Tuesday, May 13, 2008



It's safe to say tonight is the biggest game of the Pens' season to date.

We've been down this road twice in the playoffs.
Posting the probabilities from [ WhoWins.com ] is futile at this point.

We don't want to prepare people for a letdown...

But the Pens want to win.
The Flyers have to win.

And the Flyers are on home ice in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
Meaning, the Pens will have trouble skating with all the tears on the ice.

[ George S. ]

The Flyers' last Stanley Cup win occurred in 1975.
Something happened to the Penguins that year, as well.

If there's anything we'll guarantee,
it's that the Flyers will be skating faster than we have ever seen them.

Real poll.
[ Brian N. ] with the screenshot.


Derek, Adam, Pensblog readers...

My captors [ The Orange Crush ] are treating me humanely.

They have let me bake my brownies, watch Sens games, read [
Mondesi's House ],
and have given me the entire DVD set of Friends to pass the time.

I commend Adam and Derek for not abusing homosexual comments in my absence.

I am anxiously waiting to return to my position at the Pensblog,
as well as my many positions in the Senators locker room.

I know everyone in Pensblog Nation is adding me as a friend on Facebook

and doing what they can to ensure my safe return.




Before we get to the depleted Flyers' blue line,
we have to talk about French Toast.

[Jonathan M.]

Remember when Hartnell and Ruutu went off the ice
for jobbing around at the end of the second period?

Apparently, there was a broken stick on the ice...

Because there were less than two minutes remaining in the period, Hartnell skated in the direction of Philadelphia's dressing room. But he was met at the door leading off the ice by Flyers goalie Martin Biron. The Philadelphia netminder had in his hand the blade half of the broken stick and handed it to Hartnell, no doubt asking Hartnell to get one of the training staff to measure the blade.

You'll be quick to say that it was Malkin's stick that they picked up.
But Malkin's infamous stick break occurred at the end of the first period, not the second.

No clue whose stick it was.

[ Globe on Hockey Blog ] reported that little tidbit.
We stole the link from JDJ8766 over at LGP.

:: Coburn is unlikely to play Game 3. [ Philly.com ]
No word yet on whether or not he's learning to know where the puck is at all times
instead of slashing Malkin's wrists.

:: Even Pinocchio says that was a goal in Game 2. [ Philly.com ]

:: Flyers comeback not likely. [ Paul Kukla ]

[Stinky Harry]
:: Danielle Briere laughs off the alleged officiating bias. [ TSN ]

"I've never considered myself a superstar," said a smiling Briere, who signed an US$52-million, eight-year free-agent deal with the Flyers last summer. "Obviously, they might get protected a little bit more. That's understandable, but when they do some of the cheap shots that they're doing I think it would be fair for everybody that they get the same treatment in that regard."

Special delivery for Daniel Briere

Is he kidding?
Is he gonna sit there and talk about cheap shots?
How about actually playing a game?

And apparently, landing your sport's biggest free-agent contract doesn't make you a superstar.
That is disturbing.

That quote may need its own blog.

Updated: It is now created. [ NotASuperStarblog ]

:: Spector says the Flyers have to win Game 3. [ Fox Sports ]

:: Philly has the lost the faith. [ Philly Blurbs ]

:: From Joffrey Lupul, via the [ Trib ]:

We were shorthanded most of the first period, and you know that's how it's going to be against this team," Flyers forward Joffrey Lupul said. "They're going to get more power plays than us. That's just the way it is. They're the Pittsburgh Penguins, and we're just going to have to find a way to kill these penalties and get our chances."

[Jonathan M]



:: [ The700Level ] is bored with the Rocky Statue stuff.
Nothing about Game 2 over there except coverage of Ray Bourque's facial injury.

:: [ Flyers Goal Scored By ] -- Nothing about Game 2.

:: [ Flyers.Femme ] -- Nothing about Game 2.


:: "We're not getting calls, either." [ CBC.ca ]
:: Michel Therrien Interview. [ Kukla's Korner ]

:: Tyler Kennedy's fight:

"It was a mutual agreement," Kennedy said. "I looked at him. He looked at me. I wanted to do something for my team. He wanted to do the same thing for his team."

:: Mike Richards had nothing but nice things to say about how he was treated in Pittsburgh.
[ PG ]

Pic from [ Doug L. ]

:: Fleury's thoughts on Ribeiro's slash on Osgood? [ PG ]
"I don't know [how much it would hurt]," he said. "Maybe not as much as it looked like."

ESPN missed the boat on this one. 6th headline.
[ Verle ] with the find.

:: [ Bring Back Mike ] has Lange's goal calls for Game 2.

:: Finally, check out [ Yinz Luv 'Da Guins ] on YouTube.
The intro to the show alone may have you hooked.



[ MAF vs. Niitty ]

[ Sabu vs. Thomas ]

We're now getting to the point in that tournament where we should vote for the best mask.
We'd hate to be "that site" who jobbed the voting process.

Just kidding. Vote whatev.


Don Cherryblog

ESPN's surprising decision to hire the hot pile of flaming douche known as Don Cherry
has already stirred up some stuff.

As told by [ PuckDaddy ] aka G-dubs at Yahoo, Cherry's comments about the disallowed goal were edited by ESPN and did not appear after being originally taped earlier in the night.

Cherry has also pissed off everyone in Detroit. [ Daily Tribune ]

What we don't like is Cherry's hatred of European players.
There is no excuse for it.

Him calling out Evgeni Malkin in game two is embarrassing
and shows the lack of knowledge he possesses.

If this was ESPN's way of covering hockey more, please stop.

Our only answer is the [ Don Cherry Photoshop Expo ] from earlier this year.

A few favorites:

Bring back Charlie.


[ James F. ]

[ 0980 ]

[ Aaron M. ]

[ Gary M. ]

[ John Ok ]

[ Rich R. ]

[ Gio ]

[Christopher E /Lexi O.]

[ PIT Stop Parking ]
You can head over there and print out some coupons. Solid.


[ Aslan Haj ]

Wallpaper from [ Patrick W. ]


:: Ribeiro and Osgood got fines. [ Dr. Mirtle ]

:: Some dude flips out. [ MSN ]

Henrik Zetterberg is indifferent. He takes over the world in Game Three.
Wings up 3-0.
[ Abel To Yzerman ]


:: A couple of mistakes from Game 2's recap.

-- We got plenty of e-mails and some comments saying that Briere's cap hit of $6.4 mill
doesn't mean that's his salary this year.

It's front-loaded and crap.

-- The reporter who asked Bing about officiating wasn't from Philly.
It was a reporter from Toronto.

:: We swear on WWGRD wristbands, on Bing, on Malkin, on everything
that we are not running The Orange Crush.

There's no way to prove that we aren't running it, but we swear.
The author over there is just really cooperative and wants to cross-promote.

:: We'll be at the outdoor screen tonight.
Commit to the Charlie hoodie.
Don't tell Skippy.


[ Марков Евгений ]

Go Pens


eileenover said...

I have no life.

ghenygator08 said...

me neither but let's go Pens!

J.S. said...

me like three

H.C. Prick said...

If I order a large coffee between now and game three I'll totally order "Gary Roberts" size.

*Gary Roberts has never lost a security deposit because wherever he goes he is the landlord.

Benjamin said...

everyone use the write-in vote for gary roberts as an outfielder for the pirates for the mlb all-star game!

Mr. Plank said...

I guess grassyknollblog can officially cease to exist. I could have sworn on my unborn child you guys were running it. Well at least some Philly fan has some sense of decency. Good guy.

That transactions screen shot/photoshop was money in the bank. Keep up the awesome work (like I really need to fucking say that).

Mr. Plank said...

by it I mean The Orange Crush Blog

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm being pulled in all kinds of directions this morning...[& McLovin' every minute of it!]

sign up on Facebook to Save Pensblog Charlie: [check]

vote for MAF & Sabu: [check]

reading tPB from start to finish, clicking on every unread link [.5 check...have to save some for later in the day]

eileenover said...

Already did Benjamin.

BlacknGold66 said...


-That "Dork of the Rink" photoshop is both the funniest and the scariest thing I've seen in a long time. Wow.

-ESPN blows in case you all didn't know.

-I can't stress enough how much I hate "the Flyer." They are soff.

-Hatcher vs. Bugsy tonight. Do it.

-Hacksaw was shakey in Game 2 but if you pull him now you'll fuck with his mind and he'll become a Biron.


Benjamin said...

Yeah I just think it would be pretty tits if GR even got the smallest amount of publicity for receiving votes.

on another note I'm thinking about making an orpik free candy van tshirt to wear to the lawn tonight, hopefully I won't get too many strange stares.

eileenover said...

I don't know. I say Red and Andy for a solid 3-0 lead. They always pull through.

BlacknGold66 said...

Don't forget to put wax in your ears by 7:30pm since these dickweeds are showing the game.


Benjamin said...

I say red and andy, or maybe Ed harris. Both are solid choices. This is the first game I'm truly nervous about since the playoffs started.

eileenover said...

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I really hope Emrick calls the game. I'll take his annoying voice over Philty ass kissers any day.

H.C. Prick said...

Another vote for Red & Andy. I'm in between apartments and have to stay with a Philly friend who thought hockey was played with a ball before the Flyers made the playoffs.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I think I heard the fellow doc emerick say he'd be in dallas watching the game...I think we're set with Joe B & Ellidiot the rest of the way [hopefully, only 2 more games]

eileenover said...

Oh good Lord....

Dr. Turkleton said...

h.c. prick said:

a Philly friend who thought hockey was played with a ball

after what Thorsen ALMOST had to go thru after Mike Green's slapper v. the Caps...

coulda been callin' him One Nut, but he was lucky.

on that note,


eileenover said...

Haha please just read the title of this article.

GwinTheEskimo said...

no life either,
anyway, I've been voting Roberts for DH in the AL and shortstop in the NL

eileenover said...

I hope the Pens brought their scuba gear to Philthydelphia. Goodnight c-blog.

GwinTheEskimo said...

crap 4am

BlacknGold66 said...

I can respect going with Red & Andy, but I'm just conscerned about what kind of a message that sends to Hacksaw.

Then again, Hacksaw is solid as a rock.

And the game's being played in the biggest river of shit in America so Andy wouldn't be phased.

Using Ed Harris is absolutely out of the question. He's the closer.

(God, I love this blog/team/season/cblog!)

Let's Go Pens!!!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I say leave Hacksaw in, and post the picture of Hossa as Ted Dibiase somewhere for good measure.

Does that make Sidney Crosby or Dupois I.R.S. though?


Pensblog Staff said...

click the mondesi's house link as much as you can.

Thanks, guys.

We'll be at the screen, snapping pics of as much Pensblog-related stuff as we can.

whodeewhat said...

The shop where the Phlyers signed Malkins stick made me laugh out loud for real...

Kennedy scores tonight.

slush said...

Red and Andy FTW

Dwayne said...

Just an FYI:

Until I was 24, I never once had a tooth drilled with novocaine. I went to this dentist in the middle of nowhere (hastings, PA, to be precise) who never used novocaine, for anything.

I guess it's why, to this day, I despise all dentists without qualification. It's not a pleasant affair.

Dwayne said...

So what, exactly, is the deal with this picture of Coburn?


I don't want to pick on the dude so soon after getting his eye stoved in by a puck, but pink lipstick? What gives?

Fleury29 said...

"Let's go Pens WWGRD 15% of Steelers Merchandise?"


That's as solid a post you can get when there isn't a recap involved.

If Adam and Derek aren't running Orange Crush I think they could sue the person who is for so heavily biting their style.

But whatev, the Charlie kidnapping thing is still funny.

As long as the Pens at least split the games in Philly, we'll be okay. Part of me wants them to lose game 4 so I can watch them win the series in game 5 on Sunday but frankly, as long as they win the series, I don't care.

And here's hoping the Detroit Maxi Pads and Dallas Stars series goes to seven games.


P.S. - Thanks for the new profile image... that's MAF with shades of Tom Barrasso.

lauren_hbg said...

@ benjamin

My boyfriend made a "free candy" t-shirt for Friday's game, I was surprised that only a handful of people got the joke, so good luck!

Whistler said...

I think the Pens have quite a bit to be worried about. I'm not trying to be a nancy nay-sayer but If the Flyers are so defensively beat up and we're so offensively gifted why aren't we putting these dillweeds away fast and early?

We allowed them to get back into the game twice last night. With the home crowd at their backs expect some goonery. Expect Cote in the lineup and Fabric Soffener will be up to something stoopid.


Todd said...

Glad to see the Flyers signed Geno's broken stick. It was the most effective PK Sunday night!

Sooska said...

good morning! dr turkleton, AKA HCDT, never sleeps. never. he also can do Vulcan mind melds. kudos.

@ dr turk wherever you are: BTW my statement about our cross posts was a just sayin' kind of thing. Head coach knows best.

I am sure Geno is going to be given a Philthy popcorn shower tonight:

Geno doesn't like popcorn

dying alive said...

First of all, am I the only person in the world without a Facebook page? I have a myspace instead.

The French Toast picture made iced tea come out of my nose.

Does anyone else think of the show Strangers with Candy every time they hear Joffrey Lupul's name mentioned? "It's not JEFFREY, it's JOFFREY!!"

Stoosh said...

Guess what else happened in 1975?


And how's this for coincidence?

There isn't a team in any sport ever that I hate more than the Flyers. How bad do I hate the Flyers? I would've cheered for the 1980 Soviet team in that Miracle on Ice game before I'd EVER cheer for any Flyers team.

So Philly won their last Cup in May of 1975, right?

I was born in August of 1975.

Is there any coincidence that my least favorite team in any sport ever has not won a championship since before I really even existed?

I think not.


Whistler said...

@ Stoosh...

You're line is a lot better than mine.

I tell people that I'd rather support global terrorism before I'd cheer on the Flyers.

If you live here in Eastern, PA. Everyday is hell and you pray that a plane carrying the Flyers will crash into the Wachovia Center during a Sixers game with the Eagles in attendance.

The Phillies, well they'd be off somewhere else.. We can leave them alone.. They're harmless..

Colin said...

Was watch the Vs broadcast last night of Stars and Wings and Doc and Edzo were saying that they would be watching the Pens game from Texas. Looks like we got the same awful crew. Where is John Forslund?

Does anyone know a site where I can find a summary of penalties called? I am really curious about to see if any illegal stick penalties have been called since the lockout.

I think tonight is going to be a 3rd and 4th line type of game. Big game for Ruutu.

Hip said...

Remember that time in c-blog I asked the unanswered query "if you were the Sharks, when would you get rid of Wilson?" Apparently the correct answer was yesterday. Didn't see that last night but had to chuckle this morning.

@BNG - if Bugsy throws down with Hatcher tonight I just might have an orgasm. Shit the TK stuff the other night had me all riled up.

@Dr. Turk - the sum of your comments are some of the funniest shit that's ever graced the Gore.

Shoot me now because I'm going to a fucking Orioles game over watching the Pens tonight. What a disgrace. This is how much I love my class.

Stoosh said...

@ Whistler -

While I'm trying to avoid running overconfidenceblog, I honestly think the first two games of this series haven't been as close as the scores have indicated.

1. We won Game One 4-2 without getting any semblance of a meaningful powerplay.

2. All of our goals in Game One were caused by Philly's inability to take care of the puck, something the Flyers failed to improve on in Game Two. Biron made a couple of key saves to bail out some bad Philly turnovers in Game Two, including one where he gagged the puck away to Sid in the high slot and then made a Hasek-like glove save after Sid pulled him out of the crease.

3. Sid was one questionable call, one crossbar and one unreal save by Biron away from having a four-goal game in Game Two. Two of those instances happened in the third period when it began to become apparent that Philly'd d-men were tired and couldn't keep up with Sid. And by all accounts, we played a fairly sloppy Game Two.

4. Philly was unable to sustain any real offense in either game, even on the man advantage. There were times in both games where the Pens' offense - even the fourth line - was putting on a puck possession clinic. There were very few times that Philly was actually able to set up their offense and generate any sort of sustained attack in Game Two...especially in the third period.

5. Finally, I can't underscore this enough...Philly's defensemen cannot get the puck out of their end to jumpstart the rush. PB Staff made the comment about the Pens having to withstand a bunch of Flyer dump-ins; there's a lot of truth to that. They couldn't skate the puck in, and the Pens defensemen were beating them to the pucks in the corners when they tried to dump them in.

This is an even bigger problem for the Flyers if the Pens can generate any sort of sustained forecheck - which they did very well in the third period of Game Two. Hossa, Staal, Talbot...these guys were all terrorizing the Flyers' defensemen.

Like I said, I'm not overconfident. I just think the Pens need to keep doing what they're doing and they'll be fine. They've done a good job limiting Philly's attack and keeping the puck in the Flyers end, and that's how you beat the Flyers.

dying alive said...

All of our goals in Game One were caused by Philly's inability to take care of the puck, something the Flyers failed to improve on in Game Two.

Oh, but haven't you heard? That reflects nothing on the Pens capitalizing on their chances. They were just lucky that the Flyers giftwrapped all of their goals for them.

Also, in case you haven't heard, they were able to SHUT DOWN GENO. Apparently if you play him hard, he gets off of his game. I mean, look at the Richards hit on him in the second period of game one. How did he respond to that? Oh wait...


dying alive said...

I should add that Geno definitely didn't have his best game in game two, but I think that can be chalked up more to just having an off game than to the Flyers playing him hard. I guess we'll see what happens tonight.

Hip said...

@stoosh - I'm totally with you.

There was a 5 minute window in game 2 where the Flyers could have gotten a jobber goal and stolen the game, but that was it. The Pens, IMO, while it wasn't always pretty, just completely dominated every aspect of that game.

DeCeV said...

I voted for MAF but I couldn't in good conscious vote for Sabu. The mask he is up against is just too wicked badass to vote against.

Brett said...

My new favorite photoshop : French Toast!!

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- no you are not alone. I don't have a facebook page either.

Sooska said...

The Gospel according to whistler: If you live here in Eastern, PA. Everyday is hell...

Lady Jaye said...

Heh, the Pensblog puts a smile on my face every morning. I love you guys... (Okay so almost anything would put a smile on my face while I'm sitting in my cube fighting my frustration of IE not reading any style sheets right... arg)

@lauren_hgb > that's why I love sitting in f4, the folks in the row in front of us generally get Pensblog references and use a few themselves. Whenever Hossa, I think, missed an almost empty net I think we all generally said together "66 buries it." It's wonderful how Pensblog brings the world together.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- Every now and then Geno has one of those games where he tries to do too much by himself and forces things. Nothing stays on his stick and he has tons of giveaways. It happens. He will make a return to his usual form tonight.

Last evening my husband, PensBob, was being entertained by a show on Comcast Philthadelphia sports called "Keystone Clash." One of the Phlyer apologists was Chris Therien, another concussed Phlyer retiree. The 3 or 4 of these guys spent about 30 minutes whining about the officiating. The Phlyers were out there alone playing well but the refs got in the way. *rolls eyes*

Stoosh said...

@ Lady Jaye -

Echoing your statements on F-balcony, most of the people that sit right near my buddy's seats in F1 (first row) are people that get all the Pensblog references we throw out. Dickie Dunn and his family sit right next to us also, so there have been times where stuff we've said winds up as photoshops (this is how the USS Hal Gill got started).

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have two full season seats down in C12, and the only way they could keep them next year is to split them four ways, so we agreed to take ten games. I'm hoping some of the people down there next year get some of the references (my wife knows most of the Pensblog stuff, too), and I hope like hell they'll be willing to grant me the old "F-Balcony Language Exemption" for Flyers games.

And Rangers games, too.

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

Therien's been a guest on the NHL Network's "On The Fly" recap show, and I'm amazed the guy can complete a full sentence most of the time.

HOUSE14 said...

@ colin

I think that they rebuked the blade curve rule. Have you ever paid attention to the curve A.O. is sporting? You could catch a shark with that curve. He takes a torch to his blade to basically turn it into a U.

Does anyone know for a fact if you can take spray paint on to a plane in your checked luggage?

Lady Jaye said...

@stoosh That's why F balcony rocks :) I love the USS Hal Gill sign over there. I got a picture of it last game to put on my facebook or myspace for my out of town Pens fan friends.... practically fell over my railing trying to get it, but I did. Haha.

They should give you a language exemption for at least half the games... it's a habit hard to get rid of. Although, I sit by my mom so I bite my tongue most game. I'm 28 and still don't like using bad language in front of my mom. :) I do have to explain most of Pensblog stuff to her, but what I do explain she thinks is funny. I think Pensblog would scare her if she actually read the site.

lauren_hbg said...

@ lady jaye

It almost does feel like a second language. I mean, I actually catch myself wanting to type blog at the end of everything.

For instance, I literally almost wrote an email with the word "travel expenseblog" in it this morning, no joke.

We're actually gonna try and "get on the list" for the half season thing, so I'll shoot for that side of the F balcony, since that's probably all we can afford anyways. :)

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

On top of that, Hatcher is playing hurt and apparently so is Randy Jones (some sort of rib injury).

Imagine if we lost Gonch and Letang. We still have Whitney to move the puck, but does anyone remember when Gonch missed those couple of games and Whitney had to run the powerplay earlier this year? It was bad.

We'd also be putting Gill, Orpik and possibly even Scuderi into roles that ask them to generate more offense than they're typically used to doing. I think Gill and Orpik are better than most give them credit in this regard, but that doesn't mean they excel at it. Big difference between being merely competent in limited instances and then having to do it on a regular basis.

That's what Philly is dealing with right now. There was nothing I saw in Games One and Two - especially as the games wore on and their guys got more tired - that leads me to think Philly can generate any sustained attack, and I think the Pens make it worse with an aggressive forecheck tonight.

Colin said...

@ house14 -

The maximum curve on a hockey stick is not to exceed 3/4ths of an inch (increased from 1/2 pre-lockout). The reason that guys like Ovechkin and Jagr appear to have such banana curves is that the faces of their blades are bent back (in other words they have an open face when looking straight down). It appears that the curve is huge, but when measured it could be legal. Malkin uses more of a closed face curve, it would be like looking down at a letter "C". Since the face is closed, it would be more likely to be illegal.

I am on a mission to find out if there have been any illegal curve penalties called since the lockout.

Go Pens.

Sooska said...

my favorite post segment today is the briere "NotASuperStarblog"
way to finish your checks, Staff.

@ lauren - I actually said to one of my coworkers a couple of weeks ago: vendordocumentscrewupblog. He looked at me like I was speaking Philthadelphian.

In reading stoosh's posts, I just recalled that one of the suggestions for the Phlyers from the gang of has been numbnutz on that show last night was to attack USS Hal Gill's side because it is "clear he is struggling to keep up"

HOUSE14 said...

@ Colin

That rule bailed several of my teams out. Down by 1 goal draw a penalty. Before the play starts call out a player to ref and get a 5 on 3. Yeah its kind of cheap but... I hate losing!

Whistler said...


It's funny that you mention attacking on the side of USS Hal Gill.

During the last series the announcers were talking about attacking the opposite side of Gill because he was a beast.

dying alive said...

Over on LGP they're saying that it isn't Malkin's stick that Biron picked up, it was Kennedy's. It makes sense now, thinking back on it. Malkin's stick was broken much earlier in the game and Kennedy's stick had just been slashed in half.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Whoa, from the PPG article about Mr. Scrappy's fight:

"The throbbing crowd at Mellon Arena loved it."


< 9 hours.

Let's Go Pens!!!

JYo said...

click the mondesi's house link as much as you can

This sort of jobbing is inspiring.

The shop where the Phlyers signed Malkins stick made me laugh out loud

Completely agree. Well played.

First of all, am I the only person in the world without a Facebook page?

I created one solely to be Charlie's friend. I have never had any page of this sort before.

Zac Wassink said...

game three cannot come soon enough.

Dan said...

i've been friends with pgcharlie on facebook, but i'm afraid to tell other people to do so for the strange looks all the people i don't talk to or see on there would give me.

i wonder if versus will have a camera of everyone at the screen since they had something at that bar in philly.

they should also make the cotton candy guy work the screen. it's good karma.

Sooska said...

@ m vanderlasser- so the crowd was "throbbing" huh? Hmm the Phlyers radio folks said the crowd was not into the game. Maybe they were just distracted by the "throbbing?"

lis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lis said...

o.k. i'm gonna say it even though i've been scolded for my opinions in the past in c-blog....but...if you're seriously thinking about spray painting the rocky statue in philly i hope you take a second and rethink it because:

A. it's classless


B. it paints a bad image for all pittsburgh fans when one person ruins it for the bunch...and i personally don't want to be known as a member of a fanbase that spray painted a statue. leave that shit for philly fans!

like i said, i hope to Gary i'm just missing your sarcasm or something and i'm also hoping some others on here feel the same way.

....now blast away!!!

JYo said...

I won't scold you lis. I agree. I hope its just a joke and won't be carried out. I agree that it would be classless and make all Pens fans look bad. It would also likely end in some deserved jail time.

FijiH2O said...

lis - i'm with you 100%!!!

lis said...

thanks jyo and fijih20

i'm going to the game tonight. i was going to try to stay away but after driving out to pitt to watch from the lawn and staring at the mellon in the background i can't help it. i guess a part of me will enjoy the abuse i'll receive. i'll be sporting my hossa jersey t-shirt along with my sister sporting staal. hopefully the only abuse we'll receive is verbal!!

i hate philly!

Rege said...


I wore a homemade "Free Candy" Shirt to Game One. Lots of puzzled stares. I put a 44 on the back of mine to help people make sense of it. I think the lawn will love it.

Sooska said...

@ whistler - you inspired me...with great apologies to BillS

To Gill, or not Gill: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the minds of Phlyers to suffer
The clots and pucks of outrageous fortune,
Or to take up sticks against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand Penguin checks
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a series ending
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in French Toast's sleep what dreams may come
When he has shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give up goals: there's the Malkin slap shot
That makes calamity of so long life;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of Father Time,
The oppressor Therrien’s wrong, the proud Gonchar's contumely,
The pangs of despised Sidney, Orpik's delay,
The insolence of Laraque’s office and referee's spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy Phlyers takes,
When Stevens might his quietus make
With a bare Charlie? who would Briere bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after USS Hal Gill's hug,
The undiscover'd country from whose smirk
No Phlyer returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus Dread Penguin Roberts does make cowards of us all;
And thus the orange hue of Philthadelphia
Is sicklied o'er with the white out cast of thought,
And Penguins' Fleury of great pith and moment
With this regard the Phlyers passes turn awry,
And Phlyers lose - Soft you now!
The fair Briere! Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my sins remember'd.

BlacknGold66 said...

That's why Lis is a big deal.

Not only is it blatant vandalism, but it's bad karma.

We ( as a fan base, and the Pens organization) don't need that crap overshadowing this amazing journey ( the Who, drink).

Hopefully it's just a joke, but I have a feeling that it's not.

You really have to ask yourself, "WWGRD" or better yet, "WWGRT"(what would gr think).

I'm sure he wouldn't be impressed.

Sooska said...

@ lis, bng66, fijih20, jyo et al- agreed on the vandalism.

and GodGary's speed to you thru the streets of Philthadelphia.

HOUSE14 said...

It was also classless when we down to Carolina for the season opener and kick the shit out of some rednecks. Same in Buffalo, New Dirty and Tampon Bay. What part of Hockey Houlighan do you not get? Manchester United fan do have shit on us. 17 other people agree. Besides there's nothing wrong with a friendly rumble. I'll be the first to admit that it is terribly immature for a 27yrol to behave this way. What can I say I realy love the PENS. That, and the fact that committing vandalism in Filthadelphia is not considered classless given the nature of that city.

GwinTheEskimo said...

scoring depth

FakeDannyStag said...


winking lizard in lakewood tonight?

the majority of my gang can't make it but i'll be there.

hope to see you there.

JYo said...

Eric Staal has left team Canada to attend his grandfather's funeral. I wonder if this will affect Jordan's schedule at some point? Anyway, Jordan is now my pick to play an inspired game and lead the team to victory in game 3. Lets Go Pens!

vezonex said...

I only have one thing to say today.

Volchenkov > Coburn

JYo said...

Apparently that verification line idea that someone talked about last night as a way to help judge if a goal has been scored has been explored somewhat, but has yet to be seriously considered.

GwinTheEskimo said...

@SOOSKA, i think billy would approve,

Raybin said...

I see Charlie is only 25 friends away from freedom.

I thought I'd posted a funny comment until I realized I misspelled Daniel Alfredsson. Now I look like a poseur.

Problem: The only Facebook groups that I saw for Hal Gill were ones to hate on him. Some industrious Cblogger needs to make an "All Aboard the USS Hal Gill" group.

FijiH2O said...

lis - enjoy the game! do you have a wwgrd wrist band to wear for protection???

sooska - Bill S would be proud!

7 hrs. until game time.
Go Pens!

JYo said...

Gary Roberts is doubtful for tonight's game. Adam Hall is the likely replacement. I guess GR doesn't want Philthy to have the excuse "Its unfair that no other team has Gary Roberts!"

BlacknGold66 said...

@Raybin: Click on my profile and shoot me an email for something on Facebook.

Nathan said...

David Amber, what the fuck? Putting the Volek game, the Primeau game, and the 1975 collapse (with the 75 collapse being #1) in a list of the Pens' top 10 playoff highlights? All while leaving out games 1 and 4 of the 1992 finals.

David Amber = bigger joke than the Flyers.

BlacknGold66 said...

@House14: Dude... are you serious?

Raybin said...

Lord Gary down with an illness they say? Must be an allergic reaction to being in Philadelphia.

BNG66: Will do as soon as I can find a few minutes after this to take a break from wage slavery.

Dr. Turkleton said...

stoosh said:

I would've cheered for the 1980 Soviet team in that Miracle on Ice game before I'd EVER cheer for any Flyers team.

Gold like this is why there needs to be a Commit to the Stoosh book.


I was doing some 'research' while posting double links with sooska [she's ALWAYS 1 step ahead of me!!! hahaha] last nite:

I found an illegal stick penalty on Jagr on 03.08.06 in OVERTIME, no less....then the game went to a shootout & he couldn't participate in that because of the call.

@sooska & dying alive

I just signed up for Facebook yesterday & got this email this morning: Pensblog Charlie confirmed you as a friend on Facebook...

+ the adds by fellow cbloggers:

Life = complete.

@hip -thx. I ♥'d when cblog started the whole Hossa thingy to end our posts when he acquired him!!!

[Hossa: The Sum of All Flyers Fans Fears]

TheNWChica said...

*waves from big pile in my inbox*

I'm not sure if I'll be around today...it's crazysauce. I guess the power of Gary can't reach this far. *sighs*

So hopefully I'll be able to jet at 3:45 to get home by puck drop; but I'm doubting it right now.

But 6 hours and 17 minutes to go! Hoooooo!

Raybin said...


You've got mail!

M. Vanderlasser said...

Oh great, what am I going to do with all of this spray paint now that we've decided not to be vandals?

I wonder if the Candy Man needs his van re-painted?

Throbbingly yours,


JYo said...

The GR is doubtful article has been updated to let us know Ray Borque, er Braydon Coburn, is out tonight. Apparently his eye is still swollen shut.

lis said...

Well I really love the Pens too....HOWEVER...I'm not on the team, I am a fan. I do not see or understand the reason for fans fighting other fans because I'm not the one playing hockey, either is the other fan. I'm there to cheer MY team on. This is exactly why i hate flyers fans. They make it personal like i'm there to see them or something. I'M NOT!!! I'm not there to see the flyers. i'm not even there to see the flyers lose. I'm there to see MY team, to cheer MY team on, and see MY team kick some ass. I couldn't give two shits who they were playing.

Beating up fans from other teams does not qualify for ultimate fandom (is that even a word?), it's stupidity at it's highest!

Nathan said...

@ Lis: I don't know, I think Devils fans could use a good ass-whooping. Mainly to wake them up to the fact that they root for the NEW JERSEY DEVILS, and encourage them to root for a team that doesn't put everyone to sleep.

Pensgirl said...

Dammit I had a whole thing typed up and then Blogger brain-farted on me. I hate technology.

Anyway, I'll see what I can remember.

LOVE the French Toast photoshop. That would have made my week if I hadn't already had my week (month) made by attending game 2.

Dying Alive, I don't have a Facebook page either, but I was thinking of creating one to help save Charlie. I probably wouldn't use it beyond that though.

Sooska, nice job. And nice "job."

I don't want to hear any more Eastern PA whining about Philly losing despite working hard. Here's how hard they were working. Ooh, look at that effort.

House, the Pens' fanbase has never called for its own personal Sean Avery. Our players conduct themselves with dignity, grace, and respect for their opponents. Follow their lead. I really don't think they'd appreciate you acting like a complete ass in their names.

Also, as others have said, you represent us all with your behavior, and when you do stupid shit you're disrespecting us. Not just Pens fans, but Pittsburghers as a whole. I make sure that my behavior reflects well on you as a Pittsburgher, and dammit I expect the same consideration.

Carroll said...

Jordan will play tonight and then attend his grandfathers funeral and come back for Thursday's game. Also Gary will play tonight.


TheNWChica said...

Poor Gronk. :(

HOUSE14 said...

We don't go to the games to fight nor to look for one. However, we never back down for one. We get chants going in other cities. We cheer loud and proud and opposing fans don't care for us. They start something and we proudly finish it. We're not as bad as we sound. Filthadelpia is an exception to the rule. We, and I especially, can't stand that city, it's teams and it's people. Shit, I got in a fight with a fan on the South Side without even saying a word. I was walking and then I was laying on the ground. Blindsided by a fat bastard. So we gave him and his ilk a fuckin good kickin!

Sooska said...

@ gwin, fijih20 and pensgirl- thank you.

@ dr turk- ahh you are up and at 'em. I think I might have to do the Facebook thang. as a first line center it is my job to anticipate the coach's every move and thought and tactic.

online gameviewing blog:

Last night my attempts to use channelsurfing.net for versus to see the Stars going supernova were futile. That's on 2 different laptops running XP Pro and one with WM10 and one with WM 11. Not completely sure of IE versions come to think of it. Same goes for the mogulus.com streams. what gives? anyone know? justin.tv had nothing. p2p with sopcast is out as my system just buffers constantly. (neednewlaptopblog?)

I may be desperate & dying alive tonight by 730. If I cannot view online that means I HAVE to go to a bar chock full o' Phlyers Phans. I want to wear my 10-1 Malkin shirt but I also don't want PensBob to have to defend my honor (he gets his blood up in enemy territory), nor do I want to have to dump a perfectly good Magic Hat 9 on a Phlyers phan.

Katie said...

@House14 -- First, according tot he TSA prohibited items list, aerosols that are not "personal care items", e.g., hairspray in containers of less than three ounces, cannot be carried on a plane and no aerosols can be placed in checked baggaged.

Second, there is HUGE difference between jobbing the other teams fans and committing illegal acts. Placing a jersey on a statue is not the same as defacing and vandalizing a statue because the former calls for the destruction of and damage to property while the latter only causes an inconvenience tp the person who has to remove the non-damaging/non-destructive jersey. Also, beating up people, is a crime. You might not get charged or arrested, but it is still a crime. Moreover, it's "fans" like you, that truly represent the fanactical and ugly side of fandom. There is no such thing as a friendly rumble. The fact that people consent to the fight doesn't take away the illegality of the act.

I love my team, too, but I'm not about to resort to stupidity. Plus, hooliganism is considered a serious crime in Europe and the soccer leagues have seriously cracked down on it.

I truly believe the Penguins would rather not have fans that commit illegal acts or encourage harm to other.

Katie said...

Oops, mixed my former and latter. Defacing statue is criminal act, jersey on the statue is not.

Raybin said...

Charlie's crossed 1000!

lis said...

you don't really go out looking for stuff? Do you seriously think anybody will believe that when you've already mentioned the vandalism on here as well as asking if you can take the spray paint on the plane? SERIOUSLY????

Listen, I get it, you're on tough mo-fo. Whatev!!! You do whatever you want, I'm sure you won't lose sleep just because I think it's classless. You just better hope you don't bite off more than you can chew with the morons that live in Philly. They don't need much ammo to get them going and unless you're bringing 20,000 people with you, I think you might be a little out numbered. But you're tough, so you can handle it!! I'm so over this conversation!

Dan said...

house needs some teamosil

Hip said...

All Aboard the USS Hal Gill is now up and running on facebook. Please commit.

It's pretty weak right now but it will get better as soon as I'm not graduating. I promise.

If I hear one more person say it doesn't matter who wins the Wales, the Wings have it, I am going to go apeshit on them. We need to send a message tonight.

Go Pens.

Hip said...


@house - don't be an asshole. It's very unattractive.

Raybin said...


Holy hell, you are on the ball. Thanks be to you!

Commit to the hip

BlacknGold66 said...


Sorry House14, but it needs to be said as simply as possible:

Don't be a dumbass.

Sooska said...

so the Facebook- I have to start one and then commit to Charlie and the USS Hal Gill. anyone else?

KJ said...

i don't get to say this much, so forgive me considering i'm about 10 hours behind, but JS go to bed! :)

dr turkleton-i remember when people knew jagr had an illegal stick, but wouldn't call him on it cause back in about 94ish some team did while the game was winding down and jagr spent the end of the game plus the beginning of OT in the sin bin. the other team didn't score on the PP and when the penalty was over, jagr got out of the box, took a pass, went on the breakaway, and scored the OT winner. however, never knew you could be punished for the SO too, learn something new daily.

finally go pens! and see you guys in the chat blog tonight!

lauren_hbg said...

If I hear one more person say it doesn't matter who wins the Wales, the Wings have it, I am going to go apeshit on them. We need to send a message tonight.

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about - there's even a handful of Flyers fans at work that say that. I would never let those words escape from my lips. Of course, granted, their team is down two games-to-none, but still. It's like no one has any hope.

Joose said...

A little (tough) birdie told me Jarkko Ruutu is Gary Robert's official running mate!


When they are elected, the world will finally come to an end.

Antonette said...

Teamosil comment for the win.

There's no I in Teamosil...at least not where you'd think!

I'll be with the team in spirit tonight. Can't watch the game, but this is my one and only chance to catch the one and only comedic genius Eddie Izzard. I'll have text messages and good friends to update me to keep me going.

HOUSE14 said...

Vandalism is pretty dick, but like I said its only Philadelphia. The only 2 towns that I show no respect to is Philadelphia and Cincinasty. Well I certainly made enemies quick here. Oh well, I have a flight to catch.

TheNWChica said...

You rock Ms. Hip! And I also wanted to say that after watching the Wings, I think we could take them. I feel like it could go to at least 6; but it would be very entertaining.

Fuck work...I'll do it tommorrow. ;P

Dr. Turkleton said...


did he say flight or fight to catch?


that Facebook thing could kill any free-time I had...[along with cblog & flickr]

if this stuff was around back in college...I may NEVER have gone to class...

before Gore, in the dorm, Super Mario Bros. & Blades of Steel on the NES were my time-killers & as a Soph., my parents got me a Mac Classic computer & I played Wayne Gretzky Hockey like there was no tomorrow.

Man, those things 20 years ago makes me look like a caveman, enjoying the invention of the wheel compared to todays stuff.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I was lookin' for you + your sign!!!!...it would've been easy to see with all that white...I told my buddy I bet you were high up in E4 that it restricted my view...

you should have just run up & down the steps during tv timeouts!!!!!!

Nathan said...

I think the Pens can skate with the Wings, and if conditioning comes into play, the Pens' younger legs might carry the Finals. The Wings have that quick transition game and four lines that can capitalize on a mistake (much like our boys), but they also play that swarming defense that the Rangers do. The only Wales Conference teams that could've kept up with the Wings were Pittsburgh and Montreal, and we all watched the Habs shit the bed in the second round, so it's up to the Pens now to bring the Cup back East.

Now if the Flyers came back and won this series, they'd get swept. Detroit probably wouldn't even break a sweat in pounding them either.

Let's go Pens. Help put together a competitive Stanley Cup Finals.

lauren_hbg said...

Uh oh...

Gary Roberts questionable...

M. Vanderlasser said...

Steve Holt!!!

FakeDannyStag said...


i'll be at the winking lizard in lakewood right before opening faceoff. i'll be wearing a WWGRD shirt and a crappy beard.

see you there.

lauren_hbg said...

@ dr t

Yes well, I figured the already miserable people around me would've thought I was a complete retard if I did that. I'm gonna take a picture of it tonight and put it on my flickr, I'll put the link in cblog tomorrow so you can at least check out my skills! haha

Dan said...

don't ask me why, the stars scare me more than the cunnilingus joke.

lauren gary is playing

can't find the uss hal gill group on facebook, link it please!

Dr. Turkleton said...


here's a linky about Jags & his illegal stick penalty...

In looking up that article, found that Marty Straka was ALSO caught for using an illegal stick in a game on 01.12.06....man, those former Pens are cheaters, eh?

Joose said...

I can't believe I said "Robert's" instead of "Roberts's."

He is going to murder me in my sleep.

I'll post the Ruutu for VP link again since I was stupid and forgot to use one that was clickable.

Jarkko Ruutu for Vice President!

lauren_hbg said...

@ dan

Sorry - I just posted the link to PG, but now I see the link you must've read from the Trib.

Dr. Turkleton said...


why were they miserable?...just not into the game or flyers fans surrounding you?

I saw that link about Gary on the PG as well....maybe it's all just a ploy to toy with the Vengeance Now folk.

Filly Daily News Blog reports Coburn sporting a gruesome-looking scar around his left eye

pics please!!!!

Coburn's look > Rocky in the opening of Rocky II ?

JYo said...

It looks like GRs status is up in the air again.

I posted that same link you referred to earlier toady Lauren, then Carroll came back with the one saying he was playing that you just posted too, now this one is out. I guess we'll have to play the wait and see game.

lauren_hbg said...

@ dr t

I have no idea what their problem was. Like I said in the email, the father-daughter pair next to me was just miserable from the get-go, and then I had a whole row of early-30s guys in button-down dress shirts WITH the white out tee overtop of them, they looked both ridiculous and out of place. The row behind me, there was one nice guy with his son, he was the only person that really cheered a lot like I was, but the people he sold his other four season tickets to for the game left in the middle of the second period because he said they were hammered. (And not like a good, fun, hammered, more of a lookedliketheyweregonnathrowup hammered.)

I dunno, it was just a weird crowd.

Dan said...

@ lauren

it's cool it was quicker for me to just say that than to post the link. even though i'm trying to not do any work. plus it got me worried........... if gary roberts can actually get sick, the world will probably end.

Stoosh said...

Time to dust it off...

I say...

Anyone who is out there saying that the Wings automatically have the Stanley Cup needs to go fuck themselves with the business end of a Civil War-era bayonet.

First off, Detroit still has a series to win.

Secondly, so do the Pens.

Now, if the stars so align and the two teams meet for the Cup, then I think it's safe to say that Pittsburgh has yet to play a team like the Red Wings in the playoffs. Pittsburgh beat an Ottawa team that had all the talent to handle the Pens, but lacked the chemistry and focus. They beat a Rangers team that was less physical, and so far they've beaten a Philly team that's quite a bit slower and sloppier. They haven't seen a team with the precision of Detroit.

But I also think it's very safe to say that Detroit hasn't played a team like the Pens in the playoffs either. Detroit has handled a Colorado team that didn't put up much of a physical fight and a Dallas team that can't keep up with them. They did, however, have trouble with Nashville - a team built on the same speed/skill/physical blend as the Pens.

The only difference is that the Pens would be bringing much more skill to the table than the Preds did. And better goaltending.

lauren_hbg said...

@ jyo

Didn't mean to be redundantblog, I missed your earlier post with that link. Oops! But you're right, I guess we just sit and wait for the pre-game to find out what's up with the big guy.

Raybin said...

stoosh nails it with regard to the Wings.

I will say however that I thought Ellis was a monster, but that the vaunted Nashville defense let him down. Though a bit of Carey Price syndrome did creep in there, as witness the goal from center ice.

Also, the Preds couldn't buy a goal to save their souls once Osgood took over.

Good God, an Osgood/Fleury showdown would inspire generations of young goaltenders to come. It would evolve into a tall tale.

One step at a time though.

dying alive said...

How is Coburn already sporting a gruesome looking scar? What, does he have some kind of Wolverine-like healing abilities? Because I don't see how one could have a scar two days after receiving a cut that required upwards of 50 stitches.


Hip said...

@raybin - great ideas need to be brought to fruition. I'm just doing my part. Plus I love a good defenseman. (I think we all know what my name is derived from.)

Now the rest of you - effing join!! There is nothing more lame than creating a group and being the only member... *wah*

@stoosh - I love you.

Pensgirl said...

Dammit, Hip, I'd been trying to stay away from social networking. How am I supposed to resist creating a stupid Facebook page just so I can join the USS's group?

I cannot believe how many people on here are AD fans. How come you all are cooler than my real-life friends? Hardly anybody I know gets it when I see a bottle of OJ and say "Unlimited juice? This party is gonna be off the hook!"

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

maybe Gary bumped into him in a back hallway or something & the healing process began...

wouldn't doubt if Coburn shows no sign of injury & sporting 20/10 vision by warmups.....


email = received.
reply = sent.

sorry, bout that.


heading over to find your newest creation on facebook.
*Whew* you guys are tiring this old man OUT, I'm gonna sit down & RELAX a bit.

wait. I AM sitting.



'08 Wings = '92 B'Hawks

Do it Pens!

Carroll said...

Hip - can you link your USS Hal Gill facebook group. I cannot find it.

When you type in "USS Hal Gill" you get "Skip the car ride with Dan Heatley" Group.

JYo said...

@stoosh - I love you.

Me too! In a hetero-life mate sort of way.

I'd been trying to stay away from social networking. How am I supposed to resist creating a stupid Facebook page just so I can join the USS's group?

I hear ya. I generally have no time (obviously not literally given the amount of time I spend in c-blog, but in a figurative sense) for that sort of thing, but when Charlie cried for help, I had to answer the bell. My wife = stunned when I mentioned that I joined the site given my penchant for despising such things. What can I say? The Pensblog has strange mystical powers that cause us to do things out of the ordinary.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- you hardly sleep now unless there is an imposter at 3 am on cblog.
GARY!! HCDT you read my mind AGAIN! I said '08 Wings = '92 B'Hawks to PensBob last night! *swoons*

Will be watching the local news tonight to see if there are any headlines regarding bad behavior by a Pens fan. Of course with the overwhelming amount of serious crime down here they may not note anything like vandalism or a brawl unless house14 hops the boards/glass and takes on French Toast and NotASuperStar together.

Dan said...

pensgirl, you see, it is hard to be as cool as we are. my friends are also in fact, lame. but i am too now that i think about it, so we go hand in hand, like peas in a pod. too bad the oakland seals aren't still around, because.... ah hell you know where that one was going.

ditto to the hal gill group on facebook. although that dany heatley ride is mighty tempting..........

Dan said...

just found a BGL story on espn.com

Quingo77 said...

Just so everyone knows, I did the Don Cherry Dildo sign picture (not looking for credit) but it was a really long time ago, but I believe I did put a nice penius in his hand, but the pic is small and hard to see.

Thanks for using my pics, and keep up the great work, hope all enjoy, and let's do this shit tonight

JYo said...

TSN is giving Conkblock City his due.

Dr. Turkleton said...


hahaha...I just got that too...

I typed in USS Gill:

got the heatley thing & it looked like a girl with last name Gill with a profile pic aboard a ship.

TheNWChica said...

I don't always take things TSN says w/o a grain of salt, but this sounds not so good:

Gary Roberts is not expected to play tonight and may miss more than tonight's playoff game. Sources tell TSN that Roberts has been diagnosed with pneumonia in the last day or so and has likely been playing with the condition for about two weeks.

The Seeker said...

So I know someone who knows a Flyers fan in Philly who was saying the guy tests him with this and that.

Anyhow, he told me his Flyer fan buddy told him that after all away Flyer Playoff games the fans have been there to greet the team and applaud them.

But when they came home from Pittsburgh I guess this guy was there and only something like 15-20 other people bothered to show up.

Sooska said...

@ m vanderlasser- Bob Loblaw

Dr. Turkleton said...

@sooska said:
...unless house14 hops the boards/glass and takes on French Toast and NotASuperStar together.

like this???

BlacknGold66 said...

Seeker that put a smile on my face.

I seriously see a beatdown coming tonight.

Not physically (although I'm still predicting a Hatcher vs. Bugsy fight in Game 3 or 4), but a dominant performance by the Pens.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk - no doubt, no doubt.

@ chica -PNEUMONIA? Since he has been playing so well, how the hell would he be playing if he were feeling GOOD? GR did have some sort of respiratory thing last fall if you all recall. AND Sid was supposedly suffering from the flu (respiratory variety) during he Rags series. rampantcontagionblog?

Pensgirl said...

Dan, of course that's what it is. Being this cool is a 24/7 job...not everybody's up to the task.

Pneumonia?...sounds like Surley Funke needs to campaign to end B.S. in that article.

Pensgirl said...

Sigh...Surely, not Surley.

Dr. Turkleton said...

...my wife is going to ask me tonight when she gets home from work, "So, what did you do at home on your 'sick day'?"

ok...better run to the store to get some drugs like I should have done HOURS ago...

anybody need anything???

BNG66....5....$5....$5 footlong????

all this Red Wing talk makes me want to stop at the Little Caesars™ in the K-Mart I'm going to....but then I'll REALLY be sick....

[Little Caesars™: Hossa!Hossa!]

JYo said...

BGL calls out Hatcher in the article Dan linked above:

He already has challenged Derian Hatcher, who has been trying to manhandle Malkin, but the Flyers defenseman declined.

"If you're 6-foot-5, 230, back it up," Laraque said. "Look at Chara. Chara's big, he plays physical, but backs it up if he has to. But Hatcher never does. He's a bully."

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: I know! I read that and was all "Does the team doctor not have some say over this or does he just leave Gary alone?"

That is all we need if we are able to do what we want to do after we're done with Philthy...a bunch of sick guys not playing or playing at less than 100%.

johnny said...

Ready for Penguins mania to run wild in Tallahassee! The Pens going Kaiser Soze on Philadelphia would be the greatest birthday present I could ask for.

Delenda est Philadelphia.

PO said...

nice write up on ESPN.COM about BGL... he calls out Hatcher for being a coward... solid stuff

no GR tonight?? dont know how i feel about that but it worked out last time he took a breather so we will see

all we need on this trip is a split and its a done deal

JYo said...

Anyone know Timonen's status for tonight? It seems like that guy hasn't done anything all series.

Sooska said...

@ jyo - I was just composing a question to YOU if Timonen is out? The Timonen that is the Phlyers best defensemen, puck handler, skater, PP QB, yes THAT Timonen

@ chica- I hope they get all the high-tech UPMC medical power to work. UPMC lost money last quarter so they have slacked off I guess. If they let GOD get sick ...well I dont have to go any further.

nice article on Max (sorry if someone else posted this before)


I am going to blow this frozen banana stand for a while. (so to speak) LET"S GO PENS!!!

Matt said...

Hatcher definitely can't fight now that he's the only D the Flyers have left on the roster. If he sat down for 5 mins, they'd have to pair Richards with Malkin's broken stick.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: You bastard. I just got off the phone with Ms. BNG and BEGGED for subway. But alas, we always run leftoversblog before a game to save time.

@FakeDanny: I won't be making it to the Lizard tonight. I'm strapped for cash right now. Thursday?

@Jyo: Timmonennneennoomennen news haha!

Dubs said...

is Downey playing again for the Cryers tonight? I'm looking for a cheap shot on one of our boys tonight by one of the philthy thugz ...

J.S. said...

@house, I hate to do this, but the reasoning....errr, excuses you are making are pathetic. What's wrong with going to a game and simply jobbing fans? If they jaw with you, jaw back and let it at that. I've been to sporting events in several different states, and not once have I ever had to apply the knuckles because of a fan. I don't care if it's Philthadelpia, Cincinasty, Detoilet, Tampon Bay, or whatever you wanna call it, it only sounds like an excuse.

"I may not start, but I do finish...."

Blah, blah, blah, whatev. Quite honestly, it sounds like you're going to games, events, etc. just looking to scrap. Me personally, that's not how I roll. I've had shit thrown at me in Washington. I've had people in Jacksonville tell me that I won't make it to my car alive with that Steelers shirt . You know what I did both times? I taunted back, and they both shut the hell up. I told Washington fan "if Bondra could throw pucks to the net like that, your Caps might be in the game". I told Jags fan "Don't worry, your team won't be alive in the post season." Lesson learned here: if you job the opposing fans, they usually keep their mouth closed.

lis said...

I'm off to the game....wish me luck!!!


BlacknGold66 said...

J.S. just "Stooshed" House14.

And I couldn't agree more.

(although I did threaten D. Hatcher at a game in February. He looked up at my seat which made me happy. And GR was somewhere behind me thinking "That's what Gary Roberts would do."... course, that's me just jobbing. Old Sweet Knees #2 would pound my face in for days...)

(Yes, Gary Roberts talks in third person)

@Lis: Have a blast and be safe!

eileenover said...

house14 scares me.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I ask for a Coburn eye 'scar' pic & the Daily News Blog delivers

albeit not a GREAT pic, but a pic nonetheless....



sorry, brother...Mustgo* for din-din on gamenight is clutch....

I'm feelin' a bit better to eat so, I'm whippin' up some cashew pork stir fry & sticky rice [the rice cooker may just be the 2nd greatest invention ever...behind Gary Roberts]

[Hossa: *everything in the fridge Must Go.]

TheNWChica said...

@dr. turk: So game night supper is finding leftovers that might go together and heat up in one bowl?

Christina said...

@ dr turk

yeeeouch...that looks painful

BlacknGold66 said...

@Turk: It took me nearly 8 months after moving back from Japan to finally buy a rice cooker. I was so spoiled in Japan with things like that (rice, sushi, etc.) that I'm afriad I've become a snob in regards to certain foods. Shame on me. Kudos on you for having good taste.

Speaking of which... you just gave me an idea of what to cook with my leftovers.

(gotta love the "steam tray" attachment to my rice cooker!)

Stoosh said...

I'll be a little less diplomatic than others.

If one of your objectives when you go to Pens games is to pick fights with opposing fans simply because they're wearing the jersey of another team, do the rest of the Pens fans a favor.

Go to your nearest Wal-Mart.

Buy one of those $40 knockoff Jack Lambert jerseys.

Head to the Heinz Field parking lot.

Stay there until August.

That's where that kind of bullshit belongs.

It's no different than the chump I had the unfortunate luck of tailgating next to at last year's 49ers-Steelers game. He was a late 20-something who was decked out in his Bradshaw jersey, decided to chug about three Beast Lights, got beer muscles and thought he'd prove how cool he was for the co-eds tailgating across the aisle by walking up to anyone he saw wearing a 49ers jersey and push them around. And that included a kid who couldn't have been any more than 14 or 15.

Luckily, a Steelers fan who could've probably been Heath Miller's brother came over and put the asshat in his place.

If someone starts an unprovoked fight with you, it's one thing. To go looking for it is completely different, and then word gets out - especially because these sorts of things wind up on Deadspin and 1000 other similar sites - and that's how fanbases EARN their reputations as a bunch of knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Thanks but no thanks.

Go ask the PSU fans who had to answer for the putz that wound up on Youtube throwing the beer at the Ohio State fans last year.

Stoosh said...

Just in case I don't post beforehand...

Time to break out the bagpipes.

Lets go Pens!

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

i want to watch the game online as i can't take another versus broadcast from the castor oil twins. i can probably get the tsn canadian feed.
trouble is, i'm too superstitious to not watch versus wearing my penguin winter coat with the penguins knit hat..indoors at 75 degrees sweat pouring down my face having to pet the dog the entire game. maddening really

i believe the sum karma (of which i am but a microscopic portion) is affected by anything (no matter how small) that disturbs it.

therefore, and im serious as i can be...my lucky number is 7, and i strongly feel that unless i am absolved by seven people for the sin of karmic abuse, i am once again fated to aforementioned.

could you help a brother out?

Dr. Turkleton said...


not necessarily 1 bowl...maybe you have some leftover pasta, some Isaly's chipped ham to make a sandwich & some overripe fruit that 's on the cusp of going bad that you cut up to make a fruit salad.

Kinda like a buffet....but at home.

Tonight,I'm making dinner from scratch: if there's any leftover, it could be part of Mustgo for Wednesday's dinner [if I don't take it to work].

BNG66 said at 446p:
But alas, we always run leftoversblog before a game to save time. = Mustgo.

Hip said...


All Aboard the USS Hal Gill

Honestly, the credit goes to raybin. What a fucking stud idea. I can't believe we hadn't thought of it before. I'll pimp the page out before too long.

@pensgirl: do it.
Facebook is pretty cool. You'll start hearing from old grade school classmates again. I think it's worth it.

I just want to say that I am truly and deeply honored to be the Surgeon General Jobber of the cblog facebookblog. I will serve you all well.

J.S. said...

@Stoosh, well put.

Since 80s WWF is popular here, Stoosh just went Jesse Ventura and was "telling it like it is."

TheNWChica said...

@Dr. T: I think with livingonthewestcoastblog, I will be doing the eat something out of the fridge as long as it's not blue and fuzzy at the first intermission.

TheNWChica said...

and one of these days I'll get to try some of that chipped ham that sounds so good. :)

Dr. Turkleton said...


+1 - steam tray.

I think we got ours at K-Mart a few years ago for like $10-$15 bucks on clearance [probably recalled for safety hazards or they were HOT, but...meh. works for me!]


could there be an easier device that brings such goodness?:

•add water
•add rice
•flick switch

10 or so minutes later...sticky rice!!!

I don't think we bought Minute Rice™ or stuff like that since.

TheNWChica said...

@BNG66 and Dr. T:

What brand of rice do you prefer? All I ever eat is sticky rice and I usually get what's on sale; but if you have suggestions, I would love them as I use a rice cooker too.

TheNWChica said...

and new post!

Carroll said...

thanks hip


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