Saturday, March 22, 2008

Behind The Numbers

:: St. Francis Hospital = 11th Hour [ PG ]
To be demolished Saturday afternoon.

:: Scuderi's pending return has heads spinning. [ PG ] has been all business when it comes to the Pens.

:: Does the Penguins' youth lessen their chalice chances? [ ]

:: What did the Pens learn from last year's tournament? [ Video ]

This sentence is here just so we can have a cool pyramid effect for this section. Boobs.


Ovechkin gets his 60th. [ TSN ]
Hate him or really hate him, it's a good thing to see.

That Okposo mudder scored the game-winner with less than 3:00 left.
It sets up an unreal game tonight.

Zednik skated. Nice. [ TSN ]



Where does Petr Sykora stand among other 2007 offseason acquisitions?

JASON BLAKE -- $4.000 million
74 GP -- 13G -- 32A -- 45P

DUSTIN PENNER -- $4.250 million
75 GP -- 20G -- 22A -- 44P

SCOTT GOMEZ -- $7.357 million
74 GP -- 16G -- 51A -- 67P

CHRIS DRURY -- $7.050 million
74 GP -- 23G -- 28A -- 51P

RYAN SMYTH -- $6.250 million
82 Games -- Adjusted
24 G -- 34A -- 58P

PAUL KARIYA -- $6.000 million
74 GP -- 15G -- 42A -- 57P

DANIEL BRIERE -- $6.500 million
73 GP -- 26G -- 37A -- 63P (Plus/Minus: -24)

TODD BERTUZZI -- $4.00 million
61 GP -- 14 G -- 22A -- 36P

ROBERT LANG -- $4.000 million
70 GP -- 20G -- 32A -- 52P

MIKE COMRIE -- $3.375 million
74 GP -- 21G -- 28A -- 49P (Plus/Minus: -22)

PETR SYKORA -- $2.625 million
73 GP -- 26G -- 33A -- 59P (Plus/Minus: +2)

We'd call Ray Shero and tell him he's a beast,
but he's too busy signing a solid babysitter to a two-year deal under market value.

Salary Cap Crap -- [ ]



We wanted to find out which Pens d-men take the most penalties
in direct correlation with their ice time.

We totaled the number of minutes played and divided it by half of their penalty-minute total.

So if Charlie played 60 minutes in a season and had 6 penalty minutes,
he would average one penalty every 20 minutes of ice time.

**Just take it at face value.


Gonchar -- 26:00 per game.
One penalty every 62 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 7.25 periods. (2.41 games)

Gill -- 20:00 per game.
One penalty every 49 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 7.30 periods. (2.44 games)

Orpik -- 17:00 per game.
One penalty every 51.75 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 9.13 periods. (3.04 games)

Whitney -- 23:00 per game.
One penalty every 73 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 9.61 periods. (3.20 games)

Scuderi -- 19:00 per game.
One penalty every 93.5 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 14.8 periods. (4.93 games)

Sydor -- 17:45 per game.
One penalty every 115 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 19.43 periods. (6.47 games)

Letang -- 18:30 per game.
One penalty every 129.5 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 21 periods. (7 games)

Eaton -- 19:40 per game.
One penalty every 353.88 minutes of ice time.
One penalty every 54.44 periods. (18.13 games)


At face value, Kris Letang's stock just went up.
Eaton, wow.

But there's way too many variables:
Dudes are killing penalties when taking a penalty is less likely.
Gonchar is up against top units every night.



As of Saturday 2:00 A.M., there were only two teams in the NHL
that didn't have a top-6 defenseman in the minus column.

Gonchar +10
Whitney 0
Gill +3
Letang +1
Sydor +2
Orpik +5
Scuderi +2
Eaton +6

The only blemish on the Pens stat sheet is Alain Nasreddine,
who sported a -4 in 6 games this season.

Dallas was close.
Some jobber, Trevor Daley, is -2.

The mighty Sens were close, too.
Luke Richardson is -1.

The Capitals being the only other team throws you a curveball.

But seeing that two other NHL powerhouses are close to having no d-men in the minus,
it must mean something, or maybe not. Whatev.


The Pens have 10 regulation losses at home this year...
lowest in the Eastern Conference.




Chris said...

You know what stunned me about Ovechkin hitting 60? That Mario Lemieux did it last in 95-96 with 69? No. That Jagr did it that same year as well. Dominance.

letsgopsu said...

The pens in the early to mid 90s were just dominant. They had the best talent in the NHL. It is just great that the Pens had the best talentin the NHL in the early to mid 90s, great for Pens fans.

actingido said...

Are you sure the magic number is estimated around 4 ??????? I know Buffalo lost BUT! The Crapitals are 1 pt in front of Buffalo now.... I know we have the tie break and all with Crapitals... but just making sure

Oh yea we Still have Crosby!

What a day when we will finally and I mean finally see that line!

Maybe Monday!

hashmoney said...

As i said before syk
best off season signing
shero = river boat gambler + chuck norris

Jonny V said...

Ray Shero for President. Imagine what he could do with this economy.

And Gary Roberts could be his Secretery of Defense. Ahmadinejad wouldn't stand a chance...

Eric K said...


Pretty amazing no one's scored 60 goals since 96....

i dont feel like looking for it cause it's 3 AM, but i remember a post early in the season asking the question "Where would we be without Petr Sykora right now?" He carried the team for a stretch of 5 games or so before Malkin heated up.

GO Pens

KJ said...

i always liked sykora, sure it was mostly cause i thought it was neat he owned a chinchilla, but i'm glad he's doing so well for the pens

M. Vanderlasser said...

@kj I thought you were kidding about Petr and his chinchilla, but no!

Wow, that's the first time I've googled Sykora + chinchilla

HUGE game tonight...can't wait for this one! I hope that the Pens play like a bunch of rabid chinchillas on crack.

Nathan said...

@actingido: The magic number is 4, because Buffalo has a game in hand on the Capitals. The Sabres can finish with a maximum of 95 points, whereas the Caps can only finish with a maximum of 94. The magic number is determined against the team out of the playoffs that can finish with the most points; this is often, but not always (like today) the 9th place team. If it were the Caps we were figuring against, the Pens' magic number would be 3. The top teams in the Eastern Conference (namely us, Jersey, Montreal, and Ottawa) should be clinching their playoff berths very shortly, probably sometime next week.

The Big K said...

Big night at my house.
Pens take first in the conference, starts at 7:30
Pitt does its thing at the end of the Pens game, or almost so.
Devils are tripping. We are not.
Let's Go Pitt.
Let's Go Pens.

Hip said...

@wilsmith - ummm, don't think I haven't already researched calligraphy camp options. Or use dumb frick as my own personal worst put-down.

Seriously, the Orpik PS really bothers me. Maybe it's cause I watch too much Criminal Minds or maybe because I did autopsies with the medical examiner for a month. I have my reasons...

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

- Kariya signed with the Blues for three years, $18 million. In order to trump that and get him here, Shero would've likely had to go to three years, $20 million ($6.67M per year). Instead he gets Sykora for two years, $5 million total. Sick. Or should I say,...Syk.

- I can remember Kariya spouting off this summer about how much it meant for him to sign with a team that he knew would be in contention for a Stanley Cup. Apparently, by "Stanley Cup", he meant "lottery pick".

- I think that 1995-96 Pens team was the last gasp for the NHL's offensive-explosion era that really began back in the very late 1970s with Edmonton and the Islanders. Ron Francis had 119 points and he finished third on the f'ing team in scoring, FORTY-TWO points behind Lemieux. Lemieux had 161 points and he missed 12 games (2.3 points per game...that's Syk).

- I still can't believe that team lost to Florida in the Eastern Conference Finals. I remember going into that series thinking it would've been like using the Pens in NHL '94 and playing Ottawa in the first round. Scoring records for an individual playoff series should've absolutely crumbled.

Instead, that series because the official death of the NHL's offensive era that began with the Oilers and Islanders back in the very early 1980s. While the Devils may have started the whole Trap Era, Florida's series against Pittsburgh proved you could neutralize just about anyone with it because they had the added bonus of officials who basically allowed Florida to tackle the Pens' skill players.

I know that for those seven games, Vanbiesbrouck also turned into the best goaltender ever, so I don't want to take anything away from him. But if the league doesn't allow that game to become the NFL On Ice, Florida doesn't stand a chance. That's one thing I never understood about Bettman's NHL - it's the only league that's gone out its way to make things tougher on its star players.

FijiH2O said...

When we signed Sykora, a friend said to me: "I have just two words for you: Petr.Sykora." That says it all!

Scriber said...

Two of our next three games are played against Jersey. Its clutch time.

Flyer Hater said...

It didn't help that in the 96 series Tom "bad goal when it counts" Barrasso was named the starter after game 1.

stokes said...

Yeah, agreed FH. When Staff had that amazing post about Penguin goalies, it really brought alot of stuff to light about that series and the goaltending situation. And while Wregget wouldn't be able to stickhandle through that trapping-clutching garbage, he might be able to stop a shot from the parking lot.

Solid post, Staff. There's alot of research and math going on in that post. Let's face it, anyone that does math as part of their hobby is serious about it. nicely done.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Bugsy was on KDKA-Sports during the 6pm news last night...Jory Rand asked him about his contract situation & waiting until the offseason to hammer out a deal.
Bugsy replied that he hoped during that interview there would be a 'Jerry McGuire Moment' & Ray Shero would pop out & hand him a contract to sign....too funny

He seemed to be a proud papa, as well...played footage of Bugsy showing a pic of his 6wk old baby boy from his iPhone while in the locker room.

Rand also was talking to Bugsy about Western PA guys playing in the NHL & put up a stat that said currently there are 23 playing D-1 College Hockey now with 8 more committed to play next year.

[Hossa: looks like Big Poppa Pump and Dupuis know how to beat Brodeur [at least in the shootout*]

* Warning = YouTube Moments with NJ Homer's Emmerick & Resch

Brett said...

Loved the post today, solid and intuitive calculations.

j.s.22 said...

So you guys think Laraque will play tonight?

Pensblog Staff said...


stokes said...

Can you smell what Laraque is cooking?

johnny said...

Solid stats, guys. I can't wait to get the jobbing started tonight in Tallahassee. Pens + Pitt = Excited Yankee transplant. Time to drive that giant pitchfork into Marty B's back.

Lady Jaye said...

Heh, my pre-Pens liking Sykora is just lame. I just loved his last name for some reason. I play in some X-Men RPs and named my character Sykora... it was also in the top ten list of girls names for my oldest daughter (in my profile pic). Needless to say, some of my family were thrilled I didn't stick with it cause it would have been an odd ball first name. But yea... I'm a nerd.

Christina said...

hacksaw jim for the win!!! HOOOOOOOOO!!!

Petr Sykora: futher proof that Ray Shero owns the NHL.

linkage...Bing on the mend


coffeytalk said...

In the Post-Gazette today, HCMT has asked that all fans attending the game should get ready to be loud. I won't be there tonight so add some extra woos for me.

Raise the roof 'n at...

Eric P. said...

79 Games Played
60 Goals
46 Assists
106 Points
188 MISSED SHOTS (1st in NHL)
74 Games Played
42 Goals
57 Assists
99 Points
80 MISSED SHOTS (34th in NHL)

Bottom line:
Malkin > Ovechkin

Jonny V said...

I'm currently collecting all of the 25th anniversary G.I. Joes, I have every one that has come out so far.

Nerds rule.

Dr. Turkleton said...

live webcam of the hospital demolition on

wilsmith said...

When I was little my cousin and I would spend hours and hours setting up a mock battlefield with all of our GI Joes. He always had more than me so there was serious GI Joe envy, but it was an amazing scene. Snipers in bookcases, the guys with the arctic gear hiding in the sock-pile and the Tiger Fly hung from the ceiling fan ready to drop some bombs.

As soon as we got everything set up and were ready to play it all out, Snick would come on and we would forget.

Bringing up GI Joe merits a mention of this
Epic GI Joe video

Dr. Turkleton said...

the live shot might look like a still pic....but a cop car just drove back a couple minutes ago, so....

"Marty Brodeur, please report to the St. Francis parking garage, Mr. Marty Brodeur".....

Flyer Hater said...

Target eliminated, Gary Roberts has taken out St. Francis Hospital

Dr. Turkleton said...

that hospital just got Gary'd

BlacknGold66 said...

One hospital down... one Devils team to go.

HCMT wants loud?

Yes sir.

Heading to Pittsburgh in an hour. Voice is ready.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Christina said...

....and so it was written, on the twenty-second day of the third month, that our Gary our Almighty Father hath taken down that monument to Saint Francis, for the benefit of a new and brighter tomorrow.

And as the dust cleared and many walked amongst the rubble and reminder of that day, a voice from above was heard.....

"It's a great day for hockey."

Jonny V said...

Was just on the Penguins message board and someone linked to a blog chronicaling all of Errey's brilliance of the past season. Words of brilliance.

stokes said...

Wilsmith: my all time favorite GI Joe voice over:

Pork Chop Sandwiches!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Let's Goooooo Mountaineers !!!!!!

bye,bye Dukies......

slap that floor, Wojo !!!!!!

time to get ready for Duke Flopping Camp

PO said...

any extra tickets floating around commentblog???

DeCeV said...

Hey the magic number is finally correct because Buffalo can no longer beat us in games won.

chris e said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris e said...

I wont be around for the gameday post so this is going to have to do.

Let's do this shit!

wilsmith said...

My God did that smell good.

KJ said...

@ m vanderlasser
lol, i'm glad someone googled it and didn't think i was just losing my mind.


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