was writing that.

Lady Jaye said...

What is the logic behind Pronger not getting a suspension? What am I missing?

ada520 said...

That sports anchor in the pronger video is smoking.

Great recap of buffalo. Little late on this but the natrone means reference was great. He could not be touched in Madden 95. Swing pass to him on the right = touchdown everytime.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hmmm, 3 game suspension for BGL? A little harsh if you ask me.

The hit didn't seem that brutal and as someone on here already mentioned... he hit a guy who was already concussed(word?) the night before. From every replay of the "elbow" it looked like BGL hit him more with the upper arm and shoulder than with the elbow.

1 game suspension at most.

And Pronger not getting suspended. Not surprised. He's one of the "faces" of the NHL out West so they can't suspend his pansy ass. Whatev.

Stoosh said...

BNG66 - I heard the guys on the NHL Network discussing BGL's suspension last night a little bit. The suspension was given because it was a shot to the head, and not necessarily because there was any intent to injure.

Without researching previous suspensions this year for similar infractions, it sounds to me like the NHL has made hits to the head a statutory offense - any infraction regardless of intent will draw a base-level suspension (I'm assuming two or three games is the starting point), and the suspension can vary depending upon perceived intent to injure.

If that's the case, I'm cool with that. If there's one thing the league needs to cut down on, it's the hits to the head. Too many good careers have been cut short or at least significantly affected because of concussion-related issues (LaFontaine, Deadmarsh for a couple of brief examples). Reading what some of these guys are still going through years after these hits were delivered is downright scary.

I have yet to see the Pronger hit, but judging by the reactions I've read, it sounds like double-standards on some of these suspensions are at work.

Ghwomb said...

Finland's a joke.

I wonder what Sundin said to the finn before he won the faceoff. He probably threatened the finnish player with Gary Roberts.

Too bad the Pens doesn't have a faceoff guy like Sundin, yet.

marcetta said...

I'm still waiting on Five Hole thongs in the storeblog... ha ha ha

Flyer Hater said...

3 game suspension is perfectly fine. Like Stoosh said, head shots have already damaged or ended way too many careers. It doesn't matter if he intended to do it or not, he did it and that's all that matters.

J.S. said...

Guess who's getting jobbed by the reserves again this weekend? Me! How in the fuck can they schedule back to back drill weekends on both Sundays in which the Pens play the Flyers? Sure, I did get out last time because of inclimate weather (there was a true white out going on), but with warm temps coming in, there's no chance in hell of me getting out early. Looks like I may have to fork out for that USB HD antenna. Have it running while I have a book of courses in the background, in case anybody is looking over my shoulder.

Pensgirl said...

Melt Your Face-Off for the win re: Pronger. It is an absolute travesty that he's not done for the year.

wallflower said...

To be honest, I've heard/seen more people complaining about the fans supposedly bemoaning the loss of Armstrong than I have actually heard/seen fans bemoaning them being gone. Just saying.

Flyer Hater said...


bluzdude said...

I'm not at all comfortable about facing the Flyers without Big Georges on the bench. The Flyers are exactly the kind of team that will try to take advantage of that. We may have some guys that will fight... Malone, Talbot, any of the call-ups... but there's no one that is a deterrent to the kind of cheap-shotting the Flyers are famous for.

While Georges' suspension may be warranted, it still leaves me uneasy. It's like you get used to having that big dog on your porch, then when it's gone, you're left vulnerable. While Georges may have been living in the dog house lately, befitting his Big Dog status, you can't help but notice that since his arrival, we haven't been getting cheap-shotted as much, like Hatcher blasting out some of Sid's teeth with an (uncalled) elbow, or Sid getting speared in the gut on a face-off. His mere presence seems to have eliminated those kinds of egregious liberties opposing teams had been taking with our stars.

OK, I feel better now...

Stoosh... No Cure For Cancer = one of the best standups ever. Still holds up today, almost 15 years later.

j.s.22 said...

At least Hossa might be back for the Sunday game.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I agree that BGL is a deterrent for the ruff-stuff...but I don't feel so bad with him out of the lineup anymore...In addition to the 2 you mentioned + WB/S guys Stone & Kennedy that will drop the gloves + Ruutu & USS Hal Gill...with the Cryers clinging to that 8th seed & looking to move up...they can't afford to play typical 'flyer hockey' unless they have a huge lead [doubtful] or are trailing by a big number in the 3rd period [hopefully]

Letting Sid rest is a good decision, IMO...just hope it doesn't linger on like Mad-Max's has up until now

[Hossa: spelled backwards ->Ass Oh
as in: The Flyers & their fans are a bunch of Ass Oh's]

stokes said...

Gary Roberts with the Official Haircut of Jeff Jimerson- The Butt Cutt. Since 1983.

Flyer Hater said... for morons

Exhibit A

"It's now officially hopeless. No matter what happens, they cannot get healthy. They will not be healthy. It's just of those years. Nothing you can do about it but look forward to next year. And I'm being serious. When the hockey gods are against you as payback for getting Sid and losing all those years to get high draft picks, there is no fighting them. Just get the year over with and start anew."

Take a bridge, joke.

canaanregulatesblog said...

way to lump all of the board (the one you keep trying to get back on, no less) into one guy's post.

flyer hater = kenny melvin = joke

coffeytalk said...

I think the USS Hal Gill will totally battle on Sunday. I can't wait for him to smash a Flyer.

PittHockey said...

crosby's out for a week / 3 games.


IndianaJohns04 said...

dammit crosby came back too early now he's gone for another week

Christina said...

gah i'm going to the game sunday and was hoping to witness a little crosby-hossa magic....but i'd rather have a healthy (or healthier) bing for the playoffs. good move sid.


Dwight said...

Crosby and Gatorade

Also Crosby in "Live every Shift"

Dr. Turkleton said...

this date in Penguins hockey history,
March 14, 1997: Pittsburgh's Joey Mullen scored his 500th NHL career goal and added an assist in the Penguins' 6-3 loss, at Colorado. Mullen became the first American-born player (and the 25th in NHL history) to score 500 goals.

Getting 'Slippery Rock' Joe Mullen back in 1990 for a 2nd round pick has to be in the top 5 of Penguins trade acquisitions, IMO....
Despite his quiet leadership & seeming to come up with big goals when needed, I'll always envision him wearing that neckbrace 'collar' in the later stages of his Penguin career [not making fun of his neck injury] just kinda summed up his career: Hell's Kitchen on Roller Skates, never the best or fastest skater, but just knew how to compete, game after game, all along the way, consistently finding the back of the net.

mizzdz said...

Am I missing something here? Everyone is calling this a "big hit" from BGL, but I would have to see another angle to believe this was nothing more than a graze to the chin. Not trying to dwell on it, but I missed seeing it during the original broadcast.

And Pronger gets NOTHING? I don't need the new "clearer" video to convince me that he "clearly" stomped on that guys leg!

Flyer Hater said...

Gates at the Mellon open at 10:30 on Sunday. Seriously, this is a joke. Both teams are going to sleepwalk through the first two periods.

Stoosh said...

CANAAN - Thank you.

I haven't checked that particular thread over at LGP since about 2:00 or so, but even then, it was one poster out of two pages worth of comments that was writing things off. Everyone else was pretty much saying what we've been saying sucks, but it's nothing this team hasn't dealt with this year.

Flyer Hater said...

Yeah it was pretty stupid for me to generalize that asinine statement to everyone on there, my apologies. Stoosh posts over there so it has to be worth while.

Reminderblog-the history of the Pittsburgh Penguins is on tonight at 8 on FSNP. Directed and produced by Rob King, should be gold.

Dr. Turkleton said... good is the Mellon Ice gonna be on Sunday ????:

• Joel Osteen preachin' tonight
• Bon Jovi & Daughtry rockin' it out on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Nights All-Right !!!!!
• Pens v. Cryers at High Noon...

Winter Classic Ice > Mellon Ice on 3/16 ???

my buddy said Crosby & Big Poppa Pump will never play together when the trade happened...I laughed at, I'm not so sure he wasn't right...if Sid's out 1 week...only 8 games left to see them on the ice 'together'

[Hossa: skate in rut / pulled groin waiting to happen on Sunday]

canaanregulatesblog said...


you need to knock on some wood and break that bad juju =)

Stoosh said...

For someone who didn't grow up in Pittsburgh and never got to truly appreciate the history of this franchise, this FSN special is terrific. Flyer Hater was right...a Rob King production = golden.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Pete the Penguin = dies of pneumonia

sums up those lean, early years, eh?

walking down Pens History Lane = classicblog

Stoosh said...

Dr. T - Amazing to me...

- how many times this franchise was on the edge of folding.

- the blue jerseys. And I wouldn't mind at all if we ever bring back the Cup era look.

- the old arena shots...all I've ever known is the arena with both the E and F balconies. Really strange to see those old shots before E balcony was put up.

- Michel Briere...I sometimes wonder just how much history would've changed had he not been killed in that car accident. Does the club ever bottom out and set the stage for Lemieux? And if we don't get Lemieux, how long would the franchise have continued to exist here?

- 1992-93 -- that team was just unbelievably sick. 367 goals scored in 84 games...that team AVERAGED almost 4.5 goals a game. Four 100-point players and six 80-point players. Unreal. Goes to show anything can happen in the playoffs.

BlacknGold66 said...

Ovechblow given an assist.

Then it's taken away.

I love it.

AH FUCK!! He just scored while I was typing this. What an Ass oh.

Dr. Turkleton said...


That's what I was most looking forward to seeing...their early'd be nice to see more video of those early 70's games [I've seen at least 1 on NHL Net]...but it's always fun to reminisce & see the Blue & Whites again

I know that NHL franchises have their highs & lows, but it would be tough to find another that's had the highest of highs & the lowest of lows that this organization has endured during it's 1st 40 years.

This 1 hr Pens History Lesson has Penguin DVD Give-Away written all over it for next year [when I guess they're going to acknowledge their 40th season in the league]

Flyer Hater said...

Best part of that Penguins special, Saint Roberts closing it out. Unreal

Hip said...

@BNG - lol. Karma's a bitch.

I want Geno to bust out with like 5 points Sunday. Soooooooooo badly.

Just watched some History of the Pens thing on FSN. It's good to be home in the Burgh. Solid interview with Gary Roberts near the end basically guaranteeing a Cup within the next couple of years...

ass oh

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ BNG66

AH FUCK!! He just scored while I was typing this. What an Ass oh.

Love It !!!!...the Anti-Hossa !!!!

Hip said...

ok apparently I didn't read the other 18 comments above talking about the special.


BlacknGold66 said...

At least you got to see it Hip.

I hate not having FSN Pittsburgh for things like that.

I'm complaining to the wrong person though as Hip knows EXACTLY how I feel.

Flyer Hater said...

Could be a huge weekend for Pittsburgh sports.

Pitt's in the BE tourney Final for like the 1,454 time in a row against Georgetown tomorrow at 9.

Then, set your alarms for a two in the morning start against the Flyers on Sunday.

Doug said...

Wow, I started watching the Big East Tourney and completely forgot about the Pens special at 8.

Me = stunned.

Anyone know when it will re-air?

shubedoo66 said...

I love the Issac Mendez picture. Of course it could just be another Jinx

onesizedrummer said...

wife and i planning a WBS april 5th
game and then the end of the season game in philly on the 6th. anyone know any good places to stay and eat in both areas?

--FritoWill = stunned (wife's idea)

EWW said...

Nice new circular logos.

dappie99 said...

first off....heroes mendez it!

second: staff here is link for bing's new commercial.

wasn't all that impressed but always great exposure for our beloved Pens.


osheak234 said...

Well this is the 67th comment. I'm kind of sad to ruin that..

but looks like we might be facing a former Pen when we play Jokerit next year.. they have Matt Hussey rostered, he played a few games for us back in 05-06 I believe.

lis said...


In W-B you want to go to the Arena Bar and Grill before or after the game. Good chance you'll see some of the guys if you go after. Great food and lots and lots of beer.

In Philly I would suggest Chickies & Pete. It's right by the stadium. Awesome crab fries.

Not sure I can recommend hotels. would probably say the Econo Lodge in Wilkes-Barre. I know there is a Holiday Inn right near the stadium complex in Philly


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