Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Manage à Trois. PENS LOSE.


[NHL.com recap]

If anything was learned from this game tonight...

It is this.

It is going to be an absolute battle to the bitter end in the Atlantic Division.

The Pens got a point. On the road.
Sure, it sucks to lose. Sure, it sucks to blow 2-goal leads.

But getting a point on the road is what it is about.

You simply can't win them all.


National Anthem

--Andrew P--

--Eric K--


What a crowd on hand for tonight's game.
There were more people at the New England Patriots World Championship parade.

Needless to stay, everyone seemed annoyed to be playing each other for the 400th time.

Right off the back, Erik Christensen leads a flying V from the Pens zone. Jordan Staal almost stuns Marty Brodeur.

Brodeur says no. He shows great body control.
Too bad he doesn't have control in other places:

--J Schiff, esq.--

The Pens came out flying, and the Devils could not handle it.
Some joke takes a penalty.

Nothing going on there. It is the typical Penguins-Devils game.
Penguins get all kinds of chances, Brodeur says no.

The Devils kill the penalty with ease.

But hold your balls.

Zach Parise doesn't know the rules. He slashes someone.

This time the Pens powerplay is buzzing. After a flurry, EC hits the post.
Ryan Whitney gets a chance as well.

Brodeur makes an arm save look easy.

Again, the Devils kill off the penalty.
This means nothing but bad things usually.

But for some reason the first-period charge never came from the Devils.
Nothing was interesting until, with about four minutes left, Malone insults Kelly Clarkson.
Solid fight.

Nothing else happens in the first.

Could someone tell Doc Emerick it is TALBOT. And not Tal-Bot.



We have to use these intermission for some good.

Our boy Brian Fitzgerald is currently all the way into the top three for the Grammy's contest.

For those who don't recall, Brian is responsible for the instrumentals in
[Where have you gone Mr. Roberts]

He is a sick musician.
He entered a contest to play with the Foo Fighters at the Grammy's using this 60 second submission.

And he has now been voted into the top three.
If he wins, he will play with the foo fighters.
Whats even better?

Brian is a disciple of Gary Roberts, and if he does win, he will be wearing his "WWGRD" wristband on stage.

Click [here] to vote for him.

Good luck Brian.


The second period was a good time.
Right out of the gates the Devils are flat again.
Patrick Elias doesn't know what's going on.
He takes a penalty.

This time the Penguins would make him pay.
Gonch gets the puck to Malkin. Malkin gets it to the net.
Guess who is home alone in front.


The goal set the Penguins aflame.
Malkin and Sykora go nuts with a nice cycle.

Johnny O-trip-ya.
Get in the box.

But situations like this are why Marty Brodeur is a big deal.

He holds down the fort when the Devils needed him most.
Another huge kill.

This time the Devils feed off it for the first time.
A couple point-blank chances.

But Conkblock makes some stuffing and eats it too.

No dice.

Everything slows down for a few minutes.
But then Malkin and Sykora settle in for Chemistry class.
Malkin drops it to Sykora.
Sykora lets go a wicked wrister. It hits off some jobber's pads.
Brodeur has no clue.

Sykora with his 600th career point.

But then a funny thing happened
All of the sudden, the Devils woke up.
No clue what it was.

With 2:29 remaing in the second period:
Mike Emerick: "The Devils look out of sync."

As soon as he said that. Elias drives the net and almost puts it home.
EC has to take a penalty.

Huge powerplay late in the period..

Zach Parise leads the charge. He gets past a diving Malkin and gets the puck into the zone.
The Devils get Parise the puck. Conkblock says no.
But Henry Rowengartner finds the rebound.

No good.


Goals at the end of periods will do funny things to you.
As the third period loomed.
If you weren't paranoid, you haven't been around much.



Keith Jones gets attacked by wild coyotes on the set.
That didn't happen, but it would have been great.

If it would have happened, those coyotes would have succeeded, which means Wayne Gretzky wasn't coaching them.



Nothing felt good about this third period.
You almost knew something bad was going to happen.
But before that thought crossed your mind, Ryan Malone works the corner and gets busted for it:

The Devils powerplay was everywhere.
But this is when Ty Conklin has been at his best.
He rejects everyone.

Somehow the Pens kill the penalty.

The Devils get stupid. Pens go back on the Powerplay.
Marty Brodeur gets called for tripping, which we don't remember happening, but whatev.
Kelly Clarkson serves it.

The Pens powerplay was in full force.

Whitney gets it to Malkin.
Malkin with a sick pass.....

Sykora all alone in front. %$#@.

Marty Broduer robs Sykora's mini-mart.

Usually, when that happens, the Devils score about a minute later.
But hold the phone.

Tang makes a big-boy play in the corner.
Talbot with a nice pass to Staal.
He buries it. 3-1.


At that point, everything is going great, everyone is having fun.
Good times all around.


This meltdown is brought to you by Chernobyl power.

Things simply changed.

The Pens had some big-time problems in their own zone.
And then Patrick Elias got the puck.
While Eddie O is running his mouth about how Crosby's ankle might "never be the same," Elias goes to the net.
Puck hits off Tanger. 3-2.


Cue it up.

Heres the thing, we started out friends.
It was cool, but it was all pretend.
Yeah Yeah.
Since You Been Tied

Kelly Clarkson with the huge goal.

We may suspend ourselves for even putting taht Kelly Clarkson stuff on there.
There was nothing else to put.

Penguin fans everywhere just stare at the TV screen.
What a feeling. Just blah.
But it's not like choking in a Super Bowl.

At that point, it was time to just get a point, because it was clear the Devils and their game had reappeared.

People were getting hooked left and right and anally.
The old NHL makes a rare appearance, as the refs let them play down the homestretch.

Somehow Conk keeps the Devils off the board.



Staal comes out flying. He turns Colin White into Colin Powell.
But Colin White tackles him.

Here come the Devils. Dreaded shot from the point.


  • Malkin: 2A
  • Sykora: 1G-600th point
  • Staal: 1G
  • Malone: 1G

  • Vomit
  • Three way tie for first place
  • Flashblog will be back up and running soon.
  • Therrien blasted Ryan Whitney after the game:
"A guy like Ryan Whitney is going to have to be more aggressive around the net," he said. "He's not aggressive at all. It cost [us] the game."

Oh boy.



Home Malone-- Hutch
Stuffing by Conk----Kayla
Hooking--- Matt K
Tal-bot--Eric H

There really is no place for this.
But if you are a fan of the Dark Knight and Legos:


And lastly.

We've been busy 'round the clock on something.

We have heard all the calls for t-shirt to be made.
And we have wanted to do it for a long time now.

In a perfect world, we will be releasing our first ever clothing line Tuesday night.
Then again, in a perfect world, the Pens don't blow 2-goal leads in the third period.

It should be fun.


Go Pens


Bert said...

Love the Lego Dark Knight video.

I will definitely buy a couple of shirts.

Third period-OT felt awful, but I guess we can be happy with a point on the road.

Flyer Hater said...

Just give Whitney some more vagisil and he'll be ready to go. What a waste of a 6'4 frame.

some guest said...

im liking the shirt.

solid recap, despite the loss.

Fleury29 said...

The shirt is awesome. I will buy one for sure.

Too bad about the blown lead. It sucked to hear but shit happens, we got a point, let's move on.

Three home games in a row starting with the Islanders on Thursday. This is going to be great.

Anonymous said...

MT needs to look in the mirror (and down his bench) before he blames ONE player for last night's meltdown.

Anonymous said...

"Heres the thing, we started out friends.
It was cool, but it was all pretend.
Yeah Yeah.

Since You Been Tied"

hilarious. and the video is awesome....kinda reminds me of the one they put out of jurassic park awhile ago on the showbiz show using a bunch of odds and ends.

Ryan said...

Don't suspend yourselves for the Clarkson lyrics. That was gold.

Calling the WWGRD t-shirt gold would be an injustice. Sick.

snoopyjode said...

i'm not sure whether to thank you for the laugh or be pissed at you for my poor nose, j schiff - i was drinking orange juice when i saw that brodeur/wife/sister photoshop. WOW!!!

anyhoo, count me in for at least 2 WWGRD t-shirts. :)

Dr. Turkleton said...

Im a big Whitney supporter....but that effort last night just wont cut it if he wants to get to that next level, both from his professional playing standpoint & the team standpoint
for those wanting his head on a platter & bellowing for him to be traded: it.wont.happen.
why would the pens trade their #2 dman on an already weak blueline bunch & what would they expect to get in return?
if anything the pens should trade a forward for another defensive defenseman: maybe a Crusher or Malone to C-Bus for Ole-Kristan Tollefsson????

Todd said...

I don't understand Whitney's reluctance to hitting. Isn't it natural to want to crush people in hockey? I just don't get it.

We're not asking for him to be Scott Stevens (although that would be nice), but hit someone, dammit!

Emily said...

Sure, blowing 2 goal leads sucks, but it was a fun game to watch. And ya gotta give Brodeur his due, that dude's a beast...

Can't wait for the shirts.

(and the Malone hooking photoshop made me laugh for like fifteen minutes)

chris e said...

I'll take the point on the road. That being said, what a frustrating final 15 minutes or so to watch.

I know we are tied for the division lead but Philly has 2 games in hand...I wish we had the games in hand, it would make me feel much better. I felt like last year we were always a game or two behind everyone.

Anonymous said...

good call on tal-bot. that was annoying me the whole entire game.

Brett said...

guess I picked the perfect game to have to miss the 3rd period. monday night indoor soccer pickup games at 9 :)

sweet shirt. in for 2!

Eric K said...

that shirt will change people's lives forever. i might have to order 2 just so i can hang one on a flag pole outside my house.

finally some1 else sees what ive been preaching all year, Whitney is garbage. He turns the puck over alot in the neutral zone, he's weak along the boards, he is never agressive in front of the net, just not a solid D-man.

chris e said...

Conk is the nhl.com frozen moment pic.

Mike Costa said...

I Think I Speak For Everybody When I Say That I Wasn't The Only One Who Threw Something In Anger Last Night

seeker said...

I dunno if I'd say Whitney cost us the game???

How 'bout Therrien deciding to 'play not to lose' at the very moment the Devils decided to 'finally wake up with some confidence and get desperate'?

Dwayne said...

Hrm, on my end, I'm counting approximately 8 shirt requests, if not more. The only downside is that I'm a fatty and need an XXL. And if you don't make one, I'll just cry myself to sleep for the rest of my life, and/or say "eff it" and go hogwild, eating like crazy, and eventually hook up with Acid Queen.

You have a duty, Staff. Don't let this happen.

JEFF said...

is there anywhere to get the "WWGRD" braclets anywhere anymore ????

seeker said...


Why is it that before Letang came up all you heard was we needed a right shooter on the blue line only to have one now and rarely ever see him take a shot (especially on the PP)?

Steve In Denver said...

I'm getting a vision - Pens on the road, Malkin abuses at least 3 guys, undresses the goalie, leaps to the glass in celebration, and behind him are psycho Pens fans in the bottom couple rows sporting WWGRD shirts all captured on a vs natinonal telecast.

Put me down for 2. XL & M

Anonymous said...


Because MT rarely puts him on the powerplay, and when he does, it is often on the wrong side.

That said, he still needs to shoot the puck more.

Sweetcheesus! said...

Finally, the moment i have been waiting for my entire life. wwgrd tees!

Tis, also good to see malone finally getting his time in the sun with the photoshops, was it just me or does he have a banging bod. (hooking) i would like to drool on him.

not an sens fan, not gay.

go wwrgd. if the shirts were made into boxers i would never wash them and where them every day

Sweetcheesus! said...

i am a homer and spelled wear wrong, but i would.

Lady Jaye said...

Oh, I'll but at least 2 of those shirts. I will feel totally empowered wearing both the t-shirt and the bracelet.

Davy D said...

That was tough to swallow [insert Charlie joke here]. [Insert Charlie insertion joke here].

Serious jersey (small 'j') questions:
Is it feasible to replace the 'A' on my Crosby sweater with a 'C'? Anyone had this done. I don't want to be called out in photoblog with the caption "Buy a new shirt, Dick." Also don't want to have A-shaped stitch marks showing.
Can someone recommend a good place to have this done? Do they have the actual Cs? Don't want to break open my C from opening day! How much does this run? Could always eBay and get a new one with the anti-sweat fabric I suppose.

Random question:
Did anyone else read the article in the P-G this morning about the woman from Cleveland who had mini-lipo, thought she looked good in the after picture, google her, come up with an obituary from the News-Herald of her Uncle dying recently and immediately feel bad? Anyone? Just me then. Ok, nevermind.

Go Pens.
Go Pensblog.

Sweetcheesus! said...

last comment for now. is that a scene from "rookie of the year" took me a moment. "funky buttloving" (looks around for charlie)

mookieproof said...

Loved Letang's moves on the play that led to Staal's goal.

PensKitty said...

I NEED the Shirt! Really, i need a few! Cafe Press? Pensblog staff? Cafe Press seems to be the least amount of work involved. Not sure though, cause i've never actually made anything through them, Ive only shopped there.
Also- laughed my ass off at the malone 2 for hooking photoshop!

seeker said...

Anonymous @ 10:59

"Because MT rarely puts him on the powerplay, and when he does, it is often on the wrong side."


It makes NO sense at all

Doesn't Yeo coach the PP? He needs to get more imaginative and use the skills some of his players bring to the table.

Anonymous said...

Relax people...the PP can be frustrating at times but they must be doing something right to be in the top 5 in the NHL.

Korn said...

Davy D,

I had the A switched to a C, and there was only one tiny spot where the old outline showed. Barely visible. A friend has a homebased lettering/jersey business in Washington PA. If you're anywhere close, let me know and I'll get you the contact info.

J.S. said...

I could be wrong on this, but I thought Sid only wore the A in the CCM style jersey and wore the C on the RBK jersey.

Personally, I'd keep it as is.

Anonymous said...

Put me down for a shirt. Can't get enough black t-shirts.

Whitney had potential and he never lived up to it. He's not physical and doesn't play with passion. He's has so many damn chances on 'the Whitney play (TM)' and his conversion rate is about 0.5%. I'd rather lose him than any d-man aside from Scuds.

Godamn it I need to register again, I was drunk last time and forgot all my shit.


Johnny Wrath said...

I’m not in the “accepting of wrong-sided defenders because the numbers happen to be good” business. I’m desperately trying to get through to Romie to ask Sid if he’s seen Detroit this year, and if he’s as puzzled as I am about our coaching staff’s “tactics”.

I will buy10 WWGRD tees, and 10 armbands. I want fresh ones for the day I have a grandchild. Say the word, and I will fill out the order form.

Whitney is fine. It’s not his game to be clearing the net. When they broke up the Whitney-Orpik pairing, nobody was there to do that kind of thing. You can’t put 2 offensive D-men out there and expect staunch defending.

I’m not saying it’s acceptable to completely fail to gain body positioning 60% of the time at 6’4. It’s junk. I’m just saying our 2 best defenders are both top ten goal scorers, one is third in defender scoring, but they’re both only +2. Clearly, and I was hoping to avoid this metaphor on Typhoon Tuesday, there aren’t any “balanced tickets” on our squad.

Crusher really picked it up, but will he get this kind of ice time when we have Sid healthy? He needs a lot more time than we’re going to be able to give him. I understand we’ve been looking at Crusher to CLB for Tollefsen, a move I would lovingly endorse. We’re solid enough at forward right now to make the move, and his value is never going to be more than it is now.

lis said...

Goligoski called up this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me out?

what are some of the songs that are played in the mellon during pens games?

seeker said...

lis said...

"Goligoski called up this afternoon!"

Whoa! Therrien must be real serious about scapegoating Whitney!?

anonymous @ 12:11 said

Relax people...the PP can be frustrating at times but they must be doing something right to be in the top 5 in the NHL.

What I'm questioning is the fact that we cried about not having a right handed shooter and now that we do, we don't use him.

One more PP goal per game (or last night) sure would be nice - especially now (and would've turned a L into 2 points last night).

Sweetcheesus! said...

extremely bored at work. usually i am not a serial commentor, but i thought some of you may enjoy this. its an article i found today about old man recchiblog. i still got love for him.


Anonymous said...

anon @214:

chevelle- well enough alone
powerman 5000-when worlds collide

not sure what time of music you're looking for...

Anonymous said...

edit anon @204 not 214*

Anonymous said...

type* of music not time* lol wow im just gonna quit typing for the day

Anonymous said...

anything that is played during breaks, commercials, intermissions.

wilsmith said...

Why stop with the WWGRD shirt?

Why not make one to rip on Prudential Arena's "Dress like an empty seat" or the Caps' "Dress like a Pens fan" promotions?

Brett said...

@anon 2:14

before the third period, normally The Scorpions "Rock you like a Hurricane" plays.

Jersey Bill said...

@ flyer hater
Winner, winner, winner!!! Shut down c-blog. Comment of the year.

@ staff
I'm only going to say this once so move close to...whatever you're using since your beloved's untimely passing. Take Conk out of the flashbar. Do it. Do it now.

BlacknGold66 said...

Therrien blows.

I'm OFFICIALLY calling for his head.

jazzhall said...

Minor detail input today, searching wikipedia, Gary Roberts's page lacks a picture. Seems wrong under the circumstances. I don't have anything excellent, any suggestions/contributions?

Mike Georger said...

huge move calling up Alex Goligoski, could be rushing him but fuck it, im excited to see the kid play

Flyer Hater said...

Pretty soon it's going to be Fleuryblog. Conkblock is coming down to Earth.

Johnny Wrath said...

Can I resume my scathing indictment of this coaching staff?

Flyer Hater said...

Well that's it for Therrien, blackngold66 is calling for his head.

blades09 said...

@ Jeff 10:46

Last time I checked e-bay, the WWGRD wristband item was closed. But if you e-mail the guy, he should have some to sell you. I just did the same thing about 3 weeks ago.

cragger said...

Hey now, hey now, lets get to focusing on the ISLES!

stokes said...

I think that Goligoski may be just a "Look, I'm serious Whit- You need to step it up" kind of thing. Whit has sucked major balls his year for. I'm not sure if he is a waste yet or just sucking this year, but he's been either mediocre or terrible this year, nothing better.

Still want to see Goligoski play though. definitely.

I dont think that Whitney is the sole reason for the loss last night though. There seemed to be a lot of "we got this one now" kind of attitude going on and it didn't get them anywhere, obviously. I'm still on the fence about MT.

About Letang: i dont think that they've really taken the reigns off of him yet. Or he's afraid to shoot. Either way, i think that last night's lone play, and a few other above average plays he's made this year are not an aberration. i think he's got the game to be a hell of a player in the NHL when his time comes.

LEGO Batman video was badass.

Seeing a couple hundred WWGRD shirts at the Igloo would be super sweet, especially on "Gary Roberts Returns From Injury and Conquers the Atlantic Division and The World Night." DO IT.

davy d: i saw the article but didnt know her uncle died. but i did find the article lame. i wish i had that kind of money to burn on 1.5 lbs of fat....


Flyer Hater said...

blades09, who is selling the WWGRD? wristbands? I can't find them on ebay.

Anonymous said...

WAR Jim Rome Being a Mega-Douche Bag

MAFer did look good last night!

stokes said...

Jim Rome is the biggest douche in the western sporting world. I just like to say it in a mocking tone, even if you can't tell by reading my comments, trust me, i'm totally mocking him.

Some comments on Cblog are Hilarious and some are Epic.

Let's have a Smack-off. (Not that kind Pensblog Charlie. Calm down.)

seeker said...

from sweetcheesus' linked article:

Recchi said. "Anytime you can skate in this league you can find a niche on a team whether it's on the power play, playing on a third line, penalty kill or just being a veteran presence."

"There are things you can do. If you understand and accept them you'll be good for your team."

As was stated a few days ago in commentblog...

Recchi is such a hypocrite! He didn't seem to understand or accept playing on anything but the top line when he was with Pittsburgh.
He didn't care for any niches then.

And the sad thing is with all the injuries, he could have played a major role.

Anonymous said...

Smack-Off = Gay-Off (Of Charlie-Off) Whichever is PC

blades09 said...

@ flyer hater:

Yep, looks like the WWGRD wrist band item is down altogether now.

ebay member was skippywheatthin. You should be able to find his profile page and contact him through the site. Good luck.

Teej said...

Pens have a couple bad games, and people are calling for everyone's heads it seems.

The only one that really makes sense to me at this point is having Therrien's head on a platter. I don't like turning this into FireTherrienBlog because at this point in the season it would make no sense to make that kind of move, considering how little time before the end of the regular season players would have to adapt to a new personality behind the bench. But some of Therrien's decisions/indecisions have me scratching my head at times. Why isn't Letang on the power play more often? Personally I think he's very capable of anchoring the point on the power play; he just needs more chances to get out there. Whitney has been a disappointment, but I'm only comparing that to last year where he was solid as a rock.

I'm going to ride it out for a while, and see where we are in the standings at the beginning of March. If this kind of win/loss/win/loss pattern continues, bet your life on it that Shero's going to make a splash at the trade deadline.

Chase said...

the WWGRD shirts look amazing, but I think could look even more amazing with some yellow/gold lettering, give a little old school pens feel to it. Also, don't you think to honor the fact that Gary Roberts created the English language, maybe WWGRD should have a question mark at the end of it?

wilsmith said...

stokes, lets write some lengthy smack-offs. it will impress people.
anything goes. Potential targets?

Remember, it's all about the memorable one-liner.

wilsmith said...

Did anyone watch PTI just now?
Was that a typo or something, or is it always called the "Nig Finish"?

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

I was so happy the first 2 periods when we were doing so well. Malone had a powerful performance, Staal was moving more, Sykora gets 600, and then what happened? They get sent to OT and lose to the Devils?

Malone kept leaving ... that seemed odd. Whenever he left, the Devils kept pushing back. (Yes, I am biased but whatever)

Sykora should have never let that stupid interview lady that has nothing intelligent to contribute to touch the 600 puck. Maybe she jinxed us.

Looks like Whit might be sitting 'cause we are bringing up Alex Goligoski from WBS.

Good news: Fleury and Kennedy are doing better and practicing.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Oh, BTW, I would love a WWGRD t-shirt!!!

Gondosh said...

Hopefully this isn't old inof, but I havn't come across it...
Whats the anticipated price of the shirts?

Anonymous said...

shirts need to happen. simple as that. baker is a baby.

stokes said...

Don Cherry(obvious)


The Washington Observer-Reporter

Anything Philthadelphia.

Josef Melichar


HAHAHA.....I'm not a good smack talker and i don't want to do that to Cblog.

WAR wilsmith. WAR Cblog.

Ashley said...

I'm so excited! My dad just bought me a Fleury mini goalie stick from McDonalds. YESSSS!!

justincredibleh said...

so what do you guys think the goalie rotation will be the next couple games?

conk thursday, sabu saturday, conk sunday?

geezer said...

Look, letting Devils go unimpeded into the slot is a total no no. If Whitney or whomever was vacationing while these jokers skate in and score, let em' sit. You are being paid to at least try to make that difficult. To play your ass off for two periods only to mail in the rest is a joke. Wake up defense and do your job, nuff said.

hschwick said...

Hey guys. Just came from the signing with Georges Laraque and while in line BC sports passed out a flier for upcoming signings. Conk Block is doing a signing at BC sports at Monroeville Mall on Monday, February 18th.

Hip said...

the picture of sykora celebrating with the bench is why I love this team. how stoked are max and army for him? that's just beautiful.

i give MT credit for calling guys out, but that was a bit much. you can't blame one guy for last night's melt down. whit absolutely needs to step it up but he didn't cost us the game.

Hip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Georger said...

to win this division you need to be able to beat a team like atlanta, sadly philly pulled it off.
luckily for us the rangers are all over the place and dipietro continues to solidify himself as the most overrated player in the league

Fleury29 said...

I'm with you, Dwayne, definitely in need of a WWGRD t-shirt of the XXL variety.

Less than 48 hours until I'm firmly planted in a Civic Arena seat.


Mike Georger said...

woooo fatties represent!

ottawa or bust indeed

Ashley said...

wow Montreal is now just one point behind Ottawa for the division and conference lead. Has Charlie been keeping the Ottawa boys out late?

stokes said...

Alternate T-shirt?
Pensblog Charlie says "Ottawa and i'll bust a nut."

or not. whatev.

oh, and ashley, rub it in. I hate McDonald's anymore, but i would definitely go there if they had super sweet mini-sticks at the American restaurants....

Anonymous said...

the penguins d in general have a problem with taking people down in front of the net. it seems all they do is let the other team stand in front of conk or whoever is in net.

it is OK to hit them and knock them around. they have to do something other than just stand in one spot.


Ashley said...

stokes - i did notice that some people are already selling the mini goalie sticks on ebay, if you want to go that route. some people are pre-selling the whole friggin set.

Jason said...

how could you guys miss out on the "Jay Pandolfo back from injuring his pubic bone reference?"

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow, surpriseblog:
Floppa says Pittsburgh is out of the mix for getting his 'services'....and in 'services' I mean playing 1 out of 5 games down the stretch because his ankle is jello


I like how the Flyers are still in the hunt...but, according to nhlnumbers.com, they only have 193k in cap space...that would probably be enough to purchase Floppa's diving speedo


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