Monday, February 25, 2008

2 - 1

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What are we really looking at here?

If these two games had occurred immediately following Crosby's injury,
Pens Nation would be elated and morale would be up.

Instead, these back-to-back post-regulation losses to top NHL teams occur in late February.

The Pens are sitting a mere 3 points from the top seed in the Atlantic.
Sidney Crosby is coming back.
Fleury is coming back.
Roberts is coming back.
The Flyers are in a freefall.

The team doesn't need a "shakeup" at the trading deadline in order to make it a contender.

If anything, what the Pens need to do is trade for Razor Ramon.

Zamboni Burning

--Eric P--


-- DRae --

-- Eric H. --

-Michael K--

Could it have been the blood from Gary Roberts' victims?

We're of the school of thought that somebody forgot to unload the bodies from the Zamboni in Sudden Death.




--Theresa V--

--Michael K--

-- DRae --

-- BlackNGold66 --

-- Teej --

-- Greg Nardine --


After that long delay, it was time to drop the puck.
That delay in no way helped the garbage feeling surrounding this game.

After some play sponsored by Ambien, Ruutu goes to the box for interference.
And then he tries to start crap after the game, which buys him a 10-minute misconduct.

You could smell doom looming like it just farted in your face.
But Ty Conklin is flatulence-proof, making an unreal save after some unreal Sharks passing.
The penalty was killed.

The crowd came alive with that save, and the Pens started causing trouble in the Sharks zone.

In the Sens game, the Pens got the early PP's.
This game, it was San Jose with two quick chances, with Orpik going to the box.

Malkamania runs wild, killing off the last 25 seconds of the penalty.

Yet another penalty came later. Whitney for hooking.
Yet again, they kill it.

Talboot & Co. became a nuisance at the end of the period, but no dice.

We got out alive.



After a delay during the intermission, it was time to start up play again.
It was the Winter Classic all over again.

Snore, snore.
And then JFK draws a penalty.

When the penalty expired, Armstrong comes back and steals the puck from Thornton.
And then Army levels Cheechoo, evening up the karma stemming from November 2006.

Whitney takes his second penalty of the game when he jobs Patrick Marleau.
That penalty lasted like a year and a half, but it was finally killed.

Malkin grabbed the puck later and tried to go through the world, but it didn't happen.

Old NHLblog

Armstrong gets interefered with trying to get to a loose puck going into the Sharks zone.

The Pens looked like they had one, but it hits the post.
The Sharks turned it up on the PK, getting some solid chances on Conk, but no dice.
Another power play goes to the wayside.

Blah, blah. Save, save.

The second period comes to an end.



What a play by Cheechoo 3 minutes into the third period to put the Sharks up 1-0.


It turned into dump-and-chase for a good while.

The Pens start pressing for the tying goal and get rewarded with a power play.
And just as you start cursing Therrien for putting Christensen on the PP, he one-times a Gonch pass into the net. 1-1.


After a lot of nothingness, Jonathan Cheechoo heads to the box for jobbing.
Huge power play commences.

Malkin ends up having to trip up a Shark, so the power play was done.
The Sharks eventually jump onto their own power play, but nothing happens there either.

Before the overtime, Bob Errey gives us a glimmer of hope when he makes a reference to Bret Hart.

Overtime again.



Back and forth it went, nonstop for most of the overtime.
But no dice.



Christensen was up first.
He buries it. 1-0.

Some jobber was up next for the Sharks.
Goal. 1-1.

Letang had Nabby beat, but he couldn't lift it up.

It was Cheechoo's turn, and he buries it. 2-1.

Ruutu came down slower than Michel Ouellet and makes some unreal move. 2-2.

What a move.

Roenick was up. And there was no drama involved. Game.

See you Tuesday.

  • Gonchar: 1A
  • Conklin: Almost showed up in the shootout.
  • Trading deadline is Tuesday, 3:00 PM. Buckle up.
  • It's no longer comical to Ruutu or the Pens bench when he buries it. They're all business.
  • We found a wrestling pictures site on the internet. So just get ready
  • Questionblog. Does anyone remember the Shark signs that the Penguins use to pass out before games? The Jaws music would play, just as the Pens would go on the Powerplay, and everyone would hold up the the sign. Can anyone find either video footage, or the sign itself?

-- WilSmith found this Yahoo NHL gaffe after the game --


canaanregulatesblog said...

I could feel the Bret Hart reference boiling inside of me as i read through the post.

Does this mean that yahoo thinks that the pens are slackers?

IceCold... said...

that is most definately the BLOOD of gary roberts' VICTIMS. i think the zamboni guys did that on purpose to get us pysched for his almighty return!!

we gotta keep our heads up. this was a tough weekend and we came out of if pretty good considering all. its still frustrating though when you think about what we could have done. and the fact that we can honestly expect more from our team is AWESOME.

i'm not even gonna pretend that i can keep up with the rumor mills on trades, but i will certainly breathe easier once tuesday passes. this team has ridiculous chemistry and that makes such a difference in big games when the team can feed off of each other. there's something about this team...

i already feel like the playoffs are here and we still have another month to go! holy hell, hockey doesn't get any better than this. and all of these '91/'92 references and discusses are getting my hopes up! i have a feeling in my gut that this season is gonna come to a rock solid end! but i don't want it to end!!! i never want this season to end!!!!!!!!

IceCold... said...

and oh yeah, we need to keep malkin single. look what happened to AO once his internet girlfriend showed up!! but hey, its goog for malkin. i want him to shove it in everyone's face that he didn't make the original all-star roster.

simple equation:


sh0ez said...

We ended up being late, and I got a text message from a friend saying "Dude, what the hell happened?" We though we missed something huge, so I said I was still walking down and asked what was up. He said "Someone said there was like blood or something on the ice." I immediately said to my friends, "some Flyers fans must have showed up and Roberts just decided to sacrifice them in the middle of the ice."

Was it me or was there barely any puck control? It seemed like it was just being chased around the whole game and most of the attack time was spent in the Sharks' zone. It was meh. I was glad to see a game with Conk and not Sabu, as well as the blow up-delay allowing us to see all of the game, and I got to see a shootout. We were discussing on th e way how awesome it would be to see one.

Conk had a good game from what I saw, then the shootout came. The only time he moved was when he rolled out of goal after the Cheechoo goal. Fleury on Tuesday?

A point is a point, and with as tight as the race is up top, it's better than nothing.

Let's Go Pens!

sh0ez said...

P.S. Can't wait for the wrestling pictures.

ailuj58 said...

2 out of 4 points, whatev.

I totally remember the jaws music and the signs, I saw that video a couple months ago, I looked for it again but I couldn't find it, but I know its out there!

PittHockey said...

apparently yahoo is trying to dissuade the MS purchase by showing that it cannot, in fact, change history.

Flyer Hater said...

Could you imagine a Devils-Sharks Stanley Cup Final? 5 goals would be scored in the entire series.

Phil said...

colby armstrong is getting traded.

gary roberts is out for another month at least.

DelPen said...

The SI 1991 Stanley Cup video has some shots of the signs which were sponsored by Silo electronics. They also had one that simply said "Ulf"

Brenna said...

I have one of those shark signs; I just have to find it.


Lady Jaye said...

Will the Devils please LOOSE some games? I can't wait until Brodeur retires ;)

pickle stabber said...

There's definitely some footage of the Jaws PP in One From the Heart...

Korn said...

The Shark signs were handed out during the 91 playoffs, just a black and white shark fin. I know I have one somewhere. But the San Jose Sharks started play the following season and I believe the signs weren't used after that.

Pensgirl said...

My family still has some of those old shark signs in a Pens memorabilia box. If nobody's come up with one by then, I'll dig one out and snap a shot next time I'm in Pgh (probably Easter).

diabeticsRcooler said...

disappointing game...

but it could have been much worse considering Dean Morton was the ref

Im pretty sure that was the 1st game he has reffed against us since the infamous new jersey game

diabeticsRcooler said...


i think the mysterious substance coming from the Zamboni was transmission fluid in case anyone was wondering

AndrewS said...

So I guess one can't complain about 2 out of 4 points this weekend. Sure, I did yesterday, but that was before I realized how stupid it sounded to bitch about the goalie who has carried us this far, and possibly much farther. So, it looks like I have successfully removed my head from my ass, and it looks forward to 6 points this week.

Also, how did Rutuu do that?

Hip said...

Phil- I would be deeply saddened. I sincerely think he brings a lot of intangibles to this team in the locker room and can be counted on for consistent scrappy play.

wilsmith said...

It was hydraulic fluid.

Mike Georger said...

rip mr perfect

Not BigRickPSU said...

Finally got to my first game of the year yesterday. Some thoughts:

Sunday afternoon crowd felt very blah to me. To be expected I guess, but just no real energy over in C18. I partly blame the Sharks for lulling everyone to sleep.

Secondly, I don't know how it looked to everyone at home, but to us it appeared as if Whitney played TERRIBLE. Cheechoo made a nice play on him, but there were many other times where he got beat, made a bad pass, and just generally looked like his mind was somewhere else.

Who ever thought our three best shootout guys at the end of February would be Christensen, Letang, and Ruutu?

ceby22 said...

We got a couple of points and we didn't loose to nobody teams in the standings.

PLUS, the lose to the sharks is easier to take than a loss to the conference, both in pride and in points count.

Jonny V said...

It seems like the Devils are on a 20 game winning streak. When the hell do they lose?

And I've changed my avatar in the spirit of today's post.

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Sundin is refusing to waive his no-trade clause. One less name off of the rumor mill.

Jeanette said...

The Zamboni machine blew up because Gary Roberts was bored and wanted to cause a little excitement. He simply thought "blow up" and it blew up. Now I must get on that hotline to Lord Roberts to have him remove all pictures of Dusty Rhodes off the internet. That is too scary to look at at 8 in the morning. My eyes!!! My perfect brown eyes!!! Ahhhh!!!

Pensblog Staff said...

Anyone have any feedback on c-blog now being only for people that register?

We don't want to leave anyone out in the cold, it just seemed we were starting to get some jobbers in here.

Let us know

daismog said...


It's forcing me to actually sign my name, rather than generally leave it blank, but it doesn't bug me any besides the extra ten or fifteen seconds to log in.

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris e said...

Do it!

Lloyd said...


I thought that it was a move that needed to be made, but never brought it up.

the Grammar Nazi in me is screaming over the loose vs. lose thing.
loose: not tightened.
lose: opposite of win; lost

snickerdoodles said...

Staff, it does not bother me. It just made my name show up and with all the people I make fun of, that is something that should remain hidden!!!

snickerdoodles said...

Thank Lord Roberts my secret identity is back!!

J.S. said...

I remember the jaws signs, but what was teh reasoning behind them? I was maybe 17 at the time, and since the Al Gore wasn't available in every home and not every HS senior was buying the Post Gazette, I didn't get much Pens info back in the day.

Sinops said...

good decision about login.
most anon have a screen name, but are too lazy, like myself.

Nathan said...

The Pens' march to the playoffs can get some help tonight if the Sabres push the Flyers' streak to 11. Game's on Versus.

As if we all needed a practical reason to root against the Flyers...

wilsmith said...


Do it.

It saves your login for you anyway, so you might as well have people create an account.

Sometimes that anonymous guy says the most ridiculous things, I wouldn't mind seeing him gone!

Blue29er said...

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"
Is that from Blow?

Jeffry said...

blue29er is that a real question?

the ruutu goal almost made me forget that we lost, and then my good friend beer finished the job.

Nathan said...

Normally a loss like yesterday's would've made me a lot more upset, but with a 10-point cushion over the 9th place team, every point brings the Pens closer to the playoffs. The magic number is currently 31, and it can drop to 30 or 29 if Buffalo takes care of business tonight.

"Salsa shark. 'We're gonna need a bigger boat!' Man goes in cage. Cage goes in salsa. Shark's in the salsa. Our shark."

Flyer Hater said...

I don't believe it, but i'll be rooting really hard for Buffalo tonight. LETS GO BUFFALO!!

stokes said...

staff, last night, i tried to make a pensblog charlie joke, as charlie himself and i couldnt and was disappointed. i thought it would be a good one too. At least we don't have any more fake chris e's running around. Dicks...

JAWS is a solid movie. Excellent reference(which i didnt get at 530am-but i got it eventually).

i received this text from BNG66 at some point during the game : "This crowd is dying alive." That's classic stuff. Hope the surgery went ok today.

I dont want to talk about the game. it was boring.

If colby's leaving, who are we getting back and where did you get your info? im not jobbing you, phil, i just want to know because i would be really really surprised if said trade happens.

sh0ez said...

It took like 5 tries to get a wave going. These 10 year olds behind us also tried to get a "Let's Go Pens" chant going every minute. Even after the Sharks' goal. Just soooooooo borrrrrrrriiiinnnnnnng.

IceCold... said...

i would be super surprised if colby got traded. people can argue his value on the ice, but you can't argue his value off the ice. i have a hard time believing they are gonna give up one of bing's best friends. keep the big man happy. not that this should be a little boys club and you can't kick out your friends, but i'm gonna go back to my chemistry point again. the team LOVES him. this team's incredible chemistry is gonna make difference in the end.

not only that but there has been a riff in the locker room at different points during the season over coaching. i really hope that isn't still the attitude, b/c love him or hate therrien is getting the job done. but my point is that, i have a hard time believing this organization wants to take a chance to piss off its players any more. when they are on hot streak and a seriously run to be first in the conference.

IceCold... said...

woah, i need to proof read my comments better. idiot.

stokes said...

ice cold, we all do it. its cool.

I've also heard, second hand of course, that MT is not everybody's favorite in the room. But i DO think that everyone respects him. And i dont think he's done anything for them to NOT respect him. once again, i don't hang out in the locker room nor do i hang with any of the players(how sweet would that be?), but it seems to me that they respect him even if they don't like him. but like you said, he's winning for one reason or another, and that's what matters.

If they do trade someone as popular as Colby, well, tough. that's life in hockey and, unless you're Jammer Jagger, you just can't quit because they traded someone that was a favorite in the room, but had good trade value. you've still got a job to do and pride to defend. i doubt anyone would intentionally bite it after said trade.

Lloyd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IceCold... said...

i hear ya stokes, do your job or we'll see ya later. if colby gets hot again then he's worth it. but another reason i have a hard time believing they'd trade him, is that it seems to me that they have been prepping him to be on bing's line. although, who the hell knows what is gonna happen to the lines when bing comes back.

i wanna see mad max, crusher and staal together again. i liked the energy they produced. and obviously i don't want geno, malone, and sykora broken up. eh! this suspense is killing me!! i wanna know whats gonna happen!! i HATE being patient!! i think gary roberts killed my patience.

Stoosh said...

TSN says Peter Forsberg to Colorado on a one-year deal.

Philly may have just imploded.

Well, at least we know what Forsberg thinks of Philly's Cup chances.

Flyer Hater said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Foppa signs with Colorado. Hartnell, Umberger, Richards, and a first round back to Coloardo for Forsberg. Recent trade rumor.

wilsmith said...

It should take infinite tries to get the wave started.

stokes said...

that's classic wilsmith. i agree.

With that signing, Philly just lost for the eleventh time in a row. not to mention to mention what kind of shit show they will bring tonight vs. Buffalo.

Icecold: yeah it certainly seems that way. colby bing malone. i really did like the staalbotsen line, a whole bunch. i, too, hope it re-appears, but i also kind of like talbot on the the malkin-sykora line too.

how sweet would a malkin-sykora-jagr line be? he's only like 4 years older than sykora? my head just exploded thinking about it.


Steve In Denver said...

I can't wait for morning radio tomorrow here in Denver. The cup will be rolling down Larimer St in March before the Av's even play a game with Foppa and Sakic back. Ridiculous.

I need to start a pool on how many games he actually plays before his foot falls off.

What a slam on Holmgren and the Philly Flyboys. Sad.

wilsmith said...

Anybody got a good link to a flyers board so I can read some reaction?

Johnny Wrath said...

I think Jagr and Sundin are going to start a new team this summer in Europe exclusively for Captains who couldn't get it done. They'll assume duties on the first line with Alexei Yashin. Second line will, of course, be Gilmour, Peca, and the most dubious Captain ever, Dallas Drake.

Seriously though, Armstrong is at least a capable top six wing, and an outstanding third-line wing. Where do we have the depth or versatility to make a deal like that?

Crusher or, hate to say it, Max would be a better bet. There are just too many RFA in 09/10.

Trade rumors today linking us to Ruslan Salei. I would frankly kill a guy for Salei. Cap hit is 3.025 until the 10/11 season, when he'd be 36. He's proven to be extremely durable. He's also mean. Real mean.

Like I said, I think Ryder and Hossa are still going to be hitting the UFA market if dealt today/tomorrow. I would go after Gaborik extremely hard this summer. Word from a friend of mine is that everyone is afraid of his contract status distracting the team all year, and them preferring to move him in June since they've been assured he isn't planning on re-signing. 6.33 cap hit. He'll need about 260 goals for 500 career, which I'm sure he could net well within 5 seasons on Siddey's wing. Five seasons from now, he won't be 30 yet. Imagine...

daismog said...

Random thought for the day:

Do the pens need a fourth line once Crosby is healthy? If Malone/Malkin/Sykora continue to play ~21 minutes a game and Crosby centers another line that plays comparable minutes, that leaves 16~20 minutes for the third and fourth lines, combined.

Realistically, Powerplays and Penalty kills would throw the numbers off too far, but it's still interesting to think about.

Dr. Turkleton said...

heres some recent Pens trade deadline transactions to whet your appetite for tomorrow:

Feb. 27,2007:
• acquire goalie Nolan Schaefer from SJ for a 2007 7th round pick
• acquire forward Gary Roberts from FLA for defenseman Noah Welch
• acquire forward Georges Laraque from PHX for forward Daniel Carcillo and a 2008 3rd round pick
• acquire defenseman Joel Kwiatkowski from FLA for a 2007 4th round pick
• acquire a 2007 3rd round pick from MIN for forward Dominic Moore

Mar. 9, 2006:
• acquire Jani Rita & Cory Cross from EDM for Dick Tarnstrom
• acquire Krystofer Kolanos, Niklas Nordgren & a 2007 2nd round pick from CAR for Mark Recchi

Mar. 8, 2004:
• acquire Alain Nasreddine from NYI for Steve Webb

Mar. 11, 2003:
• acquire Matt Bradley from SJ for Wayne Primeau
• acquire Ramzi Abid, Guillaume Lefebvre & Dan Focht from PHX for jan Hrdina & Francois Leroux

Mar. 19, 2002:
• acquire Ville Nieminen & Rick Berry from COL for Darius Kasparaitis

Mar. 12, 2001:
• acquire Johan Hedberg & Bobby Dollas from SJ for Jeff Norton

Mar. 13, 2000:
• acquire Ron Tugnutt & Janne Laukkanen from OTT for Tom Barrasso
• acquire Rene Corbet & Tyler Moss from CGY for Brad Werenka
• acquire Josef Beranek from EDM for German Titov

Flyer Hater said...

Wilsmith: Gold

Flyer Hater said...

A guy that noone is talking about, and I think he'd be a great fit to play with Sid on LW, Miro Satan. He only has 14 goals this year, but he has a proven track record of scoring a lot goals, consistently.

Ashley said...

Bob McKenzie just got the rumour mill started on Hossa by saying that Pittsburgh is 'showing interest' in the winger. I don't know about you guys, but this is not a trade that I want to see happen.

PittHockey said...

foppa is back.

let's welcome him with a nice round of jobbing.

wilsmith said...

thanks, flyer hater, but I don't want to create an account because then I'll be tempted to use it. I just want to read =D

and on flyers, I just turned on the game and didnt even realize it was already 2-0.

Did Campbell dress?

and this Joe B hate is for you, Hip. He keeps saying "this flyers winless streak." It's a losing streak, just call it what it is! A winless streak would mean there's some ties or something, but no, they lost them all.

Flyer Hater said...

What would it take to get Hossa?


Ruutu-some joke-Laraque

Those top two lines would be the best in hockey.

Mike Georger said...

wow forsberg is a joke

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ flyer hater

looks nice on paper...but I wouldn't make that up way too much, IMHO....

a 2nd tier scoring FWD would be what I like to see (Satan, Ruutu, Stoll) someone who can play on the top 2 lines, but not mortgaging the future for a rent-a-player (Hossa)

Ashley said...

wow, this "Moment of Truth" show is really insane.

Dr. Turkleton said...

NHL-Net trade deadline coverage starts at 8:00am tomorrow as they will have the TSN feed up until 6:00pm

Thank You Mental-Health-Day !!!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Hal Gill mysteriously scratched from tonights Leafs-Sens game...hmmmmm....

signed for 1 more year after this at 2.1 million

i'd give up Crusher for him....

BTW 2-0 Leafs....Go Leafs Go !!!!!!!!

Flyer Hater said...

This is why the trade deadline is the best time of the year, Pens shopping Malkin?


Davy D said...

Hahahhaha Habs' practice facility collapses:

Phil said...


i was at the sharks game with a very good friend of meloches and i heard meloche/savard saying it wasn't looking to good for colby

Eric K said...

Leafs over Sens 5-0, 3rd period. nice.

Doppler said...


Ashley said...

so how long before flyer fans start saying that this come-from-behind win against the sabres means that they will win the stanley cup this year? after all, they are the best team in the league...hosers.

Doppler said...

Just announced Tampa traded Prospal to the Flyers.

Stoosh said...

Announced on Versus following the Hosers comeback win over The Sabre...

Hosers acquire Vinny Prospal from the Lightning for defenseman Alex Picard and a conditional draft pick.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Oh the irony of the Anti-Flyer (Danny Briere) being the one to get the Flyers off the schneid. I'd love to see what the Hosers fans have to say about this one. My guess is they're still either cursing him under their breath, or they couldn't wait to line up to kiss his ass.

Flyer Hater said...

On LGP, apparently Pompeani will be reporting big, bad news about the Pens at 11 on KDKA

Stoosh said...

Spector was on from on XM 204 over the weekend. He said his sources have told him that Waddell has promised a 48-hour window to anyone who deals for Hossa to get him signed to an extension. He also said that Atlanta is more concerned about getting players back in the deal who can help them stay in the race this year than they are about getting prospects, and this is believed to be a reason why Pittsburgh is considered to be a team in running for Hossa's services.

Kevin Allen from USA Today said something similar about the return Atlanta would want in exchange for Hossa about a week ago on Mark Madden's show as well.

I've got to wonder if Armstrong or Christensen aren't part of any talks. I'd really hate to see Army go, especially since he's starting to find the net, but you do have to give to get.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, I would have no problem trading Army, EC, Espo, and a first for Hossa. If we could sign him to a long term deal.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@flyer hater

sooo...would there be any $ left to sign Geno, Fleury, Staal or would the pens turn into the Lightning-North with a 'Big 3' & nobody else

there has to be someone from The Top 25 Players Available that King Shero wouldn't have to sell the farm

Stoosh said...

FH - I'd be VERY hesitant to fork over two roster players, my top prospect AND my first-round pick for Hossa, even if I get a 48-hour window to extend him.

Hossa's good, but to give up four players all 25 or younger from the organization, especially considering it would amount to my last two first-rounders, PLUS two players off the NHL roster? That's a big price to pay for a player who's career playoff production checks in at 0.64 points a game. Consider that over an 82-game season, Hossa's playoff production would equate to 52 points...basically, you'd be adding Aleksey Morozov at his NHL prime.

The most I'd be comfortable with will be one roster player, one B-grade prospect from Wilkes-Barre and a first-round pick. And if it's allowed, I'd make the first-rounder conditional on signing Hossa to an extension.

c-sting said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve In Denver said...

The Habs practice facility collapsed because one of the workers had a Flyers sticker on his hard hat.

Stoosh said...

KDKA is reporting that an injured player on the Pens' roster may not make it back this season. They haven't given the report yet...just a teaser for later o in the broadcast. But given that we're fifteen minutes into the newscast and nothing's been said to this point, it's almost certainly not Sid. My guess - and yes, I know it's blasphemy - is that it might be Roberts.

Christina said...

according to PSI....roberts.


Stoosh said...

CHRISTINA - I wouldn't doubt PSI, but KDKA just confirmed it was Roberts.

Roberts apparently tried to skate two weeks ago and suffered a significant setback thanks to problems with a ligament. They're saying he might be back by late March, but even that's a long shot.


Barrett Jackman resigned with the Blues, removing a potential trade and/or offseason target from the market for the Pens.

Dan Boyle just signed a six year extension for $40 million, coming out to about $6.66 million per year. Remember that the next time you complain about Whitney ($4M per year) and Gonchar ($5M per year). This probably also means either Marty San Louie or Brad Richards should pack their bags.

There's also no way in hell Brian Campbell comes back to Buffalo. He'll get $7-7.5 million a year this summer.

Pens reportedly showing some interest in Hal Gill, Ruslan Salei, Jay McKee and Tuomo Ruutu.

stokes said...

Phil: that's pretty serious i guess. i'll probably crap my pants, not that i think he's that good, but i do think he's got some "intangible" value to the team.

Malkin on the move? unreal. i like how the guy had to comment his own post about how slow the rumor mill was. did he just make it up or what?

No Roberts?! Should we attack Tim Connolly's house now or wait until he comes back on the 12th?


Its 1130 on PCNC....

J.S. said...

No Roberts? I'm sacrificing everything in my path in order for him to make it back to the post season, including TPB posters.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - Richards is pretty much on his way out of Tampa. This weekend, he was given a list of teams interested in him, and he gave management a list of teams he would be willing to go to. I'd be surprised if the Lightning didn't move him today.


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