Sunday, December 2, 2007

Panic At Guy Lafleur's Disco

The great thing about Al Gore's internet is that every so often ,you come across something that leaves you nearly speechless.

Last week when we heard Guy Lafleur jobbed the present-day Canadians, we just happened to be browsing his Wikipedia page.

Everything seemed fine.
Until one paragraph changed everything:

"In 1979, Lafleur released an album called 'Lafleur'. The album consisted of Guy Lafleur reciting hockey instructions and singing, accompanied by disco music." [ Wkipedia ]

Now, this statement left us with many questions.
We could not find any info on this.
We checked some other blogs, but still nothing.
Then it happened.

We found this site:
[ Disco Delivery]

One thing led to another.


Yeah, you can't even make this up.

Turns out that back in 1979, people actually got together and decided to make a collaboration recor .
Guy Lafleur giving instructions on some of the finer points of hockey, set to old-school disco music.

For more info, this will help:

That says it all right there.

We looked the record up, and even discussed buying it.
But never fear.
[ Disco Delivery] has all the songs.

It is disappointing that Lafleur did not sing any disco.
Which if he did, well, let's just move on.

The pure fact that this even happened is enough.
People actually did this, and thought it would work.

Tells you how sad the late 1970's were.

Without further ado.

Here are links to some of the songs.

[Lafleur- Skating ]


[Lafleur- Checking ]

It is hard to imagine the Bee-Gees being embarrassed.
But Barry Gibb reportley threw up all over himself when he heard this.

[Powerplay ]

What a song. There is no reason this song does not play when the Penguins get a powerplay.
People in charge of Gameday duties at the Mellon need to make this happen.


God help us all.

***Note apparently DVE already made fun of this, does anyone have a link to it?

We're not copying, because we don't listen to DVE.


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I'm guessing someone will have entered this comment already, but just in case, the LaFleur disco album was made fun of a few months ago by the DVE morning show. They made their own Pens version:


Staff said...

Thanks Stanley.

We had no clue. Is there a link from dve?

Lady Jaye said...

I'm speechless on all accounts.... I'm going to be singing the Mario one for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Why are you keeping the puck? You know obviously uh you should pass it to me.

Eric said...

any Guy Lafleur gay joke before this discovery can now be null and void due to the trueness of his gayness.


HockeyVet said...

Guy in Montreal in the 70's making this album - you just know he got laid at least once purely for the sake of that album.

Funny thing, the same happened to me the first time my lady saw my wrist sporting a newly arrived wristband.

Steve In Denver said...

Guy = French Tickler

I'm burning any old Lafleur cards I still have.

Adrienne said...

Again. You guys leave me speechless.

stokes said...

yeah, i was pointed to the DVE song several months ago, and its a friggin' riot. the funniest thing that the DVE morning show has done since randy joined, cuase they aren't funny anymore. but that's for another day.

Basically, just change the players around and the song goes like this:

Sid: Hey Malone/Colby. You just stand in front of the net and i'll bang 40 goals off your helmet.

Eric said...

anyone hear anything on Gonch yet??

canaanregulatesblog said...

we talked about this a bit ago on LGP

what an insane display.

B said...

I'm still shocked. Can you imagine Brady or Nash doing anything like this? I used to idealize this guy now im not sure I can.


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