Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Shot Heard 'Round The World

The word "BlockBuster" has its origins in the movie business.
Back in the old days, the theaters were on city streets.

If a movie was bad-ass, the line to get in would be so long that it would literally clog up the streets, thus busting blocks.

In regards to Pens GM Ray Shero pulling the trigger on this Marian Hossa trade with the brass of a riverboat gambler, you can't give the trade the title of "BlockBuster."

Big-name players only went one way.


What kind of Penguin fan are you?
When you heard of the trade, did you immediately think about Hossa?
Or did sadness strike for a moment when you saw Colby Armstrong's name?

We must say farewell to a guy who will forever have a place in our soul.



It's just tough.
It's sickening to think about it.

You saw the Hossa trade, clicked the link, and quickly scanned the article to see who the Pens had to send away.

"Colby Armstrong" stuck out like a sore thumb.

When you photoshop someone, you gain a bond with them.
You zoom in close on their face, blurring out some edges.
This is why it's so tough.

He came up in 05-06 and flourished on Crosby's wing.
He's never reached those offensive numbers since, but there wasn't one Penguin fan who would pile on Armstrong when he was going through a bad stretch.

We think it's tough as a fan.
But everyone knows Colby and Crosby's relationship.
What toll with this have on Sidney Crosby?

"Losing a friend is hard. A friend gives you sanctuary and companionship when life is tough."

Dr. Phil = Zero Stanley Cup rings

On the other hand, we've lost Erik Christensen, too, but it's fair to say that we traded away his potential rather than his offensive contribution.
And it was easy to pile on him.

We lose Esposito as well, but on a roster already laden with five bona fide first-round draft picks in Crosby, Staal, MAF, Whitney, and Malkin....

Something had to give.

We also lose a first-round pick to be named later.
Like we need another first-round pick on this team.


And now for the new arrivals.


He has a cool name, and the trading deadline became the Hossa Sweepstakes.


Solid stats. Just solid.
There's nothing to say except that he's Sid's buddy now.


All we know about him is that he was that "french guy" on the Thrashers.

Colby Armstrong -- 9 goals this season.
Erik Christensen -- 9 goals this season.


Let's not forget the Pens grabbing Hal Gill from the Leafs for two draft picks.
If he's a Derian Hatcher or Eric Cairns, God help us.

All we know is he's been a pain in the ass against the Pens.


When you sit back and look at the big trade, you deliberate a couple things.

1 -- What's the more extreme feeling? Armstrong being gone or Hossa being here?

2 -- Hossa has turned the Penguins into a team that will TRULY strike fear in the balls of other teams...if the Pens can sign him.

3 -- Undoubtedly, the Atlanta brass talked with Mark Recchi about this deal.
Props to Ray Shero getting this done without giving up Staal or Malone.

4 -- Consider this a huge win for the Pens if Hossa is here longterm.
We lost a fan favorite, a player who teases you with ability, and an unproven first-round pick for Sid's long-awaited finisher.

5 -- If all of the involved players were emotionless robots, Ray Shero would be arrested for larceny.


It's Shero's job to worry about money and the security of the team.

It's the job of the fans to cheer on the team.
If you're gonna wonder about the Pens future every time Hossa touches the puck, you're a mistake.

Be glad the Pens are in the position to make a move like this.
Not too long ago, players were abandoning ship at the trade deadline.
And now some players would kill to come to Pittsburgh with Sid and Malkin.





Sakic19 said...

Gonna be REAL interesting Sunday...

coffeytalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coffeytalk said...

Seriously, your words do make a pens fan feel better.

good pickmeupblog.

thomes08 said...

big deal. i miss army.

sunday prediction: army wins it assisted by crusher and recchs. or, crusher in a SO

So what do you guys think the lines are going to be now?

Christina said...

brass of a riverboat gambler indeed.

and seriously...who in the hell plays tonight??

DRae said...

For me, it's Crusher being gone that first resonates. After the sadness of that (EC's my favorite player without the last name of Crosby) I realize that this team apparently does believe they are a contender. And I hope like heck they are.

Mike Costa said...

Here Are The Lines That I Want To Be

Hossa - Crosby - Malone

Kennedy - Malkin - Sykora

Taffe - Staal - Dupuis

Ruutu - Talbot - Laraque

I'm Never Right Though, So Don't Count On Me

daismog said...

I need some new threads now; I can't in good conscious wear my Armstrong or Recchi sweaters to Sunday's game.

libertygreg87 said...

not tonight, but when Sid returns and Hossa is here:


Not that Taffe is a first liner, but more that Talbot is a great 4th line center.

Gonchar-Gill (if he can skate)

also as much I enjoy seeing Hossa on the Pens, it's so much sweeter to see him NOT on the Habs, especially after TSN allll morning and afternoon made it seem like Hossa to Habs was a done deal. I would loved to have seen Bob Gainey's face when he called Waddell one last time about Hossa and found out Hoss has already been traded to the Pens!

geezer said...

Hossa is a proven finisher, Gil will be a physical presence. Dupris is a thow in?

Love picking up Hossa, HATE losing Armie. Still I'm excited for sure.

Pensblog Staff said...

Our tune on Armstrong will change once he levels Malkin.

Hip said...

Hip = Stunned. Sickened. Pick your word and I'm probably feeling it. Trust me, I get that this is a business, but the playoffs are a war of attrition. Chemistry is huge. You have to want to battle for your mates. Nothing again Hossa and Dupuis - I think they're solid additions. But I'll miss Army. He was all heart and soul. And his Madden shows were funny as shit.

Maybe we can steal him back this off-season? Can someone give me a shred of hope?

Matt Gajtka said...

To answer the question: the more extreme feeling for me upon hearing of the trade was getting Hossa, not losing Army or Crusher. Don't get me wrong, I loved both of those guys.

The fact remains that you only get so many chances to win a Stanley Cup, and you have to do all you can to grasp the limited opportunities. Present trumps future at a certain point in a team's growth and development. I trust Ray took the proper approach and made the correct move today.

Dave said...

5 -- If all of the involved players were emotionless robots, Ray Shero would be arrested for larceny.

That actually made me feel better.

Hossa Crosby Talbot
Sykora Malkin Malone
Dupuis Staal Ruutu
Taffe Kennedy Laraque

Power Play:
Not really fair for other teams

apk said...

When the best thing you can say about a guy is "I really liked him," "he was funny," or "he was really popular with the fans," he's expendable. I loved Colby as much as the next guy, but Hossa was the biggest name out there, and now we might have the two best lines in the Eastern Conference come playoff time.

(then again, had this been Max that they moved, i'd be in tears)

Hip said...

PS - ironyblog. I was wearing my practically brand new Army Pens tshirt today.

Brett said...


If you're to believe what he's saying in the conference, you're to believe that he didn't consult Bing about this.

He also didn't even talk to Hossa about long-term signing possibilities.

These are things I did not want to hear. But then again, I'm not the GM of any team, I can barely GM my own life, so.

Joshua said...

Shero: Roberts and Sid skated today.


Sakic19 said...

Listening to Ray Shero...so smooth, direct, but with feeling...like silk, or Burt Reynolds in the late 70's

Christina said...

bing skated today, according to shero. possibly roberts too.


Hip said...

apk - you raise a good point, but I think Colby played with a kinda grit no one else really does. Someone's gotta make up the difference now. He's not a BGL type, he was a get under your skin punk who wasn't afraid to throw around his measly body. The definition of a mucker and grinder. I guess Ruuuuuuuuuuuutu is kinda the same, but somehow to me it seemed like Army brought a little something else to the table.

chris l. said...

"Good all around." "Gotta give to get." "Sad to see Army go." Yeah, me too. But really: it's all blah blah blah.

As cogently observed by jeff @ 3:58 back on 11th hour cblog (paraphrasing):

Holes in Pens lineup @ lunchtime:
- Scoring winger
- Badass Defenseman

Uhh, check and check.

Props to jeff for cutting through the fog and emotions. And props to Staff, as always, for taking in the last 2.5 hours, grinding it up, addressing the emotional, and spitting the harsh reality back at us.

Let's re-cap. Hossa stats are self-explanatory. Dupuis? Seth @ EN seems to like him, and he's been a pain in the ass against us if I recall correctly. But here's the hidden gem in the day for me: Hal Gill. 6'7" and 250lbs of mullet-crushing Defense.

Bring it.

@ Brett: Even if Shero did both those things (which he probably did), he's not gonna say it in the presser. Too much info that people will speculate on and take the focus off the deals made today.

It's not yet gamedayblog, but


Not BigRickPSU said...

Look, I liked Army too, but let's not overvalue what he did. He was an inconsitent producer and a slightly irritating opponent to play against who occasionally laid out a big hit.

Locker room chemistry doesn't have to get bad because he left, it just isn't the same. Not bad, just different.

He was a third liner who was good for 30 points a year. We can get one of those anywhere, even if they don't have quite the personality he does.

Let's not forget too that it doesn't make sense to keep a player because fans like him. It makes sense to keep a player if it lets you win the Stanely Cup.

wilsmith said...

So the big question...

Will A&L still cater to Colby?

libertygreg87 said...

Ray Shero- He has a voice that could make a wolverine purr, and suits so fine, they made Sinatra look like a hobo. In other words, Ray Shero is the balls.

David said...

good article, should have been called "you me and dupis?" though lol

stokes said...

Thanks, Staff. i was ok with everything until you put the pic of the Winter Classic up. I got a little choked up....but.....i'll get through it.

Kind of afraid of the game on Sunday. speaking of war of attrition, that's going to be my brother and i deciding who gets the tickets for sunday....

Good rational post, Staff.

chris l. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cody said...

I had that same initial gut reaction... Who'd we give up? I was Army's name and I immediately felt we gave up to much. Not so much in terms of production, but the personality the man brought to the team. Can Sid tell a reporter a story about Hossa dancing to the Ellen theme song after his nap? Time will tell, but I doubt it.

As a whole, it was a solid, if not absolutely awesome pickup, but down in my heart I'm going to miss Army's joy. Here's to hoping we see him back in the black and gold someday.

That said, bring on Hossa, give us back Crosby, and let the goals flood in!

Let's Go Pens

MadMax said...

Why could i not listen/watch the press conference?

Dickie Dunn said...

Let me be the first to raise my hand and say I piled onto Armstrong pretty much every chance I got. His personality made him the most overrated Penguin in recent history. Did I like the guy? Absolutely. He just wasn't the same player this year. The scoring prowess has been gone for the past two seasons, the big change this year was his grit and physical play. After nearly decapitating half the league last season, this season he seemed more timid. He wasn't aggressive on the forecheck and completely avoided open ice hits. Hell, until the past week I was pretty sure he went on vacation after Sid got injured. He played well this past week, pocketing a couple goals and throwing out some big hits, it was nice to see the grit back, but I think it can be replaced. When its all said and done the Penguins traded for Marian Hossa and Colby Armstrong, Armstrong's name just happens to be Pascal Dupuis this time around.

Army was nothing more than a 3rd liner, and will never be anything more than a 3rd liner.

Mike Rieker said...

I like this trade. Maybe not for the longterm, but for the nowterm. Everyone who reads this blog is obviously a die hard fan, but not everyone has the unrelenting passion for the game and this team. It's hard to believe, but watching that clip of "One from the Heart" it made me realize it's been 15 years since the cup was raised here. Shero wants one, bad. For the city, the people in it, and for the Igloo, I want to see what Hossa can do.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Ray Shero = Joe Kool

I remember when I saw this trade in the paper: John Cullen, Zarley Zalapski & Jeff Parker for Ron Francis, Grant Jennings & Ulf Samuelsson (I was in college at the time, before Al Gore invented the internet) & remember pens fans po-pooing this deal saying that how could they trade the popular Johnny Cullen & a No. 1 pick d-man in Zarley?????
everyone knows the results that soon followed....
I'm not saying start planning the parade route, but taking emotion out of the trade equation [2 homegrown Pens draft picks] & looking at the main NEED just about everyone was asking for: I believe King Shero did what's best for the team to go far THIS season, but will have to be a bit more creative this off season to ensure the future will still be bright for years to come & a 'rebuilding' stage won't be thrust upon us

Todays grade: A+ for taking the chance to win TODAY rather than tomorrow.....

2 months from now grade: ????, but will be fun to see how things turn out !!!!!

MadMax said...

Plus am i the only one that actually loves this deal? At least if we resign Hossa. I think that if we can resign Hossa and Dupuis this deal is a great job by Shero. Army and Christensen's production will be picked up by Dupuis, and Hossa's goals are just bonus points. Clutch pickup if you ask me

chris l. said...

@Dickie Dunn - you really captured the spirit of the thing.

Jersey Bill said...

@not bigrickpsu
And there it is. That's HOF shit. Well said.

Every team has their cult fan favorites. They make for good stories. However, winning is what counts in the NHL and we are in great position to win.

Marcetta said...

I'm surprised Sabourin is still a Pen. He'll probably be sent down on waivers when Crosby comes back and get picked up by someone then.

I'll miss Armstrong's comic relief, but I'm sure I'll forget all about it the moment I see Crosby and Hossa breakout for the first time.

PittHockey said...

Gonna be awesome thursday.

Eric K said...

Smith and James recalled again for tonights game

Ryan said...

BigRickPSU said it...Army is a third line guy good for 30 points a year. That isn't going to take us to the Cup. Getting a legit goal scorer like Marian Hossa will. We kept Staal, which is who Atlanta originally wanted. Great deal for the Pens. Lets Go PENS!

Doppler said...

It's been said, time and time again this season, right here on this blog.

What does this team need to do at the trade deadline?

Get a scoring winger and a hard hitting d-man.

Well, today it happened. These guys may be the pieces to the puzzle that will get this team the cup.

As a long time Pens fan, I go back to when Mario was first drafted. I am smiling, I am jobbing my friends and family members who like other teams.

It's going to be fun the next couple months.


Rege said...

I think this trade works well for each team and more specifically, Army. Colby now can shed that Sid's side-kick/butler persona and possibly grow as a player and forge his own identity. He is competitor and I think the move will help his career tremendously. I wish him well.

Just glad it wasn't Max or Staal.

tempest said...

can we re-sign hossa? long term? with maf, bing, geno? if so, great trade. armstrong and ec are nothing, period. our first round pick this year has a 2% chance of being a good nhl player. esposito for hossa (long term), great trade. draft picks for gill..can't hurt.

dying alive said...

I am way sad about Army, but way excited about Hossa.

I choose to believe that Army will serve his time in ATL and re-sign with the Pens and his best friend Sid after next season. Reunited, and it feels so good?

The Winter Classic pic was a swift kick to the ovaries.

libertygreg87 said...

does anybody think that Shero would make this deal if he thinks Hossa is just a rental? I think he's confident in the Penguins ability to re-sign Hossa, at least to a 2-3 year deal (before the big money in Crosby's deal kicks in) and try for a couple Cups here in the next couple years before coming up with a new gameplan. Plus we have to remember that Gonch has 2 years at 5 mil a year remaining, so King Shero doesn't want to be too patient and miss his opportunity to get things done with Gonch still in town. I don't think ownership would have a problem dolling out the cash to resign Hossa either, considering TSN.ca said that the Penguins ownership was "ecstatic" over the trade.

William said...

great job pensblog, you said it all. Salute Army but welcome to the new troops. Go Pens

marcetta said...

I know this is blasphemy, but I say Hossa replaces GR in flashblog. Charlie stays.

libertygreg87 said...

also Hossa is one of the best Penalty Killing forwards in the league and also Dupuis is tenacious on the PK, so Shero is also upgrading the 25th ranked PK in the league.

Bobby Steels said...

As much as it sucks to lose a guy like Army, this move has made the Pens so much more dangerous.

The worst thing a GM can do is fail to pull the trigger on a move not because of hockey, but because of emotions. I'm sure everyone in the organization hates to see Army go, but this had to be done. And if you think Sid didn't sign off on this, you're crazy.

Imagine we sign Hossa to a long-term deal. The Pens will be sick. Not, "man I got a nasy flu" sick, but "Incurable??" sick...

tempest said...

when was armstrong's last BIG hit? i can't remember. last season in ottawa maybe. when he fights it's embarrassing. people might like him, but he sucks.

Adrienne said...

Who the hell do we have playing tonight?

If we don't sign Hossa for the long term, I'm strongly inclined punch Shero.


Colin said...

I think it is important that we compare what the Penguins did to our competition in the Eastern Conference. Can you look at what Montreal, New Jersey, Ottawa and to a lesser degree Philadelphia did and say that you liked what they did more? I spent all morning thinking "oh my, we getting blown out of the water." And with one trade, the Pens trumped any of the moves made by Eastern Conference competitors.

Montreal did not acquire an impact forward they desperately needed and they now will be going to the playoffs with a rookie goaltender.

Philly is trying to replace simon Gagne with a 30+ year old.

I see Ottawa and New Jersey as our main competition and while the deals they swung made sense, I still think the Pens improved their situation more than any other Eastern Conference team.

All that being said, I will miss Armstrong as well. It is tough to lose him, but so is life.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Poppa Pump, Marian Hossa - fits right in with the wrestling theme of late

Ryan said...

hip: as Madden said many times today...

Chemistry doesn't score goals. Marian Hossa scores goals.

Staff: unreal post. This is why every Pens fan should check this site daily.

J.S. said...

Wil, of course A&L will take care of him. Like he said, they'll take care of him because of, you know, who he is.

chris e said...

**5 -- If all of the involved players were emotionless robots, Ray Shero would be arrested for larceny.**

Great line. Great post staff, I think you hit the nail on the head.

I know it has been mentioned but let us not forget that not only did we get Hossa but Montreal and Ottawa did not...which makes the deal even better. I think this fact is being overlooked a bit.

Flyer Hater said...

You just know that Sunday's game is going to a shootout and EC will score.

Armstrong-Christensen-Recchi line on Sunday.


chris e said...

Does anyone know of a link to the Ray Shero press conference today?

Flyer Hater said...

Also, a huge plus to this deal is that our penalty killing got 10000X better today. Gill is one of the best penalty-killing defensemen in the league. Hossa is one of the best penalty-killing forwards in the league. I'd love to see a PK unit of


bluzdude said...

I'm just getting home from work, and coming to the party late, but all I can say is:

Me = Stunned

I love the pickups, but am incredibly bummed about Army. My head knows it's a good deal, and this can be the start of an unbelievable run. My heart? I don't know what it thinks... it's over on the floor bleeding profusely after having clawed its way out of my chest.

Losing Army is like having your goofy best friend suddenly take off for the coast. At least Dying Alive reminded me that we may be able to re-sign him next year.

Maybe the Thrash coveted his acting chops. Dare they still run The Commercial? Is that the auto dealership I hear screaming "Dammit Dammit Dammit!"?

Does anyone know how Hossa does in shootouts? It may be hard to replace EC's automatic SO-opening goal.

Thanks to all the commenters for helping to process it all, and as always... solid post.

Go Pens

chris e said...

No game day post?

Let's do this shit!

pops said...

The flag's at half-mast indeed for Army.

I was real sad at first when I saw this trade, mostly because I love our team and almost every player on it. Army was the man, and more importantly, a player that LOVED being a penguin. He didnt just come to play, he lived and breathed this franchise, and im sure its just as heartbreaking to him as it is to us fans to see him go. Hopefully there is some way to bring him back in the future.

After a while, I realized we got a lot better because of today. So that kinda helped, but still, the sadness is there. It feels like losing your virginity...you just hit the big time, but deep down, you lost some of your innocence. Colby, you will always be thought of fondly by this Penguin fan. Good luck in ATL, and keep your heart open to a return, as we will do the same.

Saluting Army.

PittHockey said...


3 of us there

pops said...

This is how Maverick must've felt when he lost Goose. But all you can do is throw those dog-tags overboard and comfort Meg Ryan.

Let's go Pens.

blueline said...

I liked Army, and I'm sad to see him go.

But this is why you stockpile young talent...it's a chance to make a huge, ballsy move to make that big run at the Cup.

I remember being saddened to hear that fiesty little twerp John Cullen was traded to Hartford...but I was elated to hear they got Ronnie Franchise.

And Ulf too...

Let's hope this deal is just as big in the long and short term as that one was 17 years ago.

wilsmith said...

hossa's not so hot in shootouts I dont think, but that doesnt really matter.

There better be an Army and Crusher chant when they're in town. Just once though, after that, they're the enemy.

Look at the crowd at the Island.

Ashley said...

Ever since I heard about the Hossa deal, I've been worked up and freaking out - and not in a good way. I'm not convinced that this is a good deal because if Hossa resigns, the Pens will be the new Tampa Bay Lightning...and losing Hossa this summer would make this whole deal virtually worthless if the Pens don't win the Cup (and have you guys seen what the Western teams? scary).

However, all that being said, I will just keep telling myself, "In Shero I Trust." Might as well enjoy the rest of the season before worrying about the future.

chris e said...

Meg Ryan = not in Top Gun

pops said...

chris e,

you are wrong. meg ryan was most definitely in top gun. she played goose's wife.

J.S. said...

Hossa is 10 for 31 I think

Hip said...

Ryan - I know, I sound like a Army puckbunny for Chrissake. But I have a special place in my heart for that back alley, battle in the corners kind of play. Nothing flashy, but something gratifying about it. Maybe because it was all I could ever aspire to on skates myself. You're right, at the end of the day today, we're a better team. Huge.

And I'm with dying alive - no reason he might not come back this summer.

Hip said...

Ashley made me think of something - how is God's name are we going to resign Hossa, Staal and Malkin (and by default Gonchar) this summer? If Staal would be the odd man out, why not part ways now?

pops said...

i doubt gonchar will be resigned, and if he is, for a lot less than 5 mil a year

chris e said...

Wow, I'm an idiot. When you said 'comfort' was thinking of something different than actually comforting her...

pops said...

haha. its coo.

Geno with the goal. 1-0, baby.

Dayna said...

I'm going to name the Thrashers the Pens Jr. Recchi, Armstrong, Christensen... we're relocating.

Love that we just said we're serious about taking a Cup run... sad that Colby is the collateral.

I'm getting used to the idea of Hossa, I'm starting to like this trade. Although July might change my mind.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

dayna- thrashers = pens III
rangers = pens jr.

The Emo Cow said...

so I suppose now's a good time to sell my Colby Armstrong bobblehead on ebay...

bluzdude said...

Thanks for the info Wil and JS. Pops... great line.

After seeing all the You Tube clips of Army coming out of W-S, acting all goofy and fun, it's like we knew him. He was a character guy, who I think played over his head. I mean, who would think that a guy with his frame would be a big hitter. (like The Lama)

Watching the game on Center Ice... unfortunately the Islanders feed. At period break, they're suggesting Hossa might take a while to ingratiate himself with his new teammates who may be mourning the loss of their friends. What are they saying on FSN?

Cody said...

@nick -

The rangers aren't the Pens Jr., they're the geriatric home we send old Pens to, while they wait to die.

Pensgirl said...

Not rating the trade, just want to say...

As we know from '91, a trade can work out to your wildest dreams and still leave you feeling sad. Nothing wrong with that...it's what separates us from those robots. If (big if) we were to actually win the Cup, who wouldn't feel a pang of sadness that Colby's name wouldn't go on it?

Hope that Army's Pit will remain for the game on Sunday. Nice way to say au revoir to a "pal."

Maal said...

Thanks for Colby you guys. We'll take real good care of him here.

Good luck with Hoss. He's been sickeningly underwhelming this season. I hope he does better for y'all.

Maal said...

Oh, PS - Perrin was actually "that french dude on the Thrashers." Dupuis was "that other french dude." :)

DeathByEmu said...

This trade seems like getting hammer drunk and accidentally taking a transvestite home...

..at the time it looks good..but something just doesn't feel right...

justin said...

anyone who thinks hossa resigns = crazy

if we don't at least make the cup final this deal is a massive disappointment.

Jason said...

Hossa definitely = beast...but Justin is 100% correct

Hossa was on that mercenary tip leaving Ottawa when he forced their hand on a trade.

His agent = mud for GMs...

I'm not necessarily mad anymore at what we gave up, even though I loved Armstrong, but Hossa is going to command 6-years and more than 7.5 mill as he's in his prime and wants that last huge paycheck.

Ballsy move, but enjoy it while it lasts folks, don't go buying a Hossa jersey just yet

hhng said...

I like this deal, gil and hossa, both seem solid to me.

LargeFarva said...

crazy stuff...but if you remove the emotions here's your bottom line:

Dupuis's numbers are comparable to Army's

Hossa is a beast

You can't keep EC around just because he's a SO monster.

It hurts the heart, but if it gets us a few extra rounds into the playoffs the profit in ticket sales alone will get us within spitting distance of the cash needed to sign Hossa. I gotta say though, in a sport where you never know where you are from year to year due to injuries, etc. WAY TO MAN UP AND GO FOR THE CUP THIS YEAR!

The Rube said...

Hossa in Flashblog?????????

rwarner174 said...

Why do people think Stall is going to demand a huge contract? What has he done, this year? One season does not a superstar make.

Christopher said...

I have season tickets and was otherwise gonna e-Bay my tickets for Sunday (since I can't afford $15 in gas and $12 for parking + the $600 plus that the Pens NEEDED off of me before allowing me to buy playoff tickets and renew for next year this month)...but yesterday changed everything. I hope all players involved in the trade are playing and that the Pens CRUSH the Thrashers. If we lost Colby and Erik and have gained a Stanley Cup and Hossa (producing well) for many years, then the trade and this whole situation was well worth it. I am glad to have the opportunity and means to have season tickets to witness this great chapter of Penguins history. We are so blessed to be able to have a team like this when last year at this time we were uncertain if we would be the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Los Vegas Slot Machines or the Kansas City Whatevers. Always remember that. Let's Go Pens! Let's get that third cup.


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