Saturday, February 23, 2008

4 - 3


To be fair, all season long we haven't had a " stunned " loss.
Losing Bing wasn't fun, but we haven't had that signature kick in the ball/ovaries game for a while.

Ah, that feeling has returned.

A lot of things can be said.

But nothing you can do about it now.

Pens have one more point than they did yesterday, and Crosby and Roberts are a game closer.
National Anthem

[Double R]

[Kris R]



Luciano Pavarotti apparently came back from the dead to deliver the anthems.

Not even 30 seconds in, the Pens get it down deep, and Armstrong almost puts it home.

After an icing call, Armstrong gets another chance on a semi-breakaway.
He gets hooked up, and it was a solid no-call for a penalty shot.

The Senators look flat. Rumor has it they were up late.
A doorman at the Hilton said he saw a man leaving the team hotel very early this morning.
The man " had a beard," according to the doorman.

Is Charlie growing a beard for the playoffs?

It was time for the power play.
After the Sens get some pressure, Sykora comes busting out of the Pens zone.

The Sens decide it's still the '90s and shadow Malkin, leaving Sykora to walk all lone down the wing.
He unleashes a slapper from hell.

Good shot, but still a soft goal.

Before you could fart, the Pens were on another power play.
All that happened on that one was Orange Shubert checking Staal from behind.

And after some more time, Dany Heatley gave the Pens a chance to get in the driver's seat when he hits Malkin with a high stick.
Just be glad it's not the other way around.
Malkin responds with a leg drop.

[Mike D]

The Heatley penalty was eventually killed after Sykora let loose a couple more blasts.

A 1-0 lead early like that was bad-ass, but another goal there would have been ideal.
-- That is the topnotch analysis we provide.

Sykora and Malkin had a sick chance, but Emery was there.
Conklin channeled Domink Hasek to make a save on the doorstep when things went the other way.

10 minutes had gone by, and it was already a fun game.

Sherbert hits another Penguin from behind.
This time, it was Taffe. And this time, it was a penalty.

Malkin was everywhere on the power play.
The Senators started pressuring him on the half-boards, and the power play evaporated.
Wait till Crosby gets back. Unreal.

1-for-4 on the power play is bad news.
The penalties were gonna be going the other way eventually.

Later, a clusterjoke behind the net leaves Conklin scrambling.
He flops like a fish and channels Mike Richter to make a big glove save.
The jury will always be out on whether that puck was going into the net.

After some more jobbing, Malkin had like a 4-minute shift.
And again, stuff happened, but no dice.

Jordan Staal was EVERYWHERE in the first period.
Jeff Taffe was also seen a good little bit.
What a period.



Malkin made Emery crap himself early, but not too many people can one-time a saucer pass out of mid-air into the net.

After a couple minutes of solid but uneventful hockey, Armstrong breaks into the Sens zone out of nowhere.


It's just good to see Colby Armstrong score goals.

After that goal, play was stopped so Pierre Maguire and Bob Errey could make out with each other.

Evgeni Malkin was on the ice again, and it looked like a power play.
Malkamania was running wild, stealing pucks, setting everyone up.
Even Lemieux unleashes a one-timer from the box.

But he could get that one great chance.
The Pens couldn't get him away from Chris Phillips who basically knew what kind of gum Malkin was chewing.

Big time defenseman.

Malkin shows his frustration by slamming his stick into the boards, breaking it.

Alfredsson gets the puck and turns into Roethlisberger, making an egregious turnover.
Staal and Laraque go the other way on a 2-on-0, but Staal takes it himself.

Emery stops him, but the underrated Jeff Taffe was there, waits a moment, and roofs it.


The chants of EMMM-REE...EMMM-REE resonate in the Mellon.

However. The rest if the game is brought to you by the makers of the Hinderburgh.

The Senators got a shot in the arm when they capitalize on Conklin's second joke of the game.
They go to the War Room to look at the hand pass, but it counts.

The Pens get a chance for retribution when Sherbert takes another moronic penalty.
But no dice on that power play.

The Mellon Arena was disturbingly silent after that first Sens goal.
So there's not even an adjective to describe the Arena after the Sens second goal.

Malkin heads into the Ottawa zone and draws another penalty.
The Pens get the power play for the rest of the period.

Sadly, nothing else happened before the buzzer.
The third period is shaping up to be bad news.



Rob Scuderi goes to the box, and it was time for the Senators to totally deflate everyone.
That power play disappeared so fast.

That horrible feeling was still in the air after that power play.
It finally came to fruition when Dany Heatley is left all alone in front. He picks his spot.
Joke aside, everytime Heatley touched the puck it was scary.

Picture: Senator Nation celebrates the big goal.
[Will Smith]

Everyone was looking for a bridge.

Staal and Army get a 2-on-1, which almost didn't happened because Staal was held.
Army misses the net on a slapper.

Shot, save, shot, save.
And then there was 4:00 left.

It got real with 2 minutes left.
Voljokov starts jobbing Malone.

The game slipped into overtime, and it was no consolation to say "Oh, we got a point." But whatever



The Sens were all business early in the OT, but the Pens weathered it.

The Pens then got their chances for the next 4 minutes.

And then the Senators calmly entered the Pens zone with about 10 seconds left.
Loose puck.

Danny Alfredsson.

  • Lemieux: 6 G
  • Tough loss, tough game tomorrow, welcome to the NHL
  • Ray Emery is a joke
  • Heatley is a beast.
  • Jordan Staal deserves a goal.
  • Whatev


Anonymous said...


demondg1 said...

This hurts almost as bad as the Philly lost.

Anonymous said...

If the whole Ottawa team would have stopped having sex with Malkin, he would have had 10 goals. But you gotta do what you gotta do. The Cup will still never go to Ottawa, though. Choke in the play-offs like always =)

justincredibleh said...


Anonymous said...

probably the worst loss of the season. ottawa is a great team but if you cant score goals when you're dominating the way we did you're not going to win games. no excuse to blow a 3-0 lead. 3-0 = game over. gotta get the killer instinct before the playoffs. looks like we're destined for a 4/5 series with montreal.

SFC said...

wtf was up with that picture of roethlisdoucher with a flyers jersey? my respect for him now goes from .1% to ZERO. jokeblog.

Anonymous said...

When will the chanting morons figure out that chanting an opposing player's name ALWAYS leads to bad things for the chanters, e.g., EMM-REE (today), MAL-KIN (Thursday night), DAR-YL (1986 World Series). These guys are professionals, chanting their name is only going to piss them off and make them play harder. If you have to chant, scream your own pathetic name and give yourself a douche.

Andrew said...

I solely blame Phil Bourque for this loss...

Reason 1) Talked about how quiet Daniel Alfredsson was all game.

Reason 2) Brought up the stat that the Senators have never beaten the Pens in OT.

Though, Mike Lange gets a thumbs up for the quote of the year...

Re: Heatley - "Boy, he is just deadly." Well done, sire...well done.

Emily said...

It stings. It does.

But as you say...whatev.

Go Pens.

Brett said...

Quote from hockey night in canada feed -

[The Penguins] are missing what are probably their two best faceoff guys - Beech and Smith


The Emo Cow said...

well the good news is... the Flyers blew a shutout with 3.7 seconds left and lost in overtime to extend their losing streak to 10 games.

lis said...

the other good news is that montreal was shut out by columbus

Flyer Hater said...

Anon @ 8:39, "probably the worst loss of the year." Shortsighted comments like that should stick with Steeler Nation. Everyone said this week was going to be huge and we got 7 out of a possible 8 points during it against a couple of great teams. Considering how awful the PowerPlay was and how bad the goaltending was, we were lucky to get a point against a team like Ottawa. Anyway, anytime you get a point it can't be considered "the worst loss of the year"

If we bounce back tomorrow and dominate the Sharks, this game will be fogotten. Canadiens lost today, so we have a 1 point lead in the home ice advantage race with a game in hand.

P.S. If I could choose any winger in hockey to play with Crosby, it would be Heatley. He would score 70 on a line with Sid.

Flyer Hater said...

LOL, Mike Richards is out for 3 weeks with a torn hamstring for the Filthy Flyers. An epic collapse might just get funnier.

Anonymous said...

I can already hear the chants at the next Flyers game - "DRAFT PICK.....DRAFT PICK......"

Or wait - will that just piss them off? 9_9

lis said...

Baby Pens lost 1-0. Fleury had 17 saves. I think that makes 3 of the past 4 games they've been shut out!

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. For as disappointed as I was to see the Pens lose this game the way they did, I was equally impressed by the way they took this game to the Sens in the first and second periods. This was an Ottawa team that whooped our asses up and down the ice for a five-game series last year and that clearly didn't happen today. The Pens did everything they needed to do in those first two periods but get an extra puck past Emery. Kudos to him for keeping the Sens in it...sometimes it happens. Hopefully, the lesson sinks in.

2. There is something definitely up with this Ottawa team and I'll be really surprised if they hang on to that conference lead. When the hell did Wade Redden forget how to play hockey?

3. Listening to XM204 earlier this morning and there was a rumor mentioned that Pittsburgh might be interested in Hal Gill. After watching Ottawa come back the way they did and get some of those goals in front of the net, I wouldn't mind seeing Hal Gill in a Pens jersey.

4. I've never torn a hamstring, but I can't believe Richards will be back in just three weeks from that. It always seemed to me that a torn hammy would take a lot longer than three weeks to heal.

5. Anyone get the sense that Ottawa would physically manhandle (easy, Charlie) the Pens in the playoffs this year? I don't.

Flyer Hater said...

Oh man, could you imagine if John Paddock was fired and our ol' buddy Bryan Murray came back for the stretch run?

Suffering Succotash!

The Emo Cow said...

watching the post-game interviews shows how much character and trust our team has for each other and how much the coach trusts the team. we've got so much chemistry right now

Anonymous said...

Hey Fleury will be back tomorrow in time to make the San Jose game! Unfortunately he'll only be watching. What a dumb move to not bring him up in time to play tomorrow. We're basically forefitting tomorrow by putting in Sabourin.

Eric K said...

wouldnt go as far as saying we're forefitting going with Sabu tomorrow... 3 of his 10 wins have come the day after a loss... and with Fleury's return on the horizon and MT saying "performance dictates ice time" you know Sabu is gonna be pumped.

Doc Steel said...

Tough times.

But if you need a pick-me-up, go read the Flyers message boards.


The Emo Cow said...

the canucks are now 23-0-0 when leading in the 3rd period. holy shit.

wilsmith said...

Why all the Sabourin hate?

Andrew said...

I'll tell you what, I love how Conklin plays they puck. It puts the defense at ease and allows for fast breakouts. But GODAMMIT, he has to stop with the shitty giveaways leading to goals. I'm starting to feel like everytime he goes out to play the puck, its turnoverblog+goalfortheoppositionblog. And I hate that. His puckhandling is divine, but I don't want to see any more repeats of the 2004 cup finals. Conklin, get your head out of your ass.

/drunken rant.


Dr. Turkleton said...

@anon 1150p

dont be such a yinzer baby

you should have to turn in your penguin fan card with comments like that...
i heard someone screaming as the pens were going off the ice...'Go back to the ahl, Conklin!!!!'

getagripblog some 'fans' turn on their team so quickly

some people forget:
• the game isn't won in the 1st 30 minutes
• they played the defending Eastern Conference champs, not the team from 1991
• it's not the end of the world with a loss / the pens easily could've lost up in MTL on Thursday
• it could be worse: our home-town-team could be the flyers

anyone see/meet bng66????....i walked over to e28 before the game & didn't see him in his seats....hope he made it to Pgh ok & got to the game....

Jonny V said...

I have the ESPN Insider account, and the only players that the Pens seemed to be interested in were either Hal Gill or Dan Boyle, oh and Ruutu also (but that was known). I think Boyle will probably go to either the Rangers or Flyers before us, but we may have a chance on Gill. Oh, and the Devils are rumored to be interested in Robert Lang.

Dr. Turkleton said...

how bout Jay McKee, D-man from St. Louie in a Penguin uniform?????

The Emo Cow said...

I may go to hell for posting this:

typical flyers

Steve In Denver said...

If we pick up Hal Gill there better be some glorious King of the Gill photoshops.

bighippj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pops said...

HAHAHA! Heatley driver's seat joke...horrible, BUT SO HILARIOUS!!!

I literally exclaimed, "Oh my God!"

well played, sirs.

tough loss, but shit happens. SJ tomorrow. Don't lose faith.

PS. Richards out 3 weeks. Flyers=extra stunned.

PittHockey said...

props to Kris R for pulling out the DSLR.

I'm hoping to have my D200 at the B's game on the 29th.

PittHockey said...

the Sabourin hate is because of the same feeling caused when he is in net as was caused with Thibault last season.

Andrew said...

Why does nobody care that Mike Lange said that Heatley is "deadly"?!?

That's so funny and no one is laughing...

IceCold... said...

i still am kinda in shock after the loss today, such a heartbreaker. we owned the sens the first half of that game and then just fizzled out. maybe they thought that with a 3-0 lead they could hang back a bit. that might work with a few teams but certainly not the sens.

the score to this game should have been like 8-5 us. we had so many nice breakaways for naught and shots that came so close.

what's amazing is if we don't go into a lull in the second half of this game we seriously would have OWNED the sens. even though this loss sucks, a lot of good stuff happened today. not the least of which is that even when a team shuts down our best player we can still produce.

love you guys through it all. kick some ass tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

either way, conklin and MAF have fatal flaws. conklin leaves the net, fucks up controlling the puck, and ends up being a goal somehow.

MAF gives up some pretty big rebounds which end up being goals.

these two problems should not exist at all, but they do.

christina said...

tough loss, no doubt. three things to remember though:
1. we got a point
2. this is an incredible lesson that will no doubt come into play late in the season/in the playoffs
3. we play again today. i can't wait to see how the team responds.

it was nice to hear mcguire in the booth - he remains one of the most knowledgeable hockey personalities and his comments were a nice counterbalance to the pens-centric commentary you usually get with steigy and errey. that said, however....steigyism struck again last night - the man's a walking talking jinx against the pens.

oh and lange's heatley comment = gold.

Flyer Hater said...

Best part about McGuire in the booth, he shut Errey up. You can tell that during the whole broadcast


lis said...

Did anyone else watching the FSN feed see the Malone-Malkin-Sykora helmut rubbing?

It was in the 3rd period with a little less than 12 minutes left and they had just come back from commercial. They showed Geno on the bench and I think showed the scoring race stats and then Malone leaned in from one side and Sykora from the other and they all rubbed their helmuts together laughing.

Anyway, it was funny and unexpected to see. Just curious if anyone else saw it.

Flyer Hater said...

Here are some great thread titles over at,

*What is the team record for longest losing streak?

*This is Really Sad

*I wanna die

*Time to throw in the towel

*Stevens-When is he gone?

cg said...

I caught the helmet rubbing...cracked family didn't believe me....

Shows the chemistry they have...also shows why you need players like Malone and Army in the locker room...this is a real team....

look out when everyone gets healthy....

bluzdude said...

As Captain Quint would say, "We're goin' Sharrrrkin'.

seeker said...

Live pregame program @ 2:15 today on the Pens website (Pens TV).

stokes said...

andrew: canaan and i discussed two comments relating to "heatley" and 'deadly/dies" in the previous game day post. get YOUR head out of your ass.

Dr. Turkleton said...

hey...anybody remember Ziggy Palffy ???

Guess he's all healed up from those 'injuries'....

wilsmith said...

3 weeks for a torn hamstring? I don't think so. I've known people who couldn't walk for three weeks because of a torn hammy, let alone heal, get back to practice and get in game shape in that time.

Unless it's only a partial tear or something, I don't see how he's not done for the season.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - the flyers fans have already thrown in the towel.

I live here and I believe me I am riding them all like pony's.

geezer said...

ANYONE bitching about Conklin here and now is an ASSHOLE. He made PLENTY of great saves that kept us in it when they had us on our heels. We didn't score enough on our powerplay. Period. Now all you Dickheads who think you know hockey should root for us to win against SJ.

Lastly, we won the first 30 min and they outplayed US the next 30. The OT was a toss up and we both had our chances and they buried theirs. End of story. Move on nothing else here.

Conklin haters need to get a grip or learn more about hockey . Douches!

Flyer Hater said...

Geezer, if Fleury was in net and had the same type of game, everyone would be crucifying him and you know it. "He's a bust, he can't play the puck, when will he mature?" and so on. But when Conklin has a bad game, which you'd have to blind to say he didn't have one yesterday, he gets a pass. "Well they didn't score on the PP, Ottawa's a great team"

Matt K said...

After our third goal, I said to the wife, I still dont like it ottawa is the kind of team that will score three quick ones on you if you let up.....THEN BLAM

It hurts, but its not the conks falt, I think he makes all the saves on pucks he sees.

bbbbrian said...

Geezer i'm not a Conklin hater, I just don't think he is as awesome as some people do. He has played terrific since Fleury went down. I think he is a good goalie but not great. Out of the two flashy saves he made yesterday, the first he put himself in a horrible spot and got lucky, the second was over the net anyway but impressive. He handles the puck great but coughs up worse rebounds than Fleury. He can play the puck, but alot of the time he puts himself in a shitty spot when he does so. I don't think anyone should be ostracized for complaints against Conk, he has been playing great but it seems like some people make him out to be Patrick Roy.


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