Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Job A Mockingbird

First things first.
Richard Zednik is still in stable condition. [ TSN ]

SportsCenter found it nice to discuss college-basketball games and the Pro Bowl before getting to Zednik's story.
Jim Rome's Crotch Is Burning had it as the second story.

Monday's PTI finally comes through, making it their top discussion topic.
Wilbon and Kornheiser know hockey is not their realm, so it's good that they didn't talk about making sweeping changes to the players' equipment, because they should stick to the other sports.
They just wondered why this doesn't happen more often.

Quick, make sure to fork over the bucks to get access to ESPN.com's INSIDER story about how quick attention saved Zednik's life, since you probably weren't aware of that.

Speaking of stupid...
Someone on LGP found this article from the [Montana Standard]
Look at the headline.

First and last time we ever link to anything from Montana.


Pens News

::Shero is like whatev about making trades. [PG]

::Malkin Rising. [ Fanhouse ]

More Malkin.

Who makes an "L" like that?

::Mario is impressed. [trib]

On Sunday afternoon, about 20 minutes after Evgeni Malkin's latest virtuoso performance, Mario Lemieux walked into the Penguins dressing room cradling a white cardboard box in his left hand.

Lemieux gave Malkin a fist bump.

"Nice game, Geno," Lemieux said. "And thanks for the vodka."

Side note:
That is how you start a newspaper article. Kudos to Joe Starkey.

:: MAF is making his rehab debut on Wednesday.
The [Faceoff-Factor] guys will be all over it.



Did anyone know Philadelphia's Daniel Briere is a -18 this season? [ ESPN Stats ]
What a terrible offseason acquisition.

Simon Gagne has another concussion. [ Yahoo ]
He was good while it lasted.

Flyer Braydon Cobourn is out for two weeks with a torn artery in his buttock. [ ESPN ]

A trial to determine the guilty party began and ended on Monday afternoon.


And not pile on the Philly trash, but thanks to Canaan for doing the detective work on this next story.

Apparently some dude started jobbing the Penguins in the video recap on YouTube.[Pens/Flyers]

Sadly, YouTube user "Jmmul1" made the biggest mistake of his life.

What we found after going to his video page...
Well, it speaks for itself.

You wake up in the morning hoping someone who makes a video like that crosses you.



The Sens were a pretty solid team heading into this past weekend.
But then they got even better.

They traded Lee Corvo and Patrick Eaves to Carolina for Cory Stillman and d-man Mike Commodore.
Ottawa upgrading their blue line is just bad news bears for the rest of the league. [ Yahoo ]
Carolina fire sale coming up?

Picture: [Acid Queen] =Stunned

Somehow, Jason Spezza beat out Malkin for the NHL's First Star of the Week. [ TSN ]


Two Habs that no one cares about got arrested in Tampa Bay for jobbing some girl. [ TSN ]
One of the players was former Penguin Tom Kostopoulos.
Yeah, nobody cares.
But making fun of the Canadiens never gets old.

--Ashley G.-- --Jason S--

The Leafs practiced outside. [ TSN ]

Check out this picture of some little kid at the Leafs game on Saturday flicking the Red Wings off.

Good times.



We have sent the wheels in motion to contact Rick Tocchet to ask him about the Game 7 goal in 1993.

We broke down the goal frame-by-frame during the summer. [ Rick or Ronnie? ]

If the person we e-mailed does not respond or does not give us a way to contact Rick Tocchet, we will need everyone to pepper the person's e-mail address with the same identical e-mail, sort of like what Andy Dufresne did in Shawshank.

We will keep everyone up to date as this progresses.
They can't ignore us forever.



If you ordered something it should be arriving any day now.
We got our first shipment of stuff.


Top Ten hottest wives/girlfriends in the NHL. [ Wicked Wrister]

D.J Tanner number 10.

do it


And remember if things ever get out of control in commentorblog.
Look to the sky.


Go Pens


J.S. said...

When the info for the Coburn injury was released, it seems like Pensblog Charlie was the first person everybody thought of.

Solid work on that pic.

canaanregulatesblog said...

I saw American Idol had their auditions in Philadelphia, i wonder if kiladelphia got his ticket to hollywood.

Troy Loney said...

Tom Petty = Stunned

What a joke of a human.

Pensblog Staff said...

jobber of the week = the refs in that Tennessee/Rutgers women's b-ball game.

Anonymous said...

if you guys thought that tom petty video was gay, take a look at this...he posted it around the same time he was saying that he wanted to have a go at Charlie


this video definitely confirms that he likes boys

some guest said...

talk about a waste of your life. explains why he is a flyer fan.

Fleury29 said...

That Pensblog Charlie/trial art photoshop is unreal.

Charlie Photoshop+Coffee=New Monitor.

The Pensblog, a great way to start your morning.

Anonymous said...

p.b. staff i would like to nominate a co-jobber of the week, to the Nova-G'town ref who called a foul in the backcourt with .1 left on the clock in a tie game.

Jersey Bill said...

Hey, Jmmul1, eat a salad and walk, you still-having-baby-fat prick.

Overhead question. If a good trade is out there for us, kind of like WWGRD last year, would you give up Armstrong or Oprik to get it done? I would have hated to see Malone go, but I would have understood it last season. Same with these two guys now. Any thoughts?

BlacknGold66 said...

That kid looks like the poster-child for the next "Columbine." No joke...


I can't get a phrase out of my head that's been in there since our glorious weekend in Pittsburgh.

While driving. While showering. Whenever I get a chance to belt it out... it's done. Call me a Charlie, but whatev. It's solid gold.

(mike costa style)
"Pittsburgh Goal, His 31st Of The Season... Scored By Number 71... Evgeniiiii Malkiiiinnnn. Assisted By Number 17 Peter Sykoraaaa And Number 12 Ryan Malooone!!!--One Minute Remaining In The Period-- Malkin From Sykora And Malone. Time Of The Goal 18:43"


Nathan said...

I'd be more inclined to give up Orpik if the deal is there. He's really fallen down the Pens' depth chart and he's a UFA after this season, so I'm not sure if he's worth what he might think he's worth to the Penguins. Might be time to shuffle him off somewhere else. Army's got another year on his deal, and he'll still be an RFA after that, so it'll be easier and cheaper to keep him in the fold beyond 08-09, but if it's the right deal, it might be worth trading him off too.

adam said...

by the way its Joe Corvo not Lee Corvo

Nathan said...

The Pens do have $10 million in cap space heading into the deadline. Crosby's $8.7 million cap hit kicks in next year, but the Pens would have some wiggle room if they wanted to pick up a guy who was signed through 08-09, as Malone, Eaton, and MAF are probably the only free agents the Pens probably want to really keep around.

Lady Jaye said...

Should I feel shamed that I first asked my b/f if Pensblog Charlie was the reason for the Cobourn injury?

Stoosh said...

CANAAN - The heck with Hollywood. Kiladelphia should be thrilled if they handed him a ticket to a trash can on any corner of the city of Pittsburgh. That's a step up from living in Philly.

JERSEY BILL - It wouldn't surprise me to see Orpik moved at the deadline.

He's a pending UFA, he's a strong skater and he probably throws some of the better tape-to-tape passes among the Pens' defensemen (save maybe Gonch and Letang). While he is a physical presence on the boards and in the corners, he's not as much a presence in front of his net as he could be.

He HAS been better in front of Conkblock lately. But I think the team could let him go and upgrade via free agency this summer. There are going to be some pretty solid value defensemen out there this summer (Commodore, Jackman, Nick Schultz, Jason Smith).

This summer, they're going to have to extend Fleury (hopefully his agent doesn't hold out for an offer sheet, which could exceed what the Pens may be willing to offer in an extension). They'd like to re-sign Malone, and they'll almost certainly try to extend Geno this summer as well. And then NEXT summer, Staal will be up for an extension, and Letang will only have one more year remaining on his deal. That's a lot of salary they may be looking to dole out over the next two summers.

Stoosh said...

By the way...

the Batman photoshop - awesome!

Me = humbled

Dr. Turkleton said...

They traded Lee Corvo and Patrick Eaves to Carolina for Cory Stillman and d-man Mike Commodore.
Ottawa upgrading their blue line is just bad news bears for the rest of the league.

I not so sure about that. Commodore-64 is decent...but, he's just about a hair faster than Hatcher & he looked slow v. the Pens when the Canes were here a couple weeks ago...now 2/6 of the Sens D consist of Luke Richardson & Commodore-64.

Lee Corvo > Lee Corso

Man, I miss playing Ghostbusters on my Commodore-64!!!!!

tecmo said...

Commodore 64 = best thing ever.

I miss Bazooka Bill and Coil Cop. And Arachnophobia

chris e said...

Side Note*

You guys talking about how much you miss the commodore64...you can download an emmulator for free and play pretty much any game invented for it on your current PC.

Pensgirl said...

Anybody know who did color on the Phoenix-Dallas game? I only saw the last few minutes and didn't recognize the voice. But he's gotta be a co-co-jobber of the week.

Game winding down, tie score, Gretzky is yelling at the refs about calls to his players. Modano scores on the ensuing PP. Gretzky goes nuts on the bench.

Color guy: "Wayne Gretzky's losin' it like Britney on the bench."

It's at the end of this video.

Pensgirl said...

Sorry, it's this one.

Flyer Hater said...

What about trading for Miro Satan to play on Sid's wing? He only has 11 goals this year but how well would you produce playing with that fossil Mike Sillinger? He had 27 in 06-07 and 35 in 05-06 so he can put the puck in the net. He seems like a good, cheap option to play on Sid's wing and you'll be able to keep the Malone-Malkin-Syko line together.

Flyer Hater said...

Pensgirl, it's Darryl Reaugh. If you have the Penguins 10 greatest Games DVD, he was the color commentator with Levy in the 96 Caps 4 OT game. More unbearable than the Philly fan's rendition of Free Fallin'

homesprout said...

Could someone tell me what happens in the Jmmul1 video!? I had to turn it off at about :15 because it's difficult for me to watch people embarrass themselves..... haha

I've never heard of someone tearing an ass artery before....

G-town got lucky in that game....

Oh yeah...go Pens!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ pensgirl
@ flyer hater

+ Darryl Reaugh is the 'regular' color guy for Dallas Stars games....so maybe his home-town-team bias started to show through on Vs. as Gretz was ready to blow a gasket

Hooks Orpik said...

stoosh; I agree with you about Orpik possibly on the move. Young, physical defenseman with a lot of potential get paid a lot of money on the open market. There's no sense for the Penguins to match market value to retain him, when they're only using him 16 minutes a night anyways (and not at all while killing penalties)....

Here's some food for thought:
--St. Louis is having trouble signing Barrett Jackman, maybe the Pens could acquire him. He's basically everything the defense needs, even if it ends up being a rental. Orpik could be used as part of the return, either straight to the Blues or to another team for a draft pick that might be flipped over.

Just thinkin aloud here..

Nathan said...

The broadcast team on Versus last night had a hometown announcer from each team, because Dave Strader is the new play-by-play man in Phoenix. The Coyotes let the robot who had been working their games go last summer, much to the consternation of Phoenix fans and people who still remember the Winnipeg Jets. I know he'd covered that team forever, but he was unlistenable.

And I can think of color guys who are infinitely worse than Darryl Reaugh (Craig Laughlin in Washington -- he keeps me from watching Caps games), but he was definitely jobbing Gretzky at the end of the game last night. Gretz was miked up too -- his meltdown at the end of the game would've been really funny to hear, but probably would've gotten Versus turned into a PPV channel.

Jonny V said...

LadyJaye, the day you feel ashamed is the day you shouldn't come to TPB anymore.

Whoever did the courtroom Pensblog Charlie, it's the Mona Lisa of photoshops. Wow.

I bet (bad pun) the referees had some money riding on those college games, one way or another. The officials should never decide the game, whatever sport is being played.

seeker said...

Jmmul1 said that he wanted to pound Charlie's ass.


This is about the lamest video I've ever seen anyone on YouTube actually have the guts to post: Guitar Hero

And HERE is the guy that says he'll stomp all us Pens fans Photobucket page. Real tough looking, eh? But he's got "Penguin Love" posted up there!

Ashley said...

Seeker - make that 'Penquin love'

He's really badass in that Guitar Hero vid, eh? All you can hear is him clickin' and clackin' on the keys.

But the funniest video of him is with the 'awesome song', where he's all rock and roll at the beginning, then goes right into a girlie pop song complete with flamboyant hand gestures and longing looks at the camera.


Stoosh said...

I love Guitar Hero as much as anyone, but I love this cartoon.

Ashley said...

It certainly was fun getting him to admit that he wanted to pound Charlie's ass haha...I hope you guys had fun too.

What a jerk.

Ashley said...

haha good cartoon stoosh

Pensgirl said...

Actually, that Britney comment kept me from doing what I normally do: hit mute. Homer or not, that shit was funny.

Ryan said...

list of when tv shows are expected back

Stoosh said...

ASH - I've only played Guitar Hero a couple of times. It's fun even though I'm awful at it. And one of my favorite guitarists ever - Slash - lent his endorsement to it.

But I'd take this any day of the week.

By the way, how sweet would it be to work at the 2010 Games?

Ashley said...

Stoosh - I've never played Guitar Hero, and I'm so out of the loop that I didn't even know what it was before this fall. Cluelessblog

But I'd take the real deal over a video game any day. I have a guitar back home, and I would love to learn how to play it, but it's hard to learn on your own and lessons can be expensive for a poor university student. Ah well, someday..

Volunteering for the Games would be the highlight of my life. I have been absolutely obsessed with the Olympics since I was a kid, and you can gather how excited I am about Vancouver 2010. I would drop everything and go in a heartbeat...but there are other things that prohibit me from going :(

Imagine volunteering for the men's gold medal hockey game...especially if Canada makes it that far in the Games? I know I'm biased as hell here, but I don't think there'd be anything better than being at GM Place and watching Team Canada win gold.

Anonymous said...

kudos to ashley or whoever found the KM or Phily. now, $10 to whoever can make him vanish forever from this site.

Stoosh said...

ASH - Part of the reason I suck at Guitar Hero is because I try to play the songs as I hear them, and the strum patterns don't always match up on the game the way they would with a real guitar. I end up looking ridiculous. My two nephews have it nailed...they usually whoop me like Ruutu whooped Downie.

Here's what I used to have, only mine was white. I sold it back around 2000 or so because, well...I was broke and I needed some money (student at the time as well). I've been kicking myself every day since. I promised myself I'm getting another one, which hopefully happens later this year.

I never took lessons either. On top of that, I'm tone deaf. But I used to kick around with mine at least 15 minutes a day or so, and it's amazing how quickly you pick it up.

As far as the Olympics go, that'd be incredible to work there. I've always wanted to see Vancouver, for one thing. I've always enjoyed the Winter Games more than the Summer Games...the atmosphere just always feels a lot cozier and festive, for some reason. My all-time favorite one to watch was Lillehammer, Norway, but Torino and Salt Lake came close. I think Vancouver will surpass those.

I can't wait for the hockey. Canada, Russia and the USA should all have some unbelievable teams. I know there was a bit of bad blood between each of the three teams back in the Vancouver WJC's, so that could be interesting to see, especially since some of those kids who played there could be suiting up for Vancouver in 2010.

canaanregulatesblog said...

stoosh, i definitely agree with you about the awkwardness of gh v. guitar playing. i used to own this guitar
in antique gold (baby yellow) in my undergrad but i sold it for the the acoustic/electric i have now (but in black with a better inlay around the body). i want to get a new one real bad.

Stoosh said...

CANAAN - Those are all sweet! I've always been partial to Gibson/Epiphones, but those Ibanez's are nice. When I got my SG back when I was in high school, I was deciding between the SG and an Ibanez that was awfully similar to one that Vernon Reid from Living Colour used to play. I went with the SG, which turned out to be good because it was probably better suited for rhythm/backing parts, which is what I tended to learn (my favorite guitarist was Izzy Stradlin).

Gibson has really done a nice job boosting the quality of the Epiphones over the last five or ten years. I've always wanted a Les Paul, but I could never justify dropping the money on one because, well...relatively speaking, I suck. I'm not going to find myself on stage anytime soon, let's put it that way.

I can get the same basic sound out of an Epiphone Les Paul Standard for less than what I paid for my SG back in 1993.

This might be my "Happy Birthday to Me" present this year.

stokes said...

That kid obviously had no idea what he was getting into. What a frickin' loser. That video is terrible. I still don't understand why people feel the need to post things like that, and take it seriously(KM, this DB). Ashley, way to flush out that douchebag.

As a drummer, i find guitar hero difficult. i want to play along with the drum beat, because that's what i hear in the song. i also find it discriminating against drummers, cellists, and trumpeters.

that trial art 'shop IS completely amazing.

Some hockey talk: I agree that orpik is definitely tradebait. I'm not saying that i dont like him or he sucks, but he's probably going to want more money than they will want to pay him. He has value somewhere for some team around the league.

canaanregulatesblog said...

my little brother has an epiphone les paul and it is a solid guitar for the price. i absolutely recommend it. i was playing it last time i was in the 'burgh and i hooked it up through my fender tube amp (2 12"'s) and it gave a solid crunch that i was thoroughly pleased with.

im also in the same boat as you re: playing ability. it is first and foremost a hobby for me and it's relaxing. it's also fun hearing a new tune (or one you just remembered from a long time ago) and getting that little energy to go searching on the internet for tab/music to learn how to play it. good times indeed.

fenderblog =)

seeker said...


The Global Warming Symposium scheduled to be held tonight at Carnegie-Mellon Univeristy has been canceled due to abnormally low temperatures, freezing rain, and heavy snowfall.

Al Gore's office didn't return our phone calls.

seeker said...

Just listened to Alby Oxenrider (sp?) doing the sports update on TheX.

He said Zednik lost 1/3 of his body's normal blood supply and although he made it to the bench, he completely collapsed once he made it into the "tunnel" to the the dressing room. He quoted, however that the surgeons said his life was never in danger during surgery.

seeker said...

Ooops...forgot to add:

When he asked the doctors how soon he could begin training again, they told him "next year".

stokes said...

Hey, i know this has nothing to do with hockey WHATSOEVER but its pretty funny, especially if you hate the patriots.

i can't do links. copy and paste.


Seeker: Here's a decent article that Seth from EN found.

(Once again, copy and paste)


I suck, i'm sorry.

Anonymous said...


If you wait till summer Guitar Center usually does one of those no interest no payments for a year deal I got a natural wood finish on an explorer last year and the payments broke down to like 90 bucks a month. It's nice but my fingers feel jammed up at the higher frets. But if I ever buy another guitar I'll never get one without locking tuners they make string changing a snap and stay in tune so well

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 3:52PM - And there's a Guitar Center conveniently located like 15-20 minutes from Castille de Stoosh!

I stopped in there about three weeks ago and messed around with a few of the Epiphone Les Pauls they had in stock, but you could tell it was still too close to Christmas...their normal stock seemed down.

They had a nice Epiphone Les Paul 100 on the wall for about $250, but I'd prefer the Standard (which ran about $400). For the extra $150, it'd be worth it to me.

I'll have to check that out this summer. And hey, it could coincide rather nicely with that rebate check we're supposed to be getting from the gov't, eh?

Harshrealizationblog...That was pretty much the first time I've played an electric in about seven years. It showed.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Those going to the game tomorrow...gates will be open at 600p due to "traffic restrictions"...Colwell St. (behind where they're tearing down the hospital) is closed right now as viewable on the Arena Cam on the pens website....

congrats to Zednik being upgraded to good condition...one article i read said his carotid artery was cut so severe, that if cut a fraction more, it would have been totally cut in two & have recoiled making it very difficult to reattach in a timely manner....

mucho kudos to the BUF/FLA medical staffs & the BUF hospital for their lightning quick response

Antonette said...

So, I trudge through the rain and snow and shit that's falling from the sky in central Ohio to a forensic anthro class, where I learn age estimation and am generally bored.

I am pleasantly surprised when I receive a text from the Pens.

"A trade?" I wonder, getting excited.

But no, it's just a change of gate times for the game tomorrow.


I had to vent to people who would understand, hence c-blog.

J.S. said...

jmmul1 is apparently mad that somebody called out his 13 inch TV on the guitar video.

canaanregulatesblog said...

how to post a link in clog without and address (for those who want to know)

happy posting!

Flyer Hater said...

Boredomblog today, man I wish the Pens were playing tonight.

Ashley said...

thanks canaan! now maybe i can post links instead of addresses...

let me try this

Philly at Pittsburgh

Ashley said...

Sweet! I feel like a computer genius now..

Flyer Hater said...

Ashley, Al Gore is so proud right now...

wilsmith said...

okay I got his pictures download. photoshop ideas?

It's business time.

Ashley said...

flyer hater - haha i can be so technologically impaired sometimes, it's not even funny. well, okay, yes it is

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

What is that kid on? He must be really high on himself to post such stupid things like that.


Everytime I look at the flashblog, I swear Roberts is trying to steal my soul ... It's really scary that he looks like he is going to kill at any moment. I guess I know how the Flyers felt when Roberts got on the ice.

justin said...

they are show this video in middle schools a cross the country to show kids smoking doesn't make you look cool.

canaanregulatesblog said...

wilsmith, i have it on high tpb authority that we can't use his pictures for photoshop. bummer i know. if you want to see the one i made (that got the axe), email me at patragas@gmail.com

J.S. said...

Canaan, who's pic?

If you don't want to mention it on c-blog, PM me on LGP.

adam vacancy said...

mark madden just gave you guys a shout out on his show a second ago.
made me feel proud.

J.S. said...

holy fuck, that is hilarious.

Nice work, Canaan.

By chance, do you or anybody else have a bigger pic of Charlie?

stokes said...

Thanks Canaan. Someone else had posted the instructions for making a link, but i never paid attention.

here goes nothing:

Patriots Fans Are Crybabys

bluzdude said...

courtroom photoshop = brilliant
Stoosh-man photoshop = inspiring

Back in the day, I won a red 1992 Ibanez, thin body, low action, with the back plate signed by Joe Satriani. It's far too nice an instrument for a hump like me. All I've been able to coax out of it has been Louie Louie and Wild Thing. (badly)

Desperately need to find Guitarlessonsblog

wilsmith said...

Yeah I had that in my mind as I was coming up with ideas that it's probably trouble to put him up.

Email coming.

J.S. said...

the Aubin Yomomma commercial was on.

After Miller does his Japanese line and the guy in the background screams, my CC showed it as (guy in background: yeaaaaaaaaa)

Aubin = stunned @ 00:20 mark

Jonny V said...

Stokes, I saw that the other day, and it was around 12,000 signatures. Nothing else can be said on the subject that half of the "signagutures" haven't said already.

dying alive said...

Anyone else watching the Flyers/Isles game on Versus? Holy shit, that is the most pathetic crowd I've ever seen. It makes the Devils games look like SRO crowds.

stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

Jonny V: agreed, but if your trying to kill time or are bored, its a pretty good chuckle.

Anonymous said...


This just in: Chris Neil is homo.

This just in: Charlie gone on road trip.

canaanregulatesblog said...

dying alive, im watching that massacre of a crowd as well.

snow + apathy = isles crowd tonight.

J.S. said...

Pointer #6 is all business at the Westminster

canaanregulatesblog said...


isles up 2-1

Flyer Hater said...

Isles just took a 2-1 lead over the Cryers. It's a shame to look at that arena. I actually think Long Island has a lot of hockey fans but have been driven away by the ownership and other things.

Flyer Hater said...


3-1 Isles, wooooooo

J.S. said...

I'm "stuck" watching teh Westminster. Sopcast ain't working, and I definitely am not watching college ball involving two teams that I don't care about. Idol is in the grey area for me. I watch the tryouts and the episodes towards the end, but last season was a failure.

Plus, I'm literally stuck on the couch for the night. Close to 6 miles on the elliptical and both calfs (calves?) decided to cramp at the same time.

Hell yeah, the Weimaraner!!1!1one

snickerdoodles said...

After seeing Jmml1's award winning karaoke of Free Fallin, I hope and pray that he meets Gary Roberts in a dark alley. Soon.

J.S. said...

and the Weimaraner get it from the sporting group.

OK, that's three games that I tried sop'ing and 0% work.

J.S. said...

for those of you outside of Pittsburgh, Yahoo will be streaming the Pens/B's game

click me

Erica said...

I'm watching the flyers and isles game. The crowd has to be because of the weather. They got hit worse than we did.

Flyer Hater said...

4-2 Isles, 5 minutes left in the 3rd.

stokes said...


Ashley said...

cryers = hosers


dying alive said...

Thank you, Islanders.

Anonymous said...

Flyers lose...Good stuff

Flyer Hater said...


Briere Sucks

J.S. said...

speaking of Charlie going to Ottawa:

The Senators are going down on....are down two goals to Buffalo 3-1

stokes said...

Canaan: Priceless. what a 'shop job.


Hip said...

Finally got to see the Malkin interview after the Flyers game. I give him a ton of credit for doing that - he knows he doesn't speak English well yet he's trying to step it up as a leader on every front. Kudos to Geno.

cragger said...

Buffalo beats Ottawa 5 to 1. Solid spanking. Heatly reportedly was driving the team bus after the game...

Islanders beat Flyers 4 to 3. Flyers coach quoted as saying "we have no fire"... Simon Gagme had another brain scan today, it's confirmed, his brain hurts.

Side note, Jersey is covered in ice. If this was Pittsburgh, we would giggle about it, here they close everything and I take the subaru out to doughnuts!

seeker said...

Jmmul1 is gonna be real busy threatening to beat-up everyone on Long Island now.

I'm sure they're all shaking in their boots.

Just think how busy he'll be if the Cryers continue losing!

PS: Caroline now moves back into 1st in their division knocking the Craps down to 2nd.

Stoosh said...

John Stevens looks like the type of guy who should be getting a visit from Chris Hanson. Definite creepy factor going on with John Stevens.

Rockin' Al Morganti was on with Madden yesterday and Morganti brought up a good point about Gagne. Gagne never returned after the first intermission Sunday because he began experiencing concussion-like symptoms after being bumped by Jordan Staal. Gagne supposedly said he thinks it occurred during some incidental contact along the boards. Morganti said that if that was all it took to bring back symptoms like that for Gagne, he might be done for the year.

CRAGGER - Pittsburgh was pretty much on lockdown because we got what amounted to four inches of snow near the city and there was the threat of freezing rain in the late afternoon. Businesses downtown were reportedly sending people home at noon because they were afraid of what the roads were going to be like in the afternoon.

I left work at 5:00 and I live 35 miles away from the city. I walked into my house at 5:40. The only time I encountered anything remotely resembling a slippery road was when I turned into my driveway.

Pittsburgh news stations = hoseheads for getting everybody mostly worked up over what amounted to nothing more than a giant slush storm.

I just took our dog Buddy outside so he could play in the snow. It's like walking through four inches of Sno-cone snow outside and that's it. No ice, no nothing.

Stoosh said...

Not sure if it was mentioned above or not, but I believe Ethan Moreau of Edmonton took a skate to the face tonight. I just saw it on the NHL Network...it didn't look bad...he took an awkward hit along the boards and somehow, a skate got up and opened up a small cut above his eyebrow or something like that.

Ashley said...

"Pittsburgh was pretty much on lockdown because we got what amounted to four inches of snow near the city and there was the threat of freezing rain in the late afternoon."

Man, it would be sweet if that happened around here tomorrow. We're supposed to get dumped on but because we're on the Atlantic, no one knows what's gonna come. Knowing this place, though, we're gonna need a good foot of snow before they even consider shutting the place down - and even then, it's no guarantee.

Oh well, the countdown to 'Spring' Break is officially on...two and a half days. Now that's something to smile about.

Steve Haber said...


A Pens theme for all yinz that use iGoogle for a homepage.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - That sounds a lot like Erie. Erie would get 8-12 inches of snow in a matter of a couple of hours and most people wouldn't even blink. In four years of high school, I had one snow day. One. And that was because on that particular day, the temperature never made it above zero degrees (F) and they didn't think it would be safe for the kids to stand outside waiting for the bus.

If Pittburgh got snow like we used to get in Erie, I'm not sure some people would know what to do, other than panic because that's what all the news stations were doing. I'm serious...if you listened to the news stations this morning, you would've thought we were going to be buried by a Siberian blizzard or something.

I had to laugh coming in to work today, a few radio show hosts were talking about what they were going to do this afternoon because they didn't have snow scrapers in their cars and they were calling for 4-6" of snow. It's Pittsburgh...not the Florida F'ing Keys. We're three hours south of Buffalo, not Orlando.

You get spring break now? Holy crap. Aren't we still like a month away from it officially being spring?

Anonymous said...

Haha, my town in Ontario has around 2 feet of snow right now. I laugh when people panic at tiny amounts of snow/'cold' weather.

Anonymous said...

it is true that pittsburgh shuts down when it gets over 4inches of snow.

i live on a mountain and we will get 4 inches and not bat an eye. but hey, its the pittsburgh media; anything to blow out of proportion they will.


canaanregulatesblog said...

i used to live in melbourne, fl and they canceled school one day because it was 35 degrees out. im not kidding. you would've thought the world was ending.

jobtheflyersdoucheblog said...

Please, never stop jobbing the youtube flyers kid.

Best jobbing ever.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - It's funny because the public schools are cancelled today - the second time this week - in anticipation of this 'storm'. I have biochem class/lab at noon, so I'm hoping that it gets really REALLY messy by then and they'll cancel class, but I may be hoping for too much. They only close the universities once every 3 years. I've seen people leave the school and get home three hours later, when the drive is normally 10 minutes. Not good.

Yeah, Friday at 2 is the start of my 'Spring Break', so to speak. We always used to call it March Break, but since break in Nova Scotia is not in March, I tend to refer to it as 'Winter Break' ('Spring' just doesn't sound right when it's freeze-your-ass-off cold outside). It's really nice to have a break right smack in the middle of the semester.

Canaan - hahaha that is so funny. 35F and school's cancelled...how great is that haha

Stoosh said...

ASH - If you guys are getting what we got overnight here in Pittsburgh, don't count on having Biochem class today.

Temps dropped around 4:00 AM (it's colder at (9:00 AM than it was at 1:00 AM) and there's now a nice layer of ice over all the packed slush and snow on the secondary roads. The primary roads are a little better, but not much. Bang-up job by all the local streets departments and everything. Fantastic. We only knew for three days that this was coming.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - this system rolling in isn't what you guys got. Snow's starting to come down now, but Environment Canada's forcasting only 5-10 cm with freezing rain/ice pellets. Enough to cancel school for the kiddies, but not near enough to cancel classes at the universities in town. I hope that things will change in the next 2 hours...


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