Friday, February 8, 2008

The Talented Mr. Whitney. PENS WIN.


[ Recap]

Coach calls out player.
Fans rip player.
Player responds.
Fans shower player with love.

Coach = Doing his job.

[ Eddy Spaghetti ]

Huge win.


National Anthem


[Tzu-Wei Lin]



[Ray Brooks]



Well, Ryan Whitney was in the starting lineup.
Whatever that means.

The Pens dominated life early on, getting some chances with wide-open nets, but their sticks were tied up or they just couldn't corral the puck.

You miss some solid chances like that, and you will ultimately get jobbed for it.

And that happened a few minutes later, in a moment reminiscent of that time you took a girl home and then realized she was a man.
Conk misplayed a puck, everyone craps themself, Mike Comrie flushes the toilet.
Besides feeding his dog, it was the easiest thing Comrie did all week.


Not necessarily the best start to a hockey game, but just like the time you took that dude home, you stuck with it and made the best out of it.

Kris Beech got on the ice and probably did something.
He better score a goal in his first couple games.

After some more minutes of action, Sean Bergenheim jobs Letanger, and the Pens jump on the power play.


Not even a minute into that dance, Sykora finds himself alone in the slot.
He positions himself for a wrister, but then sees Ryan Whitney out of the corner of his eye.
The Mini Whitney Play™.


"A real defenseman makes that count as two goals. Get it together."

Off the ensuing faceoff, Talbot and Mike Comrie square off in the most awkward fight since you fought that kid in third grade.

[Tzu-Wei Lin]

The rest of the first period had you watching Kris Beech like a hawk when he was on the ice, trying to get your brain to register that it was in fact Kris Beech.

FSN came back from commercial and showed the footage everyone wanted to see:
Crosby taking some laps around the Mellon Arena ice.
He was skating with Lemieux, and why FSN didn't show the big guy skating, we'll never know.

To round out the first-period action, we get a solid explanation of the Murphy Dump.

Steigerwald then says Murphy dumped that puck into the Devils zone in 1991.


It was Phil Bourque.



After some scrappy play early in the second, the Pens win a big faceoff in the Isles zone.
The puck goes back to Niklas Lidstrom, who gets it on net.

You frantically hit the "deflect" button on your controller, and Ryan Malone delivers.


If your name is Kris Beech, what could be the worst thing you could do in your first game back in the Pens uniform?
Take a penalty that results in a goal.

Ruslan Fedojoko puts one home on the ensuing power play to tie the game up.


It looks like one of those games.
After a solid stretch of hockey, Andu Sutton goes off for interference.
The Pens powerplay would connect again, when Ray Bourque puts one in on the backhand.


Puppet Master

A minute later, Andy Sutton goes to the box again.
Therrien sends Kris Beech out there on the PP, since the best thing to do to a hot power-play unit is to break it apart.

What a mistake.
The Isles kill it off.

Some jobbing went on for the rest of the second, setting up a huge third period.



Pens leading against the Islanders in a third period makes you uneasy.
It was only a matter time before things were tied.

However, this time, it took forever.
Both teams traded some chances, but nothing too big.

FSN shows #66 shooting some pucks.
Could he still run a lethal power play from the left-wing half boards? Yeah.

Beech's line gets some ice time.
Penaltyblog on Armstrong, but it was most likely Beech's fault.

Pens go on a huge penalty kill.

The Islanders set up shop.
Richard Park finds Comrie. He goes top shelf shortside.


But for some reason, Comrie isn't heard from for the rest of the game.
No clue why.

As Father Time waits outside, it looks like this game has vomit all over it.
But then it happens.

Under five minutes to play, Ricky D. can't stop a puck coming around the boards.
Letang pinches in. He snaps a shot loose.
It hits king douchebag Brendan Witt's stick.
The netting flutters.


Turd sandwhich

The Isles were stunned, but not down for the count.

Under a minute to play, Staal can't finish the empty netter, which always spells trouble.
Isles head the other way, and the puck eventually gets on net.
Oh shhhhhh--

Ref blows the whistle.



  • Whitney: 2G, 1A
  • Malkin: 3A
  • Beech: Whatev

  • BGL was hitting everything.
  • Flashblog will be up and running this weekend.
  • 30 wins for the Pens this season. Nice.
  • Malkin with a quiet three-point night. Almost in the top five in scoring.
  • Sykora always gets a point.
  • Big weekend ahead.
  • Trade Beech for Jagr. Again. vomit.

Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...

props to Tzu-Wei Lin for some solid pics. when does that beech for jagr trade go down? oh never? damnit.

i thought Beech was going to get his FIRST!!! goal with the pens v2.0 with a nice backhand play in the slot. hohumblog.

Mike Georger said...

in re: sids skating

they kept saying it was light skating, but that looked pretty heavy to me and he was taking huge cuts

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Molinari:

Q: Why would the Penguins waste millions of dollars hiring a contractor to tear down St. Francis Hospital when they just as easily could've contracted Gary Roberts to do it? He would've finished by now.

Sean White, Shadyside

MOLINARI: Roberts has, in fact, spent the past month-plus recovering from a broken leg, not battling Chuck Norris to determine which is the dominant force in the universe. But if Roberts' devotees are correct and he actually is Superman, do you think Buffalo forward Tim Connolly -- the guy who fractured Roberts' left fibula by falling on it -- is now known to his teammates as "Kryptonite?"

Internet people = stunned

Send this man a t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

LeGame makes me feel funny in my danger zone every time he takes a shot on's only a matter of time until his junior league MVP form starts showing up in the big leagues....

Pensblog Staff said...

Huge win.

That Roberts Q&A is one of the funniest things of all the time.

I, personally, hereby declare Dave Molinari no longer jobbable, simply for answering that question.

Storeblog has its own blog now.


afroman said...

seriously, #$66 - best shape of his life as is crosby minus the high ankle
the faggers are garbage as are the gayngers and DP-h-o is a poop sandwich

The Emo Cow said...

I am ashamed but I have to admit... -7.jpeg = bonerblog

Anonymous said...

Le Munificent and Sid and the other rehabs were skating with two kids from Michigan because one of them has Hodgkin's Disease. "It was Matt's idea to get on the ice with Lemieux "because he had the exact same type of cancer, and he's the best player.""

The PG is gold today.

stokes said...

Karmablog: Letang scores off of a deflection just like the devils scored one off of letang's shinpad on monday. weird how that works.

so much for beech scoring last night.

the poop sandwich is kinda gross. not saying it isn't funny, but its still kinda gross.

Great post staff, some seriously high quality lines.

Malkin is very sneaky, sir.

What can you can say about Whitney? He stepped up hardcore last night and that's what he needs to do more often. i would like to see some solid defending from him though. or at least less turnovers.

Conk biffs at least once a night stick handling the puck. i dont care-i'd rather him play the puck. its just sometimes he messes up. oh well. what made it worse was that ass wipe comrie that scored.

go pens.

J.S. said...

Finding a way to work that first in your post, Canaan?

I noticed Whit scored his TENTH last night. :D

Gaylord Focker said...

Seeing Beech out there wearing #24 gave me douche chills as memories of Ian Moran came back to haunt me.

geezer said...

Everytime we play the Isles its close. Geez! Malkin is crazy good. Need to relearn how to play with a lead. Couple times Staal went awkwardly into the boads and I thought he would be paraplegic but he skated away unharmed. One should have been boarding but WTF it is the NHL, what the heck was I thinking.

Flyers Sunday and oh how I will pray on that sabbath for those goons to be sent to the netherworld, for eternity. If not I will settle for a win and BGL to mess up Brierre's face so he looks like the elephant man. Complete with drooling. Yeah,nice.

Antonette said...

The terd sandwhich made me choke on my cereal.

You guys are the best for recaps. I was taking a 3 hour midterm during the game, but I still feel like I watched it. Quality.

Eric K said...

yeah Whitney did have a great game, if he was a forward. for the 2 goals he scored, he was right in front of our net for 2 of the Isles goals. im not jobbing him cause we dont win that game without his contribution, but at the same time, maybe we do win, 2-1...

Mike Costa said...

Soild Recap, Had Me Laughing All Morning :-D

Stoosh said...

GAYLORD FOCKER - No more Moron. Kris Beech wearing the #24 was as solid as a dinner at the Old Country Buffet last night.

Ryan said...

Quick note from the game last night...

Sitting in front of me were two girls, looked like sisters, both very easy on the eyes if you will. Both wearing Pens jerseys.

One had 00 ICEBURGH on it. Kinda lame, but whatever.

The other was a 16 BEECH jersey. I was stunned to see it. Who bought that jersey in the first place? And how bad does it suck to now own a Beech jersey and it doesn't even have the right number on it anymore?

To top things off, the girls LEFT the game in the FIRST intermission.


PensKitty said...

I cant even comment on the game. That turd sandwich was so gross. i think because its all shiny and wet looking. I have a freaking interview this morning. gotta get that image out of my head or its over! how do you explain to the interviewer that you busted out laughing out of no where because of a turd sandwich? wwgrd. I'd better focus.

Korn said...

Good post guys, appreciate it since I fell asleep for the third. Oldmanblog.

I almost got the conspiracy bandwagon going when I heard Lemieux was skating but was left out of the vid, but sit here disappointed as I learn he was doing it for a kid with Hodgkins. Solid human being.

I was INTO Errey talking about the Murphy dump (although wasn't it called the Murphy flip? That's what we always called it when using it during a hardcore game of after school street hockey). Larry Murphy remains one of my top favorite Pens of all time, close behind Mario and Ronnie Franchise.

I loved the Puppetmaster ps. Great statement game by Whitney and once again, showed the skill of Therrien. Not the first time he's been able to motivate his guys. Shows why last year and arguably this year he is a coach of the year candidate. He's definitely proven wrong those over reacting fans who called for his head last fall.

firefox said...

Good game last night. It wasn't Conks best game but I still want him in our net. So he flubbed a play on the puck. Yes, he should have just played it and took the penalty but considering he had .48 seconds to make that decision I can't fault him. He plays the puck way better than MAF or Sabu and that is a solid reason why we are where we are in the standings.

Not to take anything from Whitney's game but Malkin yet again was a beast. 3 points! Talk about someone who stepped up his game. I have to wonder if he will still play on Sid's wing when Sid comes back. If Geno can keep this up he should be running his own line and we can spread out the talent. Then again, the others have been chipping in when we need them to. 3 goals from the defense is always a good thing.

So, I am at the airport now waiting to get on my flight to the Burgh. I got tickets to the Kings, Flyers and Bruins games. I can't wait! Icing on the buddy in the airline industry got me bumped to first class. Oh yeah! :) WWGRD? Enjoy the free drinks me thinks.

Dirty D said...

This needs to be posted.

Conk Block City!

cragger said...

who ever found that mister rogers with the civic arena picture is the coolest thing since peeing your pants! WOW!

cragger said...

FSN shows #66 shooting some pucks.
Could he still run a lethal power play from the left-wing half boards? Yeah.

How about a HELLS YEAH!

cragger said...

GAYLORD FOCKER - No more Moron. Kris Beech wearing the #24 was as solid as a dinner at the Old Country Buffet last night.


diabeticsRcooler said...

There was a fat girl in the row in front of me for the game

she actually used the term "power kill" and then made a high pitch squealing noise everytime Conklin played the puck as if he wasn't great at it

i knocked over her nachos in a feigned attempt to catch a t-shirt

how bout some lovin' for the game darryl sydor had?

he made some HUGE plays to clear the zone when the isles were cycling

overall good physical effort by the D tonight too

does anyone know if Ted Nolan is a Cherokee or Navajo?

I got his attention once and called him an Apache Douchebag

Stoosh said...

There's still a lot of time between now and when Sid gets back. If he comes back for the first game in March, it still means the Pens are playing eleven more games sans Bing.

*cue Screamin' A. Smith*


It's nice to be sitting here eight games after losing Crosby to injury and discussing the potential "problem" that is:

1. putting Geno back on Sid's line when Sid comes back, or

2. keeping them separated because Geno has been flying faster than a fat kid chasing the Twinkie truck.

That, c-blog, is what I call a nice problem to have.

cragger said...

There was a fat girl in the row in front of me for the game

she actually used the term "power kill" and then made a high pitch squealing noise everytime


Jeff and I have sat behind this very same person. I forgot about "power kill" girl until you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The Islanders should make "Commit to the Indian" shirts for Ted Nolan.

EmDubs said...

The new comic book-style intro when the Pens take the ice at the Mellon is killer.

Nathan said...

Ted Nolan is Ojibwa, like one of our favorite Islanders players, Chris Simon.

Solid game, and I give Sydor credit for getting absolutely destroyed behind the net in the first, and getting up like nothing happened. Just have to keep racking up the points with Bing on the shelf. If you go to, you'll see that the Pens now have a 93 percent chance of making the playoffs.

BlacknGold66 said...

Sorry for making the "turd sandwich" photoshop. It had to be done.

BTW, googling "shit sandwich" while your girlfriend is right behind you at midnight asking why you aren't in bed yet = priceless


Heading to Cranbizzle Townshizzle tonight after work.

Thanks again to everyone with suggestions for the weekend in the Burgh.

We'll be in D23 row A for both games this weekend. Look for a guy with a Lemieux jersey and a gold(yellow and very dirty) Pens hat. That's me. Come by and job us Clevelanders if you get a chance.


RMM said...

@stoosh: Maybe there is a reason your nickname rhymes with douche; because you are one?

Don't call people in c-blog morons, even if they make fun of Ian Moran or Kris Beech. Kenny Melvin is looking for some friends if you're wanting to do that.

Twinkie said...

@ rmm.....

Moron = Moran..... no one was being called a moron except for Ian Moran..... you moron

Anonymous said...

staff, are game pictures from yahoo! sports? i checked this morning for more pics of the game and the links for nhl and team pictures are you know anything?

greg n said...

Looks like my new new gear should be here this afternoon cant wait to sport it at the games this weekend

Sinops said...

Those two girls you are talking about are friends of mine. I was texting her during the game and she moved down to A1 third row. I asked her how, she said because she is hot and blond. They did not leave, just upgraded seats. That is funny as hell.

some guest said...

never thought i would ever see hitler in a recap.

solid post.

luvnmypens said...

Was I the only one that thought maybe Gonchar also received a memo on being more physical? It was good to see him pushing his weight around a little. He is a leader on this team and if Therrien wants Whits to be more physical, then Gonch should lead by example.

Anonymous said...

Those two girls you are talking about are friends of mine. I was texting her during the game and she moved down to A1 third row. I asked her how, she said because she is hot and blond. They did not leave, just upgraded seats. That is funny as hell.

Mario says - "She is a hockey hoe"

rmm said...


I am a freaking retard that doesn't deserve to steal the air that the rest of the c-bloggers use.

Yes, I am a moron. My apologies stoosh. I read the post quickly and thought you were calling posters morons for no good reason and felt the need to defend c-blog.

That was my first, and this will be my last post.

/Inserts foot in mouth. Slowly dies.

cragger said...

Wow everybody settle the FUCK down. Lets not start acting like flyers fans.

1. It's friday
2. Croz is skating
3. WWGRD is skating
4. We got tons of pens gear over at cafe press to drool all over
5. We beat the isles.
66. Mario is in the best shape of his life.

Stoosh said...


First off, "Stoosh" doesn't rhyme with "douche". It rhymes with "push". I'm just sayin'...

Second, I've been friends with the c-blog poster named "Gaylord Focker" going back to college, and the "No More Moron" statement was not directed at him or anyone else in C-blog. Focker is a friend of mine from college and he harbored a dislike for Ian Moran that rivaled one that most Pens fans have for the Flyers. The "No More Moron" reference was an inside joke that was nothing more than a play on words with Moran's name, and it dates back to the days when a bunch of us - myself and Focker included - used to have tickets up in F1 back in 2000-01.

Is it juvenile? Yeah, probably. Most of my friends have a very Howard Stern-ish sense of humor. If you want me to apologize for that, sorry. I won't. But to automatically assume that I/we thought it was funny because I/we intended to use it as an indirect insult to people who suffer from some sort of mental disorder? Hardly. Jumptoconclusionsblog.

I spent the better part of five years working with disabled kids while I was both in college and in post-graduate education. I've had my fair share of experiences with people who suffer from some sort of mental disability, and I sympathize with anyone whose has been afflicted with something like that, especially because they often are born with a condition and have no choice in the matter. My wife, in fact, suffers from mild epilepsy and while it's controlled through medication, it also means that she will never live a day in her life where she's not taking some form of medication to control her condition. That's stuff we deal with every day because those are the cards we've been dealt; no one complains because complaining about it doesn't get us anywhere anyway. And she has a stronger, much more positive outlook on life than most people I know who live so-called "normal lives". And yes, we've even made jokes about it.

So please don't automatically paint me as some sort of ignorant, knuckle-dragging neanderthal (or Ben Eager, for that matter) simply because I referenced the term "moron", especially when you made no attempt to even TRY to understand the context in which it was used. It was a play on Ian Moran's name and absolutely nothing more.

I'm sorry my comments weren't PC enough for you, but take a look around. If you're here for PC commentary, you best be on your way...perhaps Mondesi's House is more your cup of tea. You're commenting in a thread that referenced Adolf Hitler, for fuck's sake.

In other words, just because I make a comment doesn't mean you had the right to go to the lengths you did with me, especially when you made absolutely no attempt to understand the context of the reference.

So I'll be as polite as I can.

Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if penstoreblog is still taking requests but i think a PICKLE STABBER shrit needs to be made in honor of Steigy and Errey.

chris l. said...

re: rmm 11:36

Q: what happens when there's no instigator penalty?

A: selfregulatingblog



Stoosh said...

I apologize to the rest of c-blog for the rant. I don't want to detract from what was a great game last night or the overall enjoyment of the hockey season, this blog, c-blog, etc.

I was annoyed because once again, I was handed the harsh realization that not everyone has the same juvenile sense of humor that I do. On top of that, I'm sick and I'm hopped up on so much Sudafed, I'll be pretty comfortable from now until the trade deadline.

And hopefully, the Sudafed reference doesn't offend anyone who either has been addicted to meth or knows someone who has.


wilsmith said...

haha stoosh you definitely typed all that up in-between the time the guy made the comment, was corrected, and then apologized. that's solid.

I know this time around its a non-issue, a little mistake, but I love how someimes the things people say in cblog offend people, yet they laugh at the same things as they're said on the gamerecapblog.

chris l. said...


I take offense at your use of the term "hopped up," but only because I myself am a few hours away from any sort of hops.

[I hope you're chuckling.]

Anyway, HUGE win. Kind of a steal there at the end, but whatev. Sometimes they bounce/blow the whistle your way, and sometimes they don't. 2 in the division is huge however they come.

Anyone catch that jobber hooking Malkin around end of second / early third and Geno taking half a backhanded swing? Ni-ice. Looks like everyone got the memo.


canaanregulatesblog said...

wait... stoosh doesn't rhyme with douche? my world is in upheaval. i've been saying your name wrong for a lllloooonnnng time. stoosh will ALWAYS rhyme with douche in my book =P

j.s. im glad you picked up my first inclusion!

Spencemo said...

How eloquently you laid the hammer was just beautiful.

For the record, I liked Ian Moran.

Anyhoo, great recap...I'm slinging Frappuccinos on Thursday nights, so I don't get to see the games much...this helps.

It also helps that my hubby was nice enough to rewind the DVR so I could see LeGame's GWG.

Anonymous said...

the post gazette said that kennedy was reassigned to the baby pens

Anonymous said...

For the record, Ian Moran sucked.

Stoosh said...

I suppose it could rhyme with "douche". Most of my friends have always said it the other way. I say, no difference. Carry on however you see fit, especially if it helps restore some balance to the Force in Canaan's world. :p

CHRIS L. - We weren't getting the bounces earlier in the season; we're getting them now. I got a little worried with that last night but when I didn't see the Islanders putting up more of a fight over it, I figured we were golden.

SPENCEMO - Never had a huge problem with Moran...after all, he did get the assist on what was thought to be Mario's last goal in Pittsburgh during that Flyers series in 1997. I do think a lot of fans overvalued him because he was a good guy, but I think Pens fans do that with some of the players on the roster now as well. I probably do the same thing with Army...I'm a huge fan of Army...I even thought after the 05-06 season, he might have had 25-goal potential playing on a line with Sid. But if you go over to LGP, you'll come across some people who act like you just called them morons if you try to suggest Army is something more than just a run-of-the-mill third-liner.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 12:27 - Conditioning assignment, probably. He's been out with mono and they probably want him to get his strength and conditioning back closer to game shape. Better for him to do that in the AHL.

Good news that he's probably close to being back, though. They mentioned on the broadcast last night that he was day-to-day, so maybe he'll be back in a week or so.

Dr. Turkleton said...

just saw marc crawford walking along grant st. headed up to the Igloo....kinda looks like the 3rd brother of Eddie Munster & Paulie 'Walnuts'....guess the kings beating detroit last night saved his job at least for another game

Jeffry said...

it would be amazing if kennedy had mono so recently and was over it already. i had mono for about 2 months and i was told it was mild. but then again, who knows.

i thought christensen was beech for about 2 periods last night, it was driving me crazy(i also started drinking at about 2pm).

Kristen PB said...

There should totally be the Steiggy/Errey section of Storeblog.

Items for sale, you ask?

The "Pickle Stabber" shirt idea is a great one.

Or a shirt that says something like: "Long stick, soft hands."

cragger said...

Steigy/Errey shirts huh...

How about "geno looks like a frisky horse"

Brett said...

If you don't like Ian Moran, I don't like you.

*looks around*

hoo boy, this is akward.

J.S. said...

Without going into beatadeadhorseblog, the moron/moran is sometimes used interchangably with people.

For example:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Another angle of Exhibit A

Hopefully all of the moron/moran/ian moran/erin moran/your all moranz chat was a misunderstanding.

Moran...err, Moroninari may want to sleep with both eyes open after those comments about Roberts. I'm sure GR doesn't approve of some jobber being called Roberts' kryptonite.

Ryan said...

sinops - thanks for the update. I was hoping they just moved to better seats, actually considered the possibility that she was Beech's gf or something and had moved to the Igloo club maybe.

Still doesn't explain owning a Beech hersey though.

And as for the "because I'm hot and blonde" statement...stuckupblog or sarcasmblog?

Oh and I'm with ya Canaan, stoosh rhymes with douche. End of story.

J.S. said...

Stoosh, I also believe that Moran was also on the ice to Mario's first goal (maybe first point) after his 3+ yr retirement.

jack lumber said...


1.) The dude apologized, take a breath.

2.) You said "In other words, just because I make a comment doesn't mean you had the right to go to the lengths you did with me..." and then you went to those lengths...again. If you're going to dish it out, then take it too. Just saying.

3.) I work with mentally disabled kids too. Actually I volunteer to work with them. At no point did I think you're original reference was offensive because you were clearly calling him Moran, but now knowing you worked with these types of kids and then used the word again, then you my friend are a sorry human. So even if rmm didn't paint you as a "some sort of ignorant, knuckle-dragging neanderthal" then I will -- because you are. You should learn to accept that and move on.

4.) He was just defending someone else in C-blog whom he thought was being attacked. He obviously didn't know Focker because if he did then he probably would have known you too. It's not a crime to defend people who aren't defending themselves.

5.) Dude, seriously? You need to relax.

6.) He was defending someone in C-blog, not instigating a fight. Take your attacks to LGP where they belong and leave the dick jokes and not PC humor to the staff -- who do it much better than you.

BlacknGold66 said...

Leaving for Pittsburgh!!

See you morons there!



Anonymous said...

I had that same problem last night. Sadly,I didn't start drink at 2:00.
Great SFA avi , by the way!

J.S. said...

@jack lumber,

the issue is about as dead as Heath Ledger. Let it go.

Pensblog Staff said...


Can we use your name on a shirt ? We have a idea for it. We'd also need a picture. Let us know


Anonymous said...

@ stoosh:

I don't think he cared about it being PC or not, he just didn't want you making fun of someone else in c-blog for no good reason. Ease off the kid. I think he could care less if you used the word moron or not, as long as you weren't calling some other innocent poster a moron...that is all he wanted I think.

I love c-blog but everyone needs to simmer down now. Stoosh wasn't calling anyone a moron, and stoosh we really don't want to be intimidating people out of c-blog either, which it appears you've done.



wilsmith said...

this is me huggin it out, and I'm not even involved.

I will own a stoosh shirt, even if I've been pronouncing his name wrong all my life.

sonofatruckload said...

also in the steigy/errey section must be some sort of staal/pteradactyl reference

is there any way we could have a "warhorse with hands of silk" shirt? i would buy 50 and never wear another shirt again. or maybe a dance of champions shirt? an entire against the odds section would blow my mind (and my wallet).

Andrew said...

MAF switched to white pads it seems

canaanregulatesblog said...

stoosh, i was just busting balls with you (i didn't want to be lumped into the hate-on-stoosh group)

::chest bump::

Dr. Turkleton said...


brought to you by:

Flyer Hater said...

Wow stooshblog today. It's unreal that Crosby is already practicing with the team, knowing him I wouldn't be surprised to see him play Sunday against the Flyers.

Stoosh said...

JACK LUMBER - Noted. And humbled.

Look, there was an element of hypocrisy to what I wrote, I agree. I thought about that as I was writing it. If that makes me a hypocrite, then I'm a hypocrite. But please know that part of the reason why I also wrote an apology to everyone - rmm included - after the fact is because I recognized this.

I didn't see rmm's apology until after I put my post up. Rmm's apology was another reason why I wrote my own.

The other reason I wrote an apology to c-blog was because I realized my initial response to rmm was probably a bit on the overreactionary side. I considered deleting the post, but I figured I'd leave it up so at least people knew what I was apologizing for. If it caused any additional fallout, I'll gladly deal with that as well.

I don't want c-blog to turn into what it was when Melvin was running roughshod here over the summer. I enjoy this community too much and I certainly don't want to be the cause of something like that.

I appreciate your honesty. I'm sorry you feel that way, but you are entitled to your opinion of me and that's cool.

John said...


this is taken from

On February 8, 1966, The National Hockey League granted a franchise to Pittsburgh - along with the Los Angeles Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota North Stars, St. Louis Blues and the California Golden Seals.

Owner Peter Block, with the help of State Senator Jack McGregor, formed a group of 21 investors to help start the franchise.

Playing off the Civic Arena's "Igloo" nickname, McGregor's wife, Carol, is credited naming the team. The colors were originally black and white before Jack Riley, the team's first General Manager, came up with the color scheme of Colombia blue, Navy blue and white.

Stoosh said...

PENSBLOG STAFF - Abso-friggin-lutely. I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, but that may add to the humor. And I'm nothing if not self-depricating. I'll see if I can dig up a picture or five on my PC at home.

CANAAN @ 2:36PM - Oh, I know. I never interpreted it otherwise. That's why I made the "restoration of balance" comment about the pronunciation of my name.

stokes said...

blackandgold66: How many hits did you get that referenced "Spinal Tap?' that's one of my favorite lines from that movie.

This may be explicit, but in Legame's short stint up here last year, my brother and I took to calling him "Poon."

I, also, have been pronouncing "stoosh" wrong. For clarity, my nickname name is pronounced with a long "O" rhymes with jokes.

Is moron really that bad? i could see using "retard" and "mongoloid" but moron is kind of weak. but that's just me...

Stoosh said...

NIKKI (anon @ 2:00 PM) -

I agree with you. Like I said in my response to Jack Lumber, I want to be able to joke around here as much as the next person, but I don't want to turn this into the problems we had over the summer.

Until I read rmm's apology, I didn't realize how he was interpreting the "No More Moron" reference (didn't realize he thought I was calling Focker a moron). Hence, the hypocrisy.

As Wilsmith said, this is me huggin' it out, but I WAS involved.

Now I know how it must feel to be Steve Downie.

Jeffry said...

oh! big ups from double m!

Flyer Hater said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOO, Madden just mentioned this site on his show just now referencing the post about the shitty columnists at the post-gazette.

Dr. Turkleton said...

madden = king of all jobbers

Anonymous said...

mark madden just jobbed thepensblog calling us keyboard morons!!! and said something on the lines of we should prais him idk wasent really paying attention untill i heared him say the website

mark madden said...

I'm a big fat blow hard.

excuse me, i'm going to chase a twinkie truck.

seeker said...

Someone needs to sit Molinari down and explain the facts about Superman to him.

Gary Roberts is most definitely Superman.

He was forced to allow us mere mortals to believe his leg was capable of being broken in order to protect his Clark Kent persona.

Some people have to be spoonfed everything! Sheesh

burglar of ham said...

seconding the request for against the odds themed shirts in storeblog

tshirt with hands of silk period

Pensgirl said...

is there any way we could have a "warhorse with hands of silk" shirt?

I am ashamed of myself, as the self-proclaimed biggest Artie fan EVAH, for not thinking of this.

i would buy 50 and never wear another shirt again.


And yes, "dance of champions" etc. too. Now I'm gonna go follow the instructions and post in storeblogblog.

Sinops said...

sarcasmblog, She knows an usher. As far as owning a Beech or iceburgh, your guess is as good as mine. I told her today that she is now famous for being on here. She thinks it is funny.

canaanregulatesblog said...

stoosh, i guess im gonna have to start calling people dushbags to align the planets and bring back the kwisatz haderach ashamed of the dune reference.

Stoosh said...

CANAAN - Nice Dune reference, "dushbag" (ha). I haven't seen that in probably 15 years. It was just on Starz or something last weekend, too.

By the way, I think "dushbag" (rhyming with "pushbag") is 100 times funnier when said with an Arnold Schwarzeneggar accent.

And you're all saying it to yourselves right now, aren't you?


Pensgirl said...

Snoopy has a translation of Max's latest blog post up on TSCS:

For everyone who doesn't know: Sidney has started skating again.


That's the first word that came to my mind when I saw him skating Wednesday morning. He looked alive on the ice.

Sid has a lot of nicknames, but one of them just fits him perfectly right now. Colby Armstrong and I have started calling him 'Creature', because he really is his own species, a phenomenon of sorts.


wilsmith said...

someone give me madden photoshop ideas. more than just plopping his head on some sloppy fat man.

i want to hear "that dick wilsmith (pronounced "will smith", since we're all clarityblog today) thinks its funny to shop me onto blah blah blah I'm a load blah blah blah"

wilsmith said...

and seriously, we need a "C-Blog Hall of Famer" shirt.... you know, for us to buy each other for v-day.

stokes said...

wilsmith: jabba the hut. (obviousblog-jk)

Stoosh said...

Upon further review, there will be no luxuryboxblog for me for tomorrow's Kings game. I never thought I'd turn down tickets to a game at all, much less a free ticket to a luxury box.

(See, Ashley??? This is what happens when you make me feel guilty!!!!....Just kidding...hahaha)

But I pretty much feel like Ben Eager looks right now and I can't envision this being significantly better by tomorrow. So for Pens-Kings, it'll be me, my dog Buddy and a big ass bowl of chicken soup.

I will, however, be in attendance for the Philly game. Section F1. Can't wait!

canaanregulatesblog said...


click me

J.S. said...

with all the talk of "douchebags", I gotta post this:

click me

"We're like caged rats, and what's on the other side of the cage? DOUCHEBAGS!"

Gil said...

Madden on the GoodYear Blimp. Maybe Jobber of the Week Blimp.

maybe his face on the old wwf wrestler yokozuna.

maybe a fat bastard ref from austin powers.

maybe that fat guy who ate the pies from stand by me who ralphed all over everyone?

i am a tool.

Ashley said...

Stoosh - too bad there's no luxuryboxblog tomorrow, but you should be good to go for the Philly game, which'll be a much better game to see.

You should bring a box of Tide with you and tell the Flyers that they need to wash the shit out of their shirts...just like in my photoshop

Hip said...

jack lumber - can I assume you wear Carhart coats and flannel? Sexxyblog.

Re: T Kennedy - I would think the real concern would be not how tired he is but whether he'd rupture his spleen... maybe they want to ease him back into professional hockey checking?

HUGS to all. Cblog has changed my life.

wilsmith said...

I'll get working on some kind of madden photoshop.

Okay, and tomorrow, here it is.
B30, row A, 1 or 2.
Look for 6'3" and a beard, and Dana Heinze's jacket. Say hello.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

There's a thing on the Pens site saying Sid participated in full practice but with a yellow jersey. Talk about healing fast.

I Heard also that "The Creature" wasn't suppose to be on the ice when the media came and took pictures of him. Sounds like someone misses his spotlight and absolute power.

They are suppose to induce labor today on Malone's baby ... Rumor is it's a boy ... imagine an mini-Malone rocking out the hospital nursery. Some baby's are gonna get Malowned!

Maybe there is a possibility Lemieux is hiding the fact he's making a comeback by stating Make A Wish was the reason he was on the ice? Iwishsomuchblog!

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - Kings game is just out of the question. As much as I want to go, right now watching the game huddled up with a bowl of soup or something just sounds a lot better.

I love that Flyers photoshop on your blog. That's hysterical. I'll have to find out if we can swing it...maybe work a sign into it.

We've done some pretty good signs and stuff in the past. Back in 2000-01, four of us went and saw the Rangers, who had Mark Messier back on the team at the time.

We did a big yellow sign that said "Mark Messier is My Dad" (playing, of course, on the rumor that he has, um...more than a few kids).

We got there early to put it up so they'd see it during warmups, because the visiting team warms up at that end. Sure as hell, about two minutes into warmups, we see some of the Rangers players pointing up at it. Messier even looked up, laughed and waved to us. Not long after, though, an usher asked us to take it down.

PittHockey said...

canaan, the dune reference made my day.


Ashley said...

Stoosh - awesome story haha

Hope you feel better. Last week it was me feeling like an elephant was sitting on my head - not a good feeling at all.

ryanoshea said...

eBaum's World caught wind of the Pens car commercial

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Fleury's changing his banana pads to white! Yellow is his signature ... apparently some Ottawa doctor said it gave shooters an advantage.

Hip said...

nevermind - Kennedy's spleen is supposedly fine now

hhocker said...

nice... devils lost tonight in regulation.

wilsmith said...

No, I'm keeping the TBP one. It'll be like a collectors item someday.

canaanregulatesblog said...

that's exactly what i said to adam.

it's a "thebuttplug" tee. get em while they're hot!

Flyer Hater said...

LOL, did anyone watch the sportscall show on the CW tonight? Someone called in as Gary from Robertstown and mentioned the pensblog twice.

sid truth said...

call-in show jobs is so 2007. don't be a melvin.

Erica said...

Hey does anyone know what the song's name was that was played along with the opening video on thurs?

FlyerFan said...

You guys suck nuts. I can't wait to sweep your asses this year. Fucking jokes.

xxstolichnayaxx said...

Francois Leroux is in the best shape of his life

canaanregulatesblog said...

hey, check it out... flyerfan learned how to use a subject and a predicate together... let's all give him a clap!


Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

FLYERFAN - What's this about YOU not being able to wait to sweep our asses? Are you playing right wing for the Flyers or something?

And talking about sucking nuts and sweeping asses? What, you been hangin' with Pensblog Charlie?

Sunday can't get here soon enough.

canaanregulatesblog said...

i cant wait til the pens win on sunday just so the flyer faithful can say :omg, upshall was injured:

sd said...

GUYS. THE PENSBLOG KOOZIES! i am doing a power hour now with some iron city and i need a fucking pensblog koozie, i will personally buy 10 of them.

godspeed sid

lets go pens

Anonymous said...

wwgrd? not walk away


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