Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Storm For Motha Rusha. PENS LOSE.

6 - 5

[NHL.com recap]

If you're a pure fan of the game of hockey,
this is the type of game you could watch forever.

Both teams flying back and forth.
Two superstars going toe-to-toe.

The Crapitals played lights out.
A.O. might be a dick, but he can score like a large-breasted blonde on prom night.

As Darren Elliot said, over and over again., "What more can you say?"

We'll take the point for now.

But don't ever forget...

[Loser Chris]


-- Big C --

-- A. Stitt --

-- Matt C --

--Dana H--



The Muskegon line came out for the third shift of the game.
You then realized that this fourth line full of guys who want to stay up here will be bringing 110% every night, which will make it a somewhat dangerous line.

Some of the in-the-know Pens fans in attendance gave the three boys a nice little cheer at the end of their shift.

After that line went to the bench, Malkin came out for a while.

And then Staal-Talbot-Christensen put on the yellow jersey.
Talbot pushes to the front of the net and gets it past Olie the Jokie.


Crosby got an assist on the goal.

Alexander Semin went to the box after that for the hook. ( Not yet...)

The first unit moved around, looked around, nothing.
The second unit didn't get anything going either.

Going into the second half of the period, the Capitals got the equalizer.
The Caps hit Sabu with a steel chair. No clue whats going on.


We've dealt with this goalie delay-of-game penalty a couple times this season.
Kolzig flopped out to the top of the circles to freeze the puck.
Wasn't that called earlier this season?

The refs realize they are mud for not calling that and give the Pens a power play 10 seconds later when a Capital does something stupid.

The Pens flaccid power play did nothing.

Somewhere in the middle of the period, Ray Shero gets interviewed.
Cable ratings go through the roof.

Someone almost scores when Shero is talking.
How come no one ever scores when the sideline reporter is interviewing someone?

As the period winded down, the Craps struck again.
They mucked around, and Ovechkin let fire a one-timer.
You didn't think a puck could rebound off of mud with that kind of force, but it did...right to Kozlov.
He puts it home.

Picture: The webmaster of WashingtonCapitals.com celebrates the big goal.

The Pens were down one goal to the Caps, Crosby was nowhere to be found, and Sabutage was Jokotage.

But Malkin jumped onto the ice and changed life.

He dominates, takes on everybody but Rod Langway, and puts a wicked backhand past Kolzig. 2-2.

You always hear people say that something "is a game of inches."
Usually, that merits a kick to that person's mouth.

At the end of the first period, though, if Ovechkin lands that hit on Malkin just 2 inches to the right, you could've packed up the season right there.

[Eric P.]

Instead of landing the hit, Ovechkin goes sailing.
Capitals fans everywhere whine that the Penguins training staff moved the boards closer so Ovechkin would hit the dasher.

Did Malkin get the worst of that hit?
If Ovechkin didn't go careening uncontrollably into the boards, we would say yeah.

At the horn, Ruutu did something stupid, so the Pens were gonna be on the PK to start the second.


Before and after the game, Versus was showing Karate Kid movies.

What a villain

You could run a blog about the scene where Miyagi jumps over that fence and takes care of business.

These guys have no clue what's coming



As the Caps started their second-period power play, some boos started raining down on Ovechkin.

He uses the boos as fuel to put one past a stunned Dany Sabourin.


An eerie silence drops over the Mellon.

Erik Christensen drew a penalty later, so the Pens had a chance to get it right back.
They didn't even have to set up the PP.

Evgeni Malkin, who is in another world, jobs down the slot and snipes one past Kolzig.
It may have the D-man's stick, but nobody cares. You know where he put it. Top shelf.

The battle of over-the-top goal celebrations was well underway.

So, there we were -- 3-3, not even halfway through the game.
This is what the new NHL should be.

Before you could catch your breath, Alexander Semin puts his stick into Kris Letang's face.
( ...wait for it... )

It took the Pens about 20 seconds to take the lead with that PP.
Ryan Whitney dumps a shot-pass to Sykora.
Kolzig was still wiping up his tears from the '90s, leaving Sykora with a wide-open net.

If this was football, someone would have drawn this:

The Mellon faithful start the KOLZIG chant soon after.
What a humiliating thing to face.

Finally, two stars were having a showdown in a Caps/Pens game.
All it took was for Sid not to be in the lineup.

He even drinks water better than Ovechkin.

To answer right back, Ovechkin jobbed around and slammed a solid one-timer past Sabu to tie the game up .

Backstrom made a big-time pass.

Capitals sentiments aside, it was a joy to watch the first half of this game with Malkin and Ovechkin dominating the ice.

After that fourth Caps goal, Therrien realized that Sabourin was actually Sabutaging the Pens chances of winning an NHL game.

He makes a call to the Pens runway.

Conky Kong

[Matt W]

The Pens found themselves on the PK soon after. Big kill.

Then A break in the action to repair glass resulted in the game losing its unreal flow.

Whits went to the box later, but the Caps went in soon after for interference.

After that 4-on-4 ended, the Capitals finally tested ConkBlock.
He was up to the task.

Jordan Staal puts an exclamation mark on the period with a douching of Donald Brashear at the horn.


Is this the year?
Is this the year?

Is this the year Brian Engblom finally gets a haircut?

Is this the year?



After some jobbing early in the third, Malkin came out of nowhere for his first chance at the HT, but Kolzig decided to make a save.

And then it got interesting...

The Capitals looked like they scored right off a faceoff, but the referee saw a penalty and threw his hand up before his optical nerves could send signals to his brain that a goal was scored, negating any claims that the referees were favoring the Pens.

Picture: Caps owner Ted Leonsis beaches himself in protest of the call.

That Capital penalty led to the Penguins going down to the other end and scoring a goal.
Olaf Kolzig immediately gives the wash-out signal...which the NHL actually stole from Razor Ramon when he would signal a Razor's Edge was coming.

They go to the war room.

For the first time in the game, the Versus announcers stopped being Capital homers and said the goal under review looked like it was gonna stand.

After the review, the referee knew he was gonna be the shit.
He almost dislocates his shoulder as he plays to the crowd with an emphatic point to center ice. 5-4.

-- Seth from [ Empty Netters ] --

Great shot of 66 giving a smirk after the signal.
Was the phone line to Toronto actually a direct line to that box?
He's a beast.

Joe Benawhatever said that Malkin and Ovechkin were going at it like rams.
What a weird sentence.

During a delayed penalty against the Pens, it looked like the Conklin legend grew as he dove over to make a save, but it was Ryan Whitney's skate with the big save.

On the ensuing penalty kill, the Pens were in trouble.
But you know what happened.


He followed up that PK performance by committing trapezoidal desertion.
He was gonna have to sleep in the bed he made.

There were no real threats on that PK. It was killed again.

The Pens went to the penalty box yet again when Staal held someone's stick.
Finally, it came time to pay.

Kozlov just sat there in the faceoff circle and roped a one-timer top shelf.

What a hockey game.

The rest of regulation time was snoozeblog.
It was headed to OT.


"OVERTIME brought to you by Las Vegas"?
WTF Versus.

One minute into overtime, Washington shoots themselves in the balls. Twice.
There was a slash, and then a blatant hook on Malkin.

The delayed penalty brought Conk to the bench and an extra attacker onto the ice.

But do you immediately give it to the other team there?
If our memory isn't a joke, Lemieux would do hand it right over every time.
It's a big issue in c-blog and message boards everywhere.

If the Pens actually could score on the 5-on-3, it wouldn't have mattered.
Some dude from Washington blocked some huge shots.

Give it up to the Capitals PK unit for shutting down passing and shooting lanes.
What a performance.

That 5-0n-3 will be a huge talking point for the rest of the week.
As soon as the Caps killed it, it seemed like it was just their night.

Malkin and A.O. both get rushes, but respectively each are drained.

The OT buzzer sounds. Buckle up.



Erik Christensen starts things off and misses the net egregiously.

The thorn in our sac all game was Kozlov. But he was ConkBlocked.

Kris LeGame jumped onto the ice.
He does a dipsy-doodle and hits the crossbar.

Alex Ovechkin comes out and puts it home.


Therrien sends out Jarkko Ruutu.
While you're already ripping Therrien on a message board for not sending out Malkin, Ruutu scores to tie it up.
How do goalies not know what he is going to do?

It was up to Conklin to keep the world alive.

( ...Now ) Semin leaves a bad taste in our mouths as he gets it past Conk.


  • Malkin: 2 G, 1 A
  • Ovechkin: 2 G, 1 A
  • Backstrom: 4 A ( all were given to him by Gary Bettman )
  • Sabu: Shakier than Ali. 9 saves on 13 shots.
  • Conk: 16 saves on 17 shots. More solid than Mr. Miyagi.

  • Mike Emrick is easy to pick on, but we would take him every day of the week over the Versus crew from tonight's game.
  • Pains us to say it. The Caps are good. It's about time.
  • Kolzig will still have nightmares.
  • As commentor Flyer Hater said, a gut feeling move by Therrien in starting Sabu may have lost this game.
  • Using last season's standings, the Pens need to average a little over a point per game the rest of the season to contend for the playoffs. Do it.
  • Thanks to David K. for the title suggestion.
Caps message boards

There is a great thread building. [Caps Board]

Caps fan are claiming the refs "hate them."
Did they see the third period?

From poster -Kazer-

I can't believe it.




The refs were totally against us. The defense was awful. Kolzig looked slow. It went to the freaking shootout. And we STILL won.

I'm stunned.

Wow. This dude won't be alive come March.
Act like you've actually won a game before.

See you March 9th in D.C.

Go Pens


BlacknGold66 said...

Went to the game. It was a LONG ride home to Cleveland after that.

-Atmosphere was awesome right off the get-go.

-Can't believe Charlie plays for the Caps. I'm now running upsetstraightmanblog.

-Speaking of that pic. There are no less than 3 & 3/4th's hot stunned chicks in that section. Anyone else notice that? And how do I get tickets there?

-Nothing personal Sabu, but Therrien... WTF?!?! Common sense says that after your "hot streak" goalie loses a game you give him that needed day of rest then put his ass right back in there to rebuild the confidence. I know it's a sore subject, but I never felt Therrien was the right man for the job. Even after we win I feel this way. Olczyk may not have been the man either, but he was basically coaching the Baby Pens in Pittsburgh. Now we have all the talent in the world (honestly, we do) and Vigo manages to overthink it.

-Second to lastly... I never thought the "shoot it!" idiots at games would sound like they were making sense... but they did in OT. Christ. Typing that just made me ill.

-Lastly, good game overall. I said aloud more than once "That kid is so f*cking good!" about Malkin. He's just unrealblog.

Bring on the Flyers. (and somebody get back to me about those 3 3/4th's girls behind the Caps bench)

Anonymous said...

Thus far, the pains of carrying the team have not caused Malkin to visit his chiropractor yet.

These bastards may not get Geno's money just yet, because he seems fully capable of carrying this team with no problems.


David said...

Whooo! my first pensblog contribution! hehe

This was a great game, but by the end i felt sick to my stomach. o well, win some/lose some. The Caps are finally good! lo

CG said...

Now that was a great game! Great back and forth action.

...speaking of...Malkin is an absolute beast!

Staal is becoming a physical force, nice to see...

I do have to say AO is the real deal, but he has to get rid of that horrible fist pump down, like he's pumping a bicycle tire...just stupid..

Backstrom is as smooth as they come...glad the craps won't be able to afford him much longer while they dump truckloads of money at AO....

Love the heart that the team is showing right now...3 of 4 pts without the man so far....

snoopyjode said...

not that you guys don't do great work all the time, but like last night's game, this post was outstanding from start to finish. (i'm not sure which is funnier: the notion of crosby getting an assist all the way from the luxury suite or sid being able to drink water better than ovie. :D)

and WHAT A POSTER!!! i'm so jealous that i didn't get one!

Hip said...

What a fucking game. I didn't sleep well at all with all the excitement. These two teams are just an absolute joy to watch - so much young talent it's sick. Great recap. Way to give props where it's due.

Conklin for life!!!

Go Pens.

Lady Jaye said...

Ug... not the picture I wanted to see before I eat breakfast. Can we not use the caps webmaster picture again please? :) Good post. Good game. Wish the score went the other way, but what can you do?

Anonymous said...

Reason # 6687 that Versus sucks... "the Versus announcers stopped being Capital homer"

well.. that's because they ARE Capitals homers. The PBP guy is the Crapitals PBP. See for yourself at http://midatlantic.comcastsportsnet.com/talent.asp

Otherwise, fun game even if it was Sabutaged and bring on the Cryers!

the pensbob said...

Absolutely fantastic game. This was one of the few losses that didn't leave me depressed.

Not pulling Sabu after the second or third goal was a mistake, it was painfully apparent he was way off his game from the start. Tons of applause for Conk when he came in.

As for the 5 on 3 debate, it already was a 5 on 3 when we got Conklin off, so we got the full 5 on 3, and delayed the start of the second penalty. I don't understand the problem here.

Great game, great post

BlankieGirl said...

exciting game, you have to admit that!Still would have rather had the 2 points.

What about that hit AO tried to land on Geneo? Like that he took the brunt of it against the boards :)

Pens have nothing to be ashamed of in this performance, let's just beat those freakin' Flyers next!

Stoosh said...

What was up with that "sideline" reporter for Versus last night?

Was she drunk? High?

Was that her first time on camera?

I haven't seen someone stumble that hard over their words since the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" kid.

christina said...

absolutely insane display last night at the Mellon....too bad we came up short.

i LOVE that sid managed to get the assist on talbot's goal from the owner's box. that's gold.

time to ride the CONKBLOCK train once again.

sid's meeting with the media re: the ankle in 30 minutes....
(sorry - i don't know how to link)

wilsmith said...

Awesome game.
If AO lands that hit, you can close the Igloo. I'm convinced that Malkin didn't see it coming, I don't know how he took it, AO ain't no slouch when it comes to hitting.

That Beninati guy is the worst play by play guy ever. It sounds like he's putting that voice on, and like he's trying to make the show about him and not the game. Annoying. The color guy contributed nothing except "It looked like Kolzig was quicker with the washout than he was with the glove-save".

and I can totally see how Washington is winning, that looks like a hell of a powerplay if it gets set up.

Oh and Washington-fan saying the refs tried to give the pens the game? c'mon, gimme a break.

Not BigRickPSU said...

Thoughts for the Yinzers:

1.) Great game to watch last night. Scoring, hitting, and passion from both sides for the better part of the game.

2.) Staff mentioned it, but unfortunate stop in the action for the glass repair. The game didn't quite make it back to peak intensity, although I'm not positive it could have kept that up regardless.

3.) There is no way you immediately give that puck to the Caps on the 5 on 3, IMO. They got the extra man out when Conk went to the bench and still managed to set up a few scoring chances because of it. If the Pens score there then everyone thinks it was a great play. In overtime, when it is usually 4 on 3, the extra man makes it 5 on 3. Lots of room out there. In regulation, the extra man makes it 6 on 4 which is a little more congested. Regardless, we have to score there.

4.) This will probably be said over and over, but if Malkin can play that way every game then the Pens will do just fine. Furthermore, if he can play like this when Sid comes back, and we can split them up onto two lines again, that would be awesome. Its clear he had a little something extra last night going against A.O., so let's hope he can carry that over the entire length that Sid is out.

5.) With this added pressure on Malkin, would it be a bad thing if he doesn't go to the All-Star game? Let him sit home for a few days and decompress? Some may say if he's hot he should keep playing, but I think it'd be nice to keep him as fresh as possible for May.

6.) @Wilsmith: I think Malkin said he did see him at the last second, just enough to turn his head and brace himself. Can't remember if I read that in the Trib or Post, or if I heard that last night. Regardless, if A.O. connects like Army would have then see ya next year. (By the way, even if Malkin did see him coming, how strong does he have to be to do that? Ovechkin is a beast on skates too.)

7.) Does Malkin still live with Gonchar? I thought he still was, but a guy last night said he wasn't. Anyone know for sure?

Tim said...

Malkin is a freaking wizard on the Ice. I am going to just start calling him Evgeni Merlin from now on and copyright that shit. Solid hockey game, the Caps are good they swept Ottawa for a reason and climbed in the standings. Would love to play them in the Playoffs just like old times.

I hope Malkin scores 20 goals on THursday and murders Mike Richards.

rwarner174 said...

Anyone that thinks that those goals were sabu's fault is more retarded than a monkey with down syndrome. How about the defense was horrible! I'm sorry, but even the all mighty Conkblocker would not stop those one timers from Ovechkin. How about we get a man on one of the best players in the world? How about we don't fall over and let a guy take a free shot form 2 inches in front of the net. I was just so angry with people at the arena last night blaming sabu for being a victim of some of the worst defense I have scene all season.

I mean, should sabu of started? That certainly can be debated. And I don't disagree with pulling after being lit up for 4 goals. But to give sarcastic cheers when he is pulled, like its all his fault? Just shows how stupid the average penguin fan is.

I think next game maybe they should discuss having someone shadow #8. That just may help us win.

Anonymous said...

that game was almost unwatchable with the volume on...terrible crew announcing the game

Anonymous said...

sabu sucked. one of ovies one'timers was pathetic. the shot was like 3 mph. i think it was off the heal of his stick.

lis said...

6-8 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Sabu has no business ever starting a game again. sid out 6-8 weeks = big problems. who is king shero gonna pick up and who the hell is he gonna use as bait?

rwarner174 said...


So those were good defensive plays, I see. We wanted to give Ovechkin free shots at the net while our goalie is moving side to side. You do realize that there are 5 other guys on the ice that are just as responsible for letting in goals, right?

Anonymous said...

not for that goal, there were only 4 others on the ice trying to prevent goals. wooooooooo

Loser Chris said...

Sid is out 6 to 8 weeks...

rwarner174 said...


All the more reason it wasn't sabu's fault. Thanks for proving my point.

Man people are so quick to jump on and off bandwagons here. First its Fleury sucks, then its go Sabu, then its Sabu sucks play Conklin. I'm sure it will come full circle and then Fleury will be back in net in time for the playoffs, but we really should of started Sabu or Conklin for game 7.

I am quite sure when Conklin starts playing bad you will be the first to attack him, because thats how people like you are.

The simple fact of the matter is that the goalie gets to much credit when things are going well and too much blame when things go bad. Pens defense played bad yesterday, any goalie would of struggled. If you can't see that you are blind.

I mean Conklin did let in 2 goals in the 3rd? One was luckly disallowed. Not a good period in my opinion.

Wes said...

rwarner is going INSANE. what's up, man?

Anonymous said...

With Sid out for probably the rest of the regular season, I hope Shero doesn't jeapordize the future and make any trades at all. Why risk ten plus years of having a great team for this season. I hate to sound like the Pirates, but it is ok if we don't make the playoffs this year. We still have to look at the big picture.

rwarner174 said...

Not much Wes, how are you man?
How is life?

I just hate when people are crapping all over some guy for no good reason. Mostly, its Crosby being out for 6-8 weeks putting me in a bad mood :(. Plus I am just like to argue :).

But maybe you are right? Maybe I should go check myself into the hospital, ha ha.

Wes said...

life is going good. you are one passionate dude. i would have loved to see you in action during your pirate fan years....

Sinops said...

loser chris,
like we both said before how fleury being hurt might make it easier and cheaper to re-sign him, malkin being the number one guy now only will make him more expensive. i hate worrying over stupid crap like that, but i would hate to have to give him $7 million a year and have pens end up like tampa bay.

Mike Georger said...

the jokes at deadspin's nhl article have proposed the allegedily raging debate of whether ovie/semin is better than crosby/malkin
id prefer hockey just stick to diehard fans than people who clearly dont understand the game trying to write about it, noone who understands what makes a great hockey player could possibly make that comparison

neilWorldorder said...

update: pensblog charlie just facebook poked me. i am not sure what to do

Seeker said...

Not BigRickPSU:

To answer your question....Yes, Malkin is still living with Gonchar. for sure.

Fleury29 said...

It's official, from the Pens News Service:

"Sidney Crosby will be sidelined six to eight weeks due to a high ankle sprain."

Not surprising but it still sucks dirty bawls.

Fleury29 said...

Looks like Loser Chris beat me to it but I just got the text alert.

snickerdoodles said...

Wow! Great post, fellas! That pic of the Caps webmaster almost had tea spraying out of my nose. And about the Caps fans, maybe they should stop watching Conspiracy so much. Or maybe they should get out the house more. On second thought, they should stay in the house. After all, can you imagine all the whining and carrying on they will be doing when they find out about the super secret government plot against Ovie? And that Sid and Mario are behind it? Even Jordan Staal is involved. Not to mention 12 referees, 8 linemen, the guy who sells cotton candy, the man who shot Liberty Valance, the Zamboni machine, the guy at the dry cleaners, 6 clerks at the grocery store, a garden gnome, 7 bottles of Wild Turkey, 6 mailmen, 5 policemen, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and that partridge in the pear tree. Paranoia can be fun!!!

Loser Chris said...


If Geno keeps playing like this I would gladly pay him $7 million per. If we can keep Sid, Geno, MAF, and Staal for close to $20 million total then I think it will be fine. Gonch leaving when his contract runs out will help.

Sinops said...

loser chris,
we are looking more at about $25 mil for the "big 4". it is a good problem to have though.

I just hope Malkin doesn't want to go elsewhere and be the number one because he never will be in Pgh.

geezer said...

That 5:3 killed us. Was anyone even moving. They just ran out of hotsauce. Sad. Oh well we get a point but it feels hollow. Bring on Philthy.

Johnny Wrath said...

·Coaching doesn't get any more useless than last night. Away team should never have a match-up advantage, which they did constantly.

·DC really sucks at penalty killing, but there were Penguins everywhere instead of 4 on the RW. Great pass by Whit.

·There's something about Max Talbot that allows me to be powerfully forgiving. When he jobs a play, I find myself patient and warm. Great power-move™ for the opener.

·I have Centre Iœ☺, but the game wasn't on it, or the NHL channel. I panicked before having a Doc Holiday moment, where I forgot Versus was there.

·Versus cut off the feed early, and TiVo stopped recording. When I was 8:43 left in the 3rd, there's a moment of blue and then I'm 15 minutes into "The Karate Kid". Weaksauceblog.

·After 4 Sam Adams, I turn my malignance to the awful PBP. I know its the DC guy, the most annoying voice in Hockey. Says a lot about the network, as I would have preferred them to STFU except to excuse themselves to commercial break.

Eric K said...

im sure someone posted this already, but per pittsburghpenguins.com, Sid is out 6-8 weeks.

biff said...

Bing's mullet = clutch

Brian Engblom = joke

Hip said...

Shero's got to be careful... there isn't a single guy up for RFA after next season that I want to part with. So yeah, he can't be doing anything for this season that'll fuck us for the future. But in Shero I trust.
Also - be careful with how you treat Gonch because the last thing we can do is piss Malkin off. That's been HUGE for his adjustment to the states.

Maybe it's because I've had to listen to Joe B all these years as a Marylander, but I think he does a nice job. He gives credit where credit's due. He appropriately mentioned the Crosby injury and then proceeded to talk about Malkin, Conklin, Backstrom, etc. All guys that should be getting respect right now.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hey Johnny Wrath... I'm gonna start calling you "The Mad Cap"

Johnny Wrath said...

Thank you for capitalizing my name. Its' a sweeping indication that you, sir, aren't a blogger in contempt.

Toronto has a new whoremaster.

Brace yourself for the speculation.

Hip said...

Question guys - do the other injured guys sit in the press box? Should Sid have been there last night too? I'm not trying to make something of nothing, but you gotta assume Army was there last night... so where was he?

Johnny Wrath said...

When healthy enough, its common for a player to watch the game from the weight room. If you've seen the Pens' new uber training center, chances are that's where an injured Penguin would be dealing with the frustration.

Brew B said...

In a solid post, pensblog made a very astute comment about Mario Lemieux's preference for turning the puck over after a penalty in favor of a longer two man advantage. Mario used to do this all the time, even though it goes against conventional hockey wisdom (more time on the power play, less chance that your team will keep possession of the puck.) It's important to remember when discussing these matters that Mario Lemieux was not a conventional hockey player; he was a beast on skates. Here are the top ten reasons why Mario preferred to give up possession in favor of a timeout before a two man advantage:

- Ron Francis will win the next faceoff for you
- your back is tired from carrying the team from 1984-1991
- you need time to call Mike Lange and tell him something funny to say after the goal
- you need a cigarette
- a timeout gives your boy, “The Crazy Coke Man” five more minutes to make a couple extra bucks on the night.
- saying “You’re about to get jobbed Vanbiesbrouk” takes thirty seconds longer to say than it takes to do
- you already have four goals, four other ways
- you like to poll the bench on which Earth shattering, life changing, goalie undressing move you are going to use to score the game winner
- Barrasso is a dick to everyone else on the bench when you make him skate across the ice for the extra attacker
- when you have 46 game winning goals, everyone knows you’re going to score anyway

Super Mario = Super human

Go Pens.

Ryan said...


I generally agree with you about bandwagonblog when it comes to certain fans. Two things I gotta take issue with though:

1. A couple of the goals were indeed poor defense...but the first one? Where Sabu was looking left and right and left and right when the puck was right in front of him? He looked totally clueless. Would Conk have stopped it? Who knows. But I'm guessing he would have known where it was at least.

2. I wasn't at the game so maybe I'm wrong...but I took the cheers when Sabu was pulled to be people cheering for Conklin rather than sarcastically cheering that Sabu was taken out. I don't see anything wrong with cheering for a guy who's 10-1. (or whatever it is)

Flyer Hater said...

My lord, is that Capital Deed photoshop outstanding. Going on their boards, it's like they just won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 10 OT's while only playing 3 men every shift. My God, sound like you've won something before.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a pretty awesome game (except losing.)

* I think Ovie is so annoying with the entire deal with Versus. I wanted to slam my head against the my coffee tble every time they spoke!

*Don't get me wrong Ovie's good and all, but the Ovie/Malkin comparisons are too much! I was ticked when I saw Ovie try to hit Geno after half my team being on IR,but when I saw his toothless mouth bleeding it made me feel a bit better 'cause he got the brunt end of the deal. (Sorry for run-on sentence)

* I want a Maloneblog! 3 pts. last night and no mention of him, what's going on? He had a wicked hit at the end of the game, too! He is stepping up and he deserves coverage!

* Staal had an amazing game ... he and Crusher have gotten so much more physical!

* No Laraque fight with Brashear! I look forward to that every Crapital game.

* Great blog today guys! Hilarious stuff with Lemieux!!

Lloyd said...

Brew B
"The Crazy Coke Man"

is that the bald guy that is a hell of a funny guy when selling shit? if so... that guy needs his own myspace/blog.

Dr. Turkleton said...

geno named to all* team = meh, at this point, i'd rather give him the extra days off for rest...his back will be tired enough when the Kid returns.

how's bout marty brodeur's 'exit strategy' from having to play in A-T-L ? & no reason given, at this point (ie, injury, date with his sister-in-law, selling crack outside the 'Rock' that weekend, etc....)

J.S. said...

OK, I was wrong about my comment in c-blog yesterday. Outside The Lines is doing a piece on Bing and how his injury effects more than the team.

Bob Ley = solid

Hip said...

brew b - I was wetting myself.
dr. turk - you beat me too it. If Geno so much as gets a hangnail in that damn game, I'll just completely lose it.

rwarner174 said...


I do see your point with the first goal. And most of cheers were for conk I'm sure. But it was just some of the comments I heard at the arena that bothered me I guess, not so much the cheering. It was the same people that yell "shoot it". But yeah I see your point.

I think it can be argued that sabu shouldn't of started, I was even a little shocked. I mean I'm no huge sabu fan or anything. Its just saying that he is garbage because the 2nd best player in the world just top shelfed a one timer bothers me. I am just asking people to think before the speak. Like asking Gonchar to shoot the puck through someone's shin pads on a 5-3.

rwarner174 said...


I do see your point with the first goal. And most of cheers were for conk I'm sure. But it was just some of the comments I heard at the arena that bothered me I guess, not so much the cheering. It was the same people that yell "shoot it". But yeah I see your point.

I think it can be argued that sabu shouldn't of started, I was even a little shocked. I mean I'm no huge sabu fan or anything. Its just saying that he is garbage because the 2nd best player in the world just top shelfed a one timer bothers me. I am just asking people to think before the speak. Like asking Gonchar to shoot the puck through someone's shin pads on a 5-3.

GwinTheEskimo said...

the play where sabu thought it was a wrap-around and the puck went in front was weak.

Nathan said...

Hey, wait a minute, the Caps haven't won anything. I think even Caps fans would prefer to have it that the 1998 playoffs never happened.

I'd love to see yet another Pens-Caps playoff series sometime soon. I'd probably be a long series, and the games would all be really entertaining.

stokes said...

Brew b-

one of the best Cblog posts i've ever read. excellent.

BlacknGold66 said...

Malkin added to Eastern Roster.


cg said...

Brew B just owned cblog.....huge top 10....hilarious...but true....

cragger said...

my dogs name is malkin. brownie points yes/no/maybe?

Pensgirl said...

Wilsmith, the Geno/AO hit happened right in front of my seats, and you could tell that Geno, true to his word, saw AO coming at the last second. In the instant I filled with dread, he straightened up. Paralyzing fear to standing ovation in a nanosecond.

Ryan, my take is that people were definitely cheering for Conklin. It was a warm, welcome-sounding cheer rather than a mean, derisive-sounding one.

That was my 5th home game this year, and the first time the Pens have scored on my end of the ice. Hate losing, but getting to be one of the first people to your feet is one of the little things that can make a game more enjoyable.

wilsmith said...

I tried to comment about 20 times at work and kept giving me errors. Work network is awesome like that.

Half of what I wanted to say was already touched on (crap!).

One that wasn't really, is the hatred I have for that Beninati guy. He's probably my least favorite commentator. I feel like he's putting on that voice, and that he's trying to make himself bigger than the play. Some of the things he says after a goal or whatever come off as him trying to be remembered as the voice of the play. "Do you believe in miracles? YES!" doesn't come along every game, Joe, just call the game, don't try and be bigger than the game.

and for the goalies, I don't think there's many coaches that wouldn't have started Sabourin. Even if it ends up being the wrong call, no one can say anything because he just came off a shutout. So he had a shitty day against a phenom goal scorer, whatev. That around the goal move was flukish, not a goalies fault. The rebound goal shouldn't have happened and maybe the one-timer that AO flubbed off his stick, Sabu seemed completely shocked that a team set up a one-timer.

And who else heard Boy Sets Fire and At the Drive In playing in the Igloo last night? What a selection they have there.

Also, Karate Kid marathon? Shit yeah! First thing that comes to mind is this song: Best song ever?

I don't know how this was overlooked during music blog over the summer. Also, the first comment (by chingonm) is what makes the internet amazing.

wilsmith said...

haha Pensgirl, good seats then. I guess he did since I'm a clear minority here, but that was just my initial reaction that he didn't see it. He must have had the peripherals workin hard. I'm glad he actually got shoulder to shoulder and didn't get his head/neck jarred like sometimes happens with those hits.

rwarner174 said...

Not to change the subject?
But the joker is dead!

That is a real shame, he was a good actor.

Pensgirl said...

Wil, don't mean to mislead, my seats were in section C. :) But I was at a great vantage point to see how Geno's body language changed just before the hit.

Rwarner, saw that about Ledger. They're investigating suicide. Shame. If he had a long-running problem he certainly did a good job keeping it private.

Johnny Wrath said...

Breaking News:

Pensblog Charlie allegedly seen leaving Manhattan wearing Cowboy Hat, sources at Grand Central Station say.

PBC last seen, as we know, outside of Ottawa shortly after Dany Heatley mysteriously suffered a "hip" injury.

Sources in Washington, D.C. confirmed they have placed extra guards in and around the Washington Capital's practice facility, and more specifically, D Tom Poti.

BrewB said...


If someone started crazycokeguyblog, it would run Ebay, Amazon, and myspace off the internet.

Solid human.

WiscPensFan said...

Finally found a site worth the read, and the first I've felt compelled to join. The perfect mix of hockey and humor - thanks.

1st period of Devils and Flyers was eventful - guess it moved me to blog in. I'm a 'newer' Pens fan, initially sucked in by Sid (sorry), but have become enthralled with following the entire team. If you thought VS coverage was lacking, try being a Pens fan from Wisc ... I was forced to the watch 'Sun' broadcast of the Montreal game (biased bastards) while I could see Bob Errey between the boxes! Brutal.

On the Craps game, I echo those who hate fans yelling 'shoot', and found myself one of them on the 5 on 3; I have a soft spot for goalies, but Sabu was just off (slow recovery, poor rebound control) and believe it would have been a different game with Conks.

I am impressed by the Pens recent ability to win the majority of races to the puck - I thought Malone, Geno (of course), and even Talbot looked almost possessed in their efforts.

Which leads me to a question for you veteran Pens fans: why do I find myself almost willing Staal to the puck? I am a fan of his, and see him make great key clears on the PK, but it almost appears that the game moves too fast for him at times. I know of the 'sophomore slump' talk, but am wondering if he is slower than the past, or if speed was never his forte (like Laraque), and is it just because he's playing with the likes of Crosby, Geno, etc.?

Johnny Wrath said...

Welcome aboard, Wiscie. I moved to California 3 years ago, so I can relate to being dragged through Florida coverage sometimes. Just be glad it isn't MSG Channel or, god forbid, Leafs TV.

Staal came to training camp with some wild amount of new muscle mass, like 8% or something. I think he's having a hard time getting used to himself, which could be much too simple a diagnosis. He seems to have trouble maintaining balance at higher speed and in traffic, so perhaps its an issue with how he's used to skating as opposed to his new physique.

I don't see it being a long-term issue, and maybe he can try a new skate blade radius. Sometimes even a new blade lie (that's the angle the hockey stick blade comes off the shaft) can make a huge difference in puck control. I think Gonchar switched to a lower lie and helped develop his puck skills in the mid 90's, which allowed him to control the puck closer to his body.

I think this works itself out by playoff time. Cheers-

Pensgirl said...


1. Don't apologize for Sid bringing you to the Pens. Favre made me a Packers fan (after the Steelers, but still). That's what great players do. The point isn't how you discover your favorite team; the point is that you did.

2. I don't think you're seeing things with Staal. My assessment is that he's relying on his reach too much this year. I don't remember him being particularly fast last year, but I do remember thinking he was a "fluid power skater," much like Mario (bonus points to anyone who knows where I got that phrase). But he has to move his legs to reap the effects, and this year, I don't see him skating to the puck as much as standing and reaching for it. Even the Gronk can't get away with that on a consistent basis. When he does move his legs, it's awkward in a way I don't recall from before.

However. He is 19, and it is quite common for males to continue growing into their early 20s. My brother didn't hit his current height/build 'til he was 21. Growth spurts can lead to awkward physicality even in athletic types. Maybe ol' Gronk ain't done yet (!!!!).

The other thing to remember is that he's a center who played most of his rookie year on Malkin's wing. So he's no longer playing with a prolific star, he's actually a rookie at his "real" position, and that position carries more responsibility than the one he played last year. I actually think this is his biggest issue - in his effort to remember to do D, E, and F right he's not doing as well at A, B, and C.

He'll get there. It'll just take some time for him to put all the pieces together.


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