Friday, January 18, 2008

Breaking News- Crosby High Ankle Sprain

Crosby fell into the boards awkwardly in the first period.

According to WXDX and FSN it is a high ankle sprain.

God help us all


Crosby at least out 4 weeks. [TSN]


John said...

Didn't Bing play with a broken foot last year? I feel like a broken foot is worse than a sprained ankle. Since when is a sprained ankle such a huge injury. And since when does everyone in the world get them. This is devestating.

canaanregulatesblog said...


Gondosh said...

Thats 4-6 weeks of really bad times. Its depressing, but he'll be back when it really matters.

BlacknGold66 said...

If anyone has any info on how to contact the NHL Network, please pass it along.

Back to the vomitron for me.

Lana said...

I'm stuck watching the game through my local french network and they casually mention the Pittsburgh feed interviewed Scuderi about Bing, who said possibly the rest of the year? What? Are my broadcasters hack?

I need to see a goal scored for the good guys. Come on.

Lloyd said...

did anyone else have video problems during the first period?

it kept on freezing on me for a few seconds at a time.

Fleury29 said...

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

God dammit.

If Crosby isn't on the ice when I'm in Pittsburgh in February there will be murders.


Anonymous said...

suicidewatchblog for Pens fans across the nation after hearing the news of Crosby.

Anonymous said...

definitely just threw up in my mouth.

but we DEF need to win games without him.

pops said...


PittHockey said...

time to drink myself to death

Anonymous said...

anyone else feel a meeting on the smithfield st. bridge tonight? i'll be there at 11...

pops said...

i blame this entirely on that fat bitch "acid queen." i hope she chokes on battery acid.

Staff said...

could be karmablog?


Anonymous said...


Staff said...

where at on the smithfield bridge?

Anonymous said...

In high ankle sprains, the membrane which connects the two leg bones (the syndomosis) is either stretched or torn. High ankle sprains can be especially problematic for athletes because there is a very poor blood supply to this area of the ankle and it takes a long time to heal. Any type of twisting or turning maneuver results in stretching of this area, which makes it especially difficult to play basketball, soccer, or to skate. Over time, athletes who have a high ankle sprain can often walk and even jog on level ground normally, but cannot push off on their skate edges and are limited in terms of their ability to return to activities. High ankle injuries can take six weeks or longer to heal.

pops said...

someone start a collection to buy a high-class hyberbaric chamber and a masterlock. also, fucking andre roy. im done. drinktodeathblog.

Hip said...

whatthefuckblog - I am out to dinner trying to impress doctors I don't know and my cousin effing txts me that Sid is down. I shat my pants right there.

john - you just put weight on your foot. A broken bone there leads to pain, not much else. Think of everything you do with your ankle. And everything you can't do if it's busted up.


Ashley said...

If I remember correctly, when Sid broke his foot, he made sure that the injury wouldn't get worse if he played on it - that the only bad thing about playing with that injury would be that it would hurt like hell.

I think that playing on a sprained ankle, though, could make the injury worse..a lot worse.

This sucks.

Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

The vomit photoshop is right on the money.

This makes me want to puke all the crappy food I ate for dinner.

BlacknGold66 said...

I don't know where the smithsfield st. bridge is... but give me 2 hours and I'll join the rest of yinz.

Lady Jaye said...

:( I don't even know what to say.

christina said...


my sole consolation through all this: bing is a freak of nature. pensblog charlie knows this, of course, from Mens Fitness, but if anyone can come back faster than expected from this, it's sid.

other lots and lots of vodka.

I Am Marc-Andre Fleury's High Ankle Sprain said...


Who fucking jinxed us?

So, now it appears that:

1) I won't get to see Gary Roberts play, as he has a broken leg.
2) I won't get to see Sidney Crosby play, because he has a high ankle sprain.
3) I may not get to see The Bad MAFer play if he's not back from his high ankle sprain yet or if Conk Block and/or Sabu are still playing well and he's riding the pine.

It doesn't matter, though. I don't care. Penguins hockey is Penguins hockey and it is going to be awesome to see some games live.

Hey, on the upside, perhaps now Malkin will be at the All-Star game.

I Am Marc-Andre Fleury's High Ankle Sprain said...

^That's supposed to say, "I Am Marc-Andre Fleury's High Ankle Sprain," but blogger cut me off under the picture for some reason.

That's what we call, lame.

I Am Marc-Andre Fleury's High Ankle Sprain said...

^Oh, that's better.

Ashley said...

Ugh, the message boards are already filling up with idiots talking about how Crosby doesn't play a physical game and is a crybaby.

Like this one guy, hcky4nick, on
--Ever seen Alex Ovechkin play?? Dishes out as many hits as he takes - and scores goals too. Not Crosby, who folds like a lawn chair whenever anyone comes near him. Maybe something like this will wake him up and make him play physical...instead of falling down all the time. But, most likely, the NHL will continue with the "Sidney Crosby and everyone else" theme - and penalties will be doled out if you breathe on the guy.--

I can't stand losers like this.

Flyer Hater said...

Well TSN is reporting that Sid will be out for 4 weeks. I know anytime without Sid is bad, but not too many teams have the luxury of turning to a player like Evgeni Malkin to center their top line. Remember how well Geno played for a short time last year without Sid in the lineup? He has the ability to be a top 5 player in this league and I think he'll prove that. In the next month, we have to play 13 games without Sid. If we can go 7-6 in that span, we're fine. Please, don't anyone lure you into the sky is falling and the season is over and pack it in for next year arguments. Those people are ignorant and stupid. I expect Geno and Staal to pick up their play tremendously.


Flyer Hater said...

PS, the Devils lost tonight so not all is lost.

Anonymous said...

friend: i guess pittsburgh fans gotta look forward to buccos spring training. im gonna go drink and forget about pittsburgh having a depressing year in sports. steelers blew it. pens season is over. and you can never count on the buccos. pitt football sucked. pitt bball looks like they can still play good without fields at least. we are a two man team's people like that I want to PURGE on!!

fairweather fans. ugh vom...

wingergirl said...

oh man...

and to all the idiots that are saying he should play anyways...NO.

I got a high-ankle sprain right before my senior season, taped it up every night before games, and in three months I will be getting full reconstructive surgery.

I'll be sidelined in bed, on crutches, and in a wheelchair for two months, at least, plus a summer of wicked physical therapy. Do you really want that for your start player?

In any case, this is Malkin's opportunity to absolutely shine for the Penguins, not that he hasn't been already. He's incredible.

And remember...when Fleury sprained his ankle, it was supposed to completely shatter the Pens' season. And it very obviously didn't.

Heads up, kids!

jill said...

ugh, this is seriously going to fuck with my fantasy team.

however, let me say, I am a diehard Sabres fan and a casual Pens fan, but I LOVE Pensblog!!

Funniest blog EVER.

Anonymous said...

maf's ankle sprain wasn't that bad for the team, cuz he's not that good. this is sid.

cragger said...

watching the game on DVR over my sling box from back home.

Sid went down, 8 crappy beers destroyed, no good beer in the house. FUCK.

Flyer hater said...

lol, @ anon saying MAF isn't that good.

Anonymous said...

"And remember...when Fleury sprained his ankle, it was supposed to completely shatter the Pens' season. And it very obviously didn't. "

the team isn't based around Fleury, tho.

Anonymous said...

Flyer fans already celebrating the Crosby injury, saying "we got this division". Malkin is 500X better than anyone on that shit organization. I really wouldn't mind if Philadelphia would just dissappear from the map.

Stoosh said...

I know everyone is down about the injury Sid suffered tonight. If the injuries to Fleury, Talbot, Eaton and Roberts were kicks to the collective groin, this injury to Sid is a blast with a steel-toed boot that just kind of sticks there for a while.

I'm as upset about this as everyone else is and maybe it's too early for this. But I'm reading some of the other boards as well and I can't believe how many people are already saying that we might as well just close up shop right now.

Whatthefuckblog, indeed. If a white flag or a trip to the nearest roof is your cup of tea, cool.

But like Jack Nicholson once said, "Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here."

Look, this isn't to minimize the loss of Sid at all. Four weeks without him in the lineup is four weeks too many.

Newsflashblog: This isn't Sid and the 2003-04 Pens, either.

Malkin was the franchise before we got lucky and landed Sid. Malkin's played like a franchise-caliber player most of this year so far, and he played like he was possessed tonight again after Sid went out. Dude knows what's up.

Staal's been snakebitten all season. He'll get even more opportunities to turn the corner. What if he snaps out of his little sophomore slump?

Sykora's a solid talent capable of hitting a hot streak at any given time. You bet your ass that he's getting top-line time now.

Malone's been playing like the leader he was in 2003-04, when some people were calling him the best power forward prospect we've had since Artie.

Letang's been good. Conklin's still there. Gonch is playing at an All-Star level. Kennedy is doing a lot of what Recchi was supposed to do.

There's still talent here. In fact, there's still still world-class talent here, so let's not pretend this is done. Even that 2003-04 team won almost one out of every 3-4 games, and that was basically Malone, Fleury and a team full of minor-leaguers.

Losing Sid is a tough pill to swallow, but what's done is done and it's time to move on. He'll be back soon enough because the kid is a machine.

In the meantime, we hand the keys to Geno, Staal, Letang, Sykora and Co. and ask Captain Steven Hiller for his assessment...

"I ain't heard no fat lady!"

Anonymous said...


BlacknGold66 said...

Amen Stoosh.


Stoosh said...

The Flyers fans claiming that they have this division can go fuck themselves with the business end of a Civil War-era bayonette.

I'm pretty sure the Devils will have something to say about who "has this division" as well.

The Flyers have their own issues to worry about, like maybe trying to keep their neanderthal defenseman from wiping out any more of their own star players. Or maybe getting some consistency from Martin Biron...that GAA of 2.75 is good for a sparkling 27th best in the league.

Besides, there's a good chance that this division will produce at least three and maybe even four playoff teams. And we all know how well Philly performs that deer-in-headlights impression once they get to the postseason.

Lloyd said...


wingergirl said...

Stoosh- you're great.

Anon @ 10:48 -

A team should never rely on one player to be a successful franchise.

Anonymous said...

mario skates three - four times a week.

I Am MAF's Ankle Sprain said...

Stoosh, as always, you hit the nail right on the head.

The Capt. Hiller quote was perfectly placed.

Stoosh > Rest of Commentorblog.

Snoopyjode, I'm sorry but "THIS RIOT JOB IS GOING ON TOUR," has just been replaced with, "The Flyers fans claiming that they have this division can go fuck themselves with the business end of a Civil War-era bayonette," in the 'about me' section of my profile.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Malkin was seen 20 minutes ago at a local Rite Aid purchasing the Excedrin that he will need to combat the back pains brought on by carrying the Penguins on his back for the next month.

cragger said...

I live in south jersey and I must say living RIGHT in the middle of flyers and devils territory might just be the best place to be a pens fan because I get to argue pens hockey every day of the week.

EFFF the flyers.

EFFF the devils.

EFFF the sens.

EFFF the gay one.

EFFF acid fat chick.

EFFF Recchi.

EFFF Don Cherry.

EFFF Eddie Belfour.





Long live Badger Bear, the # 66, and THE MOTHER FUCKING PENS!

Somebody find Croz's address so we can send him get well cards. I bet he gets more in one hour than Ovechekin gets valentines on feb. 14 from hairy russian women.


Anonymous said...

Stoosh made me pass out from his awesomeness. he's 110% correct. (even tho i hate when ppl use over 100% but i thought it worked here)


Anonymous said...

I said it on the TSN forum, but it's worth repeating to people who actually know how to read:

I hear that Malkin guy is pretty good at this Ice Hockey thing.

The Pens are in first place in the division, third/fourth by pure points in the conference. They have a goalie who has been on fire, last year's rookie of the yeara, the second runner up for that title, the third best offensive defenseman by points this season, and a defenseman who deserves at least some consideration for rookie of the year this year.

That has to be worth at least .500 for the next month.

TheNaturalMevs said...

This is my worst night as a hockey fan. I always feared this.

Seriously. Fuck.

Amanda said...

Ugh, Pens fans, I'm sorry! That's a big loss for your team. I too am a die-hard Sabres fan and a not-so-casual Pens fan and I also LOVE this blog.

I'm reading "King of Russia" about Dave King's year coaching in the Russian Super League in 05-06. Malkin played for him that year. I think you guys are in good hands.

TheNaturalMevs said...

He could be out for the year.

Stoosh said...

The Flyers comments to me are just unreal.

Like I said, I'm not going to pretend the loss of Crosby doesn't hurt, because it does. But this team has dealt with this sort of thing all year. You can only lose so many players before things go bad and Sid is as big a loss as it gets.

But chemistry counts more in hockey than in any other sport (wingergirl, ha0ving played the game, I'm sure you'll concur). And the core of this Pens team has been together for at least a season and a half, maybe even two full seasons at this level for some guys (since some of them came up midway through the 05-06 season). And that says nothing about the guys like Orpik, Whitney, Talbot, Armstrong and Scuderi who played together for a couple of years in Wilkes-Barre as well.

If any Flyers fan wants to try to tell me that hired band of mercenaries that they trot out as a team each night has that same type of chemistry after 40-50 games together, I'll make sure I've got my bayonette sitting close by.

TheNaturalMevs said...

Someone please tell me that he'll come back alright.....

This is tragedy.

Anonymous said...

my conk just shrivelled up. we're fuct.

Anonymous said...

who cares what the flyers think.

I will be at the wachovia dump center January 24th flying my malkin shirt with PRIDE.

Hopefully hatcher doesn't try to face hump lupould again.

snickerdoodles said...

Anonymous said...
suicidewatchblog for Pens fans across the nation after hearing the news of Crosby.

I don't think so.
We're Pens fans.
We're strong.
We are Legion.
Sid will be back.
Until then, we will kick ass until he returns.
Just watch and see.

Stoosh said...

THE NATURAL MEVS - You best be taking down that picture of Brady "Just Call Me Man Casserole" Quinn down before Pensblog Charlie sees it.

This is a setback. Nothing more. Just remember...roster still well-stocked with world-class talent. Geno = Franchise player.

This is not a tragedy. A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine, or police dogs used in Birmingham.

And yes, I know I just referenced "Dirty Dancing". But if I'm referencing a "Dirty Dancing" quote, I'm referencing a Dirty Dancing quote delivered by Jerry Orbach. Jerry Orbach was to "Dirty Dancing" what a bayonette is to Flyers fans who think "they have the division".

wingergirl said...

Chemistry is everything, it's true.

Losing Sid isn't going to cause the Pens to plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic, the Eastern Conference, or the league.

The season isn't over yet. Heads up people, or else I'm just going to assume you're all fair-weather fans. If we survived '05-'06 and all the seasons before, we can get through a half-season.

Stoosh, I'll be with you at the frontlines, bayonette in hand.

Doppler said...

Losing Bing is big. However we have to look at the bright side. Like many have already posted this is still a solid team. I think you will see Staal break out offensively.

Now is the time for the youngsters to really step up.

At least we still have about half the season to go and it is not playoff time.

Also has anyone heard a time frame for Roberts to return?

I will try to stay positive.


Stoosh said...

This team has found a way to make it work all season long, and it's played arguably its best hockey of the year in the face of some of the most serious injuries to key members of the roster.

Again, I'm not trying to diminish the magnitude of losing Crosby. There is NEVER a good time for an injury like this to a star player. But like I said, this isn't the Caps losing Ovechkin or something. This isn't the 03-04 Pens.

This reminds me of the 1999-2000 playoff series against the Devils when Jagr was lost to the groin injury. The Devils were the #1 seed and the last team against whom you wanted to lose a guy like Jagr. Yet we still had Straka, Lang and Kovalev, and each of those players began to step it up because they had to if they didn't want to get blown off the ice.

Again, it's a long season and there's a long way to go. No reason for Shero to make the panic move. No reason to wave a white flag or make golf plans for late spring. You've got to be able to deal with crap, even when crap means injuries to your best player.

This is a team full of first-round picks. They'll need to play like it, and the fans need to get behind them.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this sucks. I have faith in the team...they can do this without him, no worries.

However, watching your favourite player/face of your franchise walk off the ice assisted = a big POOP SANDWICH.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh is just unreal, more factual than a PBS documentary. I thought Staal had one of his better games tonight actually. It's really hilarious to see all the morons coming out to wave the white flag already. Crosby will miss 20 games, tops. Does anyone think the Pens won't go at least 10-10 in that span?

Hip said...

stoosh - you speak the truth man. And I don't think for a second that this hasn't motivated the fuck out of Army and the rest. They'll be out to prove some shit and make sure the season continues for Sid when he can get back.

ashley - as a future physician, let me just say, don't read that shit. It damages brain cells. Just stick to talking hockey right here. It's like a high fiber, low fat, but amazingly tasty diet anyways.

Veenie said...

OUCH. This is just painful. Bad bad bad. I officially hate high ankle sprains more than the Flyers.

stokes said...

@ Anon 11:01: I said that in the bathroom during the second intermission. nobody thought i was serious. or funny.

Stoosh rocks again.

Its amazing how many references to puking there is on Cblog, cuase the first thing i said when Sid went down was "barfblog."

Bon Jovi says "Keepthefaithblog."

Adrienne said...

Yeah, I've never heard so many people scream out "SHIT" at the same time before.

It sucked to watch live :(

Brett said...

I wish Crosby the speediest of recoveries, but..

..This is EXACTLY what we need.

Here is why -

With Crosby out of the lineup, the Pens can finally prove to the hockey world that they are more than just Sid. They are a team. And we all know Crosby wont be seen again until just about playoff time. You just know that.

So the team from here on, does one of two things:

1) fail
2) everyone steps up

Should we be so fortunate to have the latter happen, the team will be strong enough to battle anyone in the playoffs. My feeling is that Crosby, no matter how well people say he shoulders the burden he has of leading this team and being the heart and soul, etc, would be better off if he could see that the entire season is not made or broken by his stick.

My 2cents

Anonymous said...

so...rap-up: pens lose, crosby out for a long-ass time, conk-block magic gone, geno can't carry a team, staal hasn't done shit all year, i'm just drunk to know that im pissed and not drunk enough to be happy about everything. i belive it was shannon sharpe that once said, "the bridges are going to be packed". fucking worst birthday ever. shit

anon@2:03: douche. said...

anon @ 2:03: drunk enough to admit he's a complete jerkoff.

meecrofilm said...


I don't know why, but I'm feeling a couple big-time plays from LeGame in the upcoming stretch.

Also, remember how nasty Malkin was at center at the beginning of the season? Well, he's back.

oh, and, saturday=sabuuuuuuuuu

Joshua said...

F-That ligament

who needs it


To the bridge!

Ashley said...

You guys, starting with Stoosh, are all right.

Last night I was in a crappy mood over this, but now that I have had time to think it over, it won't be so bad. It gives the team the chance to prove to the NHL that while Sid may be a franchise player, he is not the entire team.

The guys will rally and kick ass (especially on the 24th), and we will rally behind them.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

And this will NOT kill us.

diabeticsRcooler said...

First of all:
Chris Gratton looks EXACTLY like Tom DeLonge from Blink 182

Bad times
possibly Armageddonblog

this is the time to show the class of the Pittsburgh Penguins

the one good thing that could come out of the whole situation is the playoff seeding

at this point if we come in 6th we can play whatever joke wins the Southeast division (i'd much rather have the pens play ANY of them over any team in the Atlantic)

I'd be happy with stayin aound .500 until Sid comes back (hopefully only in a couple weeks)

it's time for someone to step up big time

(PS Bob Errey's been itching to get back on the ice and Lemieux is in the best shape of his life haha)


cragger said...

Don't ever forgot adam graves breaking Mario's hand. We will prevail, our team is just tooo damnnn good!


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