Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night Posts

Coach abuse for all of these: Severe



Fan Abuse: Severe

God bless the NBA official. Coaches are in your face all game.
Fans are right there in your mouth, screaming who knows what.

Athletic Requirements: Moderate

One walks with the point guard carrying it up.
The other two jog down with the rest of the players and stand around and wait for something to happen.

They sweat, though.
But if you stand in a stuffy gym for more than 5 minutes, you would, too.


Fan Abuse: Severe

Baseball umpiring is big-time pressure.
If you're doing the plate, you will make about 300 calls, and anything less than absolute consistency is unacceptable.

As a base umpire, you wait all game to get a close call, and if you blow it, the entire world knows it and SportsCenter will make a fool out of you and your wife divorces you.

Fans along the baselines revel in making a joke out of you and seeing you crack.
And they've been known to jump onto the field with their son and attack you.

Athletic Requirements: Very Minimal

You just stand there.


Fan Abuse: Moderate

Are they subject to abuse from fans?

They get booed when they step onto the ice during pre-game.
They arouse cheers when they lose an edge and fall on their face.
Due to the close quarters of an NHL game, the boos from the home crowd echoing off the walls can probably rattle some of the fresher-faced officials.

Athletic Requirements: Demanding

In the days of one main official, that head official easily had to be in the best shape of any sports official in regards to following the action nonstop.

Even in today's NHL, they can be seen sweating.


Fan Abuse: Minimal

Seriously. They are so far removed from the fans, it's not even funny.
They're subject to 20 seconds of ridicule when going in and out of the tunnel.

Yeah, they get booed when a call doesn't go the home team's way, but the beauty is they can even it up with some holding call that happens on every play from scrimmage.

Athletic Requirements: Minimal

If standing around for 52 real-time minutes every game during TV timeouts is athleticism, we've missed the boat entirely.

Half the plays are running plays, where no one does anything.
The other half are passing plays, where the two field judges run with the receivers downfield, while the other five officials touch themselves.


To summarize:

NFL referees are soft.
Basketball officiating is the real deal.
Umpiring baseball is more mental than anything.
And hockey officiating will be crapped on by hockey naysayers.


Earl Hebner

What a referee. The go-to guy for every pay-per-view main-event match.

His image was tainted forever by his involvement in the [ Montreal Screwjob ]

............................................................................................................... ............................................................................................................... ...............................................................................................................

Time to ruin Geocities' servers once again.

Ronnie Francis

[ Whalers Memorabilia ]
A must-see if you miss the Whalers.

[ Hartford Whalers Page ]
Includes a .wav file of the goal horn from the Hartford Civic Center,
along with the final announcement in the arena.

[ Brass Bonanza ] [ Hartford Whalers Memoria ] [ Swee'pea's Garden ]

[ Whalers Now And Forever ] [ Whale Zone ] [ LitleMel's Whale Page ]

[ GeoCities Whalers ]


Look familiar?
It's Todd Okerlund...

Son of Mean Gene.

He played four games for the Islanders in 1988.
[ Hockey Draft Central ]


canaanregulatesblog said...

2 wwf references in one post and neither involving a wrestler? that has to be a pensblog FIRST.

Pensblog Staff said...

I SECOND that sentiment

Flyer Hater said...

When Earl Hebbner was officiating a match, you knew it was big time. Nothing was better than the WWF in the 90s.

BlacknGold66 said...

I don't miss the Whalers. I think I'm the only person on this planet that doesn't.

I'm all Penguins all the time. If you aren't the Penguins, I don't care.

Then again, what do I know... I couldn't be a FOURTH liner on a 60-and-older beer league team.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Holy shit. Did Ronnie Franchise have that Adams Divie Champs banner stuffed in his jock before it was raised?

It's wrinkled as all hell.

C'mon Hartford, get your shit together and iron the damn thing before putting it on display for thousands of fans.

Maybe why they moved?

But seriously, Brass Bonanza = GOLD.

I can't believe J.S. Aubin has a major network commercial. Isn't he back in the minors?

wilsmith said...

I got tickets to the PAnthers game, will be my SIXTH of the year

hextallfan said...

Thanks for the Whalers stuff. I really miss the old NHL.

stokes said...

I actually miss the Whalers. And the Jets. Especially the Jets. And, of course, the Nordiques. Three solid-ass franchises from my youth.

Although baseball umpires aren't athletic and all that, they apparently are the most accurate of all the major league referees. I forgot where i read that. I could be making it up. Pensblog Charlie could be making out with his EIGHTH Senator this year. But, what do i know?

nostalgiablog said...

hartford, winnepeg, quebec franchises easily kick the ass(s) of new ones - florida, atlanta, nashville.

imagine the new '08 reebok jersies they would have for them old teams.

Anonymous said...

actually, the father and son that you referenced attacked a first base coach.

o well it's a hockey blog anyway, right?

Anonymous said...

Mean Gene's son = Mindblownblog

Hebner, to this day, probably still cannot go to Canada.

J.S. said...

I can't believe you guys left out the greatness that is NFL referee Ed Hochuli, even if it was only for an honorable mention. Dude is a beast that is probably bigger than most linebackers and his explanation of reviewed plays cannot be compared to by anyone.

J.S. said...

and did I read this correctly? Pens vs Sabres is a 6 oclock game on MSG only?


Fleury29 said...

Solid non-game-day post, boys.

Whalers, Nordiques, Jets... all great franchises, though I never liked the Jets uniforms that much. Better than PHX, though... by a long shot.

Stoosh said...

I think Stokes is much as I miss the Whalers, it might be that I miss seeing some of those older teams that many of us grew up with as well - Winnipeg, Quebec, Hartford of course.

To me, there was always something cool and maybe even sort of endearing about the fact that the NHL existed in places like that.

I always kind of liked that the NHL was smaller. A lot of these new teams - Florida, Atlanta, Anaheim - all seem stale to me. Some of these teams have been around for 15 years now and they're still devoid of any real personality or character. Anaheim's first incarnation was in part a marketing device for a Disney movie, for crying out loud. Too many teams seem too intent on making their games an NBA-style production on ice with the music, the light shows, all that crap. Barf. Give me a White-Out Night and organ music any day.

Hartford had personality; they had ugly green jerseys, they could never get over the mediocrity himp and they played in an arena attached to a mall, for crying out loud. But they had an identity.

That old Winnipeg Arena had was ugly and snall and cramped, but it had personality. It was louder than hell because the city loved the team.

I'll take that any day over Cavernousblog or some of these other monstrositites that they call arenas. A lot of these new arenas and the crowds that fill them to 60% capacity seem to have all the intimacy and character of a Sam's Club or Wal-Mart.

The ironic thing? Winnipeg, Hartford and Quebec all were allowed to move because the NHL had visions of these teams existing in stronger television markets and adding revenues to the league because of that. Here were are some 10-12 years later, and the NHL is still finding its revenues to be almost entirely gate-driven. And it's television deal worse than the one it had when it OK'd the relocation of those teams.

I'm not saying I hate the current NHL. I don't like parts of it. I started following the NHL in the late 1980s and got to sit back and watch my friends fall in love with it in the early 1990s. We all grew up with NHL '93 and NHL '94 on our Sega Genesis systems, and those are the teams we remember. Don't get me wrong...I love the league with Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Phaneuf (it'd be great to see him play once in a while), Luongo (ditto). I just wish certain elements of the league hadn't stagnated the way that they have.

Anonymous said...

- Our youth hockey team wore Whalers colors (many moons ago) so I'm kind of partial to them.

- Let's not forget the North Stars while you're talkin' Nordiques, Whalers, & Jets! Only thing is that while we just miss them from a nostalgic perspective, the poor hockey fans in those places miss them 1,000 percent more!

- blackngold66: I've got a hardback book called "Forgotten Glory" that chronicles the Cleveland Barons. Politics kept them from getting into the NHL. Great stuff in the book when their two goalies went out with pucks to their faces (no masks), a season ticket holder came out of the stands and went in net - closing the door the rest of the game on the opposition!

- Stoosh: "seem to have all the intimacy and character of a Sam's Club"....SOLID analogy!

- Robert Morris University Div I hockey 7:35 PM at Neville Isle tonight.

Seeker said...

Anon @ 9:29 was me but I forgot to tick the Name/URL thing and add my name.


wilsmith said...

Nothing beats those old arenas with the seemingly vertical seats.

At least if there's a team in Hartford, Winnipeg or Quebec, you know it's the #1 show in town. How far down on the 'things to do' list is seeing a Thrashers game in Atlanta? Coyotes?

J.S. said...

flyerhater, the only thing bigger than the WWF in the 90s was the WWF in the 80s. Jack Tunney was all business when he showed up to the arena, and always had a major announcement on his hands. Usually it was a big time match that would leave the people (both at the arena and at home) stunned, but every once in awhile he'd show up just to suspend a wrestler. If Tunney wasn't three years into the ground, I'd almost recommend him as the next NHL commish.

Besides, what lineup could compete with the likes of Hogan, Iron Shiek, Backlund, Piper, Bundy, JYD, Macho Man, Steamboat, Snuka and the Million Dollar Man?

Pensblog Staff said...

"Fans *along the baselines* revel in making a joke out of you and seeing you crack.
And they've been known to jump onto the field with their son and attack you."

3:00AM anonymous = stunned

J. Max said...

I'm horrible at photoshop but since we just called up Minard and James I think someone should make a M.A.S.H. photoshop for occasion.

That picture might help.

Beech out with a broken wrist, I heard Charlie was a beast but damn.

Eric P said...

Earl Hebner... what a referee.

seeker said...

Penguins send down Goligoski

Alex Goligoski had time for a cup of coffee -- and not much else -- during his time with the Penguins. Goligoski, the organization's top-rated offensive defensemen at the minor-league level, was returned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton of the American Hockey League on Friday. Though he spent a week with the team and traveled to Raleigh for the team's 4-2 loss to the Hurricanes, he only played one game, a 2-1 loss to the Bruins on Wednesday. He skated 13 shifts for a total of 8:40 of ice time.

Anonymous said...

JS your forgetting the Nature Boy...WOOOOOOOOOO, I may be mistaken but he was in WWF when Taker first started...Who can forget the Hart Foundation in the early 90's

Marv 55 said...

Pensblog, The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be

How you managed to tie in two WWF refs in one post is just stunning, good work

marv 55 said...

JS you are a brilliant mind. Why The Incredible Hoch was not mentioned anywhere over the last 2 years is beyond me...The guys guns speak for themselves

Flyer Hater said...

JS, great points. But this match was during the 90s and it defined an era. I was actually there. What an atmosphere.

marv 55 said...

I remember watching that as a kid and I was just amazed. Flyer Hater is right, this really defined the 90's and launched the company into it's "Attitude" gimic. FH you are a lucky man for having attended I must say. Pittsburgh has had some really good PPV's/Raw matches her and rightfully so Pitt. has a strong wrestling fan base

Stoosh said...

Flyer Hater,

That match happened one month to the day after my cousin Kevin got marries. He got that on PPV and we were at his house in Erie watching it. The kid who was the best man in Kevin's wedding was there at the event. If you have it on tape, there's a sign on one of the balconies that said "Kevin-John - 3:16"...that was in reference to my cousin.

Not much of a wrestling fan myself, but my brother-in-law and two nephews are...both of my nephews are too young to really remember this one, but my brother-in-law still talks about it as one of the best matches he's ever seen.

Correct me if I'm wrong on this...I don't the original plan was for Mankind to be thrown off the cage and onto the table. It's a miracle he lived through that, honestly.

Dr. Turkleton said...

no Pens game on a Saturday?....seems sacreligious
todays #3 of 7 for the year of Penguin-Free Saturdays

I don't much miss those defunct teams as I miss going to the old barns: The Auld,Maple Leaf Gardens, Boston Gardens, Chicago Stadium ....those places just oozed hockey (along with oozing other unmentionables, probably)I never made it to the Montreal Forum but, I guess I can go shopping & see a movie there now

Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, hahahah that's outstanding. I think the original plan was for Mankind to be thrown off the cage onto the table. Mankind was known for trying outrageous stunts, especially at the PPV's. I heard Madden call him a glorified stuntman on his show once. It seems like the kind of thing that would be planned. However, the chokeslame through the cage probably wasn't planned.

Flyer Hater said...

Wow, Hebner doesn't even work for WWE anymore. Fired for selling merchandise without the authority of the company.

Elly said...

My cousin is a baseball ref, and while he doesn't chug around like an NHL one, his knees are shot to hell. Different injuries for different sports, I suppose.

Stoosh said...

FH - It may have been the chokeslam through the top of the cage that wasn't planned. I forgot about that one until I watched the clip. I do remember hearing that Foley retired primarily because of the long-term damage he did to his back from those two falls.

Stoosh said...

DR. TURKLETON - I think you're right. I was in the Aud once and I remember the seats in the upper decks being nearly on top of each other. That place was just awesome for hockey...all of those old buildings were. Problem is they weren't awesome for luxury seating and that's what drives revenues for these teams right now.

My dad was in Montreal for work the week the Forum closed. He said the mood in Montreal that week was similar in scope the mood of the United States when JFK was killed - a lot of people were very, very sad to see the Forum go.

Stoosh said...

ELLY - I can believe that. My right knee is banged up from eight years of football and a couple of summers ago, I caught for our rec-league softball team...bad, bad idea. My knees were killing me after five innings and we usually played seven.

I'm going to start playing hockey again soon, so I'm going to be really interested to see how my knees hold up for that.

justincredibleh said...

i had a dream last night that i was ty conklin and therrien put sabu in net, so i played with sykora and malone on the first line.

maybe a sign of things to come tonight...

J.S. said...

Stoosh, once you start skating regularly again, the knees shouldn't be a problem as long as you haven't had any major problems with them in the past. I started skating again a few wks ago thinking that i was getting picked up by a team. After three sessions, the knees were fine. How are my knees normally? Usually cracking and popping when I get off the couch and sometimes even grind a little when I run. Then again, I'm sure that comes with being mid 30s and beating the hell out of my body (especially the knees) since I was 15.

@ FlyerHater, that match did set the tone for the Attitude era, I'll give you that. Granted, I didn't follow wrestling as close as I did in the 90s as I did in the 80s, but a lot of those matches way back when had that big time feel to it. PPV matches were always a big deal since they were on only 3-4x a year, and you had champions who flat out dominated for years at a time.

Jonny V said...

It comes up in discussion in C-blog, it becomes reality on thePensblog...great post staff.

For yinz talking about wwf, Jim Neidhart's daughter is going to the WWE sorry i couldn't hyper-link, i'm on my buddy's computer.

Stoosh, i'm going to school for physical therapist assistant, stretch your legs, ice them down after, and concentrate on getting your quads and hamstrings stronger, taking pressure off of the knee joint. Ain't too much u can do about getting old, I reckon. I'll stop talking like a farmer now.

Jonny V said...

oops forgot to split up the link.

Nate said...

is anyone watching buffalo get destroyed by the rangers right now? dunno if this is good or bad for the pens tomorrow... rebound or confidence shot?

Steve In Denver said...

That Hartford Brass Bonanza goal song always seemed so cheesey, but it was pretty cool to hear it again. I had to search on youtube for it 'cause the geocities thing is getting "whaled" on.

One of the coolest hockey shirts was a street hockey team, the Etna Whalers...they turned the W on it's side to make an E, with the whale tale above it. Solid.

Dr. Turkleton said...

just thinking the exact same about the Slugs going thru the motions....Ryan Miller looked like Kip Miller in goal for .5 of the 1st until he got the hook for after up 4, including 10 seconds into the game...yowzah
Hope they keep their NYC hangover until about 9pm tomorrow night....

Brian Campbell would look good with a Flightless-Bird on his chest...but his asking price is probably way to high for Shero to give up + having to sign him which sounds like between 6-7 mil/per is out of the pens range

Nate said...

i agree. i doubt the pens can afford to do much before the trade deadline with how much cap room we have tied up. maybe EC would look better if we could get into more shootouts...

...and i dont want to use the term must-win about tomorrow, but after buffalo and florida the pens got montreal, ottawa, and san jose the next 3 so that would put them in a tight spot if they don't get something rolling soon.

bbbbrian said...

I would put the fan abuse of NFL at max considering the incident a year of two ago when they had to stop the game because fans were throwing shit onto the field at the officials. I think it was in Cleveland.

Jeffry said...

soccer ref has to be hardest job, all you do is run for 90 minutes and theres always a possibility of the fans murdering you.

Jersey Bill said...

J.S. said it. Mid to late '80's WWF defined a generation. Not to Barry Horowitz myself, but having been in attendance at WM 1,2,4,and 5, there was nothing bigger or more awe-inspiring. I'm getting chills.

Today, at my son's mite hockey game, the officials were a 65 year old man and what appeared to be a 15 year old boy or girl (no one was quite sure). I found myself yelling at them like Koharski. Shame on me. But the calls really did suck.

Flyer Hater said...

Great news about Crosby per LGP

J.S. said...

lol @ the barry horowitz reference.

when you talk big time WWF jobbers, you talk Steve Lombardi aka the Brooklyn Brawler.

wilsmith said...

About HIAC... I think the first throw onto the Spanish Announcers table was planned. God love the Spanish guys.

However, I understand that when he gets thrown through the top of the cage, that was unplanned. It makes sense, the table is built to break his fall, but I can't imagine they'd want a guy falling that far, exposed, to the mat. It looks like it bounces, but that can't feel good.

A good friend of mine also went to it, and it's still the greatest moment of his life.

stokes said...

With Fleury seemingly playing well, and Crosby apparently practicing sans yellow jersey, when do you see them coming back? I'm saying both back on sat vs. sens. I'm also biased because i'm going to said game. But i think it's possible?


Fleury29 said...

When he fell through that cage didn't Mick Foley's tooth get stuck in his nostril? That guy was nuts.

Flyer Hater said...

Seriously, I wouldn't be shocked to see Crosby play sometime next week. Before the Canes game he was pulling some 200 pound trainer at full speed and now he's practicing with the team and being hit by other players. This guy is a freaking stallion. Like JS said, Crosby and Fleury back next Saturday vs. the homos. Mark it down.

wilsmith said...

haha dude I don't know. I remember hearing about it years later that it wasn't supposed to happen that way. I'm sure there's a wiki article about it somewhere... probably on wiki.

Nice to see Sid skating again, but I can imagine he's the "I can play on it" type... you know, like the broken foot. So, that said, I hope his ankle really is healed and he's not rushing it. Isn't the trick with these things that the pain goes away before the injury actually heals?

I don't want to be all negative, but what could be worse than him coming back, hurting it again, and then knowing he's out for the playoffs because he pushed it? He's a huge part of this team, but it looks like the boys can keep the ship afloat, and then some, while he takes care of himself.

Sid, I know you're reading, so be careful.

pittsburgh girl forever said...

I agree with wilsmith. As soon as I read that, I screamed ... the people around me didn't appreciate it but ehh ... then, I thought about his foot last season. I know he heals fast because he's like Wolverine but I don't want him pretending he's not injured to play sooner.

Jonny V said...

wilsmith, u hit the nail right on the head. There was an article in the post gazette sometime after the injury occured, and it did state that the pain goes away before the injury heals properly, and it is very easy to reaggrivate it if it has not healed properly.

But i'm sure that with the resources available to the teams trainers, they will be able to make sure his ankle is strong enough before making his comeback.

Dr. Turkleton said...

agree w/ all for Sid to Sit for a bit more...
didn't max talbot kinda comeback too soon after a similar type injury?...Sid just needs to relax & come back in early March & be as close to 100% for the stretch run & into the playoffs, as possible....

Go RMU !!!!

** I looked up the Talbot info: he went out Nov. 17 with an ankle inj.,returned Dec. 3, played 4 games & was out again on Dec. 11 then returning again on Jan. 10....

pittsburgh girl forever said...

Talbot ran into the net, though. He re-injured his ankle causing him to go out, but I see your point.

stokes said...

Remember in the Mighty Ducks I, when Coach Bombay made Adam Banks hold his stick out and move it around to prove to Coach Bombay that his wrist was fine and he could play? I just had a vision of Chris Stewart in the locker room doing the same type of thing with Sid.

Emilio Estevez- what an actor.

I think that its possible that Talbot, MAF and Sid have different degrees of the same injury. I don't know if they did or not, so to compare their individual time frames may be inaccurate. i certainly don't want to see Sid come back and get hurt right away again, but come saturday it will be a little over a month that he will have been down.

I've learned to not be surprised by some things that Sid does, because that's just what kind of guy he is. I think this is another one of those things, in a Mario kind of way.

All i am was saying, is that its POSSIBLE that Sid returns sat. I never said it was a lock.

Flyer Hater said...

No offense Wilsmith but it's comical that anyone on the Penguins training stuff would let Crosby play prematurely, especially with what happened to Talbot. Fleury's been out close to 10 weeks, it all depends on the severity of the high ankle sprain and the player. When Crosby comes back he'll be fine, it's time to quit playing armchair doctor.

Flyer Hater said...

Talbot's comeback was insane, two weeks for a high ankle sprain is just bad news. If Crosby comes back next Saturday it'd be 5 weeks since the injury. The timeframe for return was 6-8 weeks. He seems right on schedule.

LazarWolf said...

Dunno if this was already mentioned but Kris Beech is out indefinitely with a broken wrist. That took long.

Hip said...

JS: Hochuli is a stud, but my favorite is Mike Carey. Dude is effing precise with all his motions. I love it.

Dr. Turkleton said...

don't know if it means anything or not...but MAF was not dressed for tonights WB/S game...

J.S. said...

Mike Carey is hard but fair. IIRC, he was the one who was the head ref for this year's Super Bowl

Hip said...

re: the Sid debate. He was emphatic that the reason he played on the foot was because he couldn't injure it any worse than it already was. He's said all along with the ankle that he won't come back till it's completely healed. He's a play through pain player, not a play to jeopardize his career player. I'm not worried in the least.

J.S. said...

dr. t, is there a game limit that Fleury can dress on a conditioning assignment?

Dr. Turkleton said...


no game limit....but a time limit of 14 consecutive days which I believe started on Sunday, Feb 10....

I was just wondering if MAF:

1) was rested since he had the flu the last couple of days
2) was being called back up
3) was being rested in general since it was back to back games

Anonymous said...


If he's not going to start, there is no reason for him to dress. There's a perfectly good backup goalie in WB/S; why should Fleury take on that role and sit around in his pads?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ anon 9:16p

I kinda agree with you...

I'm just wondering WHY he didn't start, that's all

but, what would be wrong with him getting into 'game shape'...even if it means playing back-up for a game?

J.S. said...

Hate to keep going back to the wrestling topic, but this is why the WWF was a big deal in the 80s.

@ the doc. I knew about the 14 days, but some reason I thought there was a 4 or 5 game limit. Don't have a reference, just thought I overheard it somewhere. I'm gonna guess that #3 applied. If MAF needed the rest, or even had the flu, it would make sense to have another backup in uniform.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I got my info straight from the source: the NHL-CBA: Article 13.8

I went back to re-read that part & it didn't say anything about GP just consecutive days

Fleury29 said...

j.s. that Honkey Tonk Man video is unsane. (That's right. Unsane.)

RE: Ankle sprains. Yes, they pain goes away before they're fully healed and hell yes they're way easier to reinjure. It's like a concussion. Once you pop, you can't stop. Just ask Eric Lindros.

I have to wear an ankle brace when I skate because I jacked my ankle up something fierce and then kept reinjuring it to the point where I have a tendon that pops over my ankle bone every so often if I'm not wearing the brace. Good times.

When MAF is back on the ice for the Pens, get ready to hear a "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" that would make the Nature Boy proud. I'm still sad I didn't get to see him play in person but whatev. Never saw Barrasso, either.

All our boys are getting ready to make a comeback just in time for a late season push. Any word on Roberts?

P.S.- Did they ever get the St. Francis Medical Center to come down? When I was in town they couldn't get the bastard to budge.

Dr. Turkleton said...


that sucker is still standing.

Hip said...

fleury29 - with appropriate treatment the scar tissue from a high ankle sprain actually helps prevent against reinjury. The price is use lose some mobility. A lower ankle sprain is where you worry about it becoming a trick joint that jags you off repeatedly.


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