Thursday, January 3, 2008

GameDay (40) -- Maple Leafs @ Penguins




It's gonna be crazy times at the Mellon Arena tonight.

For those who didn't score tickets for the Winter Classic,
this game is probably the second best game to go to.

The welcome-home from Pens fans tonight is going to be tremendous.

Just hope that Toronto doesn't own us like they did last time they were here.


We've gotten a couple more e-mails today
confirming that Gary Roberts stopped at the Angola exit on I-90.

An anonymous human hooked us up with a picture.

What a shirt

We're breaking one of our self-imposed 5 commandments by posting a picture of a Penguin player in his personal life.
It had just had to be done though.

Speaking of Angola and Roberts...

We searched ourselves in blog searches today, simply looking for a disgruntled Sabres blog out there that was jobbing the Penguins or us in some fashion.

That search came back with nothing.

But we did find a jobber.

This didn't warrant warming up the tour bus,
so we broke out our hippie van.

[ ]
Last rest stop at around 11:10, at Angola Parking lot and interior are filled with Pens fans.

On the way out we pass some more Pens fans (big surprise) - LJ asks them "What would Gary do?" and they cheer. I am amused. ("What would Gary Roberts do?" is a meme-thingy that so far as I know originated on the Pensblog. I don't actually follow the Pensblog very much because it sort of annoys me.)

He makes us sound like we're some gnat flying around his head that he keeps swatting at.

Say that we suck. Say that you hate that we center our text and don't use paragraphs.
Say that you are somehow offended by us questioning someone's sexuality.
But don't call us annoying.

All jobbing aside, that blog entry detailing that person's journey to Buffalo, just like anyone else's rehashing of that day, is a solid read.



Wasko said...

I voted for both at the same time, just bc i could.

canaanregulatesblog said...

blue text for sure.

i lol'ed at the text centering line...well done.

Hooks Orpik said...

I like the's something different, plus a none to subtle mention of the olden days.

I also feel like a moron because I've never noticed the text is centered....I guess it comes with the territory of blacking out so often while reading posts.


paekhead said...

thanks for the mid-day post - also, does anyone know scott paulsen's current work email address? i dont live in the area currently so i dont even know what radio station he works out of..anyway, just wanted to bother him about maybe writing some up-to-date pro-penguins/anti-flyers tunes. anyone that was around for the 1990's playoff runs remembers his hockey classics. lemme know, thanks, and go pens.

J.S. said...

That jobber also suggested that the Gary Roberts references started in an article dated DECEMBER 24th.

WWGRD wristbands (round 2, no less) were well into circulation by then.

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

stokes said...

i hope that the reaction from the fans is huge tonight. The first few warm up laps after barbaro says "pittsburgh penguins" should be a gigantic standing O.

You would think that Roberts wouldn't use crutches, but more likely be drawn by chariot.

my brother just texted me this nugget:

"leaf [pensblog charlies] everywhere."
I'm guessing at the Souper Bowl.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Blue text, without a doubt

Brett said...

The third color on the site should be powder blue, just as our third jersey would be (very much hoping it happens sometime)

Pens/Leaf games have been my fav for the past two seasons. woooot tonight!

patrick said...

did anybody download the winter classic game from the link that was posted?? i downloaded it and when it plays no picture is shown, just the sound????

Jonny V said...

Scott Paulsen isn't on local radio right now, he was on an all talk station, but it switched back to B-94 and he hasn't been heard from since. But Krenn and Baumann did some pretty funny skits called "Malkin's Diary" the last couple of years.

David said...

What are the other four commandments?

Master of the Obvious said...

Is that Experience the Evolution commercial anywhere on youtube? Mike Lange is godlike and I must have it in my favorites...

Staff said...


1. No personal pictures of Penguins
2. No use of the word "I"
3. No advertisements
4. No extended analysis/rants
5. Never job Sergei Gonchar

Brett said...


and Christensen is a beast tonight.

Loser Chris said...

Holy crap Ruutu just beat the hell out of Darcy Tucker! That was nice.

Steve In Denver said...

Ruutu is a man.

Someone get Darcy Tucker a tampon to stop the bleeding! Sweeeeet!

Eric said...

the best and worse of Errey tonight..

Best:"A broken leg is keeping Roberts out? Cmon"

Worst: "Chad Kilger looked like Lemieux cutting across the blue line there, Steigy"

Big Ben, as in the metal object on a net not as in the quarterback, is definitley on Conk's side tonight

Ruutu owned Tucker

EmDubs said...

Could someone please get to work on a Crosby Spin-O-Rama photoshop for tonight's recap? Bob Errey sure said it enough in a 45 second span that I think it needs to be immortalized. I'd do it myself, but don't have my laptop with Photoshop on it at home with me tonight.

some guest said...


what a fight. if Roberts didnt beat up that bitch from philly, this would be the best one of the year

jim said...

christensen is plaing like a beast...winning faceoffs, knocking bodies, and-as Potash almost said AGAIN-doing reach arounds.

some guest said...

sorry, my mistake. Roberts doesnt fight people. he completely destroys them and set their life back five years.

so that was the best penguins fight all year

Anonymous said...

Steve in Denver...okay so I was wrong..BIGTIME..and Geno gets the hats even........ PS. It finally quit snowing at the boro and they re-opened I-79 at 1-2 this afternoon. They got at least another foot. Send shovels.

Anonymous said...

you might want to add to the errey stuff that he wanted a punch count on the fight.

Anonymous said...

It's official..Malkin is alive once again. Holy sheit awesome hat trick for him. Did anyone watch Potash interview him after the game?? Hahaha it was funny, he def hated answering the questions in English!

Nothin' better than an old-fashioned butt-kickin'. Nice to be on the winning side of one, anyway.

go pens!!

canaanregulatesblog said...

best errey of the night:

"Now that's dancing with the stars" after the Ruutu fight.


i love you, errey

PittHockey said...

what a game.

Malkin made up for the winter classic

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Only one phrase can sum up tonight's game properly,


firefox said...

Damn it's a great time to be a Pens fan. They have really taken it up a notch, espessially tonight. I LOVED watching this game tonight. You know they were so in synch that they could have gotten that 7th goal but they didn't because they didn't want to be the Flyers. Skill, talent and class... oh my.

Never job Gonchar? Ooo, that can sometimes be a hard rule to stick by I bet. Don't get me wrong, I love having him on this team. But sometimes he just makes some bad plays. Fortuately he makes up for it in the long run.

Bob Errey... I love Bob in a non-Sens fan way. He is terrible at times, I know. That is why I love him. His comments are so far out there I can't help but not like him. I honestly do not want the award winning color man that always has the right thing to say at the right time. I want Bob!

geezer said...

Wow, three goals in 48secs! Ghost of Mario sighted on Crosby's line. Wait' that was no ghost that was Lord Malkin. King of the puck luggers, Lord of the shooters and supreme scorer! All hail Lord Malkin! Whew, that was a smackdown with a whole can of whoop ass!

Kudos to Rutu for smackin Darcy Tuckers face like a side of beef in Rocky I. What a mighty good man. I'm so pumped I'll be up all night!

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Back at the beginning of the season, I had the fifth overall pick in a fantasy hockey draft. I was deciding between Jagr, Malkin and Joe Thornton and took Malkin. Go me.

2. Ty Conklin, meet Johan Hedberg, circa 2001.

3. Pens postgame show is being flooded with douchebaggery tonight. Some people need to learn how to operate a phone before calling a postgame call-in show.

4. Then again, "flooded with douchbaggery" could just be the entire Mark Bell family calling in.

5. Nothing better than a game like this happening to Leafs fans.

6. Is there a team worse at organizing personnel than the Leafs? From their inept front office all the way down to their bitchy fans, they're the Chicago Cubs of the NHL.

7. I hate Darcy Tucker, but the guy can take an incredible amount of punches directly to the head. That said, I haven't seen a fight like that since Tyler Wright whipped Peter Worrell's ass about this time back around 1999.

8. If Sid ever decides to get selfish and start shooting the puck, the rest of the NHL is in trouble. He passes up a lot of good scoring chances to create even better ones for teammates.

9. Tyler Kennedy is doing just about everything Mark Recchi was asked to do at the beginning of the year.

10. What a game...can't wait for the Florida game Saturday afternoon.

Lady Jaye said...

You can now cancel the Amber Alert on Malkin.

e.mirchich said...

i just got home from the game. all i can say for now is that it was absolutely unreal. best game i have ever attended, hands down. what a game.

the atmosphere was absurd. there were plenty of rowdy torontonians about with plenty of them sitting near my friends seats in a27. things got heated and hostile often. some dad with 3 sons was constantly ragging on the leafs fans in the area and the hostility started as early as the no-goal call. another thing worth noting is that the kids were talking as much trash as i was. absolutely unreal.

Fleury29 said...

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) - Evgeni "Geno" Malkin, who was the subject of an Amber Alert issued Monday evening has been found safe.

The alert was issued when the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemieux, told police that his Russian forward had not been seen during the Winter Classic outdoor game.

Pittsburgh police say Malkin was found safe inside Pittsburgh Civic Arena, scoring a hat trick on the bitch-ass Toronto Maple Leafs.

Seeker said...


I downloaded the Winter Classic video and thought that too for a moment...then the picture began.

Scroll ahead a little bit and you should see the video as well as hear it.

jim said...

just before the season started, i read that some islanders bloggers were hired by the team to write for the website and serve as "consultants."

will pensblog ever go corporate on us?

if so, don't forget your roots. we'll be up in E level, while you're eating popcorn with MAF and Talbot in the skybox.

Eric said...

Postgame: Potash = stunned

some guest said...

i think errey was more impressed malkin's between the leg deflection pass rather then his hat trick.

but i would still take errey over most other color guys any day.

malkin. well what can i say that hasnt already been said?

i hope that hit EC had makes the blog tomorrow. they guy he nailed was as shocked as hell. i can see a good photo shop coming out of that one.

kennedy, staal, sykora and ruutu. all great games.

stokes said...

Malkin hat trick!!! and yeah that pass was SICK AS HELL!!!!

huge game all around. the pens showed up for 60 mintues and everyone had a great game.


whats up with max's "flop" hair cut?

PensBlog Charlie's Life Partner said...

"Anonymous some guest said...

i think errey was more impressed malkin's between the leg deflection pass rather then his hat trick."

So was I, boyfriend.

If you know what I mean.

'Stick between the legs'?

A subtle reference to his balls, is what I'm getting at.

canaanregulatesblog said...

stephen slesinski (sp?) is awesome...what a pensblog logo/header.


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