Sunday, December 9, 2007

What It's All About. PENS WIN.

2 - 1


On this 82-game journey we all embark on, every so often we get to witness some special things.
Tonight, as hockey fans, was one of those instances.

If games like this don't make you appericate the game, nothing will.
Even if they wouldn't have pulled it out in OT, these are games that make us glad hockey exists.

Good times.

Buckle your balls/ovaries down for the showdown in Philly Tuesday night.



We see Sabu sitting in the locker room looking extremely focused.
But really, he was just killing ants with his stare.

Bring it

After awhile, you start realizing this game has more plot lines than a John Grisham book.



For the third time during the Western Canada trip, Therrien starts a former player of that respective city on the top line.
Tonight was Ruutu's turn.

Crosby draws a penalty early with a high stick to the face.
Dennis Mitchell goes off for 4 minutes, while Vancouver fans boo for no reason at all.
It's a penalty when you hit some dude in the face with your stick. Get over it.


On that huge early power play, the Pens couldn't get into a zone.
The Whitney Play™ looked like it was destined for the back of the net, but Whitney held the puck long enough for Luongo to do his taxes.

What a boost for Vancouver to kill that penalty.
You knew what was coming next, too.

The next time a Penguin broke wind, they would get a penalty.
Talbot goes to the box.
Crosby then decides to draw another penalty.

4-on-4 blog.

Some dude for Vancouver, Burrows, blasts Sidney towards the tail end of a play.
We understand it's hockey. We understand it's a contact sport.
But you can't give out cheap shots like that to anyone.
It's why Lemieux retired the first time.
Don't get pissed that some other dude is better than you.

The Pens killed off a Malkin penalty, then killed off an Eaton penalty. (Only Eaton's second penalty all season.)

Sabu was getting the job done.

Later, Luongo went into Sykora's house and robbed him.

What a goaltender.

FSN shows Pens backup goalie Ty Conklin on the bench.
He looks like he just finished off a Budweiser.

Just when you thought Luongo was going to shut everyone out for the rest of his life, Malkin and Sykora team up and get one past Loooooooooooooooo.

That's a gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll.

Malkin's pass is why he is a huge deal.



The second period started with both teams just chillin.
Sabu was eating a three-course meal in his crease while the Pens took it to the Canucks for almost the entire first half of the period.

And then Roberto Luongo gets a Best Supporting Actor award when he flails about after Ryan Malone touches him.
Power play city.

Oh wait, Vancouver evens it up.
What a mistake.

It was 4 on 4 blog for two minutes as a result.
And Vancouver was all business, especially when Malkin lost his stick.
But Sabu was in the zone.
He had some unfinished business up in Vancouver.

We then saw Burrows facewashing Sid. What a pain in the anus.

As the second period hits the homestretch, Vancouver was getting closer and closer to scoring a goal.

The Pens survived a huge scare when one of the Olsen twins misses a chance in the slot.

And then Vancouver fans show that they can't watch a game without being biased.
Laraque delivers the cleanest check of the year -- in a year where people are slamming balls into the boards and getting fines and suspensions for it.
Vancouver fans boo about the Laraque hit, thinking it was dirty or something.
Jeff Cowan got destroyed. Keep your head up, moron.

Sid gets called for something on an awful call.
Another Oscar could go to whoever flew into the Pens net at Mach 3.
We know we just railed Vancouver fans for being biased, but damn it.

He can't see you.
His eyes still hurt from staring at his 2006-2007 Hart Memorial Trophy every day.
Thankfully for Canucks fans, Luongo won't lose his sight. Woooooooooooo.

As the second period ends with the Pens on the PK, Sabu makes another huge save.



Potash interviews Jordan Staal.
The term "reach around" was said.

Potash doesn't blink, gets us to a commercial break ASAP.
Nerves of steel.



Four minutes into the third period, it finally happened.
Ryan Kesler crosbies into the Pens zone and gets one past Sabu. 1-1.

On the following shift, Ruutu almost gives the Pens the lead.
On his way back to the bench, he douches a Canuck.

Somehow, the Pens don't come out of it shorthanded.
Vancouver fans boo about it.

Christensen gets hauled down, the Pens go on the power play.
Guess who boos.
No dice on the PP.

For most of the third, Vancouver was taking it to the Pens.
They were only getting shots from the perimeter, but still.

Then it got interesting.
BGL sets up in his office.
Puck finds it way to Talbot... He sccccccoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss


"No goal" is ruled. Pens need a stoppage in play so we can get a review.
Funny thing is, no stop happens.
The teams drop acid the next five minutes, playing lights out.

The last few minutes of the third period were why we run a hockey blog.
There's no other sport in the world where so much shit happens in so little time.

Malkin rolls down with a chance...


Sabu makes a few more saves.
We wait for the review.

If the puck did go in, we would have to go back and play from when the goal was scored, like that Tyler Kennedy goal earlier this season.

War Room time.

No goal.

Overtime had all the makings to give someone a heart attack.
At least they got a point.



The overtime was just doing its own thing until Sid Crosby comes out of nowhere on a breakaway.
He gets tripped up, and the shootout starts early as Sid gets a penalty shot.

You couldn't make this up.

Crosby vs. Luongo. Two of the best at what they do.
Sidney on his Western Canada trip. TNT could have run a miniseries on it.
And odds are stations all over Canada broke into their respective shows to bring viewers this penalty shot.

Lord Therrien calls a timeout to ice Luongo and give Sid a breather.

Here we go.
All of Canada watching.
Pens Nation on their feet.

Sid turns Luongo into a woman, but just couldn't lift the puck over Luongo.
What a player. What a goaltender.

An insane end to the OT brings us to another shootout.



Vancouver up first.

Sabu makes a huge save.

Christensen says Luongo means nothing to him. 1-0.

Jim Morrisson up for the Canucks.

Sabu says no.

Pens up. Syko can't beat Loo.

The crowd starts to roar.
Trevor Linden = Mr. Clutch. 1-1

Sid vs Loo, Round 2.
No dice. Sid is stopped again.

Some dude for Vancouver comes down.

Post, or is that the Linden goal?
We don't know. These pics are nasty, though.

Ruutu could stun the nation, tries to make a move, but not today.

The ghost of Craig Patrick steps in.

Sabu poke check. Sick.

Malkin contemplates his life, but Luongo says no.

One of the Olsen Twins comes up.

Not today

And look who comes out with the chance to win it...



  • Sabu: Solid goalie. He hasn't had to perform acrobatics, but he's still being a big deal.
  • Malkin: 1A
  • Sykora: 1G
  • First time in team history the Pens have swept the Western Canada road trip against the Oilers, Flames, and Canucks. Imagine how it was back in the day when we'd be playing in Winnipeg Monday night.
  • Vancouver bashing aside, we can see why Vancouver still has a hockey franchise. Their fans saw one of the best games of the season. Got their money's worth, even if they didn't get their Sid's worth.
  • Luongo is a pleasure to watch play goalie. Unreal performance. He would be our starting goalie if the fate of the Earth came down to a hockey game.
  • Best game of the year.
  • Malkin is a beast.

And lastly...
We don't do this very often...

But from Pens nation to Steelers nation, good luck.
Keep the streak going. The Pens have won 4 straight since the Steelers last played a game.

We hate the over-exposure of the NFL, but there's one thing we hate more:
The New England Patriots.

Go Steelers.
Go Pens.


Ashley said...

awesome game. almost had me screaming here in my dorm room at 2AM, but i tried to keep it down to silent 'freaking out' in OT and the SO. last thing i need is a 'noise violation' fine...

i'm glad that the vancouver fans got their money's worth for this game, b/c tix were going for about $800 in the lower bowl. that's stanley cup finals prices. insane.

Adrienne said...

The game was unreal last night. It was amazing to get to see Luongo play.

If games like this don't make you appreciate the game, nothing will. 'nuff said.

Malkinian said...

Awesome recap as usual tonite guys. I'm grateful you guys commented about how Canuck fans seemed to boo after every play. It's also nice to see people appreciating the move Crosby put on Luongo as well as the save. I'm sure some people out there are now sayin Crosby sucks cuz he got stopped by the best goalie in the NHL. Dicks.

Also how sick was it at the end of OT when Staggy said that this is why hockey is the best game in the world. Gave me chills.

Go Pens
Fuck Brady, Go Steelers.

firefox said...

Ideed this was a great game. It is almost hard to believe we got 6 points on this western Canadian trip. It is almost unheard of for any eastern team because of the travel time and how tired the players are.

I watched the CBC broadcast of the game on Center Ice. I love Hockey Night in Canada, especially without Don Cherry. He wasn't on this broadcast. But something even more interesting is the camera shots for the game. Vancouver must have the best camera sight line in the NHL because I swear I could see EVERYTHING. It was awesome! Whatever angle they have setup, the Pens need to duplicate it in the new arena.

slush said...

Damn you people for making me realize how many JBR commercials there are. Seems I was able to ignore them before, and now I cant!!

Nothing like a late night SO.
Awesome game, Solid recap guys!

GameDayChat said...

Possibly the best game of the year, but if you head over to the, you have to dig, dig, dig deep to find a frigging article about it. The PG sucks.

Fleury29 said...

Last night's recap is why The Pensblog is a big deal.

Awesome game, awesome post.

Let's Go Steelers!


wilsmith said...

Great game.

At least the Canucks fans stopped booing once they played the replay of Sid taking that stick to the face.

As soon as the game ended I was on the ESPN boards and a couple 'nucks boards checking out what people were saying.

Apparently Sid was up to his diving with that stick in the face, and on the penalty shot.
Sabourin also threw his stick in the penalty shot.
Oh, and Crosby sucks because he couldn't score on arguably the best goalie in the league.

EmDubs said...

This is more like the Penguins we know and love..... shootouts, 3rd period comebacks. Its fun to watch even if it they are significantly shortening my life from all the stress.

When they first promoted Letang I really wondered why considering he'd gotten scratched a few times down in Wilkes-Barre, but then after his first few games you could really see why the kid is a big deal.

I would also like to submit my nomination for worst commercial: The Beyonce "Let me Upgrade ya" commercial. Wow. Just a Grade A terrible piece of work right there.

Ryan said...

I can't believe we swept the west coast trip.

Tom Brady's a cunt.

Steve In Denver said...

The Pens had to book an extra plane out of Vancouver to accomodate the hugeness of their balls after that win, and that roadtrip.


How about that post game celebration-thing they did? Better than that gay little hop the Isles and DiPietro do after a win.

Sabu is a beast for beating Luongo.
This team is officially on a roll.

Jonny V said...

She probably got paid more to make that one commercial than what I make in one year

That road trip was tits. And I don't think i've been this nervous for a football game since the Super Bowl. I want to see Brady get knocked on his ass. Multiple times.

Matt G said...

Yes! the Beyonce commercial is the WORST out there right now.

Anyway, I concur with Pensblog that last night was the best game of the year. And this coming from a guy who will always take a nice goal over a great save. I knew coming in Luongo would be sick and he didn't disappoint. So glad a legit hockey market gets to enjoy him now that he got out of south Florida.

Wouldn't worry about Sid's two game pointless streak. His level of effort is always the same and the points will come, just like they did in mid-December last year when he took over the scoring race for good. It was nice to see him try that forehand deke move again, I was beginning to think he forgot about it.

Does anyone else think Malkin might actually be a better passer than shooter? Just some food for thought after that dish to Sykora.

Big props to the Pens D since that five-day layoff. It seems as if all the opponents' shots are coming from 20' or farther out; that makes things very simple for the netminders. That being said, Sabu has been surprisingly good in the shootouts as well.

Go Pens.
Go Steelers.

Anonymous said...

3 and 0 when wearing the SABU game worn rookie jersey!


Goth Pens Fan said...

I just came back from the club, so i didn't get to see anything really.. I turn on FSN just to see that the shootout lasted longer than "Gone with the Wind". Luckily Letang came in and said "We win, bitch. That's all you need to know".

First time Commenter here.. Love the blog.

firefox said...

I read wilsmith's post and decided to see what else Canucks fans were saying.

"the penguins goal was a crappy one that went in"

"there is absolutely no doubt in my mind he threw the stick in a sliding fashion."

"If we had Crosby I'd cheer for someone else. I wouldn't want that little puke on this team... his diving and embellishment is rediculous."

"he is sooo annoying..enough said...i'll take ovechkin over him anyday"

That is some truly funny crap right there. To their credit, there were a lot of Canucks fans that said Luongo didn't get the support he needed and agreed Crosby got high sticked. It seemed to be split on the stick throwing. I looked at it and I don't think he threw it. It looked like he lost his grip on it when the shooter ran into it. And I agree that the refs made some bad calls in the Pens favor. But that is hockey. It happens to us to.

Regardless, we got another WIN. And LeTang got the crap beat out of him by his own players at the end. How cool was that to see them jumping up and down and chanting? So cool.

adam vacancy said...

greatest game in awhile.
go pens.
go stillers.

The Seeker said...

Great game (especially when we come out with the win) and solid game recap.

Minor correction is in order in the Flashblog:

New Jersey Devils are in 1st now:

New Jersey 16-10-2 34 pts

The Pens are tied with Philly & Rangers at 32 pts with the Isles at 30 pts.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Vancouver and was unable to get tickets for last nights game. Thank god! I'm a huge Pens fan, and I would have been livid in the crowd. Vancouver fans are idiots.

stokes said...

Love the recap, particularly the second period. some quality stuff there.

this game is made better by the Pens winning, but still, what a freaking game to watch. you watch this kind of game and wonder how the NHL still flies under the radar.

willsmith: canuck fans=jealous losers.

emdubs: as a male, that commercial is so much better with the sound off....

Go Pens. Luckily they've got some time off before Philly.

Go Steelers as well.

If the Pens win both games this week and the Steelers win today, i'm calling Vh1's Best Week Ever.


PittHockey said...

In the continuing saga of help me find a hat, here is the description from the cached nhl shop page:

"Reebok 2008 NHL Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins Knit Hat with Pom

Keep your head warm wearing this Pittsburgh Penguins 2008 NHL® Winter Classic acrylic knit hat with a festive pom at the top. The team-colored hat is designed with the old-school logo on the front and the team name in the center."

photo of hat

so if anyone happens to see this somewhere, let us know.

surprisingly there are none on ebay. I was prepared for the 600% price increase.

blufftalk said...

  Technically, Therrien started two former Canucks for the game... Sabu and Ruutu. Technically, it's not the same thing. Technically, I'm still the shit for pointing that out.

wilsmith said...

Yeah. The way I see the stick in the shootout is that he dropped it, which is legal as far as I know, then Sedin pushed it as he was making his move making it look like it was thrown.

Does anyone know the stick rule for goalies for sure? I remember last season it happened to Turco and they went back and awarded the goal to the other team because they decided he threw it, but I vaguely remember the commentators say it's legal to just drop it, a-la Hasek.

karri said...

OMG! What a freakin' game!

Awesome recap guys. You're my first stop after a Pens game. I, for one, really appreciate your hard work (since I don't get to watch the majority of the games live.) I rely on a very good friend who DVD records every game for me to watch later.

This team seems to have come together...sorry for Rex, but I think it started about the time he got benched...Am I wrong?

Oh...and I despise that JBR commercial...

chelsea said...

not sure if anyone posted this before, great little article on sabu who is the man right now:

go stillers.
go pens :)

Pensgirl said...

firefox is right, the Vancouver cameras are set up beautifully. And HNIC is actually decent when you remove Cherry.

Sid was unbelievable on the play that led to the penalty shot. The only reason the puck didn't go in right there is because he got shoved to the left just before getting the shot off. He was keyed on that top shelf. His focus is absurd.

b said...

Wow post at 5 AM, that's dedication. Sabu has to have one of the highest shootout save percentages in the league. I think he's given up 6 goals on almost 30 shots.

Anonymous said...

To compliment the Sabu Flames
Jersey I was able to procure a Gary Roberts game worn jersey. My closet is DOMINANT!


Anonymous said...

wow..what a recap! Great job guys

PittHockey said...

goddamn patriots :(

firefox91 said...

I think the Steelers would have had a chance if Anthony Smith didn't open his stupid mouth. Brady targeted him and beat him every time. I hate the Patriots.

wilsmith said...

I just watched one of the games from the 10 Greatest Games DVD and then out of habit I signed on here looking for a recap...

Bouncing Breasts and Shaking Butt Committee Commissioner said...

I approve of the Beyonce commercial.

bill said...

Anthony Smith made a mistake by opening his mouth. Get over it i guess and move on...

Go Pens.

I want the Pats to go 16-0 and win their first playoff game... then LOSE in the afc champ game, tying 17-0 but not winning a title...

stokes said...

i honestly think that there is something that exempts the Steelers and Penguins from both being winners at the same time. And that is bullshit.

And if I had to choose, obviously, i would pick the Pens to be winning.

Eff the Cheatriots.

Jonny V said...

I have no problems when a player opens his mouth and guarantees something or talks trash or whatnot. I do have a problem with said player looking like a fool out there. He probably would've been less embarrassed had he played the entire game in his jockstrap. Which is funny because I think he got faked out of that thing at least five times.

Oh well, we're a good team. Not a great one. And at least one person on this board is happy tonight, eh Adrienne?

rwarner174 said...

emdubs, I'm with you.
The "Upgrade" commercial is horible. Beyonce is a no talent hack who just needs to go away. Seriously who likes this crap.

I feel robbed, Anthony Smith guarantted a win. If I bet on the game can I take it up with him to get a refund?

PittHockey said...

I want the pats to lose to the dolphins.

justice served

Fleury29 said...

I agree... Smith was an idiot. Who was he to guarantee a win?

I really don't care about the Steelers today, though. As long as they can beat the Pats in the playoffs, who gives a crap about a regular season game or a perfect regular season? If the Pats don't win the Super Bowl, it's pointless.

Still, this loss stings more than usual. I really hate Randy Moss... and Belicheck... and Brady.

The Seeker said...

Great Sabu link chelsea...thanks!

VancouverCanucks said...

If you are going to insult our team and Canucks bash - you half wit- at least get the players names right. Who the *** is Dennis Mitchell???? It's WILLIE Mitchell moron. It's a good thing your not in Vancouver, your too stupid to be a Canuck fan.


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