Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Classic Information

If you're taking 79N, then you'll be getting on 90E towards Buffalo.
That red arrow is you.

Once you cross the PENN/NY state line, there's a toll you're gonna have to pay, maybe two tolls.

An hour after getting into New York State, you come across a badass exit called Angola.
It comes out of nowhere and clotheslines you off of 90.
What a rest area.

It has a Denny's, McDonald's, other eating places like a food court, a coffee bar thing, souvenirs, maps of Buffalo, etc.

After Angola, you're about 30 minutes from the Ralph.

Ralph Wilson Stadium has its own exit off of 90.
Just follow the parade.

There's a plethora of people staying at the DoubleTree in downtown Buffalo.
And it seems the place to be on NYE may be Chippewa Street.

We're staying at the Fairfield in Williamsville,
if anyone wants to come and give us a chokeslam.



There's gonna be a crapload of Pens fans there.

But the majority of people we've talked to have already arranged a Pens fans tailgating area in Lot 5A -- The Tundra Lot.


stokes said...

i'll be staying in orchard park, which i am not sure how i feel about that(it was cheap).

What time is the tailgating starting in lot 5A, The Tundra Lot? I def want to hang out and see what's going on there. Maybe meet some Cbloggers, maybe anyone bringing nametags?

The weather, according to Jeff V., is looking like 22 degrees with a mean wind and snow showers. But you know the weather is...

Jonny V said...

I wish everyone going to the game a safe trip and a lot of fun. And I'll expect the mother of all game recaps when the staff gets back. Do it.

hschwick said...

Re: Tailgating...there is a large group meeting in the Double Tree lobby at 7:30am and then heading to the stadium. I'm guessing we should be to the lot right around 8am.

Stoosh said...

Since all of yinz are going to be heading up towards my old stomping grounds (born and raised in Erie), some quick thoughts, dudes...

1. Even if the weather cooperates, Please, please, PLEASE PLEASE be careful on I-90!! The stretch of I-90 that runs from I-79 east through Westfield, NY is among one of the worst stretches of freeway this side of the States. It's at the northern edge of the snowbelt and it's a bit hilly, so the 18-wheelers don't slow down much. Please be careful and watch out for the truckers.

2. Angola is the mother of all rest stops. That place is might actually be large enough to sustain a small town in the event of a nuclear episode or something.

3. If you get some free time, stop by the Presque Isle Downs Casino in Erie. Shortly after heading east on I-90, you'll take the State Street exit (bear right off the can't miss it). If you stop by, make sure you get some food at the Downs Clubhouse. And if you happen to find the floor manager named "John" who looks a little bit like Andy Sipowicz, you're looking at Papa Stoosh!

(For those of you who don't know who Andy Sipowicz is, go to and search for "NYPD Blue".)

4. If Sabres fans are as hospitable at the Ralph as most Bills fans are, you guys will have a great time. I went to the Chiefs-Bills AFC Championship game back in like 1993 or 1994 up there, and the Bills fans were absolutely awesome people to tailgate with up there. If the Sabres fans are the same way, you guys should all have a good time.

5. Jealous as all hell that I can't be there...unfortunately, New Years' Day dinner is our holiday to host here at Castille de Stoosh. As much as I love New Years' Day bowl games, there's no way football gets top billing on Tuesday.

Have fun, all who are headed up north and please be safe.

po said...

anyone staying at the Adam's Mark Hotel?? my girlfriend wants to go to a classy place for dinner on the 31st, i plan on wearing my Orpik tshirt.... eat my ass buffalo

Erica said...

Hey, so me and my brother were talking about what to bring to the game. Now, im not a huge fan of the steelers or anything, but do u think it would be a good idea to bring terrible towels? It would easily show the pens fans and such. Im kinda torn on this because i usually dont like when people wear steelers stuff to pens games and stuff like that

Steve said...

Me and my cousin Dave are stayin at the Casino Niagara on the 30 and 31. If anyone else is goin there those days let me know! Then we're goin to Buffalo to some ghetto ass hotel for two more nights! Fucking Unbelievable! Go Pens!


demondg1 said...

Driving up Sunday. We're staying at Econo Lodge South Buffalo. About 2 miles from the Ralph. Going up to the Hall of Fame on Monday.

We'll definitely be tailgating in lot 5a.

Sitting in section 108. Rockin' a fresh new Mario throwback.

Leave your terrible towels at home.

Where's everybody going for New Years? I'd love to throw a party at our hotel if there a bunch of other Pens fans staying there.

Anonymous said...

steve, do you have your passport to get back into the states on the 1st? Hopefully, I don't wanna see you stuck in Canada for the rest of your life...

Dr. Turkelton said...

will be drivin' up NYE and stayin' at Red Roof Inn in Hamburg....4 minutes from the 'Ralph'...40 minutes from Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls, NY...where I plan to ring in the new year right by winning lots of moola...screw the Terrible Towels...just wear penguins gear over the 4-5 layers of insulation & hoot & holler when the pens shoot & score !!!! N..obody B..eats C..rosby

dennis said...

Ah I wish I could go so bad, but at least I was just able to score tix on January 3 against the Leafs.

DrBoni said...

"do u think it would be a good idea to bring terrible towels?"

A group of Pens fans have been trying to organize Pittsburghers to go to the dollar store and pick up some baby blue dish towels for the game.

jim said...

what's up with 'empty-netters,' some sort of blog i just discovered on the post gazette website? is it a pensblog imitator?

Joshua said...

That Angola stop is seriously awesome. Skybridge and all. BTW THERE ARE TWO TOLLS if I remember correctly.

Adrienne said...

1. Even if the weather cooperates, Please, please, PLEASE PLEASE be careful on I-90!! The stretch of I-90 that runs from I-79 east through Westfield, NY is among one of the worst stretches of freeway this side of the States. It's at the northern edge of the snowbelt and it's a bit hilly, so the 18-wheelers don't slow down much. Please be careful and watch out for the truckers.

I can't quote this one for enough truth. Two years ago it took me 8 hours to get home from Rochester because of a snow storm, where I saw 13 wrecks in the vicinity of Buffalo alone. Please, everyone be careful.

Also, for anyone who might stay a few days, be sure to check out the old WW2 battleship "museum" that is right around the corner from the Sabres arena.

Angola is indeed badass as a rest stop. They have the best strawberry-banana smoothies :)

do u think it would be a good idea to bring terrible towels?

Erica, you make me want to stab you straight in the face. Thanks for posing as the epitome of everything I hate in bandwagon Pens fans.

Keep football out of hockey. Wear your Pens jersey, you'll stand out.

Staff said...


Emptynetters is a good site.
One of pur few friends on the internet.

Jonny V said...

For Erica

If Sid can do it, it must be OK.

Jonny V said...

And Erica, what do you think of the above picture? Make the stabwounds deep and plentiful.

Jonny V said...

Sorry meant Adrienne.

Erica said...

Oh jeez, THIS Erica thinks the baby blue dishtowels are a better idea than bringing any terrible ones (no offense Sid)...

I won't be going, but I'm sure every neighbor on the block with a New Year's hangover will have wished they chipped in and bought my big mouth tickets for Christmas!

Anyway, for those that are going: represent the 'Burgh well and give those Slug fans some (good-natured) hell!

Can't wait to read the recap of that game, staff!

Anonymous said...

keep the terrible towels at home. good idea, but they are for the steelers, not the pens.

also, emptynetters showed up after the penguins were on that hot streak last year. they never had it before...

Anonymous said...

I want to clear a few things up for you guys. Yes, I'm the girl from Buffalo again, but I think I can help you with some of your questions...

1 - The Doubletree hotel is linked to two of Buffalo's largest hospitals - Buffalo General Hospital and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. So if you get lost just ask for directions to either of those hospitals.

2 - If you want a nice restaurant to go out to near the Adam's Mark, try Nektar or Toro on Elmwood Avenue. They're probably about a mile away - not bad. Make a reservation, though. You won't be able to walk into many "classy joints".

Oh, and feel free to wear your Orpik t-shirt. You know he was born and raised in Buffalo, right? In fact, the Sabres drafted his younger brother Andrew. Besides, we don't care if you wear a t-shirt from the team you are a fan of - being Sabres fans, we would expect nothing less.

3 - Seneca Niagara Casino is a pretty cool place, but stay away from the floors that allow smoking (unless you're a smoker). The air is ridiculous. And yes, if any of you plan to go to Canada - for the strip clubs, the casinos, or the Chinese food (I kid you not), bring your license or your passport. Your license is usually enough though.

4 - The wind might be a factor, but you guys live in Pittsburgh, which is not exactly Miami, so I think you can handle it. Dress like you would for a late-season Steelers game.

Ok, I think that's it. Have a good time, and here's hoping that everyone gets along. Most Sabres fans are cool and will be welcoming, but there are always the classless ones that make the rest of us look bad.

Erica said...

i was just getting a suggestion on what was a good or bad idea. Like i said, i HATE when people bring steeler stuff to pens games, ive said that. Ive been a pens fan since i was like zero. I was just asking, but the blue towels are definitely a much better thing to do so whoever said that, i love it.

Adrienne- I hate bandwagon fans and i didnt mean to sound like one. Ive got my blue jersey and all my pens stuff all ready to go :)

stokes said...

stoosh: in the event of bad weather, causing a major traffic jam, or any other scenario where the highway would be a good idea to avoid(or because you scared the bejesus out of a certain cblogger), is there an alternate route?

you know, just in case....

Doppler said...

I live in upstate NY near Rochester and as long time Pens fan I was excited about the game. Unfortunately I was suppose to be in LA for work. I work for rock bands. So I didn't bother to get tickets. Well now the event in LA is cancelled.

Looked around the internet for tickets but after seeing the set up for the game I will watch from the comfort of my living room.

I hate that stadium anyway. I just can't imagine trying to view the game from most of those seats.

Sure it is a rare moment in hockey and I would like to see the game in person. Just too last minute to pull it all together.

Anyway to the fans going enjoy the game. Get yourself some wings from the Anchor Bar too.

Also be aware that traffic in and especially out of there is a major pain. It is all two lane streets/roads in a mainly residential area. Give yourself plenty of time to get places.

I will actually be in Florida the week of Jan 8 on vacation and will be at the game in Tampa. So I have that at least.

Sorry for the long post.


Adrienne said...

what do you think of the above picture? Make the stabwounds deep and plentiful.

I didn't need a linked picture, I was at that game. Crosby with a terrible towel... ugh.

What do I think about it? Publicity stunt. However, Crosby has said he's a Steelers fan, so whatev.

If I recall correctly, the Steelers played the next day, and that was during their fight for the super bowl.

Nice try on being a condescending asshole, really. Props.

Erica, my apologies.

stokes said...

hey whoa. we're all pens fans, bandwagonners or not, so let's quit jobbing each other(unless you are KM) and if you have to job someone, job craps fans.


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