Monday, December 3, 2007

One Week

This post is brought to you by the Barenaked Ladies.

One Week -- how long the Barenaked Ladies mattered in the United States.

And hey, they're from Canada.

But anyway, by the time this week is through, the Pens will have passed the 1/3 mark of the season.

Four games in a week is insane.

4 losses may be catastrophic.

It will also mark Sidney Crosby's first professional appearance in western Canada.

[Jerry Scott]

It will be interesting to see how he is treated.
In Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa he has been booed.

We found this photoshop on the Internet this week done by some Canadian jobber.
It is kinda of funny though:



Someone in the comments wondered when was the last time the Pens won both games in a back-to-back scenario.

We have our recaps and shit archived from last season [ here ].

January 26 -- Dallas (fittingly)
January 27 -- Phoenix

March 13 -- Buffalo
March 14 -- New Jersey

Gonch is still questionable with a groin. [PG]
No word on lines tomorrow.
Whatever Michel Therrien pulls will stick.

[Gabor from Hungary]

No news on Mark Recchi. [Faceoff Factor ]

[Jerry Scott]

We thought we weren't going to get a anthem picture for Toronto.
But no dice
[Phrock] came through.


We've never really said "hell yeah, we run a blog. We get hits.
Oh, and here's a picture of a chicken peeing on a monkey."

We like to write, we like to laugh.
And we have the Penguins, which is basically an endless thing to write about.
It's a perfect fit for us.

Here's a video that we found on [ Fanhouse ] that shows the rise of the hockey blogger.

That link to Fanhouse directs you to their article on the matter.

Our take on all of this:

The video says Pittsburgh is considering the blogger-box thing.

We value the fact that we're not at every game.
We miss so many things when we're at games, even when we're taking notes.

The day we say, "We talked to Sid after the game," is the day that we stop running the blog.

We don't know where this thing is going.
But the pure fact we could see the faces of Smizik, Bentz, and Molinari pissed as we time our entrance into the press box so that we go in at the same time would be priceless.

P.S. -- [ Kukla's Korner ] was mentioned in that video.

That and Fanhouse are our first stops every day.


-- David Amber unleashed another top-10 list on humanity.
Top 10 players in shootouts. [ ESPN ]

Erik Jesus Christo is #3.

-- Has the extinction of the two-line-pass made the game worse?
This dude thinks so... [ Hockey News ]


[<span class=
Remember when the Ottawa Sun was thinking of doing a comparison between this year's Sens team and the Canadiens team from the '70s that only lost 8 games or something all year?

Well, now, after a 6-game losing streak,
they're about on pace to match the record of the 1991-92 Winnipeg Jets.

[gay-man-pheromones-image.<span class=
"That is gay"

[van.<span class=
Roberto Luongo and his shutout streak.
And the mysticism around saying "shutout" during an in-progress shutout.
Steigerwald does it every time. [ Vancouver Sun ]

[<span class=
Keith Tkachuk played his 1,000th game.
We usually wouldn't mention stuff like this.

But we came across a surreal Winnipeg Jets site that had an interesting factoid about Tkachuck. [ ]

Prior to the Jets first game of the season in Hartford, Keith Tkachuk throws a temper tantrum in the visitors' dressing room after seeing his jersey without the familiar 'C' on it. Tkachuk confronts Head Coach Terry Simpson who informed him that Kris King will remain the team captain. Tkachuk storms out of the meeting and draws a 'C' in chalk on his jersey, then puts on the jersey and goes out for the warmup. The Jets go on to drop a 4-2 decision to the Whalers. Teemu Selanne has a goal and an assist for the Jets, while Tkachuk registers no points and no shots on goal. He is noticeably out of shape as the game goes on and does not see the ice in the final ten minutes of the game. Tkachuk offers only a terse 'no comment' to reporters after the game.


Winter Classic Blog

An artist's rendering of what it's gonna look like.

Anything you want to know about the Winter Classic.
[ Buffalo News ]

NHL officials plan to bring in trailers for use as temporary offices on Dec. 20. They’ll start the process of installing the ice surface on the night of Dec. 23, following the Bills game against the New York Giants.

The first part of the process, after the goalposts are taken down, will be to compensate for the field’s 9-inch crown, while laying 2,300 sheets of plywood on the field.

“Then we’ll start, probably from the 24th to the 27th, running refrigeration lines and putting the boards up,” said Don Renzulli, the NHL’s senior vice president for events and entertainment.

The ice probably will be put down on Dec. 28 and the boards fully installed on Dec. 29.

Iceman, thoughts?

Bring it.





Pensblog Adam stumbled into tickets for the game Sunday night against the Bengals.

Of course, cheap seats up in section 518 or something.

The atmosphere was ridiculous.
People stumbling over themselves, talking incoherently.
America's Game.

The kicker was when some dude in our section urinated off the side of the nosebleed end zone seats.
Cellphones were tucked away from the rain, so we couldn't get a shot of it.

Five minutes later, he and the guys he was with (who were laughing at his urination shenanigans) high-fived each other when the Steelers scored.
The guy was drunk and probably had piss all over his hands. Sick.

The saddest part of it all is that the poor person that the urine happened upon probably thought it was just rain.

Go Steelers

[April K]

Go Pens


stokes said...

That story about the Steelers drunk fool is a classic. I know five year olds that behave better than that.

Football talking head Beano Cook was going on a diatribe the other day on ESPN 1250 saying that the Rooneys haven't done shit to control drinking and games. he basically called them out for letting an environment that welcomes that kind of bullshit.

Moving on to something that matters...

i don't think that Crosby will get booed because i think these fans will appreciate getting to see him since they don't get to that often. even with the schedule change, they still won't see him as often as those ass wipes up in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal.

Jeff said...

Here's the link to Mario's disco album:
If you go to then Podcasts under On Demand you can listen to all of them. Malkin's diaries are usually pretty good and "Pens #66 calls to explain Enquirer" is hilarious.

J.S. said...

The Barenaked Ladies comment is spot on, but I think you're giving them too much credit. Were they really relevant for one week?

And the "they're from Canada" seems to follow them too. I don't give 2 fucks where they're from. I just never want to hear their shitty music again. Ever.

wilsmith said...

go check the frozen moment today

Bill said...

Beano Cook is a joke.
Drunk assholes are jokes (even if i tend to be one)

This is going to be a GREAT hockey week. 4 W's = 8 points.

let's go pens

Stoosh said...

Nancy Stoosh and I scored some club seats to the Steelers game last night. Went to the San Fran game earlier this year and had a blast. Anticipated much of the same last night, despite the weather. While we had a good time, last night reinforced to me why I like the Steelers but despise most Steeler fans.

I'm not sure what the guy's name was sitting next to me, but I'm pretty sure if I would've lifted his wallet, his driver's license would've said "Asshat Yinzer."

Here's Asshat Yinzer...

- Probably in his mid-20s. Decked out head to toe in Steelers stuff, including a Steelers rainsuit.

- Showed up in a state of drunkenness that would make most of the drunks I used to see over at Allegheny Center go, "Damn!"

- Referred to every Bengals player as a "dumb mf'er". That was about the extent of his insults, other than the time he called Chad Johnson a "stupid *word I don't want to repeat but starts with "N"*" and told T.J. Houshmandzadeh to go back to Iraq.

- Despite being decked head to toe in Stiller regalia, he didn't seem to be much of a Steeler fan because all he did was complain about every Steeler player involved in a play. And it didn't matter if it was a good play for the Steelers or not; if it didn't result in a Steelers touchdown, it wasn't good enough. Hines Ward converted a third-and-long, and he was complaining because he didn't get ten more yards. Complained that the Steelers always throw to Hines Ward on third down, despite the fact that it usually works. That kind of stuff. Reinforcing my belief that most of these people don't really understand football. It's no wonder why Mark Madden makes fun of these people.

- Had four beers in the first quarter, of which I ended up wearing one and a half. Why? Because every time something happened, Yinzer insisted on standing up and wailing like a banshee, putting his arms out with beer in hand, and spilling half of it on me because the world was spinning faster than Yinzer could hold on.

After he dumped an entire beer on me, I had enough and apparently his friends did, too. They all got him the hell out of there. I was happy because I finally got to use my "Yeah, I remember my first beer, too" comment as they literally carried him up the steps and back into the club level.

Other than that, we had fun.

Korn said...

From David Amber's newest column, a Q&A with the 30 in 30 guy.

My favorite part was this though:

"Q: Overall, which arena had the worst atmosphere?

A: Washington was really sad. It was a Saturday night, there was a small crowd. It was quiet. Just didn't feel like hockey there. In Florida for the Panthers game, it was also quiet and a small crowd. You just didn't get the feeling there were a lot of real hockey fans in these cities."

Hilarious. It's definitely true.


Mike Costa said...

I'm Worried About Tonight's Game Because I'm Not Ushering It. I'm 2-1 Since I Got The Ushering Job

Sinops said...

I was also at the Steelers game in club 215. Can't beat free club seats. Alot of yinzer assholes.

I wore my Fleury jersey just to f with everyone that wears Steeler jerseys to Pens games. My buddy had on his Crosby. We both actually got a couple of compliments and weird looks. It was well worth it.

Adrienne said...

Removing red line did more harm than good
I couldn't agree more.

Adrienne said...

wilsmith said...go check the frozen moment today

Do you have the high res picture of the locker room?

duncanlovepahler said...

You painted a perfect mental picture of the Typical Drunk Yinzer Stiller Fan. And these fans give everyone a bad view of the city, the state, the real football fans, and the team in general.

Thus Reason #546 that in my eyes:


go pens

Nathan said...

In thinking about it further, the Pens have a great shot at a 3-1 swing this week. Phoenix and Edmonton are weak teams (I'm not sold on the Yotes as playoff contenders and the Oilers just plain suck) and Calgary's consistently underachieved. The only problems come from the fact that Calgary's another altitude game (over 3,000 feet above sea level) and the second of back-to-back games, and we all remember how the Pens faded badly in the Colorado game. Vancouver's tough but beatable, so I think 3-1 is realistic, and a sweep is not out of the question. Just have to get through the Coyotes tonight.

Go Pens.

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