Saturday, January 12, 2008

1990 Draft= Solid

Much thanks to Jchiff M. D. for sending this in.

What a fun time this looked like.


There is some other stuff going on.

Malkin should be on it, but whatev.

Speaking of Malkin.
Here is Errey calling him out.

Mario woud have passed it and scored.
From the locker room.

[Thanks to Eric P for the youtube]

[Will Smith]

How to start a rumor. [Barry Melrose]



A few games ago.
Someone said they spotted a Lemieux name plate in the locker room.

A little birdie told us.....

The plate was brought in by the Pens last year for the playoffs.
It is not also there.


There is most likely more to talk about.
But we just want to post a picture of Ed Harris and go to bed.

What an actor.

If he doesn't win an oscar for his performance in National Treasure 2 they shouldn't have the awards this year.
Go Pens


Holly said...

Reason #7,100 to mute the television and listen to some old fashioned Michael Michael Motorcycle.

An EN goal by Crosby would have had as much merit as compulsively flicking the puck in the net in NHL 08 when offsides is called. Really important.

canaanregulatesblog said...

ny melvin spotted in ottawa?

pfft. what a pensblog charlie.

Jonny V said...

The '90 Draft, fond memories of my first foray into collecting hockey cards. I had the entire Score and Upper Deck hockey sets from that year, and was a proud owner of three Score Lindros rookie cards, thinking I was sitting on a goldmine. A harsh lesson in selling high or getting squat.

WufPirate said...

NHL Drafts ain't what they used to be, apparently.

the66thdopefish said...

"Jaromir Jaeger". That always got me, that they wanted him to be associated with Jaegermeister.

In fact, I've always been stunned when people called Mario "Maireo", or Patrick Roy "Roo-wah".

But, yeah, killer draft. Doesn't speak well for scouting when you've got Martin Brodeur going with the second-to-last pick in the first round. (Could've been worse, though. He could've been a 5th rounder.)

Bert in Hershey said...

Errey sucks balls for calling out Evgeni. I always thought Errey and Steigy sucked, but at least Errey was the sane one with 20/20 vision and kept Steigy in check or at least corrected him. Now I really think they both suck. I'd rather have the TV muted and watch the game. They are as bad as the homos on VS.

King Gorilla said...

Lord Douchington from the post-gazette told me that that the Mario nameplate never left since his retirement. It was Steve Latten's man on man love for Mario that started it, and the new toolshed operator decided to keep it rolling. The reason why I saw it during the Panthers game, is that their production people are clown boxing homos, and they used stock footage instead of live game action. Bing probably couldn't handle that amount of gayness around him in the locker room.

Fleury29 said...

Poor A.O. I really feel sorry for him now.

Eventually he'll have a "Dying Alive"-style breakdown and be traded to the Florida Panthers but by then it will be too late, he'll be on the decline.

Hip said...

I honestly believe if Badger Bob hadn't gotten sick, he's still be our coach and we'd have something sick like 5 cups already.

RIP. It's a great day for hockey. Absofuckinglutely.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

National Treasure 2 is the best movie ever made. You just can't beat that sequence at the end where Ed Harris lets Ben Gates live and find the treasure. What character development, what a plot.

slanderblog said...

O'munchkin is garbage.

Andrew said...

solid draft minus scott scissons at the six spot. haha

StuckInLA said...

Man 1990 was good times. I also just want to state how much I adore the background music from that clip.

used 2 b 'b' said...

A couple of solid "Let's go Pens" chants last night during a show when Every Time I Die (from Buffalo) was onstage. Most people that go to these shows (at least in my experience) aren't sports fans. Hopefully I am just wrong about sports fans at metal shows, or the bandwagon is back. The frontman did give props to Crosby though.

joe d said...

canaan, you do know that Scotty Bowman is Kenny Melvin on LGP?

Is it me or did half of that first round play for Pens at some point in their careers?

canaanregulatesblog said...

joe d, yeah, i know. thanks for the heads up, though.

some guest said...

mark fucking recchi.

at least we get a point for losing.

oh yea, devils won too

notbeinguseful said...

I saw the Lemieux nameplate in the same interview. Dana Heinze keeps a locker room stall for Lemieux.


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