Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post Of 2007

What a year.
We'd recap it.
But you remember it.

If you don't.
[The Sweater Ted] takes a look at the top ten moments of the 2007.


We have been wrapped up in Icebowlblog, but there will be a storm brewing in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.


During this past baseball-playoff season, the Boston Bruins were inconvenienced when they were pretty much forced by the Red Sox to switch their game at 7:30 to 3:00 so as not to interfere with a Red Sox game on the same night.

This upcoming Saturday:

Invasion of Florida

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh -- Heinz Field -- 8:00pm
Florida Panthers @ Penguins -- Mellon Arena -- 7:30pm

Good God Almighty


It'll be a fine line between being angry about it...and coming off as whiners.

It could get interesting.


Every cloud that kicks you in the balls or ovaries has a silver lining.

We're of the school of thought that Marc-Andre Fleury being injured is good for the Pens.

Off the top of our head, the Pens have gone 9-4 since MAF went down.
That means we've got some depth at goaltending.
Or it means the Pens defense can clamp down when it has to.

But MAFer is up for a new contract following this season.
His 40 wins last year will never be erased, but unless he comes out with guns a-blazin' when he returns from injury, he's gonna turn in an average season, statistically speaking.

Would this give the Pens some leverage when it comes time to negotiate?

Then again, if the Pens decide not extend his contract, he's gonna be an unrestricted free agent.
There are teams out there who will pay MAF some bucks to play goal for them.

Hopefully, MAF's injury followed by an average comeback scares away some bidders, but probably not.

We may even be talking out of our ass.


Hebrew Hammer sent this along

Screen cap from Lemieux's first game back in 2000.

At least one of your computer screen's pixels has died by now.

Speaking of Roberts.
Why do we wear wristbands that says "WWGRD?"

From [ESPN] report of Roberts breaking his leg.

"As Connolly fell in the left circle in Buffalo's end, the 41-year-old Roberts went down with him and struck his left leg hard on the ice, breaking his fibula."

"A stretcher was brought out but Roberts did not use it."


When we posted the pics of Sabu's pads for the Winter Classic, which it looks like he won't need, someone in the comments wondered what Sabu thought about switching his equipment for the game.

In last season's playoffs, the Canucks had a big-time Game 7 against Dallas and decided to go with their then-new blue and green uniforms, meaning Luongo would wear those colors in the game.

Vancouver ended up winning, but you can't help but think the red and blue equipment was more worn in to Luongo's liking.


Due to the time off during the holidays,
trade rumors and crap had the chance to kick into high gear. [ Ottawa Sun ]

Pens may be interested Ray Emery. Blah blah blah.

A lot of other cool stuff at that link.


In news that prompts you to high-five the closest person,
some dude in the ECHL is accused of slapping a male flight attendant and exposing himself to passengers. [ Fanhouse ]
Reports say the plane was en route to Ottawa.
Or Ben Eagers house.

Reminder plenty of good Photoshopping days are still available.
So send anything along.


Columbus says they want an outdoor game. [ Columbus Dispatch ]
The rest of the NHL tells them to make the playoffs first.

Make no bones about it.
Ovechkin won't be in Washington next season unless he gets the salary-cap maximum.

That Ottawa Sun article above mentioned that the Caps recently offered him a 5-year, $37.5 million deal.
Ovechkin responded by giving Capitals management a powerbomb.

AO fired his agent, and he is representing himself,
which means he's gonna be brash and probably not negotiate.

We want Ovechkin to go somewhere else for a plethora of reasons:

1. We would like him a little more.
2. Capitals fans suffering.
3. Hopefully he goes to the West because we don't want to play him in the playoffs, nor do we want to hear the "OMG Sid vs. AO" four times every season.


[Picture+6.<span class=

We pondered a month ago about starting a Winter Classic-specific blog for everything there is to talk about.

But there is simply way too many links.

If you feel inclined, just go to Google news and search "Winter Classic".


And lastly

We are on our way to Buffalo.
So we won't be by a computer until late tonight

With that said.

We would just like to thank everyone who has stopped by in the past year.
We couldn't do this without you.

Happy New Year.
Be safe.


Anonymous said...


Go Pens, and, uh....its playoff time so I feel inclined to say GO STEELERS!

you guys rock, read the blog religiously every morning before work and most days AT work, too.


firefox said...

Pens or Steelers, huh? I am going to be honest, I will be more interested in the Pens. I love the Steelers but in my mind, hockey is a superior sport and is just far more exciting. Unless this this is an AFC championship game or Super Bowl, I will split time between the 2, more time spent on the Pens. Besides, football is 25 seconds of play preperation followed by 5 seconds of play. The last Pens game had a solid 8 minute stretch of non-stop play. Point made. :)

So the Crapitals made AO a $7.5 mil/season offer huh? Did they really think he was going to take this? I'm willing to bet the Caps were using Crosby's $8.7 mil a season as a measuring stick...MISTAKE. Crosby diserves to make the $10mil max. He chose not to so that there was more money to further develop the team around him. This team has a chance at the cup in the future. The ONLY thing the Caps have is AO. He is going to make $10mil next season one way or another. Either the Caps pay that, or someone else will. Honestly, I don't think he wants to play for them any more regardless of salary because they are such a crappy team and have little chance of a Stanley Cup.

Stoosh said...

Some thoughts for auld lang syne...

1. If the Steelers game bumps the Pens game to the afternoon, so be it. That's the way it's going to be in this town for the forseeable future. I've always been an NFL fan, but the overexposure of the current NFL and the Steelers overkill in the local media have really caused me to become a casual fan at best over the last year or so. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Steelers/NFL fan who is getting sick of the saturation of coverage, either. In fact, I know a lot of other fans in my demographic who feel the same way.

2. You guys are dead-on with MAF with one exception. He'll be a restricted free agent at the end of the year, not an unrestricted free agent. That works out even better for the Pens because it gives them more leverage. Other teams can pull a Kevin Lowe and sign him to some sort of an offer sheet, but 1) the Pens have the right to match it and 2) if they lose MAF to the offer sheet, the Pens get compensated with some beaucoup draft picks from whatever team signs him.

3. Ottawa can keep Ray Emery. Bad practice habits. Bad teammate (when your own teammates comment to the media that you "march to the beat of your own drum" and that you tend to be "overly dramatic", it's a sign you suck as a teammate). Hothead in the net and a headcase off the ice. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather stick with the Conkblock.

4. If you're Ray Shero and this Ovechkin thing gets to the point where he hits the market, just for shits and giggles, wouldn't you at least THINK about forfeiting your next five first-round picks to sign him to an offer sheet? I know it's pretty much an unrealistic, PS2-type move, but still...

5. Finally, what a year it's been, eh? A year ago, we were all wondering whether we'd be getting Center Ice to follow Sid's career as he took the ice in that big ashtry in Kansas City, or if this would turn into KCPensblog or something.

Then came March 12 and everything changed. No more talk of Crosby in KC or Vegas or Winnipeg. No more arena speculation. New digs and at least thirty more years of Penguins hockey...I STILL can't come up with words to describe the way I felt when KDKA broke the news of the deal that night. It was easily one of my best days ever as a sports fan.

Everything after that was gravy.

Happy New Year to everyone! Please have fun and be safe tonight. And thanks for making this year so enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

great year guys, thanks for everything. bring home a winner from buffalo.


Ex-Pat Pittsburgh Girl said...

Enjoy the Ice Bowl guys!!! Thanks for all of the great recaps, updates and for just existing during the past year. It has been a joy and a pleasure to read you guys while I'm stuck here in the vast wasteland of no real hockey to watch in person (Portland, OR). Looking forward to a great New Year.

Post-Gazette is reporting that the Penguins have requested a change in start time for Saturday's game. I'm hoping that is granted because this Pittsburgh girl is on the red-eye Friday night to hit the Steelers game Saturday night. Being able to catch a Pens game, too? Well that would be priceless.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

It has been a great year to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, that is to be sure. Thanks for all the great posts and recaps, this is the first website I come on in the morning to see your spin on that night's Pens game. May you guys have a great time in Buffalo and keep up the great work.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Stoosh, I have turned from a Steeler fanatic into a Steeler hater. The over-the-top, what did Ben have for brunch on Thursday coverage in this town makes me want to throw the fuck up. I'm starting to realize how boring of a game football really is. Seriously, there's about 10 minutes of real action in a three hour Television broadcast. Long live hockey and soccer.

J.S. said...

Stoosh, I'm usually in agreement with most of what you say, but I gotta disagree with #4. If Shero does that to AO, he may get put into the same class that Lowe is currently in. If Shero would do that, Sweaty Teddy might do the same with Fleury or when Malkin, Staal and several others come up for RFA. OTOH, swapping AO for any of them would be a tough "trade" to turn down. Unrealistic, yes, but wouldn't be a nice problem to have?

From what I was told today after I picked up my Roberts jersey from the local pro shop (the guy who runs the shop knows Dana from his J-town days), GR is making the trip to Buffalo but it's only to be in the team pic....and to take warm-ups...and maybe a game time decision. Seriously he is making the trip and will be in the team pic.

Happy New Years guys and girls! I'll be in Pittsburgh for the drop of the ball, but who knows where when the ball drops.

canaanregulatesblog said...




Loser Chris said...

Welcome aboard the Discount MAF bandwagon guys! I've been saying since the start of the season that hopefully the Flower's struggles (and now injury) would allow the Pens to save a little $$$ on his contract. I just hope they can get a deal done before July 1 so we don't have to worry about another crazy GM overbidding and the Pens having to match.

FrankD said...

Funny, I thought the same when I read the article on Sabu's pads.

Robert said...

wow what a year for the pens, and for the usage of photoshop in the pittsburgh area


just wanted to say a quick thanks to the pensblog. its been a rough year, but between the pens, pictures of ouellet next to a garbage truck, and a fair amount of iron city, i've gotten thru ok. so thanks to the for all you guys do, you guys are huge...

happy and safe new year to all

p.s. what kind of human being walks out of an arena on his own after breaking his leg??... a man with his own wristband, thats who. i think at midnight a salute to g-rob and the wristband is in order...

wilsmith said...

js, if you were at the pro-shop I'm thinking of, I feel obligated to ask how long it took to get your jersey.

Anonymous said...

glad to see other people share the same feelings about the steelers and the media (stoosh and the hebrew hammer).

it's going to be interesting on who gets the A tomorrow.


stokes said...

Hey everyone! We're .......Buffalo....

It has been a terrific year for the Pens and their faithful fans. I can't wait to start off the new year with an amazing experience at the Ralph.

Let's GO PENS!!!

Jonny V said...

Thanks to the blog staff and all posters for giving some laughs and thought provoking stuff to read.

And I really don't think the Steeler game will be a problem anymore this season, what with them losing considerably to the Jags this Saturday.

And Big Ben had a grilled rueben with a baked potato for brunch on thursday. He said it was num nums.

Screw new years I can't wait for the game tomorrow.

Eric P said...

Gotta say that the Winter Classic blue is awesome. Have fun up in Buffalo. Bring home a shootout win!

RyanOShea said...

Thinking of this "Winter Classic" with the vintage uniforms made me realize that I'm glad the NHL chose to do this instead of the NBA, then the hype would be about grown men running around in booty shorts

Pensgirl said...

stoosh, I too have become less and less of a football fan over the past several years. In addition to your points about the NFL's overexposure, I've tired of its "you'll take what we give you and YOU'LL LIKE IT" attitude. If I wanted shit shoved down my throat I'd listen to politicians more.

And then there's the simple fact that hockey is head and shoulders above all other sports. A boring hockey game still has more action than an exciting football game.

Happy 2008 everybody - have fun, be safe, and don't forget to set your alarms for 12:55. ;) Let's Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

For those who might be interested, Gary Roberts did indeed make the trip with the club and was interviewed as part of NHL Network's Winter Classic preview show today.

Roberts was sporting the crutches, a white-and-blue Pens Winter Classic hat and a spiffy gray winter vest. Seemed to be in good spirits, but seemed genuinely disappointed that he couldn't play tomorrow.

He did also mention that the red lines in the Mellon Arena are no longer running red with paint, but rather with the blood of Tim Connolly.

Stoosh said...

J.S. - I would never expect Shero to pull a Kevin Lowe and stoop to that level. The thought is certainly intriguing and you have to wonder if at some point, some GM's get into this RFA offer sheet wars. The pre-lockout NHL proved that you can't safeguard most of these owners and GM's from themselves no matter how much you try.

Griswold00 said...









jim said...

Happy New Year and thanks for the great blog.

NHL network showed the pens practice earlier today. I could've watched it for hours.

Go Pens!

jim said...

TICKETS RELEASED tonight ON TICKETMASTER. 10 bucks for obstructed view and 200+ for food-included vip seats.

go pens.

Anonymous said...







GET WELL SOON MAF, ROBERTS, AND EATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SHIP A.O. to KANSAS CITY!!! They can build a team around A.O. and recchi!!!

66's biggest fan said...

I heard mario is in the best shalf of his life...

Ray Emery is mud said...

3. Ottawa can keep Ray Emery. Bad practice habits. Bad teammate (when your own teammates comment to the media that you "march to the beat of your own drum" and that you tend to be "overly dramatic", it's a sign you suck as a teammate). Hothead in the net and a headcase off the ice. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather stick with the Conkblock.

The lord has spoken.

Anonymous said...


My Neice got the Penguin WEBKINZ for xmas.

After many days of thinking, she named it crosby and it's hose on the internet is called the IGLOO.




meecrofilm said...

Damn, what a year, for sure. Lost in all the hubbub (pensblog charlie gave me permission to use that word) of the pens rising to the elite of the NHL (if only temporarily) was the pensblog's rise to the elite of the blogosphere. Well done guys. And don't sweat the blog-slump. It happens to everyone.

Also, Colby for the flash-bar, anyone? He's now the 4th highest scoring forward on the team.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog...keep up the great work!

Safe travels home from B-lo and don't forget to HONK FOR CONK!!!

Happy New Year,

Mark & Kathy


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