Friday, February 22, 2008

5 - 4


What separates Evgeni Malkin from you?
He shut 21,000 people up in five seconds. You can't even get your dog to stop barking.

Some day, when we look back, we'll talk about the night they mocked his name in the Bell Centre, and how he came out of the box a man on fire.

It looked like another jobber game for the Penguins.
Another 4-1, 4-2 victory seemed to be in the cards.

But then the Habs woke up.
They scored three goals pretty quick, and it wasn't good.

We were soon captivated by one of the top three most-entertaining games of the season.
And it's good having the best player in the NHL on your team in that type of game.

And Crosby, too, when he comes back.



-- Kaitlin C. --

-- Lana Maloney --

Three cheers for Lana, who sacrificed her last happy-hour drink in order to dominate traffic to get to the game in time for the anthems.



Midway through the day Thursday, you got a text, heard during a Pittsburgh SportsCenter on ESPN Radio 1250, or just had a gut feeling...

Sabu was getting the start.

-- adam k. --

If you wanted to turn someone on to the game of hockey, show them the first 10 minutes of this game.
Easily the best skating of the season as both teams came out flying.

Jesse James made an appearance as he flew down the wing for the Pens. He got it in front to JFK, but no dice.
How fast was the JFK-Taffe-James line tonight? Unreal.

The Habs came right back though, as Smoke got a 2-on-1 chance.
Sabu says no dice, and the entire Montreal team rushes the net.
You already know what type of game this is going to be.

The teams would trade chances back and forth for the next 10 minutes.
It was highlighted by the Habs running a blog in the Pens zone.

But Brook Orpik destroyed Michael Ryder's life about eight times, and the Sabu stood tall.

Then class was in session.

Chemistry 101

Malkin and Sykora go nuts. Malkin makes a sick pass to Whitney.


The Canadians storm back, but Gonchar makes maybe the best defensive play of his Penguin career and takes the dude off the puck.

Of course the crowd goes nuts and wants a penalty. Learn the rules.

The crowd is further enraged when Jordan Staal gets taken down by that dude who got arrested last week.

Easy call.
The Montreal player tripped Staal.
The crowd goes insane.
Honestly, know the rules.

The ensuing powerplay was non-eventful until Kovy and Malkin tried to kill each other.
What a battle.

Things looked like they would go quietly into the second, but JFK stormed into the Habs zone. Pens get a bounce.

Ruutuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu delivers.

Huge goal.

Two-goal lead going into the second period.
Bad news.



The second period started right where the first left off.
Montreal brought the pain early, but still good action.

Talbot fights that dirtbag that speared Crosby last year.
Clean fight, but Lapierre refuses to let it end, and gets 10 more minutes. Idiot.

Things just seemed to be going to well. And Montreal is fast as balls.
Sergei Tits is a beast. He beats Sydor to a loose puck.
Puck goes to Saku Jokiu.


Big goal for the Habs.
It got the crowd going. But then again, so do little boys.

But just before they were about to score again, someone high sticks someone.
Powerplay for the Penguins. And it was all business.

Malkin made a nice dish to Malone. Malone to Sykora.
Sykora tried the Whitney Play ™ but it got stopped.
However, Ryan Malone was there to bang it home.


Ryan Malone. Wow.

Things look to be cruising along. But that doesn't last long.
The refs need to call penalties so the Canadien crowd can stop whining.

Montreal's powerplay is intense.
Kovalev makes a pass we don't even need to talk about.

Toward the end of period, things get chippy.
Guy Homobeau looks like he wants to fight someone.
If you forgot why you hate the Habs, now you remember.



We wait about 18 minutes for the third period to commence.

Michael Ryder swings around the net, comes out, shoots. 3-3.

The fairweather crowd comes alive on the tying goal.
Soon after, the Pens were heading to the box.

It had all the makings of a disaster.

Montreal set up the PP, but no dice.
So they decide to score on the rush.

Koivu gets into the zone, gets it over to Hamrlik.
One of the most deflating goals of the year. 4-3.

And with the crowd chanting, you started realizing the refs were gonna be afraid of this Montreal crowd.

Malkin gets tripped up, but no call. He gets Komisarek in the face. Penalty.

This Malkin penalty is brought to you by...

-- Greg H. --

The crowd starting chanting....


These are the same people who chased the best goaltender of all-time out of town.

On the ensuing power play, Staal gets accosted, but somehow there was no penalty called.

Not a penalty in Montreal

Michael Ryder leaves Daryl Sydor writhing in pain on the ice after a check.

You want to talk classless?
Who chants while a guy is lying on the ice, injured?
The Bell Centre probably would have played Celebrate Good Times if the Zednik incident happened up there.

While Malkin was sitting in the box during that penalty, he reaches for his own personal Mario switch.

Malkin gets out of the box, and it was already tied.
Komisarek was trying to wipe his butt, letting Malkin get past him with ease to receive the Malone pass on a quick little breakaway.

Komisarek =Stunned
Eat it.

The Bell Centre turns silent.

By that time, the Montreal fans knew the Habs were out of control.
It was reaffirmed when they take a stupid penalty, feeding the Pens momentum.

About 8 seconds later, Malkin captains the power play.
It gets to the point.
Gonchar from way downtown. 5-4.

[Dukes of Russia]
--Nicholas S--

What a way to get your 600th point for Gonch.

What followed was some great hockey, with the Habs missing a wide-open net.

If you are able to, give yourself an honest answer to this question:
Which Penguin goalie would make you feel most comfortable headed down the stretch of a one-goal game in the third period?

The Habs ruin thir chances of a comeback with another stupid penalty.
Hamrlik leaves his feet and throws the elbow into Armstrong's face.

The Pens couldn't bang it home, setting up an insane final 5 minutes.

The Pens get it deep and start running out the clock.
Out of nowhere, there was 1:20 left.

It was time to pull Huet.
After a scary icing call, the Habs had to regroup.

And there was ...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO doubt about it.


  • Malkin: 1 G, 2 A
  • Malone: 1 G, 1 A
  • Whitney: 1 G, 2 A
  • Gonch: 600th point
  • Syko: 2 A
  • Sabu: 17 saves on 21 shots. Pens win the shot total: 30-21
  • Montreal is a solid hockey team, no question about it.
  • Rooooooooooo2
  • It's been real, Dany Sabs. Thanks for that win in Vancouver.
  • Solid defense from Letang.
  • Huge weekend ahead.

-- Kevin Eck --

Art Ross City


canaanregulatesblog said...

hey j.s. ...

i'm first.


p.s. i love you j.s.

canaanregulatesblog said...

p.p.s. the king of the nhl img = solid.
the malkamania text and img = solid.

this post gets a "so sick solid" from me.

sh0ez said...

The Malkamania references are awesome. The blog header rules. This game was really exciting to watch. Today was horrible for me and when I got home and heard about Sabu starting, I basically wrote the game off. Luckily he didn't lose it for us. I thought he did at one point. Oh well, back to the Conk-MAF battle.

Great win. Much needed. Tied our series with them. Awesome.

Go Pens.

J.S. said...

bah, you shall not outfirst me, especially on work days. lolz

stokes said...

What a great opening line...

and guys, who didnt want to bang Daisy Duke?

Great game from front to back. I was really impressed with the Pens. That's a tough place to play. They shrugged off a very good team and an obnoxious crowd to win a big game. They're all big now.

Is it safe to say that the only difference between Philthy ass hats and the Montreal ass hats is that in Montreal, they speak French?


stokes said...

BNG66: i wont be at either game this weekend, as of right now. it completely blows ass. poor planning by myself. :(

Hip said...

Personal Mario switch photoshop was awesome.

God I fucking love this team.

Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Highlight of the night was still the Malone & Potash hug. I fucking LOVE this team!!!

I'd totally nail Diasy Duke.

Stokes: Bummer man. We'll bring home a couple of wins for ya.

Anyone else going to the games this weekend?

(and in case you didn't see it on the last post, Thanks again guys for the Green Tree info)


BlacknGold66 said...

Oh, btw, the Dukes of Russia photoshop is hands down the best photoshop job I've ever seen on tPB.

Maybe not the funniest, but easily the best as far as talent goes.

Fleury29 said...

This game recap might actually rival the Conk vs Fleury Law & Order post from yesterday.

Malkamania? There'd better be t-shirts coming. It's amazing how good that kid is.

PB Charlie said...

Eeeeeeeeeewwww! Daisy Duke? YUCKY!

That Staal sammich looks tasy though.


BlacknGold66 said...

Baby Pens @ Lake Erie Monsters

Friday, March 7th.

Since C-town is only a little over a 2 hour drive (as opposed to the 5 hours to Scranton) yinz should come up and see the game.

I'm NOT plugging the Monsters ticket sales at all, just a thought to anyone who wants to see the Baby Pens for $10. They play at Quicken Loans arena, which is a nice joint to watch hockey.

geezer said...

Anybody see that jobber pickel stab Malks gonads off the faceoff. Yes now I remember why I hate Mommytral.

Malkin got pissed and showed em, it was as much joy as I could stand. I never dreamed this guy was gonna be THIS good. Yikes. Who knew he was genetically connected to Mario with a secret Mario switch. Can't wait to tell my friends at work.

Ottawa Saturday, BIG. I'll be there in B-32. Malkin for team bus. Cause he can carry this team!

Anonymous said...

anybody tape fedko?

Flyer Hater said...

Agreed Fleury, the t-shirts better be coming. It's just amazing the amount of talent that has come through Pittsburgh. This will be like our 50th Art Ross Trophy in the past 25 years. To put that in perspective, the Leafs haven't had an Art Ross Winner since 1938!

Anonymous said...

I also realized how tasteless hab fans when Sydor went down. They were singing and I thought that was pretty damn rude.

DiabeticsRcooler said...

That photoshop of Malkin's Mario switch changed my life forever haha

great job as usual

that game was a huge deal

Think about this:

The Pens finish first in the league...

-Beat whatever jobber team is in 8th decidedly
-Beat Montreal in the 2nd round (assuming they have some drop off in the standings)
-Beat Ottawa in the Conference finals
-Beat the Sharks for the Stanley Cup

I'm just saying
look at the schedule

(insert X-Files music here)

Matt K said...

I did not get to read the blog for about a day and a half. The trial has to be the best hockey blog post of all time. I'm speachless.

Todd said...

Does anyone else think that the photographers at the Canadian games are top notch? Pictures of two non-called penalties in one game!

Nate said...

I agree. 1st or 2nd best game of the year. Probably the most satisfying but that shootout win against Ottawa on Thanksgiving was an amazing game too...

dying alive said...

I usually don't job the fans of other teams (aside from the Sabres), but wow. I understand being a passionate fan, but singing that stupid Ole song while there is an injured player on the ice is pathetic. That song is also pathetic in general, but whatever. I've seen some pretty classless stuff from random Pens fans, but I can't imagine that ever happening at Mellon Arena.

Malkin coming out of the penalty box and scoring immediately after they chanted his name was a life-changing moment. I haven't stopped smiling about it.

StuporDave said...

The pace of that game was unreal. Both teams left it all on the ice. Does Sid bury that breakaway? Not saying Sid isn't the best player on the planet, but...
Malone better not get traded. He is a garbage machine. He is scoring some dirty, X-rated goals.

Andrew said...

I don't think Malkin heard them taunting him, he had too many points in his ears.

cragger said...

the malkamania text and img = solid.

What separates Evgeni Malkin from you?

He shut 21,000 people up in five seconds. You can't even get your dog to stop barking.

canaan, this is "YOUR MOM" SOLID

Stoosh said...


You'd think with all those resources, the Leafs could at least afford to have bought ONE over the last seventy years.

I really think this is a big reason why so many fans of other NHL teams hate the Pens. For basically the last 25 years, we've always seemed to feature at least one if not two of the most dominant players in the game. We've been blessed in that regard, and probably even a little lucky.

But this makes the conspiracy theories that the NHL is always looking out for Pittsburgh even more ridiculous. Sure, Mario was going to be great. But did the NHL really put guns to the heads of the four teams that took Jagr before he fell to us at #5 in the 1990 draft? Nedved was supposed to be the world-class superstar of that draft, not Jagr.

Could anyone have envisioned Malkin being THIS good? I know there were many who felt Malkin would be a more complete player than Ovechkin. And when he was drafted, a lot of comparisons I've heard said Malkin at his peak MIGHT be about as good as Lecavalier or maybe Thornton (although he was more physical than Thornton). I didn't expect THIS kind of dominance from Geno this early on.

And I know all the theories about the NHL rigging the Crosby lottery. Whatever. Four teams - one of which was the RANGER$$$ - had the best chances of winning the lottery. If the NHL really wanted to rig things, why didn't he end up in New York?

Like you said, when you look back at the last 25 years and you realize the talent we've had here, it's a pretty nice thing to look at.

bnee said...

makes me wish i had MY own personal mario switch. then i'd own life like malkin does

malkinian said...

Stoosh: dead on. I'm up in state college and I hear so much from the Philthies about the nhl favoring the pens and it's so far fetched I don't even know why I bother listening.

Flyers 9th straight loss, now LAST in the atlantic. Ouch.

Go Pens!

Dr. Turkleton said...


PENîS Envy = all other NHL fans

Nathan said...

@stupordave: Yes, I think Crosby buries that breakway, but he doesn't look eerily like Mario or Jagr while he's doing it.

I really can't wait for the game on March 9 in Washington.

StuporDave said...

Mullet Melrose giving Malkin some love. Called him the best player in the world, best player in the NHL and better than Ovechkin.

Greg said...

Can't wait for the weekend fiasco ill be in D-10 of course pre and post game festivities will occur at milano

Anonymous said...


that first half of the third period though. not good times. this is the difference between now and november.

so glad it's not "still early in the season" anymore.
Philly, on the other hand....*grin*

Pensblog Charlie said...

did canaan say that he loves another poster who is also a male? that's hot

Anonymous said...

stoosh -- solid points. although the conspiracy rumors can be entertaining.

I saw this on emptynetters, Hatcher swimming with sharks?

Dr. Turkleton said...

Top 10 Threads on Cryers message board as of 10:44a:

•The Official Positivity Thread
•The Decision That Will Change The Team
•Are Our Best Players Cursed?
•To All The Non-Flyers Fans On This Board (I want your perspective)
•Biron Is Looking More Horrible Everyday
•Poll: Does Briere Remain A Flyer For 7 More Years?
•The Official Rant Thread
•John Stevens (Coach Of The Year or Clueless?)
•Sharks-Flyers Photos 2/21/08
•Downie Signing Feb. 22 - FREE SHIRT CONTEST !!!
•MOVED → Booing Briere Is B.S.

guess losing 9-in-a-row brings out the best on the right side of the state...
I didn't even open any threads & troll...
Let them yell/argue/sulk with each other....they all deserve one another, anyways [scumbags]

Mike Costa said...

Well After Seeing Sabourin's Performance I've Only Got One Thing To Say, "SEE YAH!"

One Thing I Noticed About Malkin Is Whenever He Gets Pissed Off, He Just Takes Over Games, Just Like Sid Does. Imange Pissing Them Both Off At The Same Time, I Don't Wanna Think About It :-D

J.S. said...

I want that free Downie shirt, I need that free Downie shirt....FOR ME TO POOP ON.

Seriously, post a link. I'm curious as to what that's aboot.

Dr. Turkleton said...

here's my 1st attempt to 'add a link':

Cryers Message Board

luvnmypens said...


"Malkin for team bus"
is hilarious! And definately needs to become a photoshop + Tshirt asap! Pensblog staff, can you add this to your store?

seeker said...

Anon @ 10:58 = HILARIOUS!!

I still can't find exactly what the 2 misconduct and the 1 unsportsmanlike penalties (out of the 10 Flyers penalties) in last night's game versus the Sharks were about???

From the Flyers - Sharks Recap:

"The Philly faithful have had enough and the Flyers were booed almost the entire game, especially when they were outhustled to the puck."

"A big screen ad for a Briere promotion brought some of the loudest boos. Briere has been a disappointment in his first season in Philadelphia and entered with a disastrous rating of minus-22, easily the worst on the Flyers."

Pensgirl said...

Stupordave, I actually do think Sid buries that particular breakaway, but I also think your implication that he doesn't have that "Mario switch" is right.

Sid seems more emotional, instinctual - almost animalistic. What's that commercial he's in where he says he forgets his name out there? I have no trouble believing that. Geno, by contrast, seems far more calculating and controlled, which is definitely how Mario was. He does seem to have a switch.

The advantage to a Sid is that he puts the same amount of energy into every shift, so something can happen at any time. The disadvantage is that winging it doesn't always work.

The advantage to a Geno is that his decision to dominate cannot be overridden. The disadvantage is that he has to consciously make the decision, flip the switch.

We're damn lucky to have both types of player, especially since they're both still young enough to learn from each other and adopt pieces of the other guy's game. Now there's a prospect that's terrifying to the rest of the league.

StuporDave said...

@Pensgirl... I definitely agree. Not trying to bash Sid, I do have a favorite and it is Sid. Both are absolute maniacs and it now appears the two best players in the world are on the same team. Hard to do in the salary cap era and will be hard to keep...

Anonymous said...

Any thoughtful explanations of why Sabu was in net last night?????

I mean 17 saves on 21 shots? What happens in a game where THE Conk faces 30+ and that's Sabu instead of Conk?

Is the final score 10 to 5 Habs??

Just wondering if anyone heard a reason why the stupid move?

Anonymous said...

anon@12:23 - Therrien said he put Sabu in net because 1) it's his hometown 2) he had a shutout last time and 3) conk needed a break for this weekend.

Emily said...

Great game.

King of the NHL photoshop changed my life for the better, and Malkamania is miraculous.

Go pens.

Brett said...

"What separates Evgeni Malkin from you?

He shut 21,000 people up in five seconds. You can't even get your dog to stop barking."


seeker said...

Anyone else thinking Sydor has been playing badly the last 4 games or so?

I wouldn't be surprised if MT decides to let him sit a game or two.

sonofatruckload said...

yeah sydor has been bad. it seems like he's right there every time we let in a goal.

seeker said...

anon @ 12:23,

I don't really think Sabu played that badly last night.

In my opinion there was probably only one goal that I think Conk might've (?) stopped that Sabu didn't.

The Habs are a GOOD hockey club with an outstanding PP...they're gonna get pucks behind your goalie no doubt.

seeker said...


He's S-L-O-W first of all. Then he got out-positioned (veteran dman?) on that one Habs dump-in which allowed a pass leading directly to a goal.

I actually think Nasreddine would play better.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I noticed that as seems as if Syd-Orr has lost .5 step, esp. going back to the corner for a puck....would trade Crusher for Ole-Kristen Tollefsson if C-Bus would be willing...

sabu played o.k...he's a decent back-up...why eveyone wants to put him on the parkway going to the airport is beyond me...

Anonymous said...

sabu didn't know he was getting the green light. he was hammered when he got on the ice last night.

Dr. Turkleton said...

desperate Cryers now making desperate moves

looking at his stats...he'll fit right in [Homogren on the bottle, agian?]

Stoosh said...

PENSGIRL - Absolutely incredible take on the Sid-Malkin differences.

I've heard Sid described in many ways, but if I had to sum him up quickly, I think these are fairly accurate:

1. He's the most skilled checking center of the NHL's modern era (contrary to what his detractors say, he plays a highly-physical game...he's most physical skilled center I've seen since Forsberg), and...

2. He's the first player who has tailored his game to play in the more limited space that the current game provides its players. The NHL game now is faster than it's ever been, and it employs players who are bigger than they've typically ever been. So you have less physical space out there and you're expected to beat players who are quicker than ever getting to open space.

You described Geno to a tee. He's much stronger than he looks, he's almost impossible to knock off the puck and he's got a terrific mean streak that he breaks out when he needs to (much the same way Mario used to do as well). The mean streak is something we weren't sure he had, at least not unless you saw him in the '06 Olympics, when he was one of the three or four best all-around forwards for Russia.

Seeing him take his game to an other-worldly level has been a real treat the last several weeks. This is what it must have been like watching Lemieux in his prime, when he was good for two points every single night. I haven't seen this kind of dominance in the NHL in a long time...where one player was just so capable of taking over a game.

I thought he was capable of carrying this team in Sid's absence. I didn't expect him to elevate his entire game AND the games of so many around him.

Nathan said...

In reading some of the Flyers fans' rants about John Stevens, I know that if Lou Lamoriello was running that team, Stevens would've been fired about 5 games into their current losing streak. I just have to wonder if the same thing happens to Pittsburgh sometime in the next couple of years, will King Shero fire the head coach (be it Therrien or somebody else), or will he sit back and let the team collapse like Paul Holmgren's doing right now in Philadelphia?

For the record, the Pens' longest losing streak this season was four games, November 7-12, in the middle of that horrible stretch where they lost 10 of 13, 8 of those losses being in regulation. That stretch ended with the shootout win over Ottawa on Thanksgiving (henceforth the "pumpkin pie in the face" game). The Pens haven't lost more than two straight since. I wonder how close Shero came to giving Therrien the axe in November, though. Although sometimes the mere threat of firing the coach is enough to get the team going again -- it worked for Ottawa last season when they got off to that shit-poor start, and the ownership accompanied the team on a road trip; the Sens won that night and never looked back en route to the Cup Finals.

Unfortunately, there's still time for the Flyers to turn their season around, but it'll probably have to happen with someone else behind the bench.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, thanks. You're right too - Sid's physical game is underappreciated, and he uses (and creates) space like nobody else before him.

My favorite way of describing him is "living electron." He's the most frenetic player I've ever seen.

And Geno. The question is just starting to form in the back of people's minds: will Malkin be our chance to see what a healthy Mario would have been like?

Anonymous said... has a list of most miserable cities. philly comes in 5th. scumbags

Anonymous said...

so no word on fedko yet?

Anonymous said...

Dammit Ben

Dave said...

So lets say eventually Malkin = Lemieux and Sid will be > young Jagr.... sorry I forgot where I was going with that because I started to drool. Something about Stanley Cups.

sonofatruckload said...

if malkin = lemieux then im not sure who sid's equivilant is but it sure as hell isn't jagr. i don't think there has ever been a player quite like sid. forsberg maybe?

stokes said...

BNG66: i may go down to the Souper bowl on sunday with my bro. he's going to the game, i'll be drinking. The Q is also an awesome place to see Pearl Jam.

Sydor has followed two solid months of hockey, after his terrible start, with a week of more really bad hockey.

Pensgirl: great analysis.

I definitely have a man-crush on Geno right now. I ran out of superlatives for him a couple weeks ago. (Sorry, Charlie, i only have eyes for Geno.)

I'm not trying to sound like a Montreal fan or anything like that, but this team could be freaking dangerous come playoff time.

canaanregulatesblog said...

2:33 anon

that ben pic is really old.

Eric K said...

Dukes of Russia is classic.

Why is it for every point Whitney has, he forgets to play defense in front of the net. Not saying all the goals are/were completely his fault b/c very rarely can you blame a goal on a single player (even the goalie), but still, he was in his office in the front of the net eating a jelly donut for 3 of the Habs goals.

all we can hope for 2morrow is a Thanksgiving Day-esque performance.

Eric K said...

ah, make that Thanksgiving day, minus giving up a point to the Sens. haha. still a great game.

Pittsburgh girl Forever said...

Wow, you guys have another amazing post, wow! Photoshop = gold!

I was so ticked at Montreal fans last night. Poor Sydor ... I'm glad he's okay.

We should all bow down to Malkin ... we are obviously not worthy!!

Malone is rocking my world. From the first time I saw him play, I knew he would be fantastic! What is the stat ... 18 pts in last 14 games! Good job, sweetie!

Anyone else really happy with Gonch right now? He has been playing so-so but last night's game ... wow! Congrats on 600, Sarge!

I love Malkin with all my heart but I miss Sid and Roberts. Bring my boys back home!

If Kovy touched Malkin one more time, I swear that I was going to drive up to Canada and beat him up. I appreciate how well you played in Pittsburgh, dude, but save it because losing Malkin means you lose your life.

(Is it odd everytime I looked at Kovy that I had flashbacks of past games and remembered how much kaspar rocked my world? We need a Kaspar.)

Anonymous said...


Malkin has 30 points (12 goals, 18 assists) since crosby has been out, with 24 of those coming in his past 10 games. (from tsn)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see Malkin get the attention he deserves, yet in every paragraph with the word "Malkin" comes "Crosby"

I'm pretty sick of it.


Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Anon. who posted immediately after me: I know about Malkin's stats. All I'm saying it would be nice to have my boys healthy. I did write we are not worthy of
Malkin-g. Don't take the way I worded that one part as I think Geno isn't great ... my opinion is far from that.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Girl Forever

Please stop calling them "your boys".

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

I say that about all my fav. teams and players ... chill.

Dr. Turkleton said...

pittsburgh girl forever = Miss McGill from Youngblood ???? ☻

Pittsburgh girl forever said...

Sorry, I dony' usually flaunt around in hot pants, and I'm younger than all the players of the Pens.

Jonny V said...

Turk Turkleton, I think that reference is waay to obscure. So she has a lot of enthusiasm for her favorite hockey team. Don't knock the girl for that.

Re: your 1:18 post stoosh, I just read an article a few weeks ago that said with the new style of play in the NHL, teams are looking more and more for the skill players that are of a smaller stature. Players under 6 feet and in the 170-190 pound range seem to be more prevalent. I only gave a cursory look at the 2007 draft results, too lazy to find the mode and median and mean and whatever other statistics there are.

Nathan, I totally blocked out that losing streak (we lost 10 of 13? Really?!?) But now that u mention it I remember those were dark times around here at tPB. I think the highlight of my weekend will be the game tomorrow. I love this game.

cg's wife said...

MALKAMANIA has to be a tshirt!!!

Anonymous said...

charlie vs. pittsburgh girl forever
who's boys are they really?

e.mirchich said...

Malkin is just unreal and Malone has been money lately as well. That was his second tape-to-tape pass to spring the player coming from the box on a breakaway in the last few games. If I'm not mistaken he sprung Ruutu loose for his goal against Buffalo. Anyways awesome game and awesome night. Extended points lead for Geno, Philthy out of the top 8, things getting tighter at the top of the conference, and 600 for Gonch. Awesome. I love how electric the crowd is at Montreal games. Just unreal.

wilsmith said...

Why can't the Igloo be as loud as the Fo-- Centre Bell?

My one knock against pro sports has always been that the fans are pretty lame. Silent, uneducated, whatever. It's part of the reason I've never been compelled to get to a Steeler game. I've been to so many college football games that Steeler crowds just look boring.

Montreal fans are just ridiculous. All that noise, they never shut up. I mentioned this a while ago, but why can't we have constant noise and organized chants -- more than the "Lets go Pens".

There should be a handbook, what to yell at what times. The sieve chant after goals, "where's your backup?" when a goalie has a rough night, "where is [superstar]?" when someone's not playing up to snuff. No wave when the Pens are on the power play, but constant shouting, like when a football team is on offense, when the opponent is on theirs.
And do you think John Barabaro would go along with "How...Much...Time...Is....Left?

Ideally, no one would sit down either.

Anyone got some good chants? I know mine are pretty generic and widely used, but with the collective minds here, we gotta come up with something good. I think we talked about this before and someone had that video of the soccer team with "you'll never walk alone", why can't we get a good tune to rock out before during or after a game?

I vote for Love Can Rock You.

BlacknGold66 said...

Just got back from the a full day at the Emergency Room. Not looking for pity. Just thought about the Pens and my fellow cbloggers all day since the Ms. and I were planning on heading down for the weekend again since we managed to find some tickets.

I had to get my knee drained and shot with a steriod. Other knee shot with drugs. Both ankles shot with drugs.

I literrally couldn't walk this morning and was confined to a wheelchair all day. The pain was so bad that I actually passed out at the VA hospital. I saw my entire weekend in the Burgh flushing down the drain. It sucked hard core. But things could always be worse.

Luckily, my Dr. is the man (even if he is a Sabres fan) and took care of me so I can walk again.

He asked what I was going to do this weekend since my plans had just been shot. (no pun intended)

It's times like this when you know you're going to be uncomfortable, and you know it's going to be hard to walk in the hills of Pittsburgh...

But when you feel like your team needs you screaming "Let's Go Pens" until your lungs explode, that you have to step back and ask yourself...


What I'm trying to get at here (if anyone is still reading this), is that if I had tickets for a Stillers game, or a Bucs game, or even for last years Pens... I probably wouldn't go. I'd listen to my Dr.'s and take it easy.

But I LOVE this team. I love the Igloo. And I love the fans.

Nothing is stopping me from going to the games this weekend.

So if you see some 30-year-old douchebag in a Lemieux jersey gimping around Pittsburgh with an "old man's" cane... say "Hello!"

It's More Than Just A Game

I'll see you at the Souper Bowl on Sunday if you're there. I won't be drinking (see above!!) But a handshake is in order.


BlacknGold66 said...


Just read your last post from the last... um... post.

Thanks for the well wishes and directions, etc. Hopefully we can bring home two wins again!!

You've been a great help brother.

Stoosh said...

WILSMITH - I think we've had this discussion before. Fans of pro sports in the US by and large just aren't that creative. And yes, the wave doesn't belong in hockey.

Dead-on about Steeler crowds. Other than screaming obscenities in their drunkenness, the monotonous "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" chants and the crowd going nuts in the second half while they play "Renegade" (and if fans going nuts for a stupid Styx song isn't a perfect representation of a fanbase stuck in another era, I don't know what is), Steelers games are nothing to sneeze at.

I'll give Pirates fans this much...a couple of years ago, there was a group of kids who formed an Oliver Perez cheering section. They showed up in sombreros whenever he pitched and even had a goofy song and dance they did. It was hysterical.

I've heard Madden talk about this stuff on the radio - how relatively lame fans are of pro sports in America. We cheer mostly when prompted by the jumbotron. It's mostly generic stuff. No songs like they have in Euro player-specific chants.

A bunch of us up in F1 started really railing on Biron and Downie in the last Flyers game and we at least got some of the F-balcony to do a "Seive" chant. I love what Pitt hoops fans do when an opposing player gets in foul trouble or fouls out - they yell, "LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT" as he walks to the bench. When he sits down, they yell "SIT DOWN!"

Can't we do something like that when an opposing player heads to the box or gets ejected?

One thing I love about junior hockey crowds is that they bring these long plastic horns and blast those during the can get very loud at junior games. I don't know if the Pens allow those or not, but that would be great.

We need to come up with some ideas here. I know there are some good college hockey ones out there...maybe start with some of those and put our own spin on them.

stokes said...

BNG66: Yeah. I'll be there. For sure. That's commitment, my friend. What an effort.

@ Wilsmith: I would love more than anything to see that kind of atmosphere at the Igloo. My only admissions to your post:

1) Once again, The Igloo is the place to be because the team is cool again. I don't know about any other cities, but that's how the Burgh is. So, you get alot people that could give a shit less about the actual game going on, but they can tell everyone they know the day of and after the game, that they were at the Pens' game and their friends, co-workers, etc, can look at them with envy and awe. Of course, not everyone new to the game is like that. I have two such friends that read this blog like the Bible and this is their first FULL season into the game. (Then they moved to Cali and have to watch DVR games. Dopes.) What i'm trying to say is that, there's alot of that arena that is filled with people casually watching the game; and talking about God only knows what; and giving half a shit about the game at hand. I don't know how many Cbloggers have season tickets, in any form, but i would bet that those who do not would make for a much better hockey crowd and arena atmosphere than those who actually show up. Its a double edged sword.

2) That being said, I go to around 20 games a year. I tend to be vocal and boisterous. But, not for the whole game. That takes a LOT of energy, and more to the point, I like to watch the game. I get into watching the game to the point where i can't eat nachos because i feel like i am missing something. I am sure there are Cbloggers that can understand that. I know that if i am cheering, going nuts, etc., i don't watch as closely because i am putting more effort into cheering than paying attention. I don't see the play develop or see the things that happen after the play is over and the puck has moved up ice. Once again, i feel i am not giving my full attention to the game unless i am dead set on it, giving it my undivided attention. Oddly enough, i also cannot talk on the phone and watch TV or any combination of TV, Phone and Al Gore.

I must repeat: I would love that kind of atmosphere, where at stoppages and the like, the crowd goes crazy and not because nobody can stand the KISS morning show or because someone is playing Plinko(no offense Randall) or because Mark Madden is giving away prizes to rich people. I want the crowd to go nuts because it IS nuts, like its the Oakland friggin' Zoo. For the most part, our fans know when to cheer and what to cheer for, but the energy level could be a little better.


Anonymous said...

Those horns, and most other noisemaking devices, are banned by the NHL, unfortunately

Dr. Turkleton said...

blackngold66 = definition of True Fan

Jonny V said...

blackngold66, as a physical therapist assistant student, I gotta say watch out getting around in the slush, take it easy with the walking, and become friends with icing the joints. And elevate the limbs to keep swelling down. Other than that, have a great weekend friend. Your dedication is admirable.

Stoosh and wilsmith, turning the Igloo into a madhouse is truly going to be a grassroots campaign. All of yinz that bought Pensblog T-shirts are getting the word out about this place when u wear them out. I know i'm telling every person in my classes that are Pens fans about this blog, and just from the new faces since the summer, word is getting out. I think the key to getting people to participate is to avoid being obnoxious. That just turns people off (see Steeler games). As we get closer to the playoffs, I'm sure we'll see that place turn into something special.

Dr. Turkleton said...


For those venturing down to the Arena on Saturday....there will be 5-W.P.I.A.L. Basketball games at the A.J. Palumbo Center beginning at advised that parking might be crazy for those (like ME) who park at or around Duquesne U /the Bluff
Good News: all downtown PPA lots are $5 since it's the weekend

bng66: where are your seats????

The Big K said...

and they said sid was all we had.
yup. that kinda tanked, eh?

wilsmith said...


Yeah stoosh, I remember this talk earlier on, was it in the summer or during the season? I can't remember.

Either way, we just need to get people yelling certain things at certain times, then suddenly there's noise all game long. Game events, not the -tron, should trigger the fans.

I wish I could get to more games, but I live almost 2 hours away and getting tickets only happens when a friend offers up their seasons for a game.

J.S. said...

bng66, how could you do steroids? One day you're mentioning it on c-blog, next thing you know you'll be in front of congress explaining how it was recommended by an online doctor. I kid, I kid.

the monotonous "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" chants and the crowd going nuts in the second half while they play "Renegade" (and if fans going nuts for a stupid Styx song isn't a perfect representation of a fanbase stuck in another era, I don't know what is), Steelers games are nothing to sneeze at.

Fucking spot on. Don't get me wrong, I shut it down on Sundays if there's a Steelers game on and I make it known that I don't want to be bothered, but I never understood the hype with that mediocre Styx song. But if you wanna talk monotone chants, let's talk about that stupid, stupid "Here we go" song that gets revised every year. A friend of mine, a fellow c-blog reader, dropped the banhammer on that song for one year. Result? Pittsburgh won SB XL. That song hasn't been played since.

Mancini's Bread said...

Stan, Guy... love the show.

Long time reader, first time poster. Does anyone know where I can find these Ryan Malone/Potash hug clips? I've searched, but to no avail. thanks in advance. I hope to be around a bit more often, if yinz don't mind!

Nate said...

it might even be worth announcing a game coming up that every cblogger should try to make it to. then have specific prompts in the game to try to get as many people doing a chant as possible. maybe it will take... worth a shot at least with the playoff hunt coming up

wilsmith said...

It's Friday night and I'm posting this comment.


IceCold... said...

grassroots, gentlemen, is exactly the way to go to get a crowd going. you need to get a small rowdy group of people together and let things grow from them. like have everyone wear malkamania shirts to a game, or everyone make the same sign.

we need something like stoosh said about that group in F1, but we need something coordinated. obviously don't have time to figure something out for tomorrow but we still got games left, and of course the playoffs :)

maybe a pow-wow at milanos or souper bowl before a game is in order?

my vote for pens theme is sex type thing by STP...obviously i'm a chick ;) but seriously they did a video to that song at a game and it was kick ass!!!

seeker said...

mancini's bread,

All I can think of (after searching a bit) is that there's a guy on YouTube, username = steelcityassault
that records games and might cut a clip or two from them for you. He 'sort of' takes requests. It would help him if you can name the exact game[s] you want a clip from.

Gordy Howitzer said...

Temps are dropping in the burgh tonight.

I hope Alfie and Spezza can keep each other warm.

Dr. Turkleton said...


charlie will spoon with 'em

BlacknGold66 said...

Thanks for the respect from those that I respect on cblog. Helluva little family we have here.

@Johnny V - Duly noted. R.I.C.E right?
(^-^)~b (thumbs up)

@Doc Turk -

E28 Row G on Saturday

B21 Row B on Sunday

@J.S. - Two "Triumph" references in one day. You crack me up man!

@Mancini's Bread - Welcome to cblog. If you find that clip let me know.

@Stokes - What time are you heading there on Sunday?

@Everone - Souper Bowl before both games this weekend. You don't have to drink (I won't be) but stop in and we'll meet and greet before the games.

Stokes and I will be there before Sunday's games and we're complete strangers so why not, eh? Show a little cblog/pensblog love. We're all in this together. Playoffish hockey starts now.

I'll probably post this again before the Ms. and I make our trek tomorrow morning. Let me know where yinz are sitting and if you want us to stop by to say hello (and vice versa)

I hope to meet a few of you (if possible). Like I said, look for the young guy with the old man's cane. I always have my yellow Pens hat on.

Sorrytorambleagainblog, but I'm just excited to be walking and to be catching The Penginz again in your wonderful city. Don't take the Pens for granted. You don't know how lucky most of you are to get them on FSN and to have them so close.

Also, don't take ThePensblog and Cblog for granted. It's actually one of the few places on the net in which I feel like people with the same interests can get together and connect with minimal interruption from outsiders. I like how we all protect each other here, and how we respectively call each other out when one of us is being an ass. (Or taking up all of cblog with sentimental crap like myself!! lol!)

The Pensblog...
the hetero-sexual for Pens fans

I KEED I KEED!! I make joke with you!

as always...


Nate said...


The Mayor of Fiji said...

Look at the water!

Hip said...

bng66 - hope you're feeling better man. Anything you can do to get that taken care of for good? Chronic steroids are no good.

I desperately want to go to sleep right now.

Go Pens.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hip - working on it. I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism back in Zeptember or Rocktober. Have had polyarticular topheceaus gout for who knows how long (I just turned 30 btw, so too young for this shit, ya know?!)

Had CT surgery to remove a thymic mass in December. The "extra" parathyroid tumor was located between the heart and lungs. Painintheassblog.

Calcium levels dropped drastically overnight.

Hopefully over time and with the uric acid meds it'll calm down.

I don't like taking chronic steriods. I've only been doing so for the past 2+ months so I hope it doesn't continue for years. But with my strange and unique form of arthritis, I may have this forever.

My diet and determination are strict though. So I'll always come through.

Thanks for the well-wishes. Let me know when you get a recidency! :-)


BlacknGold66 said...

Oh, and Hip having another surgery on Monday to help clean up the joints.

I'll send you pictures taken by my Doc afterwords if you're interested. (Just the joints, no face... HIPAA safe) It's a bitch to have, but amazing to study since it's so unique.

Don't know what you're studying exacly, but I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it.



Anonymous said...

if you want to park for cheap, park at the parking garage on 1st ave. next to the county jail.

i paid $5 to park all day when i was in the city for the flyers game.

hop on the T and take it to the steel plaza stop; leads you straight to the arena.


canaanregulatesblog said...


Fleury29 said...

or because Mark Madden is giving away prizes to rich people

Ha-ha, Stokes, I noticed that when I was in town. I told my mom, "Why does he keep giving money to people in the boxes? They don't need it. Give it to someone in F section, they need it."

What's the deal with that Madden guy, anyway? Everybody booed when he came on the jumbotron and he seemed like kind of a jerk.

inconsistencyblog said...

Whoa wait a minute!! Anybody that has watched more than 5 minutes of the Dukes of Hazzard knows that the General Lee's doors were welded shut! So what's with the passenger-side door in that picture?!?!


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