Friday, March 7, 2008

Bad Moon Rising. PENS LOSE.



There is nothing good that can come from a game like this.
But like that time you let that ugly chick/dude touch you where you pee, you move on.

The Panthers ain't no joke.

Sunday in Washington.

Bring the noise.


-- Eddy Spags --



Five seconds into the game, you realized the camera angle was going to make you jump out of your window.

And the angle was the only thing to blame when the Panthers execute a tic-tac-toe passing play to perfection to jump out to a 1-0 lead.

John Wilkes Booth dominates, why does Florida have such a crap record?

Laraque drops the gloves with Big John Studd.

Solid fight.

You had just started recuperating from that first goal when some jobber puts in a MAF rebound. 2-0.

All you need to know about Ryan Whitney right now.

A post over at [LGP] is titled:
[Whitney = Melted Butter]

You could have made the argument that this game was already over.
Florida is fighting for a playoff spot. It was gonna be Trap City.

But it only took the Pens a matter of minutes to get one of those goals back.
Sykora makes a sick backhand saucer pass out to the point.
Shot. Rebound. Malone bangs it home.

Malone is a beast.

Finally, the Steiggy-Errey jinx works in favor of the Pens, as goalie Mike Anderson's shutout streak, which was mentioned at the top of the broadcast, got owned.

The Pens and Panthers traded powerplays later on, with neither team doing anything.
A Panther blatantly interferes with Ryan Malone on their powerplay, but nothing called.

As the first period drifted into extinction, the Pens defensive zone turns into a landfill.
A rebound off MAF, and even Stevie Wonder could have gotten past the Pens D to put it home.


We wanted action in that Tampa game.
We finally got it.



Well, what can be said?
Usually, you can feel when Therrien will make a goalie change.
And some people probably did know.

The only question is, do you make the same move in a playoff game?

And then the question was, are the Panthers really up 4-1?
The Pens D looked softer than Brawny paper towel.

And by soft, we do not mean homosexual, as the Brawny man above clearly is.
Pictures like this make us miss Charlie.

The Pens were waiting to get a spark.
Tim Horton trips up Malone, and there it was.

Towards the tail end of the power play, Letang gets two solid chances.
The second -- the dreaded shot from the point -- finds its way home. 4-2.

-- Billy --

The tide kept swinging the Pens way when KENNNNNNNEDDDYYYY draws a penalty.
No dice though.

We had the pleasure of seeing Malkin and Crosby together for the remainder of the second.

The Pens got away with a penalty at the end, and that was all.



A balls-to-the-wall third period loomed.
Malkin and Bing come out flying.

But Gary Anderson is up to the task.

What a player

If there was ever a team that could complain about the refs jobbing them, it would have been the Panthers Thursday night.
But the fans down there are just catatonic.

Montador heads to the box for killing a bull.
The top power-play unit was nastay, but Whitney missed a wide-open net. Barf.
Maybe it was blocked. Whatev.

After Conkling made some more saves, the third period reached the halfway mark.
Father Time was on his way to the arena in his Ferrari Testarossa.

Late in the period, the Pens had some solid chances on the PP.
No dice.

Conklin leaves the net, then returns 3 seconds later when the Panthers bury it. 5-2.


  • Joke

  • There will be no fear of complacency on Sunday now. What a showdown.
  • How solid is Pascal Dupuis.
  • The USS Hal Gill played a good game
  • Florida still has a chance to win their division.
  • Hossa.



gabneatblog said...

this is behind us now.

church of hoss sunday morning

sh0ez said...

The dread "g" strikes again. This time on poor Conklin. Conkling. Ha ha.

Tough game. Nothing more to say than what was already said.

Dupuis is looking great. Gill is improving. I liked his dive to block the puck on the one Florida breakaway where Booth got raped.

Great post again. Solid Gary Anderson reference.

For anyone that uses the Bumper Sticker application, I found these two gems (one of you make them maybe?):
(Sudden Death Zamboni)

Then I made these three:
(Gary Roberts)
(Mellon Arena's Steel Jesus)
(Pensblog Charlie!)


Let's Go Pens!

malkinian said...

Did not get a chance to see the game, had it on NHL radio @ work. Didn't get a good perspective about Fleury from Lange and Bourque, but it sounds a lil disturbing.

sfc72388 said...

tough loss, but we'll get by.

what's up with ryan whitney? if he was still hurt why did he come back so soon?

and on yesterday's post- the guy who edited guy junker's wikipedia page to say “Guy isn't smart enough to understand the true meaning of WWGRD. Figures.” is a pure genius.


J.S. said...

and the wiki entry is still unchanged for Sudden Death.

click meeeeeeeeeeee

I will not admit to who is responsible for making those changes. ;)

J.S. said...

and I was gonna comment on last night's game, but nothing really needs to be said. Move on and be ready for Sunday against the Caps.


Nathan said...

Not worth getting too worked up over this one. You're bound to have shit games every now and then, and the reality of the situation is that it'll probably only take another 10 points to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The key is to leave this game behind and bounce back on Sunday -- the Pens will be rested, and they'll likely be in Washington for the game before the Caps are, since the Caps play Saturday afternoon in Boston. Even if we didn't hold the deed to the Washington Capitals, we'd still have the advantage in this one, especially if Huet's back is still acting up (means we'd get to see Kolzig or Brent Johnson).

Pensgirl said...

The way our games against FL always go, I'm just glad Malone put the kibosh on the shutout streak in relatively short order. Everything else was what we've gotten used to seeing from Bermuda Panther games.

The FL announcers did plenty of complaining. There was so much whine in that booth, Mario showed up with an empty glass and a cheese plate.

They also waxed moronic that Sid "didn't look ready to be back" because his playing time was "average" and he wasn't on the top line. So happy Legame silenced that idiotfest.

Steigy and Errey can say some dumb things, but at least you know they've seen hockey before.

Hip said...

If Kolzig has to play Sunday Elvis might leave in the first - Pens are totally in his head. Caps fans laughed their asses off about Hossa and this is what they get.

I want a 60 minute battle.

Go Pens.

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

I can't believe a week ago I was guessing who we were playing in the Stanley cup finals when we played the Islanders. Will the Pens make the playoffs? Sure. Will the Pens win in the playoffs if they play like the did last night? No.

We need some more muckin' and grindin' in front of the net.

Well I am going to get some Kings frownie brownies and enjoy my few days off with the kids and coaching some youth hockey.


canaanregulatesblog said...

j.s. my edit to the movie got clipped. =(

J.S. said...

disappointmentblog, your roundhouse edit didn't last long.

my addition of Don K. Show (my former name on here) as the backup goalie is also still listed.

Ryan said...

I might be an ass for laughing at this...but last night that BMW commercial killed me.

When Colby started talking, my initial thought was ahh man, it's Colby.

But then Max comes in with:

"Colby, what are you doing here?"

Sorry, I love Colby, but I found it hilarious.


dying alive said...

"Montador heads to the box for killing a bull."

That is fantastic.

Thanks to the Pensblog staff and commentors for having a little perspective after last night's game. The doomsdayers over at LGP are ready to break out the Jim Jones Kool-Aid, declare the season a catastrophe, and trade Fleury for J.S. Aubin.

Seriously, people. We have been traditionally pwned by the Florida teams for over a decade. We're doing pretty well against them this year, all things considered. Get a grip.

Lady Jaye said...

Eh, I'm already over this game. Looking forward to Sunday. :-) I have to look at it in perspective. Do I really think the Pens are going to win every game from here until the end of the season? No. I'd rather them lose to the Panthers than the Flyers or some other Atlantic team.

Steimes said...

I didn't get to see much of the game as the table I got at Damon's was mud. But from what I saw of the blond in that was blocking my view the pens have nice butts.

Korn said...

Dupuis and Gill could, in retrospect, end up being the big trading deadline deals. (j/k). Seriously though, they both played solid games, Dupuis was FLYING and Gill's skating is not as horrible as advertised. Perhaps playing with LeGame covers it up.

Hopefully a few days of practice will get the guys to gel with Crosby a little more. I fear Malkin is reverting to previous form. Why Therrien feels putting him back in Crosby's shadow is a good thing, I'll never know.

Glad I waited too long to buy tix to this Sunday's game, I'll be sitting in a boring conference all afternoon in downtown DC. Thank god for the DVR.

Joey80 said...

heres how I see it, the penguins have a talanted group of players, but that does not automatically make them a solid team. they lack in areas that count the most. most importantly DEFENSE. maybe its me, but it seems like they only show up for select periods throughout the game. there is no physical presence back there. they must win the physical battle in order to set the tone and drag down the momentum of the opposing team.

secondly, i see our offense as one of the deadliest in the nhl, when they decide to show up. i can't count of how many times where there are just too many blown passes, not only in the offensive zone, but in the neutral zone as well.

now, when we were kicked in the balls when the injury bug took over, we were flying, we had something to prove. (just like last season, our team is moving, no arena deal ect. ect. we have something to prove.) anyways, our guys stepped up, everyone stepped up, and we went on a killing spree. now whats happening is the fatigue is setting in, were getting our top guys back, but there still finding their grove so they are not quite as dominating as everyone expects. it is going to take some time to get everyone back into the swing of things, but I hope its not to late because the playoffs are right around the corner.

i just don't see us making a long run into the playoffs with this type of play. you can't take games off, and they say that themselves all the time, but they still do it. i'm not trying to be a "na sayer" trust me i want another cup in this city just as much as you, i held the damn thing before. i want to see them win just like everybody else, but i also want other teams to have that feeling in the pit of their stomachs when they know they have to play us. INTIMADATION! maybe thats to much to ask for.

bottom line is this, we need to be more physical. i could go on and on about what this guy does and what that guy does, but its not going to justify anything. we are not even close to the final strech, we still have something to prove. i guess it just really pisses me off when we go out there and play teams that we should be crushing, and look like a bunch of minor leaguers. sorry i just needed to vent. they just need to go out there and do it. DO IT DOUG, DO IT!


teams i want to see in the first round:

J.S. said...

Why would we want to trade for J.S. Aubin? His momma is so ugly, they decided to rename halloween "yomammaween"

(If you're thinking that I made this post just to make a reference to one of my favorite commercials, then you're probably right.)


J.S. said...

The FL announcers did plenty of complaining. There was so much whine in that booth, Mario showed up with an empty glass and a cheese plate.

lolz, nice.

wilsmith said...

trust me i want another cup in this city just as much as you, i held the damn thing before.

probably ruined any chances of a cup victory when you did that!

Doug said...



chris e said...

I could be completely off base here but is "do it doug!" a mallrats reference?

Pensgirl said...

Thanks, j.s.

I was catching up on cblog from last night, and I have to say that while the team hasn't maintained the pace they'd been on in February, the gloom-and-doom is unnecessary.

Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast. Sometimes, people would get rattled if they fell off an apparatus during warm-ups for a meet. Our coach used to say go ahead and fall in the warm-up. Get the nerves out of the way, and be ready to nail the routine when it counted.

Consider right now to be the playoff warm-up. Yes, it's better to get focused now and start treating every game like a playoff game, but by the same token it's better to get the bad losses out now. Get them out of the way, and refocus. Better to lay an egg in a March game than an April one.

Postgame, Therrien said he was getting concerned. That's a good thing...because he's not really concerned, he's just saying what he thinks he needs to say to movtivate the team. Not everything he does makes sense, but he seems to be pretty good at knowing how to use the media to spur the boys on.

Joey80 said...

chris e said...
I could be completely off base here but is "do it doug!" a mallrats reference?

no, its not a mallrats refernece.

doug knows.

just because i want a cup here in pittsburgh does not signify a jinx. my name is not paul steigerjoke.


Nick Saia (usa) said...

That game was very easy for me to forget. Im already over it.

One reason is because of the RARE snowfall in Dallas yesterday. I know you guys wont be that impressed because it snows a ton in Pennsylvania. But this is an extremely rare occurrence down here. Every three years or so it sleets, and freezes on our streets and it literally shuts the whole city down because Dallas owns all of 3 snow plows. But yesterday we actually got real snow. not ice. So once again the whole city shut down and our whole apartment complex had a beerpong tourney. We also built a Texas Igloo. this is me in the only warm clothing i own. (hockey gloves and a pens J) haha.

BlacknGold66 said...


So I really hate to do this here...

But then again... what better place than a forum chock-full of die-hard Pens fans?

Family members of mine are season ticket holders. They have the Devils game on the 22nd but can't make it and don't want to sell.

Does anyone have tickets for the game on the 30th against the Ranguins that they'd like to exchange for the 22nd?

Let me know!!!


Matt Gajtka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt Gajtka said...

I'm trying to think back to the Pens' last solid "complete" game. Last month when they took the Flyers down at home? Since then, the Pens either don't show up in the first period or play a fairly sluggish style of dump and chase for 60 minutes.

I swear, if Sykora dumps the puck in one more time when he has a chance to gain the zone, I'll kick the TV over. These guys can't be afraid to skate the puck in and try to make a play. They've turned into a skilled team that plays like AHLers. I used to think that if the Pens wanted to open it up and play run-and-gun, they could do it better than any team out there; however, I now realize they're so programmed that they've lost some creativity.

Also, I think Mario spoiled us all with his ability to step back into the lineup immediately and get right back to his peak level of play. Sid looks tentative in his first two games, and when he does get chances, he's blowing them. The hands aren't there right now, but I'm pretty confident they will be in about a week.

Therrien said it all when he questioned the leadership on this team. You're fighting for the No. 1 seed in the conference and home ice the whole way to the Finals, and you get outworked on a consistent basis. It doesn't make sense, especially for a team that should be relishing in its success. The Pens aren't the Devils or the Red Wings, who are used to being on top and can maybe be excused for getting complacent at the end of the regular season. Perhaps this team needs the example of Roberts a lot more than we all anticipated. Gary coming back might give them all a much-needed jolt. I just hope he's getting close.

BSmithBPP4L said...

Just another Florida trip spent in the infamous Tampa Bay strip clubs. I can just picture Talbot makin it rain.

Mike Costa said...

I Think Staggy Dumped Crosby For David Booth. All You Heard The Entire Game Was "What A Player David Booth Is" -_-

Ryan said...

Did I accidentally click over to the LGP boards?

It was one game guys. Relax.

wilsmith said...

durrr, joey

I wasn't referencing your desire to win one, but the fact that you touched the cup and you never won it. That's like, illegal. I thought everyone knew that, sheesh

I will never make a joke again. Now I know how BNG feels.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@nick saia

nice Igloo...looks like the room you have in yours is only 1 step below what the REAL Igloo up here has... [btw, is the old St. Francis hospital EVER gonna be torn down?]

Joey80 said...


sorry, i didn't sense your apologies.

i did win the cup, everyone who watched and cheered won the cup. they did say the fans are a part of it.

Steimes said...

If your name is not on the cup, you are not allowed to touch it.

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

Unless you played the game like you were a house on fire and won the cup, you cannot touch it.

Its like a law in Canada, a country where I played for the Petes. You may have heard of them, Jordan Stall played for them too.

Back to you Jay,

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey here,

Jordan Staal played for the Petes too.


anonBILL said...

Charlie would know what to touch and what not to touch

J.S. said...

A friend of mine's brother got his day with The Cup (I'm not gonna name drop, but he was on the bench a few years ago but was not a player) and let several people drink from it.

Touching The Cup (yes, The Cup should be capitalized) = legal

Raising The Cup above the head = absolute sin, punishable by the Cup Keeper locking down Cup, God striking person down with lightning bolts, or by Gary Roberts removing your soul or heart with his bare hands. None of those being favorable options or a pretty sight.

J.S. said...

a friend of mine who also posts here mentioned that the FL broadcasters were calling Anderson "the candyman".

I think we know where Charlie is.

Ashley said...

nick saia - you have more snow than we have here in Halifax!

Bob Errey - Jordan Staal played for the Petes? The Peterborough Petes? With his brother Eric, right? And you played there too? Did you play with Steve Yzerman when you were with the Petes? Stevie Y would be the best teammate...

Joey80 said...

well it looks like i got a chance to do something that most of you didn't. sorry to hear that, but it was great!

sfc72388 said...

J.s.- that wiki page for sudden death is even better than guy junker’s.
“domestic failure due to its ill-timed release date in the crowded field of Christmas blockbusters and the lack of a cameo by Gary Roberts”

“Those that hate the film should be kicked in the face by one of Van Damme's wickedly awesome roundhouses”


stokes said...

NO MAKING JOKES!!! This is a serious hockey-only Cblog where jokes are forbidden and will result in KM douching all over you.

Dupuis is seriously a good pick up. may not put alot of pucks in the net, but he hustles and is faster than hell. and i love saying his name.

The Pens do need to step it up and start playing hockey that they know how to play. they weren't going to stay that hot for the rest of the season, but this kind of effort cannot be tolerated anymore. a nice skid may put things into perspective for them. maybe, just maybe, they will 'get it' and turn the tide just in time to be hot for the playoffs. otherwise, they'll be golfing before you know it.

The Seeker said...

Someone finally uploaded the Ben Eager -vs- George Parros "fight" from the other night. Eager, being the baby that he is, wouldn't fight after crosschecking Pronger in the jaw (who was playing with a mask covering his broken jaw):

Eager -vs- Parros

Also.... here's a video of the non-goal scored when Carolina dumped the puck into the Atlanta zone only to have it bounce off of the Ref's skate and into the goal. It didn't count:

Referee Scores a Goal

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Hey folks!

Went to the morning skate today, Marian Hossa scored 12 goals in 5-on-5 play against Marc-Andre Fleury. I tried to grab an interview in the locker room, but for some odd reason, everyone kept throwing pictures of Abraham Lincoln at me. Paper cut city.

On another note, I took my good friends David Booth and Johnny Oduya down to Bob's peewee hockey practice this afternoon, the kids loved it. David Booth is an outstanding hockey player.

Sunday is going to be tough, but I will be doing my own broadcast of the game from my seat in section A7,, I know all you folks will be tuning in. Well that's all for me, have a great weekend.

Signing off,

FireFox said...

Yeah, we lost, bad game. Nothing more to say there. We will bounce back. We arn't near the top of the Eastern conference just by dumb luck.

As for the Pathers broadcast, they continued to hold their position as the worst broadcasters in the NHL. Never had have I heard a bigger group of homers.

But the thing that annoyed the total shit out of me was the arena annoucer. This guy was calling out time left of penalties!

"30 seconds left on the Penguins penalty."

"15 seconds left on the Panthers penalty."

WTF????!!!!! Are Pather fans so inept that they can't look up at the damn scoreboard and see the clock there? If they ever start doing that at games I attend I'll sacrifice the Cotton Candy Guy's backup. (Never would I touch the original, he would kill me.)

lis said...

I think they were announcing the time left on the penalties because the clock on the scoreboard was not working.

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Hey folks!

Just wanted to clear something up...there was a problem with the Panthers clock at the game last night. Penalties weren't showing up on the clock, thus the reason why the announcer kept announcing the time.

I think this is a great thing, and all arenas should adopt this method. David Booth enjoyed it also, he said it helped him during the if he needs any help..that man is an exceptional hockey player.

Signing off,

wilsmith said...

joey: it's cool, I do the same thing all the time.

seeker: good find, I was looking for that. I love Parros, the "motherfucker!" and "George! Knock it off!" were great sound bytes.

It's good to see him going after someone and being genuinely pissed off, especially Eager.

Ashley said...

Anyone else feel privileged that Bob and Steigy have chosen C-blog to communicate with Pens fans?

A lottery winner could never feel this lucky.

Hip said...

fakeboberrey - I have a Frownie stuffed animal and ain't afraid to admit that shit. Unreal reference. Enjoy.

Hip said...

PS - I mean, honestly, I have a crush on fakeboberrey.

ddr5007 said...

stick with conk. he moves the puck so well that it's difficult for the other team to set up in our zone. we just played better overall with him in. we made the big trades to give ourselves a chance at the cup, go with the goalie who's going to give you the best chance this year as well.

fleury will have another shot next year.

Dr. Turkleton said...

every time I see and read quickly:


my mind sees: fake.bob.berry [remember him?]

now, if a fakebobberry appears on here, my computer will blow-up !!!!

[Hossa 03.09.08]

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - If I ever win the lottery, I'll let you know if it feels any more lucky than Bibs and Steigy communicating via C-blog.

I guess it'll depend on how much I win.

That said, I can't help but laugh every time I see the FakeBobErrey posts, especially with that corresponding picture of him...if only because I can actually hear Bob Errey saying that as I'm reading it. I'm not sure if I should be amused or creeped out by this.

Ashley said...

stoosh - okay, you let me know, but my money is that you'll feel luckier about having Bibs and Steigy here on C-blog. It's not every day that we get a jinxer and a pickle-stabber communicating with us.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Nick saia (usa),nice jersey!

Hey, whoever made the bingo card for the game should definitely put "head on a swivel." I swear I hear that 20 times a game.

I love Dupuis. Do you see his acceleration? Wow!

I got angry at my Mom last night 'cause she asked me why Hossa was a big deal. I went nuclear and rambled on for a half an hour. How dare anyone question the Hossa!!

I worry about the Whit-Sydor pairing ... they aren't complimenting one another very well. I think Therrien should sit one of them when Scuds comes back, not Orrpik. Scuds has earned it.

What is with Malone missing his A? I know that because Sid came back one person had to give the A up, and Sarge is practically untouchable. Malone plays amazing and played very well last night, so is he keeping the A for home games?

Fakeboberrey and fakepaulsteiggerwald are amazing! Keep up the blog talk!

What made Malkin think that he is second to Sid? I think MT needs to have a talk with him. And not the kind where MT tells Geno something and he just nods and smiles. I mean the kind of talk he had when Sid got hurt, and Gonch had to be the translator.

In Malkin I Still (and Always Will) Trust.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - ...or a charter member of the Johnny Oduya fanclub, for that matter.

FakeSteigy + FakeBibs >>>> Winning Lottery



the only luck I've ever really had with a lottery was as a Pens fan and we got some Crosby kid. That's been swell. So I'll restate...

Winning Crosby Lottery >>>>>>>>>>> Fake Steigy + Fake Bibs

(no offense, Fake Steigy and Fake Bibs)

Ashley said...

stoosh - Well, I guess I'll have to agree with that statement.

Winning the Crosby Sweepstakes >>>>>>>>>>>>>> FakeBibs and FakeSteigy.

Sorry guys, but with Crosby you would probably be calling Kansas City home.

TheEnforcer98 said...

Staff: Not feeling the Horton Hears a Who Photoshop job??

Nor the USSHALGILL #2 Jersey??

and I thought we were friends, :).

Horton Hears a Who

zachary said...

Game is at 12:30 on Sunday. Not 3:00

J.S. said...

sfc, I cannot take complete credit for the Sudden Death wiki page.

Another c-blogger is responsible for restoring the comments about roundhouse kicks that were posted earlier this month.

Sakic19 said...

The USS Hal Gill photoshop was great...I just have a feeling that if Master Chief from Halo took off his helmet he would reveal himself to be the USS Hal Gill...bastard son of Gary Roberts

Ashley said...

Hockey god Gary Roberts has smiled on me. He convinced the TSN crew to broadcast Sunday's game.

You give me Penguins, me love you long time.

Stoosh said...


That was hysterical!

I will never be able to watch "Full Metal Jacket" without thinking of "You give me Penguins, me love you long time" line ever again.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - Glad you liked that :)

I just can't help being happy right now, despite last night's game. Sid's back and now I'll get to see the Pens/Caps game. Good times..

Stoosh said...

Ashley - I'm just not sure what Private Joker has to say about any of that.

I can't wait for Sunday's game, either. Florida is one of those vanilla, ho-hum teams that might be kind of tough to get fired up for. Let's face can't ramp it up to playoff-level or "hated rival"-type intensity for every single game over an 82-game season. The next team to do that will be the first...there are going to be some bad games.

But Washington seems to be one of those teams that bring out that intensity. I think Sid is getting closer and closer to one of his typical breakout games.

I also think there's more to this Malkin-Ovechkin rivalry than there may actually be to the Crosby-Ovechkin thing.

Not sure if he's ever talked about this on TSN before, but Pierre Maguire was on the radio down here earlier in the week with Mark Madden (ESPN Radio). Maguire said he can't wait for the game Sunday because he said that Malkin and Ovechkin just don't like each other...not at all.

I didn't get the whole story, but apparently Maguire said he was over in Russia last summer and there was some sort of rumor or story out there that Ovechkin ran into one of Malkin's Russian agents and beat the crap out of the guy at a bar or something. Not sure if it's true.

He also said at the All-Star Game this year, Malkin and Ovechkin almost went out of their respective ways to not interact with each other much. He said that something like that is rare between fellow countrymen like that, especially with the Russian players because they tend to stick together a little more.

Not sure if there's anything to those stories or what. I know in that game where Malkin dusted Ovechkin off on that attempted check, Malkin made a beeline for Ovechkin after the play was blown dead and got right in Ovechkin's face. There was some genuine dislike going on between those two at that point...I remember Malkin saying something afterwards that he thought Ovie was trying to cheapshot him.

Could make for a really interesting Sunday, especially if Pens fans take over that arena like we normally do.

Praying for Kolzig...we own Kolzig.


Ashley said...

Stoosh - McGuire has said the same thing on TSN concerning Ovechkin and Malkin. Furthermore, he said that when Malkin and Ovechkin played for Team Russia, they NEVER played together on the ice, even on the PP. I guess it was like the coach kept them apart on purpose.

Then again, I remember seeing a little video from last season where Geno and Alex were talking and laughing before a game and Don Cherry was a little upset (as usual) because they were friendly before a big game, not hating each other's guts.

Not sure what to think about the whole Malkin/Ovechkin deal.

Chase said...

Stoosh, I can totally believe what you're saying about AO and Geno. Although I did hear the thing about his agent wasn't true. But have you ever heard AO when he's mic'd up? He might be one of the most annoying people ever born. I saw a thing awhile back where the Caps were taking a tour of D.C. on Segways. If I were one of his teammates, I don't know if I could take him. He's always screaming and yelling and making these weird noises like a little kid who needs some Ritalin. If I were Malkin, I don't think I'd like hanging out with him either.

stokes said...

I'm not doubting Pierre, but i could have sworn that i read that they were kind of buddies. I just did some "research" and they said that they played on a line together. that doesnt mean they are buddies though. i couldnt fine any dirt though. Boo.

But i do remember reading over the summer that Ovie had punched Geno's agent in the face. I'm not 100% sure if it was his agent, but it was someone in Geno's camp.

If it is true, that's really something else. If Geno wins the scoring title, and with how outspoken Ovie can be, wouldn't it be great to hear about Ovie talking smack? And Geno's response? That would be interesting...

Ashley said...

I noticed something today when I was looking around on I was on the stats page for the scoring race, and I noticed that Sid is still in the top 30 for scoring (#25), even though he has only played 48 games. Dany Heatley played the next fewest number of games - 58.

Anyways, if you rank all of the players in the entire NHL based on points per game, Sid and Alex are tied for first with 1.35 P/G, and Geno comes in fourth at 1.29 P/G.

Just think, out of 30 NHL teams, and hundreds of players, the Penguins have 2 guys in the top four for points per game. How lucky are we?


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