Saturday, January 12, 2008

GameDay (44) -- Pens @ Thrashers



We're actually surprised that the NFL didn't move this game to 4:00 in the morning
to accommodate all the butt-loving playoff action.

Go Jags, though.


Anyone who has a contender for the Art Ross Trophy hates Sidney Crosby.
Ilya Kovalchuk is a beast. There's no way around it.

We can also expect Atlanta fans to completely despise the entire Penguins organization
for how they "treated" Mark Recchi.

If Atlanta fans know what life is about, they would give Recchi a 5-minute standing ovation
if and when he scores a goal.

Joshua S.


Thanks to everyone sending photoshops.
We're getting more than we ever have.
In a perfect world, every one of them would be used in a post somewhere.

For the ones we don't get to, you will see them in the expo.

We end up forgetting to post a couple.
As always, if we don't use it after a while, just send it again.

KJ Mc.

B. Smith

Joshua B.
No clue.

David B.


Go Pens


Steph said...

Haha leave it to you guys - I wonder if this is how celebrities feel when their shameful sex tapes get leaked.

Conks and his former suckage has been a longstanding NPI joke, so when he was in the AHL last year we traversed to Grand Rapids know honestly I don't remember who gave me that horrible tagline but I felt it was necessary to go on the sign. We made the sign last minute in my car on the way up. I like to think he tells stories about how ridiculous we were. (We did actually keep the bottom folded up for most of the game, but when it came to the shootout all bets were off. We were probably the reason he lost.)

I actually like the shot of my friend holding it better. Maybe because I'm not the one looking like an idiot in it. (He's probably going to kill me for this.)

PittPensFan said...

Burning Conklin photoshop from "The Thing", I believe?

Mike Costa said...

I Hope Recchi Gets What's Coming To Him Tonight

The Hebrew Hammer said...

What exactly does Recchi deserve Mike?

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

bill said...

b. smith. that big lebowski photoshop with conkblock was spot on.

let's go pens.

horrorblog said...


freddy vs jason.

Rinslet said...

lol! Congrats Steph, I always knew you'd make it!

Pensgirl said...

Atlanta's announcing crew is cracking me up right now. First they slurp all over Sid after he scores, and now they're making fun of the upper bowl for booing a Thrashers offsides call.

Oh, wait, they're slurping Sid again. This is hilarious.

Thrasher fans must hate these guys.

Anonymous said...

Rex is owed Social Security payments, Hammer.

wingergirl said...

god, that just had to happen, didn't it?


wingergirl said...

oh, and yeah, costa, Recchi did get what was coming to him tonight.

the game-winning goal.

Adrienne said...

I hate Recchi like there is no tomorrow.

Mother fucker.

Anonymous said...

that would happen. recchi just refused to be conkblocked. dang.

Pensgirl said...

Well, you knew that was gonna happen the second you saw Rex out there. And he basically used the same move Sid tried. Oy.

Jersey's a full game ahead now.

Rangers on Monday. Everybody look, and maybe we'll find our D before then. Apparently we left it in Florida.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry. he left here like a little cock sucker and that little recching douche beat us tonight.

oh well, thanks for the point.

tied for first

Anonymous said...

die recchi die

Anonymous said...

Mark FUCKING Recchi...I feel nauseas. This shit is disgusting.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

One word, barf.

Oh yeah, conkblock was fucking unreal, no way we get a point without him standing on his head.

Anonymous said...

tied for first I think not, we are now a full game behind

Teka said...

Oh, Steph, there you go, Tlustying out again. Do we need to stage a "don't post embarassing pictures online" intervention?

(not that I'm the person to do it?)

Jonny V said...

That was friggin' awesome. I can only imagine the shit coming out of his mouth in the locker room.

I also liked the Lebowski photoshop. Eight year-olds dude.

And steph, don't feel shamed, you look pretty cute with the sign, but thank your lucky stars that you actually came here and explained the story behind it, lest adrienne would have ragged on and on about it, threatening attack with a hacksaw, and other bodily harms. I think she has a badger stuck in her vagina

Anonymous said...

wow. i think you just have to laugh at that one.

Malkinian said...

Well if anybody would've told me that we'd take 5 outta 6 points on the dreaded FLA/ATL trip I would've have laughed in their face, ya gotta be happy about that.

Thanks for helping out Buffalo

Anonymous said...

definitely chuckled out loud after that game!

Hip said...

You just knew that shit was gonna happen. Malkin's gotta roof that puck. We have to stop having a shot differential equivalent to the population of China.

I thought Army played a good game on the backcheck.

Taste of Flames said...

What a game by Conks tonight. I'm stoked that it was my Thrashers finally that finally took a point from him. Truth be told, I was expecting us to sleep walk this game, guess Recchin' ball lit a fire. Nice game lads, nice game.

The ~D said...

Malkinian said it best. 5 out of 6 is damn good on the FLA trip. That's all I have to say.

Hip said...

Malkinian you speak the rational truth. I said we needed 4 points on this road trip. The 5th is a fantasticblog bonus.

Staff said...

damn it to hell

steph, truth be told, your face seeped into subconscious when we saw the picture.
honestly, 100%, we knew you looked familiar.

Recap's gonna be mud, mostly because we'll be typing all of it after the game, which means it will be filled with recchi angst.

Malkinian's on the money.
To take it one step further, if you were told the Pens would be sitting pretty in the playoff race with 38 games left, you would dance.


canaanregulatesblog said...

I tried to get a full size pic of WingerGirl's picture and i got an error:

"Your widescreen monitor isn't wide enough"

...anyone else getting that error?

staypuftwingergirlblog. yeesh.

chris l. said...

Malkinian is right - 5 out of 6 is great. But we all know what was left on the ice.

After 2 months of salary theft, that SO goal f'in blows.

Think R'ball would've done that if there wasn't a "yer outta here" fire under his ass?

"Malkin's gotta roof that" is right.

Damn. Sweep of 6 was so close.

Karma my ass.

Ya gotta puke every shift. The Atlantic is tighter than a ... well, it's tight.


Bradley said...

screw it, y'all, it's Recchi. helped build the team that won the cups Recchi. three tours of duty Recchi. has paid city taxes for 20 years Recchi.

Go Recchin' Ball.

5/6 against the South.

Doc Steel said...

Is it wrong that I blame the shootout loss on EC's grandpa?

wingergirl said...

sorry canaan.

i didn't mean to put a roadblock in the way of you checking out my picture.

if you really really want it, i'll e-mail it to you.

or you could just read невозможный возможно blog. it's there, too, about three posts down.

Steph said...

Aww, guys, :P (Hmm, now I need to evaluate if this is really what I want to be recognized for...)

Teka - "Tlustying out again"? You're my hero. (But hey now I am fully clothed thank you very much.)

Jonny V - Thank god for Elly running preemptive damage control and alerting me to these things. I don't like the sound of this hacksaw development.

Adrienne said...

but thank your lucky stars that you actually came here and explained the story behind it, lest adrienne would have ragged on and on about it, threatening attack with a hacksaw, and other bodily harms. I think she has a badger stuck in her vagina

I have never laughed so hard before. I didn't realise I had become the resident anti-puck bunny person here. Woot! Actually, I thought the sign was funny, sans glitter

But to correct you good sir- it's not a badger, it's an entire dumptruck of sand. ;)

Actually it's been a rough break, and I've been pretty butthurt recently, especially now that I know I'm missing my first Tampa/Pens game since they started coming to Mellon Arena. :(

Ellie said...

haha steph - i clicked the comments link just to make sure it really was you!

goddamn recchi.

stokes said...

about the shots differential: steiggy busted out some stat that was like the pens have let up 35 shots or more in five of the past six games. that's gross. sure, team D has been pretty good as of late, and Conks is obviously playing out of his mind, but they have to quit letting up so many shots.

All things being equal, I'm happy as hell about the Pens.



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