Sunday, February 17, 2008

We hate to keep taking the easy way out with posting youtube videos.
But this one is worth it.

Thanks to Double A aka "Fleury29."

Words cannot express this video.

All you need to know is Troy Loney interviews Tom Barrasso. And then Tom Barrasso goes on a tangent about the Pittsburgh media that is pure gold.

The incident they are speaking of, we believe, is when Barrasso allegedly beat the pants off of some dude at Froggy's.[ A Pittsburgh bar]
Anyone with more info please share.


canaanregulatesblog said...

write this down: when tommy b synopsizes, he means absolute business.

Pensblog Staff said...

I am still in awe of this.

"The Media will Bury you"



Derek's Fan Club said...

i bet tommy b could crush a human's heart with his thoughts.

canaanregulatesblog said...

yeah, not only am i member of Derek's fan club, im also the president.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Ironic that a guy that didn't talk much is so well-spoken: Synopsize. Facets. Reprehensible. Besmirched.

What a vocabulary.

I also love how Troy Loney kind of nervously laughs and says 'Great Answer. We'll get off that subject now.' and Tommy says he can talk all day, Troy!

I think that deserves a TPB patented 'WITH THE BRASS OF A RIVERBOAT GAMBLER' statement.

Rumor: Tommy B will be on next season's Heroes. Good guy or bad guy? You decide.

cragger said...

Kenny Wregget started the rumors.

Andrew said...

somebody has to do something making fun of the buffalo play-by-play announcer. his voice is awful and in a quote from a goal call I listened to he said ". . . and the population of pominville goes up by one more". GAAAAY. somebody has to feel me on this, right?

Flyer Hater said...

Tommy B is smarter than Einstein's balls.

Best philosophers of all time:

1. Aristotle
2. Plato
3. Tommy B

Oh, the site formerly known as buzzontheturd says Crosby should play tonight.

Ken Wregget should have started in the 96 Conference Finals said...


Fleury29 said...

You can say, "Barrasshole," all you like, Ken Wregget Should Have... but Tommy B can't hear you, he's got two Stanley Cup rings plugging up his ears.

Nicholas said...

Why does Barrasso look eerily like Tom Cruise

Chris said...

If blogs had existed back then, that's the kind of hockey player who would have one.

Hip said...

Ahhh Barrasso. Dude is such a steroetypical type A freak goalie. Lighten the hell up.
He still has one of the highest GAA for any Stanley Cup winner so he can settle down IMO. Thanks to Mario and Jags for outscoring everyone else.

Andrew said...

Loney looks scared, like he knows Barrasso will eat his soul if he says the wrong thing.

Davy D said...

OH! They print retractions in the third section of the paper, Section B. Here I was looking in Section C!

Mike Georger said...


youre forcing me to watch the daytona 500 here fsn, look what youve done

Fleury29 said...

Barrasso had such a high GAA because when he played for them the Pens defense was nonexistent.

FireFox said...

Wow, I never saw that interview before. I think I was wrong and Barrasso wasn't such a dick. Regardless of what the media tried to take away from him, they never could take away the fact that he was one hell of a goalie.

justincredibleh said...

The Pens are on TV:

Even though as late as yesterday afternoon there was no local television listing for tonight on the Penguins' or the NHL's Web sites, the game will be shown on FSN Pittsburgh.

n8 said...

swap "media" for "non-scientologists" and this is a dead ringer for those leaked tom cruise scientologist indoctrination youtubes.

the only thing more awesome than barrasso/cruise's deadpan delivery is Big Red's anthony micheal hall-inspired hair style.

seeker said...

New Jersey beat the Senators last night 3-2 to put the Devils into a two point lead over the Pens.

A win for the Pens tonight sure would help us keep pace!

Anonymous said...

Tommy B looks like he could be Orpik's dad...Honestly they have the same eyes and by that I mean the blank stare of a serial killer...


Todd said...

Thanks for sharing this...I've never seen this interview and kind of had a negative image of Barrasso, as portrayed by the Pittsburgh media.

Well, he was a douche to JS maybe I wasn't that far off to begin with.

Hip said...

Honest to god query for the masses - I'm moving to Pitt in June. Can you guys recommend some apartments to check out? Thanks.

Mike Georger said...

id suggest living with this dude

he seems to know the score

Pittsburgh girl Forever said...

Barrasso pretty amazing! I always had mixed feelings on him. I thought he was probably the most angry person that I had ever seen, but he was an all-star goalie.

Looks like Taffe's gonna play. He doesn't have a concussion, and he's been practicing.

Crusher won't be playing tonight's game or Panthers game due to his Chara injury.

Therrien keeps saying "He (Sidney) looked really good." Kinda creeping me out because he says it so much.

MAF is coming soon! "Fleury will make at least one more start with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton - likely Monday in Binghamton, N.Y. - before returning to the NHL," says Rossi in an article specifically about Flower.

What's going on with FSN? My Directv says that the game is on FSN ... I hope that's accurate. If not, I guess listening to Lange will be fine.

canaanregulatesblog said...

mike georger,

what's your price range? do you have a job in pgh yet? do you want to live in the city or the burbs?

wilsmith said...

I would suggest the burb of the Burgh.

Have you seen that bridge? sweeeeet

azrael882 said...

Mike Georger: check out

you can watch the game on your computer :)

bbbbrian said...


Shadyside is great but douchey and expensive. Highland Park and Point Breeze are much cheaper but border shitty areas (Wilkinsburg and East Liberty). The Southside is fun but hard to find places, it's great if your job is downtown though. I live in HP and my place is 500$ with cheap utilities. Big kitchen, big bedroom, good living room. I would base your search on where your job/school is because the commutes can be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

"Shadyside is great but douchey and expensive."

OAKLAND is expensive - even for dumps, but my Son who's at Pitt got a really nice apartment in Shadyside, 2nd floor, utilities all included, for only $510/Mo.

Off street parking or a reserved spot is like GOLD, so make sure you have something that includes parking or you'll be paying big time for one.

Oakland Reality usually has some places available with parking and security buildings that aren't outrageously high and pretty modern (as opposed to some old tentament house with cockroaches).

It all depends on what part of town you want.

mrgoalie said...

He makes a lot of good points, but unfortunately that's the way the wheel of life turns these days. The media knows people want to hear a story that makes a celebrity sound "real." I don't know if it'll stop until peoples' appetites change.

Adrienne said...

Barrasso is still the biggest crush of my life. I wanted to marry him when I was 6, and I still would. :D Good find on the interview

stokes said...


The South Hills is decent. I've worked in Oakland often and i am from Dormont. Plenty of buslines into Oakland from the South Hills, unless they've eliminated them in the time i've typed this-which is entirely likely. The rent is usually pretty reasonable as well. Dormont, Beechview(city), Mt. Lebanon, Castle Shannon, Brookline(city) and Banksville(city) are all decent places to live. and plenty of cheap drinks!

Anonymous said...

Only problem is that if you need to be someplace at a certain time, you can't count on the bus to arrive on time when you need it to.

Adrienne said...

Hip, depends what you're moving to Pgh for. University, work? What you're doing will determine the areas you want to look at.
Are you going to be driving or depending mostly on public transportation?

mb said...

Tom Barrasso clearly made a few mistakes with the media, but dude seriously he wasn't at the bar when the brawl happened. He was there after to break it up when his alcholic teammate (who needn't be named) got rowdy. Tommy B also got pissed when he got ridiculed about his family and when his kids had to deal with people "burying" them. He's acting all stealth because, honestly, do you want your family eff-ed with? He's just amazing and people got jealous. Tom Cruise is like 5 feet tall. Tom is 6'3". Tom Cruise is a woman. Tommy b, not so much.
PS; he has a sweet vocab for real.
Anddd! Now, he's being penalized (his Hall of Fame nom, or lack there of) for something he didn't do?

Here's my synopsis: Tom Barrasso is the sh!t.


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