Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Comeback City. PENS WIN.

3 - 2


After two periods, the Pens weren't making the playoffs.

After three periods, Evgeni Malkin was in the driver's seat for the Art Ross Trophy, and the Pens could smell first place in the Eastern Conference.

Who gets the most praise for this win?

Someone who took control in the third period?
Or someone who was spent the night keeping the Pens in the hunt?

The Evgeni Malkin MVP talk has officially begun.

Where would the Penguins be without him?
It's the definition of the most valuable player.



--brad berk--


National Anthem

--Aaron S.--

--Joe F.--



The Pens were the Nation of Domination early on, but they couldn't get a shot off.

Florida comes up for air and ends up going on the PP.
But the Pens kill that off soundly.

Soon after, Malkin slithered through the neutral zone and Florida defensemen, but instead of trying to snipe it in, he passes it to the Panthers.
A Penguin came flying in to get a shot off, though.

Jassen Cullimore grabs Army, putting the Pens on their own PP.
They set up shop, get shots off, but no dice.
Florida's PK is money.

After some skullduggery, Army jobs a Panther waiting to one-time it at Conk.
Another big PP for the Panthers.

Did someone say big PP

In his own zone, Ryan Whitney makes an unreal mistake by trying to fire it though the slot, and it went right to a Panther.
But it was Conkblock all day.

If you want to know why Ty Conklin is a big deal, look at the dump-in by the Panthers right after that Malkin shorthanded chance.
It was a soft Murphy dump that Ryan Whitney was gonna have to chase into the corner.
But Conklin knocks it down for him before it crosses the goal line, and Whitney was able to get it out of zone unmolested.

Fleury doesn't make that play.
We're not jobbing MAF.
We're just noting the advantage of having a puck-moving goalie back there.

The Pens ended up killing the penalty off, and Malkin's line essentially played the next four shifts of the game.

The Panthers came out of nowhere and scored a goal.

David Wilkes Booth. 1-0.

Right after the faceoff, Tyler Kennedy takes Booth's goal personally.
He drops the gloves with him and beats him with fists, but only gets a roughing penalty.

Booth got a roughing penalty, but TK got tacked on with an extra cross-checking penalty.
No one knows what got into Kennedy.

During the PK, Olli Jokinen was banging away at a loose puck in front of Conklin all by himself.
Instead of laying him out and making him pay the price, Scuderi just hacks down on his stick.
The puck was cleared and the penalty was killed, though, so whatev.

Considering it's the Florida Panthers, the first period had some pretty good hockey.
Panther fans didn't get to see much of the first period, after another Matlock marathon ran long.

Picture: Matlock is smiling because his diaper is full.



Malkin comes out with all systems go and draws a penalty.
The Panthers PK was still beastly.

Malkin stays on after the powerplay and almost generates a goal after dominating on the boards.
It is safe to say Geno was on PCP.

--Dr. J Schiff--

The first 9 minutes of the second period came and went.
Solid hockey.

Gonchar carried it into the Panthers zone, and it was bad news bears when a Panther got sprung on a breakaway.
Conk cooly knocked the shot away.

Finally, the crowd was alive...just in time for a commercial.

Malkin went nuts again on his next shift.
Just an unreal display. But no goal.

David Booth was headed to the sin bin.
On his way to the box, he cries, "Sic semper Malkinnis."

Why does that guy just point at Booth defiantly?
How about doing something?

If you play with fire, your get kicked in the groin.
The Panthers get their 8th solid chance of the period, and they finally put it home.

What a PK.

Later, the Pens finally became the beneficiary of the goalie delay-of-game penalty.
It was an unreal opportunity.

Dump, cleared. Dump, cleared. Dump, cleared.

Then the Pens get another power play.

Dump, cleared. Dump, cleared. Dump, cleared.

Therrien wonders who this guy is in front of him.



The Pens had 20-some seconds of power play to work with to start the third.
Like it mattered.

Eventually, Staal gets sent to the box.
The Pens kill it off.

And then it happened.
Malkin carries it in. We see Staal sprinting out of the box.
The puck goes to Armstrong in the high slot. Slapper. Lives change.


Some of those Conklin saves earlier in the game become huge.

And then it got interesting.
Malkin heads towards the net from the near boards and gets slashed.

The puck goes off Malkin's stick as a result, and he dives for it, trying to bat the puck towards the net.
It couldn't be more obvious that's what he was trying to do.

Bob Errey the Malkin Hater can't see that. Watch the replay, pickle man.
The ref can't see it, either.
Maybe the worst call of the season.

The Panther player gets a slashing penalty; not a tripping penalty.
None of that made sense at all.

By the time Malkin came out of the box, Father Time was in the building.
You could smell the Penguins tying it up, though.

It was just a matter of whether or not the Panthers could survive the onslaught.

And there it was.

Malkin, who has come to deliver the Lemieux moment a little more than some other big deal in Pittsburgh, was possessed.

He gets to all the loose pucks, floats one to Ryan Whitney.
Ryan Malone deflects. 2-2.

-- 9:55 PM --


And then it got scary, as the Panthers started pressing.
They finally realized that they had gotten complacent.

With just over a minute left, Malkin gets hauled down trying to get into the Panthers zone.
Gotta call that penalty. Case closed.

The Penguins ice crew may have pulled a New England Patriot and fixed the glass, buying the Pens big guns some time before starting their powerplay.

The Pens looked like they were gonna get at least a point going into OT.
But Ryan Malone decides it's time to dominate.

He does the power move to the net.
No one knows what happens.

You see the ref pointing. 3-2.

The War Room gets another call. It stands.
Florida's PK sucks.

The Panthers pull a stunned Tomas Vokoun, but it doesn't matter.


  • Malkin: 2 A
  • Malone: 2 G
  • Army: 1 G
  • Conk: 27 saves, 1 A
  • Ty Freakin' Conklin.
  • Florida Panthers have blown two 2-goal third-period leads in the past week. Brutal.
  • We still are waiting for the best player in the world to return.
  • Big showdown in Montreal on Thursday. Next 3 22 games are insane.
  • Two points like these will help somewhere down the line.


Anonymous said...

Ty Conklin is my hero

Nick said...

First comment, first jobbing. Only fitting I suppose. Fleury's biggest strength when it comes to playing the puck is getting into the corners and stopping pucks before they get to the no play zone. Last year he used to come flying out of the net and full out dive to stop pucks from hitting those boards. He's a tremendous skater. He's not as good at handling the puck as Conk, but he can really hold his own. Remember how much swagger he had earlier this year trying to score goals?

When Fleury comes back, I have to say that Conk is going to stay in the pipes until he proves that he can't handle it anymore. I can really see both goalies having a short leash though; it's going to create more competition and really have both goalies on the top of their game going into the playoffs. What a run this season has been.

Just a quick side note to finish, remember Molinari and all the other reporters saying that this year's Penguins dug themselves too deep of a hole and wouldn't be able to match last year's second half? That's why I will always read comments and discussions from fan sites first, because in all honesty, fans who have spent the last 15-20 years watching games in that arena know more about hockey than jobbers who sit in the press box and talk Steelers offseason while occasionally writing notes about the Pens down.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about the win is this: BOOM MOTHAFUCKA

harshdiddy said...

Tonight I realized truly how sick Malkin is. He is a ridiculous player. But honestly MVP has to go to Conklin. I want you to try and tell me that we'd be where we are right now with all of these injuries with Fluery in the net. He has been so solid of a goalie and gives them a chance to win every game.

Conks for MVP!

Rich said...

Malone's left glove: In the corner

Malone's stick: Somewhere around the net

The Puck: In the net

Tomas Vokoun: STUNNED

Anonymous said...

Malkin had 2 Assists. Not 1 g and 1 assist as you guys put in your final section at the bottom :)

diabeticsRcooler said...

Beautiful win
Geno is absolutely out of his mind right now
So is Ty Conklin

we don't need anything at the trade deadline considering we're getting Gary Roberts, MAF, and the best player in the world back soon

good times

haha anyone else find it hilarious how much Bob Errey HATES florida

it wasn't as blatant in this game as it was in the last when he blasted Vokoun, but Errey still went on a tirade about how Ollie JOKEinen was complaining to the refs instead of getting a stick and jumping back on the powerplay

and then suggested that is why the panthers dont make the playoffs

Good Times

doesn't even matter that i have midterms the next 3 days

Anonymous said...

Vokoun played dead after that goal. Got to give him an utterly STUNNED.

Just bought my tickets for both stockholm games, will be in the first row sporting some WWGRD and other such pensblog paraphernalia.

FritoWill said...

nice recap!!!

huge W for the flightless birds tonight, what a move by Malone for GW.

cg said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Kennedy rub his WWGRD wristband right after the panthers first goal.

Turned into a shitter of a fight, but you gotta love his intensity in trying to spark something. Come playoffs that's the kind of stuff we'll need.

Fleury29 said...

Conklin's on fire right now, true enough but remember MAF did win 40 games last season. That's all I'm saying.

However, I am getting a Ty Conklin practice jersey soon to compliment the Fleury jersey I picked up at the Igloo.

geezer said...

On the previous post a fan mentioned John Fedko and hockey in the same sentence. Please do not EVER do that again. It gave me a nosebleed. Fedko knows absalutely nothing about hockey. Never played it and would drop a load in his pants were he pushed on the ice with skates.

Alright I missed Colby's goal and I was channel surfing. The important thing is I saw the last two goals and really just felt like Christmas all over again. WOW, Double WOW. Malkin and Malone taking control. Nice. What planet did Lord Malkin come from? Look out AO, Malkin's blowing smoke up your ass and he ain't kiddin. Montreal Thursday. Big. Bring it, can't wait.

BlacknGold66 said...

Shame on anyone who changed the channel, channel-surfed, bitched and moaned, etc. during that game last night. You are the same people that make the Igloo feel like a cemetary at times.

Two minutes before Kennedy threw down with that douche I quoted that Altell commercial and said "TK's gonna hurt somebody!"

Just had a feeling.

Malkin is unreal, but Colby was the one on PCP last night. What a 3rd period he had. DAMN! It's small plays by him and Staal that give me a big rubbery one.


some guest. said...

nice recap. i like that finally someone calls out that guy in the lincoln assassination picture. about time. im still cracking up over the charlie joke.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

Ryan Malone = American Finesse

dying alive said...

I was really hoping that Vokoun would throw one of his patented bitch fits after that third Pens goal, but I think he was too stunned to do anything other than lay there. I thought he might still be laying there when the final horn sounded. Look up "stunned" on Wikipedia and you'll probably find that picture of Vokoun with Malone sitting on top of him.

By the way, to all of the frontrunning, bandwagoning yinzer fans who feel the need to boo when the Pens get a slow start or have an off night, please stop coming to the games. Give your tickets to someone who isn't a total asshole or leave them for the student rushers. Stick to watching the Steelers. Thanks.

Marc said...

On the next batch of WWGRD wrist bands we should send them to a bunch of the players, I'll buy a few to send to them if someone can give me some mailing addresses.

wingergirl said...

'Malkin, who has come to deliver the Lemieux moment a little more than some other big deal in Pittsburgh, was possessed.'

Ha, you guys are great!

blufftalk said...

  Right, no goal for Malkin. Though did he score a goal in my heart once again. Booyah.

Anonymous said...

why dont the penguins crash the net some more like what malone did? you see other teams crashing the net and having goals scored (some have happened to the penguins this season).

take the hit and drive to the net. if malone didnt do that last night, who knows what the outcome could have been.


Stoosh said...

Thoughts from F1, dudes...

1. What I know about Mario's dominance in his prime is restricted to Youtube clips and some "Greatest Games" DVDs. But since I became a diehard Pens fan during the last couple years of Mario's first go-around, I remember a lot about the Jagr era.

In the 98-99 and 99-00 season, I can't tell you how many games I saw where Jagr would look so dominant, it was ridiculous...almost comical. It would look like he was just trying stuff with the puck because he knew he could pull it off and no one could stop him. He looked bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled than everyone, and it would get to the point where you'd see opposing players just stand there (STUNNED) as opposed to acutally trying to defend him. It was like he was an adult playing against a bunch of kids just learning to skate for the first time.

Evgeni Malkin is rapidly approaching that level. The broadcast probably didn't do justice to just how dominant he was on the ice last night. He was playing a different game than most everyone else. He's taken over games the way Jagr and Mario used to, and he's doing it in all phases of the game - he's backchecking, he's hitting, he's sick in the offensive zone. Ovechkin's doing some amazing things, but I can't imagine he has the puck as often as Malkin does. I can't see how there's a better overall player in the game right now than Malkin.

2. Dennis LaRue and Stephane Auger did another bang-up job carrying the incompetence flag for the officials last night. Bouwmeester was getting away with so much holding last night, I thought Marvel Smith might have jumped into Bouwmeester's jersey. And that diving call? I'm hoping the Pens are sending a tape of that to Walkom's office. Just brutal.

3. The energy level in the crowd actually wasn't bad last night...more frustrated than anything else with some chances that were thisclose (we could've been up about 4-0 ten minutes into the game) and the officiating. And Florida is one of those teams that really doesn't generate much, if any, hatred (again, one of those stale, no-personality-whatsoever teams that we can thank Bettman's expansion for). However...

4. Someone needs to tell Eminem and the lost Fat Boy - the two clowns who emceed the Jumbotron stuff - that it was an NHL game. It wasn't an NBA game or a crowd that needed pumped up prior to a concert, so we could do away with all the incessant "yeeeeah, make some noise!" shouting into the microphones. It also wasn't Open Mike Night at the Improv, so we don't need pathetic attempts at humor. And maybe suggest that the Lost Fat Boy learns to read before they ask him to do something as simple as read off a sheet of paper. Those two were bigger jokes than Auger and LaRue.

Brett said...

the thing that seperates AO and Malkin is the number of shots AO takes. He seriously has like 100 more shots than anyone in the league this season. Sure, more goals than anyone else, but Malkin is actually helping his linemates produce as well. AO's shot-to-goal percentage has to be pretty shoddy as well.

xxstolichnayaxx said...

Malkin is really starting to resemble a young lemieux, if any of you can remember mario when he was 20, 21 years old...carrying 3 guys on his back down the ice still pulling off a deke at the end...he is starting to see the ice and his teammates a little better, but is still lacking the ability to see the play a second or 2 before it actually happens and anticipate like mario and gretzky did, i believe that will come in time. Sid and Geno need to be kept apart, with the play of Malone and Sykora lately that would give the pens 2 "A" lines like they had in the days with Mario and Ron Francis...there are plenty of pucks to go around as long as they are on different lines. Also as Nick said in his comment about the goal tending situation Conklin and MAF will both push eachother to be at the top of their game, just dont freak out here in a few days when Conk is sent back to scranton...its a mere formality since he is the only goalie that wouldnt have to clear waivers since he was here on an emergency call up, its just something on paper so they can move sabourin at the deadline without losong him for nothing on waivers

Lady Jaye said...

So sad... fell asleep after the Panthers were up 2-0. :( Thought I dreamt my boyfriend waking me up to tell me the Pens one by scoring 3 goals in the third. Was very happy when he reaffirmed when I actually did wake up this morning that it really happened.

Anonymous said...

Let's try changing the stats at the bottom one more time - Malkin didn't have any goals.

coolby said...

I love Bob Errey as much as any heterosexual man can love another man, but what was with him hating on Malkin for the slash/"dive". I think he forgot who he was for 45 seconds there?
It was nice to see him come back to the side of the good guys after Malone's first goal.

dying alive said...

Stoosh, I agree. For the most part the crowd wasn't bad, aside from the booing yinzers. There were a few times where it was deadly silent, but for the most part people were into it as much as could be expected for a game against a team nobody cares about when none of the bounces were going our way.

The third period was ridiculous. There were WAY fewer people than usual trying to "sneak out" to beat the traffic, which is a phenomena I will NEVER understand. Do you really save that much time that it's worth missing the last five minutes of a game? I loved it that the Pens came back and won last night after the early birds left. Serves them right.

seeker said...

Kind of dry to read, but an excellent article on the best player's scoring ability taking into account their ice time:

Top points-per-minute producers in the NHL.

- Crosby is at the top, Malkin is 3rd

seeker said...

anonymous @ 10:08...

Please read ALL the comments before posting something that's already been pointed-out....


dying alive said...

And to agree with Stoosh again, those guys from KISS are unbearable. Someone needs to tell them that the idea of having a microphone is so that you don't have to SHOUT and that unlike their morning show, their audience at Mellon isn't composed entirely of adolescent boys.

The stuff they do on TV time outs is pretty lame to start with, but at least Val, Vinnie, etc. don't make it any more painful than it has to be.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Colbly at the end of the game........Since the refs helmets are black and the Pens helmets are black.....he started to rub one of the refs heads at the end when they won!!!! I actually think he thought the ref was a team-mate LOL Classic Colby!

J said...

Stoosh nailed it. I was at the raping at the hand of the Flyers where the fans were throwing things on the ice. I was also at the last game, where the officiating was horrid again. And then last night...

It seems as though the league refs:
1) Don't penalize our opponents for their blatant infractions and
2) Try to level the playing field by calling bullshit calls on us.

Just because we are such a talented team whose THIRD liners (Talbot, Army, EChrist, etc) can beat most NHL defensemen, doesn't give the refs the excuse of not calling the numerous holds each game. And then the even up calls on the Pens to balance out how many we draw is infuriating.

This recurring theme of the Pens getting jobbed repeatedly is going to lead to a riot.

So much for this "new NHL" we keep hearing about...

Anonymous said...

Jobber alert:
From Mirtle's post about Malkin being the scoring leader. In the comments, joke site Fauxrumors says:

Malkin is a useless bum that is simply riding on Sid the Kid's coattails. Picking up garbage points by simply playing with Sid. Heck I bet even Mirtle could nail a few points with Sid the Kid on his line.

I'm not jobbing Mirtle here, but maybe Pens fans can pull the bus out and head over here for a few mins to, you know, hand out some hockey knowledge.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wheres Alan Cox when you need him? or the Blue Line Band? pick your poison

I agree w/ you & Fleury is the goalie of the future....I believe that HCMT will ride the hot hand & when they have a bad game, the other will get a start...of course would like to have 1 clear-cut stud riding into the playoffs [wow, kinda sounds Charlie-esque]...but, if it has to be 2, so be it....the pens have bigger fish to fry: like shoring up their D/decent scoring winger, without giving up too much by the trade deadline [easier said, than done, good luck Ray-Ray]

Pensblog Staff said...

stats are fixed


Anonymous said...

Haven't you died of AIDS yet

Nathan said...

Not only was Vokoun lying on the ice like David Wilkes Booth had just shot him after Malone's game-winner great, Jacques Martin's look of shock was priceless. The realization that his predecessors as GM have destroyed this team and there's not really anything he can do about it. He probably regrets the fact that he didn't punch Mike Keenan when the Flames played the Panthers back in December for that Luongo deal.

Huge game in Montreal tomorrow night. And thanks to the Rangers' epic choke (brought to you by Chernobyl Power), the Habs will probably come out storming like Buffalo did on Sunday.

Greg said...

great recap guys, just an fyi st francis is getting blown up i hear

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 11:37AM - Haven't you learned basic punctuation yet?

Emily said...

This team is amazing.

...does anything else really even need to be said?

I could really feel that with Colby's goal the Pens would tie it up, at least...and then with Malone's goal, I screamed so loud the poor cat fled...

Oh well. Go Pens.

cragger said...



Nick Saia (usa) said...

There are many reasons why we can say that the kid is way better than AO. but something occured to me as I took a shit this morning... Last night while sportscenter was running and I was waiting for our 15 sec. of glory (WHICH I MUST HAVE EITHER MISSED OR IT WAS NEVER COVERED.) My attention was caught when I heard the word Ovechkin. But mind you, it wasn't a hockey highlight. It was AO at the wizards game last night making out with his girlfriend in the stands.
(Probably literally as Malkin passed him in pts.) My point isn't that disney espn sucks.. which it does.

What Im getting at is... you dont see the kid, or even gino for that matter ever pulling a matt leinart like AO did last night. Crosby brings an unparalleled work ethic to the whole team. Even with an injury you don't see Sid fraternizing in public. He never has, and most likely never will. He is a machine. He makes the other players on his team strive for what is impossible.

Back in the days after 66 left and we watched our pens led by JAGR. I remember specific cases when 68 would go down with a pulled groin or something gay like that and straka and kovy might take over for one or two games, but after that.... we were done. We needed Jagr back.

Those stressful times are over. Sid being out this month has taught me a lot about our kids. And I like what I have learned. Malone is one of the hardest workers on the team and its great to see it pay off.

cragger said...

Ovechkin's doing some amazing things, but I can't imagine he has the puck as often as Malkin does. I can't see how there's a better overall player in the game right now than Malkin.


Ovy touches the pluck PLENTY, don't be feeling bad for him

seeker said...

Watched the game on FSN last night so how 'bout someone who was there confirming what I 'thought' I heard:

Was the crowd chanting "GENO" after he got his second point of the game?

If I'm right, that shows you our crowds actually pay attention to what's goin' on in the hockey world!

I hope they acknowledged his taking the points lead on the Jumbotron too.

Mike said...

Seeker, I was at the game and don't recall hearing a Geno chant, but there may have been one somewhere. They didn't immediately acknowledge Malkin on the jumbotron, but when they announced him as the 2nd star of the game, he was "Your new NHL scoring leader, Evgeni Malkin". Of course all of the fairweather fans were gone by then, but the real fans got to hear it.

Craig said...

Thank god for conklin. if we had maf, wed still be in the basement. so what if he won 40 games, so did barrasso, and he's where? he was a suck ass goalie. fleury has been overrated with nothing to back it up. if he hd a vet to teach him, maybe he would be. instead we had t-bo who was more concerned with starting then teaching. Fleury is just eye candy for the no knowing female hockey fans.

Dr. Turkleton said...


WTF???? way to get on a 22 yo kid, who in his 1st full nhl season records 40 W's & you say 'so what'?

unleash the stoosh on your ass

meecrofilm said...

craig = worthless.

And the "Who said 'Big PP' line in the recap" was priceless. Freakin amazing.

Conklin35 said...

if you dont think the pens need anything at the deadline you ar wrong. Pens still need defense, Shero never answered that question in the off season, anyone who knows hockey and watched that game, saw some of the worst defensive performance ever. If you think you are going more then 1 round in the playoffs with the likes of: Scuderi, Orpik, Whitney, Sydor, Gonchar and a "healthy (yes when he comes back next season too) Eaton, you are mistaken. Fleury won 40 games last season so what it means the offense scored more goals then he gave up. The only players on the block right now for the penguins are Orpik, Christiansen and Malone. Malone making his stock go up. Rumors are circulating that the Pens will get Ryder from Montreal, I for one would not be sad to see Malone go. If Fluery is your answer for the play offs then we should just phone in the game. This isn't about "favorites" this is about what is right for the team. Save the popularity for the All Star game.

Dr. Turkleton said...

craig = conklin35 ?

Mike Georger said...

via yahoo
"With $10.6 million of cap space, there's plenty of room to add pieces"
why does molinari continually say we dont have cap room? that shit looks prime to bring in a rental or sign someone to a one year max contract

Anonymous said...

@ Craig

"for the no knowing"


Matt said...

@ Craig

Where is Tom Barrasso? Only in the pantheon of the all-time best U.S. goaltenders after helping bring two Cups to Pittsburgh.

craig said...

barrasso helped?? sure he helped. but as i recall, mike ritcher was the u.s. goalie. he was an insecure goalie and as a person. ritcher started for the u.s. and soon it will be dipietro. and there was a tom barrasso night when in pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

Mike Richter (born September 22, 1966 in Abington, Pennsylvania) is a former National Hockey League (NHL) goaltender. One of the most successful American-born goaltenders in history, he is best known for having led the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup title in 1994 and for repeatedly representing the United States in international play.

compared to...

Tom Barrasso (born March 31, 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts) is a former National Hockey League goaltender who played 18 seasons for the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues. He currently serves as director of goaltending development for the Carolina Hurricanes....
A fiercely proud competitor, in his later seasons in Pittsburgh he developed a strained relationship with the local media whom he felt were disrespectful of him and his family.

Without defense Barrasso was nothing.

No wonder U.S. Hockey goalies suck if he is the best in U.S. Hockey...

He's doing a great job ruining Cam Ward who was not a top goalie but on his way to being good. Way to go Tom! You're a REAL AMERICAN hero.

Mike Georger said...

how can you say he won forty games so what then say hes overrated with nothing to back it up? he has a forty win season to back it up

Mike Georger said...

and cam ward ruined himself by gaining forty pounds in the offseason afte rhis rookie year

Anonymous said...

craig and conklin35 are both fucking morons. go suck on charlie's dick, assholes.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ anon 1:58p

you missed some things about tommy b:

A two-time Stanley Cup winner, Barrasso went on to represent his homeland on several fronts including the 1983 World Juniors, the 1984 and 1987 Canada Cup, the 1986 World Championships and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

tommy b as a person: brash, dickhead [see: Troy Loney interview]

tommy b as a goalie: great

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Fleury won 40 games last year? Wendell Young could have won 40 games last year! What has Fleury done this year? That is all that matters. A quick peek and, oh yeah, he's gone 9-8-1 -- terrible. .902 save % and 2.90 GAA average are nothing to be trumpeting on high either.

Conk is the man and Fleury should ride the pine until Conk plays himself out of the starting spot -- if ever. Until then, Fleury sits. Period.

Conklin35 said...

So you are telling me that the defense is fine right now? And you would be confident with Fluery leading into the play offs?


Good luck with that.

sonofatruckload said...

fleury was extremely good in the playoffs last year

not sure why he got a bad wrap

Conklin35 said...

Play off stats for the 5 games.
G5 W1 L4 MINS287 GA18 SO0 GAA3.76 SV%.880

awesome in the play offs!

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Conklin is one of the main reasons we are anywhere near this position in the standings. He deserves this position even if I do think MAF is talented.

Panthers team + Malone Dominating + Malkin Maniac + Conkin' Out + Angry TK = Stunned ... Long equation but it all adds up!

I'm praying tonight Ovie gets nothing ... Malkin has been playing so well and deserves the top spot. Ovie shots the puck more than any person ever thats the reason he scores. Like the saying goes ... even a blind Charlie finds a nut ... wait a minute!

Army played very well in the 3rd. I'm proud of him.

I am putting Booth on my dislike list. It was extremely annoying to see him to try molest Kennedy with his stick. Man up and don't fall on TK!

Malone's Best season ... EVER, EVER!!! Amazing goal!

Tired of Errey being mean to Malkin.

Anonymous said...

It's just like the Staff always says: we hate career statistics because it doesn't matter. Guys have good years, guys have bad years. Players get better and players get worse.

Danielle Briere is a perfect example of that. He went through waivers -- so he had career stats of mud. Then he went to Buffalo and played fantastic. Now Philly signed him and he is mud again. That's two points in time that his career stats led a team to make the wrong decision.

Career stats are only a measure of what you've done in the past, which doesn't mean anything about what you can do in the present.

Conklin is clearly playing spectacular right now. No knock on MAF, but he's gotta sit as long as Conklin is this good. MAF was average before he got hurt and Conk has been out of his mind. Its Conk in a landslide.

sonofatruckload said...

conklin50whatever - fleury's stats from the playoffs might not be impressive, but aside from one or two soff goals in game 1, i dont think you can point the finger at him. he was just let out to dry by our defense. some of those games could have easily been 10 goals for the senators if he wasnt playing so well. it seemed like every time the sens had the puck it was an odd man break

Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing, I would like to start off by saying, anytime I'm down, I come here and read some of your blogs, and it warms my heart,Lol lame I know =)

Anyway, what a game! But, you didn't specify, that in order for that Armstrong goal, in order to have the slightest chance at a comeback, in order to stay alive in the East, Malkin blocked a blue line Panthers shot. Without blocking that shot, we'd have been toast. It always seems that Malkin the Beast makes a few turn overs and bad dump ins in the beginning, but comes out in the 3rd and shows the league what a true hockey player looks like. Unreal. Pass the Hart, Sid!

Anonymous said...


MAF's record this year to date is 9-8-1 with a .902 sv% and 2.9 GAA.

Translated out over 82 games would equal about 87 points -- or as I like to say -- out of the playoffs.

What good is it bringing up last year when if we stuck with him this year we might not even make the tournament?

He played well in the playoff's last year, but the fact remains that with him playing the whole year this season it might have resulted in us not even making the playoff's.

Simply put, last year means jack @#!% and Conk is the man until he plays himself out. No one is pointing the finger at MAF except to say Conklin is playing better.

Conklin35 said...

Yet most people believe that we do not need defense help right now either. What was Shero's solution? got rid of what 1 or 2 defensemen, give Whitless I mean Whitney more money and sign Sydor. Stack the defense you don't need big name guys you need grinders who can control the puck and give MAF when he does play more protection. Being at last nights game, it was a mess to see, its been painful all season long to watch Orpik, fall or miss passes, watching Sydor trying to hoof it back he's not as young as he used to be. Whitney sure he can sure once or twice, Gonchar where to begin on him, Scuderi? There is harldy any defense. Conklin can't do it all on his own. Senators did well last season because they had defense that helped hide Emery's softness. The western team was bigger and stronger and tore the defense and showed Emery for what he was, a joke. Fleury gives up soft goals glove side atleast once per game. Be realistic, not fantatical, makes you look like a flyer fan. Who still believe they are division champions this year.

stokes said...

Score another solid post for Staff. I laughed out loud often and heartily.

From our vantage point high in E16, we watched Malone's 'shot' trickle right through Vokoun's pads, in slow motion. and Vokoun sat there for at least 2 minutes trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I'm surprised he didn't hack the crap out of the jobber that pushed Malone into him. What an unreal ending to the third period.

I didn't think the Pens played badly. I didnt feel they played a complete game, by any means, but they had chances early and just got stopped. that happens. The PP looked bad, real bad last night. I booed it, i'm not gonna lie. But overall, the Pens were OK.

Malkin for Hart, if:
-he wins the scoring title.
-The Pens win the division and/or conference.

I can't see the league jobbing him again for missing last season's ceremony. But, he has to do both of those things for him to get consideration. If Ovie wins the scoring title, then i still think Geno will be considered, but just not win.

Stoosh: Ovie can't have the puck as often as Geno because as soon as he gets it, he rips a shot.

Those guys from KISS suck at everything they do, even their own show.

i have to bring this up since it violates Commandment No.5: Thou shalt not job Gonchar. Some dipshit behind me all game was ragging on him, always with the "where's you purse?" comment. Listen here, asshole: For the amount of time that Gonchar plays, his Screw-up to ice time ratio has to be incomprehendably low. i know that gonchar has bad games here and there, but overall-and i hope that i am preaching to the choir-he's about as solid a defensemen as they get this side of Detroit.

Anon 3:58: Projecting totals like that, and how well he did for twenty games, is stupid. if you did that for the whole team, the team isn't making the playoffs either. Boy, good thing we didnt write them off on your logic! Just as the team turned it around, who's to say that MAF couldn't have either? it looked like he already was turning his game around when he got injured.

Conklin35: Please find a grammar book before your next post. I've read 2nd grade book reports with a more complete thought and better grammar than your posts.

and i'm spent.

Anonymous said...


You are correct. Projecting point totals like that would mean the whole team would miss the playoffs. Hence the whole point of the post. Thank you for simply providing more evidence to the argument that, if in fact Fleury didn't get hurt, the Pens MAY (notice I said "may" -- look the word up)have missed the playoffs altogether.

So, by my logic, yes, the Pens may have missed the playoffs with MAF, and probably will make it because of Conklin.

Your grammar may be above average, but your thought comprehension obviously is not. Before you go calling other people stupid, perhaps you should make sure you aren't validating their point.

stokes said...


Emily said...

Whoa, hostilityblog...

Calm down, people!

seeker said...

Thanks Mike.

I could've sworn that's what the chant was though????

Oh's hard to hear when Steigy is going on and on about some guy's hat or some such garbage while important stuff is happening on the ice or in the arena.

seeker said...

At least Stokes signs his posts though.

People lose credibility (in my opinion) when they won't own up to what they say and instead go with .....'anonymous'.

Conklin35 said...

What does it matter if they post thier name or not?

I have noticed that if you don't agree with someone or thier point of view, no matter what they write it will always be wrong and always get crap for posting it.

Anonymous said...

@ seeker:

Tell me what the difference is between what you do, and what any other anonymous commentator does? Sure, you've supplied a nickname, but its not linked to a profile. You're still anonymous to everyone and we have no proof that you are in fact who you say you are, do we?

The only difference is that you've chosen a nickname that is clever or important to you, and I have not. Maybe it is because I can't, or maybe it is because it has no bearing on anything.

Does signing my name somehow give validation to my arguments? Unless I'm John Bucigross or Scott Burnside then probably not. You read my comment and either agree, or disagree. It should have nothing to do with my chosen nickname and everything to do with what I say.

IMO, sometimes people on this message board get too caught up in the "who is Kenny Melvin's current alias," "who signs their posts as anon," and "who was a founder of cblog" (and therefore not open to question apparently) that they forget to engage in actual hockey talk.

If it is so important to you, from now on I can just sign all my posts as "seeker" too. Cool?

If you're not going to create a Google login yourself then I firmly believe you are just calling the kettle black.

I love cblog, but sometimes people can be so GD petty.

Anonymous said...

You're still waiting for the best player in the world to return?

You mean Alex Ovechkin?

Conklin35 said...

Bravo Annon @5:16!

Well said indeed!

Stoosh said...

Craig -

1. First off, who is "mike ritcher"? If you're going to make a point, at least get the fucking names right. Clown.

2. Ohhhh, you mean Mike RICHTER?

You mean the Mike Richter who retired with a career goals against of 2.89 and a save percentage of .904, despite playing the last nine years of his career in the Trap Era? Barrasso's career goals against was 3.24 and his save percentage was .894, but eleven of his seasons coincided with one of the most offensively-prolific eras in NHL history (the mid 1980s and early 1990s).

Mike Richter was a better goalie because someone who put together the World Cup team in 1996 or the Olympic teams in 1998 and 2000 said so? Give me a break.

3. If by "suck ass goalie", you mean the same goalie who was instrumental in this franchise winning two Cups, then yes, Barrasso was very much as "suck ass goalie". In fact, I hope Fleury is an even bigger "suck ass goalie".

4. Marc-Andre Fleury is 23 years old. Do me a favor...

a) Go to
b) Look up Roberto Luongo, Rick DiPietro, Kari Lehtonen, Marty Turco, JS Giguere and even Martin Brodeur. Tell me what they were doing when they were 23 years old.

I'll save you the trouble, because Lord knows you'll misspell the names anyway.

Luongo - was just completing his third full season as a starter, the first time he played in more than 60 games in a season.

DiPietro - Nothing. He sat on his ass during the lockout. In 2003-04(when he was 22), he just completed his first full season as a bonafide starter with the Islanders.

Lehtonen - 2006-07 - was in the midst of his first full season as the bonafide starter in Atlanta. He'd go on to play 68 games that year.

Turco - was in his first a the IHL (1998-99).

Giguere - was still trying to compete for a #1 job with the Saint John's Flames and Cincy Mighty Ducks in the AHL.

Brodeur - was in his second full season as a starter for the Devils (his first was the 1994-95 season, which was shortened by the lockout).

So take a look at that developmental curve - namely, that MOST franchise goaltenders don't even begin hitting their peak until about 25 - and tell me again why Fleury is overrated?

Unless you're holding him up to the standards set by Patrick Roy (best goaltender ever) or Tom Barrasso (youngest ever to win a Vezina), Fleury is just fine. He's probably even a little ahead of the curve at this point.

Fleury29 said...

"Without defense Barrasso was nothing."

Um, anonymous dumb ass, when he played for the Penguins, Tom Barrasso was the fucking defense. You probably meant to say that without offense Barrasso was nothing, which is also incorrect but at least I could sort of see your point then.

Without defense Brodeur is nothing. Write it down.

All you Mighty Duck Fucks coming in here and talking shit on Barrasso can lick the fattest part of my ass. Whatever you want to say about him, the facts are the facts.

Tom Barrasso has two Stanley Cups, won the Calder and Vezina his rookie season, the Jennings his sophomore season and a silver medal in the 2002 Olympics.

You want to know where he is? He's getting paid a lot of money to hang out with Ron Francis and coach Cam Ward.

As for Fleury, he will no doubt have to earn back his starting position and, hell, the Pens may elect to go tandem with Conklin and Fleury the way Barrasso and Wregget backstopped the Pens in the late 1990s. Either way, he's the franchise goalie for the Pens, hands down.

40 wins in the NHL is 40 wins and if it was so easy, every goaltender would do it. Keep up the douchebaggery, gentlemen, it's really quite amusing.

Oh, and I almost forgot. A big, "fuck you," to Conklin35 for not only stealing my username format but also for pointing out that the Penguins only won one game in the playoffs last year.

Remember, as the starting goaltender goes, so go the Pittsburgh Penguins. That record is not just a reflection on MAF, but also everyone who laced up a skate in the playoffs for the Pens last season.

I really wanted to relive that playoff series.


seeker said...

Mr Anonymous:

"Does signing my name somehow give validation to my arguments?"

Nope...not at all.

What it does do is show that you'll own up to have said something....either right or wrong.

Profiles don't matter at all. Attaching my name to something shows that I'm willing to take the heat or the praise for it as long as I post here.

The be frank, I think it's cowardly NOT to.

Sorry if you disagree with that, but please don't fool yourself into thinking that I actually might give a shit one way or the other.

stokes said...

I'll admit that i read the anon post rather quickly and did not completely realize what they had said.

I also could have retorted in the negative toward anon and conklin35, but i did not want to turn this into a joke where Penguin fans come here to job other Penguin fans. so i quit.

admittedly, i felt shame for not reading throughly the entire post. that does not change the fact that conklin35 cannot type a coherent post.


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