Monday, January 23, 1984

2008 Photoshop Expo

Your best bet is to sit back and let this load for a minute,
'cause it'll keep jumping and crap and you'll keep losing your place.

Again thanks to everyone who sent these in.

It all got started when Ben Eager turned into a coward and he refused to fight BGL in Philly on Decemeber 11.

It then turned into a Flyers photoshop after Eager got traded.

It finished up with the addition of Don Cherry, because he is a joke.

We threw in some miscellaneous photoshops as well.
And Ty Conklin had to be given his own wing.

As always keep them coming.
We try to use as many photoshops as we can. Some of these have been used, some have not.

If we missed one, please resend.

We'll be archiving our Gmail inbox this weekend, so whatever you've sent up till then will be stowed away in a Gmail folder forever.





Bob Burton
[ No photoshop job. It just shows you how bad Eager sucks. ]

-- Brenna --

-- Clint G--

-- Wheeling--

-- Nicolas Cage --

-- Anthony Costa --

-- Dustin Rozanc --

-- The Whistler --


-- Sam-from DoubtAboutIt --

-- Steve Gibbs --

-- Allison Nolan --

-- Canaan --

-- Eric M. --

-- DD --

-- Eric P. --

--George S. --

-- Ian Mehok --

-- Chris E. --

-- Pete --

-- Ryan Musial --

-- Carly --

-- Jason S. --

-- Kyle Jackson --

--Patrick Jackson--

--J Schiff--


-- Rhonda B. --

-- Matt C. --

-- Rag33 --

--D.O. --

-- Jannah J. --

-- Derek Ausk --

-- Michael Campbell --

-- Robert M. --

-- Lloyd Jones --

-- Hillyer -- ||| -- Jonathan S. --

-- Davey D. --

-- Matt B. --

-- Jason S. --

-- Anthony Costa -- ||| -- Joe A. --

-- Dana H. --

-- Joshua S. --

-- Nicholas E. --

-- Steve W. --

-- Ben Cole --

-- Mike D. --


-- Lady Jaye --

-- Will Smith --

-- Michael Smith --

-- Amber and Angie --

-- ShOez --

-- King --

-- J. Schiff --

-- Canaan --

This is real:

-- Daniel S. from Sweden --

-- Kayla --

-- Mike D. --

--Matt K--

-- Zak --

-- Sid The Pug --

-- FrogControl --

-- KJ --

-- David B. --

-- Allison N. --

-- King --

-- KJ --

-- Matt C. --

-- Hardy Boys --

-- JFerrante --



-- Dan --

-- Hooks --

-- Zak --

-- Emily D. --

-- Eric S. --

-- Kyle D -- ||| -- Dan --

-- Kevin S. -- ||| -- Lady Jaye --

-- Jannah J. --

-- Mike Costa --

-- KJ MC --

-- Dana H. --

-- JFerrante --



-- Sean Kane --

-- Patrick Kent --

-- J. Schiff --

-- Brenna --

-- KickSave --

-- Ian M --

-- Zak --

-- Anthony Costa --

-- Lady Jaye --

-- Matt K --

-- Jason S. --

-- D.O. --

-- Patrick Jackson --

-- Chris in H-burgh --

-- Matt C, AKA BlacknGold66 --

-- King --



-- Jimmy Mo --

-- J. Schiff M.D. --

-- Lady Jaye --

-- Jim F -- ||| -- Dark Star --

-- King --

-- Eric G. --



-- Andrew McDonald --

-- Lady Jaye --

-- Mark M. --

-- KickSave --

-- D. O. --

-- Matt W. --

-- Frog Control --

-- David B. --

-- B. Smith --

-- Kris Pav --

-- Adam Vacancy --

-- Josh B. --

-- Coren --

-- Amber and Angie --

-- Randy R. --

-- David B. --

-- KJ --

-- Teej --


Go Pens


David said...

Friggin amazing.

Great work everyone.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, awesome!

Ashley said...

Wow..that's some good photoshoppin' there. had to send my brother a few links haha

canaanregulatesblog said...

::begins slow clap::

diabeticsRcooler said...

Great work as usual

This is definately helping me through these (potentially) hard times


(Oh btw... the sid the pug picture was sent in my my sister Allie Brooks

our dog's official on his certificate is Sir Sidney Patrick of the Art Ross Crosby)

karri said...

FritoWill said...
so 1 am Wednesday morning really means

7 PM Thursday night, Pensblog time!


Unbelievable post...and on freakin' time!

Go Staff!!! woooooooooooooooo

ReaverOfSouls said...

There's only one way to describe this post. Solid.

The game in Philthy won't be the game of the year... it's going to be the game of the decade. Go Pens.

Pensblog Staff said...

hahha frito.. that was for you

Pensblog Staff said...

Apologies to any pictures that are credited incorrectly or spelled incorrectly.

Post the corrections in the comments here, and we'll be fixing them


BlacknGold66 said...

::continuing slow clap::

Unreal. I just woke my girlfriend up numerous times laughing.

Some favorites:

-Wheel of F
-Diving board (so stupid, but so great)
-Bing-O (again, so stupid, but works so well. Laughed my ass off!)
-Wizard of Oz

Great stuff. I'm very impressed.

Eric K said...

P.W.A is clutch...Easy

Nice job everyone, if you arent pumped for 7:08 Thursday night, you arent alive.

Go Pens

PittHockey said...

This makes up for Ledger in some small way. :(

Just-a-Jobber said...

I gotta say... I've been reading the blog religiously for over a year now and the greatness of this post finally made me break down and make a name for c-blog.

Growing up and going to college in Ohio can often be tough on a diehards Pens fan as myself, not to mention the fact that I live with a Sabres fan(even he loves pensblog).. however this blog makes life worth living. What a site.

Great job by all the photoshoppers out there.. the conkblock city is now my backround. I was real impressed by staff tonight, directly at 1 am.. what a job.. when you talk money in the bank.. you talk staff.

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Hard to choose but,I give the win to P.W.A.

cragger said...

i just schat myself a little.

Nicholas said...

While the Forsberg shop was certainly amazing, I believe the maker needs to realize that Briere has 21 retired, the only other number the Pens have retired other than 66.

But he does look good in Black and Gold

J.S. said...

liek whoa

I gotta look at this one from home since I don't want to be doing unemploymentblog. I made it through about 5 shops before I had people running to my computer to see what was going on.

stokes said...

Serious talent here. Awesome job by everyone!!!

snoopyjode said...


...just WOW. OUTSTANDING work, all!

(to TPB guys: BIG thanks for the warning not to be drinking while viewing this - i seriously would have ruined my monitor without it.)

Not BigRickPSU said...


Malkin as Easy G? Done and done. That one needs to stick.

Fantastic job by everyone.

Lady Jaye said...

Ahahahaha. Best post ever. These are awesome. I think Bing-O made me laugh the hardest.

Anonymous said...

Love the Superbad photoshop. My hatred for the Flyers led me to do something unheard of last night... pull for the Devils.
Don't let the Flyers' recent hot streak fool you, they plowed through the Southeast just like the Pens did. Hopefully we can get out of Philly alive and with a W.
WWGRD? Come back in 2-3 weeks!

Andrew said...

My head just exploded. So many good ones to list, so I won't and just say they were all good, and I looked like an idiot at my job laughing at my desk.

Anonymous said...

it's nice to see that heath's legacy can live on forever in the pensblog photoshop expo :(

Steve In Denver said...

E V E R Y O N E!

lis said...

Just wanted to thank you guys for allowing me to come to the realization that I'm going to burn in hell for laughing out loud (while at work) at the special olympics photoshops!

dying alive said...

The Zoolander one of Cherry & Ruutu nearly cost me my life.

hyzdufan said...

Glad you guys like my PWA. Should I make shirts? I'll give proceeds to the Mario Lemieux Foundation. I just think it'd make a sweet shirt.

Anonymous said...

this is gonna make me look like a fucking idiot, but what does PWA stand for?

hyzdufan said...

Penguins With Attitude...pigga, please. :)

David said...

I'm happy people enjoyed my work [Bing-O, Conkblock McLovin, Conkblock 3:16].

Some of my favorites:
* Wheel of F
* Don Cherry NAMBLA
* Don Cherry Queers
* Don Cherry Gay Pimp
* Bob Errey Autograph

Great stuff, everyone.

Pensgirl said...

hyzdu, the PWA was awesome. I second (or third, or whatever) the comments about "Easy G." What a nickname.

Great collection, gotta give one more shout-out: NAMBLA Cherry. Priceless.

slush said...

Hilarious!! Good disclaimer too. Coffee spewed all over would not have been welcomed.

Too many great ones to name. Killer work everyone. Great work staff.

Anonymous said...

Check this out, Its about our Great friend Danny Onorato

snickerdoodles said...

This morning I was smart. I read the blog before I made my tea. Brilliant. Just effing brilliant. I am still laughing out loud. There are so many good ones, I can't even pick a favorite. Now I gotta go back to work. Darn!

snickerdoodles said...

This morning I was smart. I read the blog before I made my tea. Brilliant. Just effing brilliant. I am still laughing out loud. There are so many good ones, I can't even pick a favorite. Now I gotta go back to work. Darn!

Pensgirl said...

News Update:

TK out indefinitely with mono.

It's hard out there for a Pen.

Hip said...

Lady Jane - I'm with you. Bing-O is hilarious. Mostly because he looks like he has rabies there.

PWA - also stellar. Please keep Easy -G going. Good Times also cracked me up because Army and Orpik look so unhappy to be there. Haha.

Charlie made some real nice appearances.

This was my first live unveiling of a photoshop with you all and I was so not disappointed. Kudos to all. This shit is unreal.

Anonymous said...

With Kennedy having mono, we can only hope that nobody else gets it from sharing water bottles. Last thing we need is another guy out for an extended period.

po said...

HEADLINE: Tyler Kennedy makes out with Pensblog Charlie, diagnosed with Mono

wilsmith said...

Great stuff. I'm glad someone used that "Running in the special olympics" one, the original picture is one of my favorites.

and hip, I'm not entirely sure what would get me more fired up, Joe B, or that Camaro business. I really hate that guy.

Lana said...

P.W.A amazing.

Just a question... Huet Lewis... That's Theodore... Am I missing something?

Again though, an awesome distraction from the Chemistry I should be doing. People are waiting for computers in the lab and this is what I'm doing. Classic.

jazzhall said...

The "300" poster with Crosby and a bunch of hockey sticks was quality. The Gary Roberts window is great, a suggestion should be made UPitt.

Eric K said...

Andre Savard out 4-6 days with chronic diahrrea.
Injury train keeps rollin'

Lady Jaye said...

hip > That's exactly what I thought when I saw it. The expression just made the picture. And it's Lady JAYE ... the GI Joe chick. (teasing, cause I can)

Seriously, rough times being a Penguin... is it just me being a homer or does it seem like our injury/illness luck seem to be some of the worst in the league.

Sarah said...

quality jobbing!
Thanks for the drink disclaimer. I would have spit my water out all over my monitor

Stoosh said...

Photoshop in its entirely was absolutely brilliant. I felt bad laughing at some of the Ben Eager ones, particularly the "Retards: Everyone Knows One" one, but I just couldn't help it.

Loved the one of Therrien holding the cigar.

The Roberts Wheel of Fortune one caused the guy next door to ask me what was so funny.

Love the Ovechkin Dive one as well.


If some of you may remember, there was a discussion this past weekend about assembling a group...a cadre...a small army if you will...of Pens fans, dressing in kilts and marching on Mellon Arena prior to a game, playing bagpipes all the way up Centre Avenue.

Check it out...



Nevermind the sheer, unbridled awesomeness that is a website actually entitled, "Kilts-N-Stuff" (and yes, in Pittsburgh, it would be "Kilts n'at")...I'm astounded by the fact that I could buy a set of bagpipes for $200. That's less than face value for one halfway decent seat to a Steelers game.

Lana said...

Injury / Illness... if not worst pretty close to it.

The Bruins, Blackhawks are suffering.

cragger said...

i showed all the flyers fans down here in south jersey, they are pissed!


Anonymous said...

Solid expo. Good job everyone!

P.W.A is life changing. Nice work hyzdufan! (and you should make shirts)

Anonymous said...

Solid job by everyone, thanks for a great laugh.

P.W.A is money..I would definitely buy that t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:02 one answered you...

N.W.A. is self explanatory...

P.W.A. I assume, is "Penguins With Attitude".

WiscPensFan said...

Thanks for the entertainment, and constantly changing desktop options ...
Sucks TK is out with mono - hope he's the last. I'm glad Army will be back - and Conks is starting, against the Flyers... can't wait for that game!

David said...

a lot of those are really good...i think some of the Conklin ones are the best

epically the "straight outta Conklin" , and the "Ty Conklin's Block Party" one

Amazing work everyone

whistler said...

Stoosh: thanks for the conk-liment on the "Retards Everybody knows one"... It was right after that 8-2 game and I was fuming mad (weren't we all)..

I so want to go that game tomorrow night. Maybe I'll divert my ride home from PHL and head straight to the Whattsamatta U Center.

Solid job everyone.. Some were so bad I couldn't help but laugh...

wilsmith said...

Stoosh,do we have a bagpipe player? If not, I know one or two

BlacknGold66 said...

FUCK! Tim Brent out 2-3 weeks with whooping cough.

Hip said...

Lady Jaye - just a brutal mistake on my part. My sincere apologies.

wilsmith - you're a feisty one. That's hot.

And I just noticed the ConkCup on Laraque. Brilliant.

Go Pens.

David said...

hip: Yea I should've put some text on that one - the intent is not obvious.

Laraque out with your Conk out.

RyanOShea said...

I know the actual person in the photoshop of Roberts on crutches, he grew up in New Brighton.. pretty crazy that I'd randomly see him on here.

Stoosh said...

I completely missed the Dave Molinari-Shelly Anderson Kiss Cam, just burst out laughing when I saw it and scared the absolute crap out of a lady walking past my office.

Terry Tate would not approve.

Quingo77 said...

I know it is is not Huet in the photo, but on CBC this one announce kept pronouncing his name like it was Huey, so that's why i just got any canadiens's goalie and swaped his face on the Huet, Lewis cd.

For the record that Twins photo of Ruutu and some other guy.... that other guy looks identical to ruutu, including balding, head shape, where they are balding at, and facial hair/looks....unfortunately that's the best we have of him

stokes said...



THAT'S IT! put the rest of the team in space suits over top of chain mail. (as they're playing the dirty-ass Flyers tomorrow, that may not be such a bad idea anyway. cheap shot artist bastards.)

Stoosh said...

WILSMITH - I can't play the bagpipes...I'm pretty much tonedeaf, although I'm not sure how much that exactly matters with something like the bagpipes.

I'm seriously contemplating dropping some cash on a kilt, though. The more I think about this thing, the more I believe we could pull something like that off.

The thing is, though...we'd have to make it a fairly regular thing. I don't know if a one-and-done sort of thing would work as well.

justincredibleh said...

the tom brady/richard simmons pic was solid.

Pensgirl said...


Evidently we of the Penguin faithful should be slitting our wrists.

(I clicked on the headline fully expecting to laugh at this guy, but what the moron really needs is a world-class jobbing.)

J.S. said...

Good work all around. This was definitely worth the wait. I peeked at it earlier today, told a friend about it at lunch, but didn't get a complete view until now.

comments in commentorblog:

looks like Don Cherry is a natural for the Brokeback Mountain sequel, esp with Heath Ledger no longer being available.

favorite shops? Hmmm. In no particular order: Don Cherry Gay Pimp (if it wasn't a photoshop expo, I'd assume this was a pic that he has been hiding), the homeless Flyer (I'm assuming that's Esche), Harding in Lightning gear (which easily makes her the toughest man on the team), BING-O!, Hungry Hungry Crosby, Pensocalypse (Crosby as Nathan Explosion is brutal), Therrien's cigar, Roberts/Laraque beating Eager, Canaan's WWGRD Punchout, and the Flyers hole in the wall (not surprising to see that's what Stevens, Eager, and Biron do during off days.)

@JustinCred, I was wondering if anybody would pick up on that. I was mashing Tombrady -- all one word, just like the announcers and ESPNers pronounce it -- with people who were less than manly. Simmons was an obvious choice. There's a Boy George one that I did that's downright creepy. I thought it was sent, but maybe I'll send it once it's closer to the superbowl.

::joins in on the slow clap::

wingergirl said...

staff- great post.

everyone that made the photoshops- brilliant

pensgirl- that guy needs a few high-sticks to the face and a low blow. What a dick.

stoosh- if you end up marching out with kilts, do it on April 2nd, because 1) it's against the Flyers; 2) it's the home closer; and 3) I'll be there, and want to see it!

wilsmith said...

I would like to see how many people Google image searched "retards" right after this expo was commissioned.

pops said...

"Playing for the Flyers is like being in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

that deserves to be written on a really really big billboard.

awesome job, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that was hilarious!! I love this blog!!

Oh BTW did you hear about the "great" Thrasher Ilya Kovalchuk getting suspended w/o pay? Michal Rozsival was his victim ... if it wasn't Rozsival, I might have been angry, frankly, I laughed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an avid photoshopper, the Tom Brady as Richard Simmons and the Straight Out of Conklin photoshops are pure brilliance.

JSchiff said...

That was me trying to give props to the Richard Simmons and PWA 'shops...

Sean said...


Flyer Hater said...

Just unreal, this is why Al Gore invented the internet.

bluzdude said...

Great expo... was definitely worth all the buildup.

Loved the Conk-block section best...

Lara said...

hahahahaa. I really wish there were "Rock out with your Conk out" shirts...i would definetly buy one...

Anonymous said...

I did the Zoolander with Don Cherry hating on our boy Ruuttuuuuu. I'm from Harrisburg and I always seem to put that -h on the end since I grew up in Pittsburgh.

Everytime I see Cherry I think of Mugatu and his crazy outfits.

BTW if anyone wants to go job the Hershey Bears when the play WBS Penguins at the Giant Center out here in Harrisburg, let me know, maybe we can set up a Pensblog Baby Pens outing.


Davy D said...

Straight Outta Conklin FTW

Laughed out loud at Wheel of Fortune for some reason?!

Props to all!

RyanOShea - Nice catch on the CrutchMaster Bill Shannon. I had crutches on the brain after Roberts went down:

christina said...

wow. just wow.
excellent work everyone!!!

the winner for me is definitely PWA...Easy G as a nickname for Geno is absolute gold.

Don Cherry, Gay Pimp. i love it.

FritoWill said...

you guys have talent and Way to much time on your hands.

My vote for best has to be the


HAHA, so taking that to work tomorrow

nice job Jason S.

chris l. said...

Great work to all you 'shoppers.

Wizard of Oz was great. BING-O was crazy, and I thought I heard angels when I scrolled to the Malkin' on water image. PWA was inspired, but the "pigga, please" retort was even better! (Lots of props already for Easy G, but 50 Ruble made me chuckle too - especially with the smirky picture.) Nice work all, again.

It's going to be tough grinding for a couple of weeks, but the fire has been lit. Come on boys, keep bangin'em in.


Steve said...

That was pretty decent. The one that made me laugh the most was the Zoolander pic with Cherry as Mugatu and Ruutu nailing the look! The BING-O pic was hillarious too, any pic where Crosby screams in the face of an old woman deserves a spot on the fridge!

Def some good stuff there, enjoyed it. Still have to say that the Eaton photoshop was better.

Go Pens

tnigs21 said...

Is it me or is there a resemblance between Gino and Brady Quinn, just puttin it out there. WWGRD

wilsmith said...

WOW. Geno, Gonch, Talbot and Army in a commercial

cragger said...

Next stop on the cragger express... THE WACHOVIA CENTER WARRRRRRR ZONE!

chris e said...

Awesome photoshops all!!

My favorite is still Gary Roberts riding the Ben Eager camel...for some reason that one makes me laugh everytime I see it.


Jon said...

Great stuff, as always everyone.

erik s said...

Ben Eager camel is definitely my favorite- and thanks for posting mine!

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