Monday, January 7, 2008

The Pensblog FAQ

Welcome to The Pensblog.

We wanted everyone to know that this site is basically a huge community.
Just look at our posts as nothing more than a glorified comment in the comments section.

We appreciate your reading, e-mailing, commenting, photoshopping, and overall anything you do to interact with us on the site.

We've had tons of things happen during our existence.

Here is a little FAQ section to catch up new readers, refresh old ones,
and even let us remember what the hell we're doing.

Feel free to add anything in the comments section if we missed it.

When and why was The Pensblog created?
  • September 2006 at 2:30 in the morning on a whim. We like to laugh, and the Penguins and essentially the NHL are a nearly endless subject to talk about. This is The Pensblog, not The Pens Blog, not Pens Blog. We liken that misspelling to someone pronouncing your last name wrong over a public-address system.
Who runs The Pensblog?
  • Adam, Derek, Justin and Pensblog Charlie write. Stephen S handles all of the Penguin graphics. Other contributors are Canaan, and original graphic designers Chris and Gabe.
What does the word "Jobber" mean?
  • Jobber and its many variations ( job, jobbed, jobbing, etc. ) can be used in any form. You can call someone a jobber. You can say someone jobbed you. You can say you were jobbing your girlfriend. It is a word that can mean whatever you want.

How can you contact Pensblog?
We used to have a Yahoo email, but we never really check it anymore.

What is commentorblog?
  • We call everything "blog," so Commentorblog is our comments section, which is a big reason this site is important to us.
How do I comment?
  • Just click on the comment section, and it is self-explanatory. You can comment anonymously or you can use basically any account you have anywhere on the internet.
Are comments moderated.
  • Not anymore. We encourage anyone to now comment. We are always looking for ways to make commentorblog a better place. If there is someone who is only coming in to cause trouble, just ignore them.

Is Pensblog Charlie real?
  • Yes, he was brought on to squelch the allegations that we're homophobic. He okay's any and every reference to homosexuals before we post something.
Is the Pensblog Homophobic?
  • No. We love gay people.
Is The Pensblog open to advertising?
  • Yes, Please contact us.
How do I get my site linked on Pensblog sidebar?
  • Just email us. We will put it up as soon as we can. If we don't after a week, just e-mail us again. Both of us check e-mails, so if one of us checks it and forgets about it, it's forgotten forever.
How often do you post?
  • Every day. We start jobbing around in a post in the early evening, and then it finally goes up between 12:30am - 3:00 am every morning.
What is WWGRD?
  • Not too long ago, maybe late September, early October, "What Would Gary Roberts Do" took over the blog. After a 5-minute photoshop was made by Don K. Show depicting the letters WWGRD on a wristband, everyone loved the idea, and we eventually sold over 800 wristbands.
  • Details are sketchy, but it would seem appropriate to do another round of sales for the post-season as well as Gary Roberts return from injury. That's not going to be until mid- to late February.
  • If Mark Eaton returns to play this season, we might rush order "WWMED" wristbands.
Any other projects on the horizon?
  • We've explored the prospect of making t-shirts. We're also exploring some sort of massive NHL video-game tournament. But as we have said numerous times before, we are lucky to get out of bed in the morning, so whatev.

Where can I find old post?

  • In the sidebar, there is a section for some of our favorite posts. Other than that, just search for it.
If I have a non-NHL related link or photoshop should I send it in?
  • Absolutely.

Like we said, to all the regulars if we forgot anything, let us know.
This link will be on the sidebar permanently.

Who is Marty the Chicken?
  • Marty is our Pet Chicken, who comes around from time to time.

How do I make hyperlinks in Commentorblog?

  • Enter this code:
>a href="pageYOUARElinking.html">text you want people to click>*/a*

Change the ">" at the beginning to "<" Then in place of the asterisks at the end, use "<" and ">" in that order.

How do I send National Anthem pictures in, and how long do I have?

  • Take a picture at the game with your camera-phone or some bad-ass digital one. Send them to [ ]. Be sure to somehow include your name if you'd like. You usually have about 4-6 hours after the games to send the pictures in. But you're always welcome to send them in just in case.


Loser Chris said...

A FAQ with no mention of Mark Eaton? What is the world coming to?

Staff said...

hahaha good call.

Staff said...

okay kind of updated:


canaanregulatesblog said...

bulleted lists are gay.

pensblog charlie has found a mate ( the man now affectionately known as "wolf" from the newly-redone American Gladiators.

A mention of the pensblog's open invite to photoshop submissions would be good for the FAQ. reader submissions give the blog that added awesomeness.

canaanregulatesblog said...

balls. did you add that photoshop submission line while i posted? grrr.

canaanregulatesblog said...


if you want an HD dl of the Winter Classic, here is an awesome torrent for it (4.5GB dl):

and if you want an awesome dvd cover (if you plan to burn as i am doing), here is an awesome cover:


Staff said...

hahaha beat you to it Canaan.

a10mcd said...

T-Shirts would be nice. I'd definitely buy one.

pensblog jeff said...

I'm not dead! I'm on my way back to North America RIGHT NOW.

slush said...

Id be all over a tshirt and force everyone else I know to get one as well.

Lady Jaye said...

I'd love some of these Photoshops on a t-shirt... although I'm sure there is some legal reason why we can't. The "stunner" picture is classic IMHO.

Actually, I do have a question not in the faq. Do you guys have any size requirements on Photoshop or do you shrink them if they're too large?

Sean said...

i think ConkBlock t-shirts would catch on at'd be better than those stinkin' rats from Florida

BlacknGold66 said...

Much needed FAQ. I was JUST explaining what half of the jokes (stunner, jobbing, etc.) on this site meant to my girlfriend.

Now she can read the FAQ and be caught up with the rest of us jobbers.

GwinTheEskimo said...

How about an NHL '94 or NHL '95 tourney?

TheNaturalMevs said...

I just wanna say that I think this site is as good as there is. Love coming here.

dennis said...

Something needs added....

Q: Is The Pensblog the best blog on Gore?

A. Yes.

chris l. said...

How 'bout a FAQ about the Pensblog chicken?

Or not. Either way, solid solid solid. Only thing on the internets worth checking every day.

Keep it up.

Go Pens in FLA.

jimbo said...

I'd buy that rock out with your conk out shirt.

DeathByEmu said...

I'm a noob..can you make me understand the male maodel in the white unitard thingie? I see him everywhere here, and it's worth a snicker everytime even without being in on the joke.

Anonymous said...

thats pensblog charlie thepensblog homo advisor

Anonymous said...

what is the significance of marty the chicken?

Mikeohyourcool said...

the day roberts retires from the pens is the day that i die. inside.

The Seeker said...

LOL...I knew the hyperlink instructions would turn out screwy.

Please see the email I sent with instructions on how to force it to display the CODE correctly.

terryblsu said...

i know that I am the only person who thinks this, but I think EVERYONE is overplaying the pens level of play last night. they had full puck possession the first and 3rd periods. were people actually watching the game? or just the matchup? the 2nd they sucked. they did not shoot the puck enough either, but that is typical pens pucks. it is not the end of the world, they played OK in the truest sense.

Tyler said...

I was hoping I would find this in the FAQs but what is the deal with Brooks being the candy man (I just assume it is because he molests our opponents with pride-obliterating hits)?

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