Friday, January 11, 2008

Conkodile Dundee. PENS WIN

4 - 1


Pens up 4-1.
The St. Pete Times Forum looks like Mellon east.
You see black and gold shirts all over the place.

John Tortilla looks suicidal.
Tampa Bay fans are stunned.
What a great time to be alive.

Go Pens.

Ty Conklin is taking over the world.

King Conk


National Anthem

[Don W.]





The game opened up, and you remembered why you hate the Lightning.

Thirty seconds in and Martin St. Louis takes a penalty.
What a jackass.
The Pens powerplay looks okay, but Tampa goalie Karri Rambo makes a few saves.

The first unit can't get anything going. Tampa kills it.

Not a whole lot going on early.
Some joke works hard for the Lightning.
Ryan Whitney gets called for tripping.

The ever-dangerous Tampa Bay powerplay gets set up.
There's a shot from the point.

Powerplay's over

After the PK, Bing comes flying down.
Using the skill stick, he smokes some guy.
Doesn't score though.

Tampa keeps some solid pressure on.
They sail a puck to the net that almost goes in.
Pens can't control it.
Marty St. Louis gets it. Nice pass to Vinny Lecavalier.
Wide-open net.
Conk robs him.

Huge save.

Everyone is stunned. Real goal scorers go top shelf.
Vinny was not seen after this.

But the rest of the Lightning stuck around.
Andre Roy started shooting from everywhere.
If he had any talent, he would've scored.

The Pens would survive another surge from the Lightning as Scuds lost his stick.
He was alone on an island.

[ This is so stupid ]
But Bing gives him his stick.

Solid road period.



Potash interviews Matt Capps.
Go Pirates. Seriously.



You can tell things were about to change.
The Bolts came out with some guts.

They get an odd-man break.
Paul Ranger joins the rush, picks up a loose puck.


Hearing the arena horn go off when the Pens give up a goal on the road is demoralizing.

The goal really opened things up.
It seemed like maybe Tampa Bay was about to take over.
But Conk would have none of it.

The Pens chipped away at Rambo.
Talbot had a solid chance to score, so did Malkin and Army.

The first line stays out, and they get something going.
Bing draws a penalty.

The second unit comes out to start the powerplay.
No one talks about it, but Jeff Taffe is playing some solid hockey since joining the team.
He wins the faceoff. The Pens spread it around.

Petr Sykora sets up for a shot.
Pens rotate it around to him.
You look up sick shots, you find Petr Sykora.


But hold the phone.
The puck grazed Jordan Staal before going into the net.

Lord Therrien started the game with Staal-Malone-Hall.
But he switches Hall with Sykora.

It pays off later when Sykora gets it to the net.

After some mucking in the corner, look who comes out.
Jordan Staal again.

His first real goal since the eighth-grade picnic.

Tampa Bay fan = Stunned
[ Thanks to Tim L. for the sneaky picture ]

Tampa presses on, but Conk is sharp.

Towards the end of the period, the Lightning have a 4-on-2.
Jeff Taffe blocks a shot, but BGL gets racially profiled.

Sin bin.
The PK holds up, though.

To the third period, we go.

Photoshop break
Couldn't work this into the recap.

Courtesy of Will Smith.

Hungry Hungry Conkblock



Before the third period begins, Crosby calls and tells us that "Conkblock" better slow down, or else it will lose its comedic effect, if it hasn't already.
That's why he's the face of the NHL.

In the first 11 seconds of the third, Bing flies into the zone.
Big Ben strikes one.

The one that doesn't throw huge picks.

What happens next had the chance to change the world.
In a group of players, Martin St. Louis gives a high stick to one of his boyfriends and draws blood.

Maxime Talbot was the closest Penguin, so they give him a 4-minute penalty.

Interestingly, since arriving in Tampa Bay in 2000,
Martin St. Louis has had no need to buy sunscreen or sunglasses.

That's what happens when you're always in Vincent Lecavalier's shadow.

O'Brien gets up like Talbot just hit on his life partner.
If Errey was between the benches, he would have thrown the monitor on the ice like Bobby Knight.

20 seconds into the power play, St. Louis almost becomes the first person to draw blood on a high stick and then score during the penalty.

The Pens kept the puck out to the perimeter, and the Lightning only get a couple solid shots.

If you want to know why the Pens are on a hot streak,
it's because of PKs like that on the road.

But as the game moseyed past the 10:00 mark, it became painfully clear that the refs put the whistles away.

The Lightning fell into a black hole for a while after the 10:00 mark, as Vinny and St. Louis tried to retain some oxygen on the bench.

For all the talk we heard of Vinny, he looked like a cherry-picker to us.

[Dustin R.]

Out of nowhere, there was 3:40 left.
Father Time makes his presence known.

[Jame T. M.]

The Lightning put out their big boys for what turned out to be their last gasp.
Crosby and Malkin block shots left and right.

The Pens work it back up the ice.
Sykora lays into a shot. His stick blade flies toward the net.
While you're watching the stick blade, the red light comes on.


You're in finally-performing-to-his-potential hands with AllState.

We'd say game right there, but Tampa pulls Rambo.
Conk turns another shot aside.

Malkin gets it to center ice.
From way downtown.




  • Staal: 2G, 1A -- Breakoutblog
  • Sykora: 3A
  • Letang: 1A
  • Malkin: 1 [ EN ]
  • Conk: 36 saves
  • Lecavalier: Auditions for the show Lost.
  • Second line is sick.
  • Tampa sucks.
  • Bob Errey apparently called Malkin selfish for not passing to Bing at the end of the game so that Bing could keep his scoring streak alive. The goal of the season is not to win a scoring title.
  • Unreal Pittsburgh presence in the arena tonight. Good times.
  • Good ol' Recchi Saturday.


David B. -- Conkblock
Vinny and Marty -- Eric K
8th grade pinic -- Lady Jaye
King Conk -- Wheeling Nailer

Sorry if there are any misspellings of names.
This was a 3:30 special with one eye open.


Anonymous said...

I was at the Pitt vs USF b-ball game in Tampa Weds night. Lots of Pittsburgh people there too.

Can you say "road trip"?

Bradley said...

on the XM broadcast, the soul-searing shrillness of Dave Mishkin's play-by-play cancelled out the unbridled awesomeness of Espo doing color. Thank god the Bolts only scored once.

also, they totally didn't job like homers - they immediately picked up on St.Louis' high stick. crazy.

i betcha yinz would make a mint on ConkBlock tshirts if there were a site on the internets where you could upload art and sell Tshirts and thongs through it... like maybe CAFEPRESS.COM ;)

PS. it's lonely in AZ. send pierogies.

e.mirchich said...

great game all around. glad staal got some points, but i disagree with the ruling that he tipped in sykora's shot for his first goal. that was pete's all the way.

as for the call on talbot, i don't know how the nhl can just let shit like that happen. it took steiggy, errey, and the whole fsn crew all of 15 seconds to job together and analyze a replay. why can't the warroom do the same? i am getting sick of stupid calls being made during games. thank god they didn't score on that and take the momentum, or who knows what would've happened.

would've been nice to get sid some points after shutting down lecavalier, but i'll take the 2 points for the win any day.

solid game, solid recap.

solid post. solid game.

Anonymous said...

spellcheckblog the sequel?

meecrofilm said...

Wow. What is going on here. The Pens are cleaning up IN Florida, Ty Conklin is 9-0-0, 8 game win-streak, and I think that that King Conk photoshop may have just changed my life.

Taffe has indeed played well since being called up. He brings some skill to the 4th line. Talbot.. only good things in the future.

I guess it's nice we'll have to start scratching guys. but everyone's been playing well as of lately. If it's one, i say Hall. but two... now that's a decision I don't want to have to make.

meecrofilm said...

Oh, shit, nevermind. I forgot that Stone played. Anyways, if everybody is healthy, I vote for hall and stone being scratched for saturday's game. Taffe can play wing, no? talbot kennedy and taffe for our 3rd line and ec ruutu laraque for the 4th sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...


stokes said...

solid post. some seriously good lines in the recap this morning.

as for sid's point streak and errey's comments, steiggy has kind of shrugged them off and said, he'll just start another. absolutely true.

good to see staal show up. hopefully better things are to come from him second half of the season.


firefox said...

Wow, what a game! 5 years of losing in Tampa just came to an end and in glorious flashion. I loved being at the game and only having to endure 1 session of Lightning fans cheering and that horn going off. I have to say the Bolt fan behind me was cool though. We were digging each other a little all game but it was all mutual respect. Near the end, we both identified each other as fans of the game while jobbing the guy in the front row who couldn't get his ass in the seat during a break and was needlessly blocking our view.

The fact that Jordan Staal got 3 points was even more significant because we got to meet him after the game. I know someone who knows know. :) He was a really nice guy. When talking about the points he got, he said he didn't even feel the first goal bounce off of him and didn't think he was going to get credit for it. Regardless, he still had a solid game and provided autographblog.

John said...

Did anyone else here Errey's dickbag comment about Gonchar?

Steigy: Sergei Gonchar took all the PR staff out to a steakhouse last night, not an inexpensive one at that. That just shows you what type of guy Sergei Gonchar is.

Errey: Yeah, a rich one.

That just wreaks of no class.

Nailer News said...

That Hungry Hungry Conkblock photoshop is clutch!

I'm an ass said...

Pittsburgh presents in the arena?? I could really use a Bing action figure! No, I want a Ruutu nutcracker!

Ryan said...

john - come on man. that was funny. that's exactly what I think everytime they make a big deal about an athlete taking a bunch of people to dinner. Congratulations - you have money.


what a save by conk in the first, but my immediate reaction was that vinny blew it. you gotta get that puck higher than 4 inches in the air.

po said...

Tim Benz today was comparing the Conk Save on Vinny to the Peterangelo ... I dont know if it was THAT huge but a great save none the less

Kristen PB said...

That Talbot penalty was infuriating. In cases like that, I do wish NHL coaches had the ability to request a review of penalties. But the hassles and delays involved with that would be huge. There would have to be a ton of restrictions and rules on how and when and how often you can challenge a penalty...

I also think it would undermine the authority of the officials, if penalty calls could be challenged. NHL officials have to make snap judgements and split-second decisions. I complain about officiating because it sucks when the Pens are shafted by poor calls, but I know I couldn't do the officials' job.

I guess NHL justice takes the form of the even-up call rather than rescinding an unfair penalty, but you can't make a call if Tampa doesn't step out of line.

So, the Talbot penalty sucked, but I think penalty reviews would be more of a problem than a solution.

(Of course, I'm probably making points that have already been argued a hundred times...)

John said...


I agree, it's not as big of a sacrifice for millionaire athletes to take people out to eat as it would be for you or me. But, the fact remains though, it is a classy move to take someone, let alone a group, out to eat, and Gonchar didn't have to, none of the other players did, but he did and it was a classy move.

Errey just proved that he has no class by saying something like that, that wouldn't be polite in a social setting, let alone, on the air with thousands of viewers.

It was kind of quick, but I think it was classless.

Pensgirl said...

3:30 special with one eye open? Are you serious? This post made my day.

Couple times this year it's looked like Staal's found his game, then it disappears again. Here's hoping it sticks around this time.

Rockstar Annie said...

Wait a minute Po. The big story here was that someone was actually listening to Tim Benz. Hackblog.

By the way...Hungry Hungry Conkblock may be the best yet.

Joe Sno said...

I liked the eighth grade picnic PS but you guys used the joke in the wrong way.

pick it up, WWGRD

lets go pens

Steve In Denver said...

Firefox, your "presents" must have brought luck to Staal. Glad you got to see a win.

Recap and photoshops were sick. The pic for the Big Ben struck one reference was priceless. King Conk, Flava Time, and the Hippo's photoshops melted my monitor.

You guys nailed the confusionblog everyone (especially Kerri Strug Rambo) had when Sykora's stick broke and Malone scored. That was one of those moments where everything that could possibly go bad for a slumping, underachieving team like the Stillers, er, know.

"laraque was racially profiled and sent to the sin bin"....holy crap. Are you auditioning for that chick's announcer spot on the Golf Channel??

Serious good times. If the Devils would just lose a few now.

EmDubs said...

Conkblock will never not be funny no matter how many times is it used.

diabeticsRcooler said...

Gooood shit as usual haha

This should be cool, all the changes theyre putting in at the All-Star game

including a "slam dunk" style shootout competition

King Gorilla said...

I watched the FLA broadcast, and the Bolt's guys are far better than the Panthers. The Panthers must have the worst broadcast team ever.

Hooks Orpik said...

i loved the line about BGL getting racially profiled. good stuff.

also you're right about vinny cherry-picking, i think he cheats more up the ice than any player in the league. but hey, it works, right?

probably no player, in my opinion, has benefitted more from the outlawing of the two-line pass rule.

wilsmith said...

I was so upset when I opened up the post and saw the photoshop leading off was King Conk. I knew I would be lucky if the Hippos even made it on, that's a tough act to follow!

There should never even be a discussion about reviewing penalties. Bad penalties are much a part of the game as passing and shooting. It happens, you deal.

PensKitty said...

Can somebody PLEASE make a tshirt on I have zero skill when it comes to graphics, photoshop, etc.

I need a t-shirt worthy of wearing with my wwgrd bracelet.

great game, greatpost. the photoshops make my morning bearable.

StuporDave said...

Did anyone catch the Potash interview of Sykora after the game? Potash asked if Staal was going to have to get Sykora a new suit or take him out to dinner for that goal he took from him. Sykora said "no, it will be more expensive than that." Good stuff. I will be at the Atlanta game on Saturday... Little roadtrip from Hockeytown USA (Nashville TN)...

Kristen PB said...

Almost everything hockey-related is worthy of discussion.

Just because bad penalties are part of the game of hockey doesn't mean that we shouldn't discuss why reviewing them is or isn't a good idea.

The way points were awarded was "part of the game" until the NHL came up with the shootout contest.

A 2-minute penalty for high-sticking was "part of the game" until 4 minutes became possible.

It's always better to know why you support one view over another, even if your opinion doesn't have any effect on the actual game.

Troy Loney said...

John -

Relax, Errey was joking. He laughed after he said it and made it clear he was just kidding. I don't anyone can accuse him of sincerely insulting any of the Pens. If you listen to him every game it's clear he's a huuge homer and loves the Pens.


Off His Mourings said...

Eight straight...the Pens are on a kaiser roll.

GCU for life.

blades09 said...

Was it just me or was there an unusual number of blocked shots by the pens last night? It seemed like everyone was jumping in the way. I'd like to see a stat on that.

Stoosh said...

KRISTEN PB - I think the replay for certain things is a good idea, but I agree that the hassles and delays could be substantial. That's what happens when we would expect a replay review to pull all the clowns in the Toronto war room away from their Maple Leafs circle jerk to actually pay attention to some of things going on in the other games.

I do think the potential to use replay to undermine the authority of the on-ice officials would be one of the greatest things in hockey since the slapshot. I'd love nothing more than to see some schmuck like Stephane Auger or Don VanMassenhoven blow one of their typical calls against the Pens, watch Lord Therrien throw the red flag onto the ice and then have the circle jerk morons in Toronto overturn the call in front of an arena full of people.

In all seriousness, I can deal with the inconsistent calls from time to time. That'll happen. One thing I hate about these officials is that too many of these guys act like the 17,132 in Mellon Arena paid to watch them.

Stoosh said...

I vote for Kicksave's "Rock Out with Your Conk Out" T-Shirt rendition in the Garden Of Eaton post.

Lady Jaye said...

Haha, the fact that you were able to associate Hungry Hungry Hippoes into a PS is excellent. Good work there!

ARG, my 8th grade picnic PS can't be used again unless JS disappears for awhile again ;) Who else can I make one for... maybe in the great cosmic scheme my photoshop made his score... kinda like how the Pens ALWAYS score when I'm eating Nachos at the arena. (And I'm dead serious about that) I'm sure that really is the reason why they score. They know I can't properly get up and cheer while I have nachos in my hands.

I found Erry's joke as a joke and kinda funny. Of course what Gonch did was classy, but the joke is no less true and kinda funny. Yeesh, it was just a joke! :)

firefox said...

Personnaly, I would much rather have a T-Shirt of the Stephen S. Pens logo. That thing is awesomeblog!

Conkblock....yep, still funny. :)

New Jersey, I hate them. You hate them. Everyone hates them. I hate them even more now because they keep winning as we win! We got within 1 point of them for first place and now they hold us off. Oh you will pay New Jersey,

Things should be interesting in Atlanta with Mark Recchi. Even more interesting will be the photoshops. I wish I could see that game but I am going to be out of town...sucksblog.

Ryan said...

you wanna talk overreactionblog?

getting conk block t shirts made is overreacting.

Don't get me wrong, I love what he's been doing lately...and the rock out with your conk out t shirt photoshop is incredible...but MAF will be back soon and then what?

Dr. Turkelton said...

....Little roadtrip from Hockeytown USA (Nashville TN)...


slush said...

The PS keep getting better and better. Hungry Hungry Hippos=kickass.

Nice to see Staal return from no where land. I really think he didnt want to be tied with BGL. Hope he doesnt relapse.

That call against Max was infuriating. It was so obvious he didnt do it. But, it is what it is. Bygones.

Ryan said...

somebody may have mentioned this i'm not sure....

but deadspin's NHL Closer linked the pensblog today:

* I'm slowly beginning to believe that not only will Ty Conklin save nearly every shot he sees for the Penguins, but potentially all of mankind as well one day. Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 1, and if The PensBlog ever gets around to making those "Rock Out With Your Conk Out" T-shirts, put me down for three.

Anonymous said... photoshops ever. period. love all the conk names and jokes. haha

Anonymous said...

If the Staal, Malone, and Hall line stays bout calling it the Staallone line lol

Johnny Wrath said...

I don't think the Pens tried to block an unusually high amount of shots, its just that TB is an AHL team with 2 all-star jobbers.

I mean why else would you play your top line 34 minutes a game? Because your #2 pivot is -25?

I thought Ruutu played another strong game. Wait a minute... is Brad Richards really a +/- -25?

For once, bad luck wasn't wish us in Florida. He was claimed by Atlanta. WWCAD? Army would line him up coming around the net, like Saku. One can only hope.

Andrew said...

What an epic post. The photoshops just keep getting better, and "Laraque was racially profiled and sent to the sin bin" made my day, week, and possibly year. Solid.

Anonymous said...

As for anything about Tim Benz, has anyone actually spent any time with the guy? He's almost as annoying as that ridiculous Krusty the Clown lookalike Bob Smizik. I was workin a Bucco game in the press box couple summers ago, and all 5'2" of Benz comes in with this smokin hot blonde chick. He introduces her as Paris, his newest intern. He openly admits to every guy there that she knows absolutely nothing about sports, and he hired her just for the shot at doin her.

At first, I couldn't decide if i loved or hated him for it. But after hearing him bitch about how his interns are worthless and he works fifteen hours days for a whole damn month at Steelers training camp, I refuse to listen to a word the little troglodyte says.

StuporDave said...

Hungry Hippoes PS is classic... Sid looks like he has rabies.

Dr Turkelton... Nashville actually sold out a game the other day. But yes... t-3 indeed. But that gives them almost as many sellouts as Detroit.

EmDubs said...

I thought all you Gary Roberts lovers would enjoy this Q&A from Rob Rossi (Sorry if someone already posted this awhile ago):

Q: What is Gary Roberts' recipe for his famous protein shake? My wife is a workout and organic food nut and would love to be in that kind of shape at his age.

- Don Wallish of Northumberland, Pa.

A: I want you, Don, and all readers to know that Gary Roberts smiled when I approached him with this question. He then picked me up with simply his pinkie finger, tossed me against a wall inside the Penguins' dressing room and said, in a very demonic voice, "Thou shall not steal!"


Roberts did smile when I approached him with this question, and did, in a joking manner, say he does not make a habit of sharing the complete recipe for his famous protein shakes, which he and others in-the-know swear by after practices. He did drop that coconut oil is one of the secret ingredients, but my suggestion on this subject is to simply accept the fact that Roberts' recipe for protein shakes is like the unknown ingredient in the secret sauce for the Superburger at Eat'n Park. It will never be known to mere mortals such as you, Don, or your wife. And if I do know, I am not telling because, honestly, I am scared to death of Roberts. He has been kind to me, and I wish to keep it that way to thus avoid a pounding so severe that I might awake one day and find myself rooting for the University of Michigan, or worse, Pitt.

Kidding aside, Roberts said to pass along the following advice: Do not put too much stock into the protein shakes. He does not. With him, it is all about the organic food, which he swears allows for a stronger immune system and quicker recovery. And given that my diet consists of Dairy Queen Blizzards and afore mentioned Superburgers, and that I am always sick, maybe I should take the advice of Roberts.

Scratch that, I am sure I should take the advice of Roberts. I mean, the guy is personally responsible for dinosaurs being extinct, right?

StuporDave said...

Off his mourings... GCU for Life!
It took me two days to get that song out of my head. I love the backup singer on there. Must be Mariah.

Anonymous said...

Can't Conk get any love in Flashblog?

karri said...

Guys, once again, you've made my day! Unreal post and Photoshops!

Anon at 3:53am and 4:16am...F-off...

Ryan...thanks! I didn't see that!

Endubs...thanks! I didn't see that, either.

Go Pens!

P.S. Thanks for the permission.

jim said...

gonch = all star

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone saw this yet, Gonchar made all star team. No Malkin. Happy for Gonch, but Malkin got jobbed.

wilsmith said...

could someone explain the Labatt commercial with the deer in the sporting goods store? I may be dense, but I dont know what's going on there has to do with beer other than he ends up camping.

It makes me feel better that no one I watch it with has much of an idea either

Dr. Turkelton said...

maybe Genos cherry-pickin, free skatin, lecavaligay-like play in the Young Guns game last year rubbed the selection committee the wrong way...meh, give him some rest so we don't have to put out an Amber Alert for HIM come playoff time (he's been skating his Rooski arse hard as of late)

Jonny V said...

Tim Benz pees on his nuts.

PO said...

wow alot of Tim Benz jobbing going on... personally i take what he says about sports with a grain of salt... he looks like the last pick in dodgeball from grades 1-7 at which time he gave up and just started making snooty remarks to the ones who actually possessed the physical ability to play any sport... also, about him and sporting around hot chicks, i saw him at the improv one time (drinking a faggoty martini ofcourse) and he was with his girlfriend who, to put it nicely, was about 4 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier... he talks the talk because he cant walk the walk

Joshua said...

Heads up for all those interested:

Wicked awesome winter classic wallpapers available on the Penguins homepage!

Anonymous said...

One of Mondesi's new writers says he is tough as Gary Roberts.

Mondesi's site is even more worthless now, if that is even possible.

mc79hockey said...

Nice King Conks picture. As someone who's seen it, I can tell you that those arms make puck handling difficult for him.

stokes said...

malkin got jobbed.

i do agree with ryan about conk, not that he isnt playing out of this world and seems like a super classy guy or anything, but two words: hedberg and tugntt.

however, conk block will never get old. ever.

lady jaye: i feel your pain and have quit eating nachos at games.

as for da debils: our record inside the division has to improve. they show up in nov and they are running away with division. but they didnt and now we have to wait til march.


peace out y'all.

Hip said...


Game - Pens were lackluster in the first. Conk kept us in it. Awesome to see Staal make a cameo. Keep it up.

WillSmith - you are the absolute best!!!! I am ready to give you sexual favors for your awesomeness. The pics of Bing and Geno are hilarious additions. Thanks to the guys for adding the photoshop break I was just dying when I heard Bourque say that. Just had to be immortalizedblog.

Caps - You're not paying attention if you don't realize how good Backstrom and Green are too. I understand the Caps hatred but they're a fun team to watch.

Go Pens.

Hip said...

One more thing.

When a D-man loses his stick, it should probably not be Bing who gives him one. Without a stick you're resigned to using the body and the last thing we need is Crosby out with a chipped shin or some horseshit.

wilsmith said...

/me opens photoshop again

canaanregulatesblog said...


anon at 4:16am was me =)

wilsmith said...

hip, even if you are ready, I'd get Conkblocked.

Stoosh said...

I can't entirely disagree with what Ryan said early about turning Conkblockblog into overreactionblog.

Like Stokes said, this has the early makings of another Hedberg-type run and I can't blame people for jumping on board. He's a big reason why the Pens have been winning. I think it's cool that Pens fans adopt players like this as pseudo-stars and deliberately run with it. It doesn't seem to happen as much with the Pirates and Steelers (maybe because hockey players are infinitely more fun to cheer for than pro baseball or football players?) and it's one of my favorite things about being a hockey/Pens fan. We're a hell of a lot more creative than simply buying a Hines Ward jersey or chanting "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go."

Trust me, if there was a freeway sign we could alter to reference "Conkblock" or something, it might have been done already (anyone remember when someone painted the "Heidelberg" sign on the Parkway West to read "Hedberg"?).

I think the "Rock Out" t-shirts are a great idea. Let's enjoy this while it lasts. Look at how fondly people still look back on Hedberg.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I stumbled upon this Lightning blog today, and to quote you guys, this asshole that writes it totally "jobs" the Pens and Sid.

Go there, and do what you do to people like him:

Hip said...

wilsmith - very well played dude.

Hungry HippoConk is now a permanent background fixture. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Errey seems to job Malkin a lot. I'm not sure if Geno scored with his wife, but he hardly ever gives him a compliment.

Let's go Pens!

karri said...


Sorry Canaan.

Adrienne said...

Unreal Pittsburgh presence in the arena tonight. Good times

Did anyone else happen to notice the faggot wearing a Steelers jersey in the crowd during the Second period? They reviewed one of the plays a couple times, and you saw the jackass standing up in the audience.

I hated Steeler fans before, but now? They wear fucking Steelers shit to a game IN TAMPA? OMFG...

That Hungry Hungry Conkblock photoshop is clutch!

Stoosh said...


You wouldn't want to be here for a Pens game during football season. There are more Steeler jerseys than you'd want to see, trust me.

And look, I'm all for this notion that you can be a fan of both teams or whatever. But I don't wear Pirates gear to Steelers or Pitt games. I don't wear my Crosby jersey to Pirates games. Not saying other people can't do it but to me, it makes me feel out of place.

You don't even have to drop the $150-200 on a Pens jersey. Drop $20-25 on a t-shirt or something. Hell, they sell those t-shirts that are done up with the logo, name and numbers that you see on the jersey. You could pay for three overpriced beers at the arena, or you could take that money and buy some decent Pens gear to wear at the Pens game, and no one will assume you're one of those smug Steelers fans trying to send some sort of message.

Davy D said...

Anonymous at 12:44 . . .
We don't have a good history with naming line. Remember what happened with that line, the, the . . . oh I forget what it was called.

stokes said...

adrienne: i did. what a jobber douchebag.

Doppler said...


I was in Florida visiting family and was at the game in Tampa the other night and that guy wasn't the only one. I saw at least 5 or 6 people with Steelers stuff on.

I will say there was a lot of Pens fans in the house.

My relatives are season ticket holders for the Lightning. It has been a fun couple of days rubbing it in.


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