Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When was the last time anyone anywhere in the world woke up and said,
"Yes!!! We play the Devils tonight"?

Hockey fans have a fix that couldn't be satiated by the All-Star Game.
We were going to recap the All-Star Game.
But then the Atlanta Boys Choir sang the national anthem, so we couldn't.

There are some things that have gone down over the weekend:

The most interesting move was the call-up of D-man Alain Nasreddine.
[ Penguins.com ]

The Pens have also picked up Kris Beech off waivers and called up forward Nathan Smith.

Picture: The Pens locker room

Why has Shero waited this long since Eaton's injury to call up a 7th defenseman?
People study the stock market and know what to look for before shit goes down.

There's been solid discussion in C-blog about the pros and cons of Orpik and Nazzer.

But if you're trying to find a reason for this call-up, it may be the unforeseen possibility of Shero dealing Brooks Orpik, who will be a highly sought-after free agent this offseason.

This may be Nazzer's test-drive.

No one knows what the return for Orpik could be, but a semi-established winger with potential would make sense. Or maybe another d-man.
We may be talking out of our butthole on this whole thing.
But it's the kind of trade that blindsides you.

All we have to say is Brooks Orpik is an underrated passer.


There are several others rumors surfacing. It is basically going to be a month-long process of doing this.
One possible trade partner might be the Blues?

Andy Strickland from [ hockeybuzz ] had some interesting insight on the Blue situation.


And why was Nathan Smith called up?

We can't find a link anywhere, but there were reports that Kris Beech had immigration issues and can't get out of Canada in time for the Devils game.
We're serious.

Nathan Smith may just be the filler until Beech can assuredly join the team.

[PSI] is reporting that Colby Armstrong is out tonight with an illness.


Speaking of Kris Beech, easily the most reviled player in a Penguins uniform,
commentorblog found this gem where he rips on the Penguin logo at the end of the video.

Great find by [Empty Netters]

That jobber better score 5 goals in his first game.
Make it 6.

Staying on the Kris Beech kick,
reader Chris Bags edited the Penguins [ Wikipedia ] page.

It was quickly disposed of, but solid foresight to get the screenshot.

[ Click to enlarge ]


-- NHL Out Three To Five Weeks With Sprained Right Poster Boy [ The Onion ]

What a pic.

[ESPN] goes balls-out on a huge Crosby article.
You may think it is too long.

But Scott Burnside does a good job, especially in talking about how Colby Armstrong and Crosby watch TV together.

Crosby then says his roommate has a television secret of his own ... "Ellen."

"I'm going to throw him under the bus on that one. He loves Ellen DeGeneres," Crosby says.

Right before a pregame nap?

"No, it's right after. It's hilarious. To a T, we wake up from our nap and that show's coming on and she's dancing."

When Armstrong finds out Crosby has spilled the beans, Armstrong drags a reporter over to Crosby and announces loudly that he wants to do the interview over, that he's going to reveal Sid's affection for Chandler on "Friends."

Crosby interrupts, revealing that not only does Armstrong love "Ellen" but he also likes to dance along to her show opening.

Good stuff.

There are some other great stories in there as well.
If you plan on taking a 45-minute dump at some point today, look it up.

This was pretty funny.



Jason W. sent this in.

* Someone in C-blog mentioned that Gary Roberts is back on skates.
Was that just a tongue-in-cheek reference to ASG photoshop?

If we would miss any news on Roberts' return, we would jump off a building.

[Andrew McDonald]


Teemu Selanne is back, jack. [ TSN ]
The NHL may actually play another ASG just so another undeserving Duck can make the team.

No dig on Selanne, though.
The NHL will lose a beast when he retires.

Unless the NHL decides to use soccer nets,
Selanne's record of 76 goals by a rookie will never be touched, unless the record morphs into a 12-year-old boy and moves to an Ottawa suburb.

He will forever be remembered for the goal celebration where he threw his glove up and "shot" it with his stick like it was a clay pigeon.

Since there are about 400 embedded vids on this main page,
here's the link to that goal celebration. [ YouTube ]

Goalie Ray Emery was late for practice again. [ TSN ]

All we can say is this.
We know a guy who knows a guy.
And he took a picture of Emery as he arrived for practice.

Coach Denis Savard wants his team to "commit to the Indian." [ Chicago Tribune ]

Judging by the description in that article, here are the shirts fans are making. [ Cafe Press ]
We already have one on the way.

[ Kukla's Korner ] found this vid of Savard's now-infamous quote.


During the journey through all those 1990's Penguins GeoCities pages,
there was a link that we totally blew past.

[ Mike Lange's Goal Calls ]

John C. asked us for it, which triggered our memory.

Hurry up, before that site's bandwidth gets jobbed.
If you don't download all those to your computer, shame on you for six weeks.


We will most likely find a way to use "One From The Heart" as much as possible.
Someone in c-blog asked if Ron Newcomer can be seen at the 1:38 mark of the first video.

It is close.
You can just feel that he is in that video somewhere.


Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...


Good news about Gary Roberts

Roberts, whose left fibula was broken when Tim Connolly of Buffalo fell on his leg Dec. 29, could be back on the ice this week.

X-rays recently showed that the break is mending well enough for him to resume skating, albeit on his own.

"Everything's healing, which is great news," Shero said.

There is no target date for Roberts to resume practicing with the team, which would be the next step in his recovery, or to return to the lineup. "There's no definitive timetable for him to come back," Shero said. "But I'd say he's on schedule."

Pensblog Staff said...


e.mirchich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
e.mirchich said...

Everything is mending so well because he gets lots of bone strengthening calcium from all the Jobbers he eats for breakfast every morning.

stokes said...

Selanne's record of 76 goals by a rookie will never be touched, unless the record morphs into a 12-year-old boy and moves to an Ottawa suburb.- Best. Line. Ever.

That ESPN article is a solid read, with a lot of good stuff from Crosby, not just the typical hockey/Crosby answers. You will enjoy it and the rest of the league will hate it, because they are jealous.

Hip said...

stokes - Caps message board will blow up today I'm sure.

Go Pens.

cg said...

I'm confused. Savard wants his team to play for Ted Nolan?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the Caps probably had the ugliest uniforms of all when that video was made. Who were they to be talking shit about other teams?

some guest said...

who cares if the craps think we have one of the worst logos. at least that logo has seen its reflection off the stanley cup. twice.

nice posting boys. lets go pens.

Antonette said...

Holyshit, the line about Selanne's record morphing into a 12 year old boy made me choke on my cereal.

What a great way to start my day. Tonight, I'll be cramming for midterms while Mike Lange's voice soothes me. Good shit.

christina said...

burnside has redeemed himself with that article for the time being....meaning for the next 17 minutes. great, great read.

somehow, WWSD isn't quite up to WWGRD.

i was wondering where Charlie has been recently....i should have known he was spending the All-Star break in the Ottawa area!

snoopyjode said...

positive gary roberts news + mike lange soundbites = an excellent way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

nice to see laraque will not be suspended at all.

but empty netters has an issue with it...

Eric K said...

(To the tune of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band)

Well the Pens went over to Jersey
They were lookin' for some points to steal
They were in a bind, 1 point behind
And willin' to make a deal
They came upon this old man
Playin' goalie, and playin' it hot
So Geno jumped up on a hickory stump
Said, Matry lemme tell you what
"I'm sure you already knew it
'Cause I'm a hockey player too
And if you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you
Now you play pretty good hockey, boy
But give the Penguins their due
I'll bet a Jay Pandolfo goal
Against your soul
Just to think we're better than you"
Then a boy said, "my name's Parise
And it might be a sin
But I'll take your bet
Though I'm gonna regret
'Cause tonight, the Pens will win"

So Mikey rousin' up your bench
And change those 4 lines hard
'Cause hell's broke loose in Jersey
And Jarkko's killin' retards
And if you win, you're closer to that banner in black and gold
But if you lose, the Devils have control

The Devils opened up the gate and said "We'll start this show"
Then Elias flew in on a breakaway, but yeah, he still blows
He pulled the puck across the ice and it made an evil hiss
Then all 12 fans joined in and it sounded somethin' like this
(Silence overtakes the microphone)
When the Devils finished, Georges said "well you're pretty good 'ol sons"
"But if you drop the gloves with me, you'd be better off to run"

Fire at The Rock, run boys, run
Look, it's Marty's illegitimate son
Chickens in the locker room, pickin' their toes
Hey we got a powerplay, Go Sarge Go

The Devils bowed their heads because they knew that they'd been beat
Then they layed that division lead on the ground at Mike Yeo's feet
Conk said "Devils just come on back if you ever wanna try again"
"I told you once, you sons of a bitch, the Conkblockin' never ends"

Fire at The Rock, run boys, run
Look, it's Marty's illegitimate son
Chickens in the locker room, pickin' their toes
Like they say in Canada, "GO PENS GO"

Andrew said...

That song was the stuff of legends. Kudos eric k

The T.R. said...

eric k...

that just changed my life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon at 9:48, nice to see BGL not get suspended. The NHL made the right decision here, regardless of what EN has to say about it. There was no intent to injure and in that specific case there was no need for Laraque to lay off the small push, it was just an unfortunate accident that Downie ended up going down head first. The NHL got this one right, even if BGL does end up getting fined -- he did not deserve to be suspended.

Kudos to all the c-bloggers out there who called it from the beginning and a big middle finger to all the Flyers fans and TSN commenters that GUARANTEED he would be suspended.

Big game tonight for the Guins. Gotta get some points and get the momentum moving forward again. I think I read somewhere this morning that Malkin has 16 goals in the last 16 games?!?! Sick.

Eric K -- also sick. Awesome job.

Anonymous said...

According to Talbot's blog on rds.ca Orpik is playing offense tonight if Beech doesn't get here. Hopefully he's just kidding or the French to English translation got mixed up. I could maybe see Letang playing O in a bind but Orpik?

Lady Jaye said...

eric k... life altering right there. Well done.

Mike Georger said...

stupid question and i may have missed it somewhere, but is there someplace on the internets one could find those WWGRD bracelets?

Mike Georger said...

wow good find on max's blog anonymous, i really wish it were in english because the babelfish translation is a bit off but you can get the picture. reallly hope hes kidding about orpik but we shall see

snickerdoodles said...

As I was reading eric k's Pens went over to jersey, the Devil went down to Georgia came on on the internet radio station I am listening to. I sang along and prayed no one walked into my office. I got lucky, no one walked in, so I did not have to go Gary Roberts on anyone's ass when they criticized my "lovely" singing voice.
The Pensblog.
Makes my mornings fun!

Ex-Pat Pittsburgh Girl said...

Excellent news all around -- Gary Roberts, Sid article and finally a game tonight! Also, I've been meaning to pay this compliment for awhile but keep forgetting -- whoever comes up with the Pensblog graphics is genius!!! I can't tell you how many I've saved. Keep up the good work guys! Go Pens!

Loser Chris said...

cg called it! How long until we see "Commit to the Indian" shirts with an Islanders logo? Someone has to bust out with that sign the next time to Isles are in town. Or text it to the Jumbotron!

Ashley said...

eric k = genius

that was awesome

Dr. Turkleton said...

Off Topic a bit...

NHL: Is This The Year??? voiceovers on youtube

funny stuff & probably all true


hope someone squashes that little jobber, Gionta tonight....

maybe Geno can inherit 'The Devil Killer' role that was so well played in the past by Alex Morozov

ricks1883 said...

Orpik is an underrated passer? Are you kidding? For every 1 good pass he makes, he shits his pants and whiffs on two other passes out of the zone with imagined "pressure" on him. I can't speak for Nazzer but Orpik frustrates the hell oug of me at times

cragger said...

I have my 5 Morozov booble heads surrounded in candles in front of a poster of Malkin. (yes i said 5, I went to a lot of games in the early 2000's)

Crazy, who me?

cragger said...

When is fluer-balls coming back anyways?

cragger said...

wait wait wait.

Balls of Fluery...

Much better.

Johnny Wrath said...

What a bunch of misfits the Islanders are. Did you know that nobody has made more dough than Bill Guerin since 1994-ish. I remember seeing a chart last July 1. Needing to buy a new first line is despicable.

Speaking of despicable, Washington. The Capital Building with hockey sticks? A shade of blue that emulates the fans' disposition? Evolving two-dimensional bludgeoned eagles, complete with stars, and now bloody wings? Seems only logical that they judge the league. By the way, I was captivated by the superstar interviews. Ben Clymer and Steve Eminger and... omg, is that Brian Sutherby? I can't decide who's jersey to buy!

I think Pittsburgh, aside from the diagonal-letters sweaters, has been the most copied in then NHL. San Jose has their angular, sideways shark inside an inverted blue triangle. Weak. Who remembers the "skating" coyote? What was it rocked in? An inverted triangle? There are other shapes. Hear that, Mighty Ducks? More birds in inverted teal triangles? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

So, the Trib is confirming that Therrian expects Brooksie to play wing on the fourth line.

In all, it might be a good solution. Now Orpik can go out there, hit stuff, and not worry about being out of defensive position.

Although I would like to see Whitney or Letang on Malkin's wing, just to see how they do. Its not like we have a deficiency of offensive defensemen....

BlacknGold66 said...

@Mike G.

Read the Pensblog FAQ and you'll find your answer about the WWGRD bracelets.

WiscPensFan said...

I'd buy a 'Commit to the Penguin' shirt ...

Flyer Hater said...

Orpik to play on the fourth line as a wing tonight. What a kick in the nuts, "Hey Brooks you suck so much, we trust a career minor leaguer to take your place"

Piitsburgh Girl Forever said...

I am not even gonna scroll to see if anyone wrote this already, but Orpik is playing forward against the Devils!!

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

And it is because about a player have issues with immigration ... heck, they let all the Mexicans through, let whoever it is stay!!

thepensbob said...

Geez, what's up with all the Orpick hate? I smell a goal for him tonight. And no, I'm not willing to put money on that.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

I love Brooksy and all, but he plays a defensive defense, so I guess he would just be pushing people around then.

Johnny Wrath said...

What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of new sick psychological game of his and Savard's?

I was asking around if Orps is getting worse, or if he's suffering setbacks under Therrien.

I've pretty much made my mind up, and I've heard the rather convincing epic of the Savard-Orpik fallout, which resulted in Therrien banching him.

My theory is that Brooks tried to ascertain exactly what Savard does.

I guess WB/S is too far away from New Jersey to make a call-up. The way Army, Orpik, and especially Fleury have been handled, I should have expected this most unflattering tactic. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, Letang rocks, but he doesn't really put up the kind of numbers associated with flashblog. I think Conkblock needs to be up there instead of Letang. But what do I know?

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Army's sick, so he ain't playing

Anonymous said...

@thepensbob: I hope Orpik (No "c" in there!) scores a goal tonight, then maybe they'll keep him at wing!

Although, if the Pens are trying to get him traded this doesn't seem to be the best way to go about doing it.

I'm too lazy to go look, but didn't someone in c-blog yesterday or the day before think Orpik was gonna get 3.5 or 4 mil a year? Wow...

@Johnny Wrath: I think they know Armstrong is gonna be back soon, so no use making the call up. Just a guess. Or maybe the Pens are gonna try to trade him as a winger -- ha.

Either way, I'm personally glad he's not playing defense tonight. He has been terrible as of late and since we don't have the men to make him a healthy scratch, let him play fourth line wing.

keep the faith said...

Hey, this could end up being a great move by therrien. Or it could suck. Before we go into panic mode, let's see how he does.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3:28

You CANNOT jinx ConkBlock by putting him in flashblog. They put him in flashblog and he goes in the tank, you are the person everyone wants to blame.

Let Er Be...

Go Pens

stokes said...

Does this mean that we can debate how good of a winger Orpik is now?!

Flyer Hater said...

Does it really matter who the 4th line LW is?

Flyer Hater said...

NHL Network/Penguins alert:

Classic Series, 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Sabres vs Penguins on at 5 PM today. Good primer for the Debbies game.

Anonymous said...

@Flyer hater: No it doesn't matter who the 4th line LW is -- exactly why Orpik is there!

(Actually it does matter, just not as much as the other 19 positions.)

stokes said...

as been stated, BGL did not get suspended. while i am glad that he didn't and will be available tonight(cause Mario only knows we need more guys sitting), i do believe that he should have gotten a suspension. two games max. BECAUSE this way the NHL shows that it is at least trying to stay consistent. I know all the reasons why he shouldn't have been: Downie saw him and put his head down, because Laraque didn't try to hurt him, Laraque pushed him, Downie dove, and simply because Downie is a bitch. on the other hand, BGL did make contact with Downie's back and the NHL should be consistent.

Let me reiterate: i am glad that he did not.

Malkin is the new Debil killer. GO PENS.

Anonymous said...


on the other hand, BGL did make contact with Downie's back and the NHL should be consistent.

So every bodycheck into the boards when the player has his back turned should be a suspension too? The kind that happens 20 times a game? What about every cross check, high stick, and fighting major? BGL got the 5 minute major for boarding, which should have been called, and that is that.

The NHL is being consistent here (for once) by not suspending a hit that didn't merit it.

(As an aside, does anyone think it is a possibility that the NHL went light on Laraque because it was Downie? The same Downie who had been suspended once this year? The same Downie who sucker punched Blake this year? I'm just asking...)

Johnny Wrath said...

Yeah, that was me with the 3.5-4M price tag. He's either going to get it outright, or he'll get higher dollar amount in exchange for a shorter contract.

Last year, the chemistry and unity in the Penguins' locker room was the envy of the civilized world.

Therrien seems intent on compromising that to inject the maximum amount of rude, surly, ill-bred AHL last-chancers.

O, how I want to pound New Jersey, or as I so succinctly put it, Pennsylvania's dank basement.

Anonymous said...

FYI, on collegehumor.com, the penguins commercial is one of the staff video picks for today.


not bigrickpsu said...

@Johnny Wrath: Your comments are always spot on man, but 3.5 mil a year for Orpik? Seriously?

I just can't see that happening. Maybe a four year deal for a total of 8 or 9 million I could accept, but I just can't see anyone paying that much for a minus defender playing against the opponents third and fourth lines. Especially when people like Scott Hannan, Mattias Norstrom, Sergei Zubov, and Eric Brewer are in that range.

There is no way that Orpik compares to those guys.

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. Anyone else in c-blog have an opinion on Brooks' probable salary next year?

Anonymous said...


Nice comments by Ryan Whitney. What a friggen jerk. So I guess the united states should change immigration policy for a hockey team. This guy is a complete turd of a human being. I am a pens fan, but if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd, putting a penguins jersey on doesn't make in not a turd.

I say open the door Ryan, who cares about what happened on 9/11 or what terrorist group of the month wants to blow up a building on US soil. At least we will have Kris Beach on the roster.

There is nothing more than a self hating American. He is from Boston, what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:23:

Whoa buddy. Relax. I think most of those comments were made in jest. Just because you don't agree with his stance on politics or immigration doesn't make him a "turd."

Here, try this: Relax!

Adrienne said...

I'm kinda really torn. I have to watch the Pens game for the division lead; but Tampa is also on TV for once playing Buffalo.

:( Damn it

Eric, that song is awesome. Wow.

Johnny Wrath said...

People said I was crazy when I told them we'd lose Bob Boughner similarly in 2001.

McKee makes 4M. He's missed a hell of a lot of time. He's on pace to play 72 games, and I highly doubt he gets there.

Eric Brewer, complete with -9, makes a square 3.5M. Both have proven far more injury prone.

Spacek makes 3.475M. He goes out of his way to avoid physical contact.

Speaking of avoiding contact at all costs, the measuring stick remains Chris Phillips. 3.5M. On pace for 16 points.

Hannan. 6'1, 225 lb. 29 years old. 4.5M over 4 years. The guy is -7. He wanted 6 years, got more money for a shorter deal.

Orps is 6'2, 219, and 2 years younger. He's -1 now. I think he's got above average defensive abilities, doesn't try to do too much, and until recently showed leadership abilities.

He can excel in a system not currently being tailored for Rob Scuderi to play top line minutes and anchor the PK. I really hoped when Eaton went down, Orps' role would be enhanced.

Nah. 4th line wing, and plenty of Nasreddine. I just spit.

Pittsburgh Girl Forever said...

Chill out!! When has Whit ever done or said anything that would make you hate him? I love Whit no matter what he says, he always plays hard. Lighten up, dude, you gotta understand that he's just frustrated. This season has been going quite as planned and he vented with some anger and some joking around. Leave Whit (and while your at it, Orpik) alone and worry about getting some wins!!

chris l. said...

"What's (Barack) Obama's and Hillary's (Clinton) stance on this? I'll be ready to vote once I hear."

Pretty clearly kidding around. You know Orp's voting for Rudy.

On the serious side, with all the personnel issues jobbing the Pens right now I wouldn't read too much into it.

2 points on the Debs would be huge tonight. Cragger, light another candle.


Hip said...

anon @ 4:23. It was clearly half in jest. Go ape shit over politics on thedrudgereportblog.

stokes said...

@ anon 4:06, just so i don't look like a baby.

My only retort is that most of the players say that if you can see their numbers, you probably shouldn't be hitting them. clearly, there is a difference between what Laraque did and most hits. it was about three feet and if downie is closer to the boards, we aren't having this discussion.

I always thought that boarding was leaving your feet to make a hit, but i'm too lazy to look up the rulebook right now, and so i may be wrong.

Yes i do think that the league went easy on Laraque because of who he hit, and that's my main point about consistency. if that's true then i love it as a Pens fan, but i would like to see consistency. which is a pipe dream, obviously. we all watch hockey and see how inconsistent the refs can.

that's all i was saying.


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