Thursday, December 27, 2007


Welcome to the Game.

By 10pm we meant 1 am... well 2am.

Pay attention to detail.

The search isn't that hard. Because it was starting too get stupid.
In fact this whole thing is pretty gay.
But look we are depressed about Mark Eaton's knee injury.

Lets have some fun, people.

Follow the links on Al Gore's internet.

Find the prize [you'll find out later what your looking for]

Email us.

6th emailer wins.

We will be in direct contact at 5:30pm est tomorrow.

Contest will be over when the background changes to black.

There is a link in our sidebar that has no earthly business being there.
Your search can start there.


Jonny V said...

U guys are sick. Props to whomever wins the tickets, cause hell if i know what to do.

pensblog jeff said...

I spent an hour on this, got three clues, and then figured out that I'm probably ineligible since I work here.

Oh, and I'll still be in Korea for the game.

Oh well.

john said...

I don't know if I am retarded, but I cannot find anything weird. There are so many websites on your side panel with weird names. I'm giving up.

Anonymous said...

I'm dumb too. I can't find any link.

Adrienne said...

I hate you guys. Easy to figure out, but I can't afford the tickets :(

firefox said...

I gave it a brief look and then said "screw it" since I don't have a chance in hell of getting to Buffalo (from Florida) for the game anyway.

StuporDave said...

Found the first and stuck on the second.

wingergirl said...

Did I win? :]

That was a great way to spend about a half hour of my morning.

Man, I would gladly make the trip from Minneapolis to Buffalo for that game. I was going to, until the tickets sold out while my stupid page was loading.

Master of the Obvious said...

God friggin damn it I got stuck on the 5th of November clue and now it's over. I AM ANGRY!

Maybe not even so much because I didn't win, but now I have no justification for sitting here clicking aimlessly through hockey game recaps. I have to actually start working. Thanks a lot you clever bastard, whoever you are, for ruining my fun.

I was thinking the Eaton injury and Sharks and Cheechoo scumming it up, but I came up empty.
I think I checked the post of every game out west in the history of this blog.

What did I miss?

caramia said...

Just when I think I figured it out, the web page is back to black! That's gay!

DarkStar said...

damnit i found the post for the last clue like 3 minutes too late. i called off work for this... haha. whoever beat me to it, congrats... let's work something out. i'll pay for hotel..


J.S. said...

Thank Gary it's over. I couldn't even find the link to start the hunt.

Ryan said...

Yea I'm lost. Anybody wanna post what they did/where they went/etc?


I got stuck on the V For Vendetta clue also! What was it?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Where's Ben Gates when you need him?

grrrreg said...

Jeez it took me a while, but I did it! I don't give a crap I found it too late, I live in Europe.

But thanks for this awesome idea, that was nice to read some good stuff from the archives.

EmDubs said...

I know a guy that has 2 extra $90 tickets. If anyone is interested in them, leave your email and I will put you in touch with him if he still has them.

DarkStar said...

ryan, j.s., just like the warden said , "salvation lies within"

christina said...

even though i had no intentions of playing to that was fun.

nice work guys...definitely a good way to spend a jobber thursday afternoon while waiting for tonight's game.

i'll be in C27...GO PENS!!!!

Jeffry said...

its good to have a working computer again. i was losing my mind without the blog

wilsmith said...

Yup. clueless.

Adrienne said...

Emdubs, my email is Let me know!

EmDubs said...

Adrienne..... I sent him your email address and told him to email you if he still has the tickets!


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