Friday, December 7, 2007

3 - 2


David The Gnome once said:

"Look around you.
There are many things to see, that some would say could never be.
These things I know.
It's true, and I will tell you so.
They are there to see, if you believe."

Picture: David The Gnome, all business.

That quote might have everything to do with the Pens-Flames tonight.
Or maybe we just wanted to drop a David the Gnome reference.

Who cares.
Pens won, life is good.


Before the game, there was a special press conference from Wilkes-Barre.



For the second night in a row, Michel Therrien started another's city's prodigal son in order to get a response from the crowd.
Edmonton -- Laraque.
Calgary -- Roberts.

Not even a minute into the game, the Pens get a power play.
The Pens do nothing to write home about with that first PP.

Expect the unexpected. Two weeks ago, we would have cherished seeing Dany Sabourin in net.
But MAF has been a machine.

But he goes down 5 minutes into the first period with some right-ankle business.

Bring the pain

Early on, the Pens were controlling the play at both ends.

As the first period headed down the homestretch, the Pens weren't dictating the game as much as they did earlier in the period.
For the sake of the Pens playing consistent hockey, that stuff matters.
But the Oilers game drove home the fact that the Pens can turn into a machine at any moment.

The Pens had a solid chance late in the period, with some crazy passing, but Sykora fanned on it.

Laraque and some mistake dropped the gloves at the end of the first.
A J.B.-Robinson commercial lasts longer.

Then the worst thing that could possibly happen, does.
Alex Tanguay gets a pass from Phaneuf.
Jerome Iginla was all business in front of Sabu. 1-0.

The Flames squeak out of the first period with a momentum booster.


Bob Errey brought us Hockey 101 during the intermission.
It was some segment from FSN's Sports Science.

Solid idea.
No idea who the NHL enforcer was.



13 seconds in, Owen Nolan shows his veteran savvy. Not.
What a stupid penalty to take.

The power play had to get the job done, but didn't.

Whitney knocks some dude down, winning best Supporting Actor in the process.
But whatev, the Flames were due for a power play.

Gonchar saves a sure goal down deep on the PK.
Sabu stands tall as the Pens kill it off.

Phaneuf is a pain in the ass.
He goes to the box after jobbing Bing.

The Pens power play buzzed a little bit, but the Flames were shutting it down.

And then Owen Nolan goes nuts again, slashes someone.
Talk about getting your chances on the PP.

And the Pens finally capitalized.
Malkin terds out of the corner.

Top shelf. 1-1.

Jordan Staal brings out the Recchi slew-foot, but the refs catch it.
The Pens go on the PK again.

Just a reminder

Matt B.

It looked like the Pens were gonna kill it off, but the Flames got them running around.

Jarome Iginla was alone in front. 2-1.

The second period was winding down, and the Pens decided to start blocking shots.
First, Malkin blocks an Eaton shot.
And then Eaton puts his life on the line to block a shot. Unreal.

The Pens bench looks like a M*A*S*H unit as the second period ends.


Second period was brought to you by the chick from the JB Robinson commercials.

That face says,
"Give me diamonds. I'll have sex with another man while you work to pay off the diamonds."



Just as it happened the other night in Edmonton, the Pens started pressing more in the third period.
They started getting a couple more quality scoring chances.

The third period reached the halfway point, and the Pens were still sniffing around for the tying goal.

Finally, someone laid out Phaneuf. It was Roberts.
Too bad Roberts got his stick up into Phaneuf's mouth.

It was gut-check time for the Pens PK.

And there we go.
Malone goes nuts and has sex with himself.
He pokes it past 8 Flames and has the longest breakaway in hockey history.
The netting moves.


Let it be said -- if Roberts doesn't take that penalty, then that Malone goal doesn't even exist.

What a player.

And later, Kipper robs Sykora on a one-timer.
And as the Flames get momentum from that big-time save, Corey Sarich goes to the box for tripping Malkin.

The Pens survive an early shorthanded scare on the PP.
The Pens PP made some things happen, but no dice.

A playoff atmosphere sweeps over the world as it goes to under 4 minutes left.

Sabu makes a couple of huge saves late in the game.
As the Flames jobbed around in the Pens zone, you couldn't help but think of how ball-breaking it would be if the Flames managed to rob us of a point.

Out of nowhere, we remember that Sidney Crosby plays for us as he tries to end the game.

66 buries that, and Vancouver would have already forfeited Saturday's game.

The Pens survive a scare at the end of the game.
And it was OT blog.


Gonchar made another nice play in OT breaking up a centering pass.

The OT was going at 100mph, just as it should.

The Penguins survive a huge scare late in the OT. The Flames couldn't hit the net.

Gonchar almost ended the game, too, but no dice.

Before the shootout begins, we get to see the jobbing talents of Mikka Kiprusoff.
He goes out 10 feet in front of his crease (where players will be making their moves) and roughs up the ice by shaving it back and forth.
What a jobber.

The Flames start out with a goal.
Sykora matches it.

Iginla can't do the job.
Kipper stops Sid.

Tanguay is robbed by Sabu.
Malkin couldn't finish it off.

Matt Lombardi craps himself.
And look who comes out with a chance to win it...

Kris Legame

  • Bing: Overrated
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Malone: 1 G
  • Sabu: Solid

  • Thanks to Randy for the JBR screen cap.
  • Our condolences go out to Northwest Division teams who have to deal with Phaneuf 8 times per season. What a beast.
  • What a celebration by Therrien and Yeo.
  • Letang's goal was vindication for Jesse over at [Face Off Factor.] Jesse has been telling us how unreal Letang can be. Three straight games, three huge goals.
  • Just a good game to watch. Old time hockey.
  • The ice did not look good.
  • Much-needed day off.
  • At noon on Friday, there are reports that Gary Roberts is still checking people in Calgary.

The Pens complete the sweep of [ The Battle of Alberta ] blog.

And it looks like everyone up there was sick of the Crosby hype before he even got there.
Can't blame them.

Metrognome from [ Five Hole Fanatics ] dropped by in our comments, too. Class act.


firefox said...

Ooo, ooo, can I be the other guy that the JBR chick has sex with while her man pays off the diamonds?

As for the Pens, what else is there to say? You guys rock.

Kris LeTang on the shootout. I was like WTF? Then he scores and I was like WTF?!!! Then I was like F-Yeah!!! And then Coach T called me and said "F-You for doubting me". I deserved that.

Not BigRickPSU said...

I think the Staff owes Ryan Malone a small apology. I believe a few days ago they said something like (paraphrasing here): "We aren't professional hockey players, but deke or something" when he had a short-handed break away attempt that missed.

Last night, Ryan Malone said: "I'm not a professional blogger, but stick to re-caps. Dicks."

That was a fun game to watch though for sure.

Also, was it just me, or for the first time ever did it look like Sid was a little lazy on some of his back checking last night? Just didn't look like he had great legs at any point during the game. (I guess that means he was only one of the top 3 players on the ice instead of top 1.)

Go Pens

jamesFALLEN said...

Malkin watch= Over

Guins said...

Any one else sick of hearing Errey say handsy? If you started a drinking game between the number of times they show the jewelery commercial and the number of times he says handsy you'd be wasted by the 3rd period.

Lady Jaye said...

God I'm such a bastard for falling asleep during the second period for the second game in a row!!

Korn said...

Great game last night, what I saw of it anyway. Came home from a good happy hour and passed out. Woke up intermittently for 1) the Fluery injury 2) Roberts douching Neon Dion and 3) the shootout. Seems like I hit most of the highlights.

My man love for K Letang has been growing for some time now. I'm seriously contemplating a jersey.

Sinops said...

Best recap of the season. The two Recchi photoshops were unreal.

Don't be cheap, go with the Letang jersey. It will be well worth it.

Everyone who fell asleep, hahahahaha

MummRa said...

Ted Nugent knew what was up when he wrote Wang Dang Sweet LeTang

A David the Gnome reference is nothing but balls. The Gummi Bears could not be reached for comment as they were busy bouncing here and there and everywhere.

Phaneuf is not just a flipping beast. He's Cthulu. I really enjoyed getting to watch he and Iggy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys were kidding about the Roberts penalty. I mean, it worked out this time, but I would think more often than not you would want to stay away from being penalized with 10:00 or less on the clock being down a goal. Roberts has really taken some stupid penalties this year. Thank god we had Ryan Malone to pickup the pieces.

b said...

Awesome Malone/Woods photoshop, the celebrations were identical.

Am I the only one who thinks Eaton didn't deserve the temp "A" and sucks? He blasted that shot right into Malkin, but he did have a huge block to redeem himself.

The shootout lineup should be Sykora, Legame, and Christenson. Errey made his only worthwile comment all year: Letang faked a shot, pulled it to the backhand (which would constitute the complete move for most) then pulled it further to the left so there was enough room to roof it. Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Trolls and wizards and fairy kings, birds that talk and fish that sing.

And if your heart is true,
then you will find them too.
In every wish and dream and happy home, you will find a kingdom of the Gnooooomes!

Best theme song ever.


Anonymous said...

Any word on MAF's injury?

Ryan said...

b - yes. you are the only person who thinks Eaton sucks. You obviously have no idea what playing defense in the NHL is all about. Get a clue.

wilsmith said...

Yes, anon, the writers were suggesting that GR took the penalty on purpose so that malone would have a shorthanded opportunity. He's so smart, that GR.

canaanregulatesblog said...


you are an idiot.

eaton = money

Tawm said...

Two random thoughts,

1. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this. But the apparent departure of Mark Recchi is going to have some serious consequences for this team...
Jordan Staal is now homeless.

2. That chick in the JB Robinson commercials is an ungrateful bitch. Her husband buys her diamonds and all he gets is an insincere "They're gorgeous" and a hug. At least give the man a kiss.

Loser Chris said...

Recchi is on re-entry waivers according to TSN. It's only a matter of time now...

Anonymous said...

Looks like I will continue to wear the SABU game worn Flames jersey. It is sad when you go to Pens station and they have the t-shirts with the player numbers on the back and name. And they have Nasserdine but no Sabu. Look for the Sabu jersey at all home games this season!!!!


bill said...

Maybe Staal should move in with Gonch. Malkin and Staal can have bunk beds.

stokes said...

Hey Guins. I'm usually wasted by the third period anyways....

Based on the way Letang undressed Brodeur his second game tis season, or whatever it was (even though he didnt score) i was pumped to see him lining up for the shootout.

The only way David the Gnome reference gets beat is by "Hey Dude" or "Salute Your Shorts."

Solid game.
Solid post.

Go Pens.

meecrofilm said...

Canadien Karma? Both MAF and Talbot are in on the Crosby joke in Toronto, and then a few days later get injured in the same game. WTF?

One of the best recaps to date. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

And it doesn't even need to be reiterated that Eaton = money in the bank. I wish I could see some of the pens' recent practices to see how Eaton handles Kennedy's shots from the grassy knoll. Talk about your epic battles.

The Seeker said...


I believe I read somewhere at the beginning of the season that Jordan Staal had gotten his own apartment and was no longer living with Recchi.

Staff said...

Haha, we meant to douche ourselves for that comment from a couple of games ago.
We owe Ryan Malone a lot of apologies.

stokes said...

jordan may live in the south hills because he was spotted seeing "fred claus" at the galleria last week. no one jobbed him while he was attending.

PO said...

is anyone still looking for ice bowl tickets?? we have 2 left out of the 10 we bought in the 300 level... let me know

Adrienne said...

Am I the only one who thinks Eaton didn't deserve the temp "A" and sucks?

Yes. You are, and subsequently you're an idiot. I'm going to kill you in your sleep for saying that.

Last night consisted of:
Getting dragged to Matrix and missing the first 2 periods.
Noticing that the game was on TV in the club.
Abandoning my friends for the entire third period, OT and SO.
Mass celebration from the entire room when the Penguins won.

The Steelers can suck my dick, Penguins > all

b said...

Alright I'll give him another chance, the Sedins and Naslund should test him. Aside from blocking that shot I didn't think he did much else. It seems like he loses every battle deep, and along the boards.

I'm sure your countless NHL games playing defense give you the knowledge to know what playing the position is all about Ryan.

Anonymous said...


hey b, if eaton was not too busy plowing the JBR chick he would be on your girl...

how many nhl shots have you blocked?

Anonymous said...

We've recalled Conkin.


Zob Rimmel said...

I was psyched too to see Letang get a chance in the shootout. He reminds me of Zubov a little. I don't think I'd go so far as to comparing him to Coffey, as Errey does all the time, though.

B - wrong forum to douche Mark Eaton. He's the law 'round these parts, jackass. And he makes a mean snow angel in the crease, where he deflects dozens of shots with his ninja-like reflexes.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure someone posted this already and it hasn't gone through yet, but just in case:

Pens recall G Ty Conklin on an emergency basis.

Eric said...

Pens call up "The Conk"

any1 hear the word on Fleury??

rachel said...

According to Stan, Fleury has a sprained right ankle and is day to day. Sabourin will be starting tomorrow.

On Malkin - "Very creative. He could make plays in a phone booth," said Penguins winger Gary Roberts.
Malkin forgotten superstar on Penguins

wilsmith said...

Mark Eaton is a rock. Any hockey mind would know.

Not even worth elaborating.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The word on Fleury is besides being one of the over hyped goalies who as a butterfly style goalie gives up five hole goals and glove side high (of course he goes down before the shot) and let us not forget the "acrobats" he does on the ice anyone who actually goes to games can see that. The word is he is out Sabourin is in.

Jonny V said...

The word on anonymous is besides being one of the bung lickers who as a buttplunging style pirate gives up his one and only pubic hair and nipple peircings (of course he goes down on dogs) and let us not forget the "rusty trombones" he does in the bath houses anyone who actually goes to gay porn shops can see that. The word is he is out and proud.

stokes said...

Hey Anon. The word you are looking for is "Acrobatics." Yeah, its a tricky one, but thanks for playing.
The phrase Cblog is looking for is "Shoot yourself in the face."

And b, defense is the same positionally from Peewee hockey up to the pros. you just need more talent to play in the NHL, obviously. defensive talent is something that Mark Eaton has metric tons of.

Staff said...

Who think anonymous is Melvin?

Anonymous said...

Well, the annoying anon seems to be KM or some new warm body with a similar mental composition (IE none). While I post anonymously, I am not the anonymous poster of the garbage that has found its way into comments recently; I'm just too lazy to get a username.

Anonymous said...

Melvin is a putz... I don't think melvin even can get a ticket for a pens game let alone a date. So while I have struck a cord with you all esp Johnny V (Johnny Vagisil as I like to refer to him as)for the fact that Fleury is overrated and Roberts is to old. I have a lot of respect for this Penguins club.
Crosby is the man no doubt about that.
Malkin, Sykora, Staal (like he was last season) are good players.
Armstrong (PERSISTANCE as the jumbotron points out, must have been for his persistance for being scratched before they sent Recchi packing) and Malone are medicore at best.
Gonchar is holding on by strings, and Orpik, Eaton, Whitney (the new turn over king), Scuds need to go elsewhere.
I don't buy into your cult like status that states goofy stuff about how Roberts saved the day with his penalty and that Malone never would have scored. And your followers who claim Mark Madden steals from you. That is a joke in a half. WWGRD was out and around, he could have seen the sign or heard about it elsewhere. Plus the fact Madden is a HUGE mark for wrestling with his 3 years in WCW, and wrestling one match with them. Before Tyler Kennedy was being made into Mr. Kennedy, from pre-season on fans made that connection between the two. Go to any game and you would have heard it. The game where he was scratched was the weekend of Survivor Series and the joke around the arena was "he was in Miami getting ready for the PPV" For biased pens news and notes I come here. For TRUE fantasy hockey news, The Pens blog is my #1 source. Roberts Fleury and Eaton, Oh my! And instead of watching and following Letang's career you are going to hype him up to Gary Roberts status so if he goes into a slump because players do go into them, and maybe he will go back down to WBS and all your little sheep will be complaining how bad of a move it was. So keep up the great Penguins fantasy camp 2007-2008.

Annon a.k.a Michael

Jonny V said...

Staff, that's been my theory from the beginning. He's been forgoing the hammer handle pretty much for his musings on all things Gary Roberts. He knows how the Pensblog thinks of Mr. Roberts, ergo his lame attempts at stirring the pot.

I think i'm finally going to wash my hands of the whole thing. I don't care what he posts. He really isn't worth the time.

wilsmith said...

This is why all the anon people should register, so we can avoid pinning blame on the normal ones for the remarks of the retarded ones.

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Nashville is staying put. The local group finalized the payment today.

Fleury29 said...

MAF injured?

Nashville staying put, no team for KC?

Damn, shitty day.

At least the Pens are winning (finally.)

Anonymous said...

Roberts last year in the NHL make good on your Roberts worship while it lasts.

Lauren said...

Po - Fuck yes! I wish I could afford them.

Tawm - A kiss? Diamonds get at least a BJ in my book. I guess JB wouldn't be able to put that in the commercial, though.

I've worn my Gary Roberts t-shirt in conjunction with the wristband for the last two games and I haven't been disappointed...Knock on wood.

Jonny V said...

"Michael", say what u want, just spell my name right.

stokes said...

Jonnny V(agisil) served the fucking country, dick, which is much more than you probably have ever done with yourself. in any case, stop jobbing him and stop being an asshole. we're all pens fans here and if you are not, then quit coming around. i dont go to flyers boards to job because i hate the flyers and have no interest in what anybody else has to say about anything but the Penguins.

Bottom line Anon: Quit being a fucking dick, grow some balls, and get a name.



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