Friday, March 21, 2008

Bend It Like Ruutu. PENS WIN.


If someone asked you to sum up Jarkko Ruutu's career as a Penguin,
this would be a game you would reference.

Ruutu was out of his mind and gave the Pens a huge spark.

Saturday night.
Devils vs. Pens

Doesn't get much bigger.



[Joey L]------------------------------------[Demondg1]

[Captain dummy]----------------------------[noname]

[Sara L]



Early on, the Ryan Whitney HateWagon would have filled to capacity if the refs had caught his high stick on Tampa Bay's Philip Kuba.

The USS Hal Gill punishes Marty St. Louis coming down the right-wing boards.
What a beast.
That kind of play will change games in three weeks.

A stretch of the first period consisted of Steiggy saying a Pen "was tripped up but no penalty called" when a Lightning player had simply knocked them off the puck.

Really good action to open up the game as we get 10 minutes of break free hockey.

Therrien's troops almost got a PP when the Lightning had about 11 people on the ice, but a mouthful of his own feces left Paul Devorski unable to blow the whistle.

That Ryan Whitney HateTrain eventually started taking boarding passes when he went to the box.
Trying to show the ref he was innocent almost cost the Pens a goal, as your friendly neighborhood garbage man almost put one past MAF.

The Pens killed that off, helped by a nice glover by MAF.

It took the Pens another minute or so to continue their cycling ways.
Eventually, Orpik was able to blast one from the point.
Ruutu put in the juicy rebound.


As he was scoring, Rutuu took a stick to the face.
It is the equivalent tof you doing something really good a work, and just as you're about to celebrate, the old-as-balls secretary comes out of nowhere and kicks you in the mouth.

The jobbing doesn't go by the wayside though.
Blood was drawn, but because the Pens had scored, they were only given a 2-minute PP.
Tampa killed it.
And that was it for the first.



For some reason, FSN misses a face-off on the powerplay.
This happened throughout the game, in many different situations.

This cannot happen.
You have to show face-offs.

No one gives a shit about stupid graphics.
No one cares about replays if we are going to miss the game happening.

This ain't WTAE.



We get reminded that Tampa Bay is unreal in the second period.
And they came out and backed that stat up.

Tampa got an early power play in the second.
They didn't score on it, but it didn't matter.

Not long after that penalty was killed, Ruutu jobs someone from behind.
Your cousin Vinny puts one top shelf, after MAF's brain explodes.


After some nothingness, the Pens went nuts in the Lightning zone, forcing them to clutch and grab.
Unfortunately, whistles were up butts.

The Pens played a pretty tight defense game.
Orpik has completely turned his season around.
He was scary tonight.

FINALLY, after controlling the Lightning zone all game, hard work pays off.
Whitney makes his second solid keep-in-the-zone play of the shift.
This time, he got it over to Malkin.

After Malkin got a handle on it, he roofed it backhand.

[Kevin E]

The second frame start nearing an end, and it was whatev.

Hossa started going nuts.
It is hard to explain his skating style when he has the puck.
What a player.

The Pens can't get anything home.


[Cindy H]



If there was ever a time for a picture-in-picture, it was during that intermission.
Belmont had Duke on the ropes in the NCAA tournament.

Meanwhile, the stat for the third period was that the Lightning are the worst third-period team in hockey.
So you knew a potential meltdown loomed.

Belmont up one.
Staal scores.

Before you could switch back to watch, the refs try to fix it for Duke.

Sykora and Malkin go to Chemistry class.


Belmont ws still stunning the world.
Pens take a penalty. Dukes takes the lead.

Belmont throws a hail mary up.
Some joke scores for Tampa Basement 3-2.

Belmont stunned.

Things got dicey for a few minutes after that.
Ruutu went to the box for something stupid.

Hossa and Talbot almost teamed up for a goal on the PK.
Hossa's saucer passes are sick.

The game had the potential to become boring after that, but thankfully, Tampa isn't fighting for a playoff spot.
Great hockey followed for a few solid minutes.

After the Pens dominated the Lightning zone again, Ruutu got his stick slashed out of his hands, but still led a 2-on-1 down the ice using his skates to kick it along.
The pass with his skate gets through, and the Pens nearly score.

If the Pens connect there, good God.

The Pens did get a PP though.
But no dice.

And then Father Time came to the Mellon.
It was do-or-die time for Tampa Basement, but they couldn't get it out of their own zone.

Before you knew it, there was a minute left in the game.
Tampa eventually pulled Smith and called a timeout.
What are they doing. Just pack it up.

Malkin almost gets his 100th point on the season with an empty-net assist, but Marian Hossa thought he was in the central time zone.


  • Malkin: 1G ,1A
  • Sykora: 1G
  • MAF: 19 Saves

  • Kris Letang is the smoothest defenseman for the Penguins. This had to be said.
  • Every game Hossa playes, he looks better. He may score a goal someday.
  • JFK=solid
  • Mike Smith is a solid goalie. He kept the Lightning in it, despite the 16-second goal thing.
  • Seemed like a nice crowd on hand.
  • Bob Errey hit Therrien with the microphone while attempting to interview him.
  • Staal is starting to find the net.
  • Roberts 3:16.
  • At least the Penguins beat Lightning bolts, as opposed to women



actingido said...

Being at the game the crowd could of gotten an Assist on the Malkin goal....... Everyone couild feel it in the stands to start chanting "LETS GO PENS" 5 secs later Malkin goes to the roof!

Great atmosphereblog!

Mike Georger said...

smith should have stuck with the dallas mask he had on last time. your colors are black and blue and you choose a pastel color scheme for your mask? good call dipshit.

so what happens when scuderi comes back? do you just not play him or..... who sits? a month ago i wouldve said orpik but he is playing better than whitney right now, and gill is doing what he is meant to do. who knows.

no magic number?????

Jordan said...

were you guys drunk while posting this one? 4-2? not 3-2?

BlacknGold66 said...

Smith is a beast.

The "Shoot-it" people at games finally had good reason to scream when Hossa had the puck at the end.


Connor James is improving in my eyes... he didn't appear to get the obligatory smash until late in the 2nd... maybe the 3rd. M'eh.

Yuenglingblog from last night:
I'm not much of a drinker anymore, but when I do I prefer it to be the Lager. I spoke to someone at Yuengling two days ago to finally get an answer as to why they don't distribute in Ohio. The answer: "It all comes down to manpower. We currently don't have the manpower to set up shop in Ohio."

The guy went on to tell me that distributing in states far away such as Flordia, SC, etc. "Basically we lucked out with getting a facility in those states along with a high number of displaced Penn. natives. Believe me, we get letters and calls on a daily basis to sell in Ohio... it all boils down to manpower."

Yipes... hire me now so I can make my first million. Please!

Jonny V said...

I liked his mask. Half of the goalie masks use pastels. What a stupid thing to comment on. The dude does not abide.

The photoshop at the top of the page is sick. I hope if I ever get activated I get the privelage of serving aboard the USS Hal Gill. It may be the equivalent of the USS Constitution.

Ruutu would fuck Beckham up.

I cringed while listening to the nightly sports call, some Steeler fan called in and said the team was being too "political", first in hiring a black coach, and now releasing a player simply for hitting a woman. And yesterday morning at work, they pre-empted regular programming on WPXI. To tell us that Cedric Wilson was released. I'm starting to have a love/hate relationship with this city.

I don't know if anyone commented on this in the previous post, but Kovalev scored two highlight reel goals last night.

Lady Jaye said...

God if that soccer play would have resulted in a goal, that would be the #1 highlight for ages to come. That was just sick. Never seen anything like that before!

Whoever bought my tix last night, hope you enjoyed the game. lol

That Orpik photoshop still freaks me the heck out.

Can't believe Hossa didn't get the empty netter. Father Time is a cruel cruel man.

Go Pens!

Korn said...

Glad you picked up on Errey hitting Therrien with the pickle-stabber. I thought for a minute that Viggo might eat his soul...

Hossa's stickhandling is SICK. But Crosby needs to get back ASAP, I think Hossa is annoyed by playing with mere mortals.

Sign Ruutu to an extention now...

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. First off, STOKES...sorry I missed you guys at the Souper Bowl last night. I got hung up at work and didn't end up leaving until a little bit after 6:00. By the time I made it into town, it was almost 6:30 (damn traffic) and I figured you would've been heading up to the arena soon. I'll make it a point to get there for one of the pregames.

2. Words cannot describe how bad Devorski and Jackson were last night.

3. Lecavalier gets away with murder out there. He's almost as bad with the stick infractions as Bouwmeester is with the holding and interference. Somehow, Devorski didn't seem to notice.

4. Good crowd last night. I think people sometimes get down on the crowd for not being loud all the time, but outside of some of the Canadian-based teams (esp. Montreal and Toronto...where the crowd is so loud, I think they try to intimidate the refs), most crowds aren't going to make noise all the time. I've gotten the sense this year that the crowds are quiet at times because everyone is into the game and waiting to respond accordingly to the action on the ice. They did just that last night, starting a bunch of "Let's Go Pens" chants when it was clear a momentum was swinging or the refs were jobbing the Pens.

5. Dr. Turk - Good call from your vantage point in Section E...there were five of us in F1. Focker was the first one in from the aisle. I was next to him. Dickie Dunn's brother and dad were next to us, and then there was a pretty cool random guy in a Tuomo Ruutu Blackhawks jersey. Decent crowd up there in F1 last night.

thomes08 said...

Too bad period lengths aren't 20:01

score 6-2

oh yeah we still have crosby, sweeeeeeet

Stoosh said...

The more I watch Tampa, the more I realize the concerns over the Pens becoming "Tampa North" with the pending contracts are nothing to worry about. The big difference between the current makeup of the two teams is the relative youth of the roster.

Tampa basically has Vinny, St. Louis, Boyle, Mike Smith and NOTHING else. They did a good job locking up core elite talent and I'm sure Smith will soon be added that mix. But with a salary cap, they failed to add that other part of the equation. They've been absolutely awful in terms of drafting and developing a talent base from within to fill out parts of the roster. The rest of their roster is mostly comprised of lower-tier free agents that have been giving them lower-tier free agent levels of impact. They really don't seem to have any prospects who are knocking on the door of the NHL waiting to contribute at this level, and that speaks to poor drafting and development of players.

Pittsburgh may eventually have the "Big Three" of Crosby, Malkin and Hossa, and that could present some concerns down the road as it comes to an individual secondary player here or there (someone like Malone, Orpik or maybe even Whitney). But the difference here is that the Pens have drafted and developed well enough that they're getting key contributions from younger (read: cheaper) players like Letang, Staal, Kennedy and eventually Goligoski and Stone. The more the club can continue to keep the system stocked with players who can contribute, the easier it'll be for them to shuffle players around that core.

Kelly said...

Ruutu was bleeding profusely and required 10-to-15 stitches before returning to the game.

"I want to win hockey games. I don't care what I look like," Ruutu said.

This is why hockey is the best...could you imagine if Tom Brady or Alex Rodriguez had to get stitches on their precious faces?

lis said...

Bob Errey hitting HCMT with the microphone had me cracking up laughing for the rest of the game. The look on Therriens face was priceless!!!!! Just thinking about it now has be cracking up....the people at work think I'm nuts by the way!

JYo said...

re: goalie masks

I'm with mike g on this one. Pastel colors belong on easter eggs and old ladies blouses, but nowhere else. If other goalies have those colors too, they made just as bad a decision as Smith did.

re: Steiggy saying a Pen "was tripped up but no penalty called"

I'm pretty sure this same incident was addressed on the radio by Mike Lange and he basically agreed with the staffers that the refs made a good no-call.

FijiH2O said...

"At least the Penguins beat Lightning bolts, as opposed to women"

Couldn't have said it better myself, yet the Steelers are the darlings of Pgh...go figure.

As for the refereeing last night - it was the the same at MSG. This time of the year the underdog will always be favored - just to give them a fighting chance. Although, we did catch a break when RW's slash went unnoticed.

Not that long ago people were upset about other sports analogies being applied to hockey - why the wresting obsession here???

penshckyfreak82 said...

I love the complaintblog. but its definetly true!

Lets Go Pens!!!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...


seeing PB-Charlie on the USS Hal Gill makes me want to start singing "In the Navy" by the Village People [Don't Ask...Don't Tell]


totally agree with your TB talent evaluation. The are in trouble, talent wise, from those poor drafting years, bordering on the level of the Pirates [if that's possible]
From The Hockey News' Future Watch '08:

After nearly a decade of poor drafting, Tampa Bay is feeling the effects and its minor league system even more so. The Lightning has just five players currently on its roster drafted after 1998, when they selected Vinny Lecavalier and Brad Richards. And none are impact players. The problem is especially acute at forward.

Their highest ranking 'future' player is at #68: goaltender, Riku Helenius

Hopefully, the Pens won't turn into Tampa Bay-North & King Shero keeps the minors stocked with potential NHL-level talent...[make trades for drafts picks in the off season?]

From 'Peanut Heaven', Smiths mask looked like ConkBlocks from the Winter Classic

Dear tiny infant Jesus [I like Christmas Jesus the best] Thank You for the 3 day weekend, but you could've made it better by giving us the 4-day weekend like our neighbors North of the Border.

Nothing says Easter like eating slightly-stale Peeps & watching hoops All.Day.Long [how's everyones bracket? Not too many upsets so far...Go 'Eers, beat Duke]

Eric K said...

FSN is a joke.
Christensen buries that EN from the blue line.....

just sayin' :)

Flyer Hater said...

They showed the Ruutu highlight on ESPN but substituted the puck with a soccer ball, jokes.

The crowd was outstanding last night, the Lets Go Pens chant that came from the Malkin line pinning TB into their own zone for years was chillsblog. What made it more awesome was that it resulted in a goal.

This is what scares me about the playoffs. All the old refs, Koharski, Fraser, McCreary, Devorski, Marouelli, are still around. It seems like it's going to be clutchandgrabblog in the postseason.


stokes said...

While Hossa did blow it on the empty net, he still impresses. He's getting his chances. But, did anyone see him stick handle around one or two defensemen- not once, but TWICE- with one hand? I can't even eat with one hand and The Hossinator stickhandles and dekes out professional hockey players with one hand. that was an awesome testament of skill.

Stoosh- your fourth point is dead on. I'd love to make noise all game, but i get sucked into the action. i think alot of fans do that, and i dont think that's a bad thing. and most of the time, the Igloo does respond accordingly. People actually stayed until there was one minute left. i didnt notice anyone leave before that.

Its cool, Stoosh. I don't think i was mentally prepared to meet THE Stoosh last night. But a Cblog meeting is definitely in order to pregame one night. Maybe preplayoff game, we'll have a Cblog tailgate.

dying alive said...

The crowd was awesome last night. The best I've heard in a long time.

Like Stoosh said, few arenas in the NHL can sustain constant noise outside of a few in Canada. I think at Mellon it's a combination of two things - to a lesser extent I think that the tickets are being bought up by quieter, older fans with more disposable income who just aren't as crazy as the student rushers. But I also think that, as has been pointed out, the fans just get into the game and they're focused on the action rather than yelling or chanting. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing and I think that Pens fans are smarter than they're given credit for. I mean, you ALWAYS hear cheers when a line has a really good shift, even if they don't score. You hear boos on bad icing calls. Fans at Mellon know what's what, for the most part. It's not lack of interest or bandwagoning. We cheer when it's deserved and we focus intently on the game.

bluzdude said...

Looks like all that pre-game soccerball kicking is paying off.

racheleyos said...

anyone going to the game saturday??? i'll be sitting in d22....woot...hopefully with my first game beer :)

Mark said...

My wife said last night that Hal Gill "skates like a manatee" - I think she meant that as a compliment, because she likes the USS HG.

I'm wondering, how does one celebrate G. Roberts birthday?

I guess you can put out the birthday candles with your face and beat the crap out of a pinata to start. Maybe play punch the face on the donkey?

FireFox said...

I'm in Tampa so I had to watch the local broadcast of the game. We didn't get wrestling references, we got a over the top "cover two defense" reference and something else that I forgot. Plus Bobby Taylor's usual whining.

Tell me there is a YouTube video out there of Bob hitting MT with the mic. I would love to see that!

Don't the Pens regularly practice handling the puck with thier skates? It seems like everyone on the team is very good at kicking the puck up the thier stick when needed. But Jarko was unreal last night. I never wanted a puck to go in the net as bad as I did on that play.

The Big K said...


Dr. Turkleton said...


heres some info on some of the Pens Future Watch '08 top 10 that aren't playing in the NHL/AHL:

since these guys play in the CHL or NCAA & their regular seasons are over, here are their final stats:

#1 Angelo Esposito - TRADED
#2 Alex Goligoski - Pens-WB/S
#3 Ryan Stone - Pens-WB/S

#4 Keven Veilleux, Center, 18yo
6'5" - 200, Rimouski [QMJHL]
61 GP - 17g, 47a, -9, 76pim
ranked 43rd in QMJHL

#5 Brian Strait, Defense, 20yo
6'1" - 200 Boston U [Hockey East]
36 GP - 0g, 10a, +11, 20pim
ranked 13th on team, 4th d-man

#6 Luca Caputi, Left Wing, 19yo
6'2" - 184 Niagara [OHL]
66 GP - 51g, 60a, +26, 107pim
ranked 4th in OHL

#7 Jonathan Filewich - Pens-WB/S

#8 Dustin Jeffrey, Center, 19yo
6'1" - 205 Sault Ste. Marie [OHL]
56 GP - 38g, 59a, +25, 30pim
ranked 9th in OHL

#9 Alex Grant, Defense, 19yo
6'2" - 185 Saint John [QMJHL]
70 GP - 15g, 33a, +17, 96pim
ranked 74th in QMJHL, 7th among D

#10 Joe Vitale, Center, 22yo
6'1" - 194 Northeastern [Hcky East]
37 GP - 12g, 23a, +5, 75pim
ranked 1st on team, T-50 NCAA D-1

Tons of college hockey tourney games on today/tonight if you get the NHL-Net & additional FoxSports channels

Brando said...

One good thing about the sunshine net broadcast from last night: Dan Potash features during both intermissions. Solid.

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

Ruutu should have gotten the first star of the game. I mean, Staal and Malkin were fantastic, but Ruutu was beyond incredible.

I seriously think MT might have whispered a curse on Bob Errey's life at the moment he got hit in the face. You never know with those French-Canadians. They're French, they're Canadian ... make up your mind!

@ Dr. Turkleton: Having some problems with Carla again? Hmm, and you always made fun of J.D. for acting gay. I'll be worried if I hear the duet "It's Guy Love" with Charlie as your partner.

I laugh everytime I see the creepy Orpik picture. Great photoshop! The Malkin one wasn't too bad either.

Why did Hossa wait so long before shooting it? I saw that there was a guy coming but he has no where near the acceleration of Hossa.

Ryan Malone deserves a goal by now, even a hat trick. (yes, I am biased.)

In Malkin I Still Trust!

Phil said...

Gay fans hate the Rangers:

Eric P. said...

"You talk about take a pin out of a bomb and what does it do? It explodes. You take the pin out of his finger, and he's ready to explode too."

-Bob Errey

Stoosh said...

Dr. Turk - Thanks for the rundown on the top prospects.

The one I absolutely cannot wait to see is Luca Caputi.

His numbers are a bit inflated because Niagara plays a very up-tempo, puck-possession game, but that should suit him well here because I think that's the way this team is going to trend over the next couple of years anyway.

Caputi could be the type of player we haven't had here in a long time. He's probably got an edge and nastiness that's sharper than that of Ruutu. He's got better-than-average puck skills. He's also a good character guy like Armstrong. There's speculation among some that he might have a good chance to make this club next year and spend very litte - if any - time in Wilkes-Barre.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh-If Malone does end up walking in the offseason, can Caputi fill that role?

Dr. Turkleton said...


I agree...I had the opportunity to see Luca play v. Kitchner in St. Catherines a few days after going to the Winter Classic. That was my 1st ever OHL game & it was awesome, those kids can play [esp. Alex Pietrangelo, big d-man for the Ice Dogs who should be a top 5 pick this draft]

Caputi reminds me of a Kevin Stevens tpye: not that great of a skater [might improve with work] but soft hands...
He even fought fellow Pens prospect Robert Burtuzzo in this game [which I missed trying to find a restroom in the place before the period ended & there was a mad dash to the concourse...driving back down to PGH a couple days later, my wife tells me he got into a fight & I found these pics on the internet [I took my camera in, but they made some Communist announcement about any flash photography is strictly forbidden & I wasn't about to risk losing my flashcard w/ all my Winter Classic pics on it]

@flyer hater:
my .02¢: I think he needs some AHL seasoning 1st...Dustin Jeffrey might be more 'NHL-ready' than Cuputi, IMO [I think Bugsy will sign for a home-town discount, to be honest]

BlacknGold66 said...

I agree. I think Malone will stay in Pittsburgh regardless of salary.

Dr. Turk: watch the Navy jokes buddy! (I know, it was just a joke you made... just sayin, us Navy Vets HATE that song) :-)

Also I agree on the Mellon fans. Most are educated enough in hockey to know when and when not to cheer/chant. It's the select few that yell "SHOOT" or do the coaching play-by-play (you know the type: "Ok Malkin, pass it to Sykora... now SHOOT Syko! No, ok... forecheck... no, get it to the other guy... THE OTHER GUY... NOW SHOOT!") that drive me nuts.

The one thing that I've learned shuts them up is by yelling "SHOOT" at these times:

1)When one of our D men has it behind our own net

2)When the coaches walk on to the ice at the end of an intermission.

Dr. Turkleton said...


how'd you know I was having problems with that crazy Dominican [or is she Puerto Rican?] Guess I'm out on the couch with Rowdy again watching Hockey, Hoops & the Jeffersons [I don't kiss Rowdy like JD does, though]


1st off...THANK YOU for your service [& to all those others on here that are vets & currently in the military, as well]

I love the fans appreciation at Pens games when they announce that someone is back in the Burgh on leave or has returned from Iraq/Afghanistan: supportblog

That PS just floors me, though...

I remember when The Village People were the shit back in the late 70's/early 80's...I was only 9-10 y.o. during that time & would listen to my older cousins albums with: Y.M.C.A. , Macho Man & all their 'hits'...ahhh, memories !!!!

coffeytalk said...

dr. t,

just so you know, Rowdy spends a good amount of time at my house:

We Dress Him Up from time to time

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@coffeytalk: Hey, are you sure it's Rowdy? It might be Steven, and then JD would have to drive his badass scooter to your place and take him back.

Anyways back to hockey ... tsn is discussing no-touch icing. I'm not sure about it because it wouldn't give the team the ability to beat the other to the puck? It's safer, though. Thoughts?

Also, on, their inability to spell Evgeni and an article about the Hart Trophy race with the Russian juggernauts involved.

In Malkin I Still Trust!

Eric K said...

@ i have kaspar

im undecided about the no-touch icing, like you said it is safer, but once in a hundred times that it happens, the guy who beats the d-man to the puck is gonna center it into an open slot for a sweet goal...

anyone attending the St. Francis Hospital implosion tomorrow at 2:15? Finally the 1st major step in new arena production will be complete.

Roberts Be With You All on this Good Friday.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I think that the NHL should keep icing the way it is, but severely penalize someone that commits a foul during an icing play...

The whole 'respect' factor when someone is in a vulnerable position during that race for the puck, seems to have gone out the window...

Make any type of penalty on an icing play an automatic 5 minute major penalty + game misconduct + possible suspension: start taking $ out of the players' pocket and that would be a great deterrent, IMO

Hospital Demolition now backed up to approx. 2pm tomorrow

patrick f. said...

@ blackngold66:

Me and my buddy always yell "pass" when we encounter one of those people near us. 1 in 100 times the player passes it to someone to scores a goal. THAT really shuts the person up and gets other people into "pass" mode.

BlacknGold66 said...

No-touch icing is a touchy(pun) subject.

Do you change the rules every time someone gets hurt? If so, the NHL will eventually become the NFL (see: can't touch quarterbacks)

I remember watching AHL games when they tried the no-touch icing a few years back. It actually sped up the game as opposed to slowing it down which is what I thought it'd do. When there is/was a no-touch the whistle blows rather quickly and guys start lining up immediately for the face-off.

But, if you REALLY want to see less guys getting hurt while not affecting gameplay or a rules change then it's up to the NHL to start handing out penalties/suspensions, etc. more consistantly and more fairly.

Especially after the Chris Pronger fiasco. I'm surpsrised nobody mentioned the race factor being part of the difference between Pronger and Simon. Hmmmm. Why isn't Jarome Iginla talked about more yet Vinny LeCavaljoke is slobbered over left and right. At least Iginla's team is in the playoff race. Hmmmm.

I'm getting totally off-topic, but my point is that the NHL needs to worry less about changing rules like icing... and more about changing officials and front-office personal who consistantly drop the ball in regards to penalties and suspensions, not to mention fire the entire marketing team and figure out how to get hockey games back on "free" cable channels.

Jonny V said...

Hospital Demolishing sounds like a splendid way to spend an afternoon. And a tPB tailgate has to happen soon.

Anchors away, my boys, anchors away!

"Sometimes, when I'm banging this mattress, I'm thinking about banging that mattress!"

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - I was supposed to go up to Erie to watch Caputi play and get a better read on him back in February, but scheduling fell through and I wasn't able to make it. I'm going to try to catch some Niagara playoff games on the OHL Livestream website; they played last night and he had three assists in a 4-0 win over Mississauga.

Madden said a week or so ago that he was talking during a game to some of the more important decision-makers with the Pens on personnel issues, and Caputi's name came up several times as someone they really think will make the team next year. I've heard the same thing from some other people whose opinions I trust very much on these sorts of things. There are people with the Pens who think his game is very NHL-ready.

Madden said Caputi's progress this year was a big reason why the team believed it could afford to deal Armstrong. What they've seen from Caputi over the course of this season is talent that could very well translate into a player who could fill that physical presence you'd like to see on one of the wings on the top two lines. He's got the overall package of speed, edge and talent to play there and contribute.

I haven't seen enough of Caputi yet to categorically say he could replace Malone next year should Bugsy leave after this season. At the very least, I think he's on the depth chart and under strong consideration.

BlacknGold66 said...

Johnny V:

C'mon brother! It's "Aweigh" not "Away"

Sheesh! Get that boy to the ship!

coffeytalk said...

It's not Steven. Rowdy has a certain scent that Steven cannot match.

stokes said...

Wasn't Luca Caputi that guy that was killed in The Godfather by the Tattaglias?

Flyer Hater said...

Isles-Debs tied at 1, early in the 2nd.

Flyer Hater said...

I don't care if this makes me a bad person


Flyer Hater said...

Nevermind, Uncle Daddy just had an equipment problem.

Jonny V said...
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Flyer Hater said...


Jonny V said...

BnG, hahaha I did 20 Eight-counts after that gaffe. Three years in the Navy as an 8404 Hospital Corpsman and I haven't seen any parts of a ship...

Flyer Hater said...

Isles win 3-1 in regulation.

Tomorrow is the biggest game of our lives.

Dr. Turkleton said...

identical record w/ NJ

'4 point' game tomorrow, might be the difference between 1st & 2nd overall v. 4th or 5th

I say do some test blasts on the hospital tomorrow around 7am [right when the Devils are getting comfy in the hotel beds] & repeat every .5 hour up until about 4pm

Dr. Turkleton said...

The One Man reckin' crew:

OV nets # 60

wilsmith said...

Figures I'm not around on the day we talk about Scrubs.

I always get made fun of for liking Scrubs, I don't understand. It's one of the best shows out there. If Elliot were real, I would propose.

So Marty left the game, eh? Someone on the ESPN boards said it was an equipment issue. In-depth investigation of the internets leads me to believe that Marty is just fine.

Titanic is on, and I'm watching it. It's probably time for me to get Center Ice, even if there's only 8 games left.

Pizza rolls are the cornerstone of any nutritious dinner.



blufftalk said...


stokes said...

Scrubs is the only show i watch. JD is like my TV hero. If i was on tv, i would be him. or conan o'brien.

so, wilsmith, i'm watching monster in law with my parents because all my friends are lame and i dont want to go to the bar by myself and be hungover for class tomorrow.


there's no hockey on my TV and i'm about on my last basketball nerve already.

PittCheMBA said...

The Ruutu soccer walk was unreal! Check out the ESPN highlights, they superimposed a soccer ball over the puck during Ruutu's soccer walk, What an effort, awesome!

The Seeker said...

Brodeur left the ice midway through the second period for nearly two minutes because of an undisclosed reason, but then replaced Kevin Weekes before the backup goalie was forced to make a save.

Brodeur returned to a standing ovation with 7:24 remaining in the period.

theNick said...

Dr. Turkleton you might have to change your name by the end of this season of scrubs. YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!!!!(unless you have scrubs season 6 on dvd and read EW)........and so this post is in some way related to hockey.......jim paek

Hip said...

Scrubs has been my saving grace these past four years - easily the most realistic of all the medicine shows. Elliot is basically my hero and the amount of times I've uttered "frick" in the hospital is downright obnoxious.

Can I get a link to this microphone bullshit? I am dying to see it!!

BlacknGold66 said...


I live for your posts... no joke.

You kill me dude. haha!

Jonny V said...

This week's Sports Illustrated has a player's poll asking which team will win the Stanley Cup.
Detroit - 62%
Anaheim - 20%
Ottawa - 8%
San Jose - 3%
Montreal - 2%
Calgary - 1%
Players were not allowed to vote for their own team. Nor, evidently, the Penguins.

I can honestly say that at the end of the episode "My Lunch", when Dr. Cox loses his third patient, I got choked up. I never heard that The Fray song the same again.

Dr. Turk, thank you for your appreciation.

wilsmith said...

hip, maybe you should take some off from the stress of the hospital world and go to calligraphy camp.

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