Monday, December 3, 2007

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3 - 1

[ recap]

Mario Lemieux would have won that game behind the bench.

Suck it.


[Thanks to Matt M.]

Side note:
Anthem singer Sarah Marince has now improved to 3-1.
She has rattled off three straight W's.
Jeff Jimmerson is stunned.


We went radio side for this game after we felt Steigy and Errey turned in a sub-par performance in Toronto.

Mike Lange and Phil Bourque were a pleasure to listen to tonight.
In the pregame, Bourque was giving his scouting report. He said someone's powerplay was "flaccid." Lange must have started cracking up, because Phil Bourque lost it on the air.
Great stuff.



The game starts out with some good chances.
The sum of all fears almost occurs when Dan Carcillo, former Penguin Prospect, gets a good shot on net to start the game.

MAF says no.

The game is then stopped as Wayne Gretzky wants to take a look at some boys in the stands.

Back to action, Colby Armstrong gets smoked by Keith Ballard, who was on shrooms all game.
Army got it to Sid, Bing draws a penalty.

Ballard and Army fight.
Ballard is kind of a beast.

For most of the ensuing power play, the Pens forget what's going on.
Maybe Gonchar is a little bit more important than some people think.

It would show, and show often, because the Coyotes couldn't stay out of the box.
Keith Ballard kept taking penalties.

Ilya Bryzgalov kept saying no.
You talk about goalies carrying their team, you talk about Bryzgalov tonight.

And as we all wondered how the Pens could leave empty-handed after 4 PP's in the first period, BGL goes into his office.

Seriously. An underrated passer. An underrated player.
He gets it out to Talbot with a backhand pass.


Wayne Gretzky was stunned as the first period came to an end.



Steve Reinprecht goes to the box after tripping Sykora.
The Pens had to stop jobbing around and put another nail in.

The Pens had Letang set up for a couple blasts from the point, but the shots came off his stick like a turd from a cat.

The Pens survived a shorthanded chance by the Coyotoes, when some dude rang it off the pipe behind MAF.

And then after a couple minutes, the Pens got yet another power play.
They buzzed, but couldn't put it home.

Letang has his questionable moments, but he made some sweet passes.

Joe A.

He sets Malkin up.
Malkin embarrasses some guy.

Bryzgalov says no.

Both teams traded chances, but nothing was going on.
But then it happened.

The refs had to even the penalties up.

Jordan Staal trips one guy, and as the Penguins are trying to touch the puck, he takes another one.

If a player takes two penalties on the same play, he is charged with a four minute major.
His team will not be two men down.

The Pens kill a litte bit of it off.
Nothing going on.



The Pens do a good job of killing most of Jordan Staal's penalties.
But the Coyotes deserved a goal.
And they finally got one.
Shane Doan got the puck, walked down main street.


With that goal, you could feel the vomit in your throat.

Slowly but surely, though, the Pens built some momentum.

BGL went nuts for two minutes in the shift of the year.
He was everywhere.

At one point it, looked like it just wasn't going to be possible to beat Bryzgalov at all.
As the game slipped under ten minutes, it looked like OTBLOG.

But then:

Too Many Men for the Coyotes.

What a coaching mistake.

The Pens powerplay finally knocks one home.
Crosby hits Letang on the Whitney Play ™


The goal brought life into the Pens.
A mere four minutes later, Staal and Kennedy do a little weave.
The Kennedy Play© comes out.


That goal ended the Coyotes.
They still pulled their goalie.
It looked like MAF wanted to try and shoot the puck for the empty net.
But no.
Thanks for playing, Wayne.


(How clutch is that little baby with the bottle.)

  • Letang: 1G
  • Kennedy: 1G
  • Bing: 1A
  • We feel like jackasses for just throwing this out here, but we've noticed during the past couple games that Brooks Orpik is a sick passer. Every pass he makes is tape-to-tape.
  • Ryan Whitney was bad times tonight.
  • Bug Ulf is an assistanct for the Yotes. You can tell by the way they hit, they are trained well.
  • Mark Recchi Bobblehead night. Ouch.
Go Pens


stokes said...

All of a sudden its Frenchblog, i see.

Awesome 'shop with Bob Ross. you talk clutch, you talk Bob Ross.

Whitney hasn't really looked right all year.

i hope west canadia is ready for us, cause here we come. GO PENS!

wes said...

its funny you guys used the Wayne's World reference. I was thinking Wayne donned his best Mike Myers attire last night.

MummRa said...

Excellent point on missing Sarge. As much flak as the guy takes at times, the PP was lost without him.

Army may have had his ass beat down, but he was firmly entrenched in Keith Ballard's medula oblongata all game. That's what he's there for and on any normal Pens PP kinda night, Keith Ballard would have been responsible for his team being down 3-0 by the end of the 1st.

Laraque has been studly this year. When you throw BGL out there, you're not wasting a roster spot on "just" a goon, as some teams do *coughBoogardcough* Georges is quite an adequate hockey player as well.

Anonymous said...

Never really noticed before, but Wayne Gretzky is horrible looking. He looks like a sixty year old woman who has had way to much plastic surgery. It really is disturbing.

Dwayne said...

Did you guys happen to get the WWGRD bracelets shipped out yet? I think I ordered like 7 of them and haven't seen them anywhere. Were they accosted and devoured by a grue?

Ryan said...

CB - does anybody have a good "action" photo of dan potash? I have an idea for a photoshop...but I can't find a good pic of him. There's one common picture out there...but I need one with him wearing his glasses.

Help me out if you can!

Lady Jaye said...

Bob Ross... wow. Two things I never thought would cross paths... Penguins Hockey and Bob Ross. Nice one.

ryan c #40 said...

SO GLAD to see Bryzgalov is bringing back the black mylec street hockey goalie pads!!!

Spencemo said...

"...and right over here we have a happy little defenseman getting his ass whooped once again..."

Bob Ross rocks!

the General said...

talBOT was insane last night. he was everywhere.

when he came out for the 1st star, he was so freakin excited... thats good to see though.

Stoosh said...

Had to love the two clowns sitting behind in a Kings Gretzky jersey and another one in a Rangers Gretzky jersey. Nothing like paying homage to the parts of the guy's career where he was winning, um....naaaaaaa-thing.

If you're a Gretzky fan and you're going to insist on paying tribute to him by parking your ass in a couple of seats behind the bench, either go full bore and break out the obscure Blues Gretzky jersey or go old-style Edmonton. Gretzky playing for the Rangers had a decided "Jordan playing for Washington" look to it.

And anon @ 7:53 AM is right...age hasn't been kind to the Great One. I know that suit he was wearing cost more than my house, but all he was missing was up with that vest or whatever that was under the coat. All he was missing was an Ascot tie and a derby.

Can't wait for the Edmonton game...their ice is generally said to be the fastest in the league. This could be fun. I'd like to see Army find new ways to say hi to his old friend Sheldon Souray.

If what the last comment by anon under the game thread seems to suggest is true, it appears Recchi has taken his ball and gone home.

Anonymous said...

touche on the mr. kennedy photoshop

MummRa said...

I submit that heretowith we refer to the left wing faceoff circle as "The Grassy Knoll" as shots involving a Kennedy always seem to find the target in that area.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

mummra's Kennedy comment completes me.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Where in the archive are the pics of all the Pens players? I want to do a photoshop and need those images. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Recchi placed on waivers reported by TSN

Loser Chris said...

Recchi has been placed on waivers. Someone must be desperate enough to grab him.

Nathan said...

Stoosh, I'd rather not see Army have a chance to say hello to Souray on Wednesday, because the only place he could do so would be in the press box. Souray's been out with a shoulder injury for over a month now. Armstrong doesn't deserve to get benched for Mark Recchi's Corpse.

And I concur with Mumma; that's pretty much what I yelled at the TV when Kennedy made it 3-1 last night.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Saw Skippy at the game last night, he even gave a shout to the Pensblog on the Jumbotron.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with d-wayne, I ordered 3 and it says I paid for them on my card but I didn't get them yet.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA yes, totaly agree with MummRa ...

Anonymous said...

mud = staal and PP.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what MAF record is since bringing back the old mask with the penguin with huge stones

Bill said...

i hope Letang keeps playing like he has been since being called up.

Gotta feel for Sydor tho, sounds like he is putting in everything he has to get back into the regular lineup

Marc said...

according to tsn, recchi was placed on waivers today

Anonymous said...

recchi is reportedly on waivers.

john said...

just heard recchi was put on waivers

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard?

Recchi's on waivers.

Nathan said...

It's about time the Pens started the process of giving Recchi to a nice farm family where he can skate free and give the puck away where nobody cares.

That sounds so much nicer than "the Pens are finally going to take Recchi's career out behind the Igloo and shoot it." Wasn't it about this point last year that the Pens cut LeClair loose?

Staff said...

Pens Pictures

-- We're on the hunt for Potash pictures lurking on our hard drives.

-- Depending on your school of thought, we may have to call the left-wing circle the school-book depository. But we vote for the grassy knoll.

-- Wristbands were sent out to correct addresses. Another week or so, we'll see the trickle-down effects of people who haven't received them, and we'll go from there.

-- AC

Nathan said...

And after a bit of research, it was indeed about this time last year that the Pens cut LeClair loose. They put him on waivers November 30, assigned him to Wilkes-Barre on December 2, he didn't report, and he and the team agreed to a mutual release on December 14.

So I suppose that with his two-year deal, Daryl Sydor will be the one cut loose early next December.

Brett said...

Perhaps one of the aspects of the game that eludes me is how waivers work.

Can someone break it down for me? Does the player getting waved get any say in it? what about money, does his salary still count against the cap? Does he get payed the rest of what he's owed? I'm way confused.

Spencemo said...

Hey, Stoosh, Is it you that has the HP fascination? If it is, I've got a link for you...

Looks like she's designing handbags now.

wilsmith said...

Brett -

the player has no say. When the player is on waivers all the teams have the opportunity to pick him up, including taking on his salary. The teams at the bottom of the standings get first shot. If he clears waivers, he'll be eligible to play for WBS. Then there's re-entry waivers if they want to bring him back up from WBS. The same deal applies where each team has a chance to pick him up, except now if a team takes him the Pens would have to pay half his salary.

canaanregulatesblog said...

spencemo, thanks for that link gusta hp!

if it wasn't 500$, i would buy that purse for the gf, but sorry, way too much.

Lauren said...

*places Recchi bobblehead next to Kovalev bobblehead*

Lady Jaye said...

At least they waited until after his bobble head night. ;)

Steve In Denver said...

I think the crowbar should get an honorary day in the team pictures at the top.

Hilarious comments in cblog...grassy knoll, the Meh One looking like an old broad, Rex Bobblehead next to the Kovalev Bobblehead. Awesome.

And the TAL-BOT 2007 dominating the photoshops!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

b said...

I think Whitney has always been overrated. Why the hell they are pushing him instead of Gonch for the allstar game is a mystery.

I was right in front of 4 "shoot it!!!!!" guys for the whole game. It was horrid. The best part was when they all simultaneously screamed for a shot when Crosby made that sick pass.

PittHockey said...

whoever made the recchi photochop is a god.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment about the baby. When Gretzky took that TO to go over the play w/ his guys at the end of the game it totally looked like the kid was looking over his shoulder. I think he might be a mole.

Hooks Orpik said...

Pensblog (indirectly) makes TSN!

"There are websites and blogspots:,, They're bursting with information (Crosby had an 85 per cent average in Grade 11) and worshipful images (Crosby's face put on Matt Damon's body on a "Bourne Identity" movie poster to make it "The Bourne Scorer") to go with desktop art, screensavers and contests."

Congrats to whoever made the image, even if they didn't directly credit you.

Anonymous said...

Recchi and Sydor go on waivers... As pens try to dump Vets... Yet for some reason they keep Gary Roberts who really needs to retire. He just did not live up to the hype I will lose respect for Shero if doesn't drop all 3 old timers and pick up some middle of the road guys... Not this young guns crap, and not this Pirates mentality of they were good 20 years ago. Guys who are in the middle of their careers. When is Gary Roberts Bobble head night? With his "glass neck" I'm sure it's got life like bobble action. They need to be more like WWE during the Monday night Wars, and MAKE NEW AND EXISTING TALENT, not like WCW who had the old timers running the show *cough* Gary Roberts *cough* Hogan clone *cough* WHATCHA GONNA DO NHL WHEN GARY ROBERTS USES HIS OXYGEN TANK ON YOU!!!!!!! (Walker not included on Roberts Bobble heads).

canaanregulatesblog said...


theNick said...

Best thing about those handbags are the fact that they are made of 100% real dolphin skin.

Jonny V said...

Yeah...Uh, I think it sounds like a melvin comment. It just has a douchebagginess to it. What with all the lame wrestlingoops i mean "sports entertainment" references.

Anonymous said...

haha recchi on waivers is the the funniest thing i've ever seen
thats why i come to this site way too often

Anonymous said...

In response Johnny V's comments. I do have to ask the Pensblog... What is up with all the lame wrestling references? Tyler Kennedy = Mr. Kennedy etc etc etc.


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