Monday, January 7, 2008


We know someone who knows someone who knows someone who...

Here are the ones we've resized into 1024 x 768 wallpapers.

Click them, and it will take you to the real deal.


Here are just straight-up pics.
Click to make them a little bigger.

Locker room in Calgary

Oh man


Anonymous said...

you guys rock!

my work computer just blew up

Anonymous said...


firefox said...

It really is amazing how the Pens equipment staff dress up the visiting team locker rooms every where they go. Those guys already have a crap load of work as is and they just go above and beyond with all the signs. That is someone that truly loves their job. I am envious.

canaanregulatesblog said...

those pics are definitely solid. liquid and gaseous ain't got shit on those pics.

Jonny V said...

I think I downloaded and saved every pic from the Winter Classic off of yahoo's site, and these and Stephen S's logos are the icing on the cake.

You guys have really stepped it up these past few weeks, just wanted to say thanks for giving us so much great stuff to read and laugh at.

And wHilsmith, I wish I could say I was clever enough to deduce Hebrew's identity, but we'll just say a little bird told me...we'll call him Larry. No more yipin' from me about it though. Seriously. Fer rills this time.

Ryan said...

"You guys have really stepped it up these past few weeks, just wanted to say thanks for giving us so much great stuff to read and laugh at."

Ditto that.

Chase said...

those are some amazing pics.
did anyone see the article on the flyers site about how downie didn't get suspended for sucker punching jason blake? The first half of it is about downie's meeting with the NHL while the second half is about how kubina destroyed coburn in the same game and didn't get a penalty. it's just a bunch of whining after the nhl did the flyers a favor. even the writers for the flyer's website are a joke. what a sorry excuse for a hockey team.

Fleury29 said...



This, and hundreds of other reasons, are why this The Pensblog is a big deal.

I, too, saved every winter classic pic I could get my mouse on... the awesome shot of the back of Conklin has been my desktop wallpaper since the day after the game but Gary Fucking Roberts, these pics are amazing.

Winter Classic wallpaper has been upgraded to version 2.0... I think I'll have to rotate them.

DDBimmyandJimmy said...

Has anyone seen Alien vs. Predator 2 yet??

Don't bother, Gary Roberts wins

HighSticker said...

You got to love the fact the Dana the equipment guy taks the penguins carpet with him on the road and the other pens stuff to make the team feel at home...classy. Wayne Gretsky Drive...Whatev...

Lady Jaye said...

Woo! Thanks guys. I have my new desktop backgrounds now.

Pensgirl said...

Not to go all broken record but I'm with jonny and ryan.

Lately this place has been warhorseblog with hands of silk.

(Wow, I thought I couldn't possibly cause that line to make even less sense, but I believe I did.)

jim said... has been getting some mentions on air. the site even said today that steigy sent them a clip of the ruutu fight.

it's time pensblog starts getting some on-air mentions. if only steigy would say "conkblock" just once...

Joshua said...

Anyone notice that Fleury had his pads there?

nu said...

Do other teams really not take stuff with them on the road? *blink*

Aww, just one more reason being a Pens fan gets you warm and fuzzy!

some guest said...

didnt steigy say what would Gary Roberts do? once before a game?

if he did, could that be attributed to this site or no?

stokes said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but seriously, you guys have been on fire. ever since the healthy scratch, the blog has been unreal. not that it was bad before, but you guys have turned it up to 11.

make t-shirts. i would gladly wear one, or more. i tell everyone i know about this site because its that damn good.

hats off to you, staff.

Jonny V said...

Josh, Fleury actually suited up for practice.

Warhorseblog with hands of silk. That description was apt. The word. Not apartment abbreviated.

wilsmith said...

This is terrific.

Ha, sorry Johnny, I just remember you were the first person to call it out.

joshua - I saw a couple pics of Fleury out on the ice, anyone know if he was in the team picture?

And you gotta give it to Dana, good ole Johnstown boy gettin it done.

Anonymous said...

no need to worry that king shero would be stupid enough to trade staal for hossa is there?

canaanregulatesblog said...


unfortunately, i dont know how much air time we would get due to our off-the-cuff remarks, but who knows, wwgrd wristbands almost got us there.

Jazzhall said...

Slow night on Ottawa G - Emery was in a practice fight with McGratton and this merited a leading story.

Excellent shots, definitely worth saving.

canaanregulatesblog said...

anon @ 11:55pm

if we could negotiate a decently priced re-sign with hossa, i would take that trade in a hurry.

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