Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Of Them Nights. PENS LOSE.

4 - 1


The good news?
If we did our math right, Conklin will be showing up in NHL leaderboards today.

2.14 GAA
.934 SV%

Other than that, you pretty much felt like McGruff the crime dog when he brought his bong to some grade school by mistake.

Bad times.


-- Thrasher fan JZNole comes through --



The Pens looked like they hadn't skipped a beat, when the Muskegon Line Part 8 came out and cycled for about 4 minutes, but they forgot to get a shot on the net.

The next shift, some French guy had a breakaway, but he shoots it into Conk's junk.

Staal-Christensen-Talbot come out and play puck possession.
Atlanta's goalie falls asleep waiting for a shot on net.

Gonch monkeyed into the slot and redirected a pass at the net, but big save.
Nathan Smith gets jobbed into the net, and the net goes off its moorings.
When was the last time you saw a whistle not blown when the net is that messed up?

Butterfly Effect Blog -- Holik eventually goes down and scores a goal.


Give it up for Bobby Holik, though. He's getting up there in age.
And now he is only a minus-16 for the year.

We don't want to job our crack dealer, but FSN's graphic department put Chris Thorburn on the Pens fourth line during the PNC Bank Lines graphic.
That would have been OK in October. Get it together boys.

Ruutu came out for a shift after that and totally rammed some turd in the Thrashers zone.
For a brief second, it looked like he hit Mark Recchi.
But then everyone realized Mark Recchi wouldn't be back that far in his own defensive zone.

Jeff Taffe flies down into the Thrashers zone, with all intents to lift Exelby's stick, but Taffe's stick jobs him in the face.
4-minute edition.

-- Matt Kom --

You didn't think much about it when it happened, but Malkin went down to block a shot and didn't even care about at least covering his face. Dude.

Staal lost his stick on the PK, but the Pens manage to get out of that mess.

It took the Thrashers a few minutes, but they finally were able to put Kovalchuk at the left point and set him up for a one-timer.


Kovalchuk, the consummate dick, shows up the Pens bench after the goal with a quick point.
Act like you've scored before.

The next time down into the Pens zone, that French guy tripped up Letang.
Big power play at the end of the period.

No dice.
It feels like it could be a long night.


-- Patrick K. --

Apparently, the "Commit To The Indian" shirts are no longer for sale.



If this is NHL '08, you look forward to the second period 'cause you'll be on offense skating up the screen.

You have something else to look forward to when Ken Klee interferes with Gonch.
Another big PP on the way.

For the second time tonight, the power play does nothing at all.

Remember when Kovalchuk pointed at the Pens bench?
It is Ruutu's job to go find him and give him an extra little nudge.
Not to injure the guy, but just to say: don't do that again.

Kovalchuk tries to get away from the check, but Ruutu's knee hits Kovy's knee.

No one wants to see anyone hurt.
But the Penguins don't want to see anyone showing them up.
Don't be stupid.


Atlanta's Steve McCarthy accuses Ruutu of being a communist and goes after him, pelting him with fists.
Just an atrocious call.
The argument already building on the internet is "Well, what if that happened to Malkin or Crosby?"

Well, first off, it didn't.
Secondly, it wasn't kneeing.

Ruleblog []

If you want to see a kneeing penalty, go to the 1991 Wales Conference Finals and find Ulf Samuelsson jobbing Cam Neely.

The worst part of it all?
Ruutu gets 5 minutes for fighting while never taking his gloves off or throwing a punch.

Somehow the Pens come out of this shorthanded on a 3-minute all-you-can-get power play for Atlanta.

The refs are quick to bring out the make-up call when Holik gives Malkin a love tap with his stick.

The damage has been done though. Ruutu is gone for the game. A short bench gets shorter.

During some 4-on-4 business, Malkin gets a stick in the face. No call.
Next trip down the ice, Nazzer gets the stick up into a Thrasher. Penalty.
Just how things were happening.

Did Errey call Nazzer's penalty a "2-minute johnson"?
If so, that is awesome.

The Pens kill it off, and all of a sudden, the second period was disappearing, and the two-goal deficit started looking like Mount Washington.

Sykora almost got the Pens going, but Kari Lehtonen was a brick wall.

Gonch heads to the box, just in time for Ilya Kovalchuk to return to the ice on the power play.
The Pens kill it off, and Kovalchuk heads back to the locker room.

Next thing you know, Bobby Orrpik flies down the wing and gets across the slot to Nathan Smith.

Smith turns his skate to slow the puck down, but it caroms off and goes into the net.
Helen Keller could see he had no intent of kicking it in, but Helen Keller isn't in the war room.
No goal.

Why did the review take so long?

-- Jas155 --

One of the worst periods of the season mercifully comes to an end.


-- J. Schiff --

This one goes to Mark Recchi, for his remarks during the intermission interview with Dan Potash.

Potash: Something about Kovalchuk.

Recchi: Yeah, he's the top player in the -- one of the top 2 players in the NHL.
He has 38 goals.

We have some finely tuned jobdar, so you know that was a smack on Crosby,
especially when he added the goal total to the statement.



The Pens come out and get a quick power play.
EC gets a huge chance. Kari Lehtonen says go to hell.

That French dude has been the thorn in our sacks all game.
He gets a shorthanded breakaway and snipes it past Conk. 3-0.

After Lehtonen puts another brick in the wall with a stop on Laraque, A.C. Slater puts one home. 4-0.

We've posted some graphic male pictures in our day.
This one is probably the most offensive.

Conk gets pulled. Sabu goes between the pipes.
We have our Conk sunglasses on, so we'll say that the Pens should have had at least a couple goals on the board. to help the cause.

The third period drifted past the 10:00 mark, and wait, there's a goal. 4-1.

There was still time. But not tonight.
If you have watched enough hockey, you can feel it.



If anyone wants a good program that is like Photoshop, we recommend [GIMP]
It is a free download, and it is gold.


The Pens took their 22nd penalty of the night as time disappeared.
"Kill it. Whatever." -- Pens Nation.

Father time enters the building, and all you can hope for is for someone to run Bobby Holik.
Nothing going on.

One thing of note"
Atlanta PD issued a search party for Marian Hossa.

Everyone wants him, but is he even good?
Unless the Penguins are planning to do magic shows with disappearing acts, they should not trade for him.



  • Whitney: 1G
  • Crosby: Natural hat trick on his PS3.

  • Kari Lehtonen can be a big deal when he wants to be.
  • Does Marian Hossa play for the Thrashers? Seriously. Did he play tonight?
  • Don Wad is a moron.
  • Did Kris Beech walk in from Canada?
  • What's with Atlanta? Their P.A. announcer has to inform the fans every time there's an offsides, when there's an icing, and even says teams when teams go to even-strength while play is in progress. Stupid. If Mellon Arena did that, there would be stunners handed out.


The Emo Cow said...

well the good news about tonight's game is we won't have fans from the other team coming here to job us after the loss.

anyone else notice that the first game back after the All Star game has been in the same city as the All Star game two years in a row now?

Anonymous said...

emo cow we played in new jersey last nite


The Emo Cow said...

oh. well, for the home team, it's been the pens as the first game back.

I've kinda been out of it this week and I haven't been able to watch any games, so I kinda spaced out that NJ game.

but I'm still half right, I suppose.

J.S. said...

Has the Wheatley Trophy been retired?

Anonymous said...

Crosby: Natural hat trick on his PS3.

Pshhh Everyone knows Crosby is a 360 kinda guy.

stokes said...

the ATL PA guy sounds like this:


Get a new gig or shoot yourself, dick.

Headline is money. It was one of them nights. The refs blew ass,the warroom jobbed us, the bounces sucked and things just generally didn't go the Pens way. Truthfully, the non-goal call could have gone either way and that's the epitome the night. And Lehtonen played well. Oh well.

Rex is quickly losing my respect faster than he's losing hair.

Anonymous said...

The PA announcer there is irritating as anything. I can't stand how he drags out two syllable names into ten syllables, and gets progressively worse with each extra syllable. Is he being paid on a rate per syllables?

Ashley said...

I agree, the ATL PA guy drives me fucking nuts. I couldn't stand him during the All-Star game when he announced the players' names, and I couldn't bear him last night.

"It's a Thrashers Powerrrrr Playyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Atlanta must be one of those markets where a lot of 'fans' must be told what's going on. I caught the tail-end of a Nashville game on Hockey Night in Canada several months ago and the announcers went on and on explaining why the game would've been over if the puck had gone in the net (it was OT of course), and how, if no one scored in OT, then they'd go into something called a 'shootout'...I felt like I was watching a "Hockey for Dummies" broadcast.

geezer said...

Refs really sucked. We sucked. Atlanta apparently now considers us the enemy due to past and present shit(SID and Kov and Rhecci). They can lick my sac. Especially refs, enough horrible calls on RUUtu already, you ugly sac bags.

1ThrashersFan said...

hahahaha you faggots suck, eat shit and die - your team is garbage

some guest said...

the pk unit photoshop-made by my little brother. he will be pumped this morning.

Matt P. said...

That NHL War Room pic is hilarious. May have to borrow that in the event a need for it should arise...

some guest said...

i just noticed a new member in flashblog. nice.

Fleury29 said...

1thrashersfan, grow up. Your comment sounds like you're 14... or Kenny Melvin.

The Atlanta PA announcer may have sucked but the Sports South TV announcers were generic and boring. They were horrible. It was like watching an infomercial. Anything that makes me long for the awesomeness that is Paul Steigerwald is a bad thing, folks.

It was a jobber game last night. The Pens did some jobbing, got jobbed (especially on that "kneeing" penalty.) Either way, I don't care, I'm just happy to be able to watch some Pens games on TV.

Jas155, that's a sick photoshop with the Small Wonder screen. I was just talking about that show with some friends of mine the other day. Totally Baader-Meinhoff.

Bring on the 'Canes.


dying alive said...

1thrashersfan. Huh. That sounds about right. There is exactly one Thrashers fan, and lucky us, he decided to show up here.

That was the emptiest arena I've ever seen in my life. Either everyone is sitting in the upper bowls, or their attendance was about 729 last night.

not bigrickpsu said...

Two thoughts:

1.) Jinxblog by putting Conklin in the flash bar?

2.) (And I know this will make some people here unhappy) We should have started Sabu last night. Our goalies just don't do well playing back to back games. I know Conklin is on a role and he just had 3 days off, but why play him back to back? Sabu has played good coming in during these types of situations.

I know Conklin can handle the work load, but what if he is even one percent less sharp? Let Sabu play on the second night of back to back games and then put Conklin back in for the next one, even if Sabu gets a shutout.

I'm not saying Conklin played bad, or that Sabu would have won the game -- when you only score one goal it is tough to win -- but now Conklin has just played another game that is just a little more wear and tear on his body than usual by not having a full recovery time before the next game. Why do it at all?

Just my thoughts. On back to back nights, play the backup goaltender.

snoopyjode said...

wow. your wit is beyond clever. i'm overwhelmed by it and have no response. oh wait, yes i do - you are pathetic because you came here just to rile people up and get yourself some attention, so congratulations! you got it. you are a douche. anyhoo...

Kovalchuk, the consummate dick - truer words were never spoken. and since kovy's the dick, recchi can suck it. can anyone say "bitter old man?"

[*sigh*] that was a tough loss. DAMN YOU, KARI LEHTONEN!!! oh well, it's over now. hopefully the pens will shake it off and do well against the canes.

Andrew said...

Conklin is indeed on top of the Save percentage and fifth in GAA. Spot on staff, spot on.

pensgirl said...

Absolutely right, staff. You could tell nothing was going to to our way. Nothin' to do but move on.

The Atlanta announcers claimed that 1) Ruutu clearly did not knee Kovalchuk and the contact only occurred the way it did because of Kovalchuk's own move, and 2) the officials made the right call with the major/misconduct. WTFblog.

thepensbob said...

That was the first time this season I've wanted to turn off the tv during a pens game. Frustratingblog.

Stoosh said...

Reason #165437 that you can tell the Thrashers frachise is a joke:

There another team in the league that tries to "NBA-up" their home games more than Atlanta. Maybe loud PA announcers, overdone player intros, loud goal horns that go on approximately 90 seconds than they need to, excessively loud music between EVERY SINGLE STOPPAGE of play (no matter how brief), strobe lights, flashing lights, colored lights, flashing colored strobe lights and probably fireworks are what's needed to get some of those rednecks in the seats in there in Atlanta. But it's like watching a fucking NBA game, and the NBA is a joke.

Ashley was right...Hockey For Dummies indeed.

1THRASHERSFAN - At least we won one game in the playoffs last year, chump. Did the Thrashers even get parting gifts for that no-heart showing they put up last post-season? I haven't seen a better "deer in headlights" impression by a team since the Flyers got swept by the Red Wings in the Cup Finals eleven years ago.

Lady Jaye said...

Don't feed the trolls :) But one can remind 1ThrashersFan that our team is at the moment going to make the playoffs.

Stoosh said...

That was supposed to read "IS there another team in the league that tries to "NBA-up" their home games more than Atlanta?"


J said...

Even I'm embarassed that the only other Thrashers fan posted that. Yes, I am the other one. I think me and that kid were the only one in the stands last night. And yes, our PA announcer thinks we're all retards and I hate him. Love this blog though! Glad my anthem picture made the big time!

Jessica said...

The ATL PA guy has to tell all the Trasher fans what they're seeing. I can't believe they even have a franchise. Half the seats were empty, a bunch of jags spent the game pounding on the glass from the wrong end of the rink, and if you search on StubHub, you can buy Trashers tickets for $4. Literally $4.

Mike Georger said...

i like how the coach says he couldnt stop Kovalchuk from coming back for that shift later in the game. yes you can, youre the fucking coach, its your decision you coward. you let your franchise player go back out with a possible blown knee with five minutes left up three goals, you know what you deserve to lose him for the season fuckface

StuporDave said...

At least they played hard until the final whistle. Didn't get one bounce or call all night. At least Recchi didnt get a goal.

And Ashley, not trying to job, but it literally was hockey for dummies in Nashville that night. They had been calling it Hockey 101 and they were going to be explaining things like that for the whole game. Glad I missed it and sorry you had to catch some of it. Big Pens fan, displaced in Nashville and have only gotten to see one Pens game here in 3 seasons. Readyfornewscheduleblog.

Malkinian said...

1Thrashersfan: Your team is 12th in the east w/ pretty much the same team you had last year. The Pens are 6th w/ pretty much every character from Guess Who playing. Eat it.

dying alive said...

jessica - I also noticed all of the Thrash fans jumping up and pounding on the glass. WTF? Act like you've been to a live sporting event before, noobs.

malkinian - nice Guess Who? reference. What a great game!

some guest said...

just wondering, but does kovalchuk taunt every team's bench when he scores, or just ours?

either way, it just shows how much of a douche he is.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually in favor of the PA announcer putting out that play is stopped for a hand pass, high stick on the puck, offsides, etc.

At least once every game I'm in the igloo for, I have to turn to a buddy and say "What was that one?"

Announcing the return to even strength is a bit much for me as a fan, but the players might appreciate it.

chris l. said...

Staff: Jobber of the week is right on. As pointed out above, Recchi has not made it past his bitterness towards the Pens organization. I hate to bring it up again, as Staal has been playing relatively well, but does anyone really think ol'#8 has the self-restraint to keep those kinds of digs and innuendo out of his conversations with his tenant? I know I don't. It's called Irish Alzheimers - you forget everything but the grudge.

And the ATL fans were morons. The NHL must have filmed that "newborn nursery" commercial in Atlanta. Douchetown.

Anonymous said...

Jinxblog for the Conk???

His streak is over and he's coming off a loss. What is there to jinx?

bil said...

i just cannot get over the fact that some people actually get onto blogs and websites and say stuff to get people annoyed. even when i was in 5th grade i thought that stuff was retarded.

Final Thoughts:
kovalchuk is a douche
1thrashersfan: you're existence DOES annoy me. Don't Worry, It's the 1st of the month tomorrow

Dr. Turkleton said...

"If this is NHL '08, you look forward to the second period 'cause you'll be on offense skating up the screen." -classic.
always seems easier to score when skating uphill (twice if your the home team!)

was gonna be happy with 2 points on this 2 game mini-roadtrip....just thought the W & L were gonna be a L then W, based on the, if they can just keep improving that home record & esp. getting some more W's in those 4-point division games, the boys will be o.k.

blades09 said...

The kneeing call was bad, no doubt. But let's face it: the refs don't have the benefit of a replay system. And it was a role player injuring a star player. So I'll give them that one even though it's the wrong call.

Now, the fighting call against Ruutu was ridiculous. Absolutely insane! What exactly does a guy have to do to NOT get called for fighting when some idiot is pounding the back of his head?


Anonymous said...

shelly andersons recap might have been the worst recap i have ever read on the


jaos said...


crosby had a 360 but the sheer dominance of his hands on the controller caused the 360 to burst into flames and RROD. Crosby had to trade up to better hardware that could withstand his manly dual stick handling.

Hip said...

Bobby Orrpick. I guffawed.

Anonymous said...

i bet because of all this "stick handling" talk, PB Charlie is taking a cold shower

Hooks Orpik said...

+1 for Orrpik.

Imagine if he would have gotten a goal and that assist and thought he was the second coming of Rick Tocchet or something. haha

Holly said...

I try to give refs the benefit of the doubt, but these zebras must have been former Atlanta players in disguise.

I. Whistle isn't blown when the net is floating around five feet behind the line.
II. Worst call I've seen on Ruutu. Clean hit, Kovy dives. Major penalty on Roots, who is then nearly pulverized by a blue sweater. Ruutu gets another major for fighting. WHAT?
III. High stick on Geno isn't called. Pens high stick is.
IV. They spend 15 minutes deciding whether a Thrashers shot is in, when it clearly isn't. And they know that in Toronto. This is after they took away a Pens goal. What?


J Schiff said...

Fleury 29 -- "Small Wonder" is a totally f'ed up show... not too many people remember it. THis is one of my personal favorite photoshops. I sent it in from my pitt Email rather than my personal email, so it got credited to my Pitt Username rather than J Schiff.

Anonymous said...

I have to give the refs the kneeing call on Ruutu. Without the benefit of the replay, it was undoubtedly the right call to make.

Giving him five for getting punched in the back of his head still makes no sense, though.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:47 AM:

No crosby isn't poor, he probably has a ps3. Also, crosby seems like a sharp guy and probably knows the damage that Bill Gates and Microsoft monopoly are doing to the computer indursty.

My money is on Crosby owning a ps3.

360 = AIDS.

Hooks Orpik said...

anon 3:03, yeah I get that too. You got a guy with Ruutu's reputation flying in and hitting a star like Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk goes down in a heap.

In a boom/boom action too. No time to really see, without a great angle, that Ruutu wasn't intending the whole way to hit his leg, Kovalchuk tried to sqiurm out of the hit at the last second.

But you're right, there's absolutely no reason at all to give a guy 5 for fighting when he doesn't drop his gloves or throw a punch or do anything considered, you know, fighting.

EmDubs said...

I can't believe McGruff smokes up. My childhood has been ruined. Thanks Pensblog.

Ryan said...

You're all wrong. Crosby owns a Wii.

He downloaded Ice Hockey for the NES and schooled the fat guys.

Flyer Hater said...

Atlanta is one of the worst sports towns in the entire country. You know everytime I see a fan display like the one last night in Atlanta, I get really upset that there's no team in Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec, etc. It's crap

stokes said...

@ not bigrickpsu:

I think its a situation where you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. if Sabu starts and has a bad game, how many people would have come on Cblog and said why didn't they start Conk?!??!

We saw it the game after the Canadiens shut out(against the Cryers, i think). Sabu played a good game and earned the start in Philthy. and stunk. they were not back to back games, but its ALMOST the same type to issue.

stokes said...

sorry it was the Crapitals.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

I call for the firing of the refs last night. Do they even watch the games anymore? How are you not watching seeing that Malkin got a high-stick in the face while on the other side of the ice they call one on us? Hopeless!!!

Recchi is ticking me off so much. I had the most respect for the man but after hearing him talk and watching him try to mess with Malone, Staal, and my boys, I was through. Rex, you have lost the fans you had, and basically no one watches Atlanta so go sink back into that nothing.

The Ruutu call is as dumb as Koval-sucks celebration. When he came back out, I flipped. I was ready to drive down to Atlanta and make sure his knee was hurt. The rest of the game I kept saying that he should have broken his leg. Stupid call ... I hope the NHL has a little talk with these refs.

Notice after the game that the ref went over to the Atlanta bench? Guess he's picking up his extra cash for calling the game.

Whatever imbecile that came into our blog, who has more points, who is higher in the standings,who has more than five fans, and who attracts more fans than your home team? The Answer to all of the above, I know it's hard to concentrate when your still searching for Hossa, is the Penguins.

Nice putting Charlie up there!! Watch out Whit and Petr!

For once this season, I was ready to hug Bob Errey! He did not sound incompetent and made smart observations! Way to go, BOB!!! (BTW: We won't tell anyone if you lock Steiggy in a basement somewhere in Mexico and they "need" to call in a replacement named Lange.)

I knew they were gonna overturn the Smith goal ... the way the game was going, it fit in appropriately.

I didn't appreciate Whit gettin' tripped after he scored. I knew the dude did it on purpose, and he slammed into the boards. (I have become very paranoid with my players and them touching the boards.)

I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but how did McCarthy get one of the three stars? Maybe I am missing something here?

Sorry for the angryrantblog!! Good news thoughthe A&L Motors commercial airs on Hd game!!

Pensgirl said...

He downloaded Ice Hockey for the NES and schooled the fat guys.

NICE. That had to be the best hockey video game ever. So craptastic it's actually great.

Maal said...

1thrasherfan dude why you gotta make us all look bad? You rere. At least use some creative insults or something, jesus.

I'm hoping a nice rivalry'll develop out of this game now. I still hate Ruutu and hope he accidentally drops dead, but I felt that way long before last night. This just adds fuel to the hoping.

Jeffry said...

forget ice hockey, blades of steel came out on the wii a couple weeks ago

Anonymous said...

Ty Conklin's Wikipedia page...

Check out the nickname section and the very bottom of the page..

pittsburgh girl forever said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! I laughed so hard reading the "conkblock" on wikipedia! Good stuff!!

Flyer Hater said...

Listening to that Atlanta PA guy last night makes you realize how much of a beast John Barbaro is.

Anonymous said...

wow, those wikipedia commies are really fast in deleting stuff...

Anonymous said...

...but whoever put that "Conkblock" came from Penguins Fan Kenny Melvin..hahaha

Anonymous said...

KM likes his Conks :O

Anonymous said...

i especially liked the "THE PENSBLOG PWNS WIKIPEDIA BITCHES, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" part...before they went all communist and called it vandalism.

this is totally making my fucking funny

FleuryBlog said...

Mark Rechhi is a joke...what the hell is FSN pittsburgh thinking...first Primeau in the box doing guest commentary,then I am treated to a wet,sweaty, slobbering rex who looks like he just took a money shot from Peter North

Anonymous said...

my urbandictionary entry of the conkblock:

will soon be edited with more graphics.

karri said...


"Conkblock" finally makes it on Urban Dictionary! that from you?

How about some "Conk" stats?

I really miss the Staal stats. :(

cragger said...


Flyer Hater said...

We can still take this division. Four games left against the Flyers with three of them coming at the igloo.

Pensblog Staff said...

Did anyone see Mats Sundin just kick the puck into the net?


Anonymous said...

The skating up comment was perfect. Whenever I skate down all my shots are on the ice. Horrid call on Ruutu, his knee was never outside of his body. If you are too big of a pussy to take the hit shit like that happens. It's like the kid that turns around right before you hit him and you end up driving him headfirst into the boards. frustrationblog


Anonymous said...

haha yes, that was from me. Rachele. and i'll try to get on some stats or something. i have no time ever.

i also tried to put in wwgrd into urbandictionary, i guess it hasnt got approved yet lol


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