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Cathedrals Of Hockey: Our Second Homes

The historic arenas of hockey.
If you're attached to the game of hockey, your teams arena isn't just another building.
It's a place where dreams are born, dreams are dashed.
Your darkest moments, your best times.

All captured in crammed rows of seats, sometimes with friends or family. Other times with virtual strangers flanking you in every direction.

In the end, every arena has a story.
We will never understand the way people felt about the "Winnipeg Arena," just as people can never understand how we feel about the Mellon arena.

But we wanted to try and find some things out about other arenas in NHL.

One thing led to another.....

Forgive us if we've messed up something in regards to your team.
Leave something in the comments, and we'll correct it eventually.

*Years denote the seasons that the teams played in their respective arenas.
**We didn't list every arena ever. Snore.

Here is a list of all arenas and their Wiki links. [ Wikipedia ]

Enjoy the ride.

( 1928 - 1995 )
Capacity: 14,448
"Stanley Cup and Divisional banners hung from the ceiling like medals...on a uniform."

2008 Status: Demolished

It was built by Tex Rickard, who was a big deal in the roaring '20s.
He was a boxing promoter and built the Garden with boxing in mind, back when a big boxing match happened more often than once every two years like it does today.

It led to the seats being unrealistically close to the action,
giving the Bruins and the NBA's Celtics a distinct home-team advantage.

The Garden was built above a major junction of the city's underground transportation system.

For away teams, the Garden was mud.
It had no air conditioning, which led to fog engulfing the ice during playoff games in the Spring.
That would be okay nowadays, since the Bruins are never around by mid-April.

With the new wave of arenas being built in the '90s and 2000's, the NHL was able to say goodbye to one of the intricacies that made hockey arenas great: different dimensions.

The hockey rink was 9 feet shorter and 2 feet narrower than a standard rink,
which made it a bitch to play in for away teams.

The Garden lives in Penguins lore as having been a notoriously difficult place to play.
They had won only 6 times in 50 games there before the 1991 playoffs.

The Garden sat symbolically in a tough part of town.

But as Earl Mann points out in "One From The Heart,"
the Pens grew up in a rough neighborhood also: The Patrick Division.

Led Zeppelin was banned from the Boston Garden in 1975 after fans rioted in the Garden lobby while waiting for tickets to go on sale.
Who the hell riots? Idiots.


Bobby Orr scored this goal to clinch the 1970 Stanley Cup.

In the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals against Edmonton, with Boston down 3 games to none,
a blown fuse in the Garden put the lights out during the second period of a 3-3 game.

The game was canceled and the series was moved to Edmonton for a brand-new game 4,
where the Oilers completed the sweep.


( 1995 - Present )
Capacity: 17,565

It was initially to be named the Shawmut Center, after some big-time bank in Boston.
But a bigger bank called Fleet Bank dominated and merged with Shawmut Bank, and the name was changed to The FleetCenter.

The arena had already stamped "Shawmut" logos on all the seats, so they had to replace all of those as well as re-do the interior color scheme.

The naming-rights soap opera was not done.
In 2005, something happened, nobody cares, and the Bruins elected to auction off naming rights on a day-to-day basis on eBay until a long-term sponsor could be found.

One winner of the auction was a lawyer from New York,
who wanted to rename the arena "Derek Jeter Center."

We miss the Garden.


( 1970 - 1996 )
Capacity: 16,230

2008 Status: Hanging on for dear life

Imagine walking into that building to watch a hockey game. Goosebump City.

For whatever reason, The Aud was and still is an icon.
It was built back in 1940, before you were even a thought.

When the Sabres came along in 1970, they actually lifted the roof off of the place in order to fit another ring of seats on the upper level.

Since the Sabres left, the interior hasn't been touched, with the scoreboard and advertisements remaining how they were when the Sabres played their last game there.


In the final game (a loss) of their first playoffs appearance in 1972-73, the home fans chanted THANK YOU SABRES to show their appreciation.

In 1975, during Game 3 of the Cup Finals against Boston, the Aud was completely dominated by fog due to unseasonable temperatures in Buffalo.
In that game, a Sabres player knocked a bat out of the air and killed it.

But the majority of sports fans know the Aud for what happened there on March 22, 1989.

Some sick human thought it would have been cool to make a figurine.

Go [ here ] for an unreal photo of the incident.


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 18,690

HSBC is in the foreground.
The Aud is back there, 11 inches from the freeway.

Not much to say about the HSBC Arena.
Kaspar scored the Game 7 goal there in 2001.

In 1996, in a scene straight out of Sudden Death, the JumboTron fell to the ice.


We miss the Aud.

Strangely enough....
This year, we were all terrified when the Florida Panthers Richard Zednik
caught a skate in the throat at the HSBC.




( 1926 - 1996 )
Capacity: 17,959

2008 Status: Still around

Its reputation precedes it. Nothing to say.

In 1989, the Flames became the only visiting team in win the Cup there.

As of 2008, it's an entertainment complex called the Pepsi Forum.


One of the most heralded arenas in all of sports.


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 21,273

It's been awarded the 2009 All-Star Game,
coinciding with the Canadiens' 100th year of existence.


It probably smells.


( 1992 - 1995 )
Capacity: 10,575

2008 Status: Plays host to AHL games

One of the oddest stadium configurations in Western civilization.
One side of the arena roof is actually the grandstands of an adjoining football stadium.

Art Vandelay was apparently in charge of that one.
Picture from [OHL ARENA & Travel Guide]


Being a mistake


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 19,153

Ottawa have to overcome a lot of roadblocks to get this building done.

They eventually settled on building it in a place that is totally removed from restaurants, bars, and the world.


Its isolated location enables it to make out with other arenas of the same gender without being seen.


( 1931 - 1999 )
Capacity: 15,837

2008 Status: Some jobbers are turning it into a grocery store.

Again, another stadium whose reputation precedes itself.

But then, we were given a gift from the Heavens when we came across the information about little-boy molesting taking place there in the '70s and '80s.


The powers that be wanted to gut the arena, but were stunned when they realized that the spectator stands are actually holding up the walls of the building.


In the '70s or '80s, Gardens employees were touching little boys.
Actually, it's true. [ Wiki ]


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 18,819

The ACC is monitored 24/7/365 by cameras and security personnel on foot,
protecting the Stanley Cup on display that Toronto will never win.


Toronto will never win another Cup.


( 1999 - Present )
Capacity: 18,750

It's peculiar because they have all the luxury boxes and crap solely on one side of the arena.

As you can imagine, Philips has decked out the arena with some sick TV's throughout the place.


( 1997 - 1999 )
Capacity: 21,273

2008 Status: Still Standing

Built in 1959, the Greensboro Coliseum was the temporary home in 1997 for the relocated Hartford Whalers as they waited for an arena to be built in Raleigh.

Insane ticket-price increases and the fanbases' boycott of a team that would be leaving town anyway contributed to the Hurricanes not selling out games there.

The jobbers who ran the place actually put huge curtains over sections of seats in an effort to depict ticket scarcity and raise ticket prices even more. Jokes.


( 1999 - Present )
Capacity: 18,730

Solid parking layout.


During the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals, a decibel level of 134db was recorded at Game 7 against Edmonton.
It is reportedly the loudest decibel level ever recorded at a sporting event.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Capacity: 15,635
2008 Status: Alive and well

There was nothing quite like this place.
Everytime the Pens played there it felt like they would lost.

As originally built in 1975, it seated 10,507 for hockey, and served as the home of the then-New England Whalers for three years. The roof collapsed during a heavy snowstorm in the early morning of January 18, 1978, causing serious damage to the seating bowl area. The building was heavily renovated and re-opened January 17, 1980.[Wiki]

The Civic center was attached to a shopping Mall, which made it a joke for years.



( 1993 - 1998 )
Capacity: 14,696

2008 Status: It is still mud

Looks like a shot from a 1994 NHL video game.


It was the home of the "rat trick" during the 1996 season.


BankAtlantic CENTER
( 1998 - Present )
Capacity: 19,250

Another solid parking layout.


Its outdoors walkways have been dubbed "Flying Saucer Grove".


( 1974 - 1997 )
Capacity: 18,130

Status: Demolished to make way for a shopping mall.

It was the Penguins' second arena during the '90s, with Pens fans invading the Cap Center for regular-season and playoff games.

It was the first arena to have a video-replay screen on its scoreboard.

Another sad fate.


It's been home to two of the longest games in NHL history.

It hosted the [ Easter Epic ] in 1987.
In 1996, it hosted another 4-OT game, this time against the Penguins.

The Capitals lost both.


( 1997 - Present )
Capacity: 18,277

In many circles, Verizon Center is said to have the worst ice conditions in the NHL.


( 1992 - 1993 )
Capacity: 10,425

Status: Still around

We have no idea what we're looking at in that pic.
The stadium only held 10,000 people, forcing the Lightning to move after one season.


ThunderDome [ Tropicana Field ]
( 1993 - 1996 )
Capacity: 26,000

Status: Hosts baseball games

Unbeknownst to people who were 8 years old at the time, the Lightning actually played in a baseball-capacity stadium for their next two years of existence, setting NHL attendance records in the process.


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 19,758

They won the Cup there in 2004.


( 1972 - Present )
Capacity: 16,234

It has the smallest capacity of any NHL arena.
It was built on the site of a former Army and Air Force base, thus giving it its name.

The Islanders were actually a bastard child of the NHL.
The now-defunct WHA intended on having a team play there when it was initially built, but the NHL didn't want that rival league to have a franchise as the lone tenant of a stadium in New York, so the Islanders were conjured out of thin air to beat the WHA to the punch.

Billy Joel had a banner hanging in the Coliseum for a while,
denoting his many sellout concerts at his "hometown" venue.

The Islanders are in talks of getting a new arena project under way.


Down 3 games to none in 1975 against the Penguins, they won 4 straight,
winning the final won in the Nassau Vet.

Mario Lemieux scored his 500th career goal there.


( 1982 - 2007 )
Capacity: 19,040

Status: Alive and well, but may be stunned

It was initially named after the sitting governor of New Jersey at the time.
It's praised by many musical acts, as it was built with acoustics being taken into consideration.

The acoustics proved to be a home-ice advantage for the Devils in the '90s and 2000's when the collective sound of their fans snoring would disorient opposing teams.


Following a 6-1 loss to Boston in the 1987-88 Wales Conference Finals, referee Don Koharski fell in the tunnel and blamed Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld for pushing him.
Shoenfeld retorted by calling him a fat pig and telling him to eat another doughnut.

The NHL suspended Schoenfeld for Game 4,
but a New Jersey court intervened, lifting the suspension.

The NHL referees refused to take the ice for Game 4 in protest.


( 2007 - Present )
Capacity: 17,615

For some reason, it has less capacity than their previous arena.

It was built two blocks from the Newark Penn Station,
making it one of the most accessible arenas known to man.

It has a gargantuan LED monitor on the outside of the building; one of the biggest on Earth.


( 1968 - Present )
Capacity: 18,200

[ Wiki ]


It is actually the fourth version of the Madison Square Garden.
Go to that Wiki page for all that stuff.

The seating arrangement is said to leave something to be desired, as it is known to have some of the worst sightlines of an NHL arena.


It's a big deal.


( 1967 - 1996 )
Capacity: 17,380

Towards the end of the 1968 NHL season,
the roof of Spectrum was damaged due to high winds.

It put the Spectrum out of commission for a month.
The Flyers played their next two home games at Madison Square Garden and Maple Leaf Gardens, before finally settling on playing their "home" games in Quebec, where their minor-league team played.

The Spectrum was ready again for their first playoff game in April.

In 1993, a blizzard caused a concourse window to shatter, and the Flyers canceled their game already in progress.

It's located on Broad Street...thus the "Broad Street Bullies" moniker.


On January 11, 1976, the Flyers became the only NHL team to beat the Russian Red Army team during the '76 Super Series.
During that game, the Russians actually left the ice for a while in protest to the Flyers' dirty playing style.
They only returned when they were threatened with loss of salary for the entire Super Series.

It was also featured in the Rocky movies.


( 1996 - Present )
Capacity: 19,523

It was originally called the FirstUnion Center,
prompting Philly residents to call it the F.U. Center.

It is part of the massive Philadelphia Sports Complex.

It is home to the "Orange Crush."


It's been seen making out with Scotiabank Place in Ottawa.


( 1967 - Present )
Capacity: 16,958

Naturally, we can provide the most information on this arena.
It's nicknamed the Igloo, derrrr

When built, the dome had the capability to be completely opened, but the addition of a new scoreboard in the '90s eliminated it from ever happening again.

It was originally built to be the home of an orchestra, but they soon realized the acoustics in the dome were mud.

Renovations to the arena resulted in tiers of seating being added that overlapped the lower level, leaving some fans with the worst seats in professional sports, aside from being behind a cement pillar or beside a child molester.

During a 2006 game, the power went out.
During the game stoppage, proposals for a new arena showed on the arena scoreboard, and Penguins fans in attendance responded:

The city of Pittsburgh has come through, with a new arena expected for the 2010-11 season.


It was the setting for Jean-Claude Van Damme's Sudden Death.
The movie was a sudden joke.

Who the hell line-breaks a word in a movie poster? Get real.

When Mellon Arena goes down, it will be a very sad day.


( 1929 - 1994 )
Capacity: 17,317

2008 Status: Demolished

The stadium's rep is as huge as it gets.

In 1932, the first-ever NFL playoff game took place on an 80-yard dirt field inside Chicago Stadium because the players were jokes back then and couldn't play in Chicago's weather.

It had no circular feel to it, garnering comparisons to the Boston Garden.
So, naturally, the Blackhawks had a distinct home-ice advantage.

Losing the "Madhouse on Madison" in 1994 meant losing the ice surface's non-regulation dimensions.

It lives in Pittsburgh lore as the scene of the Penguins second Stanley Cup win.


We're not sure if this is the replica or the original organ.
We have to say it's the original, because no one has worn a bow-tie since 1992.

The Barton organ there was a huge deal; one of a kind.
For the best info on this beast, go [ here ].


( 1994 - Present )
Capacity: 20,500

The move from Chicago Stadium to the United Center was marred by the tactics of owner Bill Wirtz.
He didn't care for the legendary organ to be transferred over to the new arena, and he even said he didn't care if it went down with the old stadium.

Before Chicago Stadium got eliminated.

The new organ is a replica of the old Barton organ.
It reportedly took two years to match the intonation of the Barton.


During a moment of silence for the late Bill Wirtz at a Blackhaws game, people actually booed.


( 2000 - Present )
Capacity: 18,136

If you're looking for playoff hockey, don't go to Nationwide Arena.
The Columbus Blue Jackets have yet to make the playoffs.

Why have they haven't made the playoffs yet?
Locals claim it is haunted and cursed, since it was built near the site of the old Ohio Penitentiary.


In 2002, a 13-year-old girl wasn't watching what she was doing and was hit with an errant puck and killed.
The death resulted in the NHL installing netting behind the goals of all rinks.



( 1927 - 1979 )
Capacity: 15,000

2008 Status: Demolished

It was the first home for the Red Wings, but if you're not from Detroit, it means nothing.


The site of the first Octopus Throw.
Go [ here ] for the lowdown on that.


( 1979 - Present )
Capacity: 20,066

It was named after the boxer Joe Louis, a Detroit native.

It's been the centerpiece of the HOCKEYTOWN phenomenon of the past 15 years or so.

In recent times, the Joe has been the home of Seat-Outs,
where fans come dressed as empty seats.


( 1998 - Present )
Capacity: 17,113

It was formerly called the Gaylord Center, which makes us wish we ran a blog back then.
Sommet is some company around Nashville that does stuff.

Section 303 of the arena has been given the name "The Cellblock" in reference to the raucous craziness that takes place there.

The arena is consistently nominated as one of the best concert venues in America.


It is known to have more EXIT signs than most NHL arenas, just so fans know how to get out when their team gets eliminated in the first round every postseason.


( 1967 - 1994 )
Capacity: 20,000

2008 Status: Demolished

What an arena to walk into for a hockey game.

Solid pics of the place are hard to find, but the unique design of the roof provided fans with possibly the best sightlines of all time.


It may have been in Disney's Aladdin.


( 1994-Present )
Capacity: 20,000

After every goal scored by the Blues, a goal horn blares for 9 seconds.


It used to have pink seats.


( 1993 - Present )
Capacity: 17,174

[ Wiki ]


It was the site for Junior Goodwill Games in D2: The Mighty Ducks

What a moment


( 1993 - 2001 )
CAPACITY: 17,001

2008 Status: Alive and kicking.
[ Wiki ]

It hosts numerous concerts and is considered awesome by musicians.


American Airlines Center
CAPACITY: 18, 532

The facility opened with the largest ribbon-cutting ceremony ever,
according to the Guinness Book of Records. [WIKI]

The next night the Eagles played there.

Solid parking.

During 2007 the Mavericks, Stars, and Desperados all lost in the first round of the playoffs, thereby creating the nickname "The One and Done Center" for the American Airlines Center.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

CAPACITY: 15,000

2008 Status: Done

The Met Center was considered to be one of the finest arenas in the NHL for many years, both for its sight lines, and its ice surface. Among NHL players, the Met was known for fast ice, the best lighting, great locker rooms and training facilities. The Met never boasted fancy amenities, and by comparison to modern arenas it had cramped concourses, no luxury suites, and very few frills. As a sports facility, it could best be described as utilitarian, a theme which repeats itself in most Minnesota sports facilities built before 1988 (such as the Metrodome). [WIKI]

It is now an Ikea. Sad.

The very first performance of Sesame Street Live in September 1980.

And oh....

It is etched in our souls forever, as the Penguins won the Cup there on Saturday, May 25, 1991.

If you don't have tears in your eyes, you don't even know whats going on.


The Great Western Forum
CAPACITY: 16,005
2008 Status: Still up

First known as "The Fablous Forum", it cost like 16 bucks to build.
In the 1979, it was sold to Jerry Buss, owner of the Lakers.

In 1988 Buss sold the naming rights to some bank.
It then became the Great Western Forum.
In 2003 the naming rights expired. And it is now simply known as the Forum.


So many great moments.
In the 1980 season, the Forum saw the Triple Crown Line dominated the NHL, scoring 146 goals and 182 assists, good for 328 points.

Fast forward to spring 1982.
Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Game 3 of the Kings/Oilers series.

[ Miracle on Manchester]
This game saw the Kings down 5-0, only to score five goals in the third period.

The game went to OT and the Kings Daryl Evans stunned the world by beating Grant Fuhr at the 2:35 mark.


Staples Center
CAPACITY: 16,005

The Staples center was opened by the Boss in 1999 and hasn't looked back since.
It is the home of five pro sports teams; the only one of its kind.[WIKI]


The arena is host to 250 events and nearly 4,000,000 visitors a year.
It is almost larger than life.


America West Arena
CAPACITY: 16,210
2008 Status: Still around.

When the Coyotes moved in from Winnipeg all was thought to be well, but that wasn't the case.
The building wasn't ready to handle an NHL team.
It was barely big enough to fit an actual NHL size rink.
There were tons of sightline issues.

Several fans claimed to have seen areas where the original concrete had been sheared off to create retractable seating for hockey. The problem was so serious that, by the Coyotes' second season in Phoenix, the team had to curtain off some seats in the areas where the net couldn't be seen, cutting listed capacity from over 18,000 seats to just over 16,000. Even then, the setup was completely inadequate for the Coyotes. A small section of seats in the lower level actually hung over the boards, obstructing the view from over 3,000 seats. They also had to sell many obstructed-view tickets at a reduced price. In addition, an unfavorable lease caused financial troubles from which the franchise has never really recovered. [WIKI]

Famous whiteout

.................................................... Arena
CAPACITY: 17,799

Clearly the best arena name in sports.
It is part of a huge development thing going on in Glendale.


It has gotten screwed out of a few All Star games. [WIKI]


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Winnipeg Arena
CAPACITY: 15,556
2008 status: Gone

What a building.
When it was built, it was considered the greatest arena this side of MSG.

A painting of Queen Elizabeth II (one of the largest ever painted of the Queen) and hung from the Arena rafters.

In 1996, after the Jets left, another renovation took place. Club seats were added, and the North End ice level seats were replaced with a club lounge. The portrait of the Queen was also removed; as of 2007, it sits in a Whitby, Ontario storage facility and is for sale.

The Winnipeg Arena earned the nickname of the "White House" amongst locals for its traditional White Out during Jets' playoff games. The Winnipeg White Out is the best known and most loved sports tradition in Winnipeg.



Cow Palace
CAPACITY: 11,089
2008 Status: Still hanging on.

The Cow palace was originally known as the California Livestock Pavillion.

Every band that was ever a big deal played there.

The whole process of the NHL putting a team in San Jose is bizarre.
Hint: Howard Baldwin is involved.[WIKI]


Tons of unreal concerts.
The Cow Palace is officially the 1-A District Agricultural Association, a State agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Division of Fairs and Expositions. It has extensive stable and barn facilities for animal events, which are used for the annual Grand National Rodeo and occasionally for other events.


HP Pavilion
CAPACITY: 17,496

Nicknamed the "Shark Tank."
The players skate out of a giant shark before the game.
Good times.

It hosted the 1998 Royal Rumble.


It hosts an average of 190 events a year, including many non-sporting events. In 2006, the HP Pavilion sold the most tickets to non-sporting events of any venue in the Western United States, and the fourth highest total in the world, after Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, and the Air Canada Center in Toronto. [WIKI]


Stampede Corral
CAPACITY: Maybe 10,000
2008 Status: Hosting rodeos

The Flames first played here when they moved in from Atlanta.
In another strange wrestling tie in, the Corral played host to special wrestling supershows promoted by Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling. p Stampede Wrestling is known for having featured some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history prior to its purchase by World Wrestling Federation in 1984. Some of said stars included Bret Hart, Archie Gouldie, Dan Kroffat and Jake Roberts. [ WIKI]


They do some rodeo or something.

Pengrowth Saddledome
CAPACITY: 19,289

Maybe the coolest stadium in sports.

The distinctive saddle-shaped roof, giving the structure its name, is an inverted hyperbolic paraboloid. This original design is believed to still hold the world record for the longest spanning hyperbolic paraboloid concrete shell in the world. Projected onto the x-z plane the Saddledome produces a circle with a radius of 67.7m. Constructed using pre-cast concrete panels suspended by post-tension cables, the roof has an unobstructed 122 metre span covering 12,000 m², but is only 60 centimetres thick.[ WIKI]

Whatever that means.


During playoff games everyone in the building wears a red Flames jersey.


McNichols Sports Arena
CAPACITY: 16,061
2008 Status: Gone

Another huge building for concerts.
The AV'S played here when they moved in from Quebec.


REO Speedwagon's concert from 1981 was performed there as MTV's first ever live concert.


Pepsi Center
CAPACITY: 18,007

The Pepsi Center was at the heart of a huge rebuilding complex project in Denver.

The AV'S moved in for the 1999 season.


They would go on to have the NHL record for the longest consecutive attendance sell out with 487. The streak began on November 9, 1995, on the Avalanche's eighth regular season home game during the 1995–96 season, with an attendance of 16,061 at the McNichols Sports ArenaDallas Stars. Almost 11 years later, it ended on October 16, 2006, after a reported attendance of 17,681, which is 326 under capacity at Pepsi Center, before a game against the Chicago Blackhawks. [WIKI]


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Colisée de Québec
CAPACITY: 15,399

The arena was originally built in 1950, seating 10,000, to replace a building on the same site that had burned down a year earlier. It was known as "The House that Béliveau Built", as it was often filled to capacity in its earlier years to watch Jean Béliveau star for the Quebec Aces before moving to the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens. Two decades later, full houses came out to see Guy Lafleur fly down the ice as a member of the Quebec Remparts before he, too, would become a Hab.[WIKI]

Forced to move because the market wasn't big enough.

The Quebec faithful got another slap in the face
when Pepsi bought the rights to the Colisée de Québec.

Pepsi also sponsors the Av's arena in Colorado.

Also, not known at the time, Quebec was preparing to change its logo.



The Colisée hosts the "Quebec International Peewee Hockey Tournament," annually in February. It attracts the most teams to a single event in the world, with almost 2300 young hockey players from 16 countries participating


Rexall Place
CAPACITY: 16,839

The Rexall opened in 1974 as the Northlands Coliseum.
It has been through different names time and again, before getting to Rexall.

The Rexall played host to one of the great dynasties in the history of the game.
Led by the Great Joke.
The Oilers won five Cups and produced some of the greatest players in the history of the NHL.

Known for its great ice, the "REX" is one of the NHL oldest arenas.
A new ownership group is about to take over the Oilers.
So a new Arena will most likely be on the table.




Xcel Energy Center
CAPACITY: 18,064

The "X" was opened in 2000.
The arena contains four spectator levels: one suite level, and three general seating levels named the 100 level, the club level, and the 200 level.
It is widely regarded as the best arena in hockey.

The 10-millionth person passed through the gates on July 3, 2007 to see The Police Reunion Tour seven years after the building first opened.
The Police were a big deal.


The Wild have sold out every game at the "X"


Pacific Coliseum
CAPACITY: 16,281

The Coliseum opened in 1968 and was the home of the Canucks starting in 1970.
beating The Coliseum hosted Game 4 of the 1972 Summit Series on September 8, with the U.S.S.R.Canada 5-3. In a famous post-game interview, Phil Esposito gave an emotional response to the booing of the crowd that was broadcast on national television.


Two Stanely Cup finals have been played there.
Once in 1982, in which the Stanley cup was actually awarded to the New York Islanders there.
And in 1994, in the storied series between the Rangers and Canucks.


General Motors Place
CAPACITY: 18,630

The GM Place is sick, it has 88 luxury suites, 12 hospitality suites, and 2,195 club seats

GM Place was upgraded with a ProAd LED ribbon board encircling the upper bowl and shortly thereafter with a $5 million ProStar LED scoreboard. The original Mitsubishi Mark IV displays needed to be removed since the worldwide supply of replacement parts was not large enough to keep them operating throughout the 2006-2007 hockey season.

The new LED scoreboard is built around four of the largest video displays in the NHL. Measuring 13.5 feet by 24 feet they are capable of displaying widescreen images in 4.4 trillion colours. Their size combined with their 10 mm pixel spacing gives them an image that is unrivaled in any NHL arena. The corners hold 5.5-foot by 13.5-foot displays with two ring displays each capping the top and bottom. The entire scoreboard weighs 49,000 lbs, 2% less than the one it replaced.

The normally three-week assembly period was completed in only one week. [WIKI]


GM Place will host the ice hockey events in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. These will be the first Olympic games to use NHL sized ice. This decision was made in order to maximize the potential crowds and revenue, instead of building a smaller, temporary venue with the international-size ice surface, as has been done for most other Winter Games.




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Solid, solid job, especially with all the old buildings.

Nathan said...

Great post, guys. There's a site on the Gore that has slideshows of a bunch of the old arenas, along with some other stadiums at


And on a personal note, some years ago, I bought a brick from Chicago Stadium.

The memorial patch the Hawks are wearing this season for Bill Wirtz is his initials, WWW. The joke is that it was the first time in years that the Hawks had strung together three consecutive W's. But it seems that the Hawks have fallen to the right Wirtz son, because Rocky appears to be more than willing to spend the money to build a good team again in Chicago.

Loser Chris said...

Excellent work gents! I surprised myself a little with how many of those buildings I made it to.

Even managed a trip to Maple Leaf Gardens right before they closed it. HeavenOnEarthblog

Flyer Hater said...

I think the Montreal Forum was the toughest venue for opponents of any sporting facility in North American sports.

mlmintampa said...

As someone who has seen the Lightning in Expo Hall, the place was really a big barn. It's at the State Fairgrounds and was bairly big enough for a rink. To go from 13,000 seats to 28,000 at the Thunderdome was insane. The playoff series against the Flyers to close the Thunderdome is as beloved as the 04 Cup.

artie stevens said...

long time reader (since december of 2005) and first time posting here in c-blog. love the site...keep up the great work fellas!

great read on all of the old arenas. i know there was only one nhl game played there, but i would throw in "the ralph" as an honorable mention..what an unreal atmosphere for everyone who was there. couldn't have asked for anything more that day, except maybe shorter lines at the concession about understaffedblog

on another note, i hope they sell some artifacts from mellon arena before we move into the new arena. how sick would it be to get a seat and/or many memories, it'll be a sad day for the city

artie stevens said...

and by december of 2005, i mean 2006...

canaanregulatesblog said...

cap center = world's largest pringle

PittHockey said...

what a read.

great work.

Raybin said...

Flyer hater beat me to these sentiments, but I'll offer them anyway:

If all blog posts were like this, bloggers would make the thinkers of the Enlightenment look like a meeting of county commissioners in Assbackwardville, Alabama.

Lady Jaye said...

you guys simply astound me. Great post here. I barely remember most of those places even existing. I keep wondering how you're going to top yourselves next, but you keep coming up with amazing stuff.

Unfortunately, I haven't been to most of those arenas. Aside from the Mellon, I've only been to the RBC Center (which I really liked) and the HSBC Center/Arena whatever (which I didn't like because my seats were in the last row all the way at the top... ug, and I'm afraid of heights so I thought I was going to plummet to my death the entire game because I remember it being steep... yet somehow I don't mind sitting up in F section.. the view was obstructed as well if I remember correctly... and I had to deal with annoying Sabres fans.... who were more annoying since the Pens lost...)

Okay done rambling.

FireFox said...


( 1992 - 1993 )
Capacity: 10,425

Status: Still around

We have no idea what we're looking at in that pic.
The stadium only held 10,000 people, forcing the Lightning to move after one season."

What you are looking at is the Florida State Fairgrounds. The Expo Hall is part of the fairgrounds when they need it for indoor events. There are ponds around it that Lighning players used to fish in before and after games and practices. It was a terrible place to watch hockey in the big picture. Then again, having a seat in the very last row was still pretty good. :)

I remember going to a Pens game where Mario scored but they washed it out and Mario was pissed. So pissed he came right back and make another goal and then pointed at the refs table to give them the "review that, bitches" tone.

sonofatruckload said...

cheap BJ tix?!?!?! sign me up!!!

Raybin said...

cheap BJ tix?!?!?! sign me up!!!


Lauren said...

Great post; I pretty much just started watching hockey last season after my boyfriend got me into it, and I can't wait to astound him with all my knowledge I acquired today!

Stoosh said...

If anyone wants to see what those Nords uniforms would've looked like, check out this site...

Click the 1990's button on the bar across the top of the screen, and then select the year "1996-97".

Click on "BONUS UNIFORM" and you'll see the Nords redesign that was unforunately never used.

Have some fun with this website, too...there are more bonus uniforms available:

- the Blues one in 1995-96 that the term "brutal" doesn't even begin to describe,

- the initial "red-white-blue" redesign the Caps were going to use in 2000-01,

- the Stars proposed third jersey in 2002-03

Incidentally, how sweet were those 2003-04 All Star jerseys?

Antonette said...

Amazing post.

Makes me wish I was born to watch hockey in the 80's, but I'm okay with now, too.

I live right up the road (well, like a few miles) from Nationwide, and it's a gorgeous arena. The Arena District around it is really nice as well. The Blue Jackets and the Devils are the only two arenas that have their practice facilities attached.

Too bad the BJs are a complete joke.

FijiH2O said...

it's worth repeating: awesome job; loved the history lesson.

the sing of "O Canada" by the Oilers fans was great. pens fans only get close to that when they're trying to out-sing the leaf fans.

meecrofilm said...

Solid, just solid post guys.


snickerdoodles said...

And yet another award winning post by the Pensblog staff. I used to go to the Cow Palace to watch wrestling matches a long time ago. Ahh, memories!

and I hear that the Mellon dome does open. A person with the initials Gary Roberts opens and closes it just for fun when he has time to kill.

Fleury29 said...

Awesome post, boys. Took me forever to read but it was worth it.

That O, Canada video is amazing. It always gives me goosebumps. Solid anthem.

1994 Penalty shot? Mike Richter was awesome. My #3 favorite goalie next to Tom Barrasso and Ron Hextall. Good times.

wilsmith said...

Other Rexall claim to fame: Alberta beef

And since you mentioned the white out for winnipeg and phoenix, why not "dress like a Pens fan" for VC or "dress like an empty seat" night in NJ?

Mike Georger said...

i was just told by one of my friends that he hung out with GR after the game (friend of his dad was garys childhood friend or something), ill try to get him to write something up

Justin W said...

great post...hopefully our new arena gets one of them jazzy HD scoreboards, I'm too blind to see ours haha.

Phil said...

The game in 1975 for the fog game in Buffalo was against the Flyers, not the Bruins as you have stated.

Lady Jaye said...

Malkin #1 star for February:

Does anybody else see the error in the article?

chingus said...

great blog guys. one small typo i noticed, staples center capacity is in fact 18,118.

Eric K said...

@lady jaye...

if my numbers are right, Geno had 8 goals, 15 assists in February..

Eric K said...

and also "going into tonights game" is wishful thinking, as there is no game tonight..

D.Mol. is usally a pretty good supporter of the Pens so i guess, to job or not to job, that is the question

BlacknGold66 said...

That was an awesome read.

Nationwide arena is rumored to be what the Pens are looking to build around. That place is NIIIIIICE inside, but the acustics were a little off for hockey.

The Seeker said...

It actually says going ino tonight's games.

Maybe they think hockey has double-headers like baseball?

Cody said...

Having gone to college in Phoenix, I can tell you that there is a definite art to watching games at America West Arena. The obstructed view seats were great for us broke college kids... you just had to perfect the ability to look up at the scoreboard when the play got into the corner you were closest to.

Solid post.

[Still remembering the day he got spit at from some douche in the upper level while wearing a pens jersey when they played the 'Yotes]

Lady Jaye said...

Yea, that was the error I noticed. I mean, it would be awesome if they played today, but I don't think that a third game in a row would be a good thing. :)

J.S. said...

Minor detail about Brittanie Cecil and Nationwide Arena: if memory is correct, she didn't die at the game.

Lady Jaye said...

JS is right. She died two days later. An artery in her neck had been damaged from her head snapping back so fast. Either way, a tragedy and an accident. I think it's good of the Blue Jackets to have created a memorial fund, though, named in her honor.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Ha! I laughed about them playing tonight, too. I wonder if yahoo sports was somehow involved in this? (JK!)

Also on the Pens site was an article called Trophy Tracker. (Hint this guy says Ovie gets the Hart and doesn't mention a certain Russian Superstar playing for the Pens who was drafted the same yr. as Ovie.) Evgeni Malkin and Ty Conklin are both talked about.

Everyone heard the possibility of Sid and Hossa on Sunday versus Caps right? Okay my job for the moment is done.

Rossi ticked me off (again) by saying he doesn't Love but really likes Hossa joining our team. He doesn't think Hossa makes up a Stanley Cup team. True but with all the talent we got, him being an addition does.
This is a quote taken out of his article. "My gut tells me Hossa might be a Penguin for merely months. If he leaves as a Cup champion, so what? For years Pittsburgh fans have listened to ownership and management of their teams talk about the future. The Penguins have decided to win now, and they have not given up on their future to do so. If Pittsburghers cannot appreciate this effort to reward their patience and support, then perhaps Pittsburghers truly are only happy when they are complaining.

The Penguins are trying to win a Stanley Cup this season. I do not think they will, but management thinks they can. I applaud management for this move. I just don't think it is going to work out."

Great post ... one of your best! Instead of collecting knowledge about stupid things my school wants me to learn, I am full of Pensblog Knowledge. Are you guys planning on teaching classes now? I mean this insightful history post and the magic number post?

In Malkin-g I Will Always Trust.

Flyer Hater said...

It's an absolute joke that the NHL put neshing up to obstruct everyone's sightlines just because one girl wasn't paying attention to the game. In over 100+ years of hockey, no fan was ever seriously hurt by a puck coming up in the stands but one unfortunate ACCIDENT happens, and boom, everyone's fucked.

Pensgirl said...

Hate to burst everybody's error-seeking bubbles, but Molinari didn't make a mistake. He wasn't saying the Pens are playing tonight, just that the league is.

What's silent/inferred in his phrasing is "NHL," as in "going into tonight's NHL games."

Most likely he wrote that because Washington is playing tonight, and Ovechkin's just three points back. That's eminently doable despite his recent scoring slump.

Lady Jaye said...

It's still a tragic and unfortunate death at a game. I honestly don't really notice the meshing anymore so it doesn't bother me. I can't really disagree with the NHL for wanting to do something to protect fans from future accidents. Or it was also them protecting themselves for getting sued for being neglectful if something were to happen again.

Steve In Denver said...

You guys come up with the best in-between games topics. Interesting stuff that you will not see anywhere.

Also, the video of the fans singing O Canada just never gets old.

Since the subject is up for discussion...
Hitwithpuckblog - I was at a Pens game in the early 90's, and some lady got nailed in the head behind the net on a deflected shot and left for repairs. Later in the game, I pointed her out to my friend as she was being brought back to her seat. Not 5 minutes later, she wasn't paying attention again, and a puck got deflected and just missed her. She ran for the exit. I seem to remember a lot of people laughing as she left.

stokes said...


Laura said...

5628 words in that post....5628.

Solid work. Really just excellent. That was definitely worth the time to read.

mookieproof said...

To up the joke quotient, the former Brendan Byrne/Continental Airlines/Meadowlands Arena is now called the IZOD CENTER.

Great work on the post!

Danielle said...

Ha. What a site ya got here. So crazy! This is my first time here at PensBlog. Well... I'm a Sabre fan but I certainly respect your team as well. How long did it take you to do that whole thing???? Anyways, just to let ya know the HSBC arena is pretty great! We love it! Although I don't really remember the Aud, I wasn't really old enough; everyone says it was amazing at the time. They are also currently auctioning off seats and other things from the Aud. What a great thing to own, I'm not really sure where I would put it though?!? Oh, and THIS happened at the HSBC.

P.S. Sorry about Army. I've seen lots of HIGHlarious video on him. He is for sure one of my favorite players.

Danielle said...

P.S. #2.... We both share a few things

1. Danger of the team leaving town/The building of a new arena/Greatest fans ever.
2. ICE BOWL!!! Sorry, "Winter Classic." No, not sorry-ICE BOWL!
3. NHL star players of the month!

Go us!

Christina said...

excellent work, gentlemen. my evening is made.

Vinnie said...

arena educationblog. Thanks guys.

coffeytalk said...

Nice to see a decent Sabres fan. Thanks Danielle!

coffeytalk said...

Posts like this are why this is probably the greatest Sports blog out there.

Staff, you constantly come up with brilliant posts whether they be goofy jobbings, the game recaps, and just plain old learnsomethingblog. Seriously, kudos to you guys and to all of the effort you put into making this the best place for Pens Fans to read up on and discuss our favorite team.

Lets Go PensBlog!



sh0ez said...

Wow. Just wow.

That's all I can say. Incredible.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

The Expo Hall at the fairgrounds in Tampa = "Temporary home until they could find somwhere better to play"blog.

And no mention of Mankind getting tossed off the cage at the Mellon/Civic/ Arena/Igloo?

Stoosh said...


First of all, I don't think it was ever deduced or proven that she wasn't paying attention. But nevertheless...

Looking at it strictly from a legal standpoint, the NHL put the nets up because they had to. When she died of her injuries, the NHL was officially put on notice that something like that COULD happen. The fact that it had never happened before at a game doesn't matter. That would carry absolutely zero weight in a courtroom had they NOT responded and a similar incident occurred again. From a legal standpoint, they could've gotten taken to the cleaners had they not responded with something.

With the amount of pucks that leave play during a game and the velocity with which they sometimes do so, to be honest, it's nothing short of a minor miracle that no one else had been seriously injured or even killed.

And I hate to automatically assume that she wasn't paying attention; I don't think that's ever been proven. And even if it was the case, what does it really matter?

My father-in-law had seats last year down the third base line at PNC Park about five rows up from the field where the infield dirt meets the outfield just beyond third base. I went to probably 15 to 20 games last year, made it a point to pay attention because I knew we were in "screamer off the bat" territory, and I still almost got hit two or three times. You're usually talking about a matter of a second or two to realize the ball is coming right at you and get the hell out of the way. That same amount of time may be no longer than the time it would take to glance down to pick up your coke or shoot a quick glance at the scoreboard.

The Seeker said...

Stoosh & Flyer Hater:

There actually have been people injured pretty badly by pucks going into the stands, but you don't see that written up in the game recaps.

Remember Mario had to settle out of court for millions with a woman that had her nose re-arranged by a puck he shot into the stands in Pittsburgh once too.

The Seeker said...


AO scored a hat trick in the 1st period in the game that's still in progress vs Boston.

At the end of the 1st, Washington was up 6-0!

Boston got 1 at the beginning of the 2nd though.

With two periods left to go, AO has tied Malkin in points.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

this game (caps b's) has been pretty entertaining. fights, goals, etc... but what jumps out at me most is how charlie the caps fans are.

also, great long read today. I was stuck on campus today and had a wonderful hour slot to read the whole thing. I love learning new things about the league...

brashear just made it 8 goals for washington. that siren in washington is so Charlie.

BlacknGold66 said...

That was some pretty weak shit Flyer Hater. A girl died. Suck it up that you have to watch a hockey game with netting you insensitive prick.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

btw... who would be down for a march madness bracket pool?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

theyre about to have a segment on fluery on vs. if you want to watch...
8:51 eastern

PittHockey said...

wow did ovechkin go on a tear.

why couldnt the bruins play this bad on thursday?

malkin has work to do.

PittHockey said...

on the death by puck:

legally speaking, they couldn't sue the nhl, the arena, or the teams involved.

It's printed on tickets that objects involved in the games might fly into the stand and that by attending you acknowledge the risks and cede any rights of retribution.

That's not verbatim, but that's what it ends up being in legalese.

In addition to this, the girl had some preexisting condition, so I'd say the parents were at fault.

And I agree with flyer hater. The netting sucks.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hm, I hate Ovie. I know he's talented,but I can't stand him at all. Even if he, Malkin, and Sid are all buddies. Cannot stand him. Malkin deserves more points. Heck, if I was a professional hockey player and shot half as many times as he did, I would have a lot of goals too. There is a reason why we are tied for first (knock on wood ... Habs need to go down)and they aren't in a playoff slot. Malkin has character and talent while Ovie is just talent. And people like Malkin do better, no matter what. Unlike Ovie, Malkin has been consistent. Ovie seemed like it was that time in the month and was having issues.

In Malkin-g I Will Always Trust.

Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

10-2 final in the Bruins-Caps game. Wouldn't want to be a Bruin in practice tomorrow for KFC man.

The Seeker said...


In the USA anyone can sue anyone for practically any reason. Winning your case is another question.

However, a team's liability isn't waived by announcements and waivers on tickets.

Each state has laws that would dictate the responsibility of a team playing in their jurisdiction.

PA and Ohio have upheld a team's lack of liability, but Colorado wouldn't.

The only real preventative measure aganst the possibilty of a law suit wuld be to have every spectator sign a hold harmless agreement. Even then...a minor's signature wouldn't stand up.

PS: well said blackngold66

The Seeker said...

A 5 point night for Overatedchkin!

onesizedrummer said...

longest post ever blog!!!

Great research in that one baby!!!


JYo said...

TSN is holding a "Which Russian player has impressed you the most this season?" poll. Lets show them what happens when Malkamania runs wild on their poll. Charlie Jokevechkin is currently in the lead. The poll can be found here:

Stoosh said...

There are people here who are more versed in this stuff than I am.

But I believe that clause on the backside of the tickets has some legal holes in it. I can't recall exactly what the legal argument is against it when it comes to victims of injuries. I just seem to remember discussing that when I was in law school and for some reason, I think those clauses have been shot full of some holes. I want to say it has something to do with the ticket buyer being forced to agree to the clause and not negotiate their acceptance of it (basically, if you want the ticket, you have to agree to the clause). That, or it may have been argued in tort law that the clause argues assumption of risk despite the fact that being a spectator isn't an inherently-dangerous activity (in other words, while there's a chance you could get hit with a puck, you don't go in with any sort of expectation that it would happen. Assumption of risk clauses typically apply to situations where there's a bonafide threat of risk).

Cecil's family won an award in some sort of suit - I'm assuming a wrongful death suit, but I could be wrong.

Frankly, I'm with Lady Jaye...I don't even notice that nets are there anymore.

It's too bad, though, that some people are still so inconvenienced by the nets. I tend to think the Cecil family endured the far greater inconvenience...I mean, they had to bury their daughter. But maybe I'm just grasping at straws there. Either way, I'm sure the thing that bothers the Cecil family most is that hockey fans around the country are "fucked" (as Flyer Hater so eloquently put it) because their child had to go and get in the way of that damn puck.

nbige1 said...

Shows what a badass Conklin is... i know its unrelated but i thought it was funny

Jason said...

LOL at the Winnipeg song...

"White is right"


stokes said...

A Hole is only up on Geno by two points. That's like half a period's work for Geno. Combine the fact that they're playing two weak teams this week (that they should destroy) with Sid returning soon, and Geno will be back on top in no time. Plus he'll be ready to go after watching that display. I'll give Ovie credit for being exciting, but after that, he's still not better than Geno or Sid.

shubedoo66 said...

speaking of Polls, has a poll for which player has been the best comeback story or whatev. Conkblock is one of the players in the poll, but he is losing?!?! lets show some thepensblog love for conkblock!

if anyone cares :)

Kovey is currently leading, HOW? I am pretty sure that kovalev did play last season. Conk was mostly AHL last season.

Hip said...

Unreal post - kudos. I was at the X back in December and if you have a chance, hit it up (and take a photo with the Miracle on Ice Herb Brooksy statue out front). Amazing arena. Definitely hope the new Pens home is modeled in it's image and likeness.

Ovie lit it up tonight - Malkin has some work to do. Go Pens.

The Big K said...

5 pts for Ovie. Geno will pass him tomorrow do not worry.

The Big K said...

I'm going to DC Sunday for the game.
Hossa and Sid? Hells ya

Hip said...

I Have Kasparaitis - your post makes no sense. If you don't like Ovie just admit you don't like Ovie. Don't try to cloak it in bullshit statements like Ovie lacks consistency. Malkin couldn't buy points last Nov.

For the record I love watching all three, but Geno is my favorite. The perfect blend of Ovie and Sid.

Hip said...

the big K - see you there.

Patrick said...

They just started SportsCenter with AO and the caps. Even though it was the Craps and AO, hockey was the first highlight. We're moving back up...

BlacknGold66 said...

I will say one last thing about the netting behind the goals before we close the books on it.

I went to a game at Nationwide last season (Family four pack, $90 for 4 tix, 4 hot dogs, 4 pops, 4 popcorns... GREAT deal IMO) and our seats were WAY up top.

We viewed almost an entire end of the ice through the netting, but they had the "newer" white netting that some arena's are using.

It took a few minutes of getting used to (I'm used to the black here at Qucken Loans Arena, or in the Igloo), but after that it does make a difference favorably over the black netting. It's much easier to see the play, and the puck if it should fly up into said net.

I'm hoping the Pens use the white netting in the new arena. It'll take a bit for everyone to get used to it, but I think it's worth it.

wilsmith said...

hip layin down the law.


If Ovechkin were on this team, we'd all love him, that's all there is to it. We hate him because he's the best young player in the league not on the Pens. So what if he shoots a ton? I wish we had some guys that would shoot it that much.

wilsmith said...

Oh and the nets... who cares?

If you can't see through them then just don't bother going, they're not obstructing anything at all. If you see them it's only because you're thinking about them.

In recent weeks it's becoming more and more obvious that Flyer Hater guy is trying to stir things up, we need to not get drawn into it.

tate said...

Fantastic post.

the zing about the devils fans snoring was a solid jobbing. way to go.

Eric K said...

Amen wilsmith.

and basketball blows, if youre not sick of ESPN bombarding you with NBA/College Hoops by now, just wait til the tourney starts. hoceky will be relegated to the BottomLine ticker, and thatll be it.

BlacknGold66 said...


Agreed 100% with everything you said.

@hip You lucky girl you. I'm trying to talk my older sister (who's kind rich, unlike BNG66) to buy me a ticket out to "visit" her this weekend in D.C. Wish me luck!!

stokes said...

wilsmith you nailed it about Flyer Hater. Without jumping on the Flyer Hater Bandwagon, i noticed that a couple games ago. Is that KM's new Cblog name?

Its Fedko time, if anyone wants to job him. He's going to say some re-Goddam-diculous thing about the goaltending situation that he knows absolutely nothing about.

PittHockey said...

as much as I hate AO, if he gets hockey on espn, I can respect him.

The Seeker said...

The Craps showed no class at all running up the score on Boston.

Wouldn't 7 or 8 goals be enough to tell you to back off?

This isn't college football where the amount you beat your opponent by actually counts.

The Seeker said...

Good news for the Pens...

1) Ottawa loses to Anaheim 3-1 in regulation.

2) Montreal is (currently - 16 left in 3rd period) losing to San Jose 5-3.

If Montreal loses in regulation, we'll be in sole possession of 1st in the East due to greater number of games won. Go Sharks!

Mike Georger said...

thankyou san jose! number one seed by default!

de-fault! de-fault! de-fault!

tomorrow is huge

The Seeker said...

San Jose beats Montreal 6-4 in regulation.

Pens OWN 1st place!!

The Seeker said...

If I understood the magic number thing correctly, then Buffalo's loss to Detroit and our win brings our magic number down to 21 (or is it 23?).

Frank said...

Holyhellblog - snappy work.

In reference to the Post-Gaz article, perhaps it says tonight's game(s) because it's printing tomorrow? In any case, I'd imagine it's only one game regardless - but still a consideration.

greg said...

fantastic read -- thanks.

Danielle said...

LOL!!!! Yeah, not all Sabre fans are "angry drunks." Although, no denying we like to throw a party. I even agree they can get out of hand at times, but if you've gone through what we have too, it might be different. Not just in hockey, but flat out Buffalo sports. Look at Maxy Afinogenov, every time he starts flying down the ice, he gets tripped and HE takes the penalty. No goal, wide right.... the list goes on. GRRR. In general people just look down on Buffalo. It makes me kinda angry. We're not bad, I swear! We just have some serious issues to get out, and sports are all we have. Now our football (life) might move to ::gasp:: TORONTO. Not again! Godd Luck with Sid. It seems the Pens are where we were last year. Watch out for Ottawa. They are sneaky and Emery is a cheater. In the playoffs he kept moving his water bottle to cover up the camera. Idiot. Ok I'm done with the rantage.

Danielle said...

I meant *Good*

I have bad online grammar.

Jibreel Riley said...

Update, The Aud is Buffalo is on its way to being demolished?

Jamesfk101 said...

Buffalo has the best sports fans we may not be the biggest city but we have amazing fans also sabers arnt in danger at leaving at all also when zednick got cut it was like a flashback sabers=ok bills= pretty much suck leave dick j bandits= best lacrosse team in world(not kidding) but who cares about lacrosse =( said...

I really enjoyed reading this post and I found it very informative. I've been following hockey for a long time, and I remember all of these former arenas. It didn't occur to me until you mentioned it that the Avalanche's current arena has the same corporate sponsor as the one they played in when the team was the Quebec Nordiques.


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