Saturday, March 8, 2008


Thanks to Sean from the NHL for sending this in.

Despite the loss, the game was one of the most entertaining all year.


wilsmith said...

You know, a game like that makes me not like the shootout. That was probably the first time I remember it feeling really anticlimactic.

All that action, then it just stops and ends with a shootout. Still better than a tie, but those people who want 5 more minutes might be on to something.

Flyer Hater said...

The Caps just got majorly jobbed by the Bruins today.

Nathan said...

That they did. Two powerplay goals against in the final 5:01. Looking forward to rooting for the Whalers tonight against a former Adams Division rival (Buffalo), while sticking pins into my Marty Brodeur voodoo doll.

James said...

this game could be huge

Jonny V said...

Notice which Pittsburgh commentator they used.

Staff, been busy with work and school, still enjoy reading the blog section, but if fakeboberrey and fakebobsteigerwald are what passes for amusing around here, I might have outgrown this place. And the bingo card. Who misspells Mario Lemieux?

dave said...

I'm gonna be there tomorrow. Fifth row, blue line. I haven't been this exicted to go to a hockey game since the '01 playoffs.

Ryan said...

jonny v...i'm with you on the fakeboberry and fakesteigy stuff. Everybody seems to love it but I think it's kinda lame. I'm glad somebody agrees with me.

Love the posts though. Remember cblog isn't written by the staff.

wilsmith said...

Wait, Sean from the NHL?

gray33 said...

If any one else is going I will be in Section 430 Row M seat 20 & 21 at the Verizon center on Sunday. Give me a holla if your in the arena.

Flyer Hater said...

Fakeboberrey and Fakepaulsteigerwald are awful. I compare them to Scrubs, most seem to love the show but I just can't find anything funny about it.

Olie the joke in net tomorrow, wooooooo

Dr. Turkleton said...

@flyer hater


now, back to my Appletini with J.D.

Jonny V said...

Oh, I know that Ryan, I've been here damn near since the beginning. Like I said before, this blog is like crack. And as long as the other commentors are here having a good time, that's all that counts. This truly is a community and has been that way from the beginning.

Go Pens.

Jonny V said...

Turkleton, great show, but on its' last legs. Janitor is comic genius. flyerhater, u truly have to watch the show from the beginning to catch all of the inside jokes. Kind of like how Arrested Development was.

wilsmith said...

To avoid confusion
Flyer Hater, no opinion of yours from here on out will carry any value.

Scrubs is the 2nd best show on TV. If Elliot were real, I would marry her.

I'm neutral of FakeBob and FakeSteigy. The only reason I can't entirely get behind it is because it's someone turning some cblog memes into their own thing.

People like it though, so whatever. I can laugh at it.

Go Pens. Do it.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny v

it's no cheers or seinfeld [have to be OLD like me to truly appreciate those 2 shows]

i 7 seasons, it has run it's course...

gotta love Dr. Cox & his Red Wings jersey wearin' [friends with Chelios, I think] & props for the few hockey lines he says in the show

Elliot sure turned into a hottie from playing Becky on Roseanne way back when + she's a Canadian girl, can't go wrong with that, eh?

stokes said...

Scrubs is the ONE tv show i really enjoy. Its so freakin' odd and that's what i really like about it. but i can see how that would turn people off, as well.

So, what are you, fellow Cbloggers, looking for tomorrow against the Craps? Other than a win, i am hoping to see some of the following:
-Laraque having a good game i.e. physical presence, a good fight, and solid puck possession.
-Sid and/or Geno having a big game.
-Shutting down AO like like the Pens have been able to do.
-The Hoss. Haven't heard any official word yet. Then again, i haven't checked PSI yet either.
-playing like a team that can dominate the conference i.e. puck possession, solid defense, no picnics in front of the net, forechecking, limiting shots, taking more shots, and better work from the PK.
-Two solid PP configurations.
-Shutting down a team that's playing pretty well and is fighting for their play off lives.
-Did i mention solid defense?
-A big game from whomever is playing goal. I particularly would like to see Conk have a terrific game to get him back on track.

I dont think that the Pens are very far from that game, when they choose to step it up and play atleast 50 minutes. I know its a lot to ask for this team to bring it for 60...

Jonny V said...

The old thursday night Cosby Show-Different World (I never really watched that one)-Cheers-Night Court was what it was all about.

And all I can say is, probably my favorite scene in a sitcom. Any sitcom. Ever.

Stokes, I'd love to see ANY presence from BGL. Dudes been invisible lately. And that's kind of hard to do, with him being black and skating on white ice.

As much as I want to see us firing on all cylinders tomorrow, I have a bad feeling that Hossa will indeed come back, but with him adjusting to new teammates and coming back from a knee injury, and Sid still battling his obvious rust, we might be in for it. Hopefully the Caps spent a lot of energy today and we'll be well-rested. And my worries will be as useless as the last year of Ben Roethlisberger's contract.

Dr. Turkleton said...

don't know if anyone mentioned or saw this but:
NBC to have Live Camera following Sid and that Craps guy available on the Gore

sometimes during Craps games on Center Ice when it's the barf duo from DC doing the game, they have the 'Ovech-Kam'....which, if that's mentioned at all tomorrow, I'll be ill...

johnny v
I kinda have that same 'bad feeling' bout tomorrow...even though the Craps lost despite themselves today...they looked to be playing a better 'team' game than the pens...
hope the Craps charter just landed about 10 minutes ago...

Ryan said...

jonny v: "This truly is a community and has been that way from the beginning."

Can't say it any better than that.


Eric K said...

im digging the fakebob and fakestiegy, just because it throws something new in the mix every once in awhile. no harm there.

obviously Hossa coming back tomorrow is what's on everyones mind, but I really hope the Pens can find some secondary scoring and soon. everyone knows in the playoffs it's shutdownDblog so guys like Kennedy, Staal, Taffe, Dupuis, Talbot (who has stepped up his game) and Ruutu are gonna have to start putting some pucks in the net.

Any word on who gets the nod in the net tomorrow? I'm assuming it's Conks but you never know anymore..

Nathan said...

Playoffraceblog: Carolina beats Buffalo 4-3 in OT (Magic number = 17), Toronto = fail against New Jersey and Phoenix = fail against Ottawa.

But hey, one point off the magic number is better than nothing.

Flyer Hater said...

I've come to accept that Brodeur will play forever and the Devils will win the Atlantic Division until the end of time. I blame that douche Gretzky for calling them a Mickie Mouse organization in the mid 80s.


Flyer Hater said...

These last stretch of games against all Atlantic Division foes, (for the most part) are going to be insane. We're only 5 up on Filthy and 3 up on the Rags. We have 3 games remaining against both those teams along with 2 against the Debbies. If you think losing some jobber game in South FLA is tough, you won't survive this next month.


Nathan said...

Speaking of the Ovech-cam, they're going to devote the alternate CSN channel here to following Ovechkin through the entirety of the Caps' next game after tomorrow's (I believe that's Tuesday's game).

Seriously, I'd be so much more inclined to watch the Caps regularly on TV if they got listenable announcers. I'm more than likely going to get an 11-game ticket package in Washington (I live in Virginia) next season, and I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy every one of those games, because the Caps put on a good show, and I wouldn't have to listen to that godawful duo of Laughlin and Beninati while watching them play.

I watched the Hurricanes-Sabres game tonight, and I'm now more firmly convinced than ever that John Forslund (Carolina's PBP man) should be the #2 man on Versus instead of Beninati.

Dr. Turkleton said...


as long at Tripp Tracey doesn't tag along....he's Laughlin Jr in my book

have you been on the craps site recently?...I swear someone will be jumping off the Wash. Monument if they lose to the Pens tomorrow....

I do like the craps energy & they are a couple players away from being a solid contender [Alzner?] but the level of gloom & doom is fun to read!

Jonny V said...

Not to get all John Madden, but I compare Brodeur with Brett Favre. Long careers, countless records, a championship (or three), dependable starter, all with one team (Favre's first year with the Atlanta Falcons not really counting, Jerry Glanville said it would take a plane crash for him to play Favre...I wonder why he isn't coaching anymore?). I only wonder when he retires, will ESPN devote days on end to his hanging up the goalie pads?

Hip said...

Caps fans might en masse drown themselves in the Potomac with a loss tomorrow. Jobbers cannot get a grip. I do feel badly for them.

Pensblog meet up outside section 407 (far wall) after the first intermission. Be there or be lame.
Hossa is the code word.

Dani said...

Oh dear. Not you too.
-RYAN MILLER OWNED ERIC STAAL!!! Save of the weak (yeah, yeah he got the last laugh).
-Rick Jeanerette called him Jordan! oops. ha.

Media guy: The Hurricanes have the worst powerplay in the league.
Lindy Ruff: [pissed off @ refs] Did you not see our powerplay goal? Jesus! [storms off]

jackedlobster said...

only 12hr's and 28 more minutes left!!!!!!! I'm sure i'm not alone when I say, I won't sleep a wink tonight

dave said...


Eric K said...


Hossa is out tomorrow

Considering the way this season has gone injury-wise, is anybody really surprised??

Brigid said...


Don't want anyone oversleeping for the early start!

JasonShelly said...

ref gets the assist on that one. how about a couple more bullshit calls?


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