Friday, February 1, 2008

A Storm's A-Comin'

Add another entity to the list of injured Penguins this season.
This time, we're talking about Pensblog Adam's computer. It is toast.

Just another example that anything can happen during the rigors of an 82-game season.

Using its last dying breath, we were able to upload the most important file on there before it kicked the bucket: pensblogflash.fla.

The second game of the back-to-back apparently did it in.

January 2003 - January 2008
750+ Pensblog posts contributed.

Moment of Silence



The Thrashers will kneed Marian Hossa to step up for a couple games with absence of Kovalchuk. He is out with vaginitis.[ TSN ]
Wonder if he can still point at the Pens bench from the trainer's table.


Greg Dubs over at Deadspin says its time to lay off Ruutu. [Free Jarkko]


We got this late last night.


Check out that crowd.
[Empty Netters] has more.

Pens News

::Kris Beech finally made it across the border. [Trib]

[Matt K]

--- Shero-Ball ---

::He traded for some dude named Gove [ Pittsburgh]

::Nothing new with Crosby, but did you know his agent is a movie star? [PSAMP]


[ Fanhouse ] has the info on Mascotblog from the All-Star Game.

-- Guy Lafleur is finally getting arrested for making that disco album. [ TSN ]

Jim Kelley over at [ ] gives Gary Bettman some love.


Why do the Sharks play better on the road?
Roenick: "Wives and girlfriends aren't there." [ Fanhouse ]


The free Center Ice thing is glorious. We actually got to watch some games for a change.

The Caps suck and all.
But honestly, A.O. is taking over the world.

Ovechkin had 4 goals last night against Montreal, including the game winner in OT.
43 goals.

18 seconds left.
Mats Sundin ties the game.
He kicked the pucked in.

Call to the War Room.


We had to use this again, because we mislabeled it.
This was a [J-Schiff ] joint.

But in OT, Rod "the Bod" Brind'Amour ends it.

Picture: [Acid Queen] prepares a victory lap after the big win.

The Rangers shutdown the Flyers 4-0. [Blue Shirt Bulletin]

Does Mike Richards still play in the NHL?


We were lucky enough to snag up a couple "Commit to the Indian" hoodies
before the powers that be shut down the [ Cafe Press ] site.

Wonder why...

If you're gonna make shirts, don't blatantly use the trademarked logo.

As this article from [ The Chicago Sun-Times ] points out, this whole Commit to the Indian thing is a big deal to Native Americans.


Celebration blog

The man who played the Gary Roberts song, Brian Fitzgerald, will be on his way the Grammy's to play with the Foo Fighters.
He is a Top 15 semi-finalist.
We all made a difference in getting this to happen.

Why is this especially great?
Brian will be sporting his "WWGRD" wristband.



We never talk about college hockey. And we should.

Ryan Cruthers from Robert Morris is up for the Hobey Baker Award.
[You can vote for him here.]

Robert Morris is a big deal.
Cruthers is having a huge year, with 33 points in 23 games.


[Thanks to Seeker]

Go Pens


jay said...

mario lemieux vs. kerry fraser 4/5/94:

J.S. said...

I remember Gove from his days with the Johnstown Chiefs (commit to the Indian, pt. 2?). He's quick and...and he's quick. That's all I remember, but then again that was against ECHL talent. More than likely just a depth trade that we'll never notice.

jay said...

pens vs. rangers near brawl in 88:

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. iMacblog

stokes said...

What a giant ass! holy moly!

I'll give it up for AHole last night. 4 goals is a big deal, but how many shots did he have? 25?

Sucks about the computer, ac. 750+ posts is a solid contribution for one machine.

stokes said...

DM says MAF to practice today....

Fleury29 said...

Stokes, MAF back at practice?


iceprincss68 said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting the information about Ryan Cruthers.....the rmu team deserves so much more recogniztion than they get!!! being a colonial fan and friend i'm so excited and happy that you took the time to mention him and the team

Flyer Hater said...

Kerry Fraser is a disgrace

Taste of Flames said...

That fucking club section is going to the death of ATL. Its all owned by corporations (mostly ATL Spirit, our ownership group). Shows how much our owners care about their team. The funny part about it is that at hawks games, the club is full and the rest of the arena is barren.

Pickin' Cherries said...

ESPN said attendance at the Pens/Thrashers game was 14,070.

I call shenanagins. Not even with the players, staff, hot dog vendors, or Kovy's two boyfriends added in would it come remotely close to that number.

chris e said...

How can they even begin to say that Ruutu 'knew' the play was offsides? I distinctly remember seeing Recchi start to throw his arms up and complain about the call before he realized what had happened. I'm still salty about that call....


Lady Jaye said...

pickin cherries > that was probably tickets sold... not who showed up of course. Look at the Mellon on most nights where they announce a standing room sell out. There are empty seats scattered about... and all I usually can think is that a good student rusher could have filled that seat and created some noise. :) j/k

Congrats Brian Fitzgerald. I voted for ya. Take some pictures or something for us.

Andrew said...

That Thrashers picture is pathetic. Send that team to Winnepeg, whom can actually support an NHL team. Also, Gary Roberts pounding the will to live out of Ben Eager never gets old.

Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

@ chris e

if you're referring to that tsn replay of the hit, where glenn healy says ruutu should have known the play was going to whistled offsides (to make up for saying that he hit him AFTER the whistle, when they showed the next replay with audio, you could hear the hit came BEFORE the whistle),I was thinking the same thing....Ruutus brain 'hmmmm....i have kovy all lined up....lets look around for the 2 linesmen to see if there is a delayed offsides before i finish my check'

healy is a douche---plain & simple

someone in c-blog said if that was Tucker (or probably any other 'good ol' canadian boy')then that would have been nothing more than finishing your check & kovy was at fault for trying his matador impression to avoid the hit


Jersey Bill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Bill said...

I don't know if Mike Richards is still playing in the NHL, but I do know he is the most awesome captain in the history of professional sports. Certainly better than some 20 year old, balls-to-the-wall, MVP, face of the sport type. 700 Level douchebag. May Charlie take your dad home from an after-hours joint.

Dr. Turkleton said...

anyone who wants a Kiss-Cam breakdown from the Pens v. A-T-L game when a little girl BEETCH slaps a little boy for trying to get a little sumpem,sumpem: heres ESPNs (yuck) Barry Melroses take......

Steve In Denver said...

I think putting Conk in the flashbar killed your computer.

Mike Richards on the rink = Michael Richards in an LA comedy club.


LoLuMaD? said...

i am telling you guys right now, sidney crosbys agents name is not pat brisson.

Anonymous said...


agent and mentor

seeker said...

I second Iceprincess68's props to TPB for mentioning Ryan Cruthers shot at the Hobey Baker Award...I hope we can vote him in like we helped the very deserving Brian Fitzgerald.

When you can't get enough Pens hockey....a RMU game should be in your plans. Tickets for non-students are only $6.00!

Teej said...


Orpik continuing to play the winger position - I'm not sure I like that at all. He's really the main physical presence on the blue line, and he's up for free agency this summer. The Pens need him, and I don't have much confidence that Therrien's supposed hard feelings against him will subside.

Penskitty said...

I forgot that Acid Queen even existed. Thanks for the stunning reminder.

snickerdoodles said...

I am writing to let y'all know that I was drinking coffee when I read about Kovalupchuck's delicate condition. But I was prepared. I keep a supply of paper towels at my desk. And Upchucky can still point, as long as his boyfriend, a geography teacher and a compass tells him where the Pens are.

Polishkid said...

Hey guys, solid Cruthers post, give him your vote... sick player.

Kovalchuk mailed in that attempt at avoiding Ruutu's check... perhaps if he were getting set up for a one timer from the point he would have given a better effort. Again, most one dimensional player... ever.

I just flipped on Sports Center to hear Stuart Scott mumble over some words about the NFL's player association and their preparedness to stirke. How about that.

Johnny Wrath said...

·Dumont extended by Nashville. I guess they had to since they traded their core to Philly. The world is full of surprises.

·AO has the intangible ability to suddenly appear and one-time anything accurately into the net. I can't believe how open he gets.

Brett Hull didn't do flamboyant celebrations. Nobody noticed him even after the red light went on. AO is bigger, faster, and impossible to contain. He's also even sneakier. If Backstrom develops chemistry and faceoff skill, he may be able to hit 70.

·The Atlanta pbp + analyst were refreshing. The gave the benefit of doubt to Ruutu's hit, and also to the non-goal. The Refs got the call right, even though his intention was to shoot it in.

What they didn't get right was the fighting major. We shouldn't have had to play shorthanded. I understand assessing a kneeing call, especially since Kovalchuks' groan was audible over the crowd noise.

There's also contempt for the game misconduct call, but not from me. Sometimes the Refs decide to remove a player for their own good. I suppose they didn't feel like scraping Garnet Exelby off the ice after BGL introduces himself for going after Jarkko.

·What the hell are some of those mascots supposed to be? I'm not buying the ambiguous comfortable distance between the Toronto and Washington bears. Iceburgh is sitting next to a muppet who makes syrup for a living.

jaos said...

anyone else read the first line and almost shit themselves? Images of geno out hurt began wrecking havoc on my brain.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Porter for Hobey Baker

Stoosh said...


First off, huge kudos and plaudets to the PB staff for sending some love and notariety to Ryan Cruthers and the rest of the RMU hockey program. Went to the RMU-Ohio State game earlier this year and had a blast. Coach Schooley is a class act and he's done a hell of a job building that program.

This, of course, got the wheels turning in my head and perhaps we have the makings of something here...

For those who aren't aware, RMU is currently in third place in the CHA with 12 points. Niagara is ahead of RMU with 15 and Bemidji State leads the way with 21.

RMU's next four games are very winnable; they host doormat Alabama-Hunstville this weekend and then go to Wayne State next weekend for two games. This means they have a chance to make up some serious ground on Bemidji State over the next two weekends.

And this will set the stage for the weekend of Feb. 15-16 when RMU hosts Bemidji for two games.

I'm glancing at my trusty Pens calendar and the Pens are off on both the 15th and 16th.

I think it's time for a Pensblog roadtrip to Neville Island for some RMU hockey on at least one of those nights...I'm thinking at least Saturday night, if not both. We take over the Island, show some support for the other big-time hockey team in town, and since it just so happens we'd be out in my neck of the woods, head out afterwards to a local Moon Twp. establishment or something for some postgame grub and grog.

We need to make this happen.

Whistler said...

As a mascot, I found MascotBlog hilarous..

Harvey the Hound crapping his pants and running away.. Priceless....

Pensblog Staff said...

valentines day weekend.
no RMU for me


Stoosh said...

RMU Weekend would clash with Valentine's Day weekend, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Valentine's WEEKEND?? I thought Valentine's was only one day?

[whip snapping]


Seeker said...

I'll be there at Neville regardless Stoosh. Only Pens games take priority around here.

...and if you bring your skates (or rent a pair.....yuk), you can skate with the RMU team after the games!

stokes said...

stoosh: Make the post-game celebration at the Islander and you've got a deal!!

Flyer Hater said...

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved an entire portion of Pens fans.

RIP Adam's Mac

Jersey Bill said...

Iceburgh, Pittsburgh: "I feel the same way about Sidney. Did you know he's a magazine cover model? And the most marketable star in the NHL? And that he can heal the unwashed masses with his tears?"

Good stuff from Mascotblog.

canaanregulatesblog said...

hey adam, i have an old imac at my parents house if you want it (short term fix). (no keyboard, no mouse)

txt me if you want it.

canaanregulatesblog said...

p.s. it's the old one i bought off of you a long time ago...i havent used it in forever...=)

Lady Jaye said...

Oooo I would be interested in a Pensblog trip to see RMU but Valentine's weekend is just bad because well, I have a bridal shower I'm putting together for my sister... that's my only excuse. I don't drag Valentine's day out into a whole weekend. :)

jim said...

can someone more tech-savvy than me capture a screen shot from the NHL network's recent show Frozen in Time, a look at the back-to-back Pens Cups? At the end, there is an amazing shot of Steigy with mullet and huge black baseball cap.

PS-Watch the show, and you'll weep with joy.

stokes said...


You could call Canaan's iMac that he is offering you "Kris Beech."

You know, short term fix, already had it previously, etc...

wilsmith said...


Stoosh said...

It's tentative right now only because I'm not exactly sure how my own schedule is going to line up, but I'll see what I can put together for RMU Hockey Weekend against Bemidji.

I'll keep commentorblog up to date on everything as it gets closer.

justincredibleh said...

so i just flipped the page of my penguins giveaway calendar and saw recchi getting dressed. thank god we don't play the thrashers this month.

CanesFan said...


Pensblog Staff said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the all caps. Watching Roberts duck those wild haymakers Eager threw will never get old.


stokes said...


First off, we know you don't really like hockey. It just that NASCAR hasn't started yet.

Secondly, if the 'Canes played in what we in Pittsburgh call a "real division," i.e. Atlantic, they would be eating the scraps at the bottom, i.e. last place.

eat me.


PS: Stoosh, i can't even pronounce that team's name, because i don't speak Indian.

Steve In Denver said...

Canes fan, you'll be eating your own feces in a drunken stupor after your squad gets beaten by the WBS/Misc scrap heap/waiver wire Pens. Bitch. And guess which Staal will be on the score sheet with the game-winner? JS baby!

Need a laugh? I just spent my evening at the Hanna Montana 3d pre-pubescent concert movie. Guess what else was in town, a mere 10 blocks away???? Diamond Dave, Alex, Eddie, and little Wolfgang Van Halen.

I'm going to photoshop my face on the hanging Ronald McD picture. Send me bullets asap.

It was a case of bad timing (they announced the show mere days after we got our kiddos tix for an xmas gift) and unwavering family dedication.

At least it wasn't Nascar.


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