Thursday, March 27, 2008

All Hands On Deck

What a huge night.
Something no one thought would ever occur........

"Sudden Death," will no longer be the only movie to ever be shot at the Mellon.

[She's Out of My League] will be filming during tonight's game or something. [PG]
It stars some guy no one has ever heard of, and some semi-attractive chick.

Hopefully that dress didn't make the trip.

Sudden Death grossed like 50 bucks.
This movie already sucks, and it hasn't been made.
However, if the filmmakers know what's good, Gary Roberts gets a cameo. Maybe even 66.


February 26, 2008

Marian Hossa comes to Pittsburgh in the Pascal Dupuis trade,
immediately being seen as Sid's winger.

Unfortunately, that hasn't actually been seen yet.
That changes tonight at the Mellon when the Islanders come to town.

Sid will be playing in his first home game since January 18th.

Sid and Pascal Dupuis are both suiting up for the game that will show Monday's atrocity on Long Island was a fluke. [ TSN ]

:: The transcript of a Jordan Staal conference call, y'all. [ Kukla's ]

:: The Pens are third in TSN's latest power rankings. [ TSN ]

-- There were rumors floating around that Mark Eaton could be back for the East Finals if the Pens could get there.
Anyone hear anything about this?

::KDKA interviewed Gary Roberts. [KDKA]
He said he skated yesterday.
And then the camera melted.

[Eric H]


In honor of March Madness,
[ Going Five Hole ] is unleashing the "Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes."

[Click to enlarge]

Voting begins Thursday night, midnight.



Coach Brent Sutter didn't have a whole lot to say following the game.
There wasn't anything worthy of quoting, just the cliche "you need to score to win."

The good people over at [ Interchangeable Parts ] recapped the game.
Solid read if the Devils game is still fresh in your mind.


Media Personality Blog

Ross the Boss updated his synopsis of the Pens at [ Yahoo ]

The Penguins got a taste of success by getting into the playoffs last spring. Reality set in during a first-round blowout at the hands of eventual conference champ Ottawa, however. The experience is valuable, and with another year of maturity for the young stars, the possibility going deep and even winning the East is there.

He didn't even acknowledge that a correction was made.


This next guy makes Ross McKeon look like a god.

This is Dan Le Betard, and he is a jackass.

You may not recognize him, since you can't really make out his face when he's always in the shadows of ESPN's A-list commentators.

Then again, you may notice him as that stain in your underpants
when you're too busy for that one last solid wipe.

He's some jobber who writes for The Miami Herald.
He's the classic case of somebody kissing ass to get on TV.

He filled in for Mike Wilbon on "Pardon The Interruption" on Tuesday.
They showed footage of Patrick Roy's son in that fight.

Tony Kornheiser called the incident pure savagery.
Eventually, Dan Le Baturd called the game of hockey itself savagery.

Kornheiser responded by saying, "Well, uh, that's taking it a little far."

There's no use going after this guy. He's really not worth it.
Nobody likes him. You can tell Kornheiser wants to jump out of a window.

But don't let that stop you from sending, "Dan Le Baturd, you are a douche"
to his e-mail address, like we've done 20 times already.

If you have Gmail, don't expect a reply,
since Google recently unveiled their new Homo Mail filter.


:: James Duthie at [ TSN ] examines the effect of making and missing the playoffs on franchises.

:: Out of the 12 lowest payroll teams,
the Sharks and Pens are the only two headed for the playoffs. [ USA Today ]

:: The tales of hockey journalists on the move. [ Globe and Mail ]

The real journalist on the move?
[Dr. James Mirtle]

He'll be visiting the Mellon tonight for the game.


They are the next team in the periscope of the USS and the Pens.
-- A list of 10 reasons why they have clinched a playoff spot. [ Montreal Gazette ]
Worth the time to check out a threat to the Pens.

It's looking better for their arena deal. [ TSN ]

[The Battle of Alberta] chimes in, as does [Covered in Oil]

Solid stuff.

Bruins beast Marc Savard was cross-checked by Montreal's Steve Begin and broke a bone in his back. [ Boston Herald ]
There's no threat of spinal-cord injury, thank God.





[<span class=

Of course, this is given out endearingly sometimes.
And this is one of those instances.

In an article regarding how much the Kings are "teh suck,"
Ian Winwood from [ The Guardian ] had this to say:

With just 30 wins this season, the LA Kings have been playing meaningless hockey since before the onset of winter. This in itself is not necessarily a problem; the Toronto Maple Leafs have been playing meaningless hockey for about 41 years and people still care about them.



Speaking of jobbers...

We got wind that our old friend [Acid Joke] calls [XM Home Ice]
almost everyday during the NHL Live hour ( 12 - 2 )

The show is on XM radio and the NHL Network.
The two hosts, E.J Hradek and Don La Greca seem to enjoy her,
which could be setting them up for a prank call.

We didn't think people in North Carolina could afford to make long-distance calls like that.

Picture: Acid Queen calling NHL Live outside of her house.

Side note:

Other than letting Carolina Hurricane fans talk on their airwaves,
XM Home Ice is as solid as it gets.


Sick photoshop:

[Ed H]


And lastly.

March 27, 1991.

The Penguins clinched their first division title ever by beating the Red Wings.

Go Pens


tnigs21 said...

Solid post is gonna feel so long until 7:38. That Leafs slam is cash, acid queen is a joke, and the Mike Lange Quote Tourney is sick.

I wanna use an Erreyism for the "Steel City Line" new name..."The Malkin in the Middle" line, it definitely wasn't forced and it's easy enough to explain. Also can't wait to see the You, Me, and Dupuis line completed finally tonight. Let's get one more step closer to a division title boys!


tnigs21 said...

Also P.S,


Flyer Hater said...

Paul Alexander says that Dan LeBatard goes to the tanning booth too much.


stokes said...

WOW Staff! Great post!

This is going to be too late for many Cbloggers, but there's some lines in this post that you may not want to have liquid of any sort in your mouth. It will be launched.

There's a reason Dan LeBetard doesn't know shit about hockey: he's writes in Miami. Stick to Cuban immigrants and worthless football teams, dick.

Mirtle picked a great game to attend because the arena should be absolutely ROCKING tonight.

Just too much solidness in this post.

Lastly, that USS Hal GIll 'Shop is unreal.



PittHockey said...

that maple leafs quote made my day. wow.

Vinnie said...

Slightly off topic, but is this Charlie playing for Colorado?

He is ubiquitous.

BlacknGold66 said...

I actually was stunned at the Gill photoshop. The words "Wow" spilled out of my mouth.

Syko MaMa
You, Me, and Dupuis


Hey, only 12 hours until the game!!!... ugh.

geezer said...

Hockey+NASCAR+Annoying Southern Fat Big Mouth Chick = Acid Queen.

Sid and Hossa in for paybacks to Isles tonight. Wow.

PittHockey said...

and good call on the bud ice penguin.

"Everywhere I go..."

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - Dude, that's hysterical!

Christina said...

@ vinnie - hahaha that's awesome!!!

excellent use of the Fonz photoshop. i missed seeing that (along with all the other Eaton 'shops.)

Langeism tourney = clutch.

Sid + Hossa. tonight. we are all witnesses.

Stoosh said...

LeBetard calling the game of hockey "savagery" would be hysterical if it weren't so pathetic. This is a guy who writes for a paper that gets daily exposure to the University of Miami football program. If he thinks hockey is savagery, I'd love to see what he thinks of the Miami vs. Florida International fight or the Seventh Floor Crew. I'm sure hockey players are savages compared to the angels that were the Seventh Floor Crew.

Kudos to Kornheiser for calling this chump out on the air for such a ridiculous comment.

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Someone please get Alice Eve a friggin' sandwich or ten.

2. Sid comes back tonight to play on a line with Hossa for the first time ever. And I have a meeting I need to attend at 8:00 PM. Dammit.

3. I heard the rumors back around the deadline that the normal timetable for Eaton's recovery could allow him to pull a Rod Woodson, start skating during the playoffs and possibly return in time for the Eastern Conference Finals.

4. Brent Sutter said, "You need to score to win." Somewhere, Lou Lamoriello read that, chuckled and said, "BullSHIT."

5. Dan LeBetard looks like someone who got his ass kicked a lot when he was a kid. And he's further proof that getting paid a lot of money to do something doesn't automatically mean you're good at your job. Just ask Mike Milbury.

6. Good news on the Edmonton stuff. The Oilers need to stay in Edmonton.

7. Someone needs to get Bettman to restore the old division and conference names.

8. Hossa.

Messier11 said...

Gill photoshop = new wallpaper. Killer job.

Can't wait to see the Islanders get completely jobbed tonight. I hope the Rangers continue to pound on the plummeting Devils too.

Lady Jaye said...

me = stunned at the Hall Gill photoshop. Great work!

The Maple Leafs job made me chuckle. Well played it was.

Can't wait for tonight! Wish I was going to be there.

Pensgirl said...

That Leafs slam was the best thing I've read from a non-Pensblog source all year. The best job is the one that comes out of nowhere.

Stoosh, that blows about your meeting, man.

Did I mention yesterday that we own the Habs series? I meant to...we're 2-1-1 against them, 5 points to 4. That extra point is gettin' it done this year.

The Lange bracket is money. Couple of those first-rounders are tough as hell (8th grade picnic vs. be here to believe it? Ouch!).

Dr. Turkleton said...


priorities man, priorities:

•Everything Else

That Gill PS just put the Pens up 1-0 before the game even starts.

A ticket for tonights game just flew down from Gary™ & I have the privilege of seeing Sid & Big Poppa Pump combine forces this evening.

Any truth to the rumor that their will be doves released after Jeff Jimmerson sings the anthem, due to this historical event tonight?

Hope those 2 let Geno get a few points to get him back in the Art Ross race.

C'mon Whit...I'm still pullin' for ya.

[Hossa: Let the Domination Begin. 03.27.08 7:38pm]

Dr. Turkleton said...

from New York Newsday:

Ted Nolan speaking about sending guys to Bridgeport to play WB/S & calling them back to play the Pens tonight:

"Three or four of them," Nolan said, would rejoin the parent club tonight in Pittsburgh, and then likely shuttle back to Bridgeport for tomorrow night's contest there. In all the confusion, yet another new face was at the Islanders' workout, 25-year-old goalie Mike Mole, who spent most of the season with Utah in the ECHL and was summoned to Bridgeport only when Rick DiPietro's hip surgery necessitated MacDonald's presence on the Island last weekend.
"It's a situation where we're trying to get [Bridgeport] into the playoffs," Nolan said, "so we sent MacDonald down and [Mole] will be backup [for Wade Dubielewicz]. Knock on wood, nothing happens [to force Mole into a game]."

I so want something to happen to Dubie Dubielewicz tonight & let my New Favorite NHL Name tend goal against the boys.
Maybe it's French & pronounced: Moo-Lay ?????

•I heard them talking to Acid Puke on NHL Live yesterday...she's/it's having a verbal battle with some Craps fan.
If I hear any mention of Gary Roberts from a caller today, I might have to leave work & go sit in my car until game time.

•Dan LeBaRetard has always been anti-hockey. He's the type of guy you don't want to be a fan of the game. If he ever attended one, would just sit there & rip on hockey the whole time. He can go crawl back under that pink flamingo he slithered out of.

lis said...

Moley, Moley, Moley

I just watched Austin Powers last week too!!!

Stoosh said...

Dr. Turk -

A little bit of Mike Mole trivia from someone who follow junior hockey wayyyyyyy too much (namely, me).

Mole had the unfortunate distinction of backstopping some of the worst junior hockey teams EVER. From the 1999-00 season through part of the 2001-02 season, he played for the Mississauga Ice Dogs (then owned by THE Don Cherry) of the OHL.

Mole's career record with the Ice Dogs was 12-78-6. Twelve wins. Six ties. 78 losses.

In 1999-00, Mississauga managed to win only 9 of 68 games.

In 2000-01, they actually got worse, winning only THREE times in 68 games.

And just for shits and giggles, take a look at the Mississauga roster from that links and note the prominent Sens forward who was a key component to those bangup Mississauga teams, but who ended up bailing on them when times got tougher. Hint...his name starts with "Jason" and ends with "-pezza".

heynonymooz said...

Why do you continue to waste time on the acidqueen? Are you trying to get her attention, or just trying to overcompensate for your apparent personal shortcomings?

Dump her like a used cumrag, and move on.

blackngold66 said...

So it's come to this...

Someone saying c-rag on c-blog.


M. said...

What the hell?
Why are you dumping on a movie that should be seen by any Pittsburgher for the sheer fact that a hometown boy made good?

-1000points for pure douche-baggery.

Seriously, you should pay him the price of admission for no other reason than he's able to display the city that he loves for all-americans while you make a shitty blog for a handful of Penguins fans.

While you're watching the Pens game tonight in your crusty stained underwear on a cum-stained couch remember that Miller is in the owners box eating bacon wrapped scallops with Mario.


Dan said...

Ha... you do know that dan LeBatard's last name means, literally, THE BASTARD in French... how fitting

The Seeker said...

Check out the ridiculous DIVE that Forsberg gets away with in this video:

Forsberg is the biggest diver EVER

Dr. Turkleton said...


I saw that Brian McGattan was honing his pugilistic skills on that squad as well....
At least Moo-Lay got 2 of the teams 3 wins that season.

Wow. Lots of hostility in those last few posts...

I had to check again to make sure I wasn't on the Canesblog or DennisMillersBrotherblog

The Seeker said...

Rumor is that Sir Sid is only playing tonight so he can be seen in the movie.

Pensblog Staff said...


Eat us

Brigid said...


I heard it's because that damn Chris Minard was starting to steal the spotlight!

GwinTheEskimo said...

"the dupuis trade", sweet.

M. said...

Pensblog Staff,

I can only assume that you read your own links. Which means you know the spirit in which that movie is coming to Pittsburgh. And yet you still took a dig.

Fuckin' Judas, that is.

Eric K said...

"When he wants me to play 'D' again, I'll play 'D' and I'll try as hard as I can," Whitney said.
...sounds like something out of a third grade yearbook.

@ m

if your huge hardon for this movie prevents you from taking a joke, go somewhere else. if you've never been here before, you obviously don't know that sarcasm, both in posts and in c-blog, are a huge part of everything that goes on here. furthermore, ever hear of the notion of OPINION? it happens alot. someone doesn't like a particulary player, someone else does. someone thinks this movie is going to be a joke, someone else is ready to write it in on the Emmy ballot. The damn thing hasn't even been made yet, and when it does come out, if it is solid, you can bet the staff and fellow c-bloggers will give it credit. And if it is shit, you can bet it will be blasted. What's the big deal??

HOW Ted Nolan

Go Pens

Nate said...


Are you drunk or just insanely jealous?

Pensblog Staff said...

Yea we read the link.
Even better I went to point park and still think
Dennis Miller brothers a douche.

I'd be interested to know what calling us judas means. Are you saying that Dennis Miller's brother is jesus?

Either way the movie sucks.

Let me know if you need a towel, your mouth has to be pretty wet from all kissing of balls you just displayed.

Go pens


Lady Jaye said...

I have no opinion either way, the movie may suck it may not. Cool that the city has another movie being filmed in it. (I still laughed at the jokes).

Chill c-blog. Chill. Focus on the real issue at hand. Overtaking Montreal and the #1 spot in the East :)

homesprout said...

It will be interesting to see what kind of power play configuration MT & Yeo decide on....

It would be nice to see Bing and Geno on separate units!!

Time to payback Dubewioslkslkjwicz!!

Go Pens!!

Pensblog Staff said...

haha agreed lady , I could careless I just think its funny that someone would get that pissed about, so whatev


BlacknGold66 said...

Homesprout you are scaring the shit out of me.

canaanregulatesblog said...

sienna miller can eat balls.

Flyer Hater said...

M, if you're gonna come on here and job at least be creative and/or funny.

Your assclownery should at least enterain us, you just annoy.

Q said...

If I was able to pick a Final 4 from the Mike Lange-ism bracket, I would go with:

(3) Hockey Night (M.Briere bracket)
(4) Shoots and Scores (K.Stevens bracket)
(3) Hacksaw (E.Johnston bracket)
(1) Elvis (R.Francis bracket)

I would take "Heeeeee shoots and scores" to win it all. (I get goosebumps everytime I hear that)

Lets Go Pens.

pinkphloid54 said...

I don't even know why anyone would try to dethrone Sudden Death as 'greatest Mellon/Civic Arena movie in the history of ever,' much less why someone would want to stroll in and rile up a 'handful' of Pens fans.


Raybin said...

Sudden Death will always be the best movie ever filmed in the Mellon. It doesn't matter if you take it back in time and let Orson Welles film Citizen Kane there.

Powers Boothe + Murderous Iceburgh > any other movie ever

There's no possible just way "Heeeeeeeeeeeee shoooots and scooooresssss" doesn't win the Mike Lange contest.

I've watched the Penguins since the 89-90 season (all of seven years old) and that's the one line that has always been embedded in my memory.

Cripes, I could've been watching them for 30 years and that would be the ultimate line.

daismog said...

My money's on "It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh" to win the Langism tourny. I can't sit down to watch a game before I hear that phrase blasted out of my speakers.

Mark said...

Almost time to smoke a Dubie.

stokes said...

1) Who cares about some movie? i came to watch hockey (but if my drunk ass can get in the shot or ruin it, then SCORE).

CAUTION- I am about to make a joke.
2) So, anyone excited for the game tonight?

3) Sid's home comeback, playoffs in the bag and revenge against a crappy team. i hope they win by 6 or 7. But that's not the best part. When i got home from work, i opened my brand spanking new WWGRD? t-shirt. Stokes=stunned. second time today.


Unfortunately, GR is not playing tonight.

Souper Bowl, Cbloggers. 2nd floor by the back door. look for the blue hat.


Flyer Hater said...

I have to agree with what a few posters said. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHOOTS AND SCORES is classic. Some of my best memories are of classic Penguin moments with Lange in the background. Chillsblog.

Flyer Hater said...

Here we go again with Madden. Whitney's great, why is he playing LW, best d-man since Rod Langway, he's Paul Coffey on the Powerplay. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Blow the man already.

Sean said...

my personal favorite: "She wants to sell my monkey!"

i'm simple: anything with monkey's is a winner to me

Dr. Turkleton said...

[don't know if these are the actual lines, but MM just said Taffe was going to sit this evening]



Personally, I'd rather scratch Laraque & play Taffe on the 3rd line wing or 4th line center.

Maybe that'll happen come playoff time.

[Hossa: playing the role of scene-stealer & sniper tonight]

stokes said...

is it 7:30 yet?

Tonight is going to be Hossome.

Ashley said...

That Toronto slam was awesome. I'll have to tell my dad that - he's been telling me that Toronto ownership is thinking of changing the name of the team to the Toronto Tampons because they're only good for one period.

That's a Habs fan for ya haha

Pensgirl said...

Turk, totally with you on Taffe-vs-Laraque, generally. Frankly I didn't notice BGL's absence during the suspension. But...I suspect he gets the nod purely for AnkleWatch, and for the short term I'm not gonna argue with a little extra vigilance for the captain.

Is today the slowest day in the history of time, or what?

wilsmith said...

I think "How much fried chicken can you eat?!" is a potential Cinderella.

Brigid said...

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop taking speed.

4:45 right now? Are you serious?

Ashley said...

If anyone's interested, the guy in that movie, Jay Baruchel, was in that movie "Knocked Up" where he played Jay, one of Ben's stoner friends who has the Canadian flag tatooed on his chest. He was also in "Million Dollar Baby" as the skinny kid 'Danger' who wanted to box.

J said...

I like how lebatard's email address looks like it says "die lebatard"

J said...

I meant:

I like how lebatard's email address looks like it says "die batard"

Johnny Wrath said...

Ok, lets pretend you have a coach who throws fresh signing Petr Sykora on the third line for 30 games, and then the fans are saying "Why isn't he scoring as advertised? He must not be a good forward". Then imagine this coach wants to pair his young, marquee defender with a non-complimentary, awkward, aging partner, prompting fans to wonder why the front of the net is bare and the enemy is able to cycle like a tornado over Nebraska.

Sydor makes me angry, actually. He's always making plays where he puts Whitney in very star-crossed positions. Opposing teams know they can implement 2 forecheckers because Sydor tries to force the puck to Whitney every time, so its an easy play to read. It can feasibly be diffused by a forward backchecking to the circles, but that almost never happens. Orpik needs to be paired with Whitney. That needs to be the pairing that plays behind Sid's line, and they need to get that together before the Playoffs roll around.

No one team in the East makes me nervous. San Jose and Anaheim make me nervous, but Pittsburgh has a reputation historically for breaking goalies. I do see our glaring weaknesses in face offs and our road PK, but we're in a position in which we have home ice, where we score the extra goal that makes up for those inconsistencies.

Also, Fleury is kicking ass and taking names. If he plays like he has the last, say, 8 games... well, winning sixteen playoff games is very, very possible. I just hope Therrien doesn't wager the team's success on his affinity for giving into his man crushes and making sure Jeff Taffe plays with all-world talents. Go Pens.

coffeytalk said...


Hossome is now my new favorite word. T-shirts anyone?

bluzdude said...

Gill photoshop = inspired.

Just over an hour left before the puck drops... tick tick tick...

Eric K said...

The preview on the BottomLine ticker thing from ESPN has Conks as the probable starter tonight????????
it is ESPN though, kinda surprised they didn't list Wregget as the probable starter.
if MAF doesnt start tho, i will be really surprised.


Brando said...

There was one Lange quote not in the tourney that will bring the house down the next time we hear it, Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley....

JYo said...

I'm not sold on any of the line names I have been hearing around here yet, with the possible exception of the RPM line (Ryan-Petr-Malkin). We need to stop trying and something will pop up that is life changing. Sorry to those who like it, but Syko MaMa doesn't do anything for me at all. Is it a reference to something I don't know about? Otherwise its just part of three guys names. Maybe I'm just out of the loop??? Malkin in the middle is kind of funny, but really doesn't specify the make-up of any particular line beyond Malkin being the center. Same for You, Me and Dupuis. Meh, I guess I am just hoping for something epic and not seeing it yet...

As for Whitney, having him as a 4th line wing is a decent way to have 7 D-men on the ice without screwing up all the lines by having someone double shift with the 4th line and screwing up D pairings. It would be great if he played up to his potential, but he just isn't doing so right now. He is probably about two years younger than the age where most top NHL D-men really start to hit their prime, so its not surprising that he is still struggling in his own zone at this level. My real question is, would it be better for him to play D with Scuds, then bench Sydor, and play an actual forward (perhaps Taffe) on the 4th line? Perhaps HCMT wants Sydor around for his experience, especially once the playoffs roll around, but it seems to me his D-zone work isn't much better than Whit's and Whit is better offensively.

Flyer Hater said...


MAF'er is in goal

Sean said...

@brando: (5)Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, bring me the brandy! is in the Stevens bracket

Pensgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

You know things aren't going your way when Jarkko Ruutu has 3 points and Laraque has a multi-point night too...

...and there's still about 12 minutes left in the game

The Big K said...

I want to say he is going to be fine. Really.
I think he will be. It was just a stunner.
But something about trends worries me.

HOSS= stunned.
Bergenheim= douchebag
Pens=first place
Suck on that Nolan.


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