Monday, December 17, 2007

Why So Serious?

First things first.

Ben Eager/Flyers Photoshop Expo

Just a reminder we are welcoming not only Ben Eager photoshops, but anything that also runs down the Flyers, their fans, and anything else.

Deadline is January 17.

Send them to

We have been getting some great ones:



This is a job in a good way.

We don't praise any Pittsburgh media members.
But Dave Molinari went ape on John Stevens and Ben Eager. [ PG ]

"The twist, of course, is that a few minutes after Stevens finished skewering the Penguins, one of his players turned up in a hallway outside the visitors' locker room-- which is one hallway and part of another removed from the Flyers' quarters -- and saw fit to inform Therrien, quite publicly, that he is "a joke."

That the remark came from Ben Eager, a guy who would have to get a three-level upgrade just to qualify as a non-factor, really doesn't matter.

That utterly absurd episode -- and several of those five suspensions the Flyers have been issued -- likely explains why Stevens was so quick to pick up on the breakdowns in the Penguins' self-control. He seems to get pretty regular exposure to that sort of thing."

No question this has been the first pulse from Molinari in about 3 years.


Eric Politowski brings us Penguins fights 11-18.



[<span class=

These came from the comments on the TSN Simon story. [ TSN ]

-- haha is this a joke? all you guys saying "suspend him for life!" ... have you even watched the replay? if that was intent to injury, it was the WORST attempt ive ever seen in any sport. I dont condone what Simon did, i also dont condone slew footing which was done to him ... has anyone been slew footed before? that has a more likely chance of putting you out with a head injury and breaking you knee/leg then "stomping" on the BOOT of his skate does. Suspend em both for their parts and be done with it and stop with all this suspend him for life.

-- What's the big deal ? I just finished watching this and can't believe the call for further punishment. "If" he stepped on an area that could have resulted in a laceration, then YES he's stupid. This was obvious that he was trying to get off the ice, stepped on the side of the guys skate to get him out of the way, NOT CUT or Injur. These guys know what will injur and what will get a guy to move. If he stepped on the back of his leg on the socks, then the outcry is correct, this time it's guilty for being Chris Simon. Lighten up.

-- I think it was a strong defensive move by Simon. Chris Simon is a great player with lots of heart and plays with emotion much like Sidney Crosby. I think he should not be banned for more than a game. All the haters are just jelous that they dont have a leader like Chris Simon who has the guts to take things into his own hands. If anyone should be kicked out of this league its that dirty whiner Sidney Crosby did you see him push Whitt back last night and he didnt even get a penalty?

Some people shouldn't be allowed access to a keyboard.


Apparently the Penguins called a players-only meeting after their win against the Isles. [ Trib ]
Word is they were unhappy about the last five minutes of the game.

"One player said there was a lot of yelling."

"Veteran defenseman Darryl Sydor was not that player and would not divulge details of the meeting. However, he indicated the players were displeased about allowing the Islanders at least five prime scoring chances on a five-minute Penguins power play towards the end of the game."

Reason #127 why we could not make it in the NHL:
The thought of someone like Gary Roberts yelling at us.



:: Some dude from Greensburg, PA, did a whole huge thing about the notion of morbidly obese goalies in the NHL. [ ]
And apparently he was on FSN with Stan the man one night.

:: Following 9-5 and 9-6 scores during the past week, should the NHL review the tapes of those games in order to implement goal-producing changes to the game? [ Globe Sports ]

:: Sun Media has been busy for the last couple of weeks, polling NHL players, coaches, scouts, and media personalities to get an extensive list of "Best BLANK in the NHL." [ Ottawa Sun ]
Some interesting results. Read that if you're bored.

:: Does the current puck in the NHL need changed? [ The Star ] via [ Kukla's Korner ]

Leafs player Matt Stajan put it perfectly.
"I don't know if there's anything you can do to improve it," Stajan said. "It is what it is."



Another article about ESPN and the NHL. [ ]

Oh, we long for that.

If anyone else out there is a "put SportsCenter on in the background while you're on the internet" type of person, you may have noticed that John Buccigross and Linda Cohn, ESPN's two biggest hockey-loving anchors, have been doing a lot of SC's lately, which have been flooded with NHL highlights, Barry Melrose segments, and "now we go to highlights of the best sport in the world" introductions to said highlights.

Test run of ratings?


[<span class=

We all know Recchi made his Atlanta debut against Boston this past week.

[ Fanhouse ] found this interesting video involving those New England Bruins.

[<span class=
You knew Chris Chelios was good for something.
He's been in the NHL since that inaugural game between the pilgrims and native Americans.

So, with the recent release of The Mitchell Report in MLB, who better to answer questions about the prevalence of performance-enhancers in the NHL? [ Fanhouse ]

However, as Fanhouse points out, steroids are used to increase the rate of rehabilitation in terms of injuries, and hockey players are always dealing with some kind of injury, so it may not be totally out of question that there's some stuff going on.

[<span class=
Jim Kelley puts Mark Recchi in his place. [ ]

After writing the article, he choked in a big game.

[<span class=
The Coyotes sent out their Christmas Card.
And they had to photoshop Ilya Bryzgalov's head on David Aebischer's body. [ AZ Central ]

[phi.<span class=
We're later than your girlfriend on this news, but Mike Richards in Philly signed a 12-year, $69 million deal.
Somehow, the stupidity of Kevin Lowe came with Jason Smith from Edmonton, and then managed to float up into the Flyers front office.

This article, which is a marathon 5-pager, talks about how the NHL has gone back to pre-lockout salaries. [ Boston Globe ]

The Boston Globe sucks.



We are 15 days away.
It's sneaking up on us.

Here is the most in-depth explanation of how the field and rink will be prepared.
Very solid read. [ The Buffalo News ]

“We will be working 24 hours a day, from midnight of the 23rd until probably the night of the 30th,” Craig said. That afternoon and evening, the coolant begins filling pipes that can handle 1,200 gallons of coolant per minute.

Overnight on the 26th, workers begin freezing the sand, a process that takes 10 to 12 hours. “The sand becomes a huge ice cube, as solid as concrete,” Craig said.

God bless.

The NHL also has plans for intermission entertainment, as well as Canadian and American anthems and flyovers for the pregame.

If it was up to us, we would have a legends game.

Mario Lemieux vs Pat Lafontaine

Do it.


Winter Classic II?

There are some musings going around in the Flyers organization that they are interested in a Battle of Pennsylvania Ice Bowl game to be held at Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley against the Pens. [ Philly Burbs ]

The 100,000-seat stadium would sell out in no time at all.
But how would that make the NHL look if the Pens were involved in two straight outdoor games?

And you know Detroit Red Wings fans would commit suicide if they're not in the next outdoor game, all 6 of them.

Oh, but wait...

The Frozen Four is guaranteed to take place in Detroit's Ford Field in 2010.
And there's talks of the Red Wings playing a game there while the rink is set up. [ ]

What's the point of doing it if it isn't an outdoor game? Stupid.



The Penguins have two solid sales going on right now. [ ]



No reason for these to be posted.
But check out these safety commercials in Canada.
They are graphic, so be warned.
They sure beat the 120 JBR commercials we see every week.


Dark Knightblog

We said it this summer, and it bears repeating.
Big-time excitment about "The Dark Knight," the sequel to Batman Begins, for us.

The first theatrical trailer has been finished. It was attached to "I am Legend," which opened this weekend.

It has also been released by via the sick viral campaign being run by Warner Bros.

Huge thanks as always goes to "Jett" over at [ Batman-on-film ]


And to end it all, we came across a Rembrandt in one of our attics.

Go Pens


stokes said...

Solid post, staff.

Thanks for posting The Dark Knight trailer. I can't freaking wait for this movie to arrive. I don't think i'd be this excited for my own child.

"If anyone should be kicked out of this league its that dirty whiner Sidney Crosby did you see him push Whitt back last night and he didnt even get a penalty?"- This comment has to be a joke. Someone wrote that just to get a rise, right? It HAS to be. That is probably the worst argument ever. just effing dumb.

Stoosh said...

Salaries may indeed be back to pre-lockout levels. But let's not pretend it's going back to the way it was prior to the lockout.

The cap means those teams spending those salaries can't go out and do that with everyone on their roster.

Any media outlet who pretends to not acknowledge that is a joke.

blufftalk said...

  Goddammit, what an awesome post all-the-way-through.

snickerdoodles said...

Well!!! Of all the nerve! Making fun of my poor Chelly. He can't help it if he's a tad old and forgets where he is, what day of the week it is, or his own name sometimes. He's old and deserves respect. Just think of the tales he can tell all the younglings. You know, back in the day when hockey was played with logs and boulders....spending Tuesdays with Methuselah....being late for a game because the yoke fell off the oxen... good times, people, good times. Now I am going back to the dark side and I am taking Sidney with me!!!Don't worry. I'll have him back in time for the next game. Maybe......
Go Detroit!!

Anonymous said...

"If anyone should be kicked out of this league its that dirty whiner Sidney Crosby did you see him push Whitt back last night and he didnt even get a penalty?"

haha and we're jealous? I didnt get a chance to watch a game, but boohoo he pushed someone? lets cry....

Anonymous said...

mike lange shirts = clutch.


Anonymous said...

little update from philly time!!! the eagles beat the cowboys, no more flyers fans until the eagles drop there nuts again. sorry flyers!

Jonny V said...

Staff, I think that post alone was about the amount of work mondesis house has done for the past six months. What the hell got into yinz?

Stoosh, actually with what the owner of the Ducks and a few of the other big market owners want to do, things could get that bad again. They want to be able to pick up a percentage of a player's salary in a trade, so when they overspend for a player, they'll be able to get rid of him easier, dumping him to another team while still paying a portion of his bloated salary. If that measure passes, the year lost to the strike will be a joke.

And those PSA's work, they get u thinking. I worked in a hospital, and remember getting sent down to help with a motorcycle crash victim. His back was completely brush burned, with an odd patch of it here and there elsewhere on his body. They actually had him on morphine, and when they showered him to clean the wounds, he still yelled loud as hell. After that, i'll never get on a motorcycle. And I also drive my car like an old man. Six million ways to die, but hell if i'm going out like that. Knock on wood...

Anonymous said...

P.S. Mike Lange and G-Rob should run for president and vice pres!

Anonymous said...

Tony Romo = Next Jim Kelly.

Remember the pens blog said it first.

Seeker said...

Any word on Scuderi's injury yet?

canaanregulatesblog said...

anyone who didn't laught at those PSA's are not friends of mine.

Spencemo said...

I laughed, Canaan...they're good, but still not as good as the classic McDonald's "Safety is No Accident" video from the 80's...

These ones had better special effects, though...

Anonymous said...

those PSAs are about as funny as indian jokes when the islanders are in town

which is pretty damn funny

Anonymous said...

those PSAs are about as funny as indian jokes when the islanders are in town

which is pretty damn funny

Anonymous said...

anyone else see on nhl tol the if pens and flyers mated? it will make you puke on your keyboard.

Dwayne said...

Mr. Journalistic Integrity, Greg Wyshynski, from Fanhouse had a few things to say about Sutton and Roberts.

I thought you all might like to read what this joke had to say:

"Trying to save an old man from some unfortunate embarrassment, New York Islanders defenseman Andy Sutton uses to the bottom of his fist to delicately pound the eyeball of Pittsburgh's Gary Roberts back into its socket after one of the 83-year-old forward's ancient retinas gave way during a first-period fight."

I haven't read a thing from this dbag that has had much merit outside of the standard "no shit" filler you get from any other hack writer.

Yeah, I know, he's a blogger. That doesn't mean he isn't a fucking joke. Even TPB knows when to draw the line sometimes between homerism and homoerotic.

Somebody send some Sens fans to this guy's apartment, he clearly needs to get some action.

wilsmith said...

Those PSA's remind me of this: Don't F with Klaus

It's pretty long,it's pretty graphic in a ridiculous way, but it's worth a few good laughs.

Anonymous said...

The Islnaders and Simon agree he needs time away from the game...

PittHockey said...

just to add to stompgate,
you can see the force of impact in this version of video, simon lifted himself off the ice with the stomp.

And yes, I'm fueling the fires.

I don't care if he goes on indefinite team leave, I want an official suspension.

Anonymous said...

im surprised mondesi didnt shut down after that stiller game yesterday.

Malkinian said...

Dark Knight trailer looks sick. That teaser trailer has been out for so damn long now and everyone out there feels the need to put some shitty homemade one on youtube. Awesome post as usual guys.

bluzdude said...

Regarding the 2 PSAs... Dayummm...

Strong stuff, and I bet they're effective, but could you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if they aired in the US? People had fits over those VW ads with the car crashes...

Brett said...

The first commercial is really disturbing. Really having a hard time with that. Perhaps because she looks like my girlfriend, though she doesn't work as a chef ;) Really disturbing though. Wish I didn't watch it.

Anonymous said...

I know the girl in the one PSA ad where the she slips and burns her face... we were in a show together like 7 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I nearly cut my own wrists after hearing this song on the eager fan page philly sucks

snoopyjode said...

i don't like to plug my own blog - in fact i don't think i've ever done it before here in commentorblog - but this is for any pennsylvania, new york, or new jersey pens fans: enter this contest to win tickets to the ice bowl NOW! it ends tonight!!!

Jonny V said...

I said "holy shit", and maybe "Daaamn!", but i really didn't find them funny.

Steve In Denver said...

That Eager myspace fan page is awful. I found a Crosby hater's page, too, where some dick and his ugly girlfriend bash on Crosby in 3 segments. I made it through about 9 seconds before I punched the monitor.

Nobody did one of these yet??

No, I don't know how to make concise little links.

Cheers. Go Pens.

Jonny V said...

denver steve, i saw that elf yourself on Somebody did one with a Mike Keenan and Kristian Huselias dancing suggestively.
Pretty freaky if u ask me. Those two crazy guys have quite a history together, first with the Panthers and now with the Flames.

Eric said...

that poster the staff found inspired me to search thru the archives, i found some clutch bout Tomas Sandstrom's rookie card

and my dad was stashing the Mario/Jaromir Jobber t-shirt with them standing back to back on opposite sides of the cup. good stuff. if i knew how to operate a digital camera i'd send them in, take my word for it i guess

Lunqvist -> bring it

Anonymous said...

if people still tend to believe that Simon accidentally "stomped" on ruutu's back skate after reading this article, i don't know what to say.;_ylt=AlgiJVCq7xYjRgkcC5zrtUJ7vLYF?slug=ap-islanders-simon&prov=ap&type=lgns

Anonymous said...

wow. eager and a crosby hater page.

thats a full plate of hater right there.

Anonymous said...

On my PokerStars account, my picture is a badass pic of Gary Roberts.

Some guy seems to think that I actually am Gary.

It feels good.

Matthew said...

Yo staff...

From the Simpsons episode in which Bart and Lisa go to military school.

Look closely at the school's slogan...

That joke on the Simpsons is a bit too much like the actual slogan of our favorite jeweler don't ya think?


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