Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home Invasion. PENS LOSE.

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We always hear those stories of people going into someone else's house and peeing everywhere.
That was this game.

Halfway through doing the recap, we read through it and realized that we're tired of reading and writing about the Islanders/Pens games.

If you're upset at us for not producing a recap,
you may need to reassess everything going on in your life.

But jeez.
Tired of playing the Atlantic Division.
It 100% justifies the observation made by that dude who said our Rangers recaps are mud.
We're sick of seeing them.

We've spent money during Christmas, and we are already depressed because of it.

You ever wake up one morning and wish you were on the cast of Heroes?

That happened to both of us Saturday morning.
If this blog had a coach, we would have been sitting in the press box watching some third-liner bang out a mediocre recap.

Even on a night when Gary Roberts gets his 900th career point,
we refused to bring nothing but our best to the table.
We can't even muster up two minutes of time to update flashblog.
We're in a slump.

We couldn't even get out and see National Treasure.

The pic of Roberts in the previous post was all anyone had to know about the game.


Derek, Adam, Marty the chicken, Charlie

We'll be full-throttle for Sunday's game.

In case you wanted to see it.
Here is the recap as we had it started in the pre-draft.
It is bad.
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Got to get back on the horse on Sunday.

National anthem


First Period

We are getting bad here.
Can someone tell us where the hell Brooks Oripik is? Seriously what is going?

The Islanders are dead last in the NHL in goals scored in the first period.

30 seconds in.

Satan lives.

Everyone has recover for a little bit. Sabu tries to get himself back into the game.

Gary Roberts stares at some dude for the Isles.
He falls.

Roberts picks it up and centers it.

Mike Sillinger forgets the rules.

Pens try to dump it in. Ricky D says no way man.

Pretty much nothing happens until BGL-Roberts-EC came out.
BGL goes into his office.

Passes to Roberts.
Roberts wraps around.
EC picks up the trash.


Roberts 900th point
Standing O

The goal unites the Pens.
Some moron takes a penalty.
Ricky D says go away.

*need photoshop.
Maybe Ricky D in an Emo band?


The Pens open up on a Powerplay.
Still nothing.

Jordan Staal-Malkin-Crosby is nice though.

After the Isles kill it.

Bruno Homo flicks it over the glass.

The Pens try to decline the Pentaly. No dice.

Just when it looks like another Powerplay will fail. Andy Sutton and Ricky D give Staal an early Christmas present.


Jeff Taffe with a chance.
Diving catch by Little Ricky on Rutuu.

Mike comeri sucks. Mark Eaton owns him.

**Photo shop of Eaton plowing Duff?***

Phil Borque brings up a good point.
Comire brought his girfriend Hillary Duff a 100,000 car for her B-day.
He is stressed out over Christmas.

Pens start cycling.
EC is tackled.

4 on 2 for the Isles.

Gasp Andy Hilbert.

Roberts draws two pentalies.


Malking and Crosby almost bring down the house.
Best combo since....

JFK takes a four minute major





Hooks Orpik said...

Game recap: It sucked.

Let's just move on.

It seems to me that Malkin always tears it up against the Bruins. I'm officially predicting big things for him tomorrow.

Eric said...

staff, I think we all know the feeling, running frustrationblog 7 days a week can't be easy. well deserved healthy scratch for the bloggers.

Fleury watch: 32-45 days

Go Pens

Anonymous said...

Don't burn out, boys. You guys are one of the things that makes following the Penguins great. Love your work and passion without getting out of control, and your humor is second to none. Everyone needs some downtime, sometimes particularly during the holidays. You've earned the night off - remember, MAF didn't play 82 last year either.

Go Pens

Kevin said...

Well I'm sure you could always trade with the Caps and play in the southeast. I'd love to see some competition... bah I mean old rivalries. =P

Anonymous said...

staal = mud still. that goal was shit that he got.
pp = shit. when you cant score PP goals, you will lose a game.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Penguins play uninspired and lifeless on most nights so the recaps are going to be uninspired and lifeless. The blog is reflecting perfectly on how the team is performing right now. When the team plays with heart, the recaps will be money once again. I hate the Isles, I would be perfectly fine if they moved out of Long Island.

Lady Jaye said...

It's okay guys. I think most of Commentblog understands you. The past few games were the only games this year where I just didn't really watch them the whole way through or was ready to leave before the buzzer... It's against my principles to leave the game before the final ticks are off the clock... even if we're down 10000-0... and some nights feel like it.

hooks orpik said...

by the way, i meant the game sucked, not pensblog recap.

blufftalk said...

  I love this blog more than life. I don't even read the paper anymore for recaps, seriously. This is the first damn place that I go. I love you.
  Don't lose heart.
  Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

It's the curse of Recchi. No wait, it's the smell of BenGay and denture cream coming from his old locker... Have him clean it out the next time Atlanta's in town, and we'll go undefeated, right to the Cup!

wilsmith said...

Ruutu and Roberts ask for trades?

Scroll down about 1/3 of the way, through all the Simon BS.

Think there's any truth to that? I'd rather see MT go.

stokes said...

@ wilsmith:

saw that over at empty netters. i dont know if i believe it or not. i could see ruutu leaving sometime because his contract will be up this year and might be a little pricey for the pens plans. they might just trade him to try and get something-anything- for him. as for GR- i dont see him leaving.

but i can see their points about MT and how he supposedly deals with his players.


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