Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When In Rome. PENS WIN.

4 - 2


We don't know what is going to happen the rest of the season.

But when you walk into New Jersey and beat the Devils at their own game,
you did something.

Getting production from Staal, EC, and Malone is more important than anyone could have hoped for.

People will always be on Michel Therrien. But give the guy some credit, if only for this game.
He had his battered team focused and ready to start the second half of the season.

To A-T-L we go.


-- DeathbyEmu --

Kris Beetch didn't show up for the game, which sums up his career.
[We stole that joke from someone in c-blog]


National Anthem

-- Jack G --

-- Andrew P --



It was the tale of two teams for the first 6 minutes or so.

The Pens were flying around.

The Devils didn't know what was going on.
They were offsides about 8 times.

Despite some textbook cycling, Marty Brodeur was turning everything aside.

He made every save with a level of smug never seen before...
...Which, if you have ever watched a Pens-Devils game, is the typical script.
Brodeur keeps the Devils around until the Devils get a break.

Bam. The Penguins jump was halted when Jordan Staal went to the box for a high stick.
They almost survived it, but Mike Rupp and his huge balls were no match for Daryl Sydor, as he popped it over a spread-eagle Conklin to put the Devils ahead.


Ryan Malone=Stunned.

There's louder cheers for a priest coming out for a big mass than what the 8 people in attendance displayed after that goal.

As visions of an eventual 2-0 Devils win danced in your head, all you were left to do was watch Orpik get acclimated to his winger position.

-- Ryan O'Shea --
What a picture

Alain Nasreddine got the job done during the time he was on the ice in the first.
A number-6 defenseman's credo: If you don't notice him, it's a good thing.

Speaking of d-men, Kris Letang took a puck to the grille, and considering the Penguins recent luck, you expect Letang to go down with rubber poisoning or some shit.

Towards the end of the period, Jarkko Ruutu put the Pens behind the 8 ball with a stupid interference penalty.
What followed was the quickest and most uneventful power play ever.
The Devils do hit the post on a desperation shot, though.
If it would have went in, you could have simulated the rest of the season.

There was an empty feeling going into the first intermission that no one can explain.
It was kind of like the time good friend and long-time reader Ronald McDonald got led away by the police for some inappropriate behavior in the playground.



If you've been alive more than a week, you know Jordan Staal has to step up in Crosby's absence.

Early in the second, he drives to the net, and the puck disappears.
Staal raises his arms, the referee points.


Count it.

As the fast-moving second period hit its stride, Devil turd Aaron Asham elbows Kris Letang in the chops.
The Pens power play looked like a train wreck. No dice.

Why are faceoffs a big deal?
Because in the wrong hands, faceoffs can result in Mike Rupp scoring a cheap goal. 2-1.

Mike Rupp doesn't score all year. All of sudden he scores two goals tonight?
Not our year.
The Penguins weren't gonna make the playoffs after that goal; that's how bad it felt.

But a couple minutes later, the hockey gods sent Erik Christensen into the Devils zone.

The Devils make a huge mistake, Max Talbot flips the puck out in front.
Christensen gets the puck point-blank range in front of the net.
Without thinking, he turns Brodeur into a woman.


We're not psychiatrists, but when a player instinctively goes to that move, confidence is there.
And the big knock on Christo has always been his confidence. Digusting move.

The Pens got their first lead of the night soon after when Malkin's line goes to town.


If Peter Sykora is ever on the third line again, we are taking a building hostage in Pittsburgh.

Brian Gionta decides to cheapshot Jeff Taffe.
Gionta is then surrounded by BGL and Brooks Orpik.
Gionta pees himself.

They moved the puck around, but Brodeur decided to start playing hockey again.
He goes into the Malkin Savings & Loan and robs him.

Robs him of a handkerchief, apparently.

A huge one-goal lead going into the third.



Huge stat is revealed. The Pens are 21-1-1 or something when leading after two periods.
Sergei Brylin helps the cause. He takes a penalty?
Fox sports refuses to show a replay. Did Orpik draw it?

Powerplay Blog comes out flying.
Gonch makes a nice pass to Sykora. Post. Puck jobs out in front.

Ryan Malone eventually bats a puck out of mid-air past Brodeur.


Later in the period, Zach Parise exhibits that he's a moron.
If you're gonna try to job, take the penalty like a man if you're caught.

He blatantly holds Scuderi's stick and gets a penalty for it.
Shut up and go to the box.

Yeah, that didn't matter anyway, 'cause SuperStar slashes someone's stick in two pieces.
The Pens kill that one off eventually.

The clock moved over the 10:00 hump, and it was time for the Devils to go to their neighborhood pharmacy and pick up a prescription for their own medicine.

If you played with yourself in enjoyment as you watched the Devils flail about through the neutral zone, you are not alone.

As a last ditch effort, Brodeur heads to the bench.


  • Malone: 2 G
  • Sykora, Talbot: 2 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Christensen: 1 G, 1 A
  • Conk: 24 saves
  • Mike Rupp providing your team's only offense: Unless you're playing a team of ferrets, you aren't going to win.
  • The second line was out of its mind.
  • Four straight wins in New Jersey.
  • EC's goal was life-changing.
  • Orpik held his own.
  • Conk or Sabu tomorrow?
  • Good times.

[<span class=

Special jobber of the week award goes to Ryan Whitney.

His thoughts on Kris Beetch not being able to get into America. [trib]

He could get into Canada, I bet," Pens defenseman Ryan Whitney said. "That would never be a problem. You play hockey, you can get into Canada.

"America's got no respect for the NHL."

"We got all these people from Mexico and all these guys coming in, and Beech can't get in," Whitney said. "I don't get it; he speaks English.

No one knows if these comments were made tongue-in-cheek of foot-in-mouth.


Go Pens
They play again in like 8 minutes.


officer slater said...

Solid recap. Well put by Whits.

BlacknGold66 said...

If Whitney wasn't a hockey player his comments would be all over ESPN and people would be calling for his head.

BUT, ESPN has it's head so far up the Super Bowl's ass that he need not worry.

Why am I awake right now?

e.mirchich said...

Solid recap for a solid game. Crusher was sick with that '94 Swedish. What a move, especially pulling it in little space without much time. Malone was money, loved the spin around and bat out of the air goal. Solid. Two muddy goals by Rupp, not entirely Conk's fault. Good game, hopefully bring some momentum into ATL.

On another note, I hate to correct the Pensblog staff but players' names is kind of a pet peeve of mine. It's Beech, not Beetch.No malice intended, just throwing it out there. Oh, and Whitney has got some balls saying shit like that. That's ridiculous. Hilarious, but ridiculous.

Flyer Hater said...

If Whit played defense as well as he told a joke, plan the cup parade.

Pensblog Staff said...

beetch = bitch


Sean said...

Great summary as always. This was an important win for the Pens. The team has struggled with the Devils and Flyers this year, so any win in the division, especially with so many players out and on the road, is a good win.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

*Read in that movie preview announcer voice*

Something about this recap.... at face value, it was just another solid recap. But like the game itself, there was something about it. Something bigger.

Well done staff.

geezer said...

Won division game, big. Christianson's goal, bigger. Win like that without Sid, biggest! WOW and WOW WOW. WOW WOW WOW, (triple WOW). I'm stunned and I slept like a baby. Because , my friends this team will not die without Sid. No siree. Maybe players are finding their own groove minus Sid. Good thing because we would be as dead as a date when CONKBLOCK walks into a bar if we didn't.

Christianson's goal=OMG & WTF at the same time. Sick!

Loser Chris said...

"If it would have went in, you could have simulated the rest of the season."

Best. Line. Ever.

Anonymous said...

No Crosby.
No Armstrong.
No Roberts.
No Kennedy.
No Hall.
No Beech

No problem.

Way to go Pens.

Sinops said...

Whitney was joking when he said that about beech. I heard the interview on the radio and he was laughing. He was just jagging around.

Go Pens.

DeathByEmu said...

Thanks for posting my game pic! I don't feel like such a noobert here now.
Beetch is having US Customs problems..good, maybe during the full cavity search they will find his head.

Mike Georger said...

yeah the no replay and no dicussion of the penalty in the third was because heckel and jeckel where talking about fucking tiddlywinks, sheer brilliance

excellent start to the morning gentlemen

Spencemo said...

That was a huge win in NJ last night...great to see that everyone can adjust to the absences in the lineup.

blackngold66, you're absolutely right about what Whitney said, especially since ESPN quit covering hockey in any meaningful one else in the sports world will probably even know he said it...

some guest said...

maybe the guys holding beech at the border are pens fans and dont want to see it happen again.

mata24 said...

great post as usual and is it just me or does every time steigy mentions that a player is on a cold streak then end up scoring a goal?

sot said...

yes mata, it happens every time. without fail. with the exception of him saying it about anyone in a pens uniform (see: orpik)

steigy is cursed, period

stanton said...

That one photo reminded me of something my wife and I call "Mr. Evgeni Spock's Malkin Death Grip". Malkin rhymes with Vulcan. Get it?

Guins said...

Some useless stats:
14 - goal total in the last 4 games without Croz
13 - goal total in the previous 4 games with Croz
29.4% - PP% without Croz
~19% - PP% with Croz
2-1-1 - record without Croz.

Pretty solid stats for a team that was supposed to crumble when the man went down.
After catching the tail end of the Flyers game last night I'd be shocked if the Pens don't open up a led for 1st by next weekend.

chris e said...

HUGE win.

Awesome recap guys.


Anonymous said...

this blog sucks, your all faggots

Seeker said...

You'd think Errey and Stiegy had a man-crush on Rupp the way they heaped the praises on him....good thing Pensblog Charlie is out of town this week!

Korn said...

Not to defend ESPN, cause I think they're a New England-centric joke, but their ombudsman has called them out repeatedly for neglecting and ridiculing hockey. Recently it seems they're giving hockey at least a little more coverage (highlights, Top Ten), and their many loud, screaming ass-hat commentators are giving hockey more love (ie, Around the Horn, PTI).

Like them or not, most of the sports viewing public watches ESPN, and the way for the NHL to regain mainstream credibility is through them. Here's hoping for a game of the week on ESPN in the near future and the return of John Buccigross and NHL 2 Night.

Not BigRickPSU said...

@anon at 9:46:

Wow, you're right. Your elegant speech and well formed opinions have made me see the light that, yes, I am a bundle of twigs and sticks.

Of course what I think you meant to say was "'re all faggots." I guess a small grammar mistake never hurt anyone who was making such a judicious point.

Thank you, Mr. Anon, (who cannot even reveal his/her name or fan base) for telling us that the blog sucks and that we are, in fact, a measure of wood. We have all been blessed by your comment and presence.

Now, go play in traffic you fuckstick.

homesprout said...

It certainly would have sucked to lose that game 2-1 with both Devils goals by Rupp.....

I wonder if Rex will try and use his "bread and butter" move tonight haha

That free preview of Center Ice is pretty cool. It was nice to see the Habs douche the Caps. The loss might put their Stanley Cup parade planning on hold down there....

Hooks Orpik said...

The top 2 lines were so good last night.

Talbot-Staal-EC is becoming a big deal.

Letang showed so much confidence it's scary.

Hopefully the boys come out tonight with as much jump as they had in their skates for the first 5 minutes of the game....Old Man Recchi awaits!

firefox said...

PensBlog - Another solid recap.

Count reference - solid.
Marty B bank robbery - solid.
Devis Perscription - UNREAL!

The Pens looked really good last night. I noticed the passing was tape-to-tape in a phone booth. They were on a mission. You ask your team to step up and they stepped big time. Anytime you can get 4 goals past Marty B you know you are having a good game.

After the game was over, I joked to my wife "Who needs Crosby?" She replied, "I do, I like them young." Damn I set myself up for that one. :(

Anonymous said...

officer slater,

I don't think anything Whitney said there was well put. I didn't hear the context when he said that so I'm not sure if he was joking or not. I doubt the federal government cares about any sport when it comes to our countries security. This stuff happens all the time, it was a little visa problem that will get handled, beech has to wait in line for his case to get reviewed like everyone else which is only fair.

As far as united states not caring about hockey, talk to the 17,000 in the Mellon area 2 to 3 times a week. Or maybe talk to the 10s of thousands that showed up at the ice bowl.

From what I can gather, Whitney is a fan of Racial Profiling. Ha ha.

justincredibleh said...

anonymous = stunned.

snickerdoodles said...

According to Whitney you can get into Canada by playing hockey, maybe this Kris Beetch/Beech/Beets however ya spell it should have claimed to be a football player. Or a plastic surgeon. He would be welcomed with open arms! Or hit with a lawsuit. Oh well. Pens got the job done and that's what matters. Now I must go back to stuffing my face with popcorn. I know, popcorn at this time of the morning,(it's 8:57 Pacific)but it's only 75 cents! A nice cheap breakfast. Tomorrow I will eat real food. A snicker bar.

Emily said...

Slayer came on the bar's jukebox right as Malone scored his second last night. Probably one of the greatest moments of my life.

Solid win, great recap.

Whistler said...

Anon @ 9:46..

If we're faggots, you're just jealous 'cuz we have big 'ol cocks and we're beating you in the face with them.

Go play with yourself and dream of being a fan of a real team....

Bert said...

Errey and Steigy still suck.

I have found it more and more enjoyable to turn the volume almost all the way down(don't mute so there is no closed captioning).

Is there really such a lack of talent out there that we as Pens fans have to be constantly subjected to these two idiots?
Steigy is blind but yet calls the game likes he is still doing radio where no one can see that he is naming the wrong player or that the puck didn't clear the zone, and Errey is just so full of himself, likes his opinions are more important than the game.

At least Potash is good. It must kill him to have to talk to those two morons.

Teej said...

interesting stat on Marty Brodeur:

32-21-4 all-time against Pittsburgh, but his GAA and save percentage is worse against Pittsburgh than compared to any other Eastern Conference team (2.72 and .888 respectively). Regardless of how trappy the Devils play, the Pens still have the ability to get to Brodeur's head... thanks mostly to Aleksey Morozov.

Stoosh said...

One of the worst things to me about playing "The Devil", aside from the crowd of fifteen people at the game, has become the evolution of the mancrush that Paul Steigerwald has on Johnny Oduya.

Devils games are no longer just about hockey. It's 2-1/2 hours of hockey with professions of love to Johnny Oduya from Steigy peppered in as well.

It's gotten to the point that he never calls Oduya by his last name...he almost always calls him by his first AND last name.

On top of that, he takes it a step further and blends into one word...Johnnyoduya. It's kind of like "Tombrady" or "Brettfavre". Maybe Johnny Oduya has changed his name to a one-word name...kind of like a Latin American soccer player, or even an artist like Slash, Bono and Prince.

And doesn't that sound like a legal firm or something?

Injured in a car accident? Call Slash, Bono & Prince for all your legal needs!

MummRa said...

Speaking of the man-crush on Rupp, did anyone notice how Bibs said:

"This guy is getting us excited up here"

followed by:

"Rupp is a human tripod!"


Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh I have two words for you, Mike Lange

BlacknGold66 said...


Yeah, but Beech is currently using the law offices of Bel, Biv & Devoe to get into the states. Maybe you should have your people give his people a call.


Anonymous said...

stoosh, my friends and i actually commented on that too. my friend said 'maybe steiggy should get a jersey that says johnny i'll do ya'

Dr. Turkleton said...

anyone notice Ruutus facial expression in the PG online pic?...maybe Gary Roberts loaned him that one while he's on hiatus...

beat THE DEVIL now the boys WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA to kick some thrash!!! (how many other NHL squads can use that song title as part of their road trip???)

Marcus said...

I loved the Photoshop of Ryan Malone in the back of the police cruiser... It would have been classic if it were put after his goals because we all know he should have been picked up for stealing those goals!

Jimbo Jones said...

With Crosby hurt, did Armstrong get hurt intentionally so he can spend time with his buddy? And will they return together?

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Ryan Malone was amazing last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bugsy's stepping up to the plate!! (Excuse my obsession of Ryan Malone ... it is unhealthy and I don't care) Staal is lookin' pretty good.

Steiggy is so freakin' weird and a jinx. Man,I want Lange back!! (Bob Errey explaining the word rag, knida annoying too!)

Hated how high stick was called on Staal while Letang got hit by one as well as Malone.

I heard rumors about Crusher and the trading block ... if he keeps playing like last night, I would flip!!

I just hope we don't start a jinxblog here!

Hip said...

jimbo jones - that joke is old.

steve in denver - Sadly, I'm quarantined in Baltimore until I graduate in June... but if you're interested in a tattered Ravens starter jacket, I'm not sure my guy would notice it's gone.

Great recap. Got to see the EC goal this morning on ESPN and nearly wet myself. He just toyed with Marty.

So, was the good old 1-4 delay in full effect last night then? Nothing was as satisfying as watching shut down play back in 91/92. Good deal.

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - Mike Lange, I believe, always seemed to have a mancrush on both Brian Gionta and Zach Parise. But Mike Lange is awesome because he's subtle, and even his mancrushes were subtle. Steigy might as well walk around with a neon sign attached to his head that says "I Love Me Some Oduya".

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Whitney's comments anyway, its kris beech not the unibomber

Marcus said...

Pittsburgh Girl forever says Ryan Malone was amazing last night... I'll bet thats the first time a girl ever said anything close to that pertaining to Malone.


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