Sunday, February 10, 2008

Showtime. PENS WIN

4 - 2

[ Recap ]

Executive Decisionblog

Thanks to FSN problems and the fact that the 1:00pm start took us off our routine, this half ass recap is only being published because it has to look like we did something.
In fact don't even waste your time scrolling down.

Not to overshadow certain games, but other than another sick performance by Malkin, this game was whatev.

The real battle begins at 1:00pm today.


National Anthem

-- Durbano --

-- justincredibleh --

-- Fleury29 --

-- BlacknGold66 --

-- Kaitlin --

-- Theresa --




Penguins pee on Marc Crawford's family.


Sabu cleans up.

Pens win.

  • Malkin: 2G, 1A
  • Malone: 1G,1A
  • Staal: 1G
  • Honestly don't waste your time posting in the comments. Solid win
  • BGL fought the famed Ivanis. Mud.
  • Fox Sport dropped the ball. Big time
  • Malkin MVP?
  • firstplace blog


canaanregulatesblog said...

best. recap. ever.

i seriously lol'ed.

Pensblog Staff said...

dude your up too late

Go Pens


Jonny V said...

I have my reserve drill today, so it's going to be one of those tape-the-game-don't-listen-to-the-radio-or-watch-tv-or-go-on-the-Al-Gore-till-after-watching-the-game days.

Old said...

I am new here, followed a link from James Mirtle, but I would like to also add: GO PENS!

J.S. said...

jonny v, i'm on the way to drill too. once this guitar hero-like game finishes, it's off to e-berg for some training. Wish somebody up there had an open wireless so I could sop the game. As far as I know, today is gonna be one of those "check every 30 mins, hope all is well" type of games.

i seriously need about 4 cans of red bull right now.

J.S. said...


does anybody know of a program where you can go frame by frame and capture out of an flv file?

Lady Jaye said...

lol you know saying "don't scroll down" and "don't bother posting in c-blog" is like telling us NOT to push the proverbial red button. And you're totally right, the game today is 100 times more vital. But good game yesterday nonetheless.

seeker said...


Convert the FLV file (I use SUPER FLV's free) to a WMV file that you can work with easier in Windows Movie Maker (or similar program) and capture it that way.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell all that the FSN issue was not FSN, it worked fine way up north where Im at. Must have been a local cable company feed thing.

Flyer Hater said...

Canaan, I agree that was one of the best recaps ever.

"2nd Period, Penguins pee on Marc Crawford's family"

That sentence couldn't have more concisely and accurately summed up that period.

stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

i seriously thought it was gonna be like the rough draft of the Isles from Dec(healthy scratch game).

But it was worse! oh man, that was great. i liked it.

I'm surprised and glad the Pens didnt get trapped yesterday. LA is just a really bad team.

I thought the Igloo was rowdy yesterday for a 100 game, but nothing like its gonna be today!



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